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MFM Minisode 8

2016-10-11 | 🔗
Karen and Georgia read a selection of your hometown murder emails and dole out a small serving of true crime to get you through your week.

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This is exactly right. You wanna do want. Do you wanna do Podcasting Darwin pockets for now, yes had loved her. This is this is a formal and too many sewed, I'm accepting irritation, Thank you all, my guy or anything. I don't go to the store. I don't have any her do or not wearing shoes online, never mind you guys to welcome to the Minnesota at my. This is my but martyr, Minnesota Fats, its minister, but a smaller in warmer, and this is Karen and that this is already
love story out start and we switch seeds just to change it up for a creativity, hurricane me out, man is it. Is it hard? So far, once I lay back and like completely lounge, I think I'll be cool. Ok, my legs are leg at an angle. Bringing the girl here, you gotta get them up above your head. Do you want to do the first?
unsure, ok, so these are your hometown murders that you can send us, I'm actually doing one from our incredible facebook group, because I read this money. Other items like going out with you, this ok good. So this is dead. L and she says my hometown. Murder is me, or rather would have been me if not for well, let me splain. Oh, my profile pictures mean kindergarten. Nineteen sixty seven in Norway, California, I was a child on the spectrum, for there was a spectrum to be on back then I was just we're Debbie and mostly I was alone or in a crowd of people, and this is still true a fly. One day I headed to a good friends house across the alley we lived in an area. There was a lot of apartment buildings and a few single family homes. To get to my friends apartment, we had to go through the carport. As I approached me and all right, they approached the area. I saw a man with long surfer, hair sitting in his car. I had passed by this car, but something about him made me wary is I got closer.
Open up his passengers passenger door from the inside and gesture. For me to get in as I've looked into the car, I could see he wasn't wearing pants and stick shipped was present and alert. She doesn't mean the car is not Jesus. I ran back to my house where he was screaming for me to come back, and then I told my mom what I saw. Let's just say my mom was not a kind woman and I was slapped for describing a man's peanut. Oh was told to never talk about that again and she blamed me hey. Nineteen sixty yeah. This was back before people understood how humanity work. We talk about law, yeah, let's see and then moving ahead. Three more days, I was again walking and meet a friend on the other side of the same apartment building mean homogenous, like get out of your mom's, like my young child, just described and naked man in a car screening go back.
Outside. That was her. That's her answer. I avoided the carport and, as I made it around the corner, I passed a car park on the road. I didn't see the driver as I got near the door, the car he suddenly sat up, opened the door and grab my arm and started pulling into the car park. I screamed kicked bit hit scratched and Claude my way away from him. Yes, it's girl, a woman walking on the street her motioning, came running, that's right of any drove off what happens like men she's, not mere curled up up up up another mean mom came from across the street me in the vain anyway them in a psycho ward people I'd until my mom, not the second one, because well, you know and being for I couldn't be sexy, except to a fucking purple Wait wait for years Olga Way: she's had six, originally wait, no juice or
What can you imagine our warrior old walking around the street? We know like even a four year old out of a car seat. These days, people nervous much less. Just spoken bye, mom I'm going to go. Take the alley to my friends house I'll, be back later. When I feel like it yeah, I might go bowling, I'm for I got to live my life.
Two years later. He would grab and eight year old off the street and take it as Hollywood apartment and here's where it gets familiar where he raped and beat her badly and then hid. We weed and then would begin his Raby murdering spree until he has finally caught the man. Rod me out collar. Oh yes, on the accounts, I know it's difficult to believing that I was for at the time that I remember this. However, it wasn't until the late nineties my saw headline with his picture and a screen because staring at me from the computer screen was that face from thirty four years ago that I finally have an aim to put with the face. I hadn't even read the article to know what he done, but I knew he was the guy who tried to grab me Twice also ever since this moment, I'm hype, my hyper vigilance is always on highly people. Think it's funny to come up behind me and startled me. It wasn't who so had so. You earned the right to grow up and stay sexy, not getting murdered, made a goddamn hell, yeah she's.
Ronnie Al Qaeda if I'm pronounce out correctly alcohol collar I'll call a cab he's the one that was on the dating game. That is them. That's one of my favorite one that one comes on of all those crimes shows always have towards that. One is a first while he's such a creep yeah over any results, the photographer re. So he go to these like open, call photo shoes at the beach with like women in bikinis. You like, I want to be a model of dogma, big I'm at the dog referred to the camera. Yeah, I'm back to my place. Ex about. As it sounds great, let me grab my four year old child. I wonder how many like how many murders are can be attributed to him that we're never haven't been rate. I mean he's doing shit like that, and I know you went from like California, it's a Florida monster he's he needs to get. We need to go in depth on that guy right now. Let's who gimme oars? Ok, this
one is from Elizabeth and the subject line is Swingers homes, scholars, armadillos and murder. Oh, my hometown, murders that at all she's doing it I'm really I'm from a really small town in Central Louisiana. That is notoriously shit task. Dick. I was school decay through twelve and somehow ended up not being a serial killer, and when I was twenty is one of the members of our home school group died of a gunshot wound. The story went that here outside to shooting armadillo in his back yard, with a fucking rifle and somehow shot himself in the abdomen. According to the nine one, one call sounds fake, but ok, we were alike. Suspicious as fuck, especially It turns out, he was shot twice in the stomach turns the police started investigating the assisted district attorney. Because he was having an affair with the dead deeds. Why why? But it got better because it turns out they were part of a Swingers group in this super tiny town, less than three thousand people and the
even the assistant d got a little too close. The local paper released the sex that we're super grows, long story short without any real explanation. The eighty eight somehow got off without being accused of actual murdered, despite a fuck ton of suspicion, shit and Ikey sex messages and the cases still unsolved. He left behind the guy that got murdered left behind three kids arm in arm Adele, That's just one of my fucking hometown. Martyrs were also home to them, one of the most controversial, controversial death penalty cases, because the guy had an iq below so I want to say this to you. As with what I love you got it. There was no ass, kissing straight to business. Here's what happened it was. Just like she was in a hurry to even send this email. We don't know what town it is in Louisiana. I mean we know at central.
I love everything about this email and she didn't sign it. There's no signature it just like we and I am not spending more time. If you play a maximum time. I like thought over how to end before real best sounds bitchy. But yeah you're, not Catherine Hepburn re. But thank you sound. Like clawing link you yeah, I always right. You changed my life, it's fun! I love about this. I can only for business. Ok, love it. So this other one is also from well ok. So it's also on the Facebook group, which this is another check that survived and I dislike the story alot. Yes, so this is a growing aim. Dale and she says I just want to say that hearing Georgia and Karen say over and over again in my head fact being polite. Just listened her
fruition and apologize later may have saved my life two weeks. Ok, sorry, my sister, I was talking my sisters I drove over here, and my sister was telling me this story the same way, She went on my sister now likes this podcast, which is a miracle. Now she's on Facebook page, but she's a total. What do you call that she'd she never participate. She just like people. Peeping Tom of Facebook page soon tells really late at night and then start writing. I love that In fact, the slayers everyone's, although be one that just like, gets me and I'll be like like, but go I'm sorry it's just that my sister was so excited by this story. Here that she had. Tell me that's why I'm really is. I am too. I think I can track your sisters like slow acceptance of this podcast through the past thirty six episodes, yes, yeah yeah, because it's been like with someone like supply gas. Yet at it like now
I love your book. I now she finally had to get you know what happened is that her best for an Adrian and are all of our friends Audrey everybody started and Carol Craft. Of course, every started. Listening do talk about men. She is like Walmart gonna get left. I got good, yes, get on board for once Laura you ve had forty, goddamn years, yeah blotted out what you should make your sister have do it lip sink. Sounds like you prefer bennets her. She can't she can't listen you an episode until she calls us with based time and as a pat Benatar. Lapsing too should be like now. Another do I'll. Never do it might not right. Ok might have saved my life she weeks ago. Yes, I was getting
MIKE sorry, her name's Dale Dale, but I dont day at a weird. Maybe I don't want it out her. Oh I see and whatever ok I was getting in my car and have a bad feeling about this guy. He was walking toward me on the sidewalk, but not at me. I was parked in a back in english parking. I threw my bag in the passenger side of the door to get out of his line of fire more quickly and walked around with a friend of my car to the driver side door to avoid getting in getting any closer to him and gotten the car immediately locked the door texts at my husband that was on my way home. Don't you
Everyone, dont hex. Why you're sitting in the car we re moody mean so when you getting your car, you should leave we. Yes, maybe I'll take the time yeah. You can text to stop later when you're away from the air over down the street and tax, but don't fucking sitting your car when you like someone who's following you, you now through the car park bullets, and it was yet but I'm so happy for yes, that text at my husband is on the way home got settled in for the drive I pulled foreign and my front right passenger tire thumped over something violently. I almost jumped out of the car to see what I drove over and whether or not it pot my tyre. I decided against it because I heard Georgia and Karen's voices in my head caps and much ascribing and I pulled forward. I decided to write my window down a look back at the past
spot instead, but guess what I saw, the guy I had a bad feeling about was crouching where my passenger door had been home. White guy wasn't turning away from me covering his face with his hands and started to run. He had clearly play something under my tire, so I would get out of the car while it was running and he could either a still my fucking car or be hurt me and throw me my own fucking car to murder me at a creep. Your location, like a goddamn, then in hospital or see a totally murder me and forgot entirely got the car. Needless to say, I sped off in tears. Indeed, I has been examined the car for a jeep. Yes tracker. I was convinced you follow me lucky. Luckily, we didn't find anything so these ladys know. What's up, I maternal ungrateful, oh my god, amazing, that's the best. I'm so proud way to go. This is just like the Radice package most people do not get murder. What should we be doing
What more do you want from us? Like a cooking podcasting, we tell people how to make pie wouldn't like it wouldn't get almost died. What a pirate, but the weird thing is, is that was never the intention. It just stuff that came out of the beast. Where is that you, here over and over, like four year olds, walk into their goddamn France asked which luckily you know human evolution has changed that since nineteen eighty years, Never had happened. You ready for this via this from garret woman murdered with a banjo hometown murder of re holy. Is first of all like to say how much I love you guys in your podcast. Finally, finally, we ask hissing, I'm always looking for if you're right at home running or your voices. A few months ago I made a photo of parents Bob Burgers and wine Bob workers and wine quote an you, reposted, oh yeah, that's that was awesome. I was having a tough
and when I saw that notification pop up on my phone. All my troubles this one away. That's how I feel about twitter. Just that's right! I'm constantly staring at my phone instagram for me is that that's your drug choice. Always I just wanted to send in my hometown murder, along with my favorite murder, that I think you guys would find interesting in my hometown. A woman was murdered, was not one but two banjos lights I'm sorry started kind of laughing at that, but that's it! It's if that was an escaped ivy league. Take that that's crazy. I've never even seen more than one Vander ample much less. So this is West West Milton Ohio. Ninety ninety one Edward Benson, sixty three was a banjo player in a bluegrass band banned on the morning. May twenty? Second nineteen anyone Benson woke up made himself a cup of coffee waited for his wife to get up For thirty. Am his wife, Katy woke up Jesus made herself a cup of coffee.
Enjoyed her. This might be dimity detail leap in every wanna say it now. It's really fun to get up and drink coffee before the sun comes. I love it. Yes, morning during my paper out. Ok Katy drawing her husband at the table there drinking coffee moments later were got up grabbed a banjo and decided to beat his wife half to death with it the banjo broke, so he decided so decided to grab a second one and finish the job after he. Looking with that murder weapon, I don't know So this started so nice. I thought they were destroyed cobbled together. That is, if I win for my wife to get up and now make or break. I wonder if it's like she was super critical of his banjo. Applying the same thing, project yeah
dinner Mariner Mariner Mariner near over and over again she was in the right. I looked like that. I got it a banjo Blair. No, she was just play. This choose a base player in she'd sing and play the same song practices. Besides, I I wish it was. It was the sun Moon, shadows and now fucking when a murder, that's on me Moon shudder by Van Morrison over and over issues, a coconut, whatever the branch go perfume the broke, so he decided to grab a second one finish the job now then gave it they will. They lived in a banjo shop has also who has to besides. Besides the cast a lump of eating away at four thirty in the morning it if they haven't you gonna open a banjo shop at five am because people are beaten down or injure players are fucking early. Risers, ok after
contacted the police. He said his wife was murdered. Then he waited on the front porch for the sheriff to arrive playing the banjo broken one the smash distilleries, that's like protecting into his hands are bleeding. Officer arrived and he confessed to the whole thing. The story made national news were very small town of the majority of the population being senior citizens. If, in my mind, that the The thing we are known for is the banjo murders and the thirty schoolers hospitalized for eating ghost peppers, little room, No, I have so many questions about that, one, I'm so sorry for the woman, a guy called the banjo that's terrible and sad, but then this left turn like a middle scores. Hasp goes peppers are now serious business I'm moving there why
yeah. That was from garret. That was awesome. There was a great well done. There was a great doubles ease cause, there's really fun, murder, not fun, but it was interesting murder, an interesting, the ending hook. Last year. It was amazing also. It was satisfying in that way that he did it see just snapped. Then he admitted it things greatly one went down for his banjo murder. He entreated hot tops or anything link. Yes it all it all kind of went as it is a double banjo martyr could go repeated, sweet woman with just one or two fuckin cup of her husband M, normative p, a moment of silence, kind or shop, This has been our Minnesota population. I hope it's gonna, get you through good luck and stay sexy get murdered by
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