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My Favorite Murder Presents: I Said No Gifts! - Episode 1: Matt Ingebretson Disobeys Bridger

2020-03-24 | 🔗

My Favorite Murder present the first episode of I Said No Gifts! where Bridger politely accepts a gift from Matt Ingebretson (Comedy Central's "Corporate").

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This is exactly right. Guys were excited so excited to present episode. One
brand new podcast from our front Bridger Wine, a girl, I said no gifts with special guest matting about sent. You might know him from comedy central corporate or stand of comedy. You can listen episode to great afterwards with special gas Jessica Gaol it's available in the I said, no gifts feed follow the show on Twitter and Instagram add, I said, no gifts and there's lots of pictures of the gifts that stuff that's happening on the show listen like subscribe to. I said no gifts now on Apple pie cast on sticker or wherever you get your pride casts. Gabby man miss perfectly against him presence is welcome.
The show This is, I said, no gifts and I bring your wine occur and I'm so at the your hair, I hope you're feeling nice, maybe washing some dishes dry. Into work and kind of just collecting yourself before a big day. Whatever it is, we're gonna get it through it and a friend here. I've got a friend he's all right, he's a comedian. He the director he
He is the star of a television, show called corporate matting, Uprights ILO Bridger, Madame so happy or hear Bridger. What are we doing? Ere I invited you here and are already has a record of podcast who told you to do this. I was as it did in the night and how does a little I do and then you came along a totally. I should do it ass, a drag. Your anger was first, you know, I will take the credit for this Jerry. You said Bridger. You should do that if someone will give you a microphone- and I see that sends someone made that mistake- it somebody has made a huge mistake and we're just gonna have to move through it, and others is your first one. How do you feel so for coming to interview you, or does it take us over? I'm the whole steer a parasite beyond a big week. Why he's got me on a big week end so where were you owe me to start with a week's started out big with me going to none other than the core
Inspire I, which, what have you isa? Yes, I have we talked about, we spoke, I dont know. If we have, we seen for me is Disneyland, is truly the freely and the best possible failures. You get to go a sensor. You dressed up as a Disney princess. When you, of course, I'm in my bell, gown I've got all way again: I'm wet ogier we spot for the korean spot for people who don't know should we explained in a way, I think that's worth talking about. This is the only Koreans by I've ever been to waste all kind of LOS Angeles Premier, Korea, small tat story, spa you know, and you put on a little costume, Eu Ughi Melmoth costume its literally Lenny suit, lousy excited
oversized short, yes and a boxy t sure. Yes, you ever one looks bad well near, given a little watch at the beginning, a little more wraparound, your mistakes, you access to your locker, that's right! You go in there and offer. People who don't know should we explained in a way, I think that's worth talking.
To what I knew. Normous, yes, but also excellent. For my for me mentally because result, the sting out myself steamers through the roof everywhere looks egging delicately. Everyone would look, I showed them. People are hooting and hollering. No, you see you get naked than you walk over of, but they do give you the shorts, Natasha S, debts for later. That's right, because you I mean at least I'm speaking for my personal experience or with the baths. Don't I always start with the best sufficient. I end with the best this probably the move. Yes, I go do well because I feel like I did ultimately old dirty and the sun is yes, we like lying around. Maybe they have had in gravel yeah, it's funny like describing this. It doesn't sound. Appealing now go to the spot. You lie down and gravel Euro Round hitter wearing exaggerates, and then you leave this ok, so use that makes sense to match this time I began in the bath. Yes went to the dry. Spa went back to the bats next day my hair was as dries up. I was like I had a sham put it eight team time, but the reason I started in the spot or the baths this time
I sketched old, the body scrub Oak. Have you done the body scrub know I have not, but I've been tempted to. It is an insane experience because it seems painful. It's not paint. Painful, basically is invasive there. Why it's? The most invasive thing it has ever happened to me reason mine and sets a hundred percent. All absolutely because I mean You lie down on essential, just a metal table and your fully naked and a man for the next half an hour, Scrubbs your body to the boat. The US I mean her to me. While I was lying there. That is this close. It feels like cadaver training, because you're just in this kind of unpleasant atmosphere is ice. You're waiting for someone to come and identify your Vano Room
No, I mean there's sometimes there'll be another person on another bed. There, ok you're and its bit, but its very well. Unless it's borderline prison Camp Williams, I seriously think that you're making another human being somebody is being paid us too really touch your entire body like goods. I suppose- or I also
We usually there korean people, I feel it most cultures, don't have the horror body. Shame that Americans do. Yes, that's right! So maybe it's not to speak of a deal. If I was scrubbing down some of his body, I dont know I'd be apologizing most of the time after the scrub. Why do you feel the song ill invigorated? You feel like a whole new you all. I you're, not that aim has gone. Your body has been desecrated. My assertion user. I am at that point hot pink because my skin is usually just. Why does a sheet added I march around back into Sonia, and people are very excited to see me to use the toiletries that they provide for you, the Lucian mines I can and tell you this time? I went all the way I use the toothbrush agreed ardor of free tooth, broader out of control. I was like you I'm here: I'm gonna brush might teach us, so I did the body scrub. I mean this extra, this trip and I'm so sorry there were just talking all spa, but
stripped. These spots felt calculated to really you ten point, my anxiety, because in the bath area there was a man with a ponytail who was diving into the tops the entire time, and these are men of their not knew, no other. It's a swimming pool. There are signs of say, do not drive into the tunnel diving, not literally diving every time. Yes, so, fortunately not into the tubs I was in, but as someone who is just annoyed by most people, badges was on my mind, while I'm trying to relax. Yes, I move on to the scrub halfway. This the scrub. The guy starts coughing
so the sound you wanna hear while you're trying to just be scrub, reminds me of a massage. I once got actually that actually believe. I talked to the phone right before I got. It. Wait was this in our neighbourhood you used to live in, which is currently my neighborhood. The you I feel, like you told me, there's a time massage to avoid was no. While there is one to avoid, but there's another one to have probably a lot of massages to avoid this was in. I admit I dunnage, oh no, I got no show couple hours early and I had some time to kill. So I was at first I was sitting outside on the curb outside of a Mcdonald's and actually that cover vagrant wrote to him ass. A couple inform and missionaries came up into my eyes is clearly look terrible because they tried to bring me into their faith. Then I was like you know, I'm going to get a massage tree myself cited in Google MAPS. I just put in time aside looked up no information. Now this I walked in the smell was highly questionable in which way it's an alarming as a restaurant. He has held like meat, but it was an exclusively massage place. As far as I could tell him I walked in the moment. I walked and I was like I've made a mistake and I should leave, but they were already like hello, so I was like, while I'm about to drop fifty bucks, I pay money. It's one.
Was painful. Massages Aber got that culminated in her you know and they walk on your back and they usually have straps that they hold and two, but I'm not some. Eighth. I know that they walk on your back that I wasn't aware of these straps on Asia. That's right often on the ceiling, something to help imbalance. They didn't have those. Instead, when it was time to walk on my back, she pulled out a senior citizens like Walker, ok, straddle on nine October is doubtless miles I own. I was in pain for weeks after that it really decimated me did you feel like whatever she was doing? She was actually doing it correctly. It s, not something you wanna done to you or machine just a madman. I thought she was out of control. That science is, it was about it. I wasn't bay, I heard four weeks out. Was there any part of that there was enjoyable. No and massage is tricky because they are that balance between like pain and pleasures. Are you wanted to heard a little bit, but I like it, she like,
sprained muscle and Maria I've. Never really had a professional massage. Now that I think about it, the closest I come as the scrub, but maybe it's time for me to look into a massage. I just don't know who to trust you get into yelp and of course, Yelp reviews now mean nothing. I know so who at the time I don't know, I don't wanna. Thinking about a facial, never gotten why you should try a facial. How do you do that? You have a beard, so half of your faces covered are not getting my monies. Where you're, not your boys, you should get a hast off why would you want a facial for one nice skin? This is all thank you bridge. This is Bridger you, don't do not. Let me describe your fetters. No listen. Go head mats face right now is being made in a very soft light, so smooth not a blemish on maybe under the beard there's horrible scarring, but from
I can tell man's got a perfect phases line while he talks about giving himself visualize while a facial, so I've heard in this is slightly disgusting, but I've heard that they like dig out. Black
that they were there, and I think I like that, I think Llosa. Whether people want to admit it or not. Mosher love that high Lama Black had coming out of their face similar. My only regret is that I would be able to see it yap and do I remember clearly when I discovered I sit squeezed like a black had out of my nose in big idea sets discussing, but it's also, but I wanted to yeah. I wanted to happen and I think I've been told you shouldn't do that. I know you. I don't think you should, but maybe if you have a professional, how are they doing with little needle or something yes hurt? I think it does excavating your face. Hilary got one relocate and said that it was painful, but like an interesting experience, I wonder what level of pain I dont know. How did she look after? Could you tell that she had just had her face and she was covered in blood, but I've become it. She talked me, but now I'm I'm intrigue, although I don't even know if I need one because again I scanned, except for the horrid score. I really like. Maybe you want like a relaxing facial, something that
I can do a lot of work, that's more just like they're putting the cucumbers on your face. There's barrels line on it. While another thing I do, I do know it- I enjoyed, I dont, really watch as more videos bite, after could you personal attention she had just had her face. She check your ashore. I, like that, a lot and if I could just pay, I guess I can just go to the doktor more just constant. I kind of share a doctor. He is a bit of a joke rider. He listen. I have heard probably more of his comedy than yours at this point. I think that's true, and it is truly like written comedy interests, regions. It is like old, school monologue, LEO's Topical, yes, yeah! That's first. Ten minutes of your appointment is, is you are the audience its? I mean. I've had a lot of experiences with the doctor this year, because I early August: yes, you know, got strap throat, he asked,
which was absolutely horrified and just shoot schedules, one appointment with him fine. I went back in time I was at his office was I just showed up. It was like what about Bob Silent, because I was so desperately our help here. Usually accommodating Newton go to an urgent care, will tell you. I was deeply sick, went to an urgent care without looking at my insurance and you don't wanna, be an urgent care. Deeply sick, uninsured right. I walk the counter they turned me away. Nearly thirty years more than they told me that I was going to be like of dollars and, of course, are not spending a dime on myself Rogers I turned around and just went home. Yes, then use state. Ok, so I mean This is a lot, but this trip eventually went away. I fall asleep the day that it's going away the couch I wake up. I've got shot
Thus, I felt like I had finally gotten out of occasions and got immediately hit by a car. This was a dark times. Bridges lies shingles, I don't know I didn't see. Much of have done in this area has had well, I hope, nobody shingles four or five weeks right on my face, which was so this all. This was, of course, more trips to the doktor and listen. If there was some diagnosis, then some treatments that were probably not correct. What are you saying to me right now? I'm saying that high, I initially after being turned away from the urgent care. I was on the cell phone. Have you done this yet the cellphone doctype up or the sort of like video come round? Yes, I did. What did you do it for? I got food poisoning recently and I was I was vomiting so much and I can keep any liquid dominoes severely dehydrated out on the news. I go to the emergency room, o K, so yes, that feels worthless. Wait. What caused this food poisoning? Well, Hilary, not all the same thing. She didn't get it, but she is more of an iron stomach than I do, but we did eat trader Jews. Lobster ravioli adds right, I'm sorry, but you ve, Alison precise, only go. I don't know. I don't say that over me, I was in the ravioli deportment reader Jos and I'm typically, but are not squash. Of course. No, this about me Bridger, as everyone should be. The lock sir, is no one's mine. I did and to be honest, it wasn't even that good, no course of snow offensive. The chefs, a trader Jos. I dont want to bring that upon. You put your finest work, so we had. I woke up the next, whereas, like this is something is wrong. I can keep any liquids on. I was like shaking. I was so dehydrated known to the emergency room,
but you turning to a monster the emergency room, because rural hell there was like an hour way, of course, and I was pissed off everyone else there I was like here. If you're dying, I wanted Victoria leading I sitting there with people bleeding. Nobody else is bleeding. As far as I can tell us, they were concealing that I I walked in though, and I was like I told him I was like I have the flu and I need help so that please still felt it was not food puts, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure was my big food poisoning event was another fish product. It was a salmon fish and chips. Restaurant. Of course I had it coming, but at the same time that restaurant I also eight ravioli weirdly, since I can t stay candy around listeners, if you for you too,
anything away from this part. Just stop eating ravioli draws on them with a fish cross it off the loose done. Okay, regularly hotheads ills like there's too much in their there's. Just a chance at part of its can get points you just need to get past. Isn't that immediately Mingott put stuff insight exactly just poor, something over settle down needed dry, one more Food poisoning story all share near it present material for a comedy festival. The night last night I was there everyone stayed up like having a fun time, parting and stuff. At two thirty in the morning I had back to my hotel room on the way back to my hotel. There was a true tv sponsored
Now that was handing out beagles in law. As we all know, true tv is phasing out the money for the fine goals and logs us from true t. Only fish from Turkey out of a cooler at two thirty in the morning on nice, scarfed it down, are you drunk. I was a little bit. Ok now makes a little more than a year. I was impaired. I then which honestly nation to been serving may locks. Thou was serving locks it to thirty in the morning. That is not an middle of the night, for my hope. Somebody, here's this untrue tb. I should get some money for this so next morning they get a whole series of the next morning. I wake up at nine a m and I'm like something is terribly wrong. My flight leaves in two hours per Montreal, so I then I call lift. Unlike I need to go, get medicine I,
walked answers. I feel terrible having thrown him yet I getting the lift. I tell Tilney taking the pharmacy within two minutes. I have the car door open in a bottle asylum. Greece yelling at me, understandably, because I just got into a guard immediately started. Throwing out any family just thinks you're hung over in an amicable jerk. So I then he doesn't take me all the way to formulate drops me off a couple blocks later and is like get out of my car. So then I stumbled my way to the pharmacy. The idea of being food poisoned getting on a plane? why was I will use. I would move to Montreal that there was one of those out of body experiences. I've had my life. This is a big time for you, because I know your birthday is also coming up. I swear I, when your birth is coming up in the holidays, are coming up gifts and give the word gift is right there in the title of this pot. Guess what do you Do you have any gifts you like to get your birthday? well, I might go
oh it's always. I am essentially. I was trying to trick. People are getting things for me that I why dont want surprised if someone casual dislikes are like carefully guide without directly tat, exactly right sure. So, I'm looking for things that I won, but might not by myself so like clothes from a clothing store that typically, I might be like. I don't need that expense
above a shirt or something like that. Little store. Are we talking about Harold? You wanna get free plugs. Well, I just want to know cause. I don't ordered my clothes anymore Heaven, but I was looking at my cause either. Damn like most of my shirts are truly fifteen years. Well in. This is something we ve talked about this before, because you, you are simultaneously a fashionable man, but almost by no close for your side by almost this is my most recent purchase have others at a place called the rats nest in North Carolina stay here. It's lovely orders. You should be doing more because Bridger and listeners your chances easy spelt, he's a handsome but he's bathed. Let me describe virtually valley, we're talking about my body as much as possible on this podcast richer is as an extremely symmetrical face. He had I'd say:
its forehead wrinkles. He has a great jaw line, gray, hair, he's gonna real. What my here I will say today, I'm pretty happy without my hair looks. I am unhappy with at my home, my her low. Yes, do you, like your hair, always looks good will just picked a look words like it's all I ever wanted. That's where there's no wrong answer. You shouldn't be very happy. I was going to ask, and I know we're trying to get to the export of the pod Castro made. No we're not we're doing whenever we want ok, great. I was going to ask you how many times a week are you shampooing zebra I would say once more. Why I jumped zero. I was shocked to hear that I don't watch my neighbour either wash my Harrison's. I was ten. No, I am, I would say one every week and a half everyone, even half? So that's because probably too much Asia, real ok, really do twice a week later, washing your hair twice a week. I've heard your swashing at all.
Allow where's the science on shampoo. I don't think there is, it's all here say, wait till it stinks that's amazing, you I swear. I want to exercise a sweater showed. That is my concern as I don't want. No here's. The thing is it's like Helmut I'm, six foot forces, not many people are getting a whiff of my area through. This is for the birds exclusively from various right, so I am it's a concern of my we're. Like I swear I'm like well, I guess I need a wanted now. Often what I'll do is condition or no shampoo, interesting. What sort of conditioner well? Ok, I've been experimenting, so my sister, I told her sisters and guided me through life in terms of helping our facial products and clothing about a year ago. She got me a going conditioner called Dobbin S, okay, familiar its explain as, of course not it's like thirty, five bucks or theory of kinetic energy. For me now I'll tell you what it's incredible needs it.
Does anyone know what is the difference? You're saying I want one when you do it in your hair, for I was like. Oh, my hair wasn't never got clean from the other. It feels actually like. Oh, I can run my hands. Is this? If I can run my hands, yes monitors hand if their regional TED is stuck his yankee stuck I'll, just give it here till the end of a pot, gas and out of the hospital something I have done in the last year. Every few months is a deep conditioning with coconut.
Oil is where I'll put it in a night, throw a shower cap on thy mother knows. But as these I once made the mistake of, I read that you should put coconut oil in your hair. I showed it in the shower tried to read it. I did didn't I ll come out, then I'm just have greasy Harold, hiding out our cap support that they ruined a pillow. That's how has the pillow ruined? Was it just like that ruined, but it was probably a smell of oil all over its aggressive pillow enough? Well, the thing with the deep conditioning for me is: I didn't notice any difference. It is annoying when I woke up and then those I guess it was a little shy near its though my here's already like an annoying color like I don't need to draw any more attention to these all guess work with when it comes to hair and the beauty industry cause it's like the beauty and injuries propaganda. So it's surely difficult to discern what
is actually working on what is just marketing getting honest answers for, yes, all its eyes: I dont know I largely rely on my sister. She recently just gave me some new face. Moisturize or that have been putting oh, are you moisturising your face? I'm doing look. Everyone knows me, I'm a Jennifer asked and type. I I've been doing a veto for years, and I mean the Vienna ok, I, on your face, face arms that you have a specific face. One or you're. Putting normal lotion on your face of voting are all those richer. It's a very mild lotion
I don't know I mean I, I I'm looking at stake at the other people in the room to see. If that is ok, it's an old me all day in a grimace and- and somebody and Stephen is shaking- is an all male may. His Gina since putting an abortion is making the big banks is absolutely right. That has never touched her face. I urge a surprise exactly because she's not using a veto, I feel like a veto, is I mean I'm sure it's fine Bridger, but you should consider. I move to a new thing is my though I ve been doing this literally since I was probably twelve years old, because I very dry skin. Oh yes, while in that's actually that's when we also started using heavy face moisturize or is in oh yeah ts, because now yes, we want that youthful learning on the general system. Sunscreen, on your face every day again, I haven't. I ve, no, ok with an s p! F, that's fine! Ok, that's the main thing must be doing listeners, so
screen on your legs? All put look I wish I had known, but you know when you're teenager and new tie in the nineties, everybody wants to be tan. Why we're somebody had just taken me aside and set its never going to happen for you stay out of the sun. You idiot yearly reserves gotten rudder right. Oh my god, I've been absolute. I would you know. I've been hospitalized with the sun in Venezuela, and that was a whole other experiences. We vote for an I'm too much time on the beach. I then act into the hospital, but look there's something on the table this entire time. You know, there's very few rules about this pot cast is each person. Should be eight hours long while- and I said well Bridger, I'm sorry, but I felt that I felt awkward, not bringing some clear currently Matt has brought I'm just gonna described what seems to be
probably a foot and a half long by a foot box in a beautiful floral wrapping here. So the card on top you sent for me Bridger Matt, I said no gift. I couldn't help myself. Ok, I felt like I needed to do something. This feels like a strange way to draw attention to yourself on Ipod. Slowly, oh ok will now you're making visible or do I just they would. Then there was the right thing to do and it it doesn't have to be about me, and I honestly resent a little bit about that your colleague worldwide. Should I only please I well, I just let me cite he ought I opened the card. Fur is for me the card I never know if I should save it for later or open the pie wheeled seeing as you just showed up again. Yes, she read it aloud on the poachers. Ok, it's like
describe. This is literally just a piece of paper and I was folded on half an hour arts targets card stock, ordinary card stock, although I may custom, I you know, I put him put it out of work in this financial picture, says we have been friends for close to a decade gone through life's ups and downs. Finally feel close enough to you to ask how you pronounce your class. Sincerely mad mad. I really appreciate that I mean I know you know how to pronounce my name, but I am going to say, ballpark. Eighty percent of the people in my life, don't pronounce my last granted to give them and a chance to learn this out having to confront new phase years. This pod cast ultimately for me, was just to teach people how to finance my last right line occur.
Why is it looks like vinegar, which I understand people would want to say winter, but there are people in my life and I'm not gonna, name name who should have figured this out by now. It's why nigger? But you also interesting that you have a last name that I imagine a lot of people struggle, although which is crazy, because your name to me really tells you how to pronounce it it's phonetic routes and look. Pronunciations you're getting a breath Inga had some Inge breaths and changes in Gaol Breton in gold,
birds, and, oh, my guy and then just blank stairs people are putting in a lot of work to mispronounced name. I now incorporates and that feel so. It's upon it feels like it's gonna pogo site, Billig, your glass name being vinegar, is add something richer. Vinegar, Frazier Venezuela, like you're, alter light of my voice in a crime added or dark right, or something like acting to the shadows. Bridger vinegar is well. Ok, I'm coming to open the galleys. Let's get some nice. Are you re on a lot of people? I think we'll just dive into ripping open a gift. I try to be a little more careful with rapid paper. I dont, although this is nice round here, this is like a wallpaper. Almost now terek tear it up. I don't because I just get no less underneath you could damage something your career right about that this you're safe. Now I will say just before you get your hopes of the box, that its end is not what the gift is. As this is not to say good Genesis, its caves is so I will just add just my expectations that isn't very nice and wrapping paper actually, but it's a little bit inconvenient because a dim coming to roll it came in to rectangle. That's the new thing, which seems crazy. It doesn't make just give me the wrong, like the rectangles its. I think it's a new way to overcharge, I think I'll go. This is like a hearty paper. It sounded in dollar. Store behaviour towards up. It will never be used again. Never again, it's looks like you, ve got you ve recently order from an online retailer. I want mentions but death when who should be able to think it probably fits, and their actual look at this.
Yes, it's a t shirt, faulty shirt. Yes, what is happening here so you ve, sent me where you ve. Given me, oh my grief. What I initially thought was just a white to share with a pocket which would have been terrific, great gift. Of course everyone likes it. Just get a nice t, shirt vs. I turn it around. That has happened, splain? Something I'll have to share this at some point. For the last let's say about two thousand twelve I dont know did this to me, but I was Google image searching sizzler, yes and I found the highest resolution photo. Maybe on the internet. Of none other than the owner of sizzler is untrue. That is for I ve relating to this recently. I dont know why, three cramp was the owner of sizzler. This is it just a photo of him standing there. S name is carry cranberry cramp, said
in front of a salad bar at sizzler, I'm telling you this photo was beyond for K resolution was you could put on a billboard and it would be Chris a clear and see the placards on his face. He s, so I eventually switched it to my dear you. Could, I see to this day has been my desktop while they incredible, I saw you tweet reciting, nobody was a lie or not wasn't a lively, confer lay I was trying to share with the world. This has been my photo since I bought this computer. I believe seven six, seven years ago she probably get a new computer. But yes, when I look at the new computer, I will be putting carry right back on yes, although now I can wear it on a t shirt. So it's a tell me about this. Well, I want my favorite gifts. To give people actually is accustomed. T shirt. You ve done this for me before that's right, I could name which you ve, given me a t shirt says, which I wear frequently when I'm working out proud, mommy, blogger for them
and you ve. Given me a horse symphony t shirt, that's right, just very stylish! Actually, that's probably mother, I will say the sleeves or a little longer. I might not have them trimmed or something. My arms are too short trim. Can you get a t, shirt ass, like trimmed quoted here out of you take on fire like do yourself? Maybe I do go sleeveless turn into a muscle to my personality. I absolutely not, but I think you could look as this is something you do custom pieces I like to give my custom teachers were people, my user website, which I would like to show you some of the time of the great called custom ink coming. They are great concerns over the squid. Yes tried to make a waiver is sixty forty shirt on that, but I couldn't pull the trigger because it was twenty five dollars, while in again going back to the fact that your cheapskate, what are you pay? What is your in your mind, what it wants and a teacher cost
is a problem for maybe, as I haven't bought a usual, I mean the majority. My clothing was bought over a decade ago. I feel it you're living in the yard. Ninety ninety Zambia. So if I say a t shirt, that's over ten dollars on that large, that's a big square trim over ten over ten dollars appeals. I know I have to. I truly- and I also I I can say recognise this is a mental flaw. This point us, I have to think it over, and I frequently think it over to the point that it vanishes and urged on by an? U have to readjust. No isn't activities are obviously a great deal tried. I T shirts on average these days you have to like twenty dollars. What was the last teacher you bought for yourself
while I just actually recently. This is not a good example of this because they are cheap, but I bought a five pack of plain White Haines Ass, those of that's the last justice like an undershirt situation or an undershirt I've. Also, I mean I continue to dress more and more, like my father did in the mid nineties your end. So as most people do genes with a tucked in White T shirt, that's how to go round the house. Look for me or maybe a Sunday afternoon, I'm stop and by the hardware store. That makes sense. That's a good look for that. Just now. I do feel like I you just recently tweeted about tee shirts being softer than ever. That's right- and I think I I mean I think I agree- ok they ve always like a vintage t. Shirt has always, of course entered the wash that's right, but a new t shirt at this point.
History were reaching new LE we hard. I agree I as a what's doing and who's driving this movement. Well, nobody really asks for I mean like we're on him. For that, and you know somebody responded. I tweet a good point, which is that the durability level has plummeted on the Irish were stick fashion. That's right! There softer by the way, a clip ice. I recommend this is fast fashion made me think of it. There's a clip of Kim Kardashian at this sums, beach, thanking shit. Because I believe it and now I want to Romania regardless. I need you to continue to exit. I'm carnation she's been interviewed and she is. She has a funny story. She's. Like all funny story, I have to tell he was um. I was offered a million dollars to post a fast fashion, Instagram Kosovo? Why don't? Why? Don't I do it, but then con? You told me that I should
but because they rip off designs from visas- and I was like ok, can you won't do it just for you and she prince? She sets up like acute story- she's, ok, so then she's like so I didn't do it for cognate and make a million dollars. My birthday comes around and I am he gives me an envelope and inside as a cheque for one million dollars light and a contracted to be a partner in the Eu Us. How is this marriage limo, psychotic nice people like us, their diet that each of their skulls contains a human brain is so desired him. Yes, I know laughed so fast fashion. You made me think of the ok back to tee shirts back to tee shirts their softer than ever there softer than ever less durable, certainly- and I feel like a lot of my I've bought some married- I mean,
granted cheap t, shirts and after one wash I have to I earn them. I don't want to die in a t shirt. Absolutely not. I've wanted to just did my body and look casual. I have been my sister's begun. My sister again, I bought ok actually this before those Haines white. He sure it's a couple other tee shirts. I bought it. Twenty that I tweeted a t shirt thing because I bought some, not soft. He shirts. Ok, I bought a couple names I but another couple. Haines heading this company has no consistency. Haines, like a blue eye, just like I just one plain teacher, showed a blue and the like, a green t. Sure yes off of Amazon, I'm sorry for supporting that company. I know the destroying the environment, but I bought them and they shame to me because of how not soft they were insurance. As a sin send me a new t, shirt that has
very sought in response to them not being sought ass. They do in plain, would wait. I didn't complain. They were like Matt. You can't be wearing tee shirts, like this anymore you're, an adult man, this teachers in soft. Mrs. This says a lot about you. I M an old or sisters have shamed me, my your leisure, I fashion, but why not at least put those tee shirts to work run through the wash a few times I've been I've been working on that I think they're getting a little salt. Let's be honest, you just moved into a new home. You have your own washing machine. I do use, I think, to just beat the hell out of some teacher and turn them into the Saudis. Yours, you desire luxurious, my thing with tee shirts, as I feel like. We made some an enormous progress from about two thousand and three to two thousand thirteen of tee shirts that fit. Hence, bodies. Yes, a small person is meant something. I've really struggled with my entire life, finding a t, shirt that just fits in it,
a fitted way were now forgetting all of those lessons and moving directly towards tee shirts that go to your knees. Yes, what I dont know I feel like I'm I'm just ass. I was going to grasp onto this. I wouldn't have been permitted to do his I'm in a slightly different decision. Tall tall in thin, typically t shirt companies in the past, the taller
this each size up, they assumed you got longer and wide. Oh yeah, of course I was wearing shorts. Infamy were baggy, so then, for many years I wore shorts. It were too small for me, but fit me around the torso. The way that I wanted to be a medium sized man, that's the dream. I know somewhere between you- and I is the perfect t- shirt where, yes, that's exonerates ass, a real shame, hotel or you can I'm five six and your six two four six for that is a tall you're, a tall human ol man. I'm right on that are almost a foot taller than me. I'm running the verge of being like a problem and end for pen. People would stare if I was an italian vizir pressure on you to play basketball. Yes, tv, like dad, was mad that you didn't become a professional. I thing it was an old man himself, he's also a tall man. I know he was six three, my grandma six for decent basketball player. I can talk to excuse, ok, hole.
If there is a whole I'll toss, a ball at it sounds like you give it a try. I gave it a try. You know I will and what happened was when I was in some great. I was pretty good. I was on the eighteen at my school, then eighth grade rolled around a couple other guys got their gross spurts before me. I got moved under the B team and I boys and full- and I quit after that. As we know, net of those guys went on to professional, thus also didn't matter for anybody. One of their names was Daniel. I want even essays last name. He was a schoolboy. Really ruin lies, probably dead, I mean, if you don't like it, I'm sorry. I don't know. Yes, we have heard from incense. So did you point sports grown up? I play basketball. I was on the agenda. We runs advice. Unfortunately, no one gave me any advice about, as I was on the junior jazz ice in Utah. My parents I dont know what was going on. It was very apparent from
minute one. I was not a basketball player. They. Let me do this for years, but have been thrown from one of them to step in and say, learn the piano is there's little instrument. There was the piano which I also just actively fighting against. So I didn't learn that skill either, but if they had just stepped in and said, let's find something for you to do so. You're, not embarrassing yourself. I was the kid on the team that was like. Let's get bridges of ass, we can at least through a low once it was
I guess I was having a good time. I was on a very good tea. While you were stupor time a very little money to wherever surroundings something was going on, I was a lot of assists alot of assisting giving a ball two men that I or I guess at the time boys who I knew would be able to make a basket rake, never scored a single points to humiliating all owing to one shot, and it was from half court. So you never made a basket and how many years did you play at least three
I'm in the team for letting me stick around is heart bring that is truly is as someone in my first reply Basque, why? I gotta go. I was pretty good, but my pressures they make me baskets airfield bad, oh yeah. It does not by you and I guess I got to appoint physical. I guess this just as part of my basketball experience, I'm more just somebody who's running up and down the corridor. I was probably three feet tall mouthful of braces. Just this disgusting little creature, s, hair and say you know what they were thinking. Maybe I don't know I did they try to. Fortunately, piano today I mean they definitely took me- do lessons every single. We can turn off the nursing or not, but my piano teacher teacher Carol cried her best. I play
the friends, theme song at a recital. That was my side and I was kind of the climax and that's the only thing I can remember how to play on the piano. The first like doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo. That's not what you want to be a real. What everyone's upset with you have as yet: no peace, only there for you did you take the animal. No, I did not. My parents tried making both my elder sisters play. They both hated it foughten, like are so upset that they didn't try to make me play and the nine it plain drums. I took your lessons. I guess I would have been a good tremor. I think I think so I feel like I've got a decent rhythm. Why always think of you? As a I thought, You could have been a friend men to abandon. Well, the another still I've got.
Decking. Well, I don't know if I don't know, there's a guitar now by the time I'm sixty I'm ready to go and everyone's excited to see you up. There sure you on the way to read your parents did up what are you running up and down the basketball? I just need somebody to write in record the music, yes and then to be able to sing and am someone else, will dress you and then someone carries you want. I don T just the kind of manufactured, maybe secretly joint BT, ass or someplace. That's eighty! I'm the leader of Bt S at this point, BT us after listening, and I have to assume that you of course, every all four hundred of you. I really would encourage you to consider Bridger as a ban mate. I think he had even for an angel is our friend the very least as a friend take a cadet it'll just be around. What does bt stand for?
not behind the scenes candidate, but that is what I think of every day and every one of their ban for oils to sing. We need fifty oyster sing. Where are they I'm going to be destroyed by the treaty s man? Let's go, there's a businesslike ass. I should just my address out now before I gadgets give it up,
Millions of fans will this t shirts, amazing Emulous. At some point I should I put it on the sense and actually get what I got. You a small of course, a small as myself as usually it does look fairly small. Is that can it be like maybe jewels harassment thing? If I take my shirt off and nodded alone right now, it's just like all the listeners will be jealous should actually see. I would love to see it on you and ask everyone in the room. Is it ok? If everybody closer, I also arise such as Europeans, and me, that's also less rigid has been the korean spies and he about this new body. Now I o k I dont want to embark on the first spy has been you're. Gonna, listen Spock, as I think you should know, Bridger is a fit.
And she has apps and he looks great level. Ok, that's going to fit this fits now. Is one shrink ones in that's good because it will shrink whether you like it or to immediately soft, though so as to have got on Cary Grant. On the back of my difficult, we set up areas that jolly land in front of a salad bar and oppression or in public, but I think it is something I loved you weren t, because on the front, it's it's unassuming it just as a little surprise sticker off. I feel a little ridiculous that, MRS still on me, Is this I just tell the listeners. This company puts a terrible sticker on their t, shirt fields, refusing and unnecessary from an online retailer accustoming of your listening that someday you could work on, come on, Gimme a break.
May I have a game called gift master. I need you to give me a number between two and ten, because I loved Are you about to go count? Offscreen is another resolute hire a few you're about did nor even is going to earn his keep editing. Might me countenance even leave these moments, and I think this is less than yours are here earlier was a different numbers? Ok, mumble numbers. The number I will choose is for four. I'll, go into the count, a rating machine or how can wait I'll talk will see if it's worth keeping and and seamanship freed at this out. Let's see if I can think of it- and this is I don't know, this will be the first up as air not but a little introduction of Bridger for those of you who don't know him he's tiny man, Who is very strong, muscle wise and weak mentally buds, He is smart. And funny- and
a nice man overall, although honestly, can be quite vicious, which is how we earn his nickname, Bridger vinegar. Matt The council has been done to give masters about I'm about to push the button on the gift master. Let me give you the relentless believe you done this by carefully we're here. Doing is out of control is how the game works. This is working to judge. How could have a gift give her. You are ok, I'm gonna give you three gifts. Three things you could possibly give. Then I'm gonna give you three names of celebrity. And actors. The sort of thing here you're going to determine which of these people you're going to give each of the items dynamic. Sense too. I think it makes sense. Ok, the gifts are a restaurant, great blender, a leaf blower, out of control is how the game works. This is working to judge how good of kind of surgery. I want one year determine who you're giving it to? Maybe you can decide. Ok people you have to give these two
Argo Martindale, correct, famed character, actress, Margo, Martin! You need to look, rob she's fantastic. Of course, I do able Sri lankan them for a man of billions into every role and just as dynamite performance, ok, the next person the members of Heine three sisters, that's a triple to put what is only one gift, so they have to split area and then Eliza would most recently seen in the Lord of the rings all right, so we have a leaf floor, restaurant. I strongly binder surgery, surgery to Margo, Martindale, Haim and Eliza. Would so, let's start with Margo what you can give mark. Can you tell me a little bit about Margo Margo? You know she's just kind of Ben this character actors. She did a terrific job on the Americans. Most recently is kind of a diabolical russian. She kind of plays
she could she does it all? I dont know what to tell you. She can be maternal, she can be sadistic. I have her pulled up. I recognise oh, yes, she's. In a sure you will, in the movie, perish TIM where she plays a character who goes on a little trip by yourself to Paris. I once its Cohen brothers directed short, everyone should look it up its heartbreaking. Do you know French, because you're pronunciations have felt very genuine and no, I do. I took a lot of french and then I went into account Harris with Jim my boyfriend, and he harassed me the entire time about my pronunciation, but it just because he thinks he does everything better than May, and I think I don't know how do you have a healthy relationship with when one person things are fundamentally better than the other Argo Martindale will receive a we ve blower comply What am I picture Margo now
It was a tough call, a was it call, because when I picture Margo I either picture the blunder was the other thing I was considering, but I ultimately gave her the leaf blower because she's, no spring chicken anymore, sure If you're doing yard, work and unity, it to blow you need to clean up? You don't want. I dont want Margo out their raking ashore. Hey, I want to clarify them. Galleries deserves to do it simply inefficiently, ok, interesting seat. For me, I pray you would give Margo surgery. Just You know you're certificate for surgery because, as you know, she's a middle age will ensure village person I feel like I'm headed towards endless surgeon after fifty and for somebody to pick up the bill on one of the searchers. Maybe she wants to get lay sick, I search, or maybe she needs a knee. I feel like for me. I would I mean I'm not saying you're wrong. I think really flowers and excellent gift from Argo and she'll, probably thrilled. I feel it
this programme in the art a lot. That's what I'm picture and picturing her gardening. I'm picturing her in a beautifully, picture as house with a green front yard, and I wonder blowing leaves- and I mean if she was doing- that with twenty twenty vision from my surgery could green. That's! No less! So Margo ITALY, flower, ok, You ve got a restaurant great blunder, that's more than a home blunder! That's going to be able to throw rocks and there let's ride him up, and then we ve got surgery, that's right for either, we ve got the Haim sisters. But it is not the last name. I don't. That is why that is so I'm sick. If your listening reach, to me. Let me know your less him, I'm not gonna. Look it up as analyzer, would so for? I'm sisters: what are you giving him? The home sisters are getting surgery the case of what sort of surgery or the hind sisters getting. I have trouble, keep keeping. Them apart. I feel like if
any of them showed up on my doorstep individually. We know who they were. I would I drew together there we go become the Haim sister, that's exactly right! That way, no more confusion! There's the tree always together at all times. You like we're, headed this way anyway, there doing all these choreographed dances. Why, just become one person at this point it surgery, but it specifically, only use a gift card to good surgery to suture yourselves, your bodies together kind of us singing monster. I think it would work. I think I think I it's a new work and how do I use mine on Margo, but I think you you're, making a land as a pop star you have to learn to reinvent yourselves same, is putting your bodies together and sewing them well and splitting the royalties right now. That's. Why not have all of the money go to one creature it's. My like that. Ok, well, I was gonna say, give the guy
possible under single likely to party. I feel like one of them's mixing drinks. Why have a reason to give a blunder to Eliza? O elements is getting Eliza Hotel would you say Lodge, is well probably for eleven for Levin Eliza, honest I'm worried about his payment nutrition. He has received. He is skeletal. I Eliza needs a blunder, so he can make a dense nutritional smoothly for himself with protein and calcium assignments. Okay, so that he does not hurt himself, because I think he is added his wife he's a wife and Eliza. You need to start Balkan up buddy. Look. I've started it can protein shakes at home. I share a recipe Elijah reach out to me: we're gonna protein or using amusing away protein pockets. Like an old. My brother knows these things I reached out to him. He told me and I blindly migrate
a chocolate flavoured protein fun fact. Our industry, I run a stain of comedy, show LOS Angeles, called good Heroin stories. Books in cafe excellent show. There's a man who comes regularly, whose an ex cop and shadows upon his motorcycle he's the oldest person you ever come to good heroin is probably in his late sixties line. He has started making it a habit of giving me hemp protein. Oh well once a month he does is made. Entirely out of hemp: hemp protein, I've- you haven't touched it yet. I haven't, you told, made no Oh, I don't know. I haven't estimate ten of questions because I find it to be a little odd. And, if you're listening. He also. This is a man he's an ex cop. He told me that I would make a great interrogator o way in which I don't try arrest stay on. Why I mean I think, you'd be like the good cop I could be.
Good God. I think I like. I can make good warm people up, but I think it break people down and the same protein is like bordering on lobster ravioli tomatoes like war valiantly, something's gonna happen. Yes, I were being poison. Was it like a bag? It's just Lucy. Just all these folliot out of his pockets, like sandwiches fault, we were, I basically put up, no it's Anna Container and it is branded, so it seems odd, but I'm just it's the only time in my life, I've been given hemp protein by a stranger wary of it happens to me, see VD qualities it just just straight hemp. I wonder if I don't- even maybe I just don't know enough, but that feels like a weird I should send into Eliza honestly began needs elites. Sartor Pack, yes, get him a blunder and some have protein. It gets a meat on that boy. Maybe you could you know sub, seeing as how the tenuous
Ok! Well, let's look, I guess my final thing. I guess I'm giving all Eliza Leaf Flower and benefit A few years ago, I read that he had bought a house in Austin or something and ok, so you know he's got a property is gonna blow. Some leaves around. I mean by this time that Lord of the rings money is run run out of here now he's living big, the entire time he's out he's got to you can't afford for somebody to blow the leaves. No, we could sell on Craigslist That's exactly now that he's an extra cash was Lessing. You sold on Craigslist last thing I sold on Craigslist. I tried to sell my bed didn't work out, you're mantra is the entire thing we got to sell your mercury cell Gimme a break
People are selling mattresses, that's gonna bust, my door down because in trying to sell a mattress, come get me a blow, my brains out. I tried to sell the bed.
Few nibbles, nobody wanted it's a California king, and I think I've told you this and I almost just want to use this platform to tell people. California. King is not the bad. You want to know you want to king. You want a king, California, King sounds pants here and bigger its longer Unger. Nobody needs a longer back six, for I don't even need the link you. You should be the spokesperson. I've been telling people all I need is a matchbox. That's right! You should be on the floor. California, king bed, I guess, unless you have like I'd nobody sleeps straight lying straight day, everybody most people, I'm speaking now forever, but I think there is a kind of an organised mental coming from your eyes. I do I sleep in a corpse position and only talk about you're on a king bending, her fine fine again than in us. Your seventy tell you don't need the caliph. What exactly right and you want the with especially of them are reared- is a dream with a partner. You want the option to be close. You also have the option to abandon them in the knowledge ass you want to forget, they even exists. You'll feel them. You know want to touch them. Yes, you wake up to say you're, like other with somebody else in the bed and wonderful, I'm a large I'm calling the police
That's why I recently tried to sell and it didn't work out and you end up getting in your bed no gave up those as their sleeping on the bed and probably will until I move or something I listeners. This is gonna, be an ongoing thing with bridge and I would encourage you to badger him. He does spend money on himself and he deserves to have a bed that he likes. Ploughs whatever. Please writing, please any one. He will slip up until you his address one day. I haven t you that and when he does, I want letters going to his house nonstop at some point out, get a new bed for now. I'm on the California suffer horror at all. Let it go mad. We ve come to the part of the pot cast where we're going to try to help some listeners. Ok, look I could call this gift bag. You could
by words, a mail bag about gifts oak, and why not call it? I said no questions where I'm getting I want. You know. Listeners have written in asking me because I know a lot about gifts centres at general advice. You know I'm good at people want to hear what they should give people for various things, but you didn't want to do this segment. Of course I didn't know, but I'm going to because civil road, it's a first pod gas and somehow there's that little bit of me. That wants to help and so have gone some letters, I'm going to read them and you're gonna help me help. Others I'd be happy to first hi Bridger. I have a hard time getting gifts for my wife before she buys anything. She spent hours online, learning about the product, reading about every possible competitor and looking for the best deal, my more of an impulse spire and worry that my gifts won't seemed thoughtful enough. Can you guess, my advice. Thank
Jordan in Denton Denton text, I know, but and here from tax I grew up in tax, so you probably have some real, powerful insight here. I can help you, Jordan. I mean you have two options here. In my opinion, one. You either completely submit to your wife and just get her things with a receipt. Knowing she will return it and get the thing she once shore and now just be the way it goes with. You and you'll be sort of a boring couple in that's completely fine, that's fine! I mean that the EU can and other surprises. The other option you can do is you have to go completely outside of the Box of the type of she asked? Forgive you cannot get her that gift. You have to get her something completely original that she did not ask for that way. It's not something that you can shop around, for it is purely something that is very difficult to do, though, something that is like. Something she would want, but doesn't know that she once ok sure I mean the keyword I see here is I'm more of an impulse buyer which to me that worries me young,
you ve identified that about yourself. Yes, it's time to move on when you're buying gifts, your wife has given you some very excuse. Me very clear examples of how to buy things she's going too far in the other direction. Why not follow her lead and do a little research on your wife? Is this the way to because I Duke I found my on the other day, I was I needed some new socks I found myself typing into Google as socks best socks, masses what's happening to olive eyes, him best men, inexplicable and I was suddenly looking at lists of socks, and I felt a deep level chamber right I mean I did by you find it. I saw one of the top parity tried them, as I Lebanese, like spyware, give me to herself. At any point, some new saw my sister signing up for some saw club for a year
I'm so wearing I'm in cried, I feel great and every pair moose ox when the best feelings you can experience. So I do I'm hesitant to tell him to just fully given to this new culture we have of ratings and and endless abbess every day or. But I understand where you're coming from us just like move a little bit away from the impulse right- let's just think of something, and I think we and a good gift is something that's, maybe not that exciting, but is like a high quality version of something that person one by themselves, dancers idea to so sure that she finds too that's it that's right or its experience point eleven original on page eleven dialogue, eleven dollar, two teacher, probably ten dollars, but an experience as another thing most people on by for themselves as executive, and even if it's not something they would want to do it's a new thing, a memory you're buying something really look into that Jordan.
Experiences are good and I've read or I dreamt again. I can't tell if I read or articles anymore, if they just a kind of appear in my head, is as you know sort of a remnants of earth. Of a past that exactly right, but that people- don't experiences are much more valuable thing to have them an object. Yes, they say you have an object. It will lose its meaning very quickly and experience it's a memory. You'll have an experience of someone it'll create it sort of ships to yours, a purse at a southerly, fully agreed short and look and some experiences. Maybe a white water wrapped in trip. Take your wife to Arkansas shall be shocked, is Arkansas how much of a dry from Denton.
That's your car you're, looking at I'd, say fifteen to twenty hour drive, take the twenty our drive to Arkansas, just tell her tell her you're going out to eat and then suddenly we are on an extremely long trip to a state where you have no interest in, and you don't pull over for a five hour years owing to remember it by the time. By the time you finally pull over it's too late to turn back well into divorce proceedings. It is ok. Moving on hello Bridger and I assume guest they're. Probably talking about you, I would assume I'd love recommendations, forgive forgive for gardeners any and I didn't upcoming upcoming gardening trends would also be great thanks in Advance Elizabeth in Cornwall, familiar with on international audience in where Cornwall, England, oh, ok. Actually the great differ gardener. I mean this feels. I hope it's good, because I feel it Cornwall. I mean ink. The English are all about a garden. They,
the Gaza into the garden contracts. Kind of their main thing is, they rose, is taking over countries and understanding and a bunch of Unifil Garden and God bless them for doing or what are you thinking then my girlfriend Hilary we recently moved a place and there's a garden theirs. Bulgarian plots, sure she's begun gardening. My mom Peggy, who will we all know everybody Ipod knows yes, Peggy she sent for minor opens birthday, acts of guarding stuff. Ok in that box, what I thought to be the most useful thing was a she pad that I believe you can buy. Ah, I see where this is headed, and so when you meal down, you have a pad for your knee jerk orgies. Margo you, I think Margo Earl she's got the leaf, blower she's not getting on an evil, and you gave her surgery so maybe and new needs its true peggy does, by the way, both of chinese mechanical or whatever their both replace heavy if you're listening and throw it on your knees. Yes, this pad, I
the great gardening get, because I never would have thought of it, but you can save your genes or not. Maybe then you're not messing up your Jean you're, not working on your good genes to guard and all you want to extend EU. That's true, you wanna be shamed and of other gardeners. So that's my that's a gardening. If then, I can recommends a good. I have said this is what I am going to say. As someone who has killed every plant, that's coming to his apartment, does I say your gardening friend or whoever? It is a high risk? Plant something that they would never buy. It could very well die, but it's a gamble for them, because what if it doesn't die, they got a plan that I never would have bought themselves, but I would argue that you're giving me just a stressful cyclical they're doing them something that their new witness die in crowded has slowly over a long period of looking at this the wrong way. I think you're, saying you're saying to the person you're up for the challenge and
garden, is ready to be new here in England. Everything survives that's true. I mean, if you're a you know in southern California, in north facing apartment, road just prepare for it to die and enjoy a while. It's I have been overdue breeders apartment, but isn't there's one that's going on right! Look I've! recently found a plan that I think designed to be a mall, see us lives with truly no care. No water, no lights. I care about it's called. I would love to be able to recommend it if you will, but I think it's very good looking and I also recently bought two rosemary bushes as a home depot, the other night whose Mary bushes rose. Bushes. They smell beautiful, but these inside now these are outside. These are out on my The thing is hanging over on the outside of my apartment, trellis. Now, patio or what you call that a balcony would remain. It trellises trousers like offence
a thing. First, it plans to grow on cut that out it. Oh hi dont want matters to know that I didn't know what a trend that is about to be cancelled or not. Knowing trellises, I promised myself by the end of this public ass. You would be cancelled from as you may. Yes, I said: will our aim in and cancel him? Ok next. Dear Bridger, I have to get a good for my brother in law he hates
this person put things in quotes, he hates things and one time when I got him a book about world more one, he wasn't as excited as I thought, he'd be Michel in LOS Angeles. That's all the information we have yeah this guy he's, so he doesn't like as languages like material objects. Is that what's happening here or is it just a jerk, but also going to say right up front Michel by World war? One boy good, Lord! That's a real bummer! That's a chore nazi, giving anybody a book. Is you monetarist, Korea, you're giving them an assignment, and you have to I it's happened to me before I found myself reading books that somebody gave me and I resented them for it. Of course, I also enjoy it. Just it's a high risk. You have to know everything about. It appears to me. I mean two shortchanging Michel, but we already talked about this government experience. He doesn't like things
Why one round flame on and ran down again next year to another we experience most people like kicking TAT, our jargon sites, which are most Angeles near adding value more our. Maybe you throw em in the trunk of your car. Ok, take him. I want to welcome that's two experiences in Y Y Water TAT Way to Arkansas. Will the purse experience has been kidnapped in terms of course ones, and we all want to Michel give him an experience. Don't please stop giving people World WAR one books, that's all! I can ask if the EU is not one of those retorted the author or the rules, I would go further. Five burn it in front of you. I would observe that I've tarried page out and drop it into a fire. Ok, final question: I think we ve been very helpful here and hopefully, with the oxen sense into these idiots Frazier and they didn't mention here, but I assume they also want advice from you.
To get a gift for my sister, who was almost fifteen years younger than me? Why do girls hurried want First of all, this is from Craig enlighten ok, listen! You talk. Ok, Craig. We all know how old you Craig. What somewhere or you fly. I think it is safe to assume your any age he's listening to a podcast. Yes he's like so ok, I'm guess he's not in his sixty six, not in let's say, let's ballpark it thirty thirty, eight, no less thirty less cool thirty. So so we can talk about what tween, though not teens like what his mare in Romania mistake. Fifteen years after that feels like of huge gap, that's that person is almost not your civil heads, a new spouse or just whoops daisy. Just I would look at that. Person is like us acting. Is it a cousin? That's a cousin,
I think that there should be a legal thing if someone is that far apart from you as a sitting and it became housing has, I think so, because they live in raising a whole new world. This is a fifteen year old. Fifteen year old girl, who has a brother who doesn't it provide a lot of information, that's what sort of give two she want. Do you want an experience? Does she want to twenty our car out of the fifteen year old meaner, fifteen years overdue, teen girls like these days? Well, I recently I have a friend to US
daughter around this issue and I had a chance to speak with her, and I often when I'm speaking to a person in this age, I'm just quizzing them. I want to know how much is my o me a peak until whatever's hat wondering allocated design lost. First of all, she was an ego. Maniac. Didn't ask me a single question about myself: that's a teenage area so and I'm by far the more interesting person in the compromise before us. I should know much to offer her and she didn't wanna hear any of it. She,
It told she like sound cloud. Sound cloud came, not a gift. Do I guess you can subscribe to it or something it might actually being something that is free, so cavy, dessert? Ok, I usually sperience Insert, isn't a bad get it's a little bit of a risk because kind of an assignment you need a little. You know you need to do some research on who she's Indonesia, s side, getting her dependent on which you will spend like if it was let's say, she's into Billy. I wish as days I'm sure Billy irish tickets are going for a lot of money as at least a hundred dollars. That's always hundred dollars, it that's not about get together, which is something that you might have yourself, but shall certainly issue and end up on drugs at the Billy. Irish concert
listen Roget, like that's Billy's bran. I think that's just what's happening. Team was shot at a Billy Irish concert or not. I think this fifteen year old girl is doing just she's, probably on hard drugs. I recommend mainly she needs help, so maybe Billy. I wish contract or rehab, ok, so maybe or that it could be the explorer your say: hey get in the car, we're going to Billy Billy, just kid air regularly. We haven't Arkansas and they have you why you, water, rafting yeah, of course, that's why I feel that, as we have experienced for teens at something that would help him get off drugs. Ok! Well, that are now. I think we ve been mostly liar good work. Here, I'm your welcome, if all sales by a gift card which I think have been kind of fairly maligned lies researchers I getting. I don't like to get caught at all. I value the more than money, I'm not kidding.
Give me your card is gonna, be a probably a year before actually use it, because I'm thinking about what I should buy with, because you have to make account now, if you can, give credit to you, the twenty five dollar gift card to the gap, the gown or restore. What would you then consider a more expensive t? Shirt? I mean I can tell you right now know because of gap makes boxy t shirts. I would at the gap. I would get socks, yes a belt, that's right, a bell, maybe like beanie, but I don't think I've ever seen. You would have been no one ever will the gap is again. If your listening corporations, the cap, you need to narrow,
t shirts and a little bit. It's a little like me. Who is this for? I know I don't know it's the old Navy curse of just like MRS build for someone who is a rectangle or some endless and no offence to the people out there who are shaped like rectangles, of course, there's that I'm not going about a shiny, his audience, I mean a reality. A literary angle actually seek surgery. I would just. I would counsel you to know that you are loved, despite what this maniac across. If I ever come across a rectangle shape person that there's gonna be held a pay, I want to give him a hug and I'll be a binary. I know my own before you do. Ok, because these rectangle freaks are now there you are, and you know, who's cancelled now use you come on I'll answer myself or I venture minor goes cancelled, Matt.
Bridgetown bless my boy, I'm in your t, shirt, I'm so cosy on absolute honour. I forgot that you are wearing the two year while of course, I'm doing a very natural topless on your first people are thinking about my body and all kinds of ways on this planet. Ass in that line will, I think, that's the end of the show, an honour to be here Berger. I said Robert Evans, you brought a gift and we talking about it and so much more. This is our life goes on arrival, I hope you have a nice rest of your washing the dishes. If you ve been doing it for an hour and a half, Find a lost your mind the dishes away right when it's done, you'll feel better about yourself and I've got a dinner. I am very high, blueberry muffin before I came in ass wearing I had Attaka right
I said: no gifts isn't exactly right: production, its engineered by Earth Angel Stephen Re Morris. The theme song is by miracle worker Amy man. You can follow the show on Instagram and twitter at I said no gifts and if you have a question or in need help getting a gift for someone in your life ii me yet I said no gifts at Gmail, dotcom listenin, subscribe on Apple podcast, stitches or wherever you found me and why not leave a review while you're at it
a man myself perfectly against a man to be present.
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