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2018-09-24 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns from North and South Carolina include a John List connection and a trivia night story.

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This is exactly right. Oh god, we're getting got about. We are giving great, after only two thousand episodes, solid gold who look in my favor murder, the many sewed her. We renew your shit, you of it. We read it. We like it yeah. We we have our own kind of fun. The subject line of this first aim- I was gonna, say podcast. That scary is mine. It was the last person to see John List Junior alive. So, if you don't remember,
fewer new and you or you only listen to them. If your purse episode have, we ever talk to the people who only listen to many roads as it does happened. I fear easier. Many serves only with particular focus on. Why are you mad? It was about the problem. John list was them was the familiar side, I'm sure Montparnasse met right, he's together, killed his whole family in their mansion because he had lost his job. He couldn't tell anybody and it it's a very dark story. There are ninety classic dude who kills s family and start a new life somewhere else cause he's a piece of shit. Yes, any at a very famous, they did a very famous reconstruction of his head on a believe. Unsolved, mystery or America's must want more America's most wanted. I think is what it was
and I found her and they found him his eyes. Him he's alive chilling, I'm like it whatever in Like Colorado, they always but can run the Colorado and there's a great it's an whenever episodes that you do. You do him and there's a great twisted the end about the money that we won't tell you. You have to go to listen to a real episode, airlines. Sorry, many so nerd, don't listen to full episode, ok, so this is the sun has named after his father, who was sadly murdered with the rest of the family around Karen Georgia. All three friends big fan: let's get to this great his past weekend, I evacuated to my parents house, before Hurricane Florence- and these are these- are emails from North and South Carolina listeners, Pray Florence, but right before when
While I love all the stories my dad's shares, this factoid about him is probably the craziest which he dealt a little further into this weekend. My dad was John List Juniors best friend and the last one to see him alive before his father, also my dad's boyscout leader and an extremely religious man. As my dad described him took him home to kill the final member of his family. All why? Guy I know in episode twenty nine rights. Last year we had a nice word of never even its.
Episode. Twenty nine you guys mentioned John Senior, went to his son soccer game after killing his mother, wife, daughter and other son visa. My dad had told me, John Junior and him would normally walk home from practices in games together. He remembers this day because John Juniors dad pulled up in his car when they were walking on Clark Street and picked his son up, which never happened, but my dad thought nothing of it. It wouldn't be until a month later, when nosey teachers and neighbours would cover the bodies in that ballroom, which my dad also plead room hockey in so her dad was, I'm assuming its a herd is
and played broom Aki in that ballroom. Where he's weird I laid out with bodies wholly show clearly remembers it as this giant room with this grand skyline spoiler with absolutely no furniture in a fast forward a month and the detectives are picking my father up on his way to school. He told me he thought. Oh shit did I do something bad. My dad was definitely a total nerd so no way and it got even more serious when they brought him to the principal's office, where his parents were already way. They ended up asking him. Questions, like John Junior had said anything to him before getting in the car, or
John Senior seemed off. I find this little tippit of my dad's life, so unique and sad of worse, since he lost his best friend and seventh grade. I look forward to seeing you, ladies here in Charleston South Carolina next week, stay sexy and don't get murdered. Best Isabel wow is none in land. Crazy story that you know like you want to. Your parents has yeah, let's yeah unbelievable Africans and its of all the stories, one of the like to me. It's the one it stays with you the most and has the it's so baffling and unseen, and it's just so unfair. It's like journalists should have just fucking laughed and certainly live without you, his family orders fucking killed himself because he is a piece of shit. Just unfairly thinks that he deserves to love and go how life somewhere else young, not his family. Unlike what an asshole it's more than that, but that's what I'm gonna call it it's, let's simplify things in the many. So that's how we are
These are not going to be an hour and fifty may use an asshole. Let's see. Ok, this one is called cat calling arson. Ok, how That's just jump in yes, let's lie so when I was ten eleven. If my elder cousin, I read her parents house, it was mid afternoon Sunday and our parents had gone to church to work on some youth event. We live in a fairly safe small town, southern community in North Carolina. My cousins House had a large unfurnished basement with sheets hang up everywhere to separate, although hoarded junk sitting around Moonlight sounds gravy.
Hiding their clutter as good as good. Southern people. Do nice, just hanging sheets to hide your hoardings, throw up a nice curtain mid room? It's like a wall. Don't worry about it even worrying. I was having a cousin finish your list of chores and followed her downstairs to take another load of laundry down and grab clause of the drier, the wash our entire located in the back of the basement, large open, real, so important clause at a basket and she's at the wash opening another loud- and I hear this whistle- you know that and then this part speaks to my heart, because I can't whistle says she says you know that we will guide you when they're gonna call your lady on the street gonna fucking, let that line,
I can't whistles all. I will say it, can you where you go there and it scared both the cats. I think it's way funnier and more attractive thing. Did you see a wheat wooing just like me when I saw the we were like type down? I was like I know what you're talking about. We do my cousin his mid sentence. I look at her and go. How did you do that and she turns around says what and I'm like whistle mid sentence. How did you do that? She knew she whistles and said you clearly whistled, not me to which I deny, because I can't with I still can't whistle fifteen years later and then says I'm sitting on a couch fake, whistling to confirm and as we are looking at each other with our amounts clearly not moving. We both here, though, whistle again we blew picture in your mind this time, it so much grieved area. This time I drop
the clothes and ran tearing up the stairs with my cousin not far behind me, we run it. Stare shutting the basement during lurking behind. Oh, we
car. I just put it together, like I knew its actually, but I'd just put it together there any fucking. They learn a basement and there's sheets hanging all over, and I hear we were you set the whole scene and then the second. It was the calling hillock outside outside in front of like a scaffolding like New York City Street, their home alone, base million a base ordering basement call her dad, who laughs as often tell you here is a. We are clearly in panic and comes home from church he's back within ten minutes with a crowbar and my dad in tow behind him, and they go to investigate that. Yes, my cousin device it upstairs frozen until it costs down to our horror, the basement or that leads to outsiders, open, which clearly was not lower down. So someone was standing there in the dark behind one of those rooms current off by sheets whistling two little girls and hightail out the door. We screened and ran up the stairs
cousins house burn down twice after that over a period of seven years, what the yeah, the first time! According to firefighters, official reports, the fire started downstairs in the basement in the middle of a concrete floor, how ruining all of downstairs in the majority of everything they owned, so they rebuilt and finish the basement. The set
fire supposedly started upstairs in a bookshelf, no explanation of how or source no camels around nothing insurance later drop them because they could not explain how the fire started and suspected arson wow. This is my cousin. I can't help but feel like that. Creepy Sunday afternoon whistle had something to do with the fires. Oh and there still living in that house, stay sexy. You hear a whistle run or move more in holy share. Crazy. Is that also because if it say it just is worst case scenario, some sex offender- that's like hiding it like that's. The worst case scenario is a sex offender. Hiding in the basement were two little. Girls are fucking doing laundry, but then it would make sense or of any of that person continues to live and be in the house that he's a fires. Daughter is as high as diverse we we may. Mr wheat will owe Jerry. We will hear what ailed six months ago. Ok, this so
the line as from taking your own death in Mexico to owning a pizza place in South Carolina, hello, Ladys, Stephen and animals. When my husband, then boyfriend- and I first moved to Colombia South Carolina over twelve years ago, we found a group of friends to play bar trivia with. I was mostly along to write the answers on the paper, keep score and occasionally very important job. That's right! You! It has. To be clear right area, occasionally answer very recent bullshit potfuls men, as this brand group was freaky smart of over the course of four years. We won one thousand dollars in hard times and care, including two one thousand dollars summer tournaments. That's amazement, my god! I want to go in there there's Meyer, every Thursday we would go to this bar called bays and play in when it turned
obeys was named after the honor Bay Rutherford. He was around a lot. I met him on several occasions and was known for being kind of a creep hiring and hitting on young college girls. He was probably in his late forties, shorting as workers on their pay and tips and overall, just being a dish. Thanks to an article in a local independent newspaper, we learned the bay had been convicted of taking his own death by burning a body in his car, along with some of his personal effects, Michael Clayton style in Mexico in the nineties, heeded lost a bunch of money in the stock market, any wandered away out. So he grabbed a grave in Mexico burned the body in the car through in his medical alert, bracelet and watch issued in which is dead on Michael Clayton and not medical or reason. I would like to know if they do not receive sedate me and even went so far as to take a tooth from the dead guy and give it to his wife too.
The two investigators. If they came around this, so she knew and myself my Deanna like this is rotten. All illegal should also forensic dentistry doesn't work that way. We're there like, yes MA am, do you have any of your husband to media? We need to take the man, that's the only way we can get it. It's the only way he had seven million dollars out in life insurance on himself too much to enslave, ensure that seven red flag- and he was hoping to cash and later when his wife claimed it. Luckily, a bone expert noticed some inconsistency is from the burn body and figured out. It wasn't bad. He was caught, Nan Y, see convicted and served five years, which is the max. I that she says the MAX. I think, before we heard about this, we almost feel bad for going to base almost every Thursday for over a year and a half and never spending and actual damage our money, but that I am making is that part of the story can be watched on forensic file season, eat episode, thirty one, that's or collection for episode. Fourteen on Netflix lie love your spare sorrow. We should fuckin. You should play
Libya. Trivia about Netflix, frantic, vows love. Your show can't wait to see when Charleston next month just pretty soon stay. Taxi, don't feel bad about winning money from a Phelan Lauren, that's good! That's a good one! that's two Lawrence over here. That's right, why an aim in itself The victim must crime because you have just fucking Iraq. Second life Insurance corporation, but the body who they stole from belonged to a family and a Skype just be traumatized has ILO where someone is father or or relative to other it's It will also just the dear, that you would be enough of a creep to be like. Oh, I want to keep my money. I mean I minute dig a body like an eye, a tooth, firmer, come on guys. Let's not don't have some accountability. Please stop it.
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My mom and I used to have a summer home in North Carolina one summer roughly fifteen years ago, and I was about eight hour. Jack so Terrier Jill started going insane back in jail, Jack Jack and don't start going insane. You would run around barking staring at the walls and ceilings during this time. Some of our stuff went missing just a few. All things that were an important have to worry about it. When I'm on came into my room to check. If I was asleep, only define a tiny furry creature with huge eyes staring at her while drinking out my glass of water was, if it turns out, there was a family, a flying, squirrels levantin, artagnan attic. This is it. This is a finding things laws or over that
I hope you will be opened the door and there's a little tiny tongue killed, because it gave him less its rapid, yes and next year child. Yet my mama launches a squirrel flew through the air right next to her face and dashed into my bathroom and then assess lying scrolls can fly very well, even though its actually just gliding not know what else to do she shut? The door and cover the crack at the bottom with a towel, then and to grab a butterfly now, not sure that would have helped much when she went back into my bathroom net in hand. She saw the squirrel in my bathtub, and this is our caps and its kills me playing with my bath toy, let it led startle, the swirl made its way to a slightly ajar cabinet and, through the tiniest and through the tiniest hole in the wall, my mom realised that the butterfly net would not be sufficient catching the creature and call the pest control or some other animal removal company the following day. He was playing with her behalf
like our baby, so here soak here, they came within a day or so and found that they had made are adding their new home. They removed the family flying squirrels and release them outside, I'm not sure where, before in a way that they couldn't come back once they were gone, we gotta see everything they had stash up there, because all the time she was going to Missus Sherwin up all the things authentic going missing where they are, including several of my bath toys and my favorite, I pillow sub area just take a share in running they. Basically that bathroom had become like their ethical Schwartz. There were just like check out this sponge that shaped like an ice cream con. I am free. I just love like the idea that a squirrel used languages like a boring thing was like this toys. The bass hating go back for more that's right
good to find our staff as well as to know their dog was not actually crazy about that issue, though she still was nuts pun intended. I get sexy sexy embryo crazy dogma actually have a point: Natalie O Natalie, that's a good one flies girl drinking out of a glass liquid, me, ok, the subjects of this is my literal. Job is finding stuff in walls listen. This is slightly long, but it's really worth. I am here for high Karen Georgia. Imagine my delight when I realize your obsession with finding shit and walls was very real. Clearly, you are operating on my level upset of obsession which is basically the doktor a level of financial laws. I am director of museums for Historic Charleston Foundation in charleston- oh my God, South Carolina
that's a whole sentence as a historian and preservation is in charge of two sites in a historic district, we find all caps a lot of shit in walls. Here's the latest in greatest story, one of house, museums, I oversee, is called anything you'll Russell House. It was built by hey, you guessed it at their no Russell and nineteen in eighteen, oh well. The original house consisted of an enormous three story: federal Mansion, Kitchen House, carriage house, work, yard and Garden Russell moved into the house in the spring of eighteen, o eight with his wife, two daughters aged nineteen, seventeen and eighteen enslaved, men and women. We have owned the rustle house since nineteen, fifty five and since nineteen eighty nine much time funding an effort has been poured into the study and restoration of the main house. As such, it is a procedure example of the towering wealth of slaveowners in the night early night. Tenth century, whereas the areas inhabited by those eighteen enslaved people were used.
Offices are storage and we're not considered essential to the telling of the full history of the house. Needless to say, that line of thinking has evolved, and last year we began an intensive study of the kitchen house to learn more about the lives of those living and working in the kitchen, laundry and living quarters between one thousand, eight hundred and eight and one thousand eight hundred and sixty five. I should add that, since very little about the daily lives of enslaved
of the enslaved survives in written record. It's only through forensic evidence and archaeology that were able to piece together what life was language even microscopic traces of pink can tell us volumes about a room from two hundred years ago. We began our study of the kitchen house by assessing the structure and realise that the upstairs living quarters were dry walled in the early twentieth century and we could hear voids behind it when we tackle along the walls account a contractor on our team used a very small reciprocating straw to cut a small hole in the dry wall and we were astounded by what we found underneath behind the drywall. Perfectly encapsulated was the original plaster walls of the first period slave quarter, wholly hoarders, complete. With original line wash. We were amazed since features like this. Don't survive two hundred years of renovation, but as we remove dry, while we realised that practically everything in the room was original to the period of enslavement plan
woodwork paint finishes windows, ashes, doors, everything as the dry wall came down the room transform and we were looking at the same walls from some from the early eighteen hundred alike. It was incredible an incredibly emotional day, thinking about how everything we could see was built by the and slaves from the bricks and mortar to the plaster and paint, and these services hadn't been seen for at least a hundred years. This was a living space for an slaved people and probably the only place in the house. They could have a moment peace if any. It was like a sacred place to say the least. So then it gets better as we round the corner and continue to remove drywall. We discover tons of debris packed in between the studies and base boards, while all that shit ended up being the remains of several undisturbed rats nests before you freak out finding
Rats nest is like Christmas morning for preservation and as they taken and run yet we were literally jumping for joy. Asia racks tend to gather items from a fifty foot, radius pack it in there and then p all over it and thankfully rat p is a preservative. So even if a nest is hundreds of years old, the things in it tend to say intact over many years, like they're, like tiny time capsules. If time capsules were full of nod bones, mummified rap opens a shitload of sweet artifacts on we wasted no time pulling all that shit, literally out of the walls all attach a photo of us coming through one night rat, one of eight Ratan ass. You can see how much debris we are talking about. We spent several days painstakingly coming through the debris and removing artifacts. We uncovered hundreds of artifacts, these fucking rats straight up stolen from the people living in that kitchen house. We found buttons stockings marbles straight pens, a portion of the waistcoat avail from a bonnet hundreds of bones from butchered animals. They were likely stealing these from the kitchen one floor down. We found a small little paper box containing a cake of make up. Only the most exciting finds, however, were to fragments of paper. One was a minuscule bit of newspaper with the name crookshanks on my colleague was quickly able
search, the historic newspaper database and match it with the digitized original witch dated from November one thousand eight hundred and thirty three. It is incredible to know that everything we were looking at was it from such an early. However, it gets better the most intriguing artifact, the tree from the nest was a tiny fragment of a primer. This one made us all to Europe, for when we realise what it was you see. Reading and writing was illegal for enslaved people in South Carolina in eighteen. Thirty three, despite this, someone living above the kitchen at the rustle house, got their hands on a reading primer and were possibly learning to read and write. Holding the physical evidence of potential resistance was one of the most powerful moments of my career. So that's my touching story of finding shit and walls, the kitchen house, restoration, is still ongoing. You can come see it when you come to Jane Austen in September there.
And we are in the sun, raising period now hoping to fund a full restoration of the kitchen house, so it can be put on public view, along with the artifacts we pulled out of the walls telling the story, the full story of Charleston and it's complicated and painful full past Basically my reason for living at this point, so it is important, especially in this political climate. Thank you so much for keeping me company during long hours of cataloguing museum objects, you guys are the best I can Wait to see you in September, Sd Jam Lauren, Loring Number three, really that's crazy, holy shit. That is incredible, is an amazing and credible story, a view, the DORA she's, the director of museums for the historic Charleston Foundation. So whenever the Historic Charleston Foundation starts that fund, raising campaign
there's, nothing. I love more than to see that have led me to who were actually so we're recording this early is we're going this weekend to our tour, so we s she's, gonna, forget or we'll go there, but will we weren't gloves and asks and booties on our sheets? Heartily and Stephen has the photos? Oh, oh, we'll put them upon instruments winter inch. Oh, my God is book that, So much of that is creepy Endlich, so much fun wow that arms. That's her It's like American Indiana Jones can people you are who work in museums. I know like a lot of museums have their like their ship that they,
that they just store that they don't have Alec, send us the weirdest thing you have or the creepy as thing. You have argued that that your favorite thing that youth have in their it sounds like you're trying to rebuffed on wild means mysteries of the musically, essentially Don Wildman us. We want to get bite that Dumb Wildman letter I want. We want you to mysteries at the museum email as well, because there's nothing more fascinating. Then now it's real the real study, the real the real, which is by the way you should watch that show. It's a great show you, however, if we want the ones that Donwell, never they can't sell. Everything rang, will listen, Seneca whistle, send us a we will. We will as add my favorite murder gmail and send us a wistful whistle. We will address and say, secular, you don't get a elegancy when a cookie, that's bad. Yet we will use, we won't you it would. We
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