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2018-06-04 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a cocaine story and a great-great-grandma’s deathbed confession.

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This is exactly right. And welcome to my Murder, the men- yes, this is where we re Dears crazies Benny stories back to visit the easy one. This is easy for us god we love this one, let's get to it dammit you go. Ok, then the one that says
just having used like AG your pen, I sought it every time I really being was ready. I have a problem with spatial organization. These subject line of this one is that time I accidently did cocaine for the FBI. Aol letter at a perfect olive. It's perfect it's an early Friday afternoon and our chief, you she's fucking, killing it she's leg. Look! She knows, we don't want anything else. It's an early Friday afternoon and our unit chief gets a call that a high priority piece of evidence is being flown down to us on the FBI. Jet Heraclea plain that landed at Boston, Logan Airport was subjected to a ts, a dog search team for explosives and one of the dog sat when he walked by the planes bathroom, meaning that he had sniffed out explosive boy or girl in the handle. The handlers it's in digging around and found white powder hidden in one of the compartments near the toilet they freaked out the dog had found explosives contact the F b I for help and got the key started feedback to me fade bacteria in quantity, overdoing it. Oh, this is an email from Clarice Starling. They that's Mean Pontica Virginia the newest chemist in a frenzy laboratory explosives unit loving day one. I missed eager beaver wanting to fight crime and do my part to save the world men. Meanwhile, all my seasons, in parentheses, maybe jaded coworkers, look at their watches, see that it's three o clock on a Friday afternoon dump the assignment on the new girl and get them later days. Out of there. I opened the box and find a large block of pact white powder right off the bat.
Think. This is kind of strange, because the field agent mentioned that they thought it was an explosive called p tea and those oh capital letters care, p. Eighty eaten PETE it's not Peyton Manning produces MECCA. And I did it language do, but you do it like really file and conversationally impress. I just struggled Legged delighted, drowning man to find peace matter, we're getting. There were getting somewhere. It's not common to fine large block at Eton person. The protocol. I way the material and recorded in my evidence book hundred grams. The verse, Protest idea is called the burn test. You take a small amount of suspected sixpence suspected explosive in a little metal spoon and you hold a lighter underneath and if the substance is an explosive or
accelerants you smoke, man right, it will burn. So if it the explosive it or an accelerator burn evidence? burn. It means is not mix I'll, aren't or its mixed with some kind of stabilizer. When I the lighter up to this stuff and it doesn't burn it kind of melts bubbles? A little bet. You can probably see where I'm headlong slightly confused. By that result. I take a small amount of powder over to one of our super fancy test machines called an eighty are for about a minute. I'm waiting, while the computer does its magic waiting. Then that's comeback. Ninety in point nine nine percent. Seven percent positive match for cocaine.
Pure share right? Yes, that's right. I had just free based in a lab at the left leg, and now I m all alone, with half a deal of cooking on a Friday afternoon, newbie in the group, not knowing what to do. Luckily, I managed to track down a chemist in the drug unit down the hall and philammon on the details. He take some of the powder and performs a chemical odoured chemical color dust confirms that it is indeed cocaine and lots of drug save. The icing on the cake is that, while he was doing the college, as I noticed that my lips were fecal, apparently a side effect of free, basing Cobain the purest cocaine too oh, but I dont know if that meant that was the purity or match shut up. I get it.
I love your dream of totally Peterka, like straight out of the tree from Colombia. For my that's, my thoughts pulled fresh from the ground in London. I gladly agents in Boston to fill them on my results and guess what their explosive sniffing dog was. A newly trained act was nearly trained after a former comic career. As you guessed it, a drug sniffing down boy, moral of the story. Dogs may be really fucking smart, but they definitely on specific anyway. The following money had to fill out a statement about what happened, just in case I got sent for a random Cuba. Needless to say, my co workers have a lot of fun at my expense for quite some time after that, thanks so much for reading my stories, they sexy don't get murder and dull free base, unknown white voters, Lydia Lydia,
that's fucking, coo, EE, oh good, Jack, you're cool! That's that good, pure shit that she just sent yeah. She sent us a ninety. Nine point. Nine percent me to read that jargon: Thanks Lydia, ok, this is called Great grandma's deathbed confession. Yes, hey guys. I was recently having a text conversation with my mom went out of nowhere. She tax. You know your great great grandma confessed, honour deathbed that she poisoned her heavy, to which I replied. What tell me every ban her husband, whose nickname was black jack was
they spending all their money on his vices cheating on her and coming home? At too, I am drawing Papas rocker. He would demand that she get up and make him something to eat upon his return every morning and being a beautiful wife of the nineteen forty, she would get up in feed him afterwards as before delta. By an hour, I watched by the events is already offer during all you got to see. Poisoning me all ease, loving yoke at afterwards who pass them on the kitchen. Florence should go back to bed, they also had to young children. He was never around and when he was, he was always drunk. So one morning he came home around three m smelling of women's perfume and lipsticks mares on his face reach of cigars and alcohol cigars, and it's been his entire paycheck that he received that afternoon ones you shine out, but why can you be a more typical fuckin? He once again demanded that should get up and cook him some food, so she got up cuts me like you, wanted and added especial ingredient
poison share. When he passed out on the kitchen floor. She just left him there. The next morning Are the police ambulance in an exclaimed. She had found him down in the kitchen since flagship at an notoriously bad reputation on town and forensics wasn't a thing yet they just assumed he died of his vices migrate a grandmother, never remarried and being the devout Catholic, she was bent her entire life, praying for forgiveness, but never confessed until she lay dying at age. Ninety seven she hats on forty two years old. My mother just told me the story and wonder what other juicy secrets my mother's keeping from from me. My investigation is ongoing. As last I e g m Mandy. Yes, why? God? I love that, like Well, it's also just wasted on this.
No telling a horrible stories that we have the exact opposite feeling area. Then you get one story that it like that was my great grandmother gnit like gas, that yeah yeah. That's like ok, yeah! I got it. I don't mind me now, wherever they live, your turn ready. They readily At the same, whenever I cant do papers- and I don't like garbage and this subject line- is garbage men are first responders to hey my Europe in the Bronx then was in the second grade. During the mid sixties and like every other seven year old, she was walking home. The few blocks to go home for life alone, but why was she walking alone in the Bronx? Why were the catholic School nuns allowing her to go over lunch? My mine is blown it. How trusting the world was
the trust air stupor, just didn't give a single shit about children here. Giving a shit about children we set up before is very: nearly it's from the eight year ended it just because they figured out they could make money off of us, because a pack, then this is probably the reason this fairly frowned upon today is because of that bad shit. Roger that it happened when children were allowed to do these things. Q potential kidnapper as my Mama's, walking and older kid grabbed her by the arm and said you're coming within. In retrospect, my mom thinks this. Kid was probably only about an eighth grade boy, but at the time he seemed like the most terrifying man on earth, as the boy begins to lead her away. He said Here's my mama's in shock crying resisting the boy all this
next sentences, all caps well, who should save the day other than the local garbage man out on his daily duties. The man saw my mother and distress and approach. With her in the boy when asked what was wrong the boy quickly jumped in and said that this was a little sister and she was just being difficult, but the guy rich man. All caps again, but garbage man saw past, is less seriously dedication worker sanitation worker. This time. Oh yeah, this is back in the sixties, so they were still call garbage man not entirely how the mom told the story right seriously, this guy, what must have been a clever as fuck, because his response was I'd. Like tribute to whisper your last name into my ear right now, which could seem creepy, but it's not Keziah saving the there that's exactly right. It can't show in every direction at all times, like my brain does, when the boy would only respond with.
Those same as hers I'll and refuse to give up the last name, the garbage man somehow convinced the boy was in, best interests to leave my mother alone right away, and he did the garbage man made sure my mom made it home safely. Does it really safer to trade in eighth grade boy out for an unknown man? Not sure? But in this case he is the heroes liquors. They did. It do not just love. My mom doesn't remember much other than being so scared she literally pester bath, and that her mother showed very little margin and actually making her walk back to school lunch again. What the fuck is this world, however, her respect four garbage man remains to this day and she has been sure to instil the same respect in me as well. You never know when your garbage man or
What did you say? Simulation may become. Europe refers responder. You know that's fucking, true, because it sent his words are out on the street early in the morning and ears. I bet a fuckin happens all the time I bet island Love the show you guys make me look like an idiot as I laugh out loud and how reliable you are, while I'm driving my car, so sexy don't get murdered and be nice to your garbage man. Jackie Jackie, made ass love out loud. That was awesome, good job. Also. I love that it's maybe that's it, people tell those stories in the story, that don't get heard is back then, because children were wandering. Yes, repairs and bad things happened, but also There are people or pay attention. Yet, kind of nice to hear. One story saw the people who didn't get murder yeah a hundred murder, a hundred reset, This one's called that time and escaped murderer got loose in our town, both human and non human acquaintances. Have I got a story for you
when I was a software in high school, we got put unlocked, it turns out that convicted murderer broke out of a vehicle that was transporting him from prison to an airport nearby. That's the movie, the fugitive, oh shit, the prisoner was Derek Compose E, who was convicted in two thousand and five for assisting them. Staying the murder and then chopping up. Iceland saw us Sylvia and wait Iceland Silver in Massachusetts after the gang was worried. She would cooperate with authorities. I think this is like a hitman thing. Oh yeah, yeah, we're thinking, no good but this was similar to one. You read Member of the girl goes to court with her report, her boyfriend and then yeah word and then that's the thing, but it's not enough. Somehow he unlocked the back of the Van got out of the shackles hopped out and head now.
Rural Kentucky is not equipped to handle the thuggery of an ex mafia, Slash drug gang escapee. We didn't go to school for a few days. Baron attainment was watching the news reporting on new sightings, a shit you not this one guy saw him and thought he was just a really big muskrat question my question. I can't find the clear, but it was incredible. Simum Lithuania can treat that do us after three days they hadn't caught him, so they assumed he was gone and we return to school when they. Did finally catch him. He was stand on my end dentures office before they had open. It was literally across the street from my high school allow check the computer. He was on the office and his history consisted of Google maps and porn state. Exit and don't do a rural town near an airport. Nicole, a. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they may
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This last one is actually, if you all remember from it is not long ago. I don't think that last week's Ireland show that while the live show we posting Dhabi last week I did the sterling battened strangler, which is also known as billion the bowl right. So we got an email subject line billion the bull from on Bobby Ahern, who I talk, a Ahern as corrected on the pronunciation of that it talks about him because I learned most of the story of billion the ball in the stony about strangler from this guy, who just stories. He tells local Dublin stories on a video series on Youtube unease at charming, lovely man,
here's the email I care in Georgia. This is Bobby Ahern from Dublin because video you excited in your discussion record of this seventh, his fucking accents Sogo rides the best. Will you can look at it? You can look him up ray to Hooker pedestrian like this. You Nazareth Israel, Does this tony batten and stony batter this is why the errand from Dublin, whose video you cited in your discussion of the stony about our strangler, I was very excited when I heard that you have been yapping about that is the perfect word for it, and I really enjoyed finally getting to hear it yesterday. Oh my god, he heard I actually have a book that I wrote about Billy when a ton of other interesting characters from Dublin history. Then he does alive link. But here, if you want to look up his book, I would recommend it he's very interesting. Personally. Talk to do so, but reading his words had begun to its age
T, p S cold way, forwards, watchwords. Large Bobby Ahern would just be a baby. Why a h e r any come forward such my dash book occur, the majority of them are not murders and then, in parentheses, all caps. Sorry, sorry, but I'd love to get a couple copies to you. Yes, as a thank you for the mention, if you think you'd be into that hit me with an address and I'll send em on over smiley, face, cheers Bobby I love you, though, you mentioned on the pike, don't get mad at us. I know also I enemies. About this before I please forget we are going to be released to the public and then all those people like us friends ago ever since you mentioned on the pod gaslight people keep talking about it like tall dinky. When I was, I think, he's gonna come to hollowing show, and then he texted me that I'm like I'm sorry
no memory, what you're talking about, and then he had to tell me what we know this was going to be a thing. We still don't know. What is it the bang on? Who is whether I to get it are wrapped, brains wrapper rather or I would think we're just talking nor friends, because we are not as reference that there's a lot of you. He asked it's best to not really take it. I agree I just, but I am going to stop saying lascivious things about professional investigators. I see on television, that's never happening. I well. I can assure you I think about it. It was a positive outcome. Good point
positive, but embarrassing out. Well, listen! You're, fuckin! Sacrificing yours could also give it all the whole who thinks you listening sender stories to my favorite murder, Gmail. I think it's a good idea if you have garbage man story. Guy sorry, sanitation worker stories, if you're sanitation workers found, I wouldn't know the crazy shit. You found a sensation work. We ve asked for this once before him. Well, I didn't give my needs or it met clurly. I need you to clearly there's no sanitation workers listening to this, because they have fucking hard job and when they had done they don't listen, stupid women. What was it you having a thing, but I would argue- and if you know assimilation, workaday, can make this argument to what better to go along with the grinding noise of of of your dump truck rushing garbage back couple gals with local, far yeah pay a hundred percent in then they might like exactly
if you are using only adding oh thanks for listening, zis, actually murder, and now I m ass, well oh boy,
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