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MFM Minisode 58

2018-02-19 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover your hometown stories including a few Jodi Arias updates, a first responder tussle, a suspicious chemical spill, and more.

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This is exactly right. Well hello. Hiding welcome to make ever murder the money, so you mean yes, said men tens of millions on this episode, their self funding, has not speak English slogan. Overalls. Are you kidding me? Oh my god and one I that's all you need that's so so, though, make allowance, we are about to read to you your emails. You sent a year to be about your hometown, murders or any Their thing in the world are now about em
thing you want or doing whatever we want an here's one of my favorite new twists and turns the hometown. Now we're getting up to. Its dorias after we do local shop, and so I know how a couple males about the eyes so and so and I d wrists and here's one thing. We asked tell us what we missed. Phoenix came back hard, listen, Jody areas, information Ciller, Hella! Well, I'm fresh the Phoenix show, while she just left Alisha unwanted quickly to send you an email that I've been contemplating sending for nearly two years, but it off, because I'm lazy- and also because I don't have one complete story- to share just some random thing: great beautiful and here's to your being lazy back into.
Thirteen, I was at work talking to one that I t guys when his phone started ringing nonstop casually. He said something like oh it's another new show calling that yeah. I took the bait because, of course I did and he asked what asked what he meant. He started telling me about how he lived with Travis Alexander and was one of the people who discovered his boss he's either room. Yes, he had already been interviewed by Nancy Grace and was being pursued by others. This was during the height of this sexy Slayer Media Circus holy shit. I asked him if he thought she was guilty. He quickly said yes and that she was so absolutely crazy that anyone who knew him never even suspected anyone else. My coworker had only met or a couple times because he was busy with his own life, but he said it was easy to see. He also mentioned that drives us bedroom light had been on while he was uncle out of town.
A lying there murdered and that he was going to turn it off, but the door was locked song just left it. I only imagine living with a corpse and not knowing just life as usual. I read. The police report from this case more recently in its pretty interesting, there's, also a theory online that my co worker was the actual murderer. Whites, that's amazing. The internet is a strange treasure. I the stranger change or any other no eyes. Alison merits the there's like theories, and it wasn't Jody areas. Yes, we know there's plenty of people who don't think that she did it they think she's innocent, I'm gonna have to stay up all night. Looking those I look it up. Miles is one of those people are re passionately believes that dirty artists was set up. Somehow my MAC earlier stop
I love you stop anyway. You, ladies put on a great show tonight and hometown storyteller was bad ass. Oh, she was member love. Ass. God bless that woman. She found it was late in physics watching someone run for office and every one of the rooms like we maybe the totally so glad I actually left the house to see you in real time my life, Exxon and bring Stephen Samantha that so awesome, shit. I'm gonna have to read all the theories. Yes, including my roommate. Very I mean you know, there's so much more going on and on whom they. I wanted to go down a whole Nancy Grace Avenue with that story, but it would have taken away too long. I was obsessed with her obsession. Who do you think who do they think dinner? The remedy Oh, I don't know
I have no idea this once called first responders, hometown light, hearted question mark of J Georgia and Karen hello. I'm Fm Pham I've been pondering on whether or not to send my family first responders stories, mostly because I couldn't pick out my favorite, because there are so many. I from the valley First responders, my mom's father, was a share of deputy back when your personal vehicle was your patrol car. The most accurate is preferred Jesse's their horse. Alas, how old are these be? I know my mother has worked as an ear nurse and a nine when one dispatcher, in addition to volunteering as an anti, my brother's voluntary and she and fire fire in his free time and works in law enforcement. My dad she just gonna gives us her resume that the whole families and lower whole family how it is ok.
When my dad was a young beat cop, he attempted to arrest a man. I don't remember the entire story, but the sky was jacked up on drugs and Capps Angry the guy, not my dad down and the two started rest into the ground who fuckin Knox a cop down as transplant Erika will have your pc p and you think the cop is Godzilla sure there this guy, not Linda down and the teacher wrestling the Irish for my dad's gun multiple times. My dad could feel him pulling at the weapon with extreme force. This is back in the day when cops carried, revolvers and leather holsters, with only a thin, unreliable strip of leather to hold them in place. After one hell of a fight back up arrived back of her back up back, Slash man's re. Listen, I might have arrived.
My dad was able to get away and the guy was arrested. My dad got up from the ground. He was covered in blood after checking himself for any wounds that happened during the struggle. He found that his assailant had rifts all caps ace flesh from the palm of his own hand on the hammer of the revolver when he was trying to take my dad's. Gun now now somehow the tiny piece of other retain the revolver did not break which ultimately save my dad's life that night well. Thank you so much for the amazing pipe ass. Your phone banter has got me through. So many long commits an equally long days. Something something: mental health stigma surrounding mental health, keep em being awesome. I hope I may get you alive so this year. So do we see come on stay sexy, don't get my other best Jesse,
They use something something mental hell. You now fill in the blank mental, how awesome Jesse. That was a jet and amazing story. Thank you. Leather, strips, hey man, but also so grows to become renown else's blood. When you are less struck off your hand around all our at this one is also from the Phoenix show care
Georgia's. Thank you so much for what you do and just being you no problem, you really make tat part of my day. My commute much easier, something something: mental health, something something mental health good night. I hope you both at a great meal or bought yourself, something nice with the gift. These are, the people are, ok, might Marguerite, Lions Aimee lapses. In heart, my love, they walked up and they handed each of us a car, a card in an envelope that was sealed, but it was a thick card in an envelope. So I go, would you give us money and they go yeah, and these are all areas. People gave each of us a fifty dollar gift card like a visa gift card, because our like, we don't make any thing than it said in the car, go buy yourself dinner, just go, buy yourself, a kiss, it made me laugh sofa hardness and I was like. I don't give us the money I like now we want to we want. Do you have to keep it? I still have my
because I'm like, I can't hear you know we'd better by ourselves, something nice sure, that's so how Larry? I will thank you for those with. Luckily, we got to Thank you face to face. Ok, so now onto my jerk Djibouti area story, I'm a teacher. I have been for many years after a few years of jumping from great degrade in an effort to stave off boredom. I offered to take a job teaching in a local men's present great hours, great pay, shitty toxic environment. It was just as awful as you'd imagine it felt like I was serving assented to. If only for ten hours a day, I stuck it out, because I was making great money for a teacher skippers. This point. The area I was poach for an interview as people who are innocent, are hard to come by? I showed up to the interview and was ass. The usual bs questions at the conclusion of the questions. I was given a tour of the facility spit
We, the education section, each classroom was very clean and organise and the students were busy working hard and when we get to the second class you're my guide and possible future boss indicated that this would be the room that I would be taking over. No sooner does she get buzzed through the door to a clash, a glimpse of the students within and one young lady standing in front, acting as the teachers assistant, any guesses on whom I teachers assistant would have banned. Jody is Dodi back in air. I have never known out of a situation faster in my life. Oh, my god, we had a blast, you guys in Phoenix thanks again I'll just say the initial c o my amazing, crazy fuck in life to live as like any one. You does anything in prison and they're, not the prisoner. That's right, I mean so hard and absolute data day what the fuck so hard and intense and stressful, and it's not like you're going on office that you're like pissed off about all of it. Then week we could go down along quarter of now,
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At the end, because it gives it away Karen Georgia, various animals and the voice of Tina Belcher but about ten years ago, my newlywed brother and his wife, but a house built in the early nineties, hundreds as a fix or upper project path, loving. The previous family have been living there were about ten years and were severe hoarders gray and left so much crap there. I was about thirteen at the time perfect took an age to see what hoarding looks like current in the room. She never gonna. Do that thirteen rate you mean it'll traumatize, you never being order. Yes, yet show thirteen year olds, this shit and so that whole summer I had to help clean up that Hellhole
after the first week we had things looking pretty good and cleaned up, but there was one wall in laundry room that always Montera, but when you pass by it earns covering her vast, I'm holding my forehead in fear, we tried bleaching it reaching all all smell didn't go away, we let you carry on bleach, didn't know it just added a new bats, mattress nomenclature, My brother got tired of it, so he took a sledge hammer and knocked down the dry while only to have o ready Yes, they have other view. Local areas right now only to have hundreds of tiny mice corpses fall out on the ground through this letter is called a wall.
I scored says of Father the ground. My bad ass mother was the only one who could stomach cleaning up Oliver. The mice which were in varying states of decay of some still had flash, while others were only bones and fur exclamation should want to make sure there. She initially tried counting how many there were but gave up after hundred no way. My mom is always the one in our family that clean up the barf or poor or would ever across things happen. Yeah, that's called being a mile from being a mob as moms after the house, renovation can, after the house, renovation continued and was finished, and my brother ended a doubling investment on it when he sold it, but I still have nightmares from seeing that mountain of dead mice. I wish we would have taken pictures, but unfortunately, we didn't SSC Jam Spencer Spencer Sensor draws the picture.
Japan, Sir pictures or didn't happen, hand drawn Andrew illustrations or didn't happen. I mean you think they like mice, corpses, winning smile well rain. I mean anything. Rotting is Gus mom, you haven't they and also their vice filled with you. Now, love and based. I hope these sleep and Match box it. I'm nice on ass, a kid as pets, stygian, sunshine and rats yeah. Oh, sweet. They are three. But their debt when there does not sweet their sour, but we re for this last one first, responder story, winter chemicals spill. Oh, I love it. I love chemicals hell. We have all our lives, hello to everyone, animal and all,
love, it sounds kind of foreign, I'm a friend, six major and I absolutely love your guys, podcast, the! U N, L, Forensics Club unit, Kirsty of Nevada Lifeline but to you and you might better. I made it up you and now the University of Louisiana where's the Anna. You you never his money. There were severely our you and I'll, never see who's gonna for new law, flattened it's the university of new lawful enough. Exactly right. Remember, old love Linda you drove through it on the way to Vegas all now, there's a new lawful and in its adder University of North London, Lovin universality of Nebraska, Lincoln Lincoln ask her? Ah ha that's far away from what we thought: the guy's, oh yeah, because well
It comes up later. Damn turned down a limo. My life think trim it a bit funny, but now there's a stupid, but let's go on and on about our stupidity as we have for two years. I believe that parliament, ok, illiteracy, so the UL friends exclaimed, introduce an mystery club, introduce mean you guys. I've been listening to continuously since I come from a whole family of true crime freaks. My mom is starting to become a criminologist pranks presence, but I came along and my grandpa was an investigator. My aunt is a forensic psychologist. Ardor and serial killers is the number one table topic of Thanksgiving Day: Hell yeah! Oh my god. I love it. However, on the black sheep than my family, since I am studying to become a psychiatric nurse Hulu, I E Pat Junior into long Intro short, my current boyfriend is a fire fighter in Blaine Minnesota.
So one night during dinner with my parents, he was on and had a scanner going and which is amazing night for a new the person who relishes inhering other people's business. We used to listen to a scanner when me and my friend J Johnston, who has also MR show Are we to hang out at his house? He had a policeman, and then, after a little while, I can't remember who is also the police Gunnar that would pick up cordless phone calls. We would listen to people in the name of cordless phone and it would be nothing would just be to people like China, it was the most fascinating. Only we hours we're just listen to people talking on the phone that Taiwan and it also like, of course, every time I talk on the phone. Unlike talk on the phone like someone something besides this idea, some rather faint my brother had like a c b radio when he was like the thirteen nineteen. Ninety
computer genius. Yes, for is a thing, only listened to tuck deceiving radio people and he would know how to like plug the funds and the lesson of shit and ass, the bad ass, the bands of s people. That's why reality tv as popular as it is. We just want to watch other people that hang out. Do we just one once the car dash, indeed salad and talk about enough, they got it here. We got giving up during dinner, my boyfriend scanner went silent, any have gotten a call which pick, which he picks up and runs out the door and drives away leaving his wallet am jacket in Minnesota Winter Jesus who later that night around one I am he comes back, and he tells me that one of those chemical trucks slid on some ice was knocked over and spilled its white contents along the highway. Cause the surrounding fire departments to come to the rescue, as they all showed up in hazmat suits prepared for chemical spill. My boy
chief approaches the Tipp truck to see the label reading Lando Lakes, all the Minneapolis in Saint Paul area, five departments were called for emergency, causing all of the on Co. Workers to rush to the scene offer a truck full of milk that had tipped over on the highway into some person who call I'm on one without reading the name of the company on now ass. He Gm Gabrielle, amazing lesson. When it put, it goes deep, one of Lando legs: it's fucking, you know the dire yeah people there actually making laundry detergent Laundry detergent Ets as diverse as the type of detergents better. That way that Letter
Well, that was nice times. Listen, we really look. We range debt we ranged from here to there on the top to the bottom, from it back to the mental and around again. Is that as on here, Is it from the Ninetys there were out of it. I would say ending part than the Maxilla mental and around going. You know how he lies. Yonder little things like an hour. Amnesia love that's a la sender, shit to them. They were saying you know he suddenly, it's very it's very Georgia, like eleven year old, PAL Abdul fan. Ok,
I just can't even usually I mean, can you queue up to play to place our thanks for listening senders? Whatever your story is Santa my hair, a murderer, Gmail and says Ex Ante dock at murdered this as your drug rave share, is now. This is no additional legislative like GNP, I'm giving you know let Don't worry,
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