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MFM The Top 3: #1 - Episode 18 - Investigateighteen Discovery

2019-08-08 | 🔗

Drumroll please... It’s #1 of your top three favorite episodes: Karen and Georgia cover the survival of Mary Vincent and Franklin Delano Floyd.

Original airdate: 05/27/2016

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This is exactly right. Ray. I can match your volume, can you job here. Yes, I was gonna sing, but you don't. You don't want that. I just don't help oh yes, you do don't me saying a matter of us have gathered fuck out everyone's a good singer when you sing, like you like a jingles thing, you're good watching him was the already doing. Ok, maybe we should get like MIKE stands. A whole that Michael Marilyn Monroe. Who is that
solid gold, you're too young. I get, I get what you but I don't know who its downward like this terriers pinching it that's what I got guys Are we on the whole thing was, opening sure quality. Its quality maybe now we're trapped, Make sure that our makes little sense. Quality is legit widow. I sound like he unanimous it. Maybe don't! Maybe, let's not. Let's try not to touch the cord rules this week, maybe dont get comfortable. Could you please Upstream yeah maybe stem one foot. I was definitely way too loud or the beginning of last episode. I've never noticed that I cried in. Car, because it sounded so obnoxious- but I did that was the day had pour over coffee. O cold, grew coffee, a cold brew, I think, maybe a little lower. Ok, look so uncomfortable. I am, I hang out
I ve never noticed a weird like I've, never How does that we are, but I'm busy laughing my ass off at a so you look so uncomfortable get comfortable just be aware, I think you're. Fine, ok, guys. Has everyone happy. Let's you say or we're gonna take that whole per off no Erna we're gonna, my favorite murderer behind the scenes behind the scenes behind the crime scene. It's the this is the directors cut of my favorite murder. Learn a minute ago I wrote something down and I was like cracking myself. Oh yeah. I want to know it. Well, yes, because, oh I guess we should address the show you just did it. Did I did, and they now running, I'm I'm Chemical Gara said that's the voice or listening to right now carry we are like, I think, you're a gravelly sexy, Boyce yeah is trying to make its own kind of Saxony. You stay sexy them. I turned out to get murder. Rape
I am a murderer. Who is back in my voice MA? Am I felt like a cartoon character like a bolt like them, like female bully cartoon character? Be careful what you say, because our voices Hunter similar made to talk about it all. I know, but people have a hard time. I appreciate okay, so I was going to say we should we have to do with it called when you like to a wrap up in the beginning. Housekeeping housekeeping arise, a member who is instead, we should call it crimson cleaner. So if you know it is, this is the problem of having self esteem you're fry me, yeah you're gettin, a real big head. Is there so many problems with having self esteem re? This is one of the richest: that's a spiral of liking yourself.
Its discussed it, is it never goes well now you need an intervention. Eventually, you are doubling driving toward a brick wall, but I'm, but I think I M doing a great job driving that car. That's re, elect check this out, get hummed, I'm shift and the third boom reality hands, but I'm gonna stick shift me too much they are taught us is very important that we learn yet how to drive a stick, not love the engine not grind. The gears is very didn't I don't even know if any that means cause. I never did. I know its not serious a gorilla should our thinking, but I knew how to write drive it. That's good. I think. That's it. Ass. Lady thing that now you know what it's actually a prerequisite, because than any situation that you're in it too. If you get into a car, doesn't matter what card, as you should also learn how to hot Her cars, you always have a way out. Well, here's another thing: did you watch the movie, the movie with parent? Go again? No, you got it with them, Kirsten
dance towards the end of the world. Yes, okay! So like none of the car start anymore, because they're all electronic and computerized, and so once that shit cuts out you're going to have to fucking hot wire, a seventy two Datsun, that's right and get the fuck out of there. Ain't no sweat it stick shift, stick shift get on a hill. You don't have to wire it you take that Does he broke off you, throw it into some remedy, start rolling down the hill and you pop it into gear, and it will go. I used to drive a happy little Vespasian. You'd have to do all that right, like a give it a running start. Yet just terrifying luckier yeah you got, it entered shift. Everybody got to learn at an end of the world. Podcast else It's much easier. It's one of those things were like you know when you were little and you did not tell time you're like is impossible, I'm never going to learn it. When I was a little recently it. Just takes me an extra beat you so think earlier. You don't think about it, but yeah,
six, if it's an h, shape each formation first gear top of the age, Second gear bottom of the first stick in the age them Apart as neutral, then you're going the third over at the top of this. You know it when it comes down to it I mean, if you're getting if you need to get the fuck out of their burn up, that first guarantees fucking just go just got thrown into second biggest. Actually you can log in all button. Second, you can, but you get, you can get more speed, is a very real thing. I have it should, in my mind, rain. I feel like we're helping wine person every time. I do every time, but also get some like dude, who might even like you a little bit who would be willing to spend a half an hour in the sea vs part. You lot with you and drive a stick shit around ten minutes or that is giving him a handicap as a thank you yeah you, it's just your hair until ground nuts just. Now I mean you gross. What's wrong with you. Use
that should get cut out. Ok now, starting now, I welcome to my favorite imperfect, were the worst people still bad ass people over there Look I just trying to help you and relax after a long day, sir of work we're doing a. I don't work, but wording you do gonna work and therapy today at work. I was it great. My new therapists should not know anymore, but you know when you said that the times I'm MIKE my fair? If he is the best is when I go in there being like what the fuck we're gonna talk, but today I am doing great yeah, I'm feeling good night. I don't have a thing, bring to her and then it's like the best day of therapy. She has a kind of lines I do have some comes out and then you're like holy shit, because it can lead anywhere but suppose, like there's this problem right out me walk through at right. It's like it's the background to what to wear
you do bring her problem. She's gonna be like here Little thing, as I have already told me when we didn't have anything to talk about that, are better the reason you're doing this fuckin thing off Things can dawn on you when you have days like that, where you're talking and then you go wait. A second that's why I got her husband for real. Yes, you can It was sex star. So I'll tell you, after about it that porn, I'm India opening up, but I don't wanna talk about it. Otherwise, our rated acts. We haven't really gone into Sexton much personally on this on this package. I feel like that is not enough everything. That's not our area. I feel like there's, probably plenty of podcast that do that either job joke was very often for us and there's gotta be high school of listening to this end. It already love hand our jokes. There, oh yeah, ok,
billing Joan handwriting are that's. Are you kidding me? I don't like they're like snapped chatting them left right and centre at all. They do all day housekeeping. I'll, keep Weren t shirts available my favorite their shirts dot com, there only availed June, first, at which point there, the borders We fulfil them and we're going to come up with a new shirt, probably like that. July, but this is the last I am for the time being able to get this sure yeah. Since you got one, we promise the first person we see wearing the sure we will hug and then murder because would not be funny yet that's the ultimate price. Ah,
I'm feeling a little emotional recoil from telling my period story. I think it was a mistake. You can cut it out. So stop talking about it. Ok by me, there's gonna, be no like recall it. Actually, let's leave. That part is not that I don't know they fuckin a minimalist and they're gonna, whether she talking now a oh age! more piece of housekeeping the eye a comedy, show at the Improv LAB witches in Hollywood at the improv there's a They have a smaller room next to the main room called the lab and say June aid at ten p m, my an April Richardson Show business class she's we're under the show. We love you there you, you might know her from goby aside the great podcast go Bayside we have a comedy, show there. So come to that, if you feel like it, we would love. Have you its super fun and it just a bunch of different people. I know guy brandons gonna, do it J, Weingarten gonna? Do it
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You guys mister Grey Period story, shake disgusting. Should we get into the murder. I dont have saying, as I mentioned earlier, they didn't know. That was your guys I'm going versus wake? I think your first, I think I am get cuddled in I'm want to have this half a glass of wine. He drank some of your risky. I wish I could. I drank all mine already for the earth, but it was up beyond ninety. Ninety seven, I had my love. She asked God. Is get at it, my therapist Tommy that we're doing an experiment where I'm drinking two glasses of those days just to see how it goes. So, I'm glad at last a busy day. That's no more, no less yeah we're just sing at this. Goes it's almost like what are you don't feel like? Oh no than Dyson,
after force it down here- and this is clearly like this- was two glasses and whisky in one big cap fund does not count as one it does to me. Mary ago. If I was your therapy as hell yeah girl who keep. I have this realization. When I was trying to think of this week's there. So many good cases- and there are so many people- of your passion, about the cases that are their stories or just ones they like think are fascinating. There was a guy that treated me. A case his at is twitter. Handle was at Arkansas yours so Isms like Arkansas lawyer, and it was a case of I think his name was Bobby Lee Foster Bobby Joe Foster, who killed his own mother Edna, and cabotage later and put the head in the local church and then took the eye is eight mailed them to Eisenhower, Singleton, who in actual fact, yet it was crazy but So I was kind of into that. Thank you for sending out. I love it. I mean you know, but
I had a realisation that when we talking about our kick off murders a the goddess kind of into it. I realized that factually and date wise at an earlier one, then Diana towns, and it is because it then the barrier and it's this Parents are getting divorced, is all fucked up and she had friends in the Bay area. And later murder of through the barrier, but she was homesick and let's unpack on It happened in nineteen, seventy eight, so I was eight years old and this was on the news it was like in nineteen. Seventy nine is when he went to trial and all this stuff, then, and it was on the news. Every night my parents for live. They talked about it all the time you must have just been you're there too. Yes, because it was, we watch the news together as a family every night, before dinner, feathers, nothing more harmful for a kid you had. No one knew I now it was
This is the late seventies, where no one knew what was good or bad for children away. It was all just like eat your cereal go outside also insanely fucked. I guess, if their. If she's it's been that long, I piano with it Ray and she's in its one. They can tell their own story. As you know, I I couldn't was where it was that weird time in between coal, mining and children being carried entire lives until they get to call it drape, essentially so I'm the last of the last fuck it up in me. I can deal with it, but once I sunlight college roses here's the story on September, twenty, ninth nineteen. Seventy eight A man named Lawrence Singleton, who was a merchant seamen, always are a job that Richard Speck was emergency, who really yeah there. It's bad news. I think that's what happens when you're like super fucked up, and you but you're so fucked up you dont, want to join the army. Sear like all go out on a ship for awhile, with a bunch of do so. He picked up a ten year old Hitchhiker named Mary Events in Berkeley, California, honey.
Mary had run away from home. She lived in LAS Vegas, her parents are getting divorced, is all fucked up and she. Friends in the Bay area and relatives. So she made her way up to the barrier, but she was homesick and then on our own for a while, she had a boyfriend that was bad to her. She she left him ran away. She just wanted to get back home sweetie, so she is hitchhiking in Berkeley and Van pulls up, and there are two people hitchhiking behind her now, just so you know, there's Mary herself tells story on an episode of I survived, it was season four episode one way and it is epic I know you don't like survivors. I thought him love survivors and things like this, are you get the first hand account of something there? story is also insanely fucked. I guess if their. If she's it's been that long, I Kyoto with it Ray and she's in it's one. They can tell their own story there. Now
you know that that there able there in charge of this narrative they can tell you what happened and unlike when it's a grizzled fuckin bar tender like they waitress and she's like this. This is what I can happen in me. I can deal with it, but once like sunlight college girl, his life, his royal end, now you will because here's the thing the saddest part about it, but the truest part about it, is happens to a lot of people. Yes, so when you have one woman sitting there going to be the here's, what happened me ABC Andy? You not only get the don't fuckin hitchhike, keep your eyes open pick up on contacts clues. You have all that, but you also have survived and you can survive and you can't come out the other and I hope other view. Am it's? Ok, it's ok! To tell your story like you. Don't have to keep this huge secret, there's other people who have been through similar or worse yen, and you to tell your story ass part, that's part of the healing right. So so a lot of what I have here is based.
They her first hand accumulation, so the van pulls up and there's two hitchhikers behind her in Berkeley. Seventy, eight and the guy that driving the van says. He only has room for one per, and says it's Mary, while the two hit because behind her go, don't get not banned because they can see into the back of the Van the whole thing's empty, there's plenty of room but if a person saying he only has room for the young girl they go, don't take that But she was so tired. She just wanted to get home. She was there and he looked like a grandfather. A really yes he's a big part, though, it can a grisly old guy he was like it is. Amid sixties at the time so she's I put sack do so. She gets in and she's, really tired, she's been walking in hitchhiking for a long time. So She says I'm I'm trying to go back home to LAS Vegas. He says all
you I'm going to Reno, but I'll give you a ride to LOS Angeles, which is that that right there, what that is It doesn't make any sense way, so she settles in and she fell asleep. Don't do it don't do it she wakes up and they have. East and not south when she finally sees assign there somewhere out Patterson there somewhere out by Modesto there there on the others, of the five There's a lot for people not from here those lot, especially in the seventies, with no man's land. Yes, a lot of especially the central Valley, which is where he drove out to its just all em? the rural farmland, roads, little hills with the oak tree on top there's nothing. So so she is notices that they're going EAST chief freaks out confront some says what the hell you doing. He says, I'm sorry, I'm an honest man. I made an honest, honest mistake: let me turn around
Poles around it turns around starts going down. There only says sorry, I have to go. I've did believe myself. He pulls the van over she's nervous she realizes. This is now a bad situation. It's it's nighttime he's down relieving himself and she looks down and realizes one of her shoes untied and she, thanks to herself, if I have to run for some reason- and I could out this old fat guy- but if I have to do it, you hurt cheese I guess how much you so she gets out of until she Benz retire shoe and she blacks out. He hid her in the head with a sledgehammer she wakes up she's tied up in the back. Of the van after hammer hit, she wakes up. She wakes up, so you just cocksure out, Yeah. She doesn't like thinking, a junior, she's sway. She wakes up, she's tied up and she's naked fuck. Any surgery bear he rapes. Her all night
since the morning and the whole time, she's of course, crimes. Fifteen years old, crying whatever saying just set me free, please. I won't tell anyone just set me free sometime in the morning when he finally done poles or out of the Van untie, sir and says you wanna be set free all set you free, picks up a hatchet. Now out of the back of the Van cuts off her left arm. She's screaming below the album she's screaming freaking out going crazy She grabs him with her right arm Goya Freaking out he takes the hatchet, search hacking off her right. What about me? where the craziest there is as yet like, unlike remind myself that she survive, but it doesnt fuckin sound line. Owing to. I know it's it's crazy, so she
is holding onto him, but she falls backwards anyway. And that's when she realizes that her right hand has been our right arm is chopped all so she's, all of course, in total shock, confused, losing blood looking and Does the most fucked up part of her story? There's more fucked up the matter. This is it go it peaks and fucked up ness right here who wish she sees him she's. Looking and like she can't understand what just happened and she's looking him- and he is looking his arm like this- is flicking his arm out. Yes, no, she looks her right hand is still holding onto his our along my fucking, you are just go, I gave myself chosen. I know this story because you had your handed unlike ideology. I did it so she passes out like kind of goes lamp sure, she's, bleeding, obviously profusely losing blood.
It had lain on the ground, so she just goes limp cause. She just doesn't know what to do now in the presence of monster. He thinks she's dying or dead he dragged her body over to the railing and throws her over thirty front cliff. On the way down she breaks for ribs and he drives away now later on when the police catch him. State I'll. Just let you off the hook. Now they preach cap police catch him and they put together the reason he did. That is guess he thought she'd be dead and they did. He didn't want them to be able to gain a finger prints. What did they? Ok? Who found her her that shit and I tell you now please so she's down in this fuckin ravine and she's lying there and she's Lou. Using blood like crazy and she to go to sleep, but she said
there is a voice in her head saying. You cannot go to sleep, you have to get up, so they can catch the sky, so she puts her bloody stumps in the earth and them and makes a mud pack. Losing blood. Oh my god had on both on both arms and then she stopped. Crawling back up the ravine. Thirty feet: it takes her all night. Oh no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! That was the morning he dumped her over in the morning, so she crawled back up the ravine it. If we take our all day. She finally gets up to the top of the ravine and back onto the road at night and then she starts walking. Naked covered in blood with to stump arms, she walked for three miles like the first car. The came up was to do. Convertible, and they saw her now a fucking sped away. No, yet yes,
and she said herself in this I survived. She goes- It looked like something out of horror movie she's like I didn't blame them at all, because she it was, I mean beyond something, you'd see an arm of the air and on an a bout of of our away like a dead, deserted road in the middle of the night, where there's no it. This is out. Where there's ST lights? There's your eat, like she said she was walking by the light of the moon. In my view, its like these to deeds are married men and their gay lovers and the like, but on clan style, Reno romance thing and if they stopped to help her, they have to call the cops. Are gonna get caught together? Yet, let's just in my that's it that's very plaza like hopefully, these monsters, these debt- I mean here's, what I'm sure, of they carry with them on this day yesterday, the engine leave.
Personally and when they read the mate newspaper the next day, and there lay like look what we did and she could have died, they have saved her and then she could attire. But here's who did savour who she walks will further a couple who was on their honeymoon or Mandela who took the wrong exit. And his driving around trying to get back to the eye, five o, which is close enough. That Mary heard the the ways of the eye all day and was like. I just have to get back up because there will be someone if I walked toward that sound. So that's how she guided herself back toward civilization. These these people grab her put her in the back of a truck and say we're going you get you help and she said she heard them. Speeding, so fashion here, the tile tyres screeching they get to a phone, can I say rockwork yet half the people listening that their Marinos yet dream honey.
Exactly exactly like, What are you I'll see if I can play comestible because imagine you you're, like oh I've, merit I love him. So my he's the man for me now, if man, for you was one of those guys in that convertible right. You just like we to get out of here, you'd be like Get out of my life forever, I bet they're still together. Hunters here. They get her, they get to that pay phone, they call and they her left her to the hospital? I wasn't even an ambulance situation. There are like straight in so oh honey that relief. She must have thought my guy in to be saved. So she sorry, I'm on. The next page already is by them I won't ever now, you're like fuckin telling this you're, not even your doubts, because this because I remember this happening when I was little English and my I remember my mother,
so live and she would talk about lunch Singleton this disgusting, piece of shit. She would talk about him. The time lukashka I'll get into. I should have as all this was all these were all these details on the new. No, but it was. It was a man who raped Earl chapter arms often threw her into a dead just, and that was plenty because you can't that's when it was like. Oh my that could happen. Orderly. That's real! Even word re, like you the talk about like couples and in fucking sitcoms didn't sleep in the same bed right exactly Well, I'm not from the fifties, Georgia. Only Ireland, the Brady Bunch, was the so she lost over half the blood, nobody, how but it from her hospital bed. She described a picture of him accurately to the Peat police sketch artist, that Lawrence sing.
Since next door, neighbor sigh immediately called the police, even though she was friends with him and like new, him for years. She was like that's Lauren Singleton, that's my next morning, she's one of us. So if has exactly so- and I do have to say this in article that I found that it a piece of information for some reason in the line, it said housewife Bowling expert. Why I want your life. They really described her to a t I really why I want that and that's a pretty good lawyer, so they arrest losing. Learning for nine days later, I liked com, Larry, Larry and when he was questioned, Singleton told them please that Mary was a ten dollar whore that that he was passed out drunken his van and that his other front Larry is the one that attacked her and that there were two other hookers in the van at the time. What fucking
monster lunatic. So she tests as against him in court, get a girl with two prosthetic two prosthetic limbs on should already been fitted for them. She was still a teenager. I mean that, and that is a hard thing to do on its own analysis of this as she walks out after testifying against Hampshire. He whispered to her. If it's the last, work. Incentive law apply to attempted murder rapists. Will this is back when there were like rape is probably hurt. She probably asked for achieving properly. She ran out so in March of nineteen. Seventy nine, a San Diego jury convicts him of kidnapping mayhem, attempted murder forest. Rape, sodomy, enforced oral population and gives him with maximum sentence at the time. I guess now go Hassan, keep interrupting no, no seven years, fourteen years for all of that for
and no change in its programmes will be approximately April twenty Eightth, which was eight years four months of time and every one of the barrier went banana. So here's what happened who had to pass that certain said. If I had the power I would send to present for the rest of his natural life. So, along with the particularly LULU, gruesome, callous aspects of the crime that case became tone. The notorious because he was paroled after serving a year. And the Tampa chapter of the guardian angels, which was a big thing in the world Kay said this is, when is shit went off because that's when it started on the new whose every night, this guy got and it was like my parents, tossed about any people, talked about in the grocery store. It was like. How is this happening, and you know it happen- is nineteen eighty three they
Mr Work Incentive la kind of quietly past it so that they could reduce prick never crowding where a day was off your sentence for each day that the prisoner spent working at the jail or you could the pot legal and get a bunch of fucking prisoners, out of jail exit, that's exactly like the murderers and rapists go. Therefore, fucking ever lie in God's name, which have a work incentive law apply to attempted murder or rapists. Will this is back when they were like rape. He's probably hurt she probably asked for it. She was hardly a ten dollar whore right, mother fuckers so announce that is release date. This is Martin, who is the associate warden of the California men's colony in San Luis Obispo, where he was serving his time his release date. Martin said: if there is continued good behaviour and work and no chain they were red will be
certainly April twenty Eightth, which was eight years four months of time- Every one of the barrier went banana, so here's what happened there pearl him to Antioch California, and the mayor, protests the Department of Corrections and so knowledge the public outcry. The department attractions agree. It's not released, Singleton Nanny Antioch, so they try to play Relatives and Tampa Florida people rise up Temple Florida and the Tampa chapter the guardian angels, which was a big thing in the member them. They lead these protests. And eventually the Florida officials reject the Prodi said. I he can't go back to tampon, if you're a fuckin, if the hell's, but as a health angels, no, the guardian angel Atwater, though they were this,
They will be worth. I thought you mean thousand Hell's everyday were basically when the in the eighties, when crime was crazy, it was basically at the end of the recession when what kind of shit like back when we York was a total dump. The guardian angels, where this group of basically, what do you call them like, like mothers against truck driver? type of thing. None at all these were, I can't think of the term or it it was time by the way like was not in any hurry, it will lick it just law along at a level things, but nobody thinks cocktail with some secured everything's like no but it was them they were like you're, like a citizen, the sinking want their own hands order. Those call like I am citizen taking on air, so
basically, we like were taken back the streets, so they would go. They were red, berries and shirts, its guardian angels. They all knew karate, they all they're, all like muscled out dude and they would ride the subway at night, timid Joanna that lake vigilante, there it is. They were their total vigilantes and they basically would like their own gang, but a positive gang. So they just major like that people than tacked on the subway and in every city, started popping up with their own group of the ready and angels have gum. Eventually, of course they dispersed, because I think they things a little too far. I as it usually happens, but anyway they did. They actually did some good stuff in them, where people there were there weren't enough cops and Cobb's a lot of crime. So We have to come back from Tampa Florida, which is worse. Family was bake, Temple was like go fuck yourself here and you know: floored is kicking out, you're, probably a big, pretty big position, so that
He, where do we go so They try to release him in Martinez, California, and the which is also in contrast, the county, so the your cat Contra COS, County Board of Supervisors and forces. Council members. When temporary restraining order from a superior court judge barring the departed corrections for placing Singleton anywhere, in contrast, accounting quit bringing that motherfucker Accurate he's not allow ain't going to happen, so Now they try to place them in San Francisco, but police chief police chief. Frank, Jordan at the time, he's told that that they're gonna bring Singleton dissonances, go for it weeks and several just go that temporary a restraining order, barring from San Francisco. So then they take DE redwood city secretly, but reporters find out that he's there in a hotel and protestors surround the hotel and the debate.
The crisis has to pull him out this hotel and get him out before the protesters ripped apart, what a bummer to be one of those cops and willing. I fucking hate that protect our now he's a share. So now the quarter appeals over. Turn that restraining order saying that country ass the county and serves as go couldn't have em they're. So then they try to pull someone else burrito, but which is not, in contrast county? That's a little bit further north. I think but the contract CASA County officials find out that they're gonna try to play some in El Cerrito and they tell the Elsie Fredo. They tell the press and also Fredo. So then, pro begin their. So basically, now free ones telling everybody there trying to place this piece of shit in the North Bay and everybody? So then they try to put him. Richmond but the mare fight, and the officials are alike. Fuck no get him out of here then
try to bring him to up a city called Rodya which I've never even heard of boner doesn't even exist, but people down and a mob of five hundred people gathered around this apartment and they also have to take him out in a bullet proof, vest and his escorted out. Town by the sheriffs department. So it was this kind of that thing we're. Yes, this is the kind of the worst story ever, but also the girl it s story ever warlike, just the citizens warlike know dude, like Maybe that maybe legislature says what that you can get out of jail but say now so they movement Gerda home. Seventy five people gather at the hotel they're keeping him there. Finally, the guy manoeuvres, says, put a trail on the grounds of San Quentin and make it a live there until his parole is over. I love it. Jerry Brown, George, dude major, I M so,
but he has to do, is to live on the grounds of San Quentin until his one year. Parole is up then he's you to go where we want the feminine owning it will not even a track. Will then there's just kind of nothing they can do because nothing in this system about him, so he those back to Florida and when he gets there they find out that he's people protest, a car dealer offered him five thousand dollars to leave the state and a homemade bomb was detonated, merit the house that he was staying and even that, but no one was injured. Unfortunately, Burma in nice Ninety seven, a neighbour Elsa police after seeing Lit Lawrence Singleton attacking a woman in his home and when the survive. They find the body of thirty one year old mother of three rocks. Heinz she's, also a sex workers, but I want to say the mother of three part first, so that people care yet so that they now that she was so hard up for money
that dynamic role problems made it so that she had to do this right and then she got stuff. Twelve times in the base and by this piece of shit and when he, should the door. He answered the door to the cops with ashore. Open and blood Oliver's, just how they, how many called cases can be attributed to him like so there's. No, aid, that it was one in seven, seventy eight nine. Well they say that the reason that he got parole the way he early like that was because he didn't have. He didn't, have priors up he didn't have no, which is not to say he didn't, do it re, but they didn't. You didn't, have a record still, I think, having offered girls, arms and leaving a road that is like worse than your prior for, like aggravated us all to remember, and I think you're right- it's not that's, not a first crime. Now at all, especially when you're sixty INA like you're starting in oh ok, some Merry Vincent goes
two tampered to appear at his sentencing and tells her her fucking story are all she describes or whole attack the whole. The the tone let the ordeal has taken on her whole life, because of course it's been you note. A terror and she's. You know she's gotta, her life together a little bit, but of course you just lives in constant fear her when she was when he was parole that she was doing fine and going to art school in the Pacific Northwest Match, and then he got paroled and she fell apart, as he said, to her ass. She left the court room. I'm gonna finish this. If it takes there s my life I'll finish the job like yeah, isn't that considered when he's when they, you think he's going up for parole, so the jury deliberated for one hour and he was sentenced to death because good old Florida, good so Unfortunately, he died of cancer in the prison hospital instead of being fried, were Harry or very very
and then we really are- and this one but his apparently what he said in when he was sentenced. He said he did. He denied Mutilating Mary Vincent he's still denied a lot killing her. Just me, living Mary events in is the girls arms he chopped off. Yes, he denies doing that, but he said bout, the stabbing of haze, I'm sorry about that death. In this case I'll to carry it on my conscience. The rest of my life is the death than theirs and the narcissistic move re. This is sad for money. The Diane Downs move so just a rabbit Mary Vincent did when a two point: five six million dollar civil judgment against Singleton, but she can collect because here unemployed in poor health and only had two hundred dollars and saving course not social. Did eventually get married. She moved
county. She has two sons and she started the Merry Vincent Foundation to help victims of dramatic crime, sweetie yeah poet, poor girl, I'm crazy that leg. She would have been better off stealing a car and getting a misdemeanor. Then Lehne hitchhiking, you can't, asked old man that look like grandfathers, and here is another thing I was thinking about like when he she had a bad dream, he stopped to get out of the car. The thing about that is is like. If you have a bad feeling, do what you need to do and apologize for it later. Like steel, the car and drive the fuck off apologize later. If it turns out, he wasn't, gonna kill you, right treasure got yeah if you have to blow
some guy off at a bar because he's giving you the creeps, but you don't wanna, be rude blow him off and apologize later. If it turns out that he wasn't agree, because if he's not a creep, it won't be a problem. I actually yeah that's intense sino. Crazy? And if you want to see, if you can You can watch on. I survived Mary Vincent tell that story yourself, have to sort watching. That thing is about to exemptions. Is that I really dont like reenactments there's no way It's the people telling the story, and they do they start the as segment. With a picture or were actually happen. Yeah and it's all straight to camera. Storytelling. It's pretty brilliantly produced. I got no idea back telling you that yeah who gain That is a big one. Consulting a collective breath. Anyone is use the bathroom go use it now.
Am I right my favorite murder, or so I was scrolling through the Wikipedia page of mistakes. Yes, disappearances as one does before bed shoe weren't. You have insomnia and I came across a really interesting case. I had never heard about And there are so many twists and turns, and will weirdness about this- that I was treatment, really excited tell us a little bit out of order. I'm gonna leave the exciting thing to the end, because the began that the whole thing is fucked up to begin with, so does the murder of Sharon Marshall by Franklin Delano. Franklin, Delano Roosevelt, the Loi, which is like no wonder, you're a murderer parents so glows its everything making show your kids a narcissist by naming him almost after president yeah right so in nineteen
Sixty two, the sky Franklin Delano for It was nineteen years old, that's the worst name, it's the worse! Now, let's just call him. Floyd was convicted of adapting sexually molesting a four year old girl in Georgia, piece of shit. Casting. He received a lengthy prison sentence and with one you within one year it escaped the person and robbed Bank- was arrested. He served ten years released on parole, occurs. Apparently for is not young enough to be a second in prison for ever. In one month of freedom, he was charged with assaulting a woman and He got away so one thousand nine be his wife. Sharon Marshal was found dead in a suspicious hidden run right. So this is where it starts and he had sent his wife Sharon on a late night shopping,
for baby items said a child's gather, oh good, to have a child with the baby rapist. Ray. I don't know if she knew that are Non Oda. So she was murdered on her way back to the hotel they were spent in the night ass. She appeared to be hit by a car. Yet there was a blunt forced trauma to the back of her had enough to cause the death unrelated to the car accident. So after she dies her child Michael Hughes, which Floyd was a clear suspect in kidnapped the kid he was treated the two year old Son, Michael Hughes, I'm sorry centre. He put there two year old Son into foster care and fuckin, highlighting hightail out of their because he was a suspect. The kid goes and, if foster, care, the foster care parents love him and and decide to start adoption proceedings front for him. He likes thrived there where he got there.
It was just like so developmental delayed Adelaide, because this guy was piece of shit Floyd was arrested on parole violation and then, as part of the aid, Sean process, the kid would have a dna test and was compared Floyd's and it turns out that Floyd is not the real father. Did this little headway, So when he is released from jail, he tries to regain custody and he can't because he's not the bad, then on September, nineteen, eighty four, this second dude comes in to the elementary school, where this kid his day holds. That has a gun takes the kid by force. Gets him the fact. There are still some kid. You should see this thing's photos of him he's such a creep, not the kids back and for the data so two months, bitter Floyd is arrested in Kentucky, and the kid is not with him hasn't been seen sense. Floyd report Writ tells like
differing story is some that he had drowned the kid and the motel bathroom after the kidnapping, others, say that he told them many murder the kid in the same manner, so heat had admitted that took up a people have a person claims. He saw Floyd airy Michael's body and a cemetery which is like. How do you witness that? Never than you don't tell anyone till the cops, I don't know I'm in his most reason, contact with the FBI. Floyd's admit it's killing, Michael by shooting twice in the back of the head. He told him where to find Michael's remains, but it's been two decades since then, and they haven't found anything so that's the story of share the mom and micro. The kid superseding around yes, and so the third that is the murderer of sea was her first name shit First name Cheryl an Camacho, so at the time of her hit and run death
Sharon is a stripper, but I mean before say that I want to say that she went to college was gonna, be an engineer, she's, a very smart person. I think something happened with her crazy husband, she's, making money stripping out, not like nothing wrong with fucking making money stripping. That's her we are but anyways in nineteen. Eighty, nine one of shit, means coworkers disappears. She's, Eighteen years old, Cheryl on some one had witnessed a angry compensation, confrontation with Lloyd and the co worker employed and the co worker comments commence Camacho, Cheryl Culture, so Cheryl disappears in ninety nine Floyd an sharing, get the fuck out of town. It were made. And sob and tell her skeletal remains were found by a landscaper in Florida and ninety ninety five and she was-
the chain. No one knew she was when the remains were identified and then in March a year. In the same year, a mechanic in Kansas finds a large envelope stuff between the truck bed and the top of the gas tank of a truck he had recently purchased at auction images like yes gap He finds out. Don't I mean just finding stuffed in places my Irian Jaya pressure, like you know where I think you can find them, is when you go into like a weird Thurman there's this seat, the toilet seat, holder, young people's like shut drugs and money for drugs in those as like. I'm gonna go in the bathroom and shoved the drugs in there wanna come out. You're gonna put the money in their, but I'm not a pause. I've heard that before you demanded in the toilet tank where the water is no, that too, but in the weather, will you pull the toilets cover Oh, yes, yeah, I'm saying yes behind the paper cover sacrificing at any minute per annum,
that agreement does not think the pink free for that, like your grandma puts on that matter back, you know when you go into a gas station and they have a pink for cover or like known as Lubber Brent You know those fund by those fund gas station picky, so the mechanic fines fucking amazing, fine inside he finds ninety seven photos in the envelope, including many foe of a woman who is bound and severely beaten. They trace the place, It's the truck back to Floyd a course in the end investigators. Compare the photos of the injured woman with capacity as well as evidence down with her remains and the, nothing was similar to what she was wearing. There is also I turn belongs in the photos that were identified as Floyd's and the medical exam. Compared injury, seamen, the photograph to the cheekbone that they had found the steel I mean the SAM. This the remained Jane DOE, so
they were consistent. She had died, frog, beating and two gunshots to the head again to gunshots. Looking out a patter, it kill shot. That's the m was in the army. Oh really kill shot. I don't know about that. Two shots to the back of an that's the thing, then that's how you just take someone out the inflaming. Look at them in the face and while it also does that's for sure, that's one one, there is a possibility. Some good weirdly live now to know the right. Ok, so he it's a floor. Just try to convicted for this girl's martyr. Thank God can assess murder on that, based on the photographic evidence found in the truck
Other photos found in the truck, though, show sexual abuse of martial. Who was his wife who died? The hen ran right. I mean the nea this weird thing, his wife, but the picture start- and this is where it goes thunder- is the pictures of marshal and being sexually abused, start at a very early age when she's in her childhood land right. Ok, sexual explicit poses the various agents starting around four of his wife age, for of his dead now dead, wife. What the fuck is going on turns out Floyd met a divorced. Men with three daughters and a son in nineteen. Seventy four when Sharon is like for late spring of seventy five sandy. The mom is arrested in Dallas for raining a bad check for diapers and People on the internet, like habit, that happened, did Floyd take out
money from the account and sent her on the shopping trip. In the check you now, like all I mean and sat up when she she's in prison for fur jail thirty days while she's their second Floyd disappears with all three sisters and the infant brother. He Flight had been left to care which don't ever leave your children in the hands of a boyfriend on care. How fuckin policing was no doll, No one with the name Floyd. Similar lass help. Please when she is released. She sees that the second children are gone he had, but to the door. Earth and foster care. She finds them there, but the butts but Suzanne but sharing and the little boy are gone and shoot She tries to file a kidnapping charge, we're ok, here's the Maastricht up, part of the whole fucking thing. The local authority said that
the Step Father Floyd, had a right to take the children high nineteen. Seventy four you piece of shit. So Floyd Ray is Sharon as his daughter since early childhood, and if you go online, you can find a photo like a portrait of him with her as a four year old on his lap, Dna testing to determine her fraternity went after she died and covered that she was not his daughter and he gave a number of inconsistent statements regarding how human, those costly she. He told everyone that he had rescued her She was abandoned by her about biological parents, which is probably what he told her as well the problems. That the little boy was never no one knows what happened to him. So it's not likely that he's doing well
So the earliest known record of her after that Irish of Sharon was when she was registered in nineteen, seventy five and Oklahoma City High school, and if you look at her Highschool Photoshop, clearly not high school age, I think he was kind of trying to fetch some stuff and they choose to all she's very young. She looks. May two young ashes junior high? If so, I think he is like trying to throw some on offer, something like that, virtue established as being eighteen is responsible and registering her under an alias that they had a ton of aliases Betsy, so they assist the marshal was born. That Sharon is born in the late sixties, kidnapped between seventy three seventy five. Then they they leave town again she becomes his fucking. Why then I mean it's not even like cool that she gets too. Like then figure out who she is. He fucking hits and around her and kills where the car and Sorry was that did he do that because she,
was there some over reason. We don't know. Maybe he found out that her son wasn't his because go back to the kid that was in foster care He could not tell right I'm right right right up the dna testing to prove that it wasn't even his kids, chinaman sleeping with some essentially cheated on right. This person that she didn't even want to be with rivers, and maybe he was even hoarding her out, like in making money like. So we don't know what happened, but that wasn't his kid. That sounds like a pretty get mad at me. Yeah! That's in Saint wait what happened to him! so he's still alive, no yeah he's but creepy mother fucker you in jail, though plea he's on death row bucking Jesus Christ. I now he's under threat murder of Diane Camacho earlier
Oh because they found her body in this picture, razor lank, I'd like they weren't like will. She was a stripper, so he only gets four years like she's out he's on death row. Still under investigation into the kidnapping of her son and the mother Sharon yeah and like after after Sharon died, they did dna testing on her and found out that she was the missing child that this poor fucking woman, who data. A piece of shit. Oh my god help her rays for children that she was dealing with on her bucking on and then are yeah. I what, in the I may ever heard of this before its recent he's still alive, When is so sorry went like. When did she get hit by a car she got hit by a car? He hid her with a car right and a sledge hammer exactly he
It was a hidden run in April nineteen. Ninety, oh yeah! So, like Greece I mean I guess I was for some reason was picturing. The does look the fifties re. These would seem like the kind of time you could get away. That's in Santo nineteen nineties hit and run took the kid by gunpoint these poor. You know this poor fast, her parents, who were trying to adopt this poor kid who was thriving in their home. They were fostering and they wanted to adopt him because they care about him so much and they are stuck Will it also this piece of shit takes him and then eventually kills like just leave him with the foster parent, let I mean that's like that. It that's the monstrosity of whatever that. I urge the signing nurses, but just like the at that violent pedophile. It's like that, the highest strata of in Hell basically of violence in
saying pedophile, it's so crazy. What I mean: so hard to think of a brain and a thought process and a mine that deviates that far from your own, like I can't even picture it, it makes you Under I mean, can they picture what being normal is are we normal is what is more all well. It Now that guy now I'll tell you that right now, yeah makes you want to start up a vision, Nancy Club called the guardian, no raise that's not gonna will raise, are stupid, used. What about you made it so upsetting? It's actually findings. So I'm Listening to this book on tape, audio books, administration for forever called no stone unturned about neck research. Huge uncovers, clandestine graves. It's great book about these people who who find buried bodies
like what I'm driving in the car. Could I get stressed out when I drive. I put that on or put a martyr podcast on, and am I forget my book or don't listen, don't have tumble snow, listen to podcast, I put on like NPR and then or the news and like immediately unlike I can't this is so awful deal with up up up like I even further, leap. Sometimes too, that's like murders. The minutes. I think I wrote that I think that's part of realising why I love murder and the story. So much is that the real world and what's really happening and what I have absolutely no control over. Is so terrifying and there's no control, but you can not walk alone at night. You can, you know, carry pepper spray with you can make sure you keep your door's locked doors and not accurate knowledge. Don't worry, but every it's, because every murder story that you read and all that information you gather
forms you so that you know a little bit more next time right, but you can't do anything like that. That China is is, is being our nuclear weapons. You can't be like well next time, I'm not gonna. Yet, I know China think they ve always had nuclear weapon right, but by what he can do about that. Rightly right, that's just posturing. That's the thing is but you can do about that. Nothing, no another But in this you can be like if I ever get into a situation right. You know you you it's it's just being able to have your like your guard up better every single time, yeah and if something does happen, you know you you at least tried for had some control over it. Somehow right, you're informed, so crazy, Franklin, Delano Floyd,
piece of shit peace. This is that my favorite murder piece of shit, serious, where even Larry Thing Open and frank on down Floyd we didn't mean to do a theme. I talked to you. That's that's a magical theme here we are. What are they going on matching up on, like wavelengths of of pieces of shit, crazy. I was allowed rhyme Merlin thing to wrap up when a no go by a t, shirt, yeah that'll, make you feel better. After that should show that sugar villages plundered certain at the end of its like an awful thing. What do we see? We have now I'll, keep sending us your I want a murderous, even though we have read them the number. The numbers game on that one is much more narrow, because now we
sometimes don't even read them, but we are starting to make many ease and have fun with them their say you will get to them, we're making. Many episodes of your hometown murders. I have to say in reading them the ones that I do when they have a really good subject line when it's not your hometown martyr. It's like mother Fucker it's very like that, I'm funny who hang a more likely to click on it. When their short and succinct yet just get to the point that he be as you yeah, and it's like any good story like that. Just include the facts that matter in soviet Caribbean. Funny in oh, my like an I used and be yourself, but I would say: If you are passing up the six paragraph, Maria Work, that's gonna, be it or in our tough time idea. Here we can give people guidelines, gas,
I liked com guideline tagline carried like together like yeah, but we love them and we're gonna make. I think, we're him, try Many episode, many sorts each week, plus my mind, is that there are just so many and people are just so excited to tell them I now know endeavour acts. The acts for example, for Poland. So because you realize, like you, don't I've asked friends and they're like no, I don't wait a second hand. Then they threw him or three has yet happens. A lot totalling it's just like part of your identity rate review and subscribe on Itunes. Please, oh, my god. You guys we ve gotten more in the top ten. It's crazy of com, We were in the top thought were in the top three comedy: that's nuts, that's insane and its because people ravens
yeah, that's you guys are doing it for us. We appreciate it. Thank you so much gas and it's fucking awesome. It feels power. Oh you're gonna get away with murder, I guess, but all stay sexy and Duncan ardor. Bye,
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