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#1 - ADHD, Brand Deals, and Choosing to be Gay?

2019-01-26 | 🔗

Ryan Higa and the guys talk about the history of brand deals, Adderall, the anti-PC movement, high school sports stories, and the topic of whether or not it's a choice to be gay. Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics! http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com Order Ryan's book "how to write good" http://higatv.com/ryan-higas-how-to-w... Ryan's Official Store https://www.gianthugs.com/collections... HigaTV Channel http://www.youtube.com/higatv Website http://www.higatv.com Send us mail or whatever you want here! PO Box 232355 Las Vegas, NV 89105

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Holy crap. Gonna pay me this much money just to make a video, and I just completely sought out the idea it. Oh, I support gay marriage or saying like just saying that you're gonna get he either way. Yet you see model, maple sides hate you and say you don't and you do except it did able Tatum lava that bring on the eye we. well good euro, every cameras, good reading the collapse visited that we only me why why do did so loud and our headsets come on that are intro the clap claps? That's the clap lapse. We declare that we had we been for. We are. We need the club, collapse to sink people. Don't know it's not we're not just applauding ourselves. It's to sink up the audio with the video anywhere welcome to the first off the pill. Podcast! It's not that it's not that one I'm alive at the first, when we ve done, we done to actually have done three
I posted on the second channel, one with just us. I think, and then we do one with David David Joy have you guys really liked it, but we stop doing it for a very long time by us. The third one that we do with Derek, but I doubt it salvageable hook up bad, it wishes its Derek. You know we went a little off topic, it was almost like. I don't know what to do. This video we ve been experimenting Yet we just been experimenting, deny had inside the mind of rain. He got up that. Podcast is basically inside the minor Derek it will. It was, but I also felt like He was trying chow someone else's mind. One day we might imagine, post it one day just because it would be funny turn, but I feel like we should not be posed in that kind of pack. it's a long format, no getting used to it,
anyway, we are figuring it out, and this is the first one with its opt already said. This is technically that the first one on this channel, yet it's not the first one. I did I did, how do we don't even have an interval dope anyway, I think we should stick with a clapping thing, a move where he did it. Okay off to a good start. I guess you can just get it. I just want to give that intro, because this is the first one of the guests. So the guests- I guess I don't know if you guys are always going to be here- we're still finger now we got to get. I think we already have a bunch of guests that we have coming up. of its smart to say who it is yet, but you are in your pocket he has already know, will, and you guys might know me- ok, well, and also for people who don't know it's called off the pill podcast. If you don't know that by now, which is a little strange way, you're watching this. It's because that whole
things started when I start ranting on videos without taking my meds, I have ADHD. I don't take my med, sometimes and when I do that, I start talking in circles and talking about random things and that's what My guess is all about. You know just havin fun talking about random things really is an important, madam, certain issues unstructured nor there? drug returned bar fares structure. When you talk about a mean there is structure within on structure, we all clapped boom. Using the time in the beginning, we always clap that structure and we some like it, then that's our closer we're, not we're still figure in the way of things. Basically, the restructured everything in the middle. Ok! Well, it's only our first one, technically. Fourth, one because monopolising the Durban. we're not talking about anything but let's get into it. What do we have on the agenda? We have so many things to cover because we ve never covered anything yet well, but when we
talk about something that you know Canna hot right now, who is asking what it or it will which China made that good? some dirty died has meant a hot topic. Are you a hot topic ass, they were it's very when I was a kid. I was actually scared of hot told me to my mom. What and let me go in there my. Why not honestly, I now really not scared, but I I dont know I was ever noise doubly was fright frightening for us. If we get sponsored by our topic. speaking of which its thank our sponsors for today. Hot topic- that's not true. I don't know if that's evenly. Well for me to sit we're not swat huh huh he's not sponsoring that. As we have no response, we have no money because we are but you'd like depositors, bud, guess you could reach this email, righty or commercial could be just like this. Have you ever wanted to go and get something? That's kind of scary to kids, but also really cool to some kids that are outcast. Does that some bad living
loaded topics are us hot topic that I do as this that could be. You is the essence of after Pill park ass. We tried to start something. I know that we absolutely failed and went somewhere else or the people. I know this tool bureau even on how this too, but we ve actually done more, that that we need, people whenever sea, because we are just experimental trash gonna like this one back the pocket book While we talk a little bit about Brandiles Gazette seems to be something that a lot of everyone has. We are going to do it. I know, except you, been someone that has steered away from that type of content, and my I personally am very interested in that you thought we talk a little bit about it, but I think a lot of the audience do would be like how does right I make money on Youtube. since the ad Parker. You know I mean it's not as good, I haven't. I really don't do that. Many sponsorship deals because
I was based the content around. I mean you guys always based around us. If the ad interferes with the funny or the story, then I'm not gonna do it. I get an I get asked do stuff like Polly Everyday, like multiple inquiries or flags, but ok is that afflicts it is. That's a good did you continue continue? I don't know what that means. I know you're we're gonna go ADHD right now continue other bad you're, the one with a roomy I I didn't take my eyes are fall already talking about data browser, like some people, ask you every day. Oh ok and people send, or that is afflicts. It is it's not that weird though its, nor for you diverse anyway, as I say, before someone interrupted I am glad I was talking about Yet we get that all the time I get that sent in random inquiries and me I would say like now me: nine out of a hundred are things that I dont really
care for don't really know, or I can find a way to make it funny or it's just a ridiculous off like it's like nothing. Or they just want like. Sometimes you just like hey. You remind me, a video for us. We don't have any money, but you know this. I we think this you'll like this product like well I mean, if I really like it, I would use it, but that public asset it comes down till I can you make it interesting that I choose smash. It is that's why there's almost none and yeah it. It would be nice to have some who would be if we could upgrade our MIKE's every sound horrible right there actually really good and road child the road. This not sponsorship, but they did send this free free stuff. So that's why we have this set up so that you very much road yet not as partnership know, because it- they'll waitin for you, thinking I've noticed like brands, I will try to reach out to the process, is very slow.
You know and the way the Rhine works is his within a week. He thinks yeah. We found it and edit it and if, if that holds back like the brand of the deal, holds it back in anyway, it's very hard to commit to it. You know cuz, like what is it this time is the balance between, like you know, doing our own thing and the time that involves right. working with them and didn't go into that process. Is its long process is really long, and yet I have also worked with other Youtube ruses well and who was avi and that when they are doing brandiles and stuff a lot of times yeah, those brands would see a completed project and they re like. We don't like this right. We want something else. That's also a big thing that I always train. I ones negotiate, but that's a good amount. I always have to say, like I want that We have control items. Brands, don't want to give you that here, as they want to be sure their brand, if they're paying for it,
want to make sure like it's all about them, the air. So that's why, for me it's a all these things have to line up for me to be able to do it, but in a podcast Norway, easier borders, ways yet just talk about it, but even with that, I would still one products that are actually I don't wanna be like onawandah, namely us. I don't wanna like talk about ex product, and that product? I don't even like yeah yeah, like all that's a crappy thing, I like this other better, but because your pay me I'm gonna, talk like good. It's like your signing off on it you're like our seeing it in a way exactly and in Europe people use it or by it, and it's bad. Your opinion means nothing dear if it's a bad product, but you have the luxury of doing that is well what I mean where year in a comfortable spy on its yeah. I mean it, so it would be in its comfortable spaces. That is a. debatable dance here, yeah yeah you're talking about because I think
overall you're in a lot more of a comfortable spot. The most people, of course here than most people, so yeah yeah ability to make those decisions and not be like I'll I'll give up a little bit of my morals or values. To do this sponsor Yes, dear, I would say so, but I mean I've. I've done things that are not proud of oh, you would go into that went on. I can if they were not proud of, maybe like what is. If you want to talk about. What's the most positive, experiences with brands or or ones it you ve kind of look back on instead, like that was good and fine and not do not. I mean this thing. it's tough, because I don't know which ones I've sign contracts with that. I can't talk about there's a part of that
Let us not allow the positive, unlike which, when did you enjoy the most that are now there's a lot of them, you're a good examples. The fortnight video I had the idea, I went to them, actually didn't come to me. I was I have this idea of some kind of budget, so I can make this in a better and I went to turn up against. The Abbe gains. Will economic, like I'm a middle person, but we made that deal happen, and that was it it's easier that way, because I can present them my idea, rather than being like a you, have to say our name. This many times you got to show you this much in play and like that's, that's the kind of stuff. That's a good turn off to me, but I mean I I had yeah. I've had some bad expense it when I'm not bad is just like I've had ones in the past when I started like back in high school, the idea, my first grandiose out just like wholly crap going to pay me this much money just to make a video, and I just completely sought out the I have. You were passed back, then people kids way different hated ads. You know, like Hall,
I never understood that. You know how like back then on another still happens, but when, like state borders, you light got sponsored you big, wholly copies legit like that. Don't congrats awesome way back when you tube first was starting. If you got a sponsorship of any kind, people were pierced at you like. Aren't you guys remember that time like two thousand between five and nine- and ten I remember- we did this Carlos Junior deal, I remember the meter who meet our own mushroom miserly airport about portability, mushroom burger. We did this add all of us did one in our own, and we all had to posts at the same time- and I thought I was for I mean I was having fun with it- everybody seamen. They are doing their own version, but people were like hissed, they were so mad or you gutters sellouts, and all this stuff like yeah, ok, but it was a lot of money, but a big at the same time its because at the time as a new platform, it was like why
these guys have so much like creative control and like doing what they want to do. That's great in D c, I guess a corporate gesture in their it's. It's change due to it to closer. Like aside, data scolded do a first scalding of the off the pilgrim gas or he's allowed. His mirth must also their closest were seized. My father nowadays Aragon, you just can I realized it all away, and here I think, that's even better sounds more balanced. or rude argument, o israeli eyes, a corporate era. Korea goes, I see that perspective, but now it's crazy how its change like honestly, I I I even shall back then I feel like for me. I didn't do that many after there and I can alarmed but like when people, if I was working with a Brandon, had to be somebody, my followers would be like a happy.
Holy Crabby gets it looked like the nintendo, and I just didn't like I actually love I've, always loved intend to most people. Do I think they grew up like our age grew up with an internal games and stuff like that. I feel like that something I've Ok, this is just call. I've always wanted to work with them same with, like I would work with our no just two things, people like or egg is our group of people are still women with the latter. silver like how we were putting the switches. Popularity kind of like a lot of people are gravitating towards now you're gonna far this is the first jargon says just official Rogan did say that he also, It's wish that is one of the. The reasons why I like pie, guess I loved your organs for shares. I think, like this
Oh long, like me to three years ago, I was on a long term. Above a couple years ago, I wrote in emu to his thing to his like media II. Male really did get a response would have laid out just like I was actually pitching to him for to do this. Other idea. This was like back when the drama stuff was starting to happen. this is before nobody really but even I hit up jargon and Julian for Jenin Julian right because I wanted to do a show that was kind of based around We need this drama challenges also speak about like DIA. They were all a district. There was no fights at the time as a damn. Imagine if we had all these people having drama they just like really thought that we set up a? U have sea like celebrity death match, but not death there. You know, and I had this idea- I sent a very basic version, not now not a pitch. I just cannot said who I thought you'd be great for this. I would love to work with him.
of your report. Can, I call you think, like I think, it's brilliant and I sent that over in the emu couple years ago. Our knowing exactly was just before there was actual fights new and write like I would say it within half a year they that first fight was announced the hours ago. Alright, it's been done great. The real question is De Julian was, bond jointly respond yeah. That was a good idea because Julius, down he down from his talent for she's. That's the fighting here I mean asked one guy would never do Jujitsu it, I'm gonna do it, but I would like he's too big, and when I would grab some sleeves with him one of them here. What is it was just like a term a meda It only grub slaves had to it's gonna like doing we grab some sleeves and he was a car like travellers leaves are you you'd hugging, Holly, Bulgaria. Why were you thinking of No, like the sleeve linger it ever like. You have Z. Nobody has leads
lives a gypsy job. Here I mean that's the collar tuna grab sleeves. That's the sleeve is over here like or what are you grabbing? Then you, grabbed her sleeve you're talking about the collar known, you can grab sleaze into Jitsu yeah. Of course, here do. Let's grab some stopped autonomy happy it's gonna happen. I was like this move, a scratch leaves as explicitly that alone, although that was brands again on a topic. That is just an interesting thing when we don't have to like abruptly. Stop it stop it. You know what another brand, that I should say this thing get in trouble for, but I don't care my pod cassock and so what I ve got to get em upsets me
little bit grabbed rinds my gear. Rather, my father grab someone sleep, I'm here it Andy our Swedish guess who, on your thinking ass, he could get gas or is it purely by now. sounds. I was fishing you into the aid is IKEA. So when I was in Ellie I went to IKEA, I mean I've. As everybody knows, the hype right IKEA and I was, I think, I'm one of the very a small majority in a minority, not majority one of these minority empowerment minority. That is not a big fan of IQ and I'm all I've never been meaning of all my stuff. After the first time I bought all my stuff for LA from IKEA and had to build all of it. The next like two days after that I was like I'm never going here again. want to sponsor this, not just getting to know, because let me tell you why on the road map,
he was a lot of stuff. You know breaking in summer, and that's probably my fault. For how I made it like a levelling. Their products are bad because they achieve great art thou this stuff in he were not all of it. I should know they stopped, but there's other in other holiday is a lot of IKEA products and their demon. The bed that you took for me, member on there was a lot of IKEA products and they work fine, but on them would break and athletes The way I built India, that's exactly my point like I feel like I care is a grocery store for furniture and, like I just want to go to the restaurant god that's a great analogy ominous able right yeah, I thought of all people. like below my garlic buildings. I went in there and I in At least the only things that really by from IKEA Career or things like this, this is this. I think this thing in the background just like metal, it's kind of
The kind of letters cabinet looking thing yet the cabinet looking like any other, would stuff or like any of like that kind of stuff. I dont really by cause it is it's like or and says, Can it falls apart as a kind of July we work to Damas, had his for how many years well, regardless even if you build it right, I'm sure a lot of people do and at last for a long time, and maybe they just treat their stock better than I do, but regardless I I I just feel like it. Gonna pay, that much money you should they should make it for you shouldn't you don't wanna be reinstate Hagen that couldn't get some dough and some blogger and, and then all we have to make this at home, not been another half a day know the reason why people go too. I guess it's actually cheaper yeah, but how much cheaper like a significant amount, is it really really else? That's where we work. If you don't like it, because you have the building, I don't like it is because it it's not like I'd rather just spend more money for something. That's like higher call like that,
my main rear had read it, but I don't like odd among his money making barrel Ottawa cheap those much money I could save will now, but I like so only can compare this to another store out here in Vegas, it's like a local place and they may products that look just as good as I kissed of ethical bigs, something I don't know yet Amy products just as good. Around on the same price range. I would say I remember, comparing at the time when us bursting furniture, the very similar psyche, if not cheaper and those products are still held other there already made and they do free delivery delays ones. I knew that out of its seem pretty big. You know what it is. Bigs like it's a big. It's a big place and its good stock man, yet I deliver for free people coming just put it where you want in your house like what that that alone is worth whatever more you gotta pay to IKEA to me, and you save yourself a day a day you could be working and
making money, which is actually why you're actually losing many by buying products like that man. There never gonna work with me her. That's probably what Prove me wrong that the booty, that's probably what that store, does to compete with a story like a year, because I, as a name such eighty came everybody there how to business now, and I think he has got those like bore me balls, thereby they do have their maples data, have good fear. I'd do dissolves weird, but I think I give a dope second date gets weird people already do that young people to have data that all of this is something that all grabs miserly. What's was on a sleeve, do not have a great Sit down is been done. I just hate when other people go to IKEA now and a film. pun, did he all my daddy's lies. I do that, then, is why you that one of the first we were all she did the market one right and then someone did like the
his name's cancer. So weird, while I have no idea who did but if you're doing it now still It is even more and still do not know how they are. Why didn't you know? I didn't you? Ok, as did nine. Definitely do the if we went IKEA we'd be doing that, but we wouldn't be filming you dont, because we also just be treated like make each other cringe which pose great out, but I'm a class. A gathering jarred I have like he's, been unawares down, teeth, oh yeah, you are on the beauty by allow had made another view by do that's how clingy you are, I'm amazing, the food that is awesome, I'll, kill a man I want the purely by any less you wish you could not good enough man am cringe level to speaking. I should break it off the topic of brands because
What have you done? Behaviour lies, as everyone knows that the burning bridges, Levison arrange your high hopping. I hear just send me my opinion. Could change I'm not gonna take the deal unless it is changed, interesting transition from hey, we don't every branch. Do you know what I did? I hear it's on a hot topic. One really didn't scare me and I care I honest. I still among large, describes how I feel. Let's try salvaging the so hot topic did scare you at first but but I go there, but now they are great because we go there for props really want to have like a really like you want to go for that look, and I also think that, like some good like real niece things like, namely tap into gin. I guess cultures ban that matters or they have like that, like certain like we bring cartoon yeah and if that happened to that, and if I want to wear like some dumb sailor Moon shirt, which I love to be top of the fun fact that you like to wear
skirts at home for nortons. All I thought I wear sooner. There's nothing what they do. This is two thousand and nineteen. No, it's not that it is a live with you, Joe. You live with me and I like well about like what is your mind set for that. Like I mean like I'm, not judging the same with, but I am a little bit- is the same with crocs how's like two noble where's this. I suggest you one of your hipster saw as while I in a way, I guess in a way history yeah, but it's more like a one make people cream You want me to tell the story about what you don't even tell this story, because I think he's China defend himself now. So I woke up, though this we're living at the old house when the exclaim the situation. Could you're living with partial, I'm live Paca moved in his head. starting to work with us now. We are new Guy Park was pretty cool. You know and I walk out to go into the office and pocket walks.
Of his room with no shirt on no socks but he's wearing a pink skirt? I'm not talking about like a costume like a girl. this scourge that link schoolgirl yet look. He walks by meter is able to make not trying to be funny. Not try make me laugh. He just walked by and I am looking I don't like waiting for him to kind of turn around or like. Maybe he lifts his skirt up to try to make me laugh or like make a joke nothing. You could tell like he slept in it I think, as am I Booker's in it, just walk Granada's Lebanon, hundreds eminence Lebanon, will he just will go and got. Some was stranger because you made a conscious choice to like hey, I'm gonna go out into the into the world with no shirt on and just a skirt, which is a man You can hear about everyone. Why that's great that every now and will be summertime so is like really hot and I never lived in Vegas saw like no shirt. I need a ventilation, Ahmad nibs and if I'm wearing pants, you know about my skirt. I can just
open up this a breeze struck me my reality. Now that that's you feel like this is like You first saw yea, I came into the group and we are just like all cases. This guy's different. I mean it's. Not a bad thing is interesting. If anything They are where it anymore, not haven't worn and for a long time, see it's not genuine, then you don't love skirts. Just like that live like I just words to be like how we will agree. I think you are discovering yourself, that's the kind of person. If I were you, I always felt discovery everyday yeah. Did you like check it awful? like skirts cross it without another word: Metzger Guy, not a skirt our work once in a while those for like strangers. Something ok with that.
This for entertainment, yea and fund the weird thing about it, is that you weren't doing it for any. Like you, just we weren't filming you just did it. It was behind closed doors that you walked out of that closed door. To me, are you fond of jaded Smith afflicted? sending he did and they that it was around that time. May that's why it might have but I don't u inspired, but also the thing is. I had actually bought that two years before and then from that point it was kind of just like this is a weird thing: to have some just use. It sometimes ok closely. in other words just sitting here. How do I get it? I can't let a good skirt go to wit. You now get nine, you ve got it wanted. Watch us get all these,
is there a way I will and Ryan or saw on accepting I studied where whatever you I know, but only by arriving a note- and this is my my party and I think it I think it's a little weird lie amid I have nothing against people greater assets and who says processing. What if you were irish, is that stereotypical, though this kilts kilts Scotty Scottish Scottie got his right now, Irish, when I first saw it, that's why I thought it was a girl, but is pink yeah, but I mean they have been. Killed today by night and us that's a skirt weakening it, those comments for sure whatever and we're not for you, you're gonna, be like oh, don't make what a pocket he dislikes goods are to be. Who use that's how I think they're always sounded I'll see you in the comments were about to get roasted me a little like so close minded clothes minded. mind. You minded bang that may meet think about, like
I don't know why we are talking about that at times oh that's, random and his weird gay choices see even the fact that even have the quite like. I have to stop myself from seeing a weird choice that he made think about, like all the backlog yelling our peoples, it such as did such a sad thing. It was never like this before we we we talk about results, have never ought not publicly here is my blogger: you do it and I think it's, but it's not it's not coming from a place of hate, no, not at all just coming from a place of like all. This is different to me from the norm. Yeah, like I mean I just emulate, even like the whole itself trained to talk, because I have to be careful ba eyes all these like there's somebody role. Allow are there so many rules, but like even like talking about anything like saying like before it everything changed thing like. Oh, I support gay marriage or
like just saying that you're gonna get here either way yeah yeah, so you might just make bold. I hate you and say you don't and you do except it did able Tatum Lava, that bring on the hate outside our whole side. More you get love from both sides. Are you did you like? I don't care. What you do is try to adults. I will be like all. Why don't you care about our agenda? I know MRS like every like podcast has a pc talk here, but you lack I when I she'd never data video on I never should really did a video about gay people or any kind of like tat and that when that was like the hot topic here, our topic Savage ran about you. Emily was like I mean it was more problems than it is now like everything happens, entrance like for a while the whole game when added it's done, but the whole
the game of men and eligibility. Thing was solely focused around gay marriage over yet you remember you ok sure, and now its economic, the drip transgender thing. You know before I was more dislike about gay marriage in gay people and laid them be damned like stuff yeah. But it's funny things happen in trends, but when- was happening. I just never really touched the subject of is that we gave friends, I don't and I was kind that border like- I don't care yeah do what you want to do What makes you happy began would you want to do like? I also in if you it's your religion and you are against it to me. I'm just like. Ok, then be against it, but all you'll have the going when I come from a whole way which of the place of white people are just openly Subaru. My boy, if they are all you wouldn't like they're, called marries in a way they never heard met wearies furrows yeah, I heard a different Edward, oh yeah,
as well, but in a way they say my Hu Jia, but I don't have that's insulting. I don't know if I will say that harsh that is, I don't know either on his anymore. I don't know everything's changed man, but you know I always thought the way I really broke it down and try to think about. It is like I can't like I really believe that you can choose to be gay, say Can you hate on someone exactly for something they can control? You know it's like hating on somebody like being Asian yet but Peter I really do believe that you can choose to be gay, like a lot of people still believe that less. But I think a lot of people do and it's a choice, but the funny thing is, I think the people who think like that are actually the closest to becoming gay or being gay ere they
energy and are trying to fight it yeah, like the only people who are like, if you really think about it, like I try and think it think about it, myself like if it's a choice, I can't really right now think- or I think I just can't be attracted to The view that I can choose to want to be attracted to you guys. You know I mean like a cat or any guy. I can't choose if you really think it's possible right now. If I were to think like you know what it's as if it were, my choice. If I wanted to do that, I could begin I could like you. I could be attracted to you, then I'll probably get my heart are bothering, but I don't think it's possible to be to choose it like. I This really can't think it's possible. I know it. I think it's a choice than you're, probably questioning yourself. I thought about it before. Like am I gay, I know, and then I thought you were here. Actually a lot of people think
It's well that skirt thing and, like you know, there's a bunch of other G8 but like very I can be very farm boy and at times yes, but then I was out his lake cat like I can see guys and Billy O dude That's an attractive person, but on another dry doesn't mean anything yeah exactly and for me, I don't know if this is going to take an outer inappropriate, born brush might do not taken out anything do, and I stress the back my tongue and I gag, unlike I don't like this view, May we might have to take it out hot topic, and I can now we're gonna when they sponsor this, let s hear you saying about like you don't think it's a choice to be homosexual around dig, it can be free. I point of view imagine like growing up because from our look point of use a straight male, we are we grew up and we were born into the world and we light were attracted to women. So imagine being
like born a man and just being born, attracted to men. Having people say right in eyes. It's gotta be pretty frustrating oh yeah. Definitely a hundred Arizona looking at it from their point of view is like someone it. If someone told you like it's a choice, you'd like women's. I will destroy I'm attracted to you know it's so very easy. That's what I'm saying the people who are even question like it even think that it's a choice now means they. Can there probably think about it for them, helps sure because, like I've ordered not thinking seemingly but anyone who really things that choice just ass yourself would you be able to choose to be attracted to a guy order? You have your guy. Would you be true to be attracted to these same sex, because if you if you can, then you really should be art making that argument, because you're probably gay damn here, some freakin hot tea for you. What does it mean if,
Magic them saying that there is a choice because they are homosexual They chose to like women bone. Oh, he had explosion their arms, and so there, like it's a choice. Yeah I'm here, don't give me a high five yourself down dude grabbing your own sleeves priests, sweet. How do we get on this topic? on the pc rout, all you, that's exactly what we can talk about current times and then it's really upsetting. I think you know what I know things bad to talk about it now I think I see the times are changing right now. How are you Everything has become very pc over the past five years. I would say to me not just in the past by, but really
you see in the past five years. A last year I think, like I said everything happens and trends, and this trend is was is at its peak and it's gonna change and go the opposite direction. I think there's gonna be a big movement. Love and tie pcbs, honey? I asked see nail and I think it's our is going to happen and I think it's gonna become almost like damietta organ alchemy. We need a little bit more began again so that it can go anti BC, gonna be just a bunch of like race. This means yet, but it can be acceptable and then it's gonna be do the same thing. Really believe. That's how everything works more one extreme pushes back the other extreme, exactly seven, and it's always nice to find the balance. But there's never gonna be balance. Just like there's, never peace. There will be balance if more people are balanced boom. That is as not that's it. That's all work on it here, but as well. That's what this was kind of sex about the world is like it's. It really is kind of
through the lens of the extremes when I think most like, I would say, the majority people are more more like in the middle and oh yeah, but it's that, like that, like loud minority yeah, which is a kind of a shame. Well I mean there goes our that's an that's. Our pc section of the weak pcbs She like our little scene for this episode of pieces of the. When we talk about gave you can choose to begin. I believe that your probably gay, pc serve the weak. We're gonna be seen as of the weak thing, might bring back see what people like you know, we're still experimenting elegant, whereas we are on the agenda today. I like it. I beg you meant to say it, but similar bear minting. You know like people were
curious about it. It's the about what you know like if their obligation, as is death yeah I mean I mean like United, mean to say: ok is naturally in you to experiment. Is she broke? I couldn't do but like so we. You were talking about having this thing in our podcast, where we do you know it, then just doing the ad section, what if we had? What if we had lately seen or heard normally do MID Mary role but instead we do Emmy somebody like sponsorship stuff. But what have we created our own commercials yeah she? This could be you hot topic or the IKEA. I don't like you, push, learn our lives junior again, so we feel actually worked within their great butterfly again film, our own commercial, that we run during our she. She breaks. I think we can make it, but we make it funny out, be pretty cool. I don't think you know, there's a lot of work to nothing media on other video here, a mutiny Emmi. We could do a super simple though here like the get twenty seconds,
they are media. Mingle really can take quick. She brick people from way. We call ping she she, number one is she number two is do I guess at Saint in France, Well, I guess if we take a duty, That's if there's a long add that rebuilding Armenia half add what are they. Was it the site? Bark of the basic skip? Do dashi looted? That's what were you can never take a due to break a t down much local needs. spans. Nor bringing it recognises how possible avoid work when we're filming shoots. Papa will go missing for a clean forty, five minutes and we already know where he is he's in the bathroom pooping here doing a really tied bottle. I don't think that's the reason. I think it's just because you're on your phone that's! Ok, so a new game came out. What's so super cell has created yes class shroud classical right right has all of our sprawl stars re like a mobile game, but just got released in America because apparently has been played in other.
countries. So what you're saying is the next time you go to the bathroom condemning any blame longer Bray yeah, oh so you're just saying you are now. came nigh what everyone else is like we're, sweat we're trying get things done operating without thinking on second channel ideas, all the outer, because you're playing are all so maybe we could get a brandy with brawl stars and then they'll give me, Sir foreigners price so filled. Poop milk is a brand new phone. I bet you one sitting: food particles yet are so many party, but I do like She should because actually been doing a lot of caffeine, yeah sure, The question should bring about a minute break two minute break and await an eclipse cheaper, Airbus and we're back to be off the bill. Podcast starring me me me, We in plan d D just happened and I hated and I hated so much anyway, maybe that's about.
Idea tat duty she breaks cause like I forget what we're talking about. What that's why you know what a refresher, because I don't remember what we are talking. I shut my met. One of half the video is also feel pike, and the other and have gone, and I'm just like really focused, I think She just like starlike guys actually have work to do, and you just talking on your home fantasy when I do take my my arm. After all, a matter of such a bad name like assets like now it takes is a bad rap, but I think people get affected from it differently year like for me, when I take it, I dont get like height or some other people do almost the opposite and out of that's normal. But if I had Irena, you guys could be talking and I could be working on something I could also work for years are talking is listening, is an amazing?
it's amazing for me, because I get distracted, Susie yeah, not linking the stereotypical, like all butterfly in Algeria, but like even just talking right now, I'm thinking of other things like why things are not just like even talking about words. The word talking and I started thinking about like that. I see the we're talking alive. I was thinking about that, while explained to you the other thing, damn that's weird, it's out where it's normal. I think a lot of people do that they just don't let themselves explore that far yet because he too, even when I take my meds that happens, but I can control it. That's the difference for me and dumb. You know what I'm running like scripts and stuff like that, it's actually easier to not take it and then after that, but when I'm not taking it basically what happens. Is I write all this nonsense like because that's the reason high it turns out to be nonsense is because your literally just going with the flow- and you can't stop, because if you stop you're gonna forget the great idea you had an but the great idea,
sometimes leads to other ideas that are completely unrelated, but you have to write it down here, because you never know when it's gonna come back, the air, and then you take your medicine next couple days later and you ve gone fix all the little things damn or out it together or put it put it into make. It makes sense that, the secret right there. That is the old adage. Not a secret. Do if you have a day to day, do that I heard it's different for I've talked to others. book as the Armenian like lay com, two people writing to me be a thing like that. Experiences are similar. Some are very, very different. Now I think it's not just like you have it or you don't think it's a scale nuclear and I really get upset when people say alike augured it's just like
it's I mean a lot of it- is their kids who just want to do drugs church. But it's not fun to me like arrows, not a fun thing. I don't get that seem like hyper nurse and like you, you know, I mean it. We will keep you up, but I don't get that like. I don't get hot, it's fun yeah! You know Bonanno well, let's frolic as you or should be taking it to some extent rather than allowing taken all the time. The yeah, but. It's not funny to me at least will then you way? How do we get on their topics? Yes, you took limits, and had a lot of fun. We didn't even start with a topic know what's on the agenda yet well for transition into different things. Speaking of transitions. Weakened, as you know, is talk about any cause. We we had something trending. So while we disk
something that you know is bothering you guys recently in the past couple of days laundering. He had escaped personal, because I mean things that this is something that I learned in writing class and what helps you right is named three things that you really like right now and three things that you don't like right now and then that's what they told you in the class yet but that's how you start writing with the topic. Reuter lover stand up not just in general in general, like Woodworth, writing stand up. Words. Oak or making a video or story, then you just like right. Do things eagerly? I like food, I like doing massage and I like when people say thank you. When I opened the door, something I don't like static electricity. I don't like when I pick my nose to harden. I bleed. job that one do you always bring that up to do, though you We use it as an example for something as we're playing I dare you and I are
and we don't really like you pick. You knows who can like pick your nose into a bleed sites, no favours brought this up made design at the maritime. This is the third time any I've heard it from you before me have finally there why either noise to spend at least a couple times who really? Why do you always go to the idle? Why do you want to see someone picture notably note? Is that your fetish you condemning, might kings? I I just I'm curious. is that your values, not as we can make that happen, but you can pick our noses to it bleeds, but from the six different topics, there's you make one or two that you really like all. This is something that really annoys me or something I really like, and then that's the one that you go off one, and I already right about things. I hate that. So I mean I guess in the possibilities something that you really like? Something has really been bothering you listen there's been really bothering you static electricity. I dont know why, but even white happiness. Every time I put my flows into drier yeah to destroy nobody's just like it
there's so much build up it doesn't matter. I would like one of those trashy desire. She soon do your laundry satellite little, you didn't know what those caught her at other discharge initiate or something that is called want something. I never had the use that in Hawaii the shrew here and so, now out here like I have to use it as I used to use enjoy, or even at the old House, the cloudlike I never had to use it in my clothes were ecstatically, exhausting it's so frustrating, because that is. If I have a static shirt and I put it on and I start driving, then it makes my my seat austerity and then I stepped out of the car get shocked every time. It's it's happening. So much good, maybe of powers. Mr guy called static shocks is a black dude. As a matter of other you'll see club, I never said I didn't tell me about it. You know what I've been a different day. but yeah. I right, maybe you just, like some kind of gift- I don't know, I don't think that's does occur.
Maybe there's some. You can use it if you can channel static more than the average person. What is the thing about it like this? What is the ultimate lame superpower that you can think of for yourself? That's like wow, that's, you know, I mean like someone who can like member that family Guy episode, where like make grow her I was really long now and spreading lame here, but like something like that, like what would be your last frantic wide eyed, we had this discussion with someone else furrows like if you had a realistic par with having to do with you, but like not unrealistic, super strengths and they that a realistic, lame power would be here of life. For some reason for me, as is like you could hold your breath, for a really long time does lay inessa cool one. That I mean it is a little aim and that its like. Well, I wouldn't your name behind. You could swim gonna, whatever blogger
in any one in the worry about what you gonna do with a hide in the water runs through, so it is like. Oh no they're robbing a bank Mr Hole your breath forever, man can save us yeah, but if they were like we designed these walking in the water boots and you can walk under the waters. wake up on people boom you're a spy whatever the wood but rather those mine went anything. I'm gonna get trained what I'm thirty of the go on land and act as the computers of the gay you trained. I think that was primly minded. Another lame power. Mind would be related to me. Like going my hair instantly long, I get that's lay, but is also useful. I could see how they could be used. It would just go you don't do like how great adequate tricksters only with their money, and you know how great over, how great a bit.
That would be how many weeks you much weeks all when you really very good help. So many cancer patients sugar, but you could also turn into a business that sponsors this pod gas brought to you by words by wigs wigs by way of illegally goes by wiggly with any rules by which would cause the Whigs Mary will or do people were named will by the way they do with, as it was by wakes. Monsieur guys, check out was not exactly. Are we dead? If that has AIDS is the first time I said I'll be, damned would be data. That is actually I'm not a maiming and be shocked if it is by wriggled by right. No nation Some, if not someone doesn't is probably would do it. How about young man? I saw I had with Africa, was talking about with this, but some good ones by the they use it it might have been David, but that but our prime,
was a low different. It was like how can you have a really lean power but may be useful, but it's also like lick. It has to be like that bounds of our reason why a bride up oppose it could be really interesting to see that's what I was returning of a tweet cod he would other people. I never did it well, I see what other people would come up with. Is there so many, but I forget how to list somewhere of a bunch of on by sound legal fun drinking game where everyone has their like within ten seconds, come up with like a lame superpower now and that everyone is kind of like nobody would be cool, because you could do all this. This is this like an whoever has like the best lame superpower, hassling drink or something I got another lemon. What you could get, oh, you can instantly get over cold in ten minutes.
I was not that power is like, like it's good, but it's for a superhero. Yes, pretty late ready lame. What? If what if your power was to just give someone a ten second cold tat? That's, like you just fee like sick for ten second ass, that's it either keep Goin nor the thing is it like? The strength of the court is randomize from one to ten years. Allows it to be like flew, retain its others can be that bird. I don't know he was all my guy killed flew going through it right now is actually not as bad today as it was last couple days there. It started up a couple days ago. So why are you going back into this now? Git, oh yeah? Oh, because it some said, I mean it's, a nice diet Alec died ever known. Then there were I mean, there's a things like having fun doing
No, I mean I, I e a lot and I binge eat it's bad habits for your rustlers out. Their beak, you're, gonna, you're gonna get really fat or you have to learn how to control yourself, because that's where I picked up on my eating habits, I learnt binge eating. I learned how to lose weight really quickly. So unhealthy. I've been told that, but, as a kid in high school did not care, could I just want to win, they were stay. I guess fighters to see champion in wrestling yeah in Judo. I got second. But it had dislocated novel. While you are fighting in my first match, I had a by because of Fort seed and then I dislocated my elbow they party back in or did something out of they parted she'd like wrapped up, I could barely. Is it now? match I had the it was Semivowels Riddick has had the by, and I had to face this guy who's. the number one seed and He was beating me the whole way. I ended up count
bring him and then putting him on the ground because he wasn't wrestler, but he was the favorite of the oh. So as a big upset, yeah nobody knew that was like messed up and then I went to the final mismatch and base who at that point after the last guy It was like that, it's all in one day right said the first injury happening them in the morning and then after noon. My arm is like I'm going to the next one. I got how lucky being than the best guy- much using one arm and the last guy who's evenly the guy's before me, relax Oh man to knowledge is how we will beat him because there are. There are Oahu kids on the island, they were alike to deny this escape because we ve all beat like he shouldn't be. their essential what they were saying, but I'm here and I am he got there- he I know he wouldn't even seated in the top four out of like the thirty out on the people of sixteen. Whenever it is there any way. Once I I played, I was just like my arm was done like I couldn't even like, like a grab, but it was like the strength of lake.
me. No, no, it was like a child like a strand of a child's. I basically want honour. Those are the worry, got worse and worse, and I didn't know that yeah yeah, oh, I saw really like upset, because I don't mind losing disown was better. I've always said this even like. If it's like If I'm watching basketball or any sport, I dont mind when my team loses two like book. Adapting would just deserved or will we will when we play basketball, we play every Wednesday in Friday. We lose a teen, that's baroness, and we get blown out unlike cool with that, but if we lose a team by one point that we should have beat, unlike really upset could like you know why I just get really upset by the desire, no arrived as rusticated when, after the game usually like he'll spend maybe two to three minutes with the guys just talk
Naturally molested spend a lot more time, though, that people up or yet, if we did really well like hang outbreak me five minutes. What, if he's offset the gravest bags? It is the Arctic ICE peace, business, shake everyone's Hannah, just bounce, but that's all if we lose a good team on our, it doesn't yeah we deserve legged dealing. We could have done this, but in the same way, in that in that term- and I was I was very disappointing, as I knew I was like those my senior year, what could have been cut all this way? People realise how hard that is due in high school. Just in high school, but I mean like why? Are there so many other things you don't worry about in your like always Hungary in you're, always grouchy and thirsty. Even so The other was a very disappointing thing. When you know it does I said I'm gonna sell would have won, but like it, you know you didn't give it your all pretty much so weak, I would say, probably dead, but
just things our out of your control right stopped, you, which is, I mean, I'm sure everyone can relate to that's like super frustrating, yeah you're. So I still think your number one thanks man average number two, I am you know, I'm actually numbered. Our number do in doubles pretend this double so you're acting over fork is your other friend was also a tie. Ok, they're! Ok, you think about it. I didn't know that you are actually ethnic until I saw you like play basketball and you did not play basketball young. You actually could play basketball basket for talking. Toggle had now say a very similar situation where my my partners way better than me. I only started playing tennis in high school. Were a lot of people have been playing her like their whole lives and then my senior my partner,
fourth seed, and we are playing in the semi finals against the first seed and we beat them, and it is just like a huge upset, because these guys at one the southern Lebanon, we are pleased to hear that alive. But that is so because we had beaten and everyone is a trip out of there. I just like all my gas and like we're a public school. Two sorts of be deprived is poodle, we all know, the airship explains the people who don't know that's where all bomber went the others wrong, but if you're from Hawaii sorry for the poor kids, I think they know this to be like everyone there like the best at everything, because they have land they have like the most pretty girls to. I don't know about that, but Have like the most prestigious you take the smartest kids and, like all the most astounded at the top of it. It's like this. If the Harvard of Hawaii idea, the please everybody you know, if you're not in there you're against them. Nea is so it's a big deal. Airline Taiwanese there, the Patriot Zactly there, the warriors of their the gather warriors. So when any
their school in Hawaii, beats upon a whole it usually it's it's pretty. Like you're, like rooting for that year, Non put a whole person cipher on the under article from pony, but but it's true, I mean debts, it comes the territory being number one. You mean you, people are real for the underdog. Now, as though we had beat their number one seed, the number of seed and has actually what date showed you son, who Dave Judea you age, women's volleyball, coat the ports of UNESCO tat right right right, so we beat them and that night, as they are doing this is done guy off I got to hide a governor. This girl, I've, never told the story, Jordan long if you're watching this, I'm so sorry, but the night before this girl who is like watching like came up to me after, is like a good game. You're really cute in our own.
Nap. So when we are also those who go to sleep, I snuck out- and our there. That's really early in the morning and then went to my match in I was exhausted and we we losses straight sets. finally- and I I was tired, I do I'm tired, followed your team in bringing no so whoever that Guy United apologize. That's once I dont tell our people it doesn't it doesn't matter who cares is just states like is just a good sport. Cares, it's a big deal, like you, never get that chance again the same with my college Blair's. That's why I like all times it means more for them to an championship in college and doesn't namby a video in basketball, because you never, the dune again, you only get US eczema chances for chances to pigs hash. Or chances in that's assuming you're at your best, when your freshmen sophomore,
usually or senior year than that I feel bad. For that, guy is dear me, never know. Two events like that can lead to all or share trig giant things that happen your life, and you too, it away from your teammates stated that light name german law he's actually his name, I mean, or should we have to have the blanket? I don't think so. He's You're very good evidence at a young age. He's too there's younger than me, but I was all just like I showed you go to know he's three years. Fresh me, let's go. Did you go? I think our deposit Highschool proceed here there and I was he held himself with such poise and is definite because of his parents, and you could see- and I was like TAT This guy saw respectful rechargeable your parents, their cool yeah there very restrictive when I met in this very nice and very little respect for very, very different from you.
Ambrose, you're dead, where skirts are announced near doubling or your mom, probably united, and I M a desert, has definitely the case, though that was all because what place so what second place metal did you get willpower? None states ions, fair another. We do actually dance second place? Oh yeah, they ate snow That is your nest. They are. Those eight years is world of dance. Less the world stood on the world. He we are setting the wiles yeah, not just the name tenders conjugal, do that. So then there's continents he did worlds and you got second in world of dance yeah I was my ear was two thousand and eight cleaner seventeen or something to write so this past year I mean eighty Oh yeah, I knew it. I already that we were pretty young. It's me Greg, Dana like we're all in a town, and it was a big deal as we were.
it is a big deal was our first like big, bigger competition, dance right and there was this crew called COS. Real cookies, ah, there's no around and there are always known as the best. Therefore a haughty you they were there you're bad there. Your point, all yeah, and we were some ragtag. Nobody who were doing like really weird stuff like we would. A lot of them would just where, like a teacher shirt- and they were just dance right now, would you look really cool? We had like full costs. Do and like skits, like a play, we did like a play where it has three ordnance. We were not good at dancing, so we had to have good like making people laugh and making moments in on storytelling years, a good concept we did, and no one really did thereby ignoring, was really into that. Like the dance competitions, we're all about the dances dancing
so we would have liked this big wooden sets that we'd have to like look on and like trapped, weird, like props everywhere. almost one by we almost beat them by point something the really cool really Clowes yeah, we seeing that is outline, I'm sure it is, what's that boys spear the homeless one or no, it was yes. I think we call it a bum, the Bumpo here and that the stock three of the show was. I was a business man. I lost my job and then became like homeless, and then there was the story. Was there was a group of homeless people that like took me in and showed me the ways of of their world in all and then that this I think this. the ending of it was to be like ups, excepting cousin, the person who had delivered me the message losses- job and then I was like bring him in.
At the end I was gonna like distorting narrative right unless also Klangle, yeah, yeah, and so people were em. We had like really cool stunts news that was like an MP board. In a way, you guys gonna pioneer that concept like storytelling. Maybe they re in our area, maybe like like more in our area. I don't really know elsewhere nor yet, but it is like in that within the debts, communities colleague a small thing, it is somewhat research, work and spread pasture and, in their also been like prestigious crews, who have been like YO. Your idea, like we flipped it a little bit, shaped what they told you that yeah and you know what I don't want to say like any names there's been like bigger crews have bigger shows that have set like they. Yet we allow then there's like our stated in these get some of our stuff say their names
our say their allow or but that was more second play story. My second play story. It was really cool got. You know what that means, we're all bunch a loser. Yet worse, we make it. We make it there and then we just doing open while Europe Count, you had frozen wrestling yeah, but not in everything, like I said we almost make it to the perfect level of of championship, but we just don't quite make it so that what that whole story we talked about was all because Paco said. Think of something that you Have problems with the vote was that I was even relating to what is sometimes you just gotta stop me, because I don't even remember like mid sentence forget what I'm talking about animal wonders of the nose and doesn't matter? No, that's, whereas I guess it is. I know, but at some point, if you go and really off that's what you guys you're here for I was gonna catch me and be like hey we're. Not talking about that
nothing is like what you're talking about that there's good substance to it. It's a good story. There's no reason to cut it off at the out. Now What is going off Sunday does the then. Why did you have that's that's what it is that this is good so, but I also don't realize doin. and we all air. Yet I bring it for full circle buddy. I agree as always retaining that's entertaining. That's that's why I'm I've always had we're not not always, but whenever I go on dates, ill, would be a real issue. Why ill you go on doing we're gonna only one girl not dates now, nor lay back in the day. You guys you with a girl, yeah or guy. I guess the talking part I would have to always been conscious about like they got on our minds. Talking so and will have a conversation, but I have to like it Must we be more awkward at the consciously bethink? Ok, don't stay on topic to take
meds back then the area you know when I was like like these, where she like right out of college in more on that time. I was very awkward because I think I would be conscious A trifling like stay on top of the Irish. Listen to what you think is unhappy, I'm not even as I'd like a disrespect thing relegate. It happens to be by respect the most of TAT people this before, but like it's almost like the the one time. I knew that I had why'd you when I was a kid, but like I knew something was weird would have like You know like my arm. I groped play basketball and judo and they would call you in for huddles right and they would explain the play Lizzie basketball. They would explain our cultural explained the play and be like. I would always Yoda, because I would never know what the play was about after we broke the huddle so like as I got order. This is from ages, Visor thirteen. I would keep consciously trying to tell us if we pay attention to pay attention and then out of nowhere break
I was only I was Tryin saw to pay attention that I didn't hear anything at all. I would What's he gonna, but I really want to. I don't want to get. I won't have to run suicide sprints and I would also ticket. I never knew what the hell is going on. So, like that's, I knew like How do you like? I would also like how do people remember this stuff? It's not that I couldn't remember the time at the time. I thought it was a memory thing here, but it was like I just Campet G area since our trading, it is an end. It is I didn't realize until I took met for the first time later in life, which is in college, and it was actually my prescriptions one of those like underground like by, because everybody was trying to get at all back in, like in college yeah, it's a popular thing. Now, but I didn't think it was it wasn't it collateral back, then it was something knows readily riddles enough. It was they might to be Ritalin and then I think they think it's people still
really. Things were different things. Maybe I don't know right, but while regardless, I think I told this de? I tell the story of things on the first two hockey, in the unthinkable anyway, the at its that's for people out there. If here curious, if you had kind of have ADHD, that's what it's like. Could I just know where would have known if I didn't take mats, and this is what other people get experienced. Naturally guys can read a book and it's not a big deal. I remember they would do those tests in school where they would test your comprehension and like your. If you could read something and then kind of tell it back to them, did ever do that to you like in school like without it takes Am I got tested, it was when I was in pre school and they thought they said did did say I had eighty. She bore my mom refused permits right. I would have been school with so much easier, but a minister like a grades growing up,
it's a weird flex hot days ago that the right companies it I did get good grades, but I can't she did a lot weird flex, but certainly that's an odd as an odd contraction of the muscles. But there's a tracking and certainly with at the right time, to use those kind of ideas which I used to keep me up to date with the little kids just a little, because sometimes I always use it wrong aims, but is also, I think, there's moments where you do it on purpose. Like I actually not ours, right. I want to correct YO, but there's a lot of times you ironically. Oh yes, sometimes said: oh yeah, as like a joke on the What was I told up, weird flags, but ok, but the overall like something about how you got grades. Even though you I owe you I got diagnosis
the only one who thinks those kinds of saint have like an expiration date like two days before they're like knowing the attic, I think it's a matter of how much people use area, but also I think in a way for our group, it's almost been like. Don't just followed trends. You know and I think it's kind of Bin it's gonna be drilled and brilliant. We follow trends in writing. I try to keep up with turned on. It is always late. Nobody, you yeah you're, very late, and then you also do in a way, that's like still deletes the guys eat. I'm really hungry county I don't know if it's necessarily been drilled, interesting majority of us we're it just in our nature. Tat. Not I don't know when I make those if I ve ever make like a joke that sometimes parliament feels like a cop
a joke and it made no answer me. It makes me feel again out: it's not really a joke right leg. What do you mean It's not easy as night. This is a thing people today, nobody, you said like: oh yeah, I get up all time for Brandiles and yeah. I said: oh weird, flax. What ok can a joke, and then we will look at you like yeah, but What I do that lobby at it, but I think that, although why, like you know me, you know I just dont copy translated people challenges. Is that I see what you're saying yeah yeah, so in a way it all of us are kind dislike ever you're, making it you're right now. you're, weird flexing, but o king us right now, like forward good for me at all, but I will we I, like. Them early Lee I do I just don't want to do there I don't say that like you're going to be really yea, I laughed with them, but I don't yes M as like in my arsenal at once.
Get soul overdone. I get upset seeing it honestly it becomes a joke in itself as a right, which is why I think it so like the dab is really knowing for a while, and then so funny. Every time I saw many men to do it. Getting doing it like. I asked my dad. That's a slimy. That's a good, though another different level of comedy cut, not like a different. She right now, we are placing broking. That's ok did dude, we're out internationally. That's variously definitely contraction in our muscles would certainly anyway, how do we get on this topic see? This is a bad thing. I should My appeal to the she she breathed hard The last official topic we talked about was Paco said what bothers
you that didn't even go anywhere. I went with talk. That's why I told you like, so that's why? No, no it's fine! All we're looking for is the seed that begin plant and enriched whatever bad of Rapture Ross into came about. Bothers me tell him, I don't know to grab my sleep. Bothers me as well. I don't know I had some below. I don't know what bothers me. No, really how I'd have to sit here thing about. It is not really something that I can just pull out of my. I have a lot of things. I do every day right about things that bother me get em, for one. Let me tell you by key ray. I let's see I mean there's some things. You know actually one thing that does kind of bother me, but it's like it shouldn't I dont want. I didn't. I never understood why people hate go back. So much that I not super random, but I was just there.
Among the other day, because I heard a nickel back song because I was watching was agreed on that I do know is what is really Ojo had a nickel back, some of which I was might have been nickel backing but it reminded me how is like do they're, not bad like what is people like? Why do people hate them so much? You know trying to think of a nickel back song, I remember, though, there's a music video and there are no winners, growl yea and the rights that we might have to sleep it just getting out those in look at this picture. Goddess picture ticket glance at the picture. I still think that one vine as hell of one is that why look this grand earlier holding offered here? Nickel back? No, but nobody knows me everybody that sector. I know it because illegal deem yet go too, but I've always like, if you guess, kids wouldn't get nervous or not popular back in the day they're playing all the time and nobody had an issue with them. I thought photograph of the great song
there's ways is very like in all like their unique, but I don't know there's things like that and that made me think of other things that people are. I think they just jump on the trend of like hating nickel back in the world, in order to naming attitudes on offer. That's not true! There's a lot of all that. I really like hearing you know like, but that became a thing right. I mean proxies on young people, yeah, you don't draw yeah, I mean but yeah yeah, but Nick, I understand the crossword Alex, I think, they're comfortable, I think they're goofy, but there theirs they knew when I didn't like about is the my real reason for not liking them initially was the holes. The whole is made me feel weird. I want that thing. I get like goosebumps just thinking about is it tribal phobia southern gay I just want to, and I wanted to happens, I'm not trying to think of holes Marina Mine, yet that pretty bad that goes with that you get creep out by holes like just sing like
that that thing you know the pumps thanks to each other, was a cog trifles there is you got bouncy a lot of it? You know that you're kind of trigger me I'll. I think I have that for every single patterns. Weird at your old house, there are these dead son. Flowers in a vase law by then looking out loud. What are you have that there, we even know will your time So I prided even notice it look at right. Your doorway, I dont, come through that way. Ah, that's right. I don't go through the front door at my own house. The thing that I didn't like about crocs enough in the very beginning was that pockets were so like Christine. Only he got me. A new parents are where animals are no fresh eurozone. I bought him Crocs his birthday ass, Missus, Linley that he just did not use it. He went back to using his dirty ass. Well,
and knock knock was a mighty baby. The Oji won't get. I got some cool. Looking wants an all yours, what's cool, none of is cool. Will you didn't get us Oji? Do not did I'm confused the original style you I got him cool looking like it's a different one, because he has so many otherwise see this. Yet a closed tolls closed toll one, but it had fur on the inside and knowledge is weird it was for winter yeah, but it's just those two have fur on my feet: yeah, but for winter it might be nice and I figured you got regular crops on we'll get you this, regardless its I'll get you again. you should at least use it. I didn't use it. You did not a youth, I use the other one I never gonna give, since it has more of the same use, the other one. At that every time I would see what a basketball game idiotic nice yeah now used to like once pocket actually got us all. Crocs, for he deeper theories,
he ain't converted see up. It was united as though it's like it's just easy. to slip on new like so yeah when and where it like, an event like how he would think how Papa would but where it outside guy doesn't like email or whatever rodya their awesome. Crocs argued I've been trying to get out of this, They closed all of their american still in business English stolen visa- they could still be a sponsor for the I got five reached out and I worked. I talked about brands going away from brands on this lake alone, but about Post Malone he a crock deal yeah, I know of no one had light deal. Tat has its own. I think us shoe with rather than get. That's you no one yet that matches him Today's does but unawares and allow frustrated why
dog is I wanted. I mean you're not pose Malone event like Wild Beverly, both below by now. With that attitude I could just gonna start working on your music. You know and work on your goatee, I'm workin on me in your girl, I'm workin on music approving someday. None can single psych rap. Contrast, food aid. Look at this picture here we got some goods coming up. Some good ideas I mean was a strange flex but strange contraction of muscles, but ok
but she certainly but confirm it of thinking now here lay him. How long has this been we ve been through? This is our first one. A weird is everywhere it we're going for a benchmark and cancelling check. This is then, if not, will give it a little beat beat right now will conclude. Thank you guys. Returning in to the first episode official, not the first up the first official episode of off the pill podcast, if you dont know This is how we are true in three two one. We just make our makes really smelly by breathing on it Bobby, you're the only one using now and so the guest incense Mars, ok, whether geography rebel? Why would you in corporate and without Bleep, that Brad
Now you ve said some of the other Breton I've would never. You said I would never shouts. I can hot topic in geography. Rebels itself was. I thank you right there you pocket. Thank you me. You're welcome me: have a good one guy sizes to us.
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