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This week’s Halloween-themed hometowns include ghost stories and oozing walls. 

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This is exactly right. Really quick announced for a start than many sound were having some big changes to the website and the Fancourt. So if you are a family member, keep an eye on your inbox for updates and important information over the next coming days and for everyone. We have a big, exciting special announcement that we're going to be letting you know about on Instagram live so be sure to follow us so that'll be on Wednesday on Halloween at eight thirty Pacific time check it out. Instagram My favorite murder go by
hello and welcome. This? Is my favorite murder, the many sewed? This is a special spooky out. That's
My friend Patty rarely you I lived in a haunted house with for some reason. I think it was because there is like a card somebody gets on, but we used to say that each other's boogie hell we instead of happy how up spooky Ali we haven't. We in everybody, our reading, yogurt scariest, go story skies you knocked out of where to go. I'm terrified! Are you ready? Yes, ok, first one I'm going to I'm going to censor the subject line. So I'm just gonna tell you the subject line is trick or treat cat the whole on dear Emma found team I love that official borderline military Theo too that greening long time. Listener love show love your pats. My love the community. After listening to Georgia's Halloween story, last week, I had to share my favorite memory of taint of attended Halloween tree. I grew up in Canton Ohio, which is a working class town about
our South Cleveland, we're famous for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, who cares for and for showing up on lists, like worst american Citys alive, in no danger a small cities? Oh my love! It! Ok to set the scene. It's ninety, ninety one, I'm nine years old and I'm trick or treating with my six year old brother. Indeed nicer, part of our neighbourhood. We walk up to her aunts house and get our candy mom tells us to go to the next few houses and she ll catch up, as she finishes. Talking to my she finishes are Chablis. He up and her her big long, Benson hedges lights. One hundred that's right, thrill! with this new found trick or treat Frida we head off. However, quickly realized. There is a problem. We look up. The work wait till the next housing and we see the neighbour picture.
Bob from twenty. Oh, no, her sitting on the front stairs. He looked scary, but it's free handy right. You re my little brother and I look at each other in horror, as Bob reaches his right hand into a large bag of potato chips, proceeds Dolly's handfuls of a real industrial return trader. Oh my god. That scares we freeze because we're supposed to be polite and take a nice man's David Right, IRAN we turned around and I tailed it. The fuck out of this psycho is giving children handfuls of loose potatoes link run to this day. My little brother and I dissolve into a pile of giggles at the thought of that creep. In what were the chips plan, a city run out of highly and turn to what he considered the next best obstinate chips. Who was he just trolling? The neighbourhood will never know ass, a siege, Yemen and Happy Halloween, Christina. That's that's great. Lose the data lose. What data Egypt's Anna trigger drew back, just sallying, all candy euros over just ruin, ruining it. Ok, this is called so
spooky shit or hollowing, and then sidebar cats. Now oh right Elvis, yes, others Hank eyes and gals, no high guy and gals all my thoughts. Now that it's almost hello, we know to be good time for me to write in about my spooky paranormal experience. I grew up in a small town in Colorado in a house, it was shipper far away from other houses, and it was unanimously agreed was haunted his help. All of this book. He was reported happening in the same room, the tv room in the basement. Of course, the stories mostly happened during parities with my friends hearing fucked up things or people acting weird and that we are in the morning at one time, when a hippie lady stay with us down there and told us, she heard things screaming in the walls which we decided to blame on raccoons move on their good catch. All those rockin reckons that my personal experience happen with. As I was about seventeen my parents were.
Of town and decided to leave me and the enormous hunted house alone. My dad was logic to cat, so they have to stay outside and our garage, but I was spooked, so I brought the homey is inside second rate. Where we went downstairs. Is there really going to help you and you can see the milliner round, as your murder doesn't just like so sad at the idea of a fucking garage full of cad fitness? Nothing as a cover isn't makes any more than it is at that always inside we went downstairs so watching tv, and I settled into the couch facing the tv with my back to the majority of the room, one of my cats media, one of my cats. Tito was Arme lap and uncharacteristically really on edge. He kept jolting
up and staring over my shoulder at the same corner. I would turn around and look where he was looking and, of course nothing was there, but he would use, but he would just stare. He did this several times. He would go from purring and drooling a male app to highlight, with all his hair on end and staring at the same fucking corner over my shoulder, then suddenly he hissed and bolted out of the room. I decide not today, Satan and booked an upstairs to my room where he was waiting for me. I'm a bad, acting like nothing happened, so I got in bed and finally calmed down in a palace sleep. Then thing I knew I had open my eyes, and my nose was an inch away from a wall eyes, come to. I realized where I was that's right. I fucking slept walk to the corner in the basement.
I free and sprinted upstairs and launched in my bed. I checked my phone. It was roughly three o three I am and in the morning, meaning that I must have been in the corner almost exactly at three. I am now. Is it Albania, nothing like that? Has ever happened to me since and we are now selling the home. My mom used to tell my sister and I that the spirits have worked, just grow up and so aren't a threat to us, but might be mad about something else, but still fuck that coroner things. So the awesome broadcast a sexy interest, your cat Taylor and the next to tailor. In parentheses. It says, girl, Taylor, girl, girl, tailors a female Taylor. Girl sailors are added to Herpes RE, trying, my cats, God that's upsetting to fuckin sleepwalk and then wake up in the basement in a corner in the bad coroner. Give I woke up- and I haven't slept- walked to the pod law, which is a relatively like spirit. Free safe place would be freaked out. Oh yeah, none! I know, there's no good place. You can now like you. Could sleep walk to the freezer while the ice cream as the Adobe Freaking, the fuck I, but to the fucking corner, where your cat was kissing, add to the Blair Witch corner? How are the bad children go or their murdered exactly Algeria, for I am, let's ray
spooky Halloween, ok, there's next one as subject line, my crazy neighbour, a hollowing dale, hello, em. Family awhile. You asked for crazy neighbour stories. Did we are that we then my lover, I'm proud of the past? Yes, I don't remember the past, do it, I love it and with hollowing coming up, I figured I'd. Send this one n. I grew up in a small Pennsylvania, town and acquired neighbourhood. There was never a lot going on, so we have. We had to do what we can to entertain ourselves for my neighbors caddy corner from us this meant getting really under the holidays, especially Halloween Canada has never garage crazy, long, decor blasting the theme from Halloween as soon as the sun started to go to a quite frankly. It was amazing. Ok now, I'm sorry too sidebar this already, but I thought I told you convinced us we're on tour, but the last time we recorded in the pod laughed at Georgia's house, I went
your dad and were always done it like eleven and thirty. I went on my car. That was part in her eye, and somebody was sitting in their car in the garage and the creepy ass garage of my like my apartment building. As a fucking creepy, like eighties, japanese horror, movie Garage- yes, it's very nice It just seems like some Whereabout thing, what happened? Somebody was sitting there. Car blasting the theme, the hollow, so it was, I could tell if you are sitting in the cart, would be making our ears bleed, but outside the cart was just plain LE only God here who at first I was like hearts, October and somebody's and As I was get on my way to the car I wanted to get into the car, so bad and my car unlocks automatically when project as the key here and still is trying to open. It was because I was so freaked out by the time I got their cause. That music is so fucking as I do that and then, and then it is that war
bad, he bore didn't they ascended the talent. I know I'm jointly, on average a newer versions perfect. Thank you. Ok, anyway, that's my personal experience. Who the hell is this a smoky, ok and though they set about the neighbors decorations? Quite frankly, it was amazing one halloween when I was in high school, a group of friends- and I were at my house- preparing to go out Turk, retreating and then apprentices to old. I think you're, never too old for score. Some free candy too. There was a knock on the side door so think he was a friend of mine or inappropriately aged trigger trader. I went to answer it. Standing on the other side of our glass storm door. Silhouetted in the dark was a full grown man dressed as Michael Myers. Now he didn't say a word: he just Our brandishing a knife and staring at me now and The hollowing theme was planned from across the street.
Naturally, I immediately Gaston ran away my friends all freaked out when I told them and then freak out even more when my showed up at the window. There she didn't speak, he just stood there. We continue to run around the house only to have him appear windows until we realized some time had passed and we had no idea where he had gone. After losing our shit for awhile, one of my guy friends decided he was gonna, be macho and mottoes Parenthese quotes and go see where this fucker had gone and went outside? He came back five minutes later. The weird look on his face and told us to follow him around the side of the house. There he found my neighbour at the bottom of our stone. Cellarstairs man,
by his side, clutching his broken ankle. He had fallen, who, while trying to sneak around our house and endure locally, he wasn't more injured, see serious. It could have heard Boeing seven feet down the stairs to the water. Not now I expect those and the knife ended up being fig, of course, in guy, or else that could have also ended really become my God does to say he ended up meaning physical therapy and he never tried to scares like that again. Why sexy and may believe your neighbors alone Allison did George you get you lookin grown man for trying to scare little kids seriously. He fucking paid the price immediate running around trying to scare them. If I can just then seven, whether these Azure Lula, I love that so much love, at some homage of open, aiming at adults. I mean you know me really funny, as if this new version of
following came out the New Jamie Curtis, which currently like breaking box office records and so huge and amazing, but it would be funny if, like that's the way they finally stop Michael Myers trips yeah, they just do a little funny pit. For him or what is its purpose that regulate ships over like a neighbor cat tries to like cattle out with him in like choice up his legs and a thousand starts crying like I myself and I and other people. I really wanted to tell you like a walking through backyards in others that one great shout of him and he's living in between the sheets that are blowing in the winter. Yes, and then he walks ordinance chokes himself on one of the on line is caught up in the sheets large. This is called friendly, ghost story Chicago high
I found fan. Thank you so much for making go stories, fair game for many sides, because I've been so excited to share this old ghost story that has been passed through generators of my family. We you people are the best ok here it is so a smack dab in the middle of the great depression in Chicago, and my great grandfather was struggling like everyone else to provide food and shelter for his wife and several small children. When they heard word that local bank had a job of elbow, he mediately drop what he was doing and sprinted to the bank, but already a huge crowd of men had gathered, who all one of the job, and then it says in France- is one of messed up. Time really was foamy about it. No women could work there. Ok, he waited for hours, but never made it to the front of the line and eventually the boss, man from the bank announced at the job had been filled and they should all go home. The totally defeated my great grandfather went to the local pub sure and then it says, differ your grandpa as he is sitting drinking beer and then sat down next amateur bar. He ordered a drink and they got to talking after supper.
When its of chairing a man out of the blue goes, you should go back to the bank. They have a job available. Great grandpa was like no, I was just there and they hired someone else. The man was like they have a job available in my great grandfather, No, they doubt this continues and against. My great grandfather was pretty, and I, with the guy event, she was like fine when our I'll go back. He thought of the guy. Completely bonkers, but something in it made him walked back to the bank like expected. When he got back, it was pink business as usual. There is the there's, no crowd and the posting for the job and been taken down. He was about to turn around leave and the doors Bank doors open and the bank boss. Man is ushering. Someone out, then he pointed to my great grandparents, Ed you here for the job. My great Ambrose in shock, but somehow pulled himself together enough to ask my an interview and get hired turns out that the guy the Bosman was ushered outside was the one they who they had originally higher, but something didn't work out as soon as possible.
Grandpa was done with the paperwork at the bank. He ran back to the path because he wanted to find the man who sat next to him to thank him for somehow. Knowing the bank job would be open again, your crying her own going, but when he got back and was gone. He asked of our tender young man who was sitting next to me. I need I need to find him and are tender, said you're talking about lose out in anybody's nausea. That's exactly! I value are crazy because you were talking to yourself the whole time. Oh my great ground, was totally confused ass. He walked home. My family is convinced that the bank job saved him and his family, and so also my mom, my siblings and me. My irish catholic family, thanks for the serious man, was an angel, but I don't know friendly go seems more likely to me say: sex ain't, always you at your friendly pop goes tells you to do Brigitte. Can I say Brigitte what I think it? Well yes, because in the great depression and crash of nineteen twenty nine, although Spain
was killed. Them saw her and I bet you as a fucking banker from that bank and is the reason why the jobs is open and looking went there. It was his job without delay, because why would even be in there that bank or no or hot bank scary? I love such sadly no cause. There's this one kick up there, These are also good that a good jobs deepen the job I cannot do and Stephen I did it dude. I wasn't gonna hear foretold videos of Georgia now now. What's that voice? Now I'm foghorn language we ve gone completely away from an old minor. Adele Strangle, my boyfriend and I picked. That's the thundered. My outside, I once drew up a whole cranberry and chicken salad in a pact restaurant because of a ghost here's what
Up to that shining moment said about five months. Before the dominance incident, I was sleeping My boyfriend's room. His room was always brightly lit from an obnoxious street light that shown in through his window, like a floodlight sufficient around for no shades in your Tonia around. For fifteen, I am, I woke to the sound of my boyfriend yelling, no, no struggling in his bed. I looked over straddling his chest. Was a man in full air force, attire, omega, looked old fashioned and retro with both hands around my boyfriend's neck, throttling him. As my boyfriend appeared to struggle and yell. I started screaming at the top of my lungs and bolted out the front door to run and get help this Does the mid nineties, no cell phones for us early murder? You know that my boyfriend ran down the street after me, shouting at me to stop and telling me man flaming and it's not man splaining. Then I must have had a nightmare bullshit,
I know what I saw and I definitely wasn't dreaming. I refuse to ever sleep in his house again for the next several days. I was so rattled that I would shake every time I thought of what happened. I that's post, traumatic stress, disorder fast forward. Five months later, and we were in a new restaurant in town which had vintage photos post all over the place after lunch, we walked around and took a look at some of these pictures. After a little while my boyfriend said, look,
the picture of my house motioned to the framed photo now Isles, yes get ready. There was also an insect picture of the soldier who used to live in that house and who would apparently died world or true it was the fucking man strangled my boyfriend months prior. I shit you not. He used to live in that house before he was killed. It gave me such a shock that I threw Ireland right then, and there, and I ran up the Russia without a major Penta, gets it always with a small down seen that people like to gossip about the moral of the story is bring your barf bag with you. After you seen a ghost try to kill your boyfriend Asia as Sd Gm Ladys, low low I love how sad assigned? Yes, he beat it. That's like some kind of a move and then you're not so much more satisfying
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it's called a dead camper question: Hey Georgia, Karen Stephen, an awe animal grammatical, l huge enter the show, and since its October I'm we listen to last year's goes stories they, but little squiggly lens episode. In the event you do something similar this year or a greedy menaced. Many says sometime. I hope you find this creepy too, I was born and raised in a very small town in New Hampshire, home of good old H, H, homes, Mannion early nineteen hundreds, our property was a summer camp for boys are terrifying horrid. Just the worst idea. The smells everywhere houses houses Foundation was literally built around the old swimming pool in our front yard. The concrete from the pool was covered with stones, but as the years passed, they fell off and revealed more paint from the pool there was.
There's also weird things and our property like a set of old wooden, stairs built into a huge hill on just one side: no creepy. We had a good amount of land there, I or in the backyard my dad cleared out to create by trails and jumps for us, whereas anyways when I was probably twelve, my friend and I were right, airbags and rode all the way down to where the clearing ended and the woods began. At the same exact timing, both came to a sudden, stop and skidded offer bikes, basically staring at the woods wondering what in the creepy ass hell, they were looking at raided the tree line. There was a boy staring back at us who look to be around nine years old, whose views. Ray dirty with shaggy brown hair. He was completely naked, except for a short may, not a fabric, you makeshifts short skirt it the skirt, not sure. Ok can I say, he's naked, but he's wearing a slow skirt here
Ok, let's go wild boy. I like it better than if he was wearing a shirt with no pants like porcupine yeah like make it from the waist down little boy. That's bad! Bang, known unknown, adapts emergency situation, girt, ok, skirt, ok, Asker element, makeshift skirt, Meda fabric. Can only old timey All he had was a dog that was already running away from us. He started As for a good three seconds before gently shaking his head, I don't know if I would call it a non and then he ran after his dog do both reach out, ran back home to tell our parents who believe just enough to go unchecked. The woods, but obviously I didn't see anything. I never saw him again, but it's always stuck with me. There's always been we're things that have happened at my house. To my other friends, your childhood is that they thought my house was creepy to know shit yeah. I looked into my house as much as I could. All I really found was evidence of a wealthy businessmen back in the day, opening a camp that was for boys to teaching about hunting, archery
that's no. After that. I can't find anything else. I even worked with my towns, historical department, but hey, but they can't find much. I even work towns historical department, but they can't find much more either way. Small everyone knows everyone and whose kids are, whose there's no missing children at the time or ever. Basically there wasn't any of my neighbours are classmates and I've never seen a kind of dog. Before around town. I like to think it's a boy from the camp at either died there or ran away and died and was a and Squiggly lines thinks are eating, stay sex, you know, get murdered Katy. He was ago there was a guest of little boy goes to like is living his best life like best coastline out in the woods. A wild child has fuckin trusty hound with him, but why is he nodding his head he's just like yeah, you saw me: oh, he was yes nodding. He said it wasn't like. Oh, yes, he's and I'd nodded nodded his head. I dont know I would call it a non o shaking his head. I don't
call it a nod shaking his head is creepy shaking as like stay away from this war or somebody or not so as to be here, because what, if that it, you know that reminds me of his Fox island, which is in the upper peninsula in Michigan, is that them Michigan killers, whereas the Oakland Oakland child killer. That was that weird connection to they started in underprivileged boys on an island where they flew kids in the kids couldn't get back off the island. Most of the kids were underprivileged in some way and they fucking were molesting manifestly when sex turnover of fuckin just have their yes and it like well
They fuckin. Oh my god. This is like it's the forties version better back when no one would have reported and an echo to the fucking tat. Those are my God. What, if that? Well, they businessmen started that fucking camphor boys was named h, age, how it was his first pass definite. Also why what you build? Yes, I do Why would you build now, we're a pool. No, no! No! No, sir, all sorts of problems, its foundation early and end the spiritual and earthquake. Only earth vaguely spiritually internationally. Can we giving one second, because this one? Yes, He had not married you this out. High Karen Georgia, Stephen and relevant furry creatures had all right. This
or he takes place back. When my husband, I moved into our first house in summer, a suburb of delay. We know at varying know what Sohmer don't explain, domains lady who sail aren't we had been in a house where a few months and it just pull together or music room well. Well, we were jamming one night, la some young guitar me under arms, with an effective, a wall. That news is us, look an invitation to come down. Is it a ghost email from Karen Carpenter all of a sudden. He stops mid song. I think it was misfits hybrid moment, my god. Why am I know that Mr De Gaulle and Sears intently at the wall about two feet to my right, of course, freak out thinking, there's a bug right now. Circassia only discover that there's a smallish bubble under the paint where wall, what the fuck cure, as it says, that on the email curious I put down it with my finger and it
squishy like there is liquid, and we got a box gunnar and cut a little hole in a bubble in a dark thick. Now I could came, oozing out and down the walls blaming was this blood sewage we had no idea horrified after their and immediately started calling peoples to come out and investigate a plumber came the next day and cut open a wall only discover it was not blood and it was not sewage. It was honey.
Honey. Yes, that's right. I don't wall was the melting remains a beehive and hundreds of dead. Later I put the pieces together of how it happened before him of din. There are some holes in the outside world, in which we ask the previous owners to patch up as a contingency Yale, so they did and in doing so they tracked I e murders. We would never have known. The hive was even there, except for that. It was nine hundred degrees outside that they were playing music. So the son, just melted remnants inside the wall, two days to clean out the sticky mass and quite sad to see all those dead creatures that are so crucial to our economic, sits, drew on fact. It had the same smell like when you drive by a beer factory may mean honey fermented. Thanks are reading a big group of friends and I will be at your Elisha, although we feel airway stay sexy and save the bees leah- oh my god, now to get one and what a bummer that they had this like free, fuckin source of honey, yet as an they couldn't. If they'd only kept them alive, they could have tap to that little bubble. Answer and just had a little like like there's a little bit of, especially as paint lead paint in their skin. Everything don't worry about your like making a warm cup a teen than you just go down to the jam Room Ba lows, her name.
You're like a baby, is militarily, you would suit our work and reward for your work and killed last night on the draw your girl, you can jam on them. These bees have the deepest voices the foger rose, conservative, California rose, they have backwards advisers on their haggard and they're, just like Leah. We just want to make honey and chill trade you play me. Let's rightly oh, my god, I mean I wish we could do this all my long guys keep sending stories like this. Because will you now, whenever we get these ideas for send us here, one hours we cover them and whenever they can, we deserve recycle red. What's good, we like get they like. It's almost psych it like mansplain many sowed. We won't mansplain bacteria, a man splaining Lee or days excellent, don't get murdered, Elvis one cookie goodbye,
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