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2018-07-02 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a neighborhood intruder and a sinkhole/cult combo.

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This is exactly right. What kind of my favorite manner more many episode, MRS, a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny episodes of baby of our very warm it's a little tiny babies and get you shrew Monday. Do you like Monday's Georgia? hey you, though, My feelings towards time doesn't exist, says the privileged None Non office working person that was so privileged. I mean look, we're we're quite privileged and the fact that I never
what fucking dead and I can be half an hour late for everything I do, because no one can fire mean typically Monday's Arthur best. Right entire from the week trying to get back on. That you know no more carbs yeah. It's always me on Monday, but now for real, no more, no more carbine is now for real, I'm going to start taking my vitamins and now for real, I'm, not I'm not drinking every Monday now never happens, I mean, but this This is what we do. We we need to reset every day as a new beginning. Her every Monday is a new life waiting to happen. Take your vitamins, stopping carbs! Please we're just gonna go light on carbs year, less carbs a normal. They recently had some thing come out to say that, like pacifism for you here again. You just can't trust anything fanny. I think with this I read that sounds like here,
just don't just serving in moderation dummy. It's just like everything you have it easy for you to say article right to tell me to eat, spaghetti and moderation area. What feels better than shoving a shit tunnel spaghetti in your mouth all at once, until you almost shouted and it's like covered and path and fuck and cheese and stock. Is that how you do yours, Haliae? That's how I do my butter and farm butter, Parma Tunnel pepper, it's called cowed, be Pip whoever! Well it's like a thing. That's a pepper thing like it's, a pepper movement! Is it a pepper tran? It's a pepper! It's like you know, just a ton of pepper in Parliament butter, pasta, see I'm a hundred percent behind that exact max, let's go eat it and if you can end, if you can make it that cheap parmesan cheese, it's probably not real from cry hate, thins Cosette, shake ici shit. The shining urgent is, I think, that's what they call it asked shaker do because you just shake it out of the thing hell yeah. That's like I'm a girl. Oh I'm
thousand percent that girl, my mom was very there like real parliament on, like graded, over, like fresh possible and real maple syrup, and wit, Vincent Buckets, shaker cheese and, like the log out loud. No, my mom was real butter. Real manages anytime miracle. It became into the equation she would. She had like one woman show about how much he hated Marilla lovers and we never had an it was like the dairy based. Things are always had to be real, but then she was the queen of lake minute rice and frozen corn in our dinner. I love it. I detail the first like time than ever cooked for me when Erlich dating
was he made me- I'm shaken bake, like my like Midwest guys, yeah with the actual. They know it's important, who feeding you haven't just a night. Let it would if you brought your hottest, I'm not going to take you. Here's a casserole free to keep for yourself hundred percent. If I never that keep for yourself, you can eat this at any time. I don't have to be involved. They tell our next day in the early, it's like you're playing funeral eleven eager for so weary Jirsa area. Here we go, you know that I say I feel, are ok, these subjects line of this email as I should have gone Bowling- hey homepage,
perhaps, whereas around thirteen I was hanging out with my two with two girls that lived in my neighborhood and we're outside. Laying on my trampoline chatting with each other on a hot summer night, those I felt so good. My parents had tried to get me to go bowling with them, but being as I was thirteen and to call to hang out with them, I in parentheses- probably not so politely declines, aways. It was around eight or nine at night dark outside and nobody whose home it's the perfect beginning. While we are chatting, we noticed a white man up outside my house and park, but nobody get out of the van it just sat there for better half an hour with the drivers still inside engine off, we were a little crept out,
but not enough to go inside after a while. The driver got out of the car. It was a man in all black clothing with a hoodie on and he had the hood over his head and was facing the ground. So we can see his face. He started briskly walking into my arms still looking around and walking right toward us at this point. We were definitely freaked out and we hopped off the trampling around onto my back deck to go inside as we reach the back door. The man walked up the stairs on the other side of the deck and was a few feet away from us, as we realise that my asshole parents had locked us out when they went boldly Asia. At this point, the man was still coming towards us and we sprinted off the deck and ran straight to one of the other girls houses. Only to find that nobody was hung are either do labour. Her parents had lock the doors thinking she was safe. At my house, the
A friend live two streets away. We had to pass by the Van to get there, so we creep through a few yards and saw that the van was still there when we add to the other girls house, thankfully her mama's home. Unfortunately, though, she laughed off our paranoia and wouldn't let us come inside because it was a beautiful night asshole. So we hung out that was in the email, so we hung out on the girls from ports for a while until I figured my parents are beyond, and I decided to walk back when I got there breaking into their how? Oh yes, any number of that yet lamas should be arrested. When I got there, the van was gone and in its place where several police car really mom, who were saying say outside its. If she's gonna have to live that down for the rest of your life as it turns out
this guy had gone on to everyone's tax in the five backyards that all faced, each other had turned on the gas, girls and all, and let the police said that there was enough gas in the area at that point that if somebody had lit a cigarette nearby, there would have been an explosion to my knowledge they ve never caught the guy or found out why he did it. But, needless to say, I spent a lot of time with my parents that summer, because I sure, as Hell, wasn't staying home alone or less danger, I M s. J again. I am appearance, don't believe kids in their share. I'm just psych Eve.
You have no one to blame, but yourself well also just feels like its that's a remnant of another time or, first of all. What parent, in this day and age is like stay outside pass darling, don't come inside a gorgeous night outside. Like that's, that's all I get said there ten year olds, don't make up strange man stories, that's like an eight year old, maybe true, and what would be a meal? It's not like they're, saying a crazy man is outside. Can you please by us something they just want to get inside, bowed his courtesy? Ok, let's do this. One is called. I scanned a serial killer, ok, pillow! All I work as a see tee technologist in a hospital and over the years I've had to do scans on numerous inmates from jail, slash prison after I finish their exam. I always do a Google churches to see why they are incarcerated, which is not always such a good idea and always creeps me out how the most polite well behaved. Ones are usually not always the ones in jail for rape murder. Yes, any who, as you about, I, was working the night shift when a name popped up on my work list for a patient in the yard. I grabbed a questionnaire. We filled out for all patients before unexamined started to fill it out. When my coworker happened to look over my shoulder and yelled holy shit. Do you know that is the names
what familiar to me and when inmates company ear- I don't, I don't know their inmates and I welcome the room and see them in a jump suit, surrounded by prison guards. So my coworker proceeds to tell me that he's a serial killer and his murder spree span fifteen years and seven states such being a murdering, a mediately Gould, his name and sure enough. It was him and then, as as due to help allows, I can't say his name, real or Syria, all which is a clear I think or where I work, because I could lose my job slash, licence and a girl has got to eat yet. But that means he has hit US serial killer, nickname, like think he's, giving us a clear he's: Wellman he serving two consecutive life sentences in a prison about ninety miles from a hospital so arm with this knowledge about sixty percent excited to do his skin and forty percent scared shitless. Of course, when I go to get him he's accompanied by chew on prison guards intact, you much what was polite and followed my instructions and everything would normally. I checked
desperately to act like I didn't know who he was or what he had done, but I felt like there was a giant linking red neon. I don't know I put the word red it's not there. I just saw that so easy, bliant blinking me on sign over my head. That said, I know what you did and I had about a million questions to ask to prison guards, but I figured I needed to act like a professional and damn near bit my tongue and have trying not to pepper them with question after question once it was all done an over, and I had that feeling of holy fuck? Did that just really happen? We're off my next? That was a need. Email, Karen and Georgia, and tell them about this- hopefully guys get a kick out of the story, because no one else, I told seem six excited ass. I was about it thinks you're doing such an awesome pike ass. Getting an alert I may find that there is a new episode available is the highlight of my day, keep kicking ass, SSC, Gm J C, o man where the first
comes into people's mine when they hear anything about a serial killer? God bless. You know that actually makes me think of as somebody there was a story from like a month or a couple weeks ago. Did you hear that story about that two women or to people I shouldn't sites that was excess actually to people who worked at the hall. But all in either Auburn or Sacramento access the golden stay killers, medical history and they both got fired here? Thank you shut down. None. Are you can't do that stupid? It's literally against the liar. You can't you are not allowed to do that. It's not smart, but I was like. Why would you do it where they work in areas like the summer that such a dumb
and then it just like what you say. You know he's allergic to penicillin. There's no benefits out like that can have a lower back tattoo. That says, I'm fuckin serial killer earlier. I buried a bunch of other bodies up in Auburn that you need to find out. If only that to you know that popular tat to get everyone gets the really long NEA it's a flash art that you just pick off the wall Bumblebee or should I learned the bodies are burying thumb, ok, ready for this, I'm always subject: Dinas sink hold tried to take my baby and avoiding cult Ivan No grading! What's our I love you? Don't you go and I've been meaning to send in my simple story and was spark to pause catching up on the latest episodes. After hearing you mentioned the garbage eating cold, I met them Laurie. I was catching up because I spent two weeks in the woods and listening to Emma Famine, the woods the scariest, fuck and- and I know
I shouldn't have even been in the woods in the first place, rounded by dusty white people. Look, but I need my nature therapy onto the stories about my called story. When I was doing my second attempt to college, a group of friends invited me to a free dinner, fucking red flag, flying no, there there's no such thing as free dinner launch. Our breakfast only sees me talking. I e mail with, and also
it's every coltan, the worlds and religion is like come to where yes, sir, spaghetti dinner, come nor spaghetti dinner, shaky cheese, spaghetti dinner, I'll, be there in one. Second, if I was like twenty three: that's how they get you, ok, so we're back in the email. Now when we got there, it was packed with people and they were serving up typical, Midwest hot dish, a vision and meet option wire. Remember this! Who knows right away! I got really word vibes from this dude who would organise the meal and had his little crew with him. They started talking Jesus stuff and how all the food was free from the dumpster. Oh, my god, that's not what you want.
I later out of their fast because of bad vibes, gross dumpster hot dish, and I was so over Jesus. I ve no idea it was a cold recruitment. Until I heard your episode, I dont know if anybody from school officially join them, but I know that they held a number of dinners and a few of my friends really got into going to them. I feel like my school was too into partying hard to join their cold, but I do know people really got into the idea of dumpster diving, frequently not paying rent by squatting all over town and kept that's how they get ya. Think glamorous life sheila. Now it's we're back. My second sink, my simple story. Sorry, there's! No! Second, a few
After my first daughter was born. We had to go to a midwife checkup appointment. We were broken, fuck, dynamic car soon, the debt of summer. I d walk with my new baby, a mile to the bus. Stop when the bus finally came. I was dying for some bus air conditioning, but a guy got off through the front door. Halting my entrance- and I remember thinking, dude you supposed to get off the backdoor there's a system here, but being a typical, mid wessner. I said nothing and just shamed him in my mark, anyway, after he had gotten off the bus we stepped on an heard allowed crash behind us. We turned around and the sink hole where we were just standing over this
and while we were just standing, was gone and so was the do. A single had opened up and swallowed him. The bus driver, radioed nine one one or whoever told them what happened. Someone on the bus was like back up the basic it open wider at it, and I was like get me in my new baby off this bus. We all got off the buzz and could hear the man screaming and the sound of water rushing to fill the whole. We tried De L at him that help was on the way, but he couldn't hear us and just kept screaming. It was also unsettling to say the least. Emergency services finally showed up and was able to get him out. He was all bloody but able to walk and was taken away in an ambulance like a jerk. I can't help but think if he had just follow the rules, maybe you wouldn't have ended up a mental. My mom later said that if we had been the ones that ended up in the whole, we would be rich for settlement. I was just getting back. I have examined the rioting. I guess that's where I get my AOL ideas. Why? That's right? It's usually hereditary hope. You, like my non murder and everybody lives stories. Lastly, I just want to say thank you for bringing to attention your struggles, mental health addiction, eating staffing cetera. It feels like healing, also thank you for talking about, what's happening to native american indigenous women, people in this country and Canada being a member of the community and working for it for a number of years. I unfortunately have more than one story of someone I know who was murdered. I dont think I will ever be able to write those stories in an email, but I am grateful that you too have helped give voice to the victims. It feels kind of awkward to send a fan grow letter, but I love you guys so much ass, a stadium Tessa that was a lovely lovely emails as early, I feel like we have to get really quickly give credit to the Pike S missing and murdered because they are the ones who do an incredible work on the indigenous people and yes, the sixty sweet man that turns out with it
You ever listen, I'm missing, murdered this man ordered and worth it, because we did talk about wind river, but that I re others that is like based on the fact that indignant indigenous women get murdered and there on a re, crazy rate, and none of them gets all. Yet no one works on them and none of them gets off so yeah. We could definitely be doing more and we we ve, barely done what like lots of other pod castle done by as long as everyone talks about it. Yet we cannot talk about it together. Thanks Tessa. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make. Looking at home, son, easy and afforded
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Depressingly theory that this list is called hometown sort of Charlie Manson thought Hydrogen Karen. I become a recent marina because a friend Tommy you guys do hometown murders were people. Their personal stories in maybe thinking about, why became a true crime lever and all stems back to my family murder a king, Charlie Manson, so I decided to listen you guys as about a month ago, and I started from episode one I wanted to delve into your world after I left him knowing I was a descendant of a victim of a sick, hippy fantasy. I can't
it with you more than his weirdo crimes, don't deserve as much attention as he pine for his whole life. I even had a stupid and then says and broadly sparkling, can wine moment of breaking down crying when he died, because I thought such a cowardly human died in such a cowardly way. But after listening to your story of my long asked commits an ally, I wanted to tell a different side of the story. Leno and Rosemary Labianca came from a well to do a telling family. They were given lots of opportunities and had very lovely allay circle of friends and family. My grandmother is allow Bianca and her son. My father often was often baby sat and very close with his cousins Rosemary Leno. They were living the dream, however, their murder does not define who they were. It was random, awful painful, shocking and something this family would never truly recover from is often forgotten when compared to share and Tate. After all, she was an icon, star, beauty and all around wonderful person. We can never take away from her from her murder and what her family endoored, but I do hope we don't forget that other members of another family continue to suffer from this hippy atrocity. I still live with artifacts from the murder. How's Unwarily drive that fateful nineteen sixty nine evening, and I know when I remember that asshole who did what he did, but I do want to remember my cousins, who didn't get choose their fate, who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. The lobby anchor family suffered and continues to suffer with the feeling that ran immigration is inevitable, but I hope to just bring a voice to these victims. I call my family and continue fighting for all victims and their families who are looking for answers. I appreciate my Eminem anonymity. Instead,
sexy, don't get murdered, em. It's so true. I will say this just from my perspective
as I read Helter skelter way to Young miss the Labianca murders are very prominent in my mind. I Spinelli and I understand what they mean, that there is like that's the gross part about the true crime is the fame element and there any time they can anytime, like the meteor will or any of us. If you pull a good story through that's the thing that that goes first and foremost, but I remember when I read helter skelter it, it really does strike you how horror, finally, random and tragic it is that they just lived along the way. It was just like this thing where it was just this like older, happy couple who live dino right near us. Yes in this just over the hills and yes, a random and and and terrible and terrifying, and yet so that's a great point yeah, but that's that was beautifully written in a like the perfect thing of legs, but these are victims too but like, but I want them not to be thought of as this way, but I do want people to know how fucked up you know it made up of Emily and yeah a lot of good points there, yeah yeah! Thank you for writing. Yes, I've, a positive one, but not a positive and ever funny. When we can look. I don't do that.
I should tell you that I gotta tell you at the title in its Mimi Elvis Stephen Georgia and Karen that's new, ensure Oh? I guess this is before daddy
they really picked and Jews who they were going to mention daddy and Frank, endured out by alike. Since, as you know, I never really had a good murder story to share, except my mom's friend was just recently on the prosecuting team for the huge, highly Bobo case in Tennessee. Look it up! If you don't know it says that as soon as you said, she sent in stories of an awkward time, you ve shared a story in a group that you regretted. I knew just the thing descended and so a couple years back, I was trying at a new church, ass, a new church group and someone had the best proposal for a weird icebreaker. Question if you could choose a liquid to come out of each point, a finger, progressive, your life and not be lacking creeping disgusting. Awesome question appear you point here in sporting airmail that by laughing with her finger, ok, wait living heroic as I'd know, you're going to say that you can imagine must have some coffee or something boring and safe, like that, Growth and those points to the
It points to the girl who said Gasolene, free gas forever and chop sick. Even the chaff, cigarettes are basically not election, is not a leg and sheep. That's what you're gonna go for. Also gasoline would burn your finger when she would make a lot of money relevant, but either way every answers and was still significantly less awkward than mine. Maybe lip glass me, but not still. Naturally, I wanted one finger to be a steady stream of margarita, considering it was a church thing. I figured I'd, say: diet Coke for one finger having gone towards the end. My slight social anxiety got the best thing in that time. I was waiting and gave me lots of tend to think of a good second liquid. Being the natural freaking goody. Two issues I am I answered really seriously and honestly and came up with this- is all caps. Breast milk.
Momentum, yeah! You heard me right. Breast now. Imagine the group of college age, girls and guys and of course, were strangers to me before I can explain. The reason was because I'd go to Kenya and there are some really and some very undernourished a man and babies who need breast milk to survive. I had already lost the crowd and indeed the total weirdo of the groove. Yet they were right to do that. I am no recovering from that. One of the moral of the story feel free to open up to new people may be only to a certain extent. It burst. Don't take a goofing icebreaker question into a serious, save the world level. If you ever feel like margarita is an appropriate answer, just go ahead and rule out breast milk to things overlaps and fascinating stories. You ve given me in all my friends in architecture school as we were up all night, it's silly areas and for continuing to bind us postgraduate there, S, Sd Gm,
Gee, I mean group message, love YA and Goodbye Polly, an p. Can you to see them please share with us what liquids you guys would choose to come out of each all. Answers accepted Emma them as a safe space. Small share pollyanna you fucking weird. I would rather not all. I answer the clap. Oh ok he's yours! What's hilarious about that, I love the idea that she's, like ok, I've played in this crowd, which I will tell you right now, is always a mistake when you think you need to play like we're, going, Plato crowd wow that you're gonna get it right. Them laugh rather to do anything for this crowd. Yes. Secondly, you
just said milk and oh yeah breasts and specifically chocolate milk, chocolate, milk. You didn't have to name the country, you thought you could go to where people were so poor like everything's, because it was like when you're shooting for the story. This is how it may be good rack. Oh my time there is an incorrect answered about love it. So incredibly answers are more far away. I could think of his candidature for you and I like a riot seamen.
Mean the Marguerite answer. Obviously is obvious one, but I feel like you could do to keep it in that way. You don't have it pre mixed Samuel organizations, and sometimes it is hitting mercury- is his sweet. I make it the wrong kind. Cannot your finger area like I wanted a penniless, your fingers. I always like you scratch or knows me if you're really gas and margarita near dislike, you mix up which ones gash electronic data and you become Sammy hangers, took effect that there is a care in shit and my colleague via if I was already had wait till I get somebody like you're off fucking, weird and perverting here's. My word answer statement and signal understand this: what about tuna juice? So all cats levy a just like leaking at around the alleyway hazardous following you worry and are all cats love you in all people are like Hey Georgia, shabbily Georgia, you shake your hand. Somebody s key line will end it tastes like computer kind. I see the first thing I thought of the recent was laughing sword was like Spiderman sale. I wasn't thinking stuff you drink, I'd, think like well shoot at people. Vassili string mean early me and I'm gonna do with some just like a very high pressure holes like the car wash the link that we're like it would almost be like having again, but it's just water. So let me think anybody. Our friend John Array has that story of how, when he was a little kid, there are playing super soaker and he thought to be really funny like labour clothing, dire diet and dire pleasant, and then he thought of you really funny to boiling hot water in his and shot is she's,
yeah, that's the story of how awful he was that doesn't Jonah eyes. They sculled my interview, doing like her and the kids like. Oh no, this bird, so not how water, no hot water pot water. If you had a nice room, temp yonder t pressure, you can wash your car make someone stand back, you can eat up a pool, and it's too, as you could also give thirsty. Cats might like you if you're still in that cat thing, with lotion counters that knowledge with a clear lotions from here, that's a liquid and he's sorry. We do there lotion Stena. Every answer is like leaves we're stereo people psyches, that you don't you're all innocent like milk and then it's like you here, looking right, you're, gonna, smelly, Grattan, Melville Time, you're so grow lube. Massively aid like something is innocent is Lou. Ok hold on. I love icebreaker, question area. I love this shit b. I love answers and I love we need play. Would you?
Basely, would you rather like, but it was. We call the desire that and so be like flying and invisibility and everyone who give their answer and then everyone start attacking everybody on how their anthrax wrong who's got the wrong one. What do you think you can live and even in words like the friends that I had that said invisibility I was like. Ok, you just maistly admitted your personal tragedy, your untrustworthy, my diary here Sneaky P and you and your giving up tying totally so that you can say fuck inspire people weasel everyone send us your favorite, likewise bracelet, P, o box and doesn't icebreaker questions or when you're icebreaker share has gone very better. You did like a terrible first impression, guys guys what if that's picture. The picture I have is like, when you start applying like that, you think it's gonna be so mine eyes. What is your ok and then maybe we can make a list of those who, like us, are not lost or issues tennis like.
Your question gathered so good. Also flying or invisibility. Obviously flying now, I'm not gonna, say I wasn't, as ability would tell you that such a set up civil- I mean it's just so much more fun. Flying is the greatest American you're, the greatest american everything. I think my honest answer for the liquids is iced tea on one finger and lemonade on the other. Can you can have seven or eight when I just look around a poem wearing one and then you can get another one without everyone, because I can't I'm already can do that with my eyes team lemonade, I should like gasoline liquid gold it, but the idea that issue gasoline our finger is grew a greedy, be insane there's no way you don't get cancer from the fumes. You could never smoke again or do whatever your fire. You can have deceived stay away from fire for the rescue. Let you go skiing and people like, let's gather around you like sorry I'll blow up its
First idea, greedy fuckin thing, and I won't have send us your ideas, everything my government or Gmail, thereby o States x and don't get murder. I jumped my line elsewhere, cookie here
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