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This week’s hometowns include an arms dealer and drug drops.

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This is exactly right. And welcome. If ever murder the many sewed level I've told you of the our lifetime Your dreams are nightmares, and this is the one where you email us, your hometown, murders your. Creepy stories, things and walls. Fascinating, grandparents. Whenever you need to tell us that you know well like Emily rooted on the air yep,
An error live on the air live only error. Now. Go booming lingering. I actually have a very important corrections corner that I know we don't do that on many sides, but I meant to do on this one and I'm gonna. Do it on Thursdays and about a guy named Johnny its
about a guy named Jimmy Summers, nothing about a conversation, George and I were having about files in England and because it was off of that. Georgia's have what's the name of that guy and of course, I always want to be the person who knows the name of the guy, and I am always own press with how you know. Every names will mean that Turkey S moving yet we did it and Jimmy Somerville, the name that I named easily lead singer or the singer from the Communists and the Brodsky beat an amazing musician and performer and lovely person. According to all the tweets, I've been getting about the mistake I made so and how awesome he is, which actually there's a really good video Jimmy Somerville. He walks by as a busker is singing his song. He stops and sings, along with the guy and somebody sent to us. I've seen it on the internet will put it on the twitter age. Jimmy Saddle was the horrifying pedophile that Z Bc. Do yes, weird presenter. That was a super create, so so why the angel by all accounts Jimmy's our one billion apologies, dynamism, Somerville! Please stop repeating that. I said that and don't ever tell him, but absolutely repeated on on the main up is clear: if it's just not fair,
China is also right in that. My right, are you so good at this? Yes wooing on theirs? There's a ville in their sounded write to me. They were both asses bills and Jimmy sweaty. Why that's cause it's gonna get on the time? Let me read, you story, collegial, subject: good good idea, Ok, this is called the way I can't but it's God, but I think you'll, like it. Ok greetings and my film crew, great My name is Addison and I'm thirteen years old who had a bad girl and proud member of the fan cult. You guys have made my long cards to soccer tournaments, fine, driving to see family so much easier. My mom got me hooked on you on you guys and now you're, the only podcast they listen to Addison Borg were popular at the. What therewith generation is, I think, a generation suck now isn't it. You brought me Mamma closer than ever. So thank you. Yes,
the estrangement from twelve to being thirteen. It is actually the worst time or your mommy. I fucking hated my mom, you in your high Addison, we're so with you in your junior high life we now know or moans Addison. You don't even know that it's not even your faults makes please no it's not your fault. It gets better of your gorgeous. I live in less bridge a somewhat small town in southern Alberta. I live in a modern, suburban neighbourhood with a lot of playgrounds. I know a child stream adsense assay when I was around nine years old when she was a kid. My sister I replaying on one of the play grounds. All the sudden shoe girls came to us and asked if we want to play grounds with them. My sister and I said he asked them- must be a canadian sure and we had a great time later that day we found out that they live right across the street. My sister didn't like them, but I did got over their house regularly. The first time we went to their house, I was told that I wasn't allowed in the basement, but being a nine year old, I just rushed off the pair
the two kids were pretty sketchy but again being stupid. Nine year old, I just brush off after having uttering out these girls for awhile. We stopped hang out until they got three kittens. I get it now thinking back on it. It was kind of rude meaning out of them because they are kittens but hey, who wouldn't later that week. I was stupid and said something to hint to them that I was only hanging out with him to play with the kittens the elder sister got really manner. We stop hanging out that, two years later, I was home alone in a blue and red lights outside my window them lease being a crime of Sesar Eleven Year old. I was too scared to go ask what was happening. So I just quietly sat and watched for my room later I saw the mom and dad come out of the house in hanker curious what happened? I went to my neighborhood group chat and asked what happened. No one knew later on the city news,
all was revealed and why they had been sketchy and why wasn't allowed in the basement is our caps. They haven't goddamn met lab in the basement. I was kind of shocks. Anyways day, sexy and of people say you're not allowed in the basement, get the hell out of their Addison yeah Addison. That's right: Addison you're, smart you're, smart beyond your thirteen years and my thirteen years that age to cease its correctly. We need to Edison tell your mom. We need to talk to her. Ok,
I'm not gonna region. The subject line of this, it's Ok Elizabeth Line was met lab across the street, raise yet underground. Okay, so hey Karen Georgia, Stephen in Associated very friends when I was a naive college student in LOS Angeles back in the nineties, my roommates end. I won the lottery to move to off campus housing for junior year. I was particularly excited because I had to move in by myself over the summer, because I entered ship in the university publications office feeling very grown up an independent. I settled then and selected the bedroom that didn't share a wall with the neighbour smart.
He was in his twenties, didn't go to my school enjoyed loud music and seem to sleep in the day and be up late at night. Sometimes people left packages, it has doorstep and it wasn't you PS. He was always friendly, though, and told me to let him know if his music ever bother me. My roommates mood in just before school started and immediately started griping about all the music volume disowned amongst stereo he's nice. Guy said all three stared at me like I was insane I'm not talking to him. He's a drug dealer. My roommate Tessie said: oh, my roommates, as he said well you can be pretty nab judgment dish, so I wrote my eyes and asked him to turn down the music myself. He was very nice, an understanding we had no other problem until a few weeks later, when I was working on in late deadline in a student publications office, when I got a phone call from Tessie whose sounded seriously irritated, but it was
Something else that caught my attention: what are all those male voices I asked curiously, oh, that would be the Swat team. Does he said you know that nice neighbour, will he had over four hundred guns apartment he's an arms dealer? Oh my god, I didn't think the timing was right to point out that I was right about the fact that it wasn't a drug dealer. My blood so runs called when I consider that I had been there all summer by myself, while my neighbor was merrily merrily, arming the neighbourhood girlies axiom be suspicious of accommodating neighbours who keep strange hours, Barbara arms dealers. The last thing I would have thought that seems real risky to just keep guns in your house. For our hundred are hired gun doesn't, like you know, they're, not compact, or maybe I don't know I don't I mean yeah, that's it is all it he's really wrong that ice there and it didn't work out it turns out it did. It turns out terms crime, does not pay for long
Ok How can we deal in the name of this final right, ready health care in Georgia, seated and pets? This is a story that the link my grandparents went for their growing family. My grandparents lived in the same house and say gotten married in the early fifties, have hitherto bedroom house, which was fined for them might add that wasn't tell my grandmother became pregnant with my aunt. My grandfather didn't know what to do since they lived off his salary as a construction worker in Kansas, older brother, who worked in the local trainer and suggested that they steal from a lumber shipment that has just come in the day before. The great idea is older, rather worked at night work tonight should to my grandfather: quote: borrowed a flat that truck from the job site, along with his baby brother, to help the older brother opened the gate, the train yard in the late hours of the night they loaded the truck with as much lumber as they could and then drove off without being seen who they are.
But the loot three ways the elder brother use it to burn the baby brother built a patio and the sound like a fairytale, and my grandfather built a three bedroom addition, along with the rec room. This apparently happened before the sixties and none of my aunts and uncles knew about it until after my grandfather had a stroke in his filter went away, he still the beans and twenty sixteen and my grandmother confirm it saying I never thought he would let that one's lip impressed with how long they kept that secret. He said that he was so worried about getting caught, that he built the addition really quickly. That's why they ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms we're solo. The ceiling, then, would hit me in the head and why some of the steps on the stairs were higher than others. Unfortunately, my grandma, my grandmother, pastor in September last year and my grandfather followed before Christmas. There are both wonderful people whose ill gotten addition allowed them to grow. Their family also become foster parents. Ah they gave back inside my girlfriend. I love you, show it and hope to see live if you ever come to Ottawa or Montreal SSC. Gm Dennis amazing love than I share museum story, my friend MAC, who, as from the east end of London, his father, was tile worker and he got a job retailing, a bathroom in the in the buggy.
And palace, and so they were in their doing. It ends every day that he would go in and work. He would take like tat, details of his own and then Hugh HE retail their bathroom in their apartment and on the east out. So they had they. They had one bathroom, they called the royal bathroom holding. It was in the exact same tile as the bathroom, and that's that's surveys, don't tell anybody that we don't want if we don't want to bust there's people unless that, if that's traceable, but that is my favorite sucking sort diseases like they're the ones they're putting in the elbow Greece toasted, I mean in the mechanisms like what is going to be a couple of honey, reptiles, shit always come out. It's fine except for arms. Gun dealers. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal, kid they make looking at home, son, easy and afforded.
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Again, let us not read subject line great, I'm Georgia, Karen Stephen and four legged friends. I was a thing if you to a few many sides that mentioned a serial masturbate her and something about Venice know that swiss cheese, I freaked out when I realise that I finally had something to send you guys in may have twenty seventeen. I was travelling through Europe alone at the right age of twenty. Unfortunately, I hadn't founding Emma from pod cast yet, which may have helped, may be less of a dumb ass in situations like these any who I was, I took a weekend trip to Venice and spent two days getting lost in the streets and eating a sickening amount of pasta room. It was one of the most magical places I never visited. My train was scheduled to depart at one p m, so I made my way to that side of the city early, so I didn't have to rush. I found this cute little park and felt like I was living my best life iii and reading a book on a bench in Vienna that send them twenty govern it you're twenty eight years of money in the best time you why I took
my glasses, which I need. If I want to see more than two feet and from my face I felt pretty safe together because there were families walking their dogs and other people sitting on benches in the park. As I'm sitting peacefully reading in mind my own damn business, I hear a rustling in the bushes. I figured it was some kind of road and are birds or whatever I didn't bother putting my glasses, but then I realized that the sound wasn't stopping and it was very consistent. I got an uneasy feeling and proceeded to put my glasses back on mistake. Maybe twenty feet in front of me. I see a man standing near a tree staring in the eyes and furiously NASH.
Freaked out and throw my staff in my backpack backpack and ran the fuck out of their use. As a first of all, I have ever told this story, because I think my friends would find it more horrifying than entertain. I dont get freaked out very easily, so just brushed it off in the moment. Thinking back on it now. I really hope that do didn't scares and little girl who is trying to have a good time in the park. I dont know what else I could have done in the moment, because my Italian is not good enough to have that kind of discussion with the police. Well, when in Rome I guess thanks you're making this dope podcast, maybe I'll, be ready the next time some old dude is being asshole public stay sexy and don't let older nation men, usury user for sexual ground airline o the idea I looking than in the directive in the eye, but also that he was old early pick up on that and to the very end, that's not good old creepy masturbate. His pride looking at her veil, like that, looks like that bet he's Macedonia or the best day, Alice S retorting, oh my god, you're you're. Here
I class lifestyles giving me a boner have water Kara. I have one more Edison. I hope you don't hear that part God damn it does in as an ok, not gonna region. In the name of this one Is cats, dogs and Stephen? Your recent episode about the boys on the tracks reminded me and when I was eight years old and found myself in the middle of a drug drops zone Don't you want to hear about it? Yes, it was nineteen. Seventy nine in me, my mom, stepped out in cat, were living on a sailboat, amazing everyone, cat or the boat, so much glamour on this. Many seriously, my step, that was a boat builder and quite the seafarer, so so much so that we sailed our boat from Miami to the Bahamas. Well, one day we were sailing from one island to another, just enjoying the sun and Crystal clear water when boom we felt something hit about. You know. It's really weird is literally listening, a book that is, that the innocent This is like the topic. May let me see
the book as roughnecks people can read it. It says something in the water by Catherine Stedman when they find something rather like body and its similar. Amazing. Sorry go on now, I'm really fascinated about knowing there was no rocks or other boats incite. We couldn't imagine what it was. My step that leaned over the side of the hull and grab onto the huge wooden create that was Bobby along in the water pride, the top off and the crate was full of we'd. Well, my said that estimated that was probably worth twenty five thousand dollars,
My parents argued back and forth over whether keep it at the nice decked out, claiming that we could be set at my mom, stating that someone will come looking for that at eight years. We had no idea what we'd was, but, judging by my appearance reaction, I assume we just when the lottery began. Fantasizing though barbies and candy, I would try and you'd want to buy two. That's right. My mom won the argument. My step to let go of the crate and grumbled will never have that up and will never have another opportunity like that again in our lifetime. He barely got the words out before I not creative. We had our again again. The arguing ensued and again my mother, one that would be so hard to turn down ray.
I don't know, though, because that is the mothers right, you're you're, inviting either you're going to get out and jail because there they think the drugs drug drop was for your boat re or there's gonna be drug dealers, while they didn't knows a drug drop by measured finish this ok about ten minutes. Later a speedboat came racing towards us from one of the islands. My parents thought for sure that it was the owner of the wheat and that we were about to be in deep shit. Luckily is a sweet native man who warned us that we are in the middle of a drug zone or a drop zone and get the hell out of there, because the drug rented for watching us with binoculars from the nearest island, apparently plans would drop the crates incur the corrode move them between the islands. We think the man polar Sale down, put the engines and a higher gear and hauled ass out of their yeah, say sexy and keep at it dropped zones can't wait to see you in San Francisco Linda think, oh yeah, you know it. That's the thing to think of is
if you're being watch here, what, if you're being watched by the worst case scenario, person that could be watching all. I can think of now, and I hear of someone finding shit like that. Like an thing is on your final drugs, it's different, causing after seldom to make any money- and it's like you- we don't do that. There are all kinds of ways to get fucked up for this book, something in the water. They find something else, and it's all I can think about is like all remember in the movie. Where that he finds that the movie with chinese Josh Berlin. He finds no inconvenience matting you and there's like the tracker in the money. Of course, there's a tracker. Yes, that's all. It may, of course, there's attract coarser, someone watching from another island you- and it's like that, mafia. It's not like you found a suitcase apart. You can create a hotel, too Thank God, Damn images were re, think from arms. Ok, here's the last one.
I'm just save this subject lymph because you're gonna like this one, could get out of the deer Georgia. Karen Stephen impacts, longtime listener. First time, writer, inner now the you guys are just reading anything fool. I thought I'd show this fun fact about Stephen King and a prison heron me, I'm a law student in my first year of school here and mean, and I've lived for where I've lived for eight years, Stephen King Group, in Durham in the town next to my town, although he now has a residence up and Bangor, it said that the town influenced the settings for it in the body a stand by me and it and yeah the influence is pretty obvious to those who then there being a third year. Law student is open
Being a third thirty or law student is it, you can get sworn into practice law. If you have a supervising attorney who let you practice under their bar number, I was lucky enough to land a job at our schools, coveted legal aid clinic and for the past few months I have been making weekly trips to the local prison to assist prisoners with legal means. The prison is operated since nineteen nineteen and houses around seven hundred prisoners. I have to wait for the guards to put me through about five gates on my journey through the Sally Port and
yard, which always makes me feel exposed and uneasy. Until I get to my destination the prison library, the prison library is protected. Quiet place that I can meet with my prisoner clients in has its own real librarian, not a prisoner walls of new magazine now and enough rows of books to re resemble a shabbier slightly more grim, independent hipster bookstore and when you walk in there's an unassuming plaque posted about waste high that declares the library to be a gift of seven and Tabitha King funds are not allowed in prisons under penalty of death or I'd. Send you a photo startled. I asked my supervising attorney about the black and white haired old timer, who knows every one and everything my supervisor told me that king donated the library, these unwanted prisoners to practice, illiteracy, not be bored, hello, prison and since the prison setting in Shawshank redemption netted him so much, he wanted to give back to mean, presents the old main prison which actually influence king for Shawshank closed. In two thousand to I try I tried to find out more information on the internet about his motivation for the gift that only found silence the kings do operate a foundation that awards grants for libraries around the state. However, I could not find any mention
The present in their many proud press releases of grants to colleges, local libraries, medical centres, etc. It seems that the prison library is a little Easter egg that king planted known only to those who pass inside the prison wall links or the pod cast. I wish I could share more stories with you and, as loyal boy do I have some confidentiality, privilege and professional ethics prevent me from doing so. Keep up the great work, and I hope, some day that you do a show appear in Maine, Jamie Lynn, all high rate ass, a maze and soon and tat the king S, and on the heels of that we should say, there's a bunch of people have been recommending. This podcast out think we ve talked about it. There's a new park has called ear hustle and it is produced and hosted by
guys that are in San Quentin, and I know this amazing. It's amazing I listen to a couple days ago and it's just stories about guys that are in there and the host are really interesting and funny and some it's some obviously some of its really sad and really upsetting, but it's called ear hustle. You have to listen to and installation of. Very I rule. I think it's very fascinating. The way like prison, reform and stuff, like all these things, are coming up now. It's really right now that are so important and it's it's such a great idea. I have a feeling Phoebe Judge Judge has something to do. I was Gaza sounds not unlike a fee the criminal I style it might be from Radio Toby. I could be wrong, but I think it is, and it's just so good and stories are so fascinating and some of them are heartbreaking in you. You should listen to it. Your hustle. It's a good way to make to make the leg prisoners who are therefore Ino violent events is how kind of a weak see them as humans and said. Oh just prisoners, that's exactly right and also the people who are there. That should not be there right leg. Oil everybody likes to think you know they re like delay, is easy to two just generalise and then kind of put it out of your mind. You think it's very humanizing in its important uncool, that's great Leah and we loves even king. We, how s eyes an angel baby and, on top of the fact that he wrote all of Chiujio Blackout, droplets is the most amazing what of Jesse Bob's jokes? Yes, that's right in his does he park. Our friends ingredient has an album of comedy and it has a joke about steering. King writing. Couteau blackout, dry.
And the only thing that Jesse's ever done on his left out drunkest wake up next, the top of the league in past us out from the bodega that he must have our ears like out turn it amazing so yeah email is agreement, murder, Gmail emails, your ear, we're black eyed young stories, yeah, there's a guy or sad. Our sad and states, actually even don't get murdered, give Elvis Duenna cookie here with you on a cookie
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