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This week’s hometowns include a home invasion and a bomb squad investigation.

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This is exactly right. You reach. I favour murder by cast Eve reached three two three does not article only fine, let's just see what happens if you have them rise, my phone number Oggie greatly impressed with you will not be cool. Did
I don't know my own fun. I don't think I know your area code ever equal every time out of it by my phone number into like of any kind of alarm that I'm feeling I have to say it out loud and like picture it in my mind, I do Vincent memorize each other's phone numbers way back when just in case of emergency for safety at sea, each others too. Ok so case members of my money or memorize it better. If it's on the show- and I hope that I can just listen data whenever this is my very verge our we talk about phone overs cages, but seriously Stephen give it your phone number on their going out, and you do you do it for everyone. Perfect, dinosaur, dinosaur, hot, like one of his empire gas, p B, average of people just reciting. There found the has Linda, very, whose great comic book, artists and writer
look I'd, writing class of hers and she does this exercise giving sample of hell if you draw memory, if you write about memories from your childhood, there much richer than adult, and then she has here's an example. What's your first phone number and no it immediately right, everyone sort, smiling and giggling. Everybody can recite the first phone number and I should like ok habit to phone numbers ago. Even no fucking clue is who cares by that point in living dead inside you just don't care. A phone is an exciting anywhere from six to three two to one hundred lives, one five, eight, nine, ok, yes, let's, talk and think about hometown murder, and yet, let's really focus on what we are bringing to the people this week, which is their own story. Just learn the people, the people. Do you ever offended and I go first all the time I could not
a single issue. If I drive you get event that you got we're not care about this paragraph, the right yeah. No, I always just do it. It's feels like it was minors line, I'm not holding the papers. You're, not setting you to go up early, puts her stuff aside. I take it as a silent q. The subject matter of this is my mom would probably get arrested. If she did this today, I love it. Half a m: hey Emma Thumb found when I was a teenager, I was obsessive scary movies and my mom loved Halloween. My birthday is in October, so on my thirteenth or fourteenth birthday, I decided to have a sleep over where we plan to watch a scary movie and just hang out when my friends, I had settled indoors psycho in the living room. My mom left us there to go pick.
Pizza, I know what she's going to fall set the scene, my parents living room, was a big open space at a huge glass door out to the deck in one direction connected to the kitchen in another direction and the failure in the front door the other way a while after my mom left as we watch the movie in the dark, a large man being began pounding on the back door. He was standing on the deck looking and we of course jumped up and began running in all directions and began screaming like you're, probably thinking oh no than they owe them, they called nine one one. No, we why I dont know other than to say the teenagers are really fucking stupid, sometimes just as we began to calm down and try to figure out what to do a pounding came from the front door as of toward the door again, why you stupid stupid girl the same,
large man stuck his hand in the door and began waving it around yelling, something I don't remember now I slammed the door closed and locked it just moments later and mind you. We were still running around screaming and not calling. I won one. We heard the garage door open and my mom walked in, as we hysterically tried to tell her what happened. She's not to believe us holding it together only for a few moments and then dissolved into laughter. That's right! oh mother recruited our neighbour down the street, to stage a mother fucking break them just to scare us. Can you imagine if should pulled that shit today she get arrested or at the very least, child services would be called, like surprisingly, I've no lasting damage from this incident, and it did go down as a great sleep over according to my private mega thanks so much for everything. The dunes, crazy, awesome, community Vive created because I'm a thumb, I've met a group of women who are helping me achieve my wildest crazies dream of writing a book. Ass e g m K. That's awesome!
that's so rob. I keep thinking about like what. If they grab a knife, I would have stab at that hand, I mean it is the worst it so the worst idea. It's the worst idea an end at this type that's like, and I can't remember, Virgil, destroy or not. My crazy friend Brian, who I used to work at the gap left who one time told me a story that he thought was really funny where he broke into his friends house wearing. A pantyhose on his days now with a knife in his hand now crawled into hers. It her kitchen window, a female yes and she kicked him in the ball and beat the shit out of them, and then he got really mad at her and when she and then she was like I'm not hug, you anymore, he's like one. I thought it was funny, oh my god, what an asshole, but he loves Maria really hilarious. He he does. I was like when he told me sorry I was laughing, but I was like brain. What is wrong with you. You're you're such like
uh. I don't understand why that is the scary as possible. They re and where this personal and never want to speak to you, and rightly so,
oh Brian's, Brian also imagining a thirteen year old. You have to hate them so much at that point that you just want to talk with them so good for them. On yes, sheep, like unhesitatingly sanity left, let me get you give your perspective. All the things you. We are black, crying and pouting about around the house. Here, let's give you a little girls hideous reality. Army gave you doubt Zeppa reality together, pizza, the actual fact give pizza. You know your mama's bullshitting you if she goes to pick up a pizza in this area from nineteen. Seventy nine on whenever they invented by giving our people have no other, goes to pick a p. There's! No such thing. Why take Canada? Let's take out yeah, take out pizza, take out any food? Ok, we're done when we're done. I can't even nearer this cause. It's funny. Ok, it's as to reveal ok, it's a bit of arriving as Erika Pillow Ladys Stephen pets.
A third and woods has always had to say back to you today is clearly the elders Zuma, like conversationally idea that I just heard two new ones: that really does. He gets all over his face, longs to be a part of it all of it. I am an army spouts living in Germany, in Elvis his interim account just got you a hundred thousand dollars today, regulations Elvis really proud of themselves: the ensuing earthquake, clap yeah. That's all I've ever wanted as further cuts to be famous and he's there than merrier, army spouse living in Germany. You shall gets me through every time my husband is away or station in bomb holder funny
whence it and Geoffrey Dahmer is actually stationed at the same base and lived in the barracks here. Oh apparently he didn't, while he didn't commit any murders that we know what he did sexually assaulted his roommate and maybe a few others. Jesus had too much wine at an Easter dinner. We hosted with friends. We were still getting to know recently. I a hundred percent ever shared information about him and totally free everyone out, I also reveals my neighbours that I thought our neighbor was Bradford Bishop.
A convinced he is and talked about murder at my son's preferred birthday party. Mrs just before casually said about my son yeah. He was sorry left this morning, but I think he's fine. Now, having already served my neighbors cake, which my son spread spittle over while blowing his candles out, I really need to weigh up the line. Anyway. We ve had a whole new areas story. We just stuff I've fucked up this right, tell us how you ve horrified your neighbours or tell us and neighbour stories that unless it anyways my stories for a few years back when we were living in Richmond Hill Georgia, my husband was boot deployed to Afghanistan. We lived in a one story house in my dog Taylor, and I were asleep in the back bedroom. I too am Caleb started barking frantically, the hair on the back of her next at she ran to the living room, freak the fuck out and ran back to me and stood in front of me like she was trying to protect me. I could hear
just coming from the front door. Naturally, the first person I called was, as a fully grown adult woman, was my mom. My family was vacationing in a lodge in North Carolina and my mom at a stand in a corner of a room to hear me because the reception was so bad. She advised me to call the police, which I did
This situation, the operator, has very understanding and state online with me. Until the officers arrived at the door, I opened my front door to two officers: shining mag light on my chubby cat Phoebe Phoebe had a habit of looking up our glass stormed or at the moths on our porch. For some reason. That night I didn't notice or and shut my front door wedging her between stormed or on the front. Porch irreversible sack there for several hours before she for Asia and try to move herself. It must have been quite the site for the cops when cop is very concerned about her. Well being the other is clearly very annoyed me. She was totally find. I try to smuggle her, but she swatted me away as she is fiercely private and, I think, was a little embarrassing Jia, SSC Gm Alyssa, PS, here's a picture of Kalen Phoebe, that's lariat! There is nothing scarier than a dog barking in the mills, and yet it is that's it that
the time George did that the first time she there they are there there's Phoebe their cuddling, its friends. That's the sea to think of every the cats. Then another coddling are the cat is trying to smother the dog and it s not. Our sleeping about still looks like fun, fun, pet friends, tat. Get mouth, watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make. Looking at home son, easy and afforded
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local universities campus. Have you ever heard of a laboratory school? No, they must, I wasn't doing stuff in the laboratory: smart cards, probable as Marty's p homework style cancer, yeah how'd. You do hallmarks thunder I figured it out. I couldn't do it now now, You never know congratulations. All you laboratories, school kids that could do homer. The school was built back in an hour. Nineteen twenties so much for teachers. Dismay students were often discover some of the buildings old quirks like this. Good entrances to the universities underground tunnel system. What a serious passageways hidden beneath there are behind gates at a other than the occasional discovery or passed down, met the school
just about as boring as any other, except for that is a laboratory school. Until one morning we got a weird PA announcement that we were to evacuate the school immediately. There were no fire alarms and the teachers ushered us into another campus building. So immediately tipped off that something weird is going on, and then the bomb squad showed it turns out that one of teachers as cleaning out an old unorganized chemical closet. When they crystal crystallized, picric acid in parentheses, tee and p, or her dilute the ets. I didn't go to elapse colossal you're, not explaining to Anti I've, never heard of picric ass it in my own that that the estimated had been sitting there for over fifty years with no one knowing about it. The night before
my favorite, timid science teacher, was dragged into the situation to help identify the substance, so she filled me and the next day. I definitely knocked out of studying science but improved, but from what she explained. Picric ass. Was an explosive that was used in bombs and grenades and world more one, but was later replaced by tee. And tea, which was less powerful but safer to manufacture eggs in its liquid state, its apparently safe enough to let high schoolers experiment with no but basically wants its crystallized, can explode from rapid heating, a big enough impact or reacting with metal, and the teacher from the fifties that took the sucker away. You guess put a metal lead on the container. The teachers called the university in the proper channels that night, but apparently it was to let us come to school the next day, all the professionals came in check it out down the hall. Luckily, the bomb squad got it out. Ve police system from the second story window and no one was injured, but just a
but of attending school for over ten years old, where there was a bomb in the upstairs closet gives me the chills any stay sexy in clean out your damn closet, Lizzie I safety lesson for today put your pic brick acid, with metal picric ass, an asset the guidelines. I like it. You never know tell me, tell me things: okay, this one's called well Which, when the red area this one's call. I laughed at my home invaders too. Oh hello, Georgia and Karen and company. Listen to episode one hundred and twenty four here in Georgia as soon as she laughs. If she were going about her business in her home and saw an intruder, I thought hey. I did that tell you the story that how I woke up, I woke up sexy and somehow didn't get murdered. One night and
three hundred and fifty one I was when I lived with a few roommates in Pittsburgh. I woke up to a man telling me to get the fuck up now. I was very soundly sleeping commando and an in an it, don't ask why I don't know air it out girl sure I was very confused and figured. It was one of my roommates drunk friends, coming harassed me to wake up and drink. I politely told them to fuck off and get out of my room at which point they started shouting at me to give them my phone and tell me where the money is all well. I have a gun to my head, swear. Things started camera clear, oh shit, I was being robbed. I don't know came over me. Maybe it was the fact that I had no wonder on and I was terrified of being raped, but I started cursing at these mast. Intruders and I gave my phone I laughed in. There face when they asked where the money is, because I was twenty five living with for other people and completely broken. They had my three roommates face down on a bed on the lower floor. I hadn't attic room, Attic room
and they were trying to get me to come with them. So I would be with the rest of them In total, there were four intruders. Took three of them. To get me five, three hundred and twenty five pounds to come downstairs. I demanded that I grabbed a hoodie. The wrapper only waste that I knew I had a stab cat in it just in case they got physical wow. I got so brave question They forced me down the steps, while yelled at them not to hurt my cat just lying there next to my bed, totally job for the next twenty minutes or so, therefore, then took turns laughing pushing guns and our heads and our backs while they ransacked our home. I continue to call them stupid, Eddie, it's fucking, asshole, pieces of shit, etc. My begged me to shut up yeah, you should have shut. I shudder. That's insane went on our came over me, I'm the kindest peace.
Was peaceful person in every situation, but I guess my fright or flight kicked him yeah to wrap things up. The dews left. My one roommate found someone on Skype to call the cops I throw and clothes and ran to the gas station to fund the cops too, but it having got back the cops were there, they didn't catch anyone that night and the next Aren't you pm? One of the eighty robbers came back for my roommates car and sped off with it. Luckily, my friend was there with a cell phone, so I could call the cops immediately. They got there but the Robber Bailum Rand, our former inmates left the house immediately after the robbery. However, I stuck around and check the locks on every single door and window a few times at night. For a few weeks. You know the usual After a few years of therapy and sweet medication, I am finally ready to move into my own studio apartment next month and it helps to have a dog now barks at literally anything. Yes, thanks for all you do and helping Ladys like me to stay sexy and knock at murdered. Lava Amanda WA,
Well, yes, she was it. She was in a mode where she was just like her mouth was going yeah. She was that was her panic thing. Plucky yeah of fighting That is not one! Nothing! There's a gun at your! Had no three people with guns. No, no! No! She got lucky That shit, it can live alone. Now, they're gets that's really hard thing. I think the dog thing is essential. Dancer but I mean whether it's a fat cats stuck in a doorway for a true killer. They will let you know, Elvis you'll, never done anything or frank where he just sometimes barks at the ceiling. Ok is here on single is probably being a big did. I tell you the horrible story about Frank barking, and I was like shut up. A nice was yelling at em cause you never normally barks in, like moral laying down in the tv room. Chill around No, he
gave to p o w camp. How, since there have been a whole mess of world war, two series? Lately I figure I might as well through my grandmother, was lying on the floor. Because barking as he wanted to go Likud and lay on it- and I know when I worked in a room at all- the lights were out I'd been gone all day, so it just like you know. I didn't like I liked the light on an inspector anything. So I never saw the bird Like hugging George night. His word guy touched both of those damn. Damn I mean they will also discuss francs. I guess that's my back and bird next time. Frank does just were illegal, like consistent barking, I'm in a pay attention to him because it with zero per se and also just like birds I guess where she was digging. A guard was walking the perimeter of the fence back and forth to keep an eye on goddamn lollipop migrants
escaped appeal: W camp wow since there have been a whole mess of world war, two series. Lately I figure I might as well there my grandmother story into the ring. Do it my own Europe in Yugoslavia on a farm with their parents who are race in Germany and relocated. Before my grandmother was born. They stayed in Yugoslavia until the war broke out. Russian soldiers eventually overtook the village. They lived in an ripped, my grandmother and our parents from their home and put them in a prisoner of war camp everywhere or if camp for several months. My around was alone no been separated from her father and mother and had been killed, separated from her father and her mother had been killed by one of the guards. She said one day that just happened to be her birthday, her thirteenth birthday. She was digging in the dirt near one, the border gates, trying to pass the time. I guess where she was digging a guard, was walking the perimeter of the fence back and forth to keep an eye on her and anyone else's with within close proximity. She said that She continued to dig. She noticed that at one point, the guy
it turned his back to her and kept walking in the opposite direction, and live turning around. He just kept on walking away from my alma thinking she got up and walked over to the fence, slid her skinny malnourished body through the bars and ran my the camp was in the middle of nowhere. There weren't any trees and the nearest town was miles away to this day. She doesn't know if the guard saw her and spared her life or, if you just never turned back around. She had no idea how how no one saw her since there is nowhere for her hide she just Kept running until she ended up in the nearest town where she stayed with a distant relative after the war, she was reunited, whether father met my grandfather and they all eventually moved a Michigan. I'm twenty six and I haven't heard the story until recently, my and asked my alma how she got out of the camp and my alma looked at her and very matter of fact. They said I slip through the bars. I thought:
It was getting started laughing immediately felt like an asshole. When I realized she was serious. I should have known that woman as strong as she is, would mean to escape from such a horrible situation in such a bad, ass way, donation, a quiet life reading, her german novels nagging my grandfather and feeding everyone, Schnitzel say sexy and hug. Your Omer Rachel is met. The bat like well illegal should analyse and get it that's a giddy low, and I am- and I was depressing so it's not ok zone for next week, not lessen, will kick it off, look and listen to our next God, that's beautiful! I mean at this point. I think we might need to start calling them any sites like just random stories that you decide. We should hear and re guys it's everything crazy shit that found in your laboratory school teacher.
The abbot, astern email, explaining laboratory school network. How about yeah? I, like crazy, old, fine, binding, crazy old things, yeah stories those are going yeah. I think the razor blade and medicine cabinet call is, like legend changed. My life, legendary and its to this day we still get photos of still get letters will cause it's the kind of thing PETE. Nobody sees it and I see it and then they go holy shit. There's one in my medicine can we need to tell the new group of listeners that there's a little you dont know this, but if you look at your old medicine, cabin and there's a little slit that says like it's, for you to put your men to put their own razor blades and there but all they're doing is dropping them into the wall gap in all that DNA, it's so nineteen! Thirty two! It is little carver get dna evidence on someone like from those
Well. If your dna is evident, pulled off a razor blade, that's a wall! Please send me an email and tell us all about how you are in jail because some contractors or knock down the wall or you're razor or whatever you now we'll take any story yeah. Some version of that's right. Thanks for listening, you so assented to my favorite murder. Gino. Yes, as they suddenly and don't get rid of us want cookie wow ass. The boy
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