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Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories about finding stuff in walls! 

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this is exactly right welcome to my favorite murder the many already read your stuff back to worry about it's not a problem stop worrying up acting like everything fucking problem that we do we got we'll take care of you look we ve always let you down before a blue now i can't rely on you can count on us you we don't know what we're talking about everything is as false so why are you panicking now what's the problem now you should have done it like six months ago yeah so here it was amazing
last time someone to story how did this happen even someone episode ninety seven but it was a minnesota re so no it was a false philosophic philosophical said and it was his fellows dealers though right stephen and ok whole episode in someone said something about something in the walls write me i was me we went out yes you started it and then we began to discuss finding things right walls i told the story of allocating orders house things and walls yes so basically stephen had this great idea to women your idea to ask for people to send us home towns of stuff and walls right it was your assignment nor phillip we as a group effort at me i guess i should take the good i should remove the the consummate politician you should
credit was less than those in britain we have here ok i'm leaving the tax free asked anwar al never had and it was a team effort we need to start doing more team building i would like to do trust balls at the end of this episode please really let's get into the circle trust surround herself by wilson
so what would happen earlier we dont know somethin was like why everyone d of weird story or photos tell us what you ve done was exactly i'm in love with that nets our dream and and when i was awesome is right after soon posted the episode the next day it started immediately and somebody star is somebody said anne and i have one here but there are so many good ones and i would like to just say this quickly somebody came and said we opened walnut tons of razor blades came out my and then someone else this was a real time thing to happen on twitter and someone else cabinet set in the twenties that's how these to dispose of razor blades you're you're medicine cabinet the gut sent into the wall had little hole where you were supposed to put the razor blades base incidents like a little spot was like disposal razor blades here one i just went into the wall in any sense even as a photo you have it that was like oh no that's how they did shit back in the day oh my god just piles and piles of old razor blades and laying rebate so if you ever had that happen to you there's there's an explanation and i just love that we have listeners immediately like let me tell you some about medicine cabinets and the twenties ok backs pilot back we'll ever so credit to kill em links came out we're in educating us on that so i didn't mean to like that was a great one too but that just kick this off and now seething he's got some stories germany diversion of normal sitting up in ready by now because i really did love this one so its high ladys love you both in your amazing etc
we're in love you too for writing it that way my grandfather bought an victorian hotel in ireland in the nineteen seventy awesome attached is a picture of the hotel in its heyday let's see that picture you see here in these photos on twitter and instagram it looks amazing see get toned everything you want policy be its own the whole battle neighborhood they painted eminency vietnam just scary is this pictures from twenty eleven but its sepia town so it's feels old sancho okay so it twenty bedrooms and at the beginning before it opened my dad's family lived in their about six months after about six months one of my uncle's who has six or seven at the time was playing and slammed hard into a wall have injury it broke the wall oak revealing in another room which had been sealed once my
and father broke the wall down they found an empty room with only a trunk inside and when they fucking way i just want to save the smell like groups excited and i dont know yeah ok ok when they are king i have when they opened it they it had a fucking skeleton inside ah ah and then the next sentence an actual human scale examined the actual there is now the jaws grandad's photo was in the local paper and it was a really big deal in this world irish town when the police looked into it it turns out a doktor had lived their years before and mrs office problem now i'm still how fuckin ran like no that whole experience what else do you want it to be nothing anything else is disappointing now you're right but it's it's fun it's you
don't want someone to have been terribly murdered and and sealed up into a secret or absolutely nigh course you dont want that but but we're trying to tell stories here this is my favorite murder look i got i short eyes i i was trying to hold free and i had a move on grandad was so disappointed he's an old irish marina only around i was so disappointed and always would tell the story to people and they would come to the hooked like oh and then she wrote oji murdering nice as a stadium lara thinks all our that's laura that's a guideline ok not going away to than the title of this because it tells me what they found great let's see high friends easy
i i haven't abandoned creepy story for you my sister lived in her apartment for ten years in downtown back avail northern california machiavel spanish were cow town of near where i am from she had been having bad pest problems and thought it was her crazy neighbour as tried everything she could on our own and finally the landlord broad in an exterminator he found nothing will tell them to believe there is an actual pest problem but he did find across space under the foundation having the tunnel officer reaction i would he crawled in i went with you it depends on how wide across space was and how many flashlights and guns i had on me good the car he found hello staircase led him to a fully furnished kitchen no levin had cast jars plates etc on the countertops than in the cabinets there is another and attaches empty
clear the living space it had been abandoned for many years my six my sister allowed directly above for ten years and had no idea my guide like there's a fucking apartment below you an apparent with shit an area with someone and seal why are they leave why they seem a bit why don't tip lying on a car crossway suddenly she moved out recently in your home without hen rooms we hope thanks levy guys hope to see in twenty teen sd gm audrey audrey fuck that was so often but also gear member did you ever see that article when they discovered at is that per french apartment they got sealed up during the war no i just
always assume i know it i won't say well it s let's that's why we're same sam's is that i ask that's right i remember hearing all some rich lady sealed up her apartment got the f out of france yeah she's coming back why am i saying if now if it ever karen stop curse and i m a born again christina she's like beer back i'm gonna get out here during world war to lay low somewhere fucking chill did not whatever happened to her she never made it back they unseal it and it's as is from nineteen like thirty two maybe air like crazy old they're all her rich shit inside patties clothes perfume bottles can i just please let me go there hazily known i really want to do is go to the tenement museum in new york best have even yes is around it's amazing it's a museum or you can like a what it's like they turned an old walk up ray like apartment building into it like preserved
tenements or what they were like that what terminus andrea twenties see at hand tens i think a tent turnus layers right ok i think and those are the tenement so my grandmother and her two sisters had to go to when she emigrated here from here on in seventeen years old and she they got picked up at ellis island by their sporting co sponsor was a man and a white suit panama hat and they got dropped off the tenement previous there in a room and theirs a family in the other room is it's like one of merriment separate rooms they get dropped off in intellect bedroom the whole apartment is filled with other families and other immigrants and my grandmother turned to her sisters and said i'm getting out of here you can come with me or not and the next day they took a train to chicago and then a train tickets to san francisco because they had always had a postcard at their
of what san francisco look like in the streets were wide and clean she said that's why she went to san francisco at such an amazing and she was the middle sister but she was like coming me i'm out more not knowing the tires boss betcha less right lee sister i'm looking at you and that's right she would have got you out of that tenement she would have ok so this is so are you ready kay ok i'm not gonna reader the subject lank as it gives it away again i'll wait you talked about wanting to hear any stories about finding things in the walls airless podcast and i have quite a good one when i was about a my parents decided to run of eight the garage that was attached to the house in a downstairs but into a downstairs bedroom for my sister when the builders were digging up the concrete floor to replace with something or better me there rotting would on closer section they were
you coffins with human remains needless to say there were freaked out and told my parents they contacted the city council about info the house and the police got involved to investigate why the bodies were their turns out the house used to be a small church and the bodies were basically a small graveyard a while later the gardener even found children's tombstones in the garden in the fucking fuck weirdly my parents were very till about this they decided to leave the bodies where they were and put a metal cage around them my sister slept directly among those bodies for about ten year then we moved i want i don't understand things for reading miss daniel ok the way he actually said move until we moved house an easy use it a couple he used a couple of the phrases that makes me think he's british but i think hold on once i get are their pictures of this because i remember a story about this
and seeing pictures online oh shit ok first that was the worst google search that i could have done on the show because i then just there is coffins found on a new york city streets there is and this one the one i'm talking about is a hundred forty five euro coffin with girl found under a san francisco home that's you she's at one and the coffin has a window and re and she's super preserve yeah yeah yeah you can see her for some reason they were like she's blonde you can see her like she's a it so being really old childs grave yeah coffin the red rose is still visible between the hands can you i cannot because if you that up you'd be like i'm cursed fraternity no yes good luck you think it's good
i want to buy a house just so i have a yard to fuck and and i'm just gonna dig in the yard dig up my neighbors maybe like what the fuck now i told you about when i dug in the yard and when i found right change known every story tell me what it was did i tell the authority when i was out in the backyard myself little piece of white porcelain sticking out of the lawn tell me and i went over there and i started to pull it out it was the lid the butter dash that had disappeared george had stolen she had undone the butter dish all my she had eaten licked all the butter clean and when i came home it was just a bottom part of butter dish flicked clean and the top was gone and that was like three months ago or more and she had buried the lille my gallant ignored and it was like it looked like a who is pulling up some kind of weird antigonus excited that's where an that's when she acts guilty i walk in the house and shield
this thing we're shoe she crawls like i'm screaming at her and trying to beat her ear and i don't even know what happened and i'm just going what you do and what happened and i and then it's just a long play until i what she does it has got a fine did you laugh allowing is all that i couldn't yes i immediately of course put it on twitter like mrs genius that when i did sweet baby she's a good girl that loves butter and can she has it so much that she can eat it in a way i don't notice she doesn't make a big healed the entire sticks about our love her but that's not the same as a full coffin under your room hard ten years now ok i'm gonna reed ok this one's creepy ok so guarantor deceiving an animal company i have a weird finding things in the wall story i thought you'd be interested in when i was in high school my then boyfriend wouldn't do an older house in a small farming town near my slightly less mobile sill really small central illinois town i have sustained
by houses her eyes fairly small and was raised up on sinner blocks of flimsy sheet metal skirting the house being an old house plumbing issues in my boyfriend decided to crawl under the house and this as gross to see the pipes ran underneath when he emerged from the under the house covered and leaves and probably the dust of a thousand dead mouse corpses he had a small red no book in his hand by the looks of the foe leather cover it was from the fifty or sixty years but most of the pages or intact and being in the history nerd i was stoked however when we opened it up there was only one thing written in the book over and over again oh leslie the entire of this probably the entirely this probably fifty pages front and back in uniform handwriting was the name leslie it was really unsettling to imagine what head space someone had been and take the time to do that not one word look different from other from another
they were so perfect in uniform there had to be i was in leslie he took the notebook and i never found out what happened to the most i found in the laws of my house was a lot of money from the math dealer that lived here before me is not very mysterious but hey monies money that's right girl awesome or guy anyway that's my crew these things in the last story ass sd gm devon devon that's really regret that so you think of my son they had an art installation at the hammer museum one time and part of that was art from mental hospital from a long time ago i want to see that one of the thing and i stood therefore so long wondering at it it was this a piece of paper and all every of art had the card of talking
the patient that did it anyway like what they were in four dream this woman had written piece of paper just in the same week suffer not only wasn't knee in uniform it was it was it's as if she had written on the paper and gone back over and then written again unwritten again and it was just the phrase sweetheart come in it was one those things were her husband drop her off at the mental institution and she just sat there writing sweetheart come on happen on a piece of paper or like road at all on both sides and then did it over again and it is like i couldn't take my eyes off as the sole grievance so sad sweetheart comes that's your tattoo
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i'm pham especially frank and george all there is that's favouritism congrats on being so close to episode one hundred it really matters does and we can't skipper enhanced ghettos i went under we ve got to celebrate good times come on i have been listening to us this episode twelve while high and i m so thankful for the community you ve created we didn't do it i know you do a better job we're thankful to have yeah thank you so much i wanted to send a hidden item story as per year discussion in episode ninety seven the story belongs to a friend of mine and is about an unsound item in their house my dear friend by the house in gentrified neighborhood in our home city of indianapolis earner husband poured their life savings into an old craftsmen and created their dream that that's amazing
after living there for over a year one winter night they received a knock on the door from a man they did not know being the idiots that they are the is nor the man to hold them he had recently been released from prison and used to live in their house without being too specific he told my friend and her husband he had hidden something in their home before going to jail and who is now coming back for us hidden item and moving out immediately of course my friend i had no idea what to do this isn't exactly something you can plan for and they told him they were not ok with letting him inside their home the stranger quickly became angry and tried to forces way slack my friends called the police and the man left unfortunately the man returned many time like until eventually he was arrested for literally trying to break into their home there
it was a violation of his prove worse they sent him back to present my friends who spent days scouring their entire home and even have the police common search their houses well they i've found literally nothing of interest the issue now is it the man will eventually be released from prison again and will most likely return for whatever he thinks is still hidden inside your home when everything is in there is either hidden incredibly well or is no longer there we have spent many parties posted up in their courage and always waiting what could be hidden in their house my guess is a massive brick of coke or even then connected to another crime i hope this story peaks your interest it has and it definitely has got me thinking about the crazy shit that can happen when you buy a house as de gm nicole oh crazy cabinets again
a horror movie it's a heart but it's also normally out of sight where they go in there trying to find the diamonds that are hidden now an spoiler alert their hidden in the fish tank they just look like rock rights which is the best thing ever and i wonder if it something like that like because i would thank you wouldn't it if its hidden and it's a weapon you'd just build its hidden and don't worry about it now but i bet you it's some kind of money or jewels or cash something that's he needs money he just got out of jail he had hidden because like they just he did their house then they probably new flooring and lets say maybe or knocked awhile error like replace it i bet that not everyone shit man beyond your right because cops now those hidden plays lake me out a weird van tour yeah i just feel i come in
we're gonna get out he will enzyme seriously have five minutes listen honour system we love our shit please don't steal essential it and then you get your stolen too and then never come back and i just don't comma yeah look you can not looking listen if you knock a hole in the wall to get whereas in their sergei then then peel off a thousand dollar bill and leave it right from the fares fair there's there ok we ve got system simpler less we are mere ago ok ok the ministers last on the best thing i ever found under a floor here thanks so much for the red flag ass you asked for stories of things inside walls etc and well isn't creepy a weird i have to tell you about it my dad best friend roger died of cancer about ten years ago recently his wit i was remodeling their kitchen and they had to rip up the old floor they found a born on the bottom side of which roger had painted i love you always oh there's a photo
no i can't see that for all i know it's just the kind of man he was the most selfless incurring person you could ever meet needless to say i love you what says i love eliza was a photo on our instrument winner needless to say it was a super mon emotional when they found it it's still makes me tariff to see the photo i've attach a picture you can examine columbus lindsey in indiana oh my god i'm totally learn well that's so fun us at one end of if you guys have them and will keep em in gaza good i that's the barrier a delay i have to say i'm not lois measure but i have to say that i have juncture and i just telling earlier how it gleamed out this morning but the first summit cleaned it out not the first but one time i cleaned it out and i
a card from my mom because she was big and descending cards and all the time it was like not that big idea but i found this one in the store and it was it was being very self reflective and it is the loveliest working hard and it's just all about i can't tell you how much you and your sister mean to me and it is this whole thing there's like a new again yeah getting out of your mind when i got it it was ninety ninety four something i was like me yeah i'll talk to you later and it was fast so that lead i think that put me rate in that that's like the same thing by somebody like that she never knew she had it in the first inhumane and never known yeah if there tore up the random never known until he just didn't just to be honest it's like the reverse of sweetheart come i'm glad we ended on a good man i now oh shit can i read one more yeah it's good
the ilo karen georgia stephen and animals you mention in your last podcast they re looking for people who found call things in their walls i didn't find anything murder related but i did find a random assortment of objects my fiance and i were renovating our basement about a year or two ago in the basement had a horrible de corps would shingles on most walls you inside inside shingles large native mural of a bird wooden arrow on one wall carpet like i'm guys we found following items in the walls during demolition black tarpey message quote we hope the world is better for you because it sure is fucked up in our time braun and brian december nineteen seventy say only gonna there's a phone there's a photo oh my god that iran and brian brain and brain we got bad news i guess what you baby boomers are related begins now but also a pizza seventy
taxation may have been at the top oh my god that's so good that's the other one so oh my god that message than a blank postcard of a man and a bright pink speedo chest hair in all there's that journeys lorries amazing a jack of playing cards featuring naked women from the seventy awesome a pipe with we'd stuffed in africa a wooden dill dildo that was clearly homemade would shop a small batman figurine and and abba greatest heads volume to vinyl record anyway thanks unless it was great seeing you at the toronto eliza renee oh my god i like that i lay uniting on cranks and stuff i just love that list of shit yeah it's so good live your life stuff it into a walk i remember
when i was little my and we were latchkey heads and when my neighbours like my mom or pain a kitchen aroused my mom said i can draw on the wall i why come over let's do it and we all fuckin dead at enemy i'm a huge travel because like we weren't supposed tat she was a cue but you can write your name shall drew all over so they like extra paint now selling their pay extra mom clarifying thereby and only really alone as a seven year old to do whatever the fuck that's hilarious the slicing sender hometown murder stories and you're in the wall stories in fact in one hour my hair amendment gmail here we want here yeah i want to hear about you thanks guys and in the meantime states accede don't get murdered by us is elvis go leave this parker dont do it now
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