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This week’s hometown episode features stories of people hiding secret lives. Brought to you by @SearchingMovie.

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This is exactly right. Hello. I welcome to the very special many. So today's many sewed is, unlike any, we ve ever done before. That's right, but it's the similar to like them, because you won't be confused. It's not like and we're gonna throw your total, let it curveball just as a theme, because its brought you by its right to you and me and Karen by them.
Movie searching yet we got to go to the Sony Lot in Culver City and yet set in this. Like we'll wait, so we basically gonna call sang they want to do like a special many sewed wear it. You like a big long commercial for this movie, so come down to Sony and This movie, in one of their screening, ran like these little theatres. It's like a little like if you are rich and had a mansion and had like a movie screening room. It's like that and the chairs are huge and comfy, and it's like it's like Also. There was really fancy this only lots of old. It's like one of those ones. That's and conversely, there forever cordial- and we were just like living the highly s amateur in this screening, and then we got to see a movie that we actually like, I think, both of us as the creditor rolling to begin
with rare, like oh, wait, a second. If this is like one of the many films I see on a weekly basis and enjoy because of the bad necessary like. Oh no, but thank God I think, like ten minutes in those like ok, we're saying yes, John Show is like the friggin, thus actor. Ok, so if you saw heralding Kumar, I'm sure that's not the first credit, he would love us again, although we might be quite proud. It's one of my favorites but John Show is the lead in this movie. Endeavour messing. Is these and other led may be? Firstly, maniac it late? I don't know this is why my favorite things about living in LOS Angeles is or to me the best thing is you can live in LOS Angeles, you can go into a movie, theater watch a movie come out and then accidently run into the person that was in the movie, that's right, and so very soon after I saw heralding Kumar in a theater, I was at
a Starbucks very, very near you and he was walking out as I was walking in. I dont think I think it was the next morning. It wasn't the same day next morning, but it was the next morning and this little like had on he is, so good, looking arrive, it was like he's very star like in real life, so is very exciting. So to see him in like a kind of his own movie or lay as a vehicle for him with super super cool and then and then a thriller and just like crazy twist. At the end, the things we can't tell you about the most interesting part, of course, about its. Essentially we told you hear the ads. You know it's really cool Karen, of course, as a tv writer was three steps ahead of me in Anderson, knowing what the twist was like, I know what it is like and then a distorted guessing, and I was wrong, but
was, it was really fun, but I have to say it usually no brag in most movies I get the twist much quicker than that, and I was really hung out were, and I was just and then when I got it, I was like ok but its that's part of the fun. I never get the twists and I guess so wrong the constantly loudly so splendid movies with me. You know why I think I do. That is because I saw the sixth sense with my friend, and all of them are like. It was so obvious from the beginning, and I was like no wiser now until the very final moment did. I know how great without feeling was when they suddenly, it was revealed in like holy shit, yeah magical watch, it again the S, so that's, ok, searching cancer is in line with one of those dollars where you're like. What did I just see what's happier- and it's very so it's very we're very excited to be doing. Oh and sows Sony is giving away a bunch of tickets to the screening on the twenty. Third, if you are in the fan, collect less we're, gonna pussies links in the fan. Call this a ton of cities, even seasons, going to read them very fast. Right now go on us in Boston, Charlotte Cargoes isn't Eddie Cleveland Comus does dinner. Detroit Usin enables Kenzie LAS Vegas Miami Minneapolis, Orlando filled off your phoenix prospered, Portland Sacramentos, Antonia, Santiago, Seattle, sailors, tamper, Toronto in Washington DC ass. I was amazing, Syria, if you're in the Van called an you live near any those cities go onto the fanciful forum. These links will be put up. You can get to passes and go watch this movie ever free. I think its anti societal. They it's going to go because it's gonna be screenings. It's one screenings, that's gonna, be a ton of Marinos there with you re o aghast January. Yes, exactly I with them
an or like four or for really excited wars- and here I fear- I don't just start yelling we're. Also. We don't really know how this works. We ve never done it before. So what we ask for is for you guys to have like the theme was then to go together was what hyena? What was yours? Someone? Our story? Are you hiding a secret life? Yes, so or living a secret life and Stephen said we got over six hundred email just in the week that we solicited measure was its external. More than that Stephen lose a little was like about six hundred essential is crazy and raise a just from the city he caught. He called those four four ones that he Ito as
As he told me earlier, afterwhile, it wasn't good enough just that your data, the secret family in a second city, has inherited getting bored yeah. He was like common. Yes, it's happened with is the story which, of course, it's not common or for the people it happens to do, but you know there there than deep there is, is variations on the theme that were very into you up the stakes, and I think I got so many in the seminary ones that I think we're just gonna start. You know adding these to the regular many sides and throwing them in here and there, because the really who doesn't like a secret layer like it's a fascinating, reveal taller sorry, just as quick sidebar did you see the guy that tweeted the picture? This is what I found in my wall and it's a cat hanging in the in the paint of a ceiling like a little hammock
there's a little blue dad. No, no! In fact it's looking down at her eyes a rolled up, so it looks like a demon. It's the funniest picture, its honour, twitter feed. You have to go its own way of doing. That makes me. Oh my god. He was like. I found this in my wall, wow paint is peeling and those demon cat is just like it and, of course a cat would be able to get up and just be like I gotta, so like fuck, you that thing you back there I live now. Fuck, you aren't you gonna, kick this all sure of Aragon and not of advice. Coffee, let's see,
subject line on. This is just crazy secret life data got it they guy, it's easy, Georgia, Karen Stephen and animals. On the most recent many sewed, you asked for outrageous stories about secret lives and I decided to share my about ten years ago my dog came home and started telling us about an elderly couple. He met while working as a police officer. He said that he was gonna, help them on their fire and do our jobs and earn some extra money. We thought nothing of this story and in question it about a year or so into my dad helping the couple. He came to us again and said that they had won the lottery and that they were going to give them some of their winnings again see off to us. The couple gave him five thousand dollars and we went on a nice family vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando. Oh my god, fun place to go indication. Around this time my dad started acting very different. He started drinking more and withdrawing more from the family. After we got back from this occasion. He said he won a hunting trip to Canada,
still loon somewhere down he's an avid hunter any showed us a letter from a respected outdoors company detailing the troll. Oh, my god. He goes to Canada for a week or so about a week after he came home, we started getting we're calls on our home phone, a woman kept calling saying she was from his company and asking how he liked his trip. This happened incessantly, oh my god. Finally, after the tenth or eleven call
Oh, my god, I'm the same question we figured out. Something was very wrong. Why toll are crunch straight now we find out that the woman calling was his girlfriend. Aha, all along the elderly couple was code for his, Mr O, my god. His mistress actually won the lottery and paid for our children, random shareholders, real that most insane part the real power its the best, but the so she went to the lottery she's paying for shit, random should around the house and he the dad said he brought the Messina says he brought home from the quote elderly couple. This secret ended the twenty year: marriage, twenty plus your marriage, to my mom day, sexy and question everything: Jordan, oh my god, the law.
Very part like makes that story it's it's because I like what are they? Did? They rob a bank and I got manoeuvre how's the money going to I didn't know Lake Yang your or you're thinking. Does he kill? That old couple like is this this year is one of those things are you like, and then my dad was an evil person like, but they're, trying to figure out a way to busily launder lottery money into the family? I love that this fuckin girlfriends, like like, maybe he's ignoring her sir Kay I was that trip mother Fucker Yak. This is just a this. Is a customer service called to make sure you were pleased on your trans, a great way to like drive him crazy, yet right, like that way to infiltrate, and just be like little Oh clearly, maybe an indicator that she was a touch crazy, because if you call anyone more than five times- and I don't care if it's your best friend or your mother, your crazy, like tend to a ten times phone call walk away. Walk away like ever or in a day
yeah, I'm kind of accounting, em up here on ever eight. For me, shit! Ok! But how about when you? Don't? Only when you don't answer. That's why don't answer the phone? I don't want to cut anyone out of my life and I am sure I just picture you rolling your eyes of Lee. Another problem is the time of my airbags and I'm singing along terribly too, like some solid that a start, and then you just automatically resigned the person, even if they're calling to tell you they love you more than others, and that we won the lottery. Yes, okay, this is called secret life. My fellow intern, Tony Slash, Caleb, the sex torsion IST K sex tore out. He said sex tourists. My sorrow, like sex tort, Dennis I ain't extortionist, like extortion as yet it was sacked. Thank you have cut that high carried out loud that really loud, but some basic yeah. I care in Georgia, Stephen Pets,
I have a good story to share and tell you requested secret life stories. This does he just came flying out of my memory bank. It's kind of dark saw avoid going into too much detail when I was nineteen. I, in turn, for my first political campaign, the small Wisconsin town, where I went to college, I was assigned to work for a really cool guy, his Sheridan Office within other staff member, as well as his intern Anthony. We called him tony Tony and I spent a lot of time together by default, doing interim projects making phone calls and knocking doors for our candidate on election day. We got up at five. I am to drive around neighborhoods hanging vote reminders on people's door. Knives Tony was a bright loki, normal high school kid. There are both end of teenagers, who gave up all their free time to work for a cause we believed in, or so I thought months after the election, local and national news lit up with details about Tony Tony's online persona, killer, around November two thousand and seven Tony be in setting up fake facebook.
Hence most notably a pretty flirty teenage girl and tailor tiller male classmates as high swore killer course the boys into sending her sexually explicit content of themselves. Threatened to really restart noodles the photos and videos to the whole school if they didn't follow through with what she had asked and predict simply her demands began to escalate Keller. Made. Some of the victims meet up a Tony in person who claimed you is also being blackmailed. I started working with Tony about eight months in his online scheme. Any continue doing it. The entire time we worked at the campaign Tony's Raina fucked up tear came to an end soon after the election. In the most change your way possible, he did something really stupid at school that human ass a week after
election night. The last time I saw him he email anonymous bomb threat to a school quote as a prank when using the internet and the school library policed, traced. Him traced back to him, which probably took two seconds, because this kid was had never heard of an ip address known, was expelled after that, the victim, foreign police sees this computer to find all the content he collected of his victims in very obviously named file folders, and that one year period Tony had thirty one victim somewhere as young as fifteen, and at least seven had been sexually assaulted by him was so the parties agreed was that he would have them me up with him and be like I'm. I'm also victim and kill said we have to do this or she's gonna expose us, so that was how he had got them to hook up snack, locking and say yes but it is a desert it. Ok,
when he was arrested in two thousand and nine. His case became the first big national story about sexual ex extortion online and launch the terms extortion into the national conversation. Well, I received a letter from his attorney sometime after he was arrested, asking if I would serve as a character witness when I with him, he seemed like such a regular unremarkable dude. I probably would have forgotten about over the years. I almost I could go back in time and see if there was something off about him that I miss, but he has produced a sociopath. Could live two different lives like no baby, oh yeah, anyway, there's no way in Hell. I was going to defend his ass in court. I don't want to end and in a bummer note, so here's a fun backed by the same campaign. Remember I mentioned in training for a really cool guy. We cross
A few years after I graduated from college and next month will be celebrating our three year wedding anniversary, there's a lot of scumbags in politics. When you meet a good guy, you gotta, lock him down, take notes, political Marinos. Thanks reading my story, I am working on a campaign right now and they look for dear pot cast each week, so I can take a mental break and reach archway batteries carriages. In Portland in October, stay sexy and don't campaign with internet creeps Liz. Oh my god the high school.
Like high school, also that that story makes me think that movie tickled did you watch the documentary globally enemies, it's a similar, but it will take on a larger scale, thing of of acts, of extorting people and manipulating them, and that's the whole thing about putting things like on video on picture and sending them on the internet. On your you become. You are at the mercy of a person you have to know they are a lot of these do have like black the ones. I read that I'm not really have like blackmail. Shit. Yes, unlike the arena, makes me so glad that we didn't have fucking internet. My spoke as I would have done something very stupid. Of course, semi we had internet, but we didn't. It wasn't like that, but
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See. This is secret life. Roommate addition, yes, dear Karen Georgia, Stephen and part of pets, I would have an absolutely insane secret life story about a previous were made of mine. Who will call this remit Kristen Chris, I met through a college programme and became fast friends and twenty fourteen after semester, we became roommates with another girl. We were friends with, and things were great would have considered her my best friend so much so that I would have asked you to be a bridesmaid in my wedding
anyways. After a year of living together, we graduated and decided to move to a new city together, we both our jobs and our profession at different locations. We built a faint, separate friend groups, but this is where things started getting weird. I met her friends for the first time in August and they were super nice and friendly with me, but then the next time I was around them in September. They all gave me the cold shoulder. I couldn't really shake that feeling that I done something wrong but thought, maybe I just wasn't as close with them ass. She was fast forward. A few months of mine, unchristian friendship had totally diminished. She made plans to take me out for my birthday, but the morning of cancelled due to period cramps Anders but was disappointed. I felt like I done something wrong, unknowingly and was being punished for it. I tried to bring it up a few times, but she just brushed it off and pretended everything was fine. Eventually, I just accepted that our friendship was falling apart in you're twenty seventeen. She ended up in the air for some mental health issues. I met up with her and her friends at the hospital and they proceeded to ask me why I'm there and
Do you think your presence here is going to help her mental health, I'm sure, I asked them stunned. What they mean and their responses, don't you think you're break up as a little too much for her with right. Now, that's right. Ladies. She had told these girls that we were dating back in August unbeknownst to me. Furthermore, in an effort to end her lie, she told them we broke up, hence the cold shoulder for a month and it all began to make sense that she wouldn't hang out with me in public. I wasn't invited to her birthday party in my house why and she unfollow man social media, while they were still got all that stuff was done in an effort to cover her lies. Not only that, but her new friend group showed me all of our quote: break up tests tat after she was released from the hospital we editor
and she had no remorse or explanation for her lies. Needless to say, we are no longer roommates, her friends. Thank you for all. You do me and my not pathological, liar friends, love your show and can't wait to see you in the land. I say sexy and don't get scammed by your roommate Harriet. I have some questions. I want to know how her friends reacted like the girls friends branded when she was like when she is Leanna that is alive. Well, I think the key part there, though, is that she ended up in the hospital for mental health issue. Maybe everybody went oh This is a little shakier than like. We thought, like everything, got on alike, questionable, ground sure, but yeah only ease that Muslim and so bewildering. My ruins immediately yelling at her, everyone's mad at you, like yeah, mean deal at for no reason can be going crazy wreck. What happened? What went wrong, this is how to get at it. I can't read the name thing, but
Karen Georgia's even in various animals, this finnish listening to many so eighty three, where you ask for secret life, reveals and my friends haven't begging me to send the story, and so here we go back in the seventies, my parents were in a bowling leaning over the years. You get to know other people in the league and you all become friends, acquaintances, whatever one of their friends always invited my dad come over for taco parties, but he never went Bandleader no over all the AIDS, like sustainability is stuck on parties now. As part of it and one night, my dad and his friend, SAM or at the alley when the frameworks in acting very animated, he shakes my daddy dad's hand and puts an arm round salmon, says them something along the lines of Higgins. I don't think I can stay very long because the FBI is following me: they pray. Such blew him off thinking. He was crazy. The next!
a comes, and both of my parents were at the local grocery store. They worked out. They were eighteen, nineteen years old and who oxen that morning, but SAM holding a newspaper, my mom said that he looked like he saw ghost. What's front page story that day their willingly friend from a night before had been arrested for multiple murders, oh and who was that guy from the bowling league, none other than the killer, clown himself watching joy way,
Oh yeah, Makyng John Wayne, Gayle, oh shit, SAM went on to be as defence attorney oh wow and salmon, my daughter still friends to this day. He wrote a book about it a few years ago and signed a copy for my dad. I remember hearing the story from a young age, but I never really thought much of it until I was a teenager and realize two January Gacy was: doesn't everyone's parents ball with notorious you serial killers now just mind, K, anyways, that's how it got pronounced a sexy and dont drawing boiling links with killer clowns. Alyssa PS, my dad like to note that it was the plane. The speedy following Gacy and not the FBI, crazy
Wow. That's just makes you think of it. I think it was made for tv movie or could have been the real movie. Brain Diana heap is playing German Gacy and when it gets to that part or he's just like he's like drunken during the day and driving around in just like trying to avoid the police or my guy, like I just made me pick in my mind, the movie in my mind, was brand any walking into that bowling alley. I you guys glassy, I dialogue. The bowling alley would have eliminated Taco party like I've, been in the house and and then he's like who likes magic tricks down to the basement, everybody, cheeses, John, so insane. Ok, I like that. On the subject of a secret life,
well done a very good day care in Georgia. Stephen infer babies have to say my name. Is China and I M an education system at a small, private, school and Canada. A group of my friends Outwork got me addicted dear podcast, and you guys obeyed my morning me much more entertaining when I was listening to last week's many soda. You asked for secret life stories. I thought I made may have on this interesting. When I was nine years old I was adopted growing at my parents did not hide the fact that I was. There are always very open and honest at twelve years old, my mom and I were sitting in the basement, and I started asking some questions about two pictures in my baby book. I have something attached to my head and I'm being held my nurse. I asked why I had that my mom replied that they were running tests and then I asked what kind and she responded to see if you had drugs in your system, why? The heck would I have drugs in my system and my mom said because you were not born in a hospital, so many thoughts are running through my mind and then my mom proceeds. To tell me my story: oh my fucking got on November twenty fifth nineteen. Eighty seven in Calgary Alberta, two young boys, were skipping school and took a route through a parking lot. The boys fourteen and fifteen stop to look at.
Cool car when one of the boys heard a soft cry of a baby. He looked down to find what he thought at first was a doll but was, in fact a real baby inside of a garbage bag. Sticking out. One of the boys picked me up and ran over and both ran towards an older gentlemen who helped me get inside to a warm place. The police said that if it had been an hour later, it would have been much sadder situation and, yes, that little baby they found is me. I was placed into foster care in my neck now mom and dad became my foster parents at nine days old. They legally adopted me on my mom's birthday. May second, the following year my face was Oliver the newspapers and on tv and was a huge, storing, Calgary might out at the time as a journalist, and he was actually covering my story. The social services people thought what a better place to hide this baby from the media, then, with someone in the media, no one at my dad's job knew that, while covering this crazy story, he had the little baby at home. I love it. I was also dubbed Mary Olympia. Dough has a lip Olympia because the Calgary Olympics are happening in just a few months. Now, if you're wondering why my parents waited so me the story, it was because a darker told them that it would make me up if they told me when I was younger, anyways stay sexy and don't abandoned babies Tiana, oh my god, I'm going to curb that's the best there,
the best. That's there's nothing, there's none! I don't! It should read my last. Do it? No, I love that great job Deanna was beautiful, were so happy. I wonder she has ever met those boys that around hers boy, I just got shoulder she on China, find those boys and say hello yeah. Let me Harry across a parking lot again declaration, eleven, zero it to secret light law, It's light, hearted secret, lifeline, remote and yet as their hyphen and there's another can. So I thought they live oak area high, I am crew, I might add, has always been my favorite person. We always we ve. Always been extremely close, even though he is
naturally very distant person think Atticus Finch from two killer, mockingbirds demeanor. Even he even looks like a young Gregory Pack and as a defensive journey as intensely private is Karen's dogs. Are he dislikes being noticed or congratulated to the point that he didn't even go to an award ceremony for beat him being congratulated weight for him being an attorney of the year, because he didn't want people to think he wanted a pat on the back weight. Are these people irish? She say at the beginning now let them just like turning down attention can't relate ha anyways. I fancy I found out some stories. I had never heard of my last report as it turns out. He secretly anonymously pays for the time
sport, food bills and medical care of a janitor at his office who had to quit, did or chronic illness and couldn't afford a car or meds. The gent janitor has absolutely no idea who is behind it and do my father's very distant nature would never suspect he was even left. He is even left anonymous envelopes of five hundred thousand dollars in mailboxes people. He he knew who said they couldn't afford Christmas presents for their children and wave fees for clients to be able to buy gifts for their kids during the holidays as well. I could go on and on which just goes to show that not every secret life is a bad one. Some people secretly, making the world a much better place, he's helping us all stay sexy and not get broken down with a constant stream of shitty news anyway, thanks Karen Georgia, Stephen ALL for all you do best J Oh my god. I love that amazing, and also oh true lake, it
there are lots of people doing lots of very good things, and there they don't want the credit. It's not about the credit I don't get. It will never hear about it like they. I remember somebody telling me- and I think it's come out at this point little when David Letterman was still on the air he used to just anonymously, donate thousands and thousands of dollars for scholarship money for ball state, which is the college he went to only unlike Keith. I just any time I hear about that at all. It's just so making because yeah, it's there's good, there's good things happening out there. So the first thing I do and a right donate is put a fuck imposed upon Instagram with eleven one iota of corridors like that's why everyone does, but you know that's the thing about it is, and you know, there's everyone's while people will enable us talking about like I feel bad or I to break up. I feel terrible. What should I do and that's the thing I got taught early is, if you feel bad help, somebody else, because it will make you feel so much better and you don't realize it, because I
most of US warrant. Really it's not a natural thing to do because it doesn't connected. But what about me devote myself assignments like that's? Actually, the good part at out of your own fuckin, world and and Yeah yeah extend yourself to someone who actually really needs help rail. That's a great! That's a really great, advice Smith's a night. Nice went well. This is
so cool. What would have fun exciting kind of you, no experiment, experiment and fancy commercial. We get to do we know about it. We love the opportunity that we get to kind of like host a movie like this, for you guys and Anita, hopefully withstood again yeah very exciting things for listening. You guys and send a letter to my payment murder. Gmail. We earth we're still taken they secure like emails. We love and secret lesson which one and don't forget. If you're in the fan called it, you can do, you can get to passes to the movies searching brought. You buy Sony at all this. All the information will be posted signal posted on the phone call. You can find out everything and stay sexy. Em, don't get murder gave Elvis you know your line, you wanna cookie varying.
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