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2018-11-26 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a ship-based murder and a Whitey Bulger connection.

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Hey you guys at the end of the show we ve got an exciting announcement. Tell you about so please stay tuned and listen to it. It's for you good, bye and welcome to my favorite murder, the many soda it is the Monday after Thanksgiving Weekend. That's right! You have to go back to fuckin work. Sorry, Christmas stuff doesn't full effect. Ding Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding Ding at extending it in, and let us remember inevitable that than an none that someone I like the best. There
also it it's a marsh mellaril in the thinking that all of us only the words now so much slower than they mean no, no, that's that's a man to their land and he did you. Do it I'm and out forget you're sorry Lee that, yet, while my favorite Hanukkah saw oh, I see, no one is doing in the men on ring ring is dated thirty eight jeez at ease that area and a family group fund aid and exists. We don't know where they are, that we are not going to talk about them. We wondered knowledge where you're, only old testament, Mary Mary Mary, comic Hanukkah. Oh, wait! I mean
we just do a quick plug for their new Christmas letter, that's Hanukkah sweater that Georgia, design called and the slogan on it is look. I am bitches is actually look I'm oh. I am sorry we re making others Christmas Merge holiday, no, it's Christmas laid at present. So I was like a look. I know it's not gonna, be a great big seller. Anything, but can we had a Hanukkah charges? So I won't be like a complete fraud, Mikey of Course, and then she goes. But if it says look I am bitches. I mean I am LE high ambitions and then I can stop laughing. I thought you were going to say no, but I'm glad you did. I support your duty ism thinking. Ass Mary, like Theirs
much this boy, that's kind of why don't shut down my throw you done you not fast, not mud thing you now! Thank you in the way the Jews are doing all the time. Just no, no, no I'll have none. I'm here for the food, you rarely sages that did this ever have milk or vacant on it, which I really appreciate is it spends had a problem for me. I said: put milk am bacon on it. You now is not the view of our I'm gonna go first. The subject line is clown attack during a soccer game. I care and George just as high Georgia, Karen Stephen Infirmary Friends, and then a wink smiley face with one two three four five mouths: okay, which I don't I don't even know your dirtiness is, is teens, stop wasting your time of all these practices and get to the story. So while I wasn't middle school, I was one of our cities, soccer team and twenty sixteen
Let's see that means that you are in high school now. I was right that we in Europe was a teens teens. Is those rights Lucia? I thought it was a good slam, but it just turned out. You are just very accurately figuring out who is talking to us now over was when the clown tax started. Have the soccer game. My friend was telling me about her clone attack that happen. While she was home alone, but that's a story for another. Now this team is talking to us. Like fuckin Alister, Cook team doesn't know. I write a story introducing masterpiece lay in a minute. That's a story for another day than that in a number of men, and now we want to hear it. While warming up my friends and I were joking about a clown coming out of the woods, but probably the scariest woods, don't fight me on that, the Birchwood! Sorry, that's true!.
If I'm wrong Stephen you look it up, I believe birch trees are the ones that are skinny men, why they had leaves that turned yellow, and so I think this person is exactly right that the birch woods are the scariest woods scenes nodding Similarly, when they like the Ark Marks, Ottoman staff yeah, that's beautiful, body'd, aren't as pretty had birch trees and our front yard. When I was growing up there, my favorite Ozark origin. Also, I want all of these paintings. Stephen Stateless receives emails. Insanity lose even got attacks. It said sex this and sex that tee in their sex day. The theory it quits texting, stop at Stephen, you teen Oakum, birch woods. We all agreed during the scariest, ok and kick
they're talking about joking about a clown coming out of the birch woods in their kicking a soccer ball into the other goal we started playing and at the end, First half
A clown comes at odds with an axe and starts running enterprising parents, and then this is all caps. We played for a whole three minutes after the clown comes when we stopped playing my dad called me over. We ran to my car and called the polarization. After a few minutes. We didn't see any sign of a clown. Next thing I knew the clown was banging on my car one. I don't get out of the car inserted fighting the clown. If you're wondering about the axe, it turned out to be thick and my dad wrestled the clown to the ground pulled off his mouth rises, but those goods they scooby. These dialogues totally it turns out. It was the man that own the fair grounds, NOME. Just that's what that's from school media. It turns out that the quota quote. Clown was a boy on the soccer team, a great above me and had brought the clown costume on the bus. What little shit fuck indigenous the clown was coming from within the house. The kid
three hundred dollar fine and his parents were hell a pistol via that's my story of a clown attack. Sd Gm Addy little Shit, god dammit teen money is fuckin thing of all time, never having a teen teens teens. Look they're gonna change the world with their clown hatchets, that's what a little fucking Brad, though, would have brought a shit, but then also ILO is in the spirit of just kind of breaking up ass. The intensity junior high soccer again raise like about none of you. You all rely chase parents with fake. Then he did it. You can't do that. No one told him that he couldn't he believed he could fly. We believe what he could touch the sky. Ok, I can tell the nameless highlight: isn't Stephen so its sister so period in twenty two?
my friend Joshua booked a cruise as our first a delegation we booked an inside room just like the cheapest option, which was the crews line, picking your actual cabin, because we are both twenty one can barely afford that
So it was may interim July I saw the scientists are room being millennial. I imagined I immediately. Google, the ship and room number only to find out that all caps, a man had strangled his wife to death in that room a few years prior. She hates. I think he had been drinking all day when the ship was docked and then got into an argument and strangled her to death in the bathroom lady. I find this out freak because I'm both marine murdering, oh Anne, super paranoid and call the crews line to try to get in there to switch the room. The woman is like. Where did you hear about this? No one here knows anything about it and I was like Google ad and they still wouldn't change it. I had to have a coworker call and pretend to be me for two hours to get that room assignment changed he, so it all worked out in the end. I just kept thinking about that awful movie go ship and was not about to be in the sequel of books, anyways, K, sexy and always google everything Christine. You are dead on Rights Sistine like that, since I mean here's a funny part two.
Because it was about a cruise ship. There are so many things it than you know could have been about. I now thought could ships I mean. Are you going on a cruise? It's rough and my family, our crews, people are there. Well, you know. That's how my parents, man, that's fray, were working on princess cruises together and we went on a cruise for my mom sixty sixty Sixtyth birthday. Which was lovely cause. It was to Alaska. So it's like good measures could of issue. The visuals were excellent. If marketing, pulled into somewhere, where you never come back out of that, then you could just get be at sea and like have the ship go down, as there is a couple nights, it was very strong change the agenda or you get fuckin like food poisoning or alike. As so many thing, just just you could just get disappeared. Ok
I'm not gonna, do the subject limitless cause it ruins of hello, love, love, love! Your part cast I'm in sales and have a lot of DR time and you're show constantly makes me laugh until I cry. Thank you also compliment I used to competitively ski freestyle aerials one love well! Well, my goodness! Is this sunshine peekaboo street? What's your name? Turnus gives an inordinately works, sunshine, peekaboo history, as as did you send eyes? I wish I am here he is ST sign. Clearly a huge fan of scaring people often refer to it. As that flipping shit on skis every year. We view as he ski team wow used to travel to Fortress Mountain Canada for prices and training and always seem like the perfect place for murder middle of nowhere sketchy lodge but beautiful hotel called.
The cannon skis say that five times so she says in her email, I'm not even sure if it is a mountain anymore, but I did hear it was bought and getting a make over. Ok she's the ship. To try to get us to go there yet, clearly we're going to go to your goddamn mountain fortress. Now I like the idea that you think I'm not even sure it's a mountain any more rapidly. If there's no hotel honor, that's it. I mean it's no longer amount so
That's a chasm con anyway. To give you a brief point to one on our sport. What isn't she wrote us when afford this to a sports? Podcast you have to chop, are landing hill with shovels in order to soften the landing, as opposed to landing on a firm compacted hill anyway, I remember being so excited to be my first. You ask eating camp that I got dressed super fast in the large ski boots in all and headed to the hill to help the volunteers chopping now, so I get there and grab a shovel and start chopping. I noticed there are some guys using huge pickaxes weird, but I just thought that that was their preference, as I'm chopping the hill and nearing the top, and almost done my coach peaks around from one of our jumps. She says and promises its
global freestyle aerials zero mean so many month he started laughing and said my name and I went to him. I thought I was going: get praise for showing a burly in helping prepare our hill. All he could do was laugh and shake his head. I was only thirteen, so my mom travelled to Canada with me and she was sitting in the lodge and he said, let's go find your mom. You saying this through the land so we had back to the large which looks like the lodge in hot tub time machine when the guy's returned for floods, not a reference point that you can just throw out there like, we all memorize that movie teen teens, when my mom and my coach, We find my Mama coach says so Katy.
Beyond the hill anymore and in the morning until I come back to the lodge and give her the clear to come, he's not mad but still laughing and smiling. I wasn't really sure what else I heard, but my mom's melt dropped and then she put her hand over her mouth and laughed. I'm super confused and then they turned to me and my coaches. Do you know convicts are sure. I said well It turns out the mountain it was ok to have convicts from the nearby prison quota, quote: Volunteer Hill with pickaxes and shovels, so we didn't have to. I was also so I was also so excited to be up there, helping. I hadn't even notice that all the convicts were chain linked together. Latch love, Kate. My gun, teens, loving, skiing, seen loving gone back. Let's
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Hey guys getting straight to the story so sunk into my mom over dinner, and she was telling me about how bad ass my grandpas mom was. Then she told me the best story. I've ever heard- and I knew that yell needed to know so- great grandma within a super small town in the pan, Handle of Texas and attend this story. My great grandmother was already amounts to three kids. The town was so small that everyone you everyone migrate. Grandma was especially close with all her neighbours neighbours your most likely a mile away. One day. She got word that her neighbours, daughter, was sexually assaulted by a man town and make great grandma was furious. They found out who the man was in somehow lured him to their house most likely that the promise of sex when he got there. My great grandma hold his house out to the backyard and all caps
castrated. Looking up at such a rate of cut his balls, olive, the man was too scared to tell anyone would have been a great grandma was never punished and the neighbors daughter was never messed with again. My great grandmother was honestly that cause human being and regularly carried around a hatchet once even shot the bag out of a man's hand. Who is coming to rob her well I met her, but I know for a fact she would have been a murder Reno. Thank you so much. Thank you. Shouldn t. Thank you. Thank you. So much for an amazing pod gas that keeps me entertain during my internship at a probation officer, say sexy and don't mess with taxes, grandma's much love from Dallas, Texas, Victoria. Now and the title was my great grandma castrated man Jesus Christ seriously. I hears that we're just gonna, go on good faith that
a guy? Was the guy right Guy Liese for FUCK's sake? What should our ten that everything went right in these areas was an act of true justice. It was an active, but but like a figure either way someone got castrated. I mean, if there's nothing, we can do about that. Now, that's none of our responsible now but, as is very old sorry, the first thing I think of his like the guy that that that, like Joe that morning was like, maybe I'm the start, parting, my hair on the right, and then that makes it look exactly like the guy hideous town rapist, but that someone happen. That's what happened instead was at the hideous Tom rape is got his. That's all
by landline. Whitey vulgar likes it high. I inherited Tokay. I friends, I'm sure you ve seen on the news that mass murder, James Whitey Baldur, was murdered in jail. It says here last week, but I bet that was the awhile ago This brought up a whole lot of emotions, as I'm from Boston and many of the kids. I grew up with had white, connections: cousins who sold for him uncle were killed by him, etc like how everyone as a hometown, murder, everyone. I now has a weighty story: now: here's mine So in the seventies my dad was thriving doing some banks in Boston. He under condo in I want to say Quincy Quincy. I know it's not the former. I know it's not like the former press as she's telling you to say, Quincy instead and customize, the interior of it of you,
people had customize their condos, so the foreman on the job ass, my dad, if he wanted to see the other places for Lord knows what reason my dad said: yes, the form and take some around and show them the interiors. They pull up to no other than Whitey fucking boulders condo. To give it a view It didn't seem like weighty, had moved in yet, but my dad's as every wall had heating panel on as well. Those terms. Just had one the form until my dad that weighty specifically requested this, even though it was a fire hazard, because After being in prison in Alcatraz, which I knew
really call ask began, but every time I tell the story, he never wanted to feel cold again, so his condo was always kept pretty balmy. My dad said why he was a good neighbour who kept himself and would often smile and waves. They were shoveling their porches. My dad always way back completely aware of who Whitey was what he's up. Two things are everything you guys are so that I could go on about mental health, but you ve heard it before, and I nothing new to save our buzz stays, Axion Domo, two balls, and if you dont like the cold mare, oh shit, that's fucked up we're gonna do already, but which are sometimes I now, but it's just hit man shy. Now it's not it's. Just
more hooker greetings from Ireland. I just finished assumed episode, one twelve, I'm slowly catching up after starting with your first episode a few months back. I know you're interested in stories about people finding things in houses. So I thought, if you get a kick out of this in my twenties, unmoved end to the attic attic attic of an old house in Cork City, Ireland. A card is record parent. I can't remember you love say it again. Now my grandparents were from long for it in Galway, ok, sick, say, cork, again, Killion Murphy's from Corky Perfect, it was our either so let alone
No! No! No! No! I shouldn't have sent an acute when he's the beautiful one from picky blinders, yes, blah blah blah. Oh, it was directly across from a convent, so near so near. I could see the nuns having from their rooms to Brucie every morning. I can only hope they didn't get to see any of the central deeds I got up to in those days. Lou sacks sins. A few nights in a row. I had a dream where I ve been playing accordion on the street when someone stole it for me, I was woke up panicked and heartbroken when they decided to investigate the cupboard directly behind the bed. I was sleeping in the covered, went back a fair bit and when I first moved in a check this cover, but all I could see was dusty tiles and nothing else. I never used it as my bed was pushed up against it, but after these reoccurring dreams, I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to check this covered again. It couldn't be
even when right at the very back, I spent a very dusty object and dusting it off. I found that it was an accord in irish psychic and not just in accordion by the accordion in my dream. Yes, it so very there was very old, so I never never. Work started to fall apart to the touch, but when I left the house, I took the accordingly with me and I still have a Tuesday afternoon wonder whether this according was stolen from being a pass life. Only to find me again in this life, why things are being in my life and for all you do Nikola now. I love that sorry, dream story is cool. Tell us it ain't, let me be a new thing could be like weird dreams come true or like creepy,
dream she only if it's something that actually capture and there's a story to it. We do not right, sir, your fucking during oh, no one else button and that's true, my friend Gregg. There is ever hilarious bit about this on stage, but- and I didn't realize it until I watched him. Do it not like? Oh, I tell people my dreams advertise it so boring, but to everyone except you yeah, because it's like If I were doing it like Georgia, guess what last night I dreamed and then you could just name a series of nouns and verbs and your amendment that was not really happening real. I knows and arrange dream. Ok, like the endless. Don't do that piss Karen off? I'm sorry, I'm already man so good, a mega good make it. It has to be like my in my goes story where I have a dream. I wake up
Wake my roommate yeah she's on the couch she wakes up, she's upset, I say: did you just room by the little girl with braids and then she starts crying because she did and she and I had the same dream us. That's just a teaser. She want to hear the whole story. Go! Listen to them! our Party with Alan Georgia, because I tell the entire story right right. There's a man like meant numbed reference in Europe about you sure, unplug the park as enemies. You anymore, I wanna, keep all that shit alive and MR stories, my favorite murder gmail, and I thank you for listening yeah. We appreciate you, we do. We think your gray Allah has your scenario say: sex. It's ok, murdered, get Elvis
yeah, hi, hello, its Georgia and Karen, and we are excited to tell you that we are launching or new podcast network exactly right. Yes, we're very excited to tell you guys about it. We ve chosen a bunch of shows with specifically with murdering us in mind, and we can't wait for you guys to hear them. There's gonna be more true crime. There's gonna be Carmody, there's going to be cat stuff. And more and a lot of very very special house, very special hers ends and then, at the end of this month, we
you're going to announce the details of these. The first slate of shows for exactly right, ass, a statement for that and in the meantime you can start following exactly right on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and please sign up poor the newsletter at exactly right, media doc. You guys were becoming podcasting moguls join, oh my god. It's exciting where's that eggs, I back the young inventor back late.
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