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2018-04-30 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a JFK connection and a false confession.

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This is exactly right. Welcome to our many episode. My favorite murder. Yes, this is a power cast many pocket. Many version of IE, larger podcast, where we read your and without them to crime and we we're commit. Two, never planning the opening of any part case that we live is our guarantee to you We're gonna go out into that question mark and then keep at a question mark you can get. We guarantee you. We guarantee you that we will never know we're going to say, and I Believe that you'll believe us, when we guarantee that really quick
I just want to say timewise. I know this is gonna, go up at a totally different time, but for us it still the day after the press conference of them catching the golden stay killer. I am say only fifteen less ten percent less excited than I was yesterday and like I can't stop looking for information. It's driving me fucking batch. So what's the one piece of information that one day later you're excited about another so much. Oh, that photo that you sent me this morning as someone it looks like someone screen grab and its I'm so mademoiselle, because I was watching the idea for part. What does a call? its golden state killer. It is not over, but they got across around you like it's like an hour. They have to be like here's, five more episodes cashiers the continuation. Evidently, someone screen grab just a really quick shot of the fuckin. What is called pregnant? Press conference Town Hall, meaning by side, it looks like him
percent in at the meeting, then that you didn't mean we're on our twitter someone made ever. I think someone made it on the facebook page errors and then someone someone say so page and sent it to us on Twitter and by retreat about scenario, is very important that you know every step. May I please never wanted credit resigned as ours right, but we don't want it so much that we're going to write your name down on the personnel. I certainly but the cool part about it or like the thing that I I couldn't stop looking picture, because this is a person not who looks like when I was looking right. It's not someone is trying to keep their head down. Has the right hair swoop? No, nothing like that. My point is his energy is as if he's at a campfire, taking up all kinds of space. He is like theirs
you can see it. He it looks like he is happy to be amongst fellow man is a yellow shirt on, which is almost like. A look at me like and then yes- and he doesn't seem, he's he's playing it. So perfectly of you would never look at that guy and he looks intense, he looks like he's listening intently yeah, but slightly smiling like it. When you look at the picture of his face, he looks happy. I am that at an plus a mark, a non Sheila is in the foreground. Who also looks a lot like my friend, Alisha Gonzalez, who used to live in Sacramento. She has that same fate. Conspiracy. Could it be that my friends, mother is actually more non Sheila very ago. Who was at the fuckin golden sitting next to those they kill, her yeah isn't Zanger no see adults from seventy sitting. Cross like on the floor be up and bring your mom or down with some a floor with you and you be like this is weird I have to say. I don't think my mother ever sat on the floor. She was always in.
I'm kind of a chair with a highball and three in the morning. She city it's like girls, I'm tired. Could you place a moral right? Was is how well I have a golden state killer, quick one Pelion actually save for the industry to get out of here. In essence, we're way it's not like you know, but we're not weed have a lot of like good ones yet cause. It's also knew its all to come to come to carry us. So this the goal and stay killer is my customer. You fuck guys. Please don't use my name. I work for the phone company for citrus heights and when the news broke yesterday about De Angelo, I knew he sounded familiar turns out all caps. I disk
What did his home phone in August once I found out the street and saw the news coverage right outside the house. I went total stalker mode, Google map the street and click through until I found his house and address because dad and then searched it in our system. He's been our customer since one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, he called his home phone turned off, and I remember him wanting it turned off immediately, but we have to ask questions for reasons for his. In four: disconnecting Mine say someone was is listening to my colleagues and I just don't want any more. Oh, my god. I think he was even bug in August. Why either he was super paranoia, India or he was, but I bet he was super paranoid, but and also being an ex cop. He would know what cops do and can do or what it sounds like when your call is being traced. Click, click, click, click, click, click, you? and then he says you guys
is I talked to the sky for twenty minutes and had no idea it was him. Bodies do not know SSC Gm. Why were you is? What is he needed to get his phone disconnected cause. That's the fucking phone. He was calling and harassing victim totally arrogant, trace of accidents, but also the ideas like the phone line, the history. The phone line still exists at such an odd way to go like I can't call anymore. Therefore, no one's going to its leg. I'll know you had it While we do have a neighbour the his writing about how hurt daughter, baby sat the daughter in the eighties a relational ran until oh wow here will see. I mean That's the other crazy thing to hear still alive, which means there's all kinds of connection the one thing I do want to say which somebody else tweeted and people were talking about about ochres.
Can someone posted the article from the having composed post of the woman who wrote about how hard it was because her father was a serial killer, inherits awful? It was for her and so yeah just that and when the person posted that they were just like the families of victims to absent Lou everybody keep in mind as the others tons of people going to the house and, of course, there's looky lose everywhere, but it's like, but you have to remember, there's people in that neighbourhood, people inside that house, like its veto now there are totally victims and people always want to be like. How did you not know you had? No, it's your fault for an even one, and now it's like you know. No one would know that. Knowns, like me, suspects every single person around her as a fucking pedophile murderer one, although we know that sociopaths psychopath are the perfect are the the wolves in sheep's clothing. They know exactly how to trick everybody and especially, people closest to them there. It's Jaclyn hides
standing way back and being like? How could you not know in any area? Ok, you're gonna be ok. I'm gonna start with an old e K. This one's fascinating Decline is mom type gave case. Murder report pillow, Georgia, Karen Stephen impacts when J F K was president, my Mama's a twenty one year old badass working as a secretary for the FBI. Nice I mean I can just see her dress, see it's like a light green dress with white by Jane. She looks great. She is in summertime natural little Bolo jacket, yes and some slight green flat with like a little thing, killed about nice, chunky kind of a quarter and traceable, sensible, but still feminine. She,
such a fast. Oh sorry back, then that was the only job that was the only type of job a woman could get around with the FBI. She was such a fast and competent worker that she quickly rose to the ranks and was given a high security clearance. Hell yeah Bobby Kennedy used to come and sit on the edge of her destiny candy from a bullet sheep. I bet that Bobby Bobby one sorry, such a great visual on the data of K was assassinated. She was actually offer mark, she was getting her incredible. Sixties, hair set at the beauty salon but as she stepped outside, she saw a woman nearby, suddenly scream and drop her grocer bags. Oliver, the sidewalk mom rushed heard and saw the news reports which were Ariane TVS in the stores window. This way well, that's says.
She immediately round the five blocks to the FBI. Building she knew it would be all hands on deck. Eventually she was told to go home and rest up that she would be that she would need it. A few days later, she was taken by an FBI agent to an interview room and given several pages to type, she was one of five typists working on the report, not a hundred percent share of the number, but it was something like that, and the agent with her would bring her a section of the report. Then she time give it back to him to prove freed and incorrect any mistakes he found. He would then leave the room and come back with a new section for her. All these sections were provided out of order that not one type of new too much after more than twenty four hours she finally finished in one sent home. She was so exhausted that she fell asleep on the bus and would have MR stop if the driver, hadn't known or milk or up slippers,
still to this day is never told anyone what she tied large linen now going even now with some of it becoming public record. She won't say she signed an oath to never reveal the contents and she is too sexy to break it. Later she received a letter signed by J, EDGAR Hoover and President Johnson thanking her for her service to our country in its hour of need. She got it framed and keeps it buried it or cloth as what the FUCK mom put that thing or the fireplace it says that in practice is, are you tell your mama yet just cup stairs She also received invitations to the next. Several presidential and operations never went fucking love this woman and also as a part of her training to work for the FBI. She had to
the charm school. Yes, you heard me, I know I'm not making it up walking with books in your head learning how to sit properly needs together. Bitches encroaching wrinkles only those cross the leg on in there to laughing face a with tears They are just some of the many skills that she had to acquire. That's so nuts. She she was also there during an ok, juniors famous speech while and attended many state dinners and government functions the story. She tells her, both funny and fascinating. Until their many times. You should write a book. She what it was like to work FBI and be in DC during that period of time, but she can't believe anyone would be interested in Riga and you are wrong mom can't wait to see you again in Havana as a stadium tracy, oh a guy. Can we get her mom on stage to tell her literal, hometown, murder and finally reveal what she wrote eat this the yeah.
She won't break an oath that the information of which is now public record on line makes me fucking, worship that Malta, that is so that's what supposed to be about the air you fuck and make a promise. Sorry, I made a promise I whatsoever on by now. I can't keep one fucking massive information in my line and never tell me anything, no I'll either forget it oral. Tell everybody I just so it's just how I am stupid. I mean it's more fun to know shit, so much we're going to tell shit and tell about it. Here we go. This is called my mom was manipulated into cleaning up a crime scene? Oh no, via is really fun brother, My brother always said my mom was born to be a mother, but a crate opening line no lower than but my brother
her always now get out we're in nowhere and I like it. We when we both moved out she downsize to a town house across town and became the mother to the world. She was constantly getting neighbours, rides, cooking them dinner and having long conversations about their hopes and dreams, I need her in my neighborhood. Is a mom episode one day she was driving back home when she saw a man smoking beside the row of town houses. She got out and introduce yourself because she doesn't believe in the cardinal rural to fuck, politeness ethics. The man said he was the elder brother to one of her neighbours and he was there to settle this affairs as he had committed suicide the night before my mother, knowing everyone in the neighborhood was besides was My mother, knowing who everyone in the neighborhood was beside, was asked. If there I think she can do. He told her no, but he had just wishes. Mother didn't have to see the scene inside my mom, Y know and come to clean up the scene, and he told them that they didn't provide that service to suicides.
I go mother went down to her house grabbed her gloves, buckets and cleaners and returned. She told me she could never have prepared herself too for the scene inside after it was done? She returned home and went about her life as she didn't, as if she didn't mob Blood and brains off the floor a few hours ago, shortly after the cops came knocking. Apparently this suicide was never reported and was a border. The victim had no brother. When the guards asked her why she had aided the mail and cleaning the crime scene. She simply told them. She thought his mother was coming in. No mother should ever have to see something so gruesome. My mother was eventually cleared of having anything to do with the murder and was given the compliment that she had done. A great job disposing of the evidence, Secondly, and don't mob of crime scenes Joe job that
is so insane, but it like nothing about that, even I didn't see that coming at all that, I'm sorry but the guy smoking in the car is kind of a genius, because you would, if, sir, if you say, like my brother committed suicide alone. You're not gonna, sit there grilling the personal like guinea. Your immediately gonna be like a lonely how it let me help you so terrible that person like totally played her. Like a said, I wonder who he was living inside from a murderer assigned new, also well, that's good thing for everybody to know that, do send. You know and things happen. Yes go ahead of us authorities can you know it? Ours and if they don't there's a company, you can hire to do that and the reason is nobody. It's a very
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oh dear I Georgia countenance even I was listening to last week's many, so I got so nervous that I missed out on the chance to share my hometown story. When I was young, maybe seminary my day occasionally take me over to this woman, Nancy Peterson's house seemed stupor sketchy to me because are always in another room there
They were always short visits and would leave me in a room to hang out with her daughters who are younger than me. Eventually, her kids would leave and then my dad would come and get me and we go home. Naturally, I just assume my father was: have you two figures, because I watched him any soap operas and had an act of my time. I got. I love it's really funny. In my defence, I also thought my mom was having an affair with her chiropractor, because I saw him rubbing her back. Holding up a little worse got exactly. That was the one you're right about was alone will eventually this stopped, and I never really thought anything of it. Until later, when I was in my twenties story, started coming out about true drew Peterson's. Fourth wife going missing. My dad casually brings up our visits to Nancy's house in front of my mom. I was like dad schmuck until we hear you he was so confused. He explained to me that the reason we used to go to Nancy's house
was that she was going through a divorce, withdrew, Peterson's brother and drew come over and harass Nancy and her kids. My dad work with both drew and Nancy. So He would be there to keep drew in check. It's my dad and drew were both police officers. He knew the drew, wouldn't start shit in front of them. Only literally, I wasn't giving my dad and of credit thinking that sitting on my mom, instead of being a good guy in protecting this woman and her kids, my mom and dad both out it was hilarious and made fun of me for hiding there a faker funny. Thank you, ladies well, you do that way Talk about anxiety and therapy helps to decrease the stigma of mental health issues and make swords better place. One murdering over time Stevie Sarah, Well, sir, you just made the world a better place. I was very, I guess I I think I would be pissed at my daughter. If I was like you suspect,
this thing- and you never told me- you wouldn't be proud that she's, not a snap, absolutely not snip snitch get any wrong. This whole time zone worry array, but how we are going to be if you are a near just like mom. I need you sit down this. We have to have a turn a tv off. We have to have dialogue here, my favorite alone. You there's so much better than your brothers, or, should I say one more this once I won T the name of it, but it says light hearted. Ok, Stephen Georgia and Karen, then it says in parentheses, I'm not really an animal person. Love. The pond cast an eye coming to see you in Dublin, in man from Connecticut but and currently studying abroad in Ireland, so in
only six he's. My great uncle and great aunt were newlyweds living in Boston where my uncle attended Harvard Medical Use Moon. At the same time, the Boston strangler was in full swing between nineteen sixty two and sixty four thirteen them and which, in ages of nineteen and eighty five or raped and strangled to death, usually by their own, by their nylon stockings by the Boston strangler, the martyr took place in the women's apartments, and since there is no sign for a century, it was assumed that the women let the strangler in either because they knew him or because they thought it was a delivery. Man, delivery, maintenance, man of some sort. Listen to the stragglers, podcast right, yeah. Ok, it's really and it's all right so one night, some time in the midst of the stragglers active years, my great uncle on great Amber watching TV for the went to sleep. The newsroom
another murder that they suspected wisdom by the strangler and my great aunt made the cuts made a comment that how horrifying the crimes were. That's when my great uncle decided to turn to her will occur in the eye and say pat hassling, confess, I'm the Boston, strangler my great aunt freak, the fuck out completely believing him? My great uncle immediately realized. He had made a grave error recanted his confession: inserted frantically expand. My great aunt the reasons why he could not possibly be the basket and strangler. She eventually come down, but she said that they slept with a light on that night. Thankfully, the real killer ended up confessing and my great uncle and great are still happily married today. State taxi and don't falsely, couldn't confessed to murder. Caroline Carolyn, you know that a lot of people think that the guy they arrested was its yeah. I didn't
the sound of a lady. Thank you may think. Maybe it isn't real. He definitely killed, lay dead. They gotta dna match at least one of the murder. Elevator bet it's pretty common knowledge that there are multiple killers doing the same thing using all using that the nylons around the neck anywhere hybrid cars- maybe so, but that's why you should listen to the that passes so great, a visitor anguish. Some of those the details of some of those crimes are so disturbing and fucked up, and it's like so hard to hear or like a little old Ladys nothin like fucking young women with our lies ahead of our hard enough. That's all hard yeah every time you listen, you want it's hard everywhere, it's especially hard all. We, I think, that's how it works, and that was like quite a many, so a lot of pact there's a lot of people aren't given secrets away a lot of bad as Mars. Snatches changes handy
thanks worsening, send in your home town. Would you'd like it to be worked, we're taking all information, my fair rhetoric, Gmail and stay sexy and took it murdered a guy Elvis you wanna cookie,
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