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MFM Minisode 57

2018-02-12 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover your hometown stories from Salt Lake City including a kidnapping, haunted ballerina dolls, a hiking date gone wrong, and more.

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This is exactly right. Yeah what are termed my neck, like that, the creek- like a weird random arbiter, hello Our care is welcome to your own many sewed. Thank you. I love you, elections are downright samarova internet you you're the frozen robot weight, zero button frozen yeah.
You know I've, never seen, droughts and Emerson President I've never seen Hamilton. I don't know I've. Not up. Are you from Canada there's no robots unfrozen it takes place in in some kind of acting in Lapland in Historic Lapland, right, Stephen robots and frozen? No, I wasn't saying that coups heard I was I was thirty may have like I'm an animatronic person, and I got my stuck. I met when I was doing that you. What is frozen, have to do the frozen means. I can't mony for actually browser, but I thought you, though we were doing, was it suddenly, You are cold. You said you were doing like you're going go. Really I get it get it. Why we
after her. You know that was when I was six hours apart rehearsal and with fucking nailed high six, seven, eight nine artic. I understand as I explained to you, something that wasn't the explanation only in inflation that I realise that wasn't one happen. Sometimes I don't really gullible and sarcasm desert land on may correctly believe you I've, never even you we couldn't be two more different. People can be more worthy of a second point. I want to capture this. Oh thank God here on recording what he's doing it all their heads busy at the third. My all of that cut Oliver that this is the fresh totally confusing seiners for six as for yet aim yet somehow HANS had. I saw them
again successful that you don't pay for every week. That's right! This is this. Is what free podcast sound like you? Listen! If you want this professionally, can you need to send us and nine? Ninety nine? Ninety five ploughed back. Ninety nine. Ninety five right: and we will do like several takes sentences. Salvador stamped envelope will send you some Oh Creek, Michigan, this isn't many of us. So this is why you are regular. Episodes are fastened on it. Is there so, amazingly, precisely not one word miss spoken in its right these ones Yarns Willie, William Alien, Willy nilly, your willy nilly as I'm ahead, should I go first sure, MRS Germany's. I worry red back european flag in great, calm down, murders, etc, and since we are going to salt Lake City a lot of is our SALT Lake City based there Stephen, yes, Mary, only skimmed seated, like said
you guys a shout out before we go there. That's right, see them likes a theme here in solid they seemed right has already, yellow her eyes a little money up. You know I was thinking of early because somebody sent us a picture on twitter of that carbon takes our making it to the Midwest. They centres that picture of the heart shaped nice from cake that look like it was melting Yahoo I remembered how one girl tweeted at me how mad she was that we're eating taken to the Mai. I'd now was the funniest fucking angriest response and shoe. It was just like how my sister would react. Yes, he heard it should jealous that came into my head today of how met that girl. She was right and that no one wants. I trade really are not as eat it into the microphone, but whatever
How do you know what I'm doing under this microphone? Now? Ok, ready? Yes, that was just for her the complainer. This subject. Line of this is be a m f, which stands for bad ass, mother fucker. Fourteen year old SD jammed I baby for a murderer and a jailhouse ghosts airy stories in one. Karen Georgia, Stephen etc. My hometown as a smallest, south, EAST, Idaho town, where you'll probably never do issue like that they come here, come here, just like the Irish, never gonna get I've already given up. I'm just gonna send you seem elder, the nearest city, a salt lake, so go ahead and group this, and with this I take that producing this email, narrow well done. The same weaken Elizabeth, Smart was kidnapped, parentheses. The event that turn me into a true crime lover, slash murdering a another. Fourteen year old girl was kidnapped in my hometown, poor girl, she's. Like fact, Moon
She and her sister- this is horrible machine. Her sister were sleeping on their trampoline me all this was taken at gunpoint like when it I'm your mom lets you sleep on the trembling. I know it's like that. It's a break that sets the scene for like a perfect summertime son, because I immediately can hear them begging there more yet her hours, please let us live on the trampling I'm fine. Mom is like ok, yes, but only a few whatever they do your homework exactly how new it is. So even often this it ends. Well, I so, but it very bad in the middle. Ok, I don't happen, but we all know okay, so no one knew she. Ok,
No one issues missing until the next morning, when the other sister woke up alone, horrifying the kidnappers taken her to his apartment, raped her and left her handcuffed to his bed. When he left for work. While he was gone, she used to fire extinguisher to smash the handcuffs wrapped herself in a sheet piece of his mail to show where she was and the guy's name and got the f there and called her dad's often do kidnapper led police on the high speed tests, which ended with him shooting himself in the head. My mom was a prosecutor on the case and told me the details at the time to drive home the point that the guy would have killed her, but she got herself out of their between that that kidnapping and Elizabeth Smart. I was terrified and slept on the floor of my parents, bedroom for the rest of the summer camp, as you do a couple years before that I baby sat for a family with a giant Super Harry, super old super blind and deaf dog that spent the night bumping into me and knocking me over. He was sweet. The cup
gave me weird vibe, son and the dad was drunk when he drove me homes and that's the only night I ever babies out for them a few Slater the dad murdered his wife by running her a few times with the car oh, my god, I'm. Finally, my bad ass prosecutor, mom was alone in her office working late one night, the prosecutor's office are in what used to be the county jail, but a new jail was built and someone decided it would be good to be a good idea to convert the old jail into offices for the people who send them there. So she's alone, it's late and a rubber band flies across the room. Her and then another one and then worked it out of their knights and hard work over the years paid off and she's been killing it. As a judge for the last year's lady love, you guys love the show loved, the Elvis me AUS, Sd Gm Mackenzie rubber bands. Just out of nowhere with the a menace was hiding in a little goes Dennis the menace.
How creep loan that year, their writing on illegal pad, as all involved in them you only have that one lawyers lamp on how lawyers do their desk cheap, green Tiffany. Why were very expensive and end, then you're. Writing raining. Writing never badlands, sitting to its unity, which were I don't like that. I need more quiet. How fires that room between the first and second rubber band house? How loud us are our media. I hate it. Ok, this is six weeks of separation, Georgia, parents, an end
a firm based ease, far and wide there down there doing it to make me mine proposal, I love the show so hard. It could cry you making russian fun while the phone back in the russian back in January, two thousand seven when my spaces they doing dealing thing a man who called himself Joe Psmith, sent me message which had it for a few weeks and eventually made for lunch safe, but the safe, hook, eating sure when we met. I gave him shit about his name because in the Mormons church the first profit had that same name. He showed me a driver's license but covered up his first and last name and said: you'll never know my full name because I'm a prominent manner my community, Ok, we're now we started a sexual relationships that evening lasted a couple weeks that such a great way of saying yes, we ve met, and we fact we hoped it up right away immediately.
About lasted a couple weeks. In that time he told me he had cancer and was in the process of finalizing everything for his family when he stopped calling, I assumed he died, gloomy prefers this next part with. I don't watch the news. I had no idea anything can happen in the seven years that followed my assumption that it was that he was dead fast forward April, two thousand fourteen, I'm watching TV on a Sunday night and a commercial for what was going to be the news pops up and lo and behold, there's quote Joe on the television and shackles in prison guards, but they're using the name. Martin Macneil. Recognize that jacket away. I recognise that jacked up click on the back of his head before I completely recognise his face low that evening was filled with the hell of finding out his name was Martin Joseph Macneil and he'd murdered his wife six weeks after the last time I had seen him. Oh no Jesus H, cries that still gives me the shimmers, knowing how close the call was
I went to see agents and SALT Lake City today, thanks they don't get. Murder didn't have enough self respect and not sleep with married people, Jennifer of her time in her life she didn't care Jennifer, you know. Sometimes sometimes you make these decisions set. Two thousand seven was rough for all of us. I mean I can remember. I really am time are up here. For me, that's the kind of thing I like that. I like statement only because I think sometimes as a young woman, when you feel you feel strong, empowered you're like or I get to do it. I want somebody likes me. That's the other persons present affected me badly. He hasn't person, he is the person who should feel bad or she should be about not me when, in fact it's about you not liking or so, and also just it, connects you to a person in indelibly connected to a negative. Such a negative action that someday you'll understand and feel bad.
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In and you a picture of simple, that open up in Texas and underneath it was that huge cave now. Look at that amazing and I was like what a glorious lie in my life that people are sending me pictures of thing. And telling me stories about things that I adore totally so and calls yes, shit and walls. Yes, John Giants, he loved giant God. I love Giants of Ladys. Just just ass, the podcast about wanting to see what's buried in walls boy. Do I have a story was about twenty two years ago. So I'd forgotten about it. Until you guys jog my memory, I used to work or two sisters that rented a small house in a pre quite area here: LOTS Salt Lake City, Utah ETA.
Both girls had issues with items in their house constantly being moved to a new spot in the house, the Heavens mail, the time. But it's me one of the sisters have a small collection of these tiny ballerinas made out of porcelain, maybe one to two inches hall. Knowing up some mornings and the whole collection was scattered throughout the room and sometimes all the way to the kitchen against those Michael stocks smiling, they constantly mentioned the house being hunted, but they weren't scared, because the ghost felt friendly and childlike that's not a thing. They lived there for almost a year before they discovered there was a hidden room own and policemen. Oh no, I was doing this with my own eyes and it was so easy to miss in the basement. There was a room entirely made of concrete on the furthest wall from the entrance. There was a concrete section that stuck out and
Every angle it just look like it was the end of the room until you go right up next to you, can see its across space, no room behind the concrete wall. When you called back there there's a space about eight by ten feet and maybe four feet tall, so you're squashed in there's no standing up here. That comes with it, what a flashlight in hand if you laid on your side facing the backside, there's a lot of common rules to fucking concrete bunker. It sounds kind of like a very talk coffin workin, who talk So if you laid your hand, oh sorry laid on your side if you said yesterday times and then and then another round and turned around, I Monday FIAT to Belgrade Michigan,
I lost designs may well known, and employers flashlight laid on your side facing the backside of concrete, while the cement and chipped away and had exposed the front part of a ballerina issue that could fit maybe an eight year old and what looked like thin, pink ribbons that would have been on a barrette or ahead bear after making a discovery. They contacted the landlord and made the decision to move since the least was almost up prior to the moving they'd show it to people who came over report. He slipped a case here, so shit wishes hidden in cross based in it, look like in this cement. What room was at my rights. Even cement geology was like chipped away and just like a little like labor was like someone had like taken one of her ballerinas and put it into the cement or was it in the cement like cooked and
This man, like the shewed, seem like it was cooked, comes in cooked in cooked, like king baby explain my razor Georgia is staring at me with her mouth, open and squint eyes and scared for his other than she changed, happy birthday, heads Ok, wait! There's a little bit more yet, but I would also like to say you want to see that no under resigned, I mean also because it easier than having to explain it the images of, of course, a creepy man laying inside of their and with his weird long fingernail. Taking away they cement until it. Why can it be a goal that did it Maybe you don't because you don't believe in go right. I believe in cretin men knew do you really do and you ve always been so supportive, ok, so, prior to them,
moving made shall discuss. Two people became ever parties. I saw at once and never set foot back into that house. I never found out at the landlord did anything at the time we didn't have the means to research. These things like we do now. I understand I cannot remember they address to this is otherwise there was. Fucking there? I just said that I cannot remember the addressed to this place. Otherwise, I'd be there right now turn to salute up some answers. Creepy very sad at the same time as do GM keeping the amazing in good time, people that equal time people carry yep just like the movie ha ha? I think it was a ghost. I don't think she's insinuating was a person or it was a landmark. Ok, I think someone lived in the cement box, but they didn't anything up if they said they found that I see no further. They got sleeping bag and like tin cans of beans and on his hobo clearly. But what, if he's very tidy Hobo cleaned his shit up every time out here to women, but then then why? but he scattered should everywhere. I won't I
It was a ghost because they never heard anyone walking through the house, be He could have been very light honesty. We are giving them a lot of fuckin credit. Remember the spider man of Colorado, the spider man of was the Denver was he when he said that we are gathered, hid in the outer years near, it can be done, it's just that should way we're just to prove me wrong. I'm going to go into the walls of my house, you right out here and start talking over the two years later we relations just trying to prove a lock and play in you're. Like a man, you really got me on this you're right, but burying that's a member sides valleys and is there a child in the cement. Yes, Maybe? It is a little kid who had been married in the cement and live there and restrain appoint itself is of what I'm saying. That's not what you said is that it was a cobra, but I want to take you back on your theory. I say I set it as it is
I'm saying what a fucked up story that what there's another one ready for another vote. Yes, that's what we're doing! That's? Why we're here? We might even one on the horizontal bucket of stories, please it as your. We like everyone's like I have this word story. This has work to do it now we are we talking about the time are like. Oh, I got worried about it just delete. Further weird story and will tell you if it's better, not re, Valea, hey hello, M fan, this is called angels. Slash aliens, big difference, ok, it hello, Eminem family murder story, not even a crime, but I think it bears telling care
I'm from SALT Lake City about fifteen years ago I went with some friends to quote singles dance or I met a guy. Don't laugh, I was young, we talked and dance apart, but parted without exchanging information, and I was bombed. I remember that kind of thing happening that two weeks later at another single stance that I might have only gone too in hopes of seeing him again. I didn't taxi him again this time he immediately got my number you rate of well. It will see me up to catch him. A few weeks later we ve been talking on the phone regularly and gone out a couple times. You seem pretty cool and I enjoyed as company around the third date. He invited me out to black rock on the great salt Lake to watch the sunset. I thought the seemed seem pretty romantic, and I was looking forward to it in Sweden. Climb the rock and sat enjoying the view when he said that he he had something he wanted to share with open
she writes red flag in the moment. I thought he was going to tell me you love me, which would have been ridiculous. It was so much worse. Oh no, he told me those dad had passed away and he was a young and since then, angels had come to visit him regularly to give him messages from his dad and special gifts. Q ice cold chills, as I realized I'm in the middle of nowhere with a guy who is obviously crazy. Not why rock the boat. I pretend that I'm totally understanding and empathetic and that this is a totally normal revelation that much and encourage him, because then he told me that they were actually angels but aliens home from outer space I was screaming inside. I continue to play a cool, but I was internally freaking out and realise that needed to get out of here now. So I started to pretend I was getting cold hoping we can leave. He wasn't done he told me that the aliens had been visiting him in his home for years and that they had given him special healing powers. I have a deep
speed voice due to the fact that I have no local cords after a series of surgery is a baby, and he told me that if I believed in him he could hear my voice. I tried stay calm and told him that I actually really liked my voice because its at its unique and then I was an interested in being held and he got a bit frustrated and tried to convince me to do it, but eventually he gave up fire climb down from the rock and started walking to the car when he said he wanted to show me something and headed toward the trunk. At this moment that I had this is the moment I'd. I literally went through my head as I try to figure out how to get away when he opened the trunk and pulled out what he claimed to be a life size replica of the alien that visited her that visit him and her some kind of painted mattress foam head along any foam body complete with a shimmering Kate. Now, eventually we got into the car. We had no plans to go bowling, but it my cleverness, I told him. I forgot my socks and needed to stop in my car backers how
bowling. Sox are very important area for their key onward, suspend that five dollars for air of Paris, shitty socks and no not at all, though those little one. Sometimes you get those booties with bowling pens and balls, and then these of them at the old all. Certainly I am and there the cutest bowling sacks of all time. I haven't seen him in a long time now by the socks. If they look like that yeah, I love bowling vital to every single time ever it my fucking socks. We should both more where we bought more. We need to save energy when I took a bowling class and call it so you are you. Unless people that throw bulls, no, I'm not great, enjoy effective, pursue it. I'm I love Boeing below it. Terrible at it. Ok, Bob about ok,
but that is a very upsetting story, so sad that the kid clearly needs man. It's exactly this. Is this is why we need mental health facilities open for people and people in some people? Still some people dont think they need No, that's true, but but it it's to be. You know when you're hearing it always you should know they should go, tops about hearing voice automatic as I've been in this situation. For someone like, oh this, isn't fucking safe at all. What do I do lots of people abundant gets going to hear about right? Well, but here's what she didn t I tell them, can only be a minute and I ran to my car- got in lock the doors and drove off him standing there. Looking confuse I got home, he had already called a few times. I told my parents would happen and when he tried calling again my dad told him I had moved and I never heard from him again- plucking
your parents they'll take care of that, while loop people in Andalusia until I ran into him years later, and as soon as we make eye contact, I realized it was him. I turned and walked the other way and didn't say a word I'll see. Why now because this Think of it is used on the third day. Don't go far away yeah. What save that a little while longer think you know someone uttering up two times. I understand yeah he's made out and also when you, when it's a kind of things like the first time you see me, doesn't ask your stuff. For the second time you and your muscle maybe a little grateful, and you will then try a little harder and then there's like, and if there's a romantic over Jura Shoe the third plan. Then wanna just go for it. Let's do this thing and then, but then
you're fucking in Ireland alone place yet person, yes, is not in his meds. Sad, don't have taking her mad that we wanted to tell her right now. He wanted connection any wanted. He wanted to tell somebody about, and that's that to me this out as partners. Just like. I love that she took care business here and it breaks my art that he didn't have someone to talk to him by his situation. Man to have another one yeah listen to this bullshit, Really gonna sell it. The SALT Lake City show and more Karen Georgia, Stephen infer babies, eight. I encourage you not to use the introduction everyone's committees, and I know that I have a story to add to the finding stuff in the walls. Mine comes from the other side, meaning someone who put something there. Ok, I like I back the fifties
grandfather was like most men at the time: a raging alcohol, but a man I mean it was an easier, it was easier to do that. Our garlic, womanizer, smoker, etc. I mean everybody was this year in the fifties. He also was a part time carpenter. One He was lying brick and a house and was trying to make some extra money to feed his habit. Unsure judgment Alex anyway, he was doing what you do when you lay brick my grandfather Burke, by when we Brad
which was smoke and drink as the granddaughter of a bricklayer. I would, after a grey, ok, his drink of choice was whisky straight out of the bottle hell yeah. They mine too does need. I leave you to glass, I mean look, I'm not judging anyone, but just gimme a glass. The I've told you this already, but the turning point moment. My alcoholic story arc was when I took the bottle down off the refrigerator one morning and took a long switch from it and then thought I've gone past. Appoint right can go back. I love you knew it. I knew in my head like this, has gotten very bad. I just needed. His glass. Once I start having a cuban his lemme problem, exactly man, that's a good make that fit
fine fierce he eventually got so drunk. He forgot. We where he had put his bottle, ensure shit. He had built a wall right over this time. The mortar was curing, but it still crossed his mind that he should rip down that Wally's Wisley. Do it, though after he stopped drinking. He told me the story. Ah, he has long since passed, and now whenever I pass that house, I wonder what someone will say when they ripped down that wall and find a bottle of whisky, not a haunting story, but funny still. I look forward to seeing you to live and SALT Lake City Eric Eric. Grey area. Amaze. You really really meant utter in this episode. Eric is your last name kill Gara, because I feel like we know each other Eric he'll Gara. That's your area Garrick may be put to sea on the end why change the name just for fun, think she'll is an aim, will seize this week, SALT Lake,
and send your ass a cent anything clearly, yes to my favorite murder, Gmail communicate with us, and let us know your weird shit man we like it got give, namely to my request, alien stories. You can make me very uncomfortable. Why don't believe in them go crazy if they see them? No, I think it's possible. I think anything is possible. Ok and when I start to entertain that whole like storyline of aliens and
from hiding aliens than being here and sometimes it's that they control so that we are being formed for them and all that Jesus he's got dark goes into an area that I just start to panic area. Fifty one, although I do our ancient aliens, because I think it's the best television shows on I mean how are the pyramids and how are the pyramids? May humans didn't just make them they'll just clear. We have always made everything but are not adequately. Ok, go stories non! Please! Oh yeah, all that! No! You can do a lance, just don't freak man. I believe in aliens- and I think many of us have seen em. I am unaware requesting that
I think a lot, don't say that part can don't say leopard even may care and not say that there is a mechanism of the wooden labour that person's even say sexy, don't get murder by Elvis what cookie yeah yeah
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