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This week’s hometowns include a cult member roommate and a surprise found in a wall.

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This is exactly right. I welcome hello and we'll go in the many, so many sound of the my favorite motorbike ass. That's not park ass. You listen to wait here. Listening to you right now, it's a short version where we read your stories of your hometown, murders and also bevy of any other things, we find interesting madness, mayhem, grandparent, grandparents, we love grandparents story, that's it! I'm gonna go first, normally go first. I love to go first, you do, let's do it! It's a control, a ship. This subject line of this is my roomy. The money. Some fun hello, Stephen Karen Georgia and assorted pet scrape?
I was listening to one of the old many sides. I heard you guys mentioned the movies. My college roommate and her family were and our moonies or you vacation nests as they prefer to be referred to its religion, culture, religion, lock and straight up call a great, but I find it somewhat wonder if you're like this is my really, I am sure sure I, and if you look, I actually learned a lot about the church. The first couple years of college. Twenty third
and twenty fifty. This has recently because she was, and still is, one of my closest friends. Her parents got married because they were personally quoting what match together by the revenue some young moon, her dad was jewish but ended up. Converting to unification. Ism must have been one of those spaghetti. Dinners Ella well and his parents regularly sent people to try to unburden wash em for the first couple of years, but to no avail, I'm pretty sure they ended up disowning him. One big things in the church is that unmarried. People were not allowed to date, but instead, had you been cage and a quote matching process, this meant you had to decide. You wanted to get married and your parents. The church would work together to find someone who also wanted to get married and they would quota match you and the two rounds low rail day. I, who really does the two of you a day and with the
invitation that you would get married within a year or so I made sure, dared like help the Fucking Ladys. I now we're like saying me the fact: an elite spaghetti and get that for someone. That's all. I have to do that's all I have to do, but here's the thing all you want is your friends them like the best dating option. Is someone saying I'm a friend you're really going to like yes and not enough people fucking do that everyone get on that? It's always you I'm always wrong. It's true, but you'd. Try I try hard. You try with old cold, Miss Havisham overhear. Georgia's always like no have you ever thought about less, or am I I don't think you are doing and how many are perfect person and not a crude oil. It's like that, knowing their jostle extra stories of a dual crush on somebody and I'll just say a damn thing then, shall be like here. Let what can I do if he walked in ok, here's what we're party and then, when Martha, shabbily, really hard earned a clock heads with him, which at first here's my problem when we,
are to do that. I laugh and think it's funny and then, when the party started right, I begin a slow as terrible panic and end up in the furthest back corner and I went and you can feel the heat coming off of Karen cause of her embarrassment it when you mention it. Oh my god, it's the best. I can't I don't understand how people flirt genuinely and earnestly with other people. I ve, never David, someone that I haven't like hit when I met them. Call Turkey I'm in take your last gonna, be you gotta act like pretend you have dropped like conjuror someone I conquered. Cause he's a fucking slutty flower, I love JANET, and I'm just like. What's that, I'm hot you know like: let's talk you have to do is to conjure someone. You know since they deal it. I get because, as we set a million times, my flirting technique is for eyebrow yes and act
Either I didn't hear what they said to me, or I didn't like what they said to me: turn around smock away, I'm from the nineties, identity or unfair that so many guys how crashes on you, because the problem is whether works or not all never never fucking. Nevertheless, one I've been, I fucking locked into our friend Main Ganz. Is birthday party crosses men, get less endeavour, she's ever walked across the room, so fuckin talk, dude and Fuckin Ben Sherman sure it was like. I want to talk to that mother Fucker denying me- and I made it clear that he doesn't remember and that many came over later. I am vents and we just fuckin headed off mediately like yours, you give him the old JANET. I crossed the room southern Young you to come over here. Yes, yes, and they saw me talking to our friends and was like came over. You gotta
and then, when you shake hands, you just give it a little less like batty eyelash, second Jessica Rabbit Iridescent arrive at no. I am actually you're gone during all this out and I love it. No, no. I love it, but I'm also now I'm sweating. I can failure. He so you know what it is pretend you're someone a whole sperm in its true. Even if I could wear sunglasses hidden pack up, there called bangs and they work just as well. Here's the thing you know it worked rate from our so long, your giant it now. Now in Georgia. Just said your giant its demean. She also looked at me the way she was talking about. Looking at someone, you gave me a little downward at loggerheads hour. I've had three lines: listen civil, nonetheless, an older, but have its, thus turning to see less hard because being being
black out drunk for all the time or I should have been practising all stuff like this. I think I was doing stuff like that nine jack. Don't remember yet great! That's like better, because remembering at the next day as a horror right, so you already that at your already the area are practised. Yeah, listen, you're, Georgia, Gabor darling and ex last summer I mr slapping, cops and see if that works. Ok, sorry go we're in the middle of an email, rhino those has being recorded, and I love that this is being recorded distributed Stephen you dupe, send these outrageous. Ok, thank you. So what does this one's own caretaker gone? We ended with the idea that, basically, you tell the head your call that you would also like to be married. Migrant. Your one thousand friends match is so basically soda. This others would like to be married. You meet
My point was imagine the moment of local having a walk through that door where you're looking at this person and any impression you have your also like- and I have to marry this person here- it's not even like just gonna have coffee. It's no big deal. You have to marry them here. It's very high stakes, very exact. Path so next time you you are in a bar, be like what we sought to merit is person NGO talk, you everyone. I never have to speak to him again. It's not like it's the movies. That's that's! What there's no like it's the mongering stakes, there's gnostics Georgia under welcome throughout this. Then you ok, So then, you have to go to a special mass ceremony. I've seen these on tv or in the eighties ease to show that on the news like every six months, if you like, the Reverend Moon, had any word this unification church and it was a huge room with literally a thousand or two thousand people all wearing the same shit all getting married at the same time, Romeo Insane romantic. I mean romantic
So then you get the mass ceremony to get married within the church, but afterward you'd have to get a marriage license and get married in a court house to get this sweet sweet tat our aid, as it wasn't legal. Ok, what was necessarily real. Until gotta gotta get their certificate shutter, they still have to do their bit in the government. Work is one of the first mistake. Both my roommate in another. One of her siblings were involved in something called generation peace. Iccat meeting like school, good, bad name, guy that right has basically they spent a year travelling around the country and raising money for the church, which is which means they were raising money so that Reverend Moon could buy guns and Emma the magazine.
M lived out of cars and had to learn to survive, camping out in the wilderness. Ass hard ass lies me marry a stranger. I never knew all the thought of shit. I've been with the monies I experienced them as regular people, whose Christianity was just a little weirder them. When I grew up with that's really open, Ganz drew my former roomy work as a bitch there, her room was cool like the tunnel, my former remain and her siblings no longer believe in the teachings of government, but like her good sons and daughters, pretend two further pick. You don't do that, though none of them are planning on getting matched Ella well stay sexy, and sometimes you can't call your dad because he's in the Conseil amazing and they like that, was a great bring.
Around. That was a per fashion letters. Thank you. So much letter K. Ok when I read this one, because its at corrections corner from he hometown, o re- and I really appreciate this is back from back, and I really appreciate back putting herself out here out there and here and everywhere for artists like it's a safe parking space, you can, you can be wrong, We always are please. This is called oh shit. Detective dad was wrong about the dingo. Oh, Karen in Georgia all cats exclamation were.
It's me. The daughter of the Dingo ate my baby, detect some member jap as Oda go. I did the dinner ready and I was like there is even a hot like how it was so divided and Australia, whether the Dingo debt and are the mother did it and even the head of the detectives, like daughter, wrote in those like. We all know we, including that she did not like, and nobody knew where this is fucking. This is her writing. Ass, great. She says its effect. Apologize, perpetuating the bullshit quote: Lindy did it theory. I had no idea how wrong it was because of always been scared to look into it, because, since I was a kid, the whole family and has been banned from talking about the case yeah
my brothers were sent to their rooms for asking too many questions, love you brothers and we promptly left a few dinner parties when a drunk at finally sipped enough courage to broach the subject: shan't Georgia, let's Hale, whenever someone brought it up, my dad would coldly say I did better work elsewhere and nothing else. I always assume my dad just stop at Lindy. Did it and didn't wanna be question and being the scary, quiet, father figure, Aisha, I sure, as shit did not want to question him on it. I am saying now: leave us open that door to that too, that information and then parentheses and him being mostly death and in a and unable to listen to this party. I realise that we will probably not be we're- probably not allowed to talk about it because dad knew he really fucked up, but instead of admitting- and he just inflicted a cone of silence on the family for over thirty years, go down
yeah. She wrote that I didn't say that, but I support it. It's it's very crazy to think the old man that enthusiastically exudes yes, declare plays peekaboo with my one year old enough. He was doing some real shady shit in the eighties. Everybody was Emmi and thank you for all that you do, and also for teaching you that you never stop luring your parents are flawed humans, ass, STD, em back, and I just want to say how fucking impressed I am that you can like admitting that you fucked up and making later and being okay within and wines. Learn more is a fucking most powerful thing. You can do as a human being. It's the only thing you're supposed to be doing on the planet and it's the way you make connections with other people. That's right and listen! It's a hard thing to do when your parental imprinting has been dont. Look at anything you may have done and more. I talk about it. So, like I at tat idea of just going. We know what the real story. I am Please, you didn't feel attack
called out is that wasn't what we are trying to do is just almost like. I didn't know, I didn't know either way and so and there's no reason she should have been like questioning it from the ba. No, no and it's a thing like you know, it's a writ like one of the hardest things in life- and this happens earlier for some of us than others is realising your parents are human beings that have bias that have biases and flaws. Yes, really hearted, no one wants to question it or admit it, because it kind of Shakespeare, entire foundation. Yes, at ever Asia? Also? I think we ve talked this and it, I think everybody. That's in a true crime, knows authority, but the police have such a shitty fucking job, because basically they have to be heading three pointers, the entire time under incredibly high pressure and if Blake and if they get into a thing where their zig led down the primrose
I felt like only heard their seventh, they administer, and nobody knows about that and that is associated with the devil and everyone. Since everyone wants this solved immediately and because it can be done and we need to prove that they were taken care of our community like this Just you know yet, every year, just making the call that at that point you can make your doing the thing you can do like when police coercive a confession: they're not trying to just solve the case and get a confession. They think that the person whose confessing actually did it and there getting a confession out of them because their doing their harness. They don't see it. This way, I mean what our yeah it's just yeah. We get
in NATO guy back- and I also makes me feel good- that we ve created this community where he sang something like this is a safe space, and that I can do is supported and celebrate a anything. It's really being wrong is ogier aims. I appreciate her being part of that means lotta, I'm so into being wrong. I do it all the time I do it just so. I can admit it later. Ok, so the subject line of this one is found in the wall. I get old, firmly amazing. Go high Karen Georgia, Stephen feelings and canine great sorcerers one, and I never really thought about the fact that a kind of rhymes first of all. I love the pod castles of all. I once found some fucked up shit in the way of an old have every guy here, quick. Several years ago, my dad was buying old, victorian houses and fixing them and flipping Mammy S. Cool Dasso call you now before the whole housing bubble burst tunnel. Yes, I do know about that. Got it
I was under water in my own home one house. He bought needed a bad get job. The dining room was covered in this wonderful nineteen. Seventy would paneling and every bedroom had a different, incredibly ostentatious wallpaper drain. Please show me seventeen pictures that I love. All my life off him. Rather, do you remember the store wallpapers to go? Oh my god, he's seventies eighties go down there and they just had a it was like us store was filled with why we re memorials to go you'd order to go now, but I do and while it is making a comeback, the secret is you get a really tacky crazy wallpaper, but you only wallpaper one wall with it and yet paint the rest of the loss of life. You know complimentary collar yeah, everyone and it becomes your fascinate or Wall ILO. My design, blogger com, while ago by George. I do that.
The rule I was living in was covered in gigantic blue and lime, green flowers, a hundred percent onboard hard to sleep, while the pulling down a little village had aggressive. It's like it's like when we might such when I got to pick our paint Walcott when we were in the house where I heard the dog outside my bedroom window I wanted it to be kind of a nice MOSS Alight MA scream whom it was fucking me online or even to the point where I feel like they do those studies where, if you paint the wall, cholera, psychological yeah- I am one thousand percent sure I made my experience as a twelve to fourteen year old, much more painful and allowed to be exact that brain airs back to
whatever the show is, is pulling down the fucking while pulling down would paneling in the dining room. We discovered a hole in the wall. My dad comments that it was so lazy of the previous owners to just put paneling or a hole in the dry while, instead of repairing it, but I looked inside the hole in it and found, and a very old Manila envelope. It wasn't a million dollars inside, but it was too very old. Melhem mere film rule roles, real sorry unmarked. Now really. I assumed it was a snuff film. Wouldn't we all so. I called a friend that worked at a video production company and asked him what to do. With these stone rails, bring them down immediately. I know it's on them, he tells me I love you, I love you so the next day I drove his studio and clean and clean the film with cotton in baby oil trying to restore them. I think,
Thus, we he claimed, but our my friend told me we only get one doing out of them because the foremost so deteriorate. Oh my god. That's all. I call a few more bodies and we had a screening party. What was on the film I'll dead. Now. What do you and your guess? What was I found a snuff film You think it was a snuff, film, yeah student. Would you it was on. This found mustache boys just childhood memories. No, it was made porn from the nineteen sixty judging by the woman's plastic and unmovable gigantic hair. It's not what I and the man's impressive must and the room they were had gigantic. Now floral wallpaper my bedroom, May the good freaked out. I returned home and talk to the elderly woman who lived across the street
she'd been in her house for about forty years. At that point and I asked her if she remembers the people I described from the fell on Her- and you don't have a giant Bush of National Golly. I know ever yeah sure she had a giant lush God. That thing was big She said that in it sixties. There was a pastor from a local virtue. Live there. Oh really wasn't married. So who was the mystery woman? I still have the film rails, but they're so badly damaged, really be viewed anymore anyway, as the Eu Gm and always watch mystery films found in walls, Annie, Annie, FUCK amazing. That was everything we need it to be. I think I would prefer I mean obviously finding monies great bloody bla. I think finding to film reels would make me go and same lifting of will
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So we're doing on boxing videos for the fan cult, where we basically open presence that are sent to us from our fucking incredible awesome, talented times insane listeners like you listener, and so this is from the one that's getting put up this week that blew our fucking mind. It's it's going up, it's already wages. I went up Friday today's Monday, and so this is the letter that accompanied it. Hello all. I am oh thrilled to give you my dad's original, dare kit friend, nineteen, eighty, four and MRS Harkin's back to when I fuckin told Karen about going Una States Ale and on their website when the photo from this data was the dearer. The drug kit that the cops and brings to the elementary school to show you all the dangers and crazy scary drugs. You can do in like this brief case.
Fuckin chick sent her a two hour and us we have touched. It looked at and lives in my apartment. He was a dare officer for eighteen years and account for twenty six years, shadows officer, PETE. It was collecting dust in his garage since he has now retired at the right age of fifty two goals. Am I right? So basically her dad. Let her son this too, because again he's thank yearly event. Fuckin Stephen walked in and had like the package's with his ox and Looked at us and, like you to say hi, how are you hugs whenever he was a key year, Georgia you're gonna, lose your fucking high, like he didn't even say, Hi Eden said the F word. I swear of no yeah me. When I came, I was like. I can't busily burning all my pocket. I just want to say to you and I and we were our aurora like less frequent like that- was our first no make up recording cause. I was like Chechnya opened. We gotta get outta here so First
thank you for creating this murdering community and for saving me from hours of boredom Emma s job. Secondly, here's a short hometown for you. My above mentioned, dad was the dare officer for a girl named Christine along and Danbury Connecticut into doesn't until she was in middle school, and he said she seem like a really happy kid. Unfortunately, she didn't have the greatest home life, and that was around the time. Myspace was getting popular own. She used to meet up with a man later identified, as Sol Dose Reassess the police that they had a few sexual encounters before the night or she He killed her. She had been missing and the only and they only found the body after he confessed, but this case made national needs because was the first time that the internet has been used to meet someone that resulted in their death, while only lastly, my dad was also the one who started the troop. My true crime obsession.
I can clearly remember being inland the grocery store at about eleven or twelve and seeing a who kill Jean Monet People magazine cover. I turned to my dad and said: do you know who killed her and he looked at me and said: yeah a room. The brother, did it why why it was just like Karen's John Wayne, Gacy Bodies in the book experience I had never, even if it had never even occur to me that people kill within their own families. I needed to know everything. Oh and also he told me that they actually still study the ransom, no to show cops. What deception looks like wow, things like the spacing the amount of money that was asked for and the fact that it sounded like it was being dictated, which I never thought about. That means it was fake. As fuck my dad said, he would be happy to call indigo over the delicate and talk about police stuff with you guys, I thought I'd like I just read this right now. I'm kind of scared for you guys to do
because I know he will say something embarrassing about me that the fattening amen girl he s due to a bad fall off a horse in December twenty seventeenth, new year's. Actually I had to have major style fusion surgery and was in the hospital for a week and had to lay flat and bad for another three months after you pack has absolutely was my escape and Savior cannot. Thank you at the moment. I was conscious after surgery I told my mom that I was not missing your life shown I'm happy to say that I may add to your Phoenix show Lull. That's where I live now, with my mom Back brace and Walker. All in tow, wow SSC Jam see a pronounced fee amenities step here. Don't read my contact info lad, but please help free to reach out and she put her Thea Thea. I mean that this is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. This is a straight fuck. This drug cat is a straight fuckin enough. Air grab your shit, not just be
Is it something I'm always wanted? But because you are you asked, your dad he's. Fucking, probably celebrated car, that's it! I have a total stranger and he said yes and you did it and I promise you it's in good hands. Gary I and Stephen old bucking take care of its will. Never man is better have pretty sure one of the fucking pills that they show is appears and another's. Vitamin and notches brings me so much joy and one of em for all the all these out there. Like me, one of them looks exactly like a contact, cold medicine pill where it's like Red Jim. It's like raise things it as tiny beads inside our deeds rose. I just like this. The action lino it just like explode yeah, there's just like that's a cold pill. Yet but yeah tell us it's uppers, downers or Benes or black beard. Endless marijuana. Do them all. Yes,. Thank you see I get. That was great, I'm I'm I can't tell you how much this podcast mean simulate. Someone would send that to us like it's just
It's a dream, it's amazing here and so funny. And guess what else is amazing this it again we keep getting to tell you cool, exciting announcements and surprise it right one is recall because we or get to basically where work with so many pictures of coming film that is gonna come out and where to talk about that. But- to do that, we're in a dedicated many so to it. So for you. We were going to ask that from you to send us your stories the reveal of somebody that you know that had a secret life right so next, this next next Monday is going to be an episode dedicated his movie
searching and the so we want stories of secret lives and anxious a hint about when the movies. But we saw me fucking love that so send us your reveals of secret lives, whether it soon found out about yours. You cannot have a someone else's family members. Fuckin teaches like this crazy reveal a secret life, and just remember that we want to we basically to get your your story, red
just think of it, as you have to be in the top ten. He also, if you have a story words like when it turned out that they were already met. My car was an outdoor can limit six other people. Actually that's a good story. If I can tell us they couldn't satisfied, but we do want like curtain, the craziest, true ass, the story of the and put in the subject I and send it to my parent murder, a gmail and put secret life in the subject line. Then, whatever else you aren't, the asses even compel them easily we're very excited. It's gonna be really fun and be a part of it. Well, yes, we love it. Thank you guys, presenting your emails and whenever you want as well fuck and yea yea, say sexy and don't get murdered, give Alice. He said I don't know
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