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2018-08-27 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include an attempted murder and swinging grandparents. 

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This is exactly right. Began. hello, welcome to my favorite learner. The Minnesota Borri region should see you do you like it Will I get so last week we did all of our people that were hiding secret life and which was Superfund, and we got so many that we will doubling continued to do them. But at one point we cleared off into a basically an interesting anonymous donors. People litter were doing positive things with their secret line is, however, not everyone starting a multiple families, never some good parts and my
four friend, Jason Lopez, who Stephen you know him too for her who listens to every single episode and always the day after anything, of course, comes out he'll. Let me know what his observations are on on the episode, and so after that last many sewed, he wrote to me ethos. The music programme for kids here in Portland is non profit that provides group lessons, music camps, etc and, after prince died, they found out that he was one of their anonymous donor. Isn't that amazing and then he said, is not random. Just a little music school here, employer Portland, I said that's because that means he was doing it everywhere. I bet you everywhere. Prince went because princes like a kid in Minnesota, yet like here,
he knows what it's like to be its super talent, that's out in the middle of nowhere just kind of waiting for your chance here, so you know that he just sprinkled his shit around anonymously. I'd love! That's that's beautiful prayer in France, let's I'll take a moment to thank prints. Ok, you want me to go. First short. The headline of this is the subject. Like my
ex fancy turned to blow up her house, and that is how she met my dad south african home town of the brand new. We have never had one for South hook up. We have Dearest Karen Georgia, Stephen, an animal compound, raise your mind it and when my mom was in our twenty, she started dating a guy and eventually got engaged and moving together. My grandparents always a bit sceptical of the dude and thought it was creep that they went along with it out of respect for my mom as an avid Jim Bunny Emmy. Eighty, my mom more spandex body, suits and tied to her work out, accompanied with hairspray brush of curly, hair, Yanza maize, and whether we should stop there and I'd be great yeah when she arrived home one day after a gym session heard then fiance started beating or were quote dressing like a slut to the gym and accused her see seeking other men's attention and parentheses. It says toxic masculinity rounds. The party who again
My mom state, sexy and knocked out of their broke off their engagement and drove her little Volkswagen Beetle back to my grandparents house, where she endured many. I told you so from my ground that night ever everyone had gone to bed. My mom awoke to a massive crash and smelt smoke. She son Orange Flickr through her window and saw smoke coming out of the area where the car was parked. Under my Grandad's old car park outside my grandparents, my mom and my aunt rushed outside and found my mom's ex fancy speech as feeding off down the street. He had turned homemade bomb into the car park and blown up half of my grandparents House holy shit. Luckily, everyone was safe, including my mom's Cocker Spaniel, Jason Cheese and the cockers ban, employers do you also
before I just started when funding are either through the police o were alerted and they arrested the acts. They requested that my mom get a report from a medical professional. With regards to her physical injuries, so that they could include that in her indictment against the axe, Sate would have it. My dad was the doktor on call that day and that's how he met my mom. The rest is history. They been happily married for twenty seven years, have two kids, ten dogs and three cats. I love it. I really hope you enjoy the story as much as I always do. Keep keep up the amazing podcast it so great to find a community of true crime lovers in your podcast feels like home, hope to catch. You live someday, SD, Gm Kelly, Kelly, that's the bass! I was great for summer. I read that headline I route
red pre, ready email, and I didn't really it's like. I didn't notice the part with the doktor until I just read it this time. Yeah, I love it. I just want to know if there were a first meeting, I, like you, Well, you know she wore that same work out. I was wondering if show that our second spanned ourselves, you shall I was up on this occasion leg and then surely go the jam. Zero pull on those leg lay armors knee on green. Our aim this one's got my grandmother who was kidnapped and then in Diseases as she's, ok, high, If a woman pets and Stephen my grandmother used to work- and I as a nurse as aid in an insane asylum in Connecticut in the sixties, Fairfield Hills was a psychiatric hospital in Newton, Connecticut, Newtown, Connecticut that
and in the thirties and closed in the nineties, the massive campus still stands vacant and, of course, our stories of hauntings, because I mean it's an empty former insane asylum. For Christ's sake, when my Nana work there each employed and essential Belinda Clock in every morning and then report to the building they worked in. This is a sprawling campus with dozens of buildings and it was the middle of winter, so my grandmother ran into the main building, leaving her car unlocked, checked in and ran back to a car to drive to resign building after she turned on the car. She was suddenly shock when a man popped out from from the back seat raft her. Now with a piece of rope and said derive. No, she did issues instructed. He gave random orders to turn left right simile not having a destination in mind, but he ended up having her drove up twenty minutes to North Waterbury Connecticut, where he jumped out of the car and bolted.
Clearly because she had checked into work but didn't show up minutes later to assign building the staff immediately me. Something is wrong of handling this man was one of the patients who had escaped his room and was looking to get as far away from Fairfield Hills as possible. My name just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Listen to this. I don't think I hear any. They never did find the guy bowl, as far as I know, but the rope he used to hold my grandmother was wrought was a raw ragged thing in war down the skin around her neck to the point where later on and M T told her that it had worn of even a tiny bit further, it would for sure have cut her carotid, artery well, girl,
Corrado carotid artery hoods, unloaded, corroded or Garonne exactly Lane and as one who ass bad ass women. I know whose favorite phrases I don't get mad, I get even she turned a ninety juniors all this year and I and would still manage to stay sexy and not get murdered in any situation she was in. Finally, even though the stories about someone breaking out I'm insane asylum, I dont want to diminish mental health issues in any way. So I just want to thank you both for normalizing and being so front with your mental health. Fairfield hills. Hills was a place where people like you or me would be locked and up and forgotten that right and I'm glad that it's closed and were slowly moving towards a point where people can seek help without the threat of stigma, and that's definitely thanks to women, like you. as I see Gm Loran assets. A scary back and terrifying Nana did that Kenya. Don't happen at night
doesn't sound. Well, she got the mean cheek. I got to work in my mind. It is the day I mean, but I was just immediately cause. You know there's that it We think that there is. The urban method was going around for a little while warning people at the mall like to check, because there is a story of the other gets in the car and those guy. The backseat aware that that idea like my car. I can see and the air, and even when I get into my Carl still look back, make sure once in a while, it's really dark do a little check each area, just in case yeah. are you gonna have a
so subject line whose toenails are these love it I care and care I care in Georgia, Karen Associates yeah. That's how I do really really like that more than I should have almost fifty fire me to set the scene before I tried to explain a thing I found in my basement wall. I live in a big, victorian house that has been transformed into a color housing for university college students. We have eight housemaids, plus we usually have a couple of couch surfers crashing and our living room so much fun and say what a mess up. Let's get me get up in the morning and you make some coffee in view may or may not smoke a joint than you, Sir Plank cards. There's like four people use how you could mean a regional engaging want. Someone always wants to hang out. Yes Alla time. You should turn a commune. I really should, or I inert I should use, be a super creep and like open my house of the borders to send gentle Leyla pick don't get paid.
Ok, I don't like your here. You have to play Una with me. It's not about me. and since the go up has been operating since the fifties, a lot of people have drifted in and out of our house. The basement is an amalgamation of all the strange shit. That's been brought into our house by generations a weird hippies. It's also expansive basement with a lot of unfinished walls twisting into dark little rooms and always going nowhere. In particular, it gives me the creeps and I hate going down there recently when I was looking from one of a when I was looking in one of those weird little store drums for a bike pump. I saw something highly fucked up. It was a glass jam jar. Sealed Cork and sat down on a beam in an open wall and it was filled to the top with human alone ale clipping now, but no, no, no, no! No! No! No
see you in your mind, all aglow, yellow Crescent summit, the hard yellow, crescents I'd ass, many current and past has made they know anything about being toenail jar, pass housemate has seen it before. It actually told me about the jar last year, But- and I hadn't believed them in any case. No one has any idea who put it in our basement how long it's been there, why it was put their or whose toenails or in that jar I wish. I could say I threw it out, but I was right to touch it and so as everyone else who has ever looked at it as as Dijon Emily, that's I see where that I really want to go through that basement o with like a big old florescent, like fluorescent, beams, weaken or the boxes. I lived in a house like that for a little while ago and ECHO Park where, like a
someone told me that the brine Jonestown Massacre the ban uses it like that was their house had actually been two parties there when I was younger and eight so that the basement was filled with like second, people shed who had like jam and get the vagina there are ever read. Just I've been taken. They was sick, find elixir of bullshit they leather Emma monster. I love communal living, not the life. For me. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make looking at home son easy and afforded,
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Hello, all the wonderful people and animals of Em Fm, hey, that's one of the best ones. Yet easy love it. I am Quite the slave stories. I've been meaning to write into you, murderous great uncle, survivor, friends, mom, highschool murderers. However, once you mentioned right again stories about secretive about secretive my cousin, no. I got it. She wrote secret lines, but it was in one word. I said she forgets. It is better lives about secretive, which is the professional name for threat, my cousin who introduced when your podcast insisted. I finally buckle down and write this thing, so here it is or an
cleaning out my grandparents house where they had lived for sixty shoe years now they didn't pass. They didn't pass just had a lot of shit that needed to go and came across some interesting things in the process. My grandmother who, who we call back she has always- I felt like bad shit it as a phd, see HIV batching that she has always been known for the insane amount of photos she takes a naturally. A lot about I found was pictures lots of family from growing apps, I'm on her sister when they were kids, etc. As I was working in the living room a cleaning all the wine glasses on display with back she. She was telling me about the good old days and how all her quote, intimate friends would come over and they would have a great time, but quote, of course,
when the children were around. I was taken back by that statement. Black chocolate up to eighty four year old woman with dementia, talking about thrown crazy parties with her friends, getting drunk playing cards, listening to Elvis records and all of those things and sows Elvis, the next few days I found some interesting birthday cards from my nanny and grandpa meatball. My cousins grandparents is this: is this a cartoon character riding into issues? Love that I like the main, though, that in the hall closet which I again was like, they have very unthinkable, a very uncomfortable sense of humor but shouted at to nothing other than that and
The next paragraph says case, so I was wrong. It certainly wasn't nothing by moved on to clean their bedroom. At this point, my backing and pop out we're staying at my mom's house. I could be slightly more productive and found a box of pictures under the bed not being at all surprised by this, because they were quite literally boxes of pictures everywhere. I opened the box to look at the photos and possibly have a few laughs about my mom's old boyfriends or our all caps nope
not pictures of my mom's old boyfriends or photos of s growing up. Instead, I found photos at my Graham wet from my grandparents, all caps Swinger Party, oh no known David, is pointing at that. You have phone, I'm looking at right now she said: oh, she took them and sent them to. I love her lover, her lover able or they knew young, where they are their middle aged people, but it's in the sixties or seventy ermines. Seventy authorities, but look they're all in one bed like like Charlie buckets, grandparents, it's in a bed under sheet together smiling like level they are having so much fun, crouches touching his payments in that vote, but you can't tell the end laughing ass off to make out. There are still like all granted like in one bed together losing or losing our whole. There was a lot of them, you guys, oh my god, naked and highly dubious. Can we post, I don't ninety gravel, these Ngos, we don't know shaking ass. Even goes through and puts lack bars across everybody's eyes, look at this one, the things like their positions, but their cracking there. There,
just being kind of funny dirty drunk the kind of what it seems like, but also in a room that it that's paneled in wood, parallel wallpaper and then would piling on the bottom half its seven dyslexic. Nineteen. Eighty to me so brown. They look like they look like nineteen eighties forties ignominy like therein. Therefore, these yeah available to us. It also looks like people who probably drank a ton and were board and they were like. Well, you look. You all have a mustache or a beer right. We might as well just fuck like chunks, in fact each other high school. I liked you should already seen Zack Letty use. I want to see your hat honeys decker at every s. Exactly let me venuses keep no dumb for that. I want to keep looking an ogre migrant none of its my grandparents six swing. So those are her grandparents Swinger parties on a few sex toys from way back in the day when my mom and aunts were growing up, and then I was mortified by immediately took pictures of the photos and sent them to my cousin, the thoughts I could be justice scarred as I was at that I would do and how to take a break from cleaning the house for a little while the eye by side in peace. All these things together, I realized what I had just stumbled upon. These are all old people that I knew all people I had dinner with and play cards with TAT. I was young, my nanny and grandpa meatball we're both featured in this as a few other close friends of my Graham bearing a needless to say. I can never really look at my grandparents same way ever again of shit. The grim badge is still while she was theirs. Cleaner house, I've known bachelor, slackened kick in it, and I took my cousins down with me. There's still a lot of that house that needs get cleaned up, but quite frankly, I am horrified to do so. Yet so yeah, that's the story of how I learn. My grandparents were swingers, stay sexy and don't look under your grandparents bed. Doubt Delaney! Ok
Ellen Delity Dillon. Like Melanie about whether the ok, I'm just saying, I blew up her grandparents, her grandparents spot so hard like cause, not that many people call their grandmother batch E. Totally cellular there's gonna be people and that whom downloader like excuse me? Oh, ah, ha, that's really in saying that this is just like it's, this they're having so much fun. I sexes, natural and sexes fun. I ruined as it were, but everyone's grandparents something do it and take pictures of it. All. My also looks like they're doing it just to be like yeah, just take a picture or being dirty on purpose could be and what a gorgeous expression of human love, how is fun and then just the phone like the fact that there are photos just made it I mean I was I'm shocked.
do you want here this last one obsolete, lay society mom or covert criminal light hearted? Who can hello? I'm a feminist? Oh, no, Emma Feminists, Emma Feminists, nice one take it that you know it. That is no doubt in over one. My daughter turned me onto your show, and now I never miss Napa said them
Bruno Community in Denver was a great support system for her when she moved across the country. So this Sab thanks, you all accused even from the bottom of my heart, for creating such a wonderful movements of awesome people. That's great. I have a family story that I've never told anyone. Until now, my mom is always appeared from the outside is very cultured and sophisticated woman. Now, in her eighty, she still runs volunteer organisations and goes to the theater and other fancy. Then, but people who know her history, no, that Europe Dirt poor in Chicago it has always been a scrappy bad. When I was in high school, I bought my first real car as adults and be two turned a little bigger that cost like two hundred fifty dollars ever owning it a few months. I took it to a mechanic who said that the whole underside of the car was rusted out and it was amazing and it was still holding together a couple of days after that diagnosis, I woke up early one morning to find my mom
trudging into the house out of breath with her clothes all dirty. She told me to get dressed and then she drove me to the local mall, where she told me to call the police and tell them my car was stolen. I did and made a police report and a couple of days later, the cops found the cart deep in the woods about a quarter mile away from our Bureau Virginia House banged up and Erech, apparently the victim of kids, taking it out for joy ride. Only after the car was founded. My mom tell me the real story she had taken. My car out found some secluded dirt road and tried repeatedly to crash it into a tree in an attempt to total it, but she was too scared to really commit to it. This way before airbags. So after three or four good bangs, she thought she done a good job and abandon the car. The thought of my society, mom careening through the woods trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to wreck my car made me laugh out loud, but she was very serious about it and mainly swear that I wouldn't tell anyone altogether. We not my dad, since it would technically be fraud or some shit. We gotta get in trouble, even though it happened forty years ago. I've never told anyone that story until now, and now that it's out, I'm looking forward to revealing to my kids, their sweet old grandma's, really a bad as car, smashing, insurance fraud perpetrated, say, sexy and don't be fooled by sweet old, grandma's love David that
I believe that is like a target. That's like an old school version of a helicopter, mom or she's. Like you got after I may take care of it. He at your mouth thou worry about it. I got this. Oh my god! So funny. Please send us your emails, my favorite murder gmail. We enjoy them so much less. Keep sending us he's, fucking whole areas, wonderful stories and also please stay sex and don't get murdered elements you wanna cookie, nice, one.
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