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2017-11-20 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including a cannibalistic aunt, a mysterious mini-disco ball, Twin Peaks in real life, and more.

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this is exactly right the ship he now you dad a welcome to my favorite myrna that many so that's karen clear from georgia hearts are were reading you your emails that you sent all the whole fuckin thing oh you didn't want me to say i am georgia hardly system you are karin junker of lifting the whole time they were area and i gave her annoying their shit out of me i was like what are we together oh my
deplorable began eighty baobab let's start over like eight winchester a fresh here that started the pod cast over the whole seat run a horror suck let's just go to the beginning with the exact same murders reports no non because you're going to exact same ones oh we're going to be the exact same home towns rethinking the same just almost like a reenactment yet i love it with startup and what's this a microphone husband were learning loo and a microphone i know it sounds like an answering machine parents do this this is my favorite amazing geographers only covers covers you want me to wait do i have a good ending on difficult any wonder driving it no deal i have suddenly wetlands flask last line is funny guy get so i will start by india my right one too
is it ok my this subject mine is my uncle escaped from prison and murdered or copy and there's a movie about fish are you ready ready high in obligatory fan girl stuff here fully respect that my fiance and i are going to your show and saint louis in december and we love you etc etc my hometown murder is my grandmother's brother so my great uncle took place in both maryland and louisiana his name is wayne robert felled the pronounced fell d but i couldn't go until i got to that part of europe is that the elderly if you d filthy ok ok i go i you're laughing now they now is it incorrectly and then a moment later correctly no that's part of the letter you have to read it or you would be it in europe that was my experience real time here learn it that's our thing thank you right out pronouncing incorrectly again so rich
avert lanes cell d in vietnam war for two years where his job was to unload the dead bodies have fallen sojer soldiers from the helicopters now treves de facto for life unbelievable children they made them do this yeah that's right i guess i can understand how that fuck you up a little and ideas it's you fell these shot and killed a co worker in a bar fight when the police somebody got into a stand off with the police and inserted firing at them he finally surrendered to his mom migrate grandma sudden came down and was like valley in it has addressed but downright mounted dammit how stress that i now own yet he was convicted of first rate murder and said two marilyn prison and nineteen seventy three three years later nineteen seventy six he applied the pearl but was denied so he escaped from prison he was on the run
for two years he went to louisiana where his mom migrate grandma was dying of cancer and he was arrested again while being transported in a police car so he pulled out a concealed firearm shot the officer in the growing and killed him during the trial fell he begged the jury two cents and sentencing to death so he wouldn't kill again oh my saying it's happened twice in eight years well here died by electric chair ninety mediate in angola prison in louisiana thou places was to be the were really angola has words were you can call the messenger but you can't kill the message you can kill the messenger was probably what she meant to right i think so because its
clearly see a l has not not saying you did or any bigger very defensive about that would make more sense his last words were even kill the messenger but you can't kill the message back in true that's creepy is very true my parents never told me about this until one day my dad mentioned the movie made based on this story the shitty movie its couples beyond the call it starts sissies basic i'm david straight term loud sage shitty with those two superstars no wonder i never really like that side of the family has this deed gm jordan larry guy that's what yeah ok this was called my cannibalistic aunt with an exclamation large shit he's carries a prize genuinely the bride hey their current or to stephen an animal's my name is erika and i'm from one of the super crazy families where the self proclaimed quote normal ones sit around during christmas or some other fast best of activity and nonchalantly tell stories about the
that's our normal ones a few years back a couple of my family members and i sat around my groundless celebration of life only a very interesting discussion the thing juice from colorful bandy straws my great aunt brings up the fact that my aunt her name is nikki eight michael organs lets it turns out that when my cousin died twenty years ago from alcohol poisoning aunt nicky had requested a keep his organs for real quote religious purposes this was before the law passed that made it so you can't request org and she is in no way a religious person were sorry the abbot yes the i'm just turn around my head her eyelids lake
for religious purposes so then i bet use that the authorities are assuming this is some strange religion we don't really know that whilst bearing them somewhere at here of course you can have warnock any is yet we don't want them we want to keep you from the thing you want totally it's yours o ye but no ok
nicky then thought it would be a wonderful idea to restore her diseased sons organs in her every day freezer for years to come that a lot of exclamation works on the story yeah i bet underlining the fact that it's insane yes password fifteen years she lost her home and ended up moving out with my grandma one of my grandma's quote rules have been that she didn't want the organs of her grandchild in her freezer what is more these reasonable request i'd say so grandma went out and bought her a tree to plant her son supplant her son under when my aunt headed out too to plan although organs under the tree she requested to go alone so she could have one last small with her son foreclosure my grandma began my grandma being the wonderful that she was understood in one side too years later nicky came back into the home her face cover but now in blood and i can't i can't you
but the energy issue then announced at her son was one with her now and proceeded to vomit profusely into the bathroom toilet yet but she did all like not one with you anymore no no well perhaps slavery longer maybe alone that now i believe that the that those gods went to her brain because a few months later my grandma started to experience a lot of random illnesses such as vomiting and fever she did unfortunately end up having a stroke on the floor of their home my aunt nicky did call the police but refuse to let em ass in their home for three hours than atomic grandma had passed and no one questions the thing still to this
i believe that crazy nicky had done something to my grandma by the non marinos but the non murderers of my family chalk enough to old age i guess you'll never know needless to say she isn't invited to family function more any new things roy you do stay sexy and stay away from cannibalistic family members love erika from seattle washington doesnt this come out the weakening of the week of thanksgiving oh so here is our request nicky nicky you bring a casserole just something simple store bought i asked the aerial mickey sealed store bought i want everyone sitting around their fuckin family tables just to pry i want you to pry because i guarantee there some story that you haven't heard that no interest this thought of telling but be subtle deathray and so as the years go by the stories become easier to try because people
in a manner and people die in a doll lightens up a little bit and they can go you know that's true well here's the thing because like that's me now i think i told you this on the show but for years i just knew that my grandpa my mom's father died before when my mom was like nineteen or two before i was born later on and it was almost like almost conversationally accidentally my dad told me he didn't just die he was stabbed in a bar fight in an alley outside of a bar guys he was like a lifelong hardcore alcoholic stocked up their family over and over a ton of times and that centrally was murdered in a bar fi he's cries and you just leave that out of the conversation equal that was that thing or the irish colleagues are very good at lake you everything gets left out of the assets and unless you're in the inner circle and then you either no nothing are you know
thank you anyway it's a private story out of someone yeah you gotta cause that's really the stuff of life that's really and they'll be able to tell you but tat story is especially crazy clause only does she know that the crazy listen cannibalistic with our sons organs then she also suspects she killed her grandmother lincoln that is one of those story is that it's just like will no wonder no entails outline cause it's a little bit special and beyond the pay and beyond that's gonna that's can you have to make sure that the story you thanks dinner story isn't a stop everybody shore ruin the pie and then make everybody leave in quiet yeah you want a kind of keep it lighten bubble ok we're still at a family party were figuring out cell with you guys i feel like we're gonna get an influx of of a home town murders on the friday after things giving i love it will also because i think everybody s
figured out your own way then it means i were against hearing a story like there now fascinating you're never stop now never he said that's horrible i hate that i met i never stopped because i didn't think you ll also because that that woman all snap snapped but but also those organs were not knew the thought of fifteen years and then her mom knew about i would just like to stump ram here like that's how normal it was for everyone yes ever and that's how not dealing with the actual deal she was where she just went into this whole thing about a thing nothing to do with him anymore you're organs keeping someone's fingernail beings it's just of no i mean you're just as signing the meaning to eta oh man and its sweet that her mom is even like i'm gonna let you bury them here and under this tree right that's so sweet yes it is thought unlike patient
then she comes in with blood around her mouth lies and one with me now and then starts vomiting fat oh marina always cook them are a real risk free this such this subject liners the tale of the many disco ball i care in georgia stephen all afraid creatures i've a mystery that well i dont want to give it away so almost a year ago my husband and i were driving from new york city to southern vermont to meet up with some pals for annual middle aged creek you folks go skiing trip and when you know it snowed for about five to six hours of our trip problem for good in the snow car until this trap the last hour was a true white knuckle drive as we started to gain elevation and had to negotiate the mountains i know it's new england so their mountains and quotes
with what was now a delightful mixes sleet and some other frozen crap how now that's crazy we were sliding around and the bounds of our relationship or momentarily just like i offered some pretty pithiest unsolicited lies utter gritted teeth along lines of could you may be dr slower which is neither good advice i admit nor well received he admits we may though and stopped in town for a well earned beverage to calm ourselves before checking in when we got back the car there's a mini disco ball hanging from the rearview mirror months earlier we had somehow ended up with many disco ball in the car as one does and hung it from the rearview mirror as a gag but we both agreed to banish it to the glove bogs as it way too distracting it did though remind me of my late mom who prim proper and wants be as hell used to
into this area fever sound to get psyched up for work to my then twelve year olds great i rolling mortification when did you put this back up i asked my husband i didn't he replied no you did i walls would get there i said i started to get genuinely angry come on don't mess with me i'm really not but then i realized how dumb that sounded as he's a of a guy that would never do that to anyone not a joker he also so always locks the car up plus both reasoned who would break your car just hang disco ball from the glove by very true we immediately thought the same thing mom put it there to say glad you made it have fun always be yourself
is a wicked science a guy with a romantic streak parentheses dreamy right yes who does not believe in ghosts he does however believe that their very well could be a parallel universe that sometimes ope could be parallel universes that sometimes intersect ha ok the science you one i'm the part time poet so he agreed to be amazed that somehow the many disco ball ended up hanging from the rearview mirror again because well mom see gm thanks for the podcast now and forever wholeheartedly embracing her inner biagi beth here when a cry wishing to say that for the last that sweet the mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello fresh america's number one meal kid they make looking at home son easy and afforded
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what's your like talisman that if you saw it making here mom a pack of benson and hedges lights one hundreds soft pack with a kind of arrests colored glistening arrest colored lipstick on y a lady back on hand can i get a lady of actors magic at always matches sick amateur that's why i love that fucking sulphur smiling at very distinct like early childhood memory of my mom pulling to a gas station as full service so she's like ethel thinking how they too can i have five dollars about the rules the window up and lights is then add a gas station is like anyway we have to know one says otherwise known runs like great was just me in the car ass they shall hell no no that was back when it was like you got you couldn't slap
their peoples children not just your lighting up in front of a kid was like minor no big deal they didn't know is bad for you man yes they did i don't buy that leaving their kids minos much magma and the other three kids are a dime it doesn't they weren't is easy to market too so they nobody knew how much money they could make a re signalling cared about them my near that experience and twin peaks ira hey georgia current stephen and ferry companies for eco how many new york and i once almost got my head chopped up with a weed whacker as a child i was writing speaking first of all we'd workers don't have blades they have little pieces of latvia that they go so your child layers child i was writing my bike and a close grounds keeper at my middle school swung the we whacker around as i rode by i happen to deck just in time before he ended up to kapital debt
anyway i recently did some internet sleuthing am i found out that the serious twin peaks is loosely i think that she just happened that paths to fund storyline almost getting our heads up to here is travelling here a cab anywhere reasoning did something found out that the serious twin pieces lucy based off a real unsolved murder of a girl named hazel drew this
happen in july of nineteen o eight in the town of sand lake new york a rule town ten minutes away from our many apparently mark frost the co creator of twin peaks east of education nearby as a child lou i've attached a photo to show how crazy similar laura palmer looks the hazel drew while twenty year old hazel drew with last seen picking raspberries in the side of the road on july seventh night nineteen o eight she was found four days later nearby in teal pond she had died a blunt force trauma at the back of her head suggesting she had in fact been murdered after drew's body was found a sloops aspects came into play initially it was thought that she did not have any gentleman collars but upon inspecting her trunk at home they found notes and postcards from various men simmer similar to laura palmer's journal journal andrews mother seem to think a man with hypnotic powers lord her daughter away to be murder and others
symptomatic campsite orgy similar to the last place laura palmer was known to be alive and fortunately we still don't know who killed hazel drill i found this is interesting as i did your podcast gets me through my evening runs when i am being a terrible murdering outrunning alone in the dark with headphones in please come on dammit p georgia's recent story this is what made me laugh georgia's recent story of the more house murders where the burmese made katy more katy moyer dance for them to the dire straits to dire straits will stay with me forever as i'm walking down the aisle to romeo and juliet next you can't we do think about murder on my wedding day of assets d j m or if you got a change that sighing and i mean that's a whole area are about that other changes at a little back ok i just have to say that the beginning of the original series of twin peaks when it is the girl
walking down the railroad tracks in the nightgown like all ruined is one free gifts and most amazing beginnings of a story where you're like what happened to her but i need to know you know like starting their everything about it seeing laura palmer's body yeah i was wrapped in plan as impasse second the colouring and those in the lake sand grant and like not in that location of this beautiful creepy wilderness yes i totally until i have just read out forgot how much that affected musica it's so and also just said they go into it i wish it was more like it's hard to go into story why's that thing of the forest is an entity and it is up there so dense and people living and there's still i on over yeah and anything could happen and thinking
another area is fascinating orderly it's such a yeah it's amazing and of that i didn't know was based on a true story i didn't i i think i had read them and try to do it as one of my murders but there's just now i'm information on its own glad she wrote that in cause yet still so interesting it so instinct nozzle o eight or its just like might you know a few hindoo housed someone and back the head tell them walk away start over and i were now in the hypnotic part which also reminds me of terry half on that score i where she was read it started as a meditation green and slowly turned into a court were she was getting people to kill themselves alone that idea using hypnosis before evil it fascinating yeah ok send your hometown to my favorite murder gmail and have a good
thanks giving you guys get govern info from your fuckin family policies we want all recall on great letters this week assistance with civil crazy and stay sexy and dark at murdered by elvis could daddy's spoon cookie
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