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Karen and Georgia cover your hometown stories including a lake monster, a holy water haunting, a Ted Bundy connection, and more.

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anything any it's about you it s about easing only honour, because you send us your stories. Only fuckin rhythm, the only lover you are you're puppets. We fucking do what you want do every on last week on the episode I requested in case c, fuckin skippers and listen to the as yet burs little so So that, instead of just home, towns and fuckin sing calls and things and walls we also wants what are we call them and then, and then we found out and then we found out so, but that in the subject line sustainable now we want to know what you found out like Grandpa died and we went through his clothes and then we found out he grandma type obeying or he would scarecrow exactly or he was just grandpa, but really grumpy, or he was three kids standing on each other. Hundreds of the trench gotta see yes, try to get into black Panther hidden it looked so there was one angle reviewed the lady. That's I think she's behind them in line is laughing, but the
We the kid on the bottoms legs aria. It looks kind of like a really it's a guy with the longest torso you receive less so funny. I love it. Someone did. I love those stupid and love it. So much Larry Blackjack Horsemen Year also call ok, like a verse sure, I'm looking at this email, Simon, Rita, tat in the subject line sustainable now we want to know what you found out like Grandpa died and we went through his clothes and then we found out he was grandma type everything or he would scarecrow exactly or he was just grandpa, but really grumpy, or he was three can't stand each other hundreds of the trench cutter undersea yet heads trying to get into black Panther headed it looked so there was one in anger, anchor any Bay mirror, then ass? Ok, people can grow. To the party about, I said, has but first but I mean party, but ok,
so you proceeded, alas, so funny I love it. Someone did. I love those stupid and love it. So much very budget, Horsemen Europe, not the other, the waters, rail grass. I would suggest you dont we'll try to get out of this stream of urine. The Loch Ness Monster, but thank you leave for making my Ella commute bearable godless. I'm only creates for awhile forty five minutes, which is how long it takes you to get three blocks and allies in shame. I have to move away from this area ass to its making me crazy I'm hands and do it. What if we go back to the email what's happening. I was
just listening to have you shouldn't drink in the second water and the Marina Viagra. My on marine alot. That's why people love Yacht Club, you! Smoking has pulled middle as smoke, a big, long, pull NATO and read and emails. I was just listening to the episode. Ninety two, where you guys are talking about believing in the Loch Ness Monster Karen a jubilee prentice he jerked like important Indonesia parentheses. As do I high, but Georgia, you don't show just kept going well, I wanted to see if you there's had heard about the lake monster in Vermont NO ok. Don't work in the ocean? Don't disintegrate. Now, just in the ocean, whales are choking on noodles. Sorry back to the email what's happening. I was just listening to have even during the second water in the Marines
We have been. Can I get my mom bought a house in Vermont Rich bear that was supposed to be our vacation house. We had it for a year or two, but I think I convince my mom to sell it because of aliens. What the fuck is that the story, and I know Georgia will believe me. I want to know this story. Ok, let's you're gonna have to resubmit, Why not use all the personal right museum in any way, as my mother's lawyer had a client Sandra Champlain? Oh no, sorry Sandra Manzi formulation employing like lay amounts who took her husband and two kids on a beach trip. One day July, nineteen. Seventy seven on Lake Champlain, the two kids are swimming in the lake when Sandra saw.
Obviously stops at the San Bernardino County, lions, fuck and re. Ok, so growing up in Connecticut, my mom bought a house in Vermont Rich Ban. That was supposed to be our vacation house. We had it for a year or two, but I think I convince my mom to sell it because of aliens. What the fuck that's another story- and I know Georgia will believe me on the island. Ok, so she sang. She knows this check. Yes, it's her. Mothers, lawyers client. So it's a solid three people away from Kevin Big. Ok, only the family was able to watch the monster from five to seven minutes it that it was partially out of the water
I mean I do I'd have used up all my film of. I was therefore a steady mahomet. She said that it did not turn to look at the people, despite the fact that the children were making noise here and that Anthony shouted on seeing upon seeing it. Ok, so my mom had a copy. This slide film and she still has a picture framed in our house- is from a slide. Yes, and so that's the that's. The picture that MRS Mann See took Sandra Nancy, which is kind of a great name. She took that, unlike Champlain, as she was watching her children almost get eaten by this is so it's up on the wall. Agnes persons mom's house? I saw an episode on discovery channel where they said this is the only photo they can't find a way to disprove. I can't ready wet.
Also growing up. I had a friend at elementary school whose mother used to live in the area and remembers taking both rights with her grandpa on the lake, and she too said that you remember seeing champ quite a bit better, Radford and Joe Nickel observe that the man's a photo stands alone is the most credible and important photographic evidence of the existence of lake monsters, because its authentic z, author intensity is called. Is held in such high regard by so many writers and researchers. I asked my mom to read this in case. She had any details I forgot, but she just wants me to mention that this picture was so cool, even got the cut on the cover of the times in nineteen eighty one Maxell Exo Leah. I love that so that such a good. I have that picture in your living room. It is see anything wrong with it ass. I don't believe it I think there is something you and I were texting about one day or probably also Stephen.
Rights, whether grandpa on the lake, and she too said that she remember seeing champ quite a bit. Benjamin Radford and Joan Nickel observe that the massive photo stands alone is the most so called of the existence of mom monsters up to a man in a room and Karen Georgia, Stephen and various animals. My mom Elaine is an oji. Murdering now has been into true crime forever. She raised me on a healthy diet of dateline, twenty, twenty and Oprah, always making sure. I knew how to protect myself that I went like so Leah. I nice to anyone especially strangers and good, always trust, my gut. Naturally. Through crime by bit me too, and when I found her podcast, I knew the perfect person to tell all about it. Recently. Oh, she told her mom yeah. I get it recently. I was reminded urged her Oprah. Oh my god, she's got operas email for some reason, or are you listening? Send us your hometown brown? What get to it and success? Seven months, girl,
let's get vulnerable about this share Henry recently I was reminded of a story. My mama told me and immediately called her to give me the details. So here goes when my mom was six years old. She was living in Houston with my grandparents and her three sisters. One night. She went to sleep and around with her baby sister and a crib also in the room. She woke up in the middle of the night to a full grown man in her bedroom. She screamed and ran my grandparents room and woke up my grandfather, who was passed to be woken up. My mom was prone to night tears and wasn't a good sleeper, so he took her back to bed and told her to go to sleep before leaving. He said what the hell have you been doing in here, because my mom's life all but by her bed, was unscrewed and her dress or had been pushed up against her window when everything back in my mom went to sleep, even though the man was still behind the door. Looking at her no
I asked her how she could have possibly done that, and she told me that she just plain and simple believed her dad or a grand and thought she was imagining it. Why baby sister in a crib also in the room. She woke up in the middle of the night to a full grown man in her bedroom. She screamed and random my grandparents room and woke up my grandfather, who was peace to be woken up. Mom was prone to night errors and wasn't a good sleeper. So he took her back to bed and told her to go to sleep before leaving. He said what the hell have you been doing in here, because my mom's, like all but by her bed, was and screw or for any bit right or anything. I thank you for making me and my mom not feel alone in loving, true crime, as as do Dm Annie. I can not believe they may aggravate Grandpa p standing right there, you stand are staring at her and she's like well. Guy
and why did you paint the ceiling again or whenever something she couldn't possibly whose driver's licence on the floor? Why are you making counterfeit driver's license? I told you that interest is not relevant to you as a six year old. That is horror. I know why you're leaving your cigarette pack on the ground. Again, I told you no smoking in the bedroom, where the baby is that the answer so lucky about that. What happened is a burglar, the win in the wrong Rome who know he's like a drunk burglar, that's like folk and went into the nursery and then just like hiding like maybe I'm not here, and then there was his house. He lives across the street. He knows I could say looking as this shit shape ino, while we're talking about this just can we give a quick shudder to rubber Danny Junior? Who did the greatest I
so on drugs? At my life is out of control thing of crawling in to a child's bedroom and going to sleep on a child's bed and that's how he got caught. That's how he got arrested and that's how he got Clinton sober low those many years ago, like fifteen years ago, raw blow those many years rubble. How did he gets over twenty years? I just TAT is So what that is the answer so lucky. I know that what what happened he's a burglar when in the wrong Rome who know he's like a drunk burglar, let's like foggy, went into the nursery and many others like hiding.
Let me put a fuckin, a caravan showing your happiness, roquelaire known or I mean like look he ladders. Why actors, where so many scarves, so they get recognise, no matter where they go like if you see an actor, that's like it. I just fathers as the property bull fucking shit. Take your scar, far up wearing white pants Lana. No one last thing pay attention to write stuff. Deigning. Second actresses, that you walk down with their scarves on the union's scarf in your tank top in your big snow boots like stop it, and yet it will blend in fine Gulliver, houseboat. That's a volume problem that get out to our party. Both that's right near your. How operates in the party but in Venice. Please no paparazzi on the party vote and then hears us sending emails to property. Here's where they address the country that addresses inquiry for this one to party but have addresses, go ahead of five hundred ocean away, I'm not a priest, but I still sprinkled holy water, a ghost story, even if it-
we get right into it. Oh no! It's as high I'm FM, found great I've been a fans of yours since almost to be any and I've shot. I now listen to every episode. Thank you have here, that's a lot to do a lot to table or thing who Only reason I didn't go. See you in Vegas is because I was busy trying to get a picture with Captain America Arizona. What That means all right. Does that's no excuse, that's exactly right. We don't care of all the superheroes come to light, our ready for a photo ops show that our partners and our party- I put myself your college by working as an hour a and other miscellaneous ways, mostly in the all girls dorm. It was built in the late eighteen hundred as one of the first things I was told about that dorm. That was, it was haunted by Abigail, a baby girl who was buried in the foundation by a woman who had her out of wedlock and lugging strike. Seven
buried in the foundation of the bill, cookie to an fleas, darts, ok, PS! That's why a random guy slept on the floor, one of I first night speak there there s Irishman these he insisted, I was afraid of the coast. I did not fuck politeness, because I was, though a dumb fuck eighteen year old. I love dorm, but something I thought it was creepy. The dorm even had a victorian wound, with an old ass piano, a creepy ass, mirror and furniture that could belong to Jane Austen. So one night I was working in front desk, making sure do Durant sneaking in classic irish it. Some of the girls for the second floor came downstairs and told me they refuse to sleep in their rooms. They told me there was a ghost that had been messing with them for weeks. One of them claim the ghost Texan, her boy, repent from her voice telling her boyfriend just stay away and others like you, can't
you're, eighteen, you want to bleed, goes its that fucking weirdo, Romania, that you have to live with four eight: more Maya, this smells like like flowers and p. What is happening? Ok. Another said that she had seen it at the foot of the bed and she knew the other girl sought to failure Aramis, but she is just crouching and gentle lot of powder on transit. Believin goes because I dont like them, so it is likely that I thought there were messing with me eventually. I start to kind of believe that they thought they saw something cute holy water. They even told me they went to the church across the street to get a holy water, but they couldn't get any. I wrote my eyes and told them that, of course they couldn't get it at any. They couldn't get any at that time. It was the lent and season. At this point it's almost midnight and I was about to hand over the watchdog duties they kept telling me they couldn't sleep theirs.
I gave in, I told them lead stash of holy water in my royal shout out to my cousins, who think I'm a he then and thought it would be a good idea to give it to me why she's really really did really did they asked me to go to their Florence sprinkle holy water? I was reluctant because I had to do my building rounds. I was tired is voting in our wish. Your fucking unholy Warburton sorority, save it in an emergency whom devil visit clear, like Abigail, they won't devil, but they convinced me sometime around one. Thirty am I hike up my sweat pants grab. My holy water meet the girls on their floor. Other people walking by see me sprinkling holy water and they start opening their doors and asked me to sprinkled on their at its. It worked As later they told me they hadn't any haven't had any more sightings. I hope I get to see you live at some point. You should come to Reno, but I know you well as ASEAN payola. Well, how do you pronounce that name? Pal
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This is called a serial killer. I witness was my elementary aren't teacher. Why hello Karen Georgia, see in an animal friends? That's right, I don't mind. I love your podcast and I have to thank my twin sister LISA, forgetting me, hooked LISA, we're from a small town in Northwest Indiana with a population of just over two thousand. It was a pretty quiet place to grow up. To my grandma was one who got us interested in your crime from a young age. I commend my grandma listening to her police scanner. Yes, and watching cord tv like I wish our job love. You gotta grandma also like to take us to cemeteries for fun fat per week. The local Elam Interests Wall, where one of my favorite classes was art with our teacher Nita parodies. She was an excellent teacher who made her students feel special and talented. Miss parities was, are our teacher from kindergarten through fifth grade when we can back for six great ninety. Ninety Miss Paris had left her position and moved away, leaving a very inadequate replacement.
We had an older sister Laura who is freshmen at the time. Of course, we got all of our completely agent appropriate information from her years. Older says Delara via their next school year. We found out that Laura from Nora that Miss Parodists was actually need an eerie. What an eye witness in the TED Bundy Trio fuck. That's why she escaped That's right. We need cholera? the child Mega Owens, Lorna yeah, I met she'll. Tell us look like do you call it child man? What is it I saw tee? I didn't go to call it. I do not. Can I tell you the truth now I didn't know it affects our allies and tell you tat sort of thing. Like a short, isn't our aid in the hospital oh, like a highway patrolman gotta got it. I did
residents to sister, listen Simum annoying at it now look and listen about Santa Monica City College Bubu book! Ok, so this is really exciting, because I'm reading a stranger beside me were thus stranger, precisely my an rule right now, and so this is a second and is bigger than that. Visual existing resources are needed. It was an art major and a member of the hi hi omega stupid, Sorority Florida State University. She returned to the sorority house after a date entering the house through the back door, Meta heard a heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She remained silent and hidden in the shadows and became an eyewitness to TED Bundy leaving the house. She helped to police sketch artist come up with our rendering of by me and later identified him in a photo lineup and in court. Of course,.
You heard rumours that she was in our small town as part of the Witness Protection programme. Oh, we still are sure of that. Was there any truth to that, but either way are small town was probably a nice place ILO for awhile anyway, just wanted to share our little towns connection to a notorious serial killer. Thank you for creating a place for true crime lovers together without judgment. Please keep do what you're doing stay sexy and I'll get murdered. Karla Carla How could one of Burma to find out after she is gone? It totally was witness protection, don't you think like and out, and because If she's already a teacher than I mean she got her degree, oh so she did this, it was tat lagged behind her, but he was colloquy within the year. I think of that this was the past was behind her. He was already tangible in jail so we wish you just get me the fuck out of work
distance right now, but also like she really was the final blow to stopping monster who killed so many when we're living. Of her fucking sorority says yes at Cairo Mega upstairs that night, where he locked in a walked out lake within like fifteen minute. Yes, it was frenzied, don't read the stranger beside me. I am having nightmares. I had a fuckin, I had a job interview at TED Bundy, the other night. Nothing had acknowledged interview to be his assistant, no at his Fuckin mansion in Beverly Hills. I put my feet and his jacuzzi. His eye was early Montessori Jacuzzi, just that it's just something I would surely adieu and then Java, the TED Bundy. It's so a symbolic of how show business kills people what jacuzzi you up
Who cares? Yes, I'll, go deep oranges reading. I stress the stranger beside me, the most disturbing book about a person who is the most disturbing person that but but an rule had rules she world, but she also had every all in the book to look at him and go something's, not right, and she didn't sense it they now, even when it so scared he had had with lullabies weren't grass and he spoke french Mona TAT had been threatened me, oh, no, no mere meal, I wonder cookies. Are you cookie you can keep He doesn't, even though their shown I'm saying now and as we can cut any of that and Oliver put far yeah. That was amazing. I was great, Karla. Also one
ass Carla's, I'm sure they're, very feud, Carla's on the planet anymore, through their going extinct, great name, please send us, all your fuckin, just sinister weird share the amount I mean like Senator weird stories and no one you don't think anyone wants to hear. Yet we want here we do and the people who are listening do but that's it. Yes, sides, and Stephen and Stephen send them to my favorite murder gmail test. Stephen tells even when you need to know in the subject line galleries yet don't use the word for babies. We I mean do it for attention, but just now that that's really old and no one even enjoys the irony of that anymore, you aggressively. If you're gonna, do it yeah start start a hash condensed. I swear you mad at using. What are you doing? It's just that thing in China. Is your native attention to pause array and would have the potential doesn't work than you might as well? Go negative sure, say sexy
don't get murdered, go by my cookie earlier writers, rain,
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