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#10 - Ft. Arden Cho - Ryan and Arden Discuss Their Relationship

2019-03-31 | 🔗

Thanks to our sponsor - http://skillshare.com/higa - Get two months FREE! On this very special 10th episode, Ryan, Paco, and special guest, Arden Cho, talk about her watch company, Leonard & Church, her experiences on Teen Wolf and Chicago Med, and her thoughts on being an Asian American actor. Ryan and Arden also dive deep into what makes their long distance relationship work and how understanding love languages helped them better communicate with each other. Lastly, what’s a good podcast without some roasting? Guest: Arden Cho https://www.youtube.com/user/ardenBcho http://www.instagram.com/arden_cho http://www.leonardandchurch.com - support & buy watches & dog collars, for 20% discount use code "RYAN" at checkout! Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics! http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast  Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com Order Ryan's book "how to write good" http://higatv.com/ryan-higas-how-to-w...  Ryan's Official Store https://www.gianthugs.com/collections... HigaTV Channel http://www.youtube.com/higatv

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It's weird. It's like you're missing this like compassion. It teenage guy right here is bad on this right now I wasn't used to girls, pretending like they like you a lot and then the next day they don't and then they like you again perhaps. Alright and welcome back to another episode of all the bill. Podcast today joining us. We have a cleito- as usual, per huge Anna. Very show gas, Miss, Arden, Cho and and chewy, who I said we shouldn't bring in but she's been. Doesn't she doesn't bark she's, not a normal dog yeah, and she follows me: Yeah she's not a normal tonight. She really isn't she's the runt of the litter.
Definitely doesn't do with it. No, I think it's because she grew up on set with me that is not the reason initially entered to be quiet, you did trainer. She was always like that. I don't know if I train her to be quiet, I definitely but I think using always used to being around a lot of things happening in production and I think you got used to it. So you don't think that the reason why she's quiet has nothing to do with the fact that she's, the runt of the litter and yeah I won't lie. I thought she was yeah for the first like two years ago. She never barked she's the best darn it looks like she just popped. The couple you see it in her frame. I think they like the very bottom, the very bottom of the frame, you saw a look yeah you're, forcing her to be I'm not I'm not to leave, but people just listening to is just sitting on art and slap Rich Hill. We have another sponsor for today. Luckily, are you going to do that? Claps or not
ok. Well, it is Skillshare Uhura I've heard of it. Basically, this episode is brought to you by Skillshare, which is in online learning, community for creators, with more than twenty five thousand classes in design, business and illicit lot of stuff, but there's actually like they give me a call, I'm going to read all of 'em I just posted it all. I'm supposed but I went on it and I think it's better to just give personal experiences I saw all these. They have a ton of random stuff like how to become a instagram. Actually, that's what you do. You could become a teacher on there. Instagram how to make your business out of Instagram. Your instagram, your business and I didn't really make it a business. So you kind of did and what I mean if you take some classes, then? Maybe I can learn how to make it a real business. There you go see Skillshare where we when I am paying her to do that. She just said that anyway,
I mean if you, if you join skills, your use, the link, I really hope that skechers dot com, slash that link. You will get two months free courtesy of skill, sharing us and make us look good to do it. Future all right. That's all I all! I was so sure I was going to say that when I was on there, I saw the we brought this up when I was talking to Jr yeah, they have the classes like one of my son was how to lucid dream, and I was just like that's something I would be interested in. Not so much the Instagram thing really I mean I barely use my instagram. I know you're good about. I know that I'm dreaming then you're losing can't get out of it and then can't make things happen. The way I want to, and if you're here oh I know like, I know it's a dream,
So when I'm in the dream, I know, because I always have these dreams that my teeth are falling out and like. I know that it's a dream, 'cause something terrible is happening. Then I'm like this just wouldn't happen in real life can change it and I can't change it ha. It stare dude, I had a weird, but I know that I'm in the dream, this is not even the this dream was very like big to me, but it seems so lame Basically, we were at Ryan's house all chillin hanging out and then they're like Paco. We got a gift for you and I was like what and he gives me like, a small box and I opened it and it's a business card. What does it have your name on it? Yes, it is. This is my goal and I was like I can finally buy props and stuff only all business car we're thinking the same thing. I was thinking like a like a car. That does like no, no en pago we're ready for our each pc. No credit well based on. Like reality, that's like real life,
by everybody? Never makes sense, usually mind don't, but this one was like. Oh, they trust me. You know No sorry, not quite maybe maybe in a couple years, but I don't want to get back into the dream thing we've been. About that. I think we always end up there. You mean, like David. We start talking about who you guys are weird like that now I just think dreams are so interesting any way of Louise. What have you been up to people want to know? If people have been asking for you to be on this since the announcement? That's only will they be they've been asking for art and CHE. I'm sorry, I don't know her yeah who is she she's like Harry, which is the Harry version of me whatever yeah even asking for you and I do we get like quick introductory to like for some people. Maybe I don't know who you are yeah?
start, I mean Arden. Arden Cho is a actor slash I guess, a lot of things. Actor, slash, singer, Slash C, o, U c l e S, issues talk about that actually took over a company then go ahead. Oh right, yeah talk about how church. So four years ago I cofounded a company called Lenardon church. Yes, we make watch is make dog colors and it's like a lifestyle brand that is bringing affordable quality pieces to you. Why watch is, though so I collected watch is since I was in high school. I think everyone should wear. Watch and Loki Judge people and they don't wear watch is 'cause. I feel like they don't value time and then they don't respect it's more of a fashion thing now, though, but when you look at your phone was the first thing on that, but that's the thing I feel like, let's say you're in a meeting or let's say we're in this podcast or you're in class. I think it's really rude to pull out your phone and check the time, but it's fine to like yeah, but if you're too brief your watch, ok, no
check their time. Like this I Maybe you do because you know: where can I am wearing it now to support? church interest go to Leonard and church and support. She needs people to buy, watch because I do company that she just over it's not a it's. Not a new company well just took over as ceo right, so we we've been going for about four years and then a couple years into it. I mean it's your it's a typical small start up company. We were bootstrapping, a very, very small team of friends and after a couple years everyone just sort of got time. Tired, and we kind of it was kind of a side project for everybody. With this I think tackling artery like nobody was full time and then about. I think it around like two thousand and seventeen two thousand and eighteen. It was pretty much at a standstill and so
around two thousand and eighteen. When basically, my partners were like hey, I think we are all kind of you know it was fun to try but we're kind of over it. I felt like you know we didn't really get to do what I wanted to do with the company. I always wanted to make all the watch is that I love and hopefully other leather goods as well, and it was a good start, but I felt like there were a lot of things I didn't get to try yet and so yeah. At the end of last year, we slowly transition we slowly transitioned and I took over the company top of the year so yeah it's knew and we're going through a lot of changes I have a new team now, but it's very small, very small little just like a start up, but the watch drive you mad dope, like whenever I go on dates, I make sure to wear it yep. And then the girls like dang, like you're, a pretty disgusting person, but that watch you know going.
They do not say that now yeah you're right there. Let you know what, though these watches are like the look expensive, but that's the thing I like about that. I mean that your home model was trying to get stuff. That's not read it because watch is are like so expensive, some of 'em, but that's the thing. The reason why I started making watches was since I collected watch since I was younger, no events. As I got older, all my dream watches were getting so so expensive. I mean they're more expensive than cars and houses. It's it's insane and so you'll bought them. I mean no, not a collector. I mean not all of them that teen with money huh.
No. She was on teen wolf for people who don't let him take issue. Ok, it's not you know, but damn shade. It's other hard worked money. No, but I think for me I started realizing that, as I was learning about the watch business, it was just so inflated the pricing and I realized you're really paying for the name, and I wanted to make great quality time pieces that I could sort of', interchange and mix with the nicer pieces. I have because you know it's like if you have a luxury car like say like a Ferrari or Porsche a you, don't always drive that every day that might be your weekend car, so I wanted to make a watch that essentially could mix in with higher and watch is but never feel like. I was going lower in quality if that makes sense. Like our automatic watch, I feel car manufacturer manufacturer advised us to around it around like five hundred two thousand dollars and we solve for like right under four hundred dollars. I just wanted to make it really affordable and that's a watch that will last you a lifetime automatic. You don't need a new battery and so yeah good. I'm really proud of it. So that's good
yeah. It's pretty dope, but I want to hear about. We talked about. You mentioned teen, Wolf a little bit that kind of interesting what is Erdogan everything. But you know I people care about team. Ever ask a lot of people want to know about that, and- and you kind of like consider that, like your start like that, really opened up acting for you well, I would I feel like if I look back at the last ten years of my career, there's definitely like to moments I mean one actually is. When I met you guys, and we worked together, for it also gets you off yeah. I think that was huge yeah for us. That was a huge turning point because they learn a lot about sort of the online world which started music in you to for me and that really kept me afloat for almost like six seven years and Elaine. If it wasn't for Ryan Wong FOO encouraging me to pursue you too platform. I don't know, Teen wolf would have happened because I think at the time when I auditioned for teen Wolf, I was in
I swear. I was actually ready to quit. Acting I was going to go on tour. I just finished recording my album and I was ready to sort of do, shows and have fun and not do that. Audition grind, so I went into that audition adding care talk about that audition. Alright, I will yeah you did, but talk about that. Audition brings a lot of people, don't know and realize I mean you. You tell me all the time when yeah. I mean you're nice enough where a lot of people reach out like random people, and I even I'm like. Why are you going to go meet this random person? Whether sketch and usually it's like some young girl who looked up to you 'cause she watch teen, Wolf or she watch is Chicago Med or whatever it is, and they hit you up and they want to be an actress or an actor and you go and meet with them, which is very nice of you I think it can be sketch. Well, you always think he always thinks the worst he's always like. Well, I die and this person is going to kill you and I'm like it's like a twenty three year old girl will I be,
little kids go and meet. Personally, I have met a crazy girl and she did the same thing she emailed me like every month for about a year and then I met her and she turned out to be psycho. I actually that's what I needed to clear out of her yeah so that that has happened. It is, this side of you that does that and I think people a lot of times. You were telling me that they allow people just kind of assume. You know you work hard at this thing is going to happen, but that's not necessarily the case. So why don't you talk about that whole? life yeah. I would run they acting while it really is a great. I don't think there ever is a point, your career, unless you're sort of in that top one percent. How where it's not really a grind, we're at that point, you're sort of getting offers in your really choosing. We say one percent are talking like yeah, your top top a listers, I mean I still see stars at auditions and I'm like. Why are you here? I'm like your brain name is like who
Not only I don't like been times are I'm like yeah. It was like all your daily to get it. It's cool, though I would like you to like your way of finding a letter. You're not saying that No, no. I would not like thinking yeah, that was a producer Anne, I'm auditioning like I'd, probably that girl, but also to its I'm being realistic. Like she's, been in a bunch of movies, I mean there's a few people that I'm like yeah, I Booker, plus one. Now I don't see why. No, I think it's going to offend them. Is it private. Auditions are not private. Are they sometimes because I think some people might be embarrassed at all new that the others? Okay, certainly all right. Well, you know I just wanna respect people. Well, you never know yeah, basically back to the
dishing grind. I mean I think, a lot of people think that you just care about a project you audition and then you book it, but it's definitely not like that. I think there's just a long process where their auditions, there's callbacks, there's producer sessions, director sessions, there's there's so many sessions until you're in the mix and when you're in the mix for tv they'll then choose a few for like chemistry, tests or screen testing and then go from there and team of was a really tough process. Actually I auditioned for it com. I think at least three times before the cameri, I that I have a Tyler, Posey HA and then even after that I think the network or the producer somebody wasn't quite sold. I think it might have been like an h staying or the fact that I was in
japanese um either way we ended up having to go. Are we can come back to that so yeah? They actually had me. Come all the way to set they had the set team. Do my hair and makeup they're amazing? They like put me basically onset and we ended up shooting our audition scene with, like the actual crew, is amazing, like they went above and beyond to really fight to get me that opportunity. So I'm really thankful for that and I would definitely say no Paca last earlier, but I would say: Teen Wolf was at least in my acting career, probably the biggest moment that sort of set the tone for guess the start of my career and what I felt like. I don't know. I don't want to say like it defines me, but I definitely think it's something that I'll always look back and say. I'm really thankful for that experience and I'm so happy to have been here. You Camorra, especially because one thousand one hundred and twelve years ago, when I moved out to Lai
never imagined that I'd actually be on not only a tv show but a hit tv show and to be a series: regular and a cool cool gear to write like action based like Super power, character right and the thing. That's really fun about that Is she? Actually, I don't think was intended to have a lot of action and stuff, but I think the writers in the creators of the show they're really good about incorporating what the actual actor knows, how to do. So I remember by like season for the be like hey what weapons do you know and because I knew how to use non checks. They like randomly, threw that in there I started season for or play with non checks, and so that was a lot of fun. So if you like you're a sort of evolved to be like a version of me, you know and version of her and so right always be like special to me. I miss Cura. Carob. Also, ask you: can you camara? Can you come with yeah? All I can say about speaking about that was in LOS. I know your japanese
Oh, I know what did you take? No, so you know what man you're stealing this I was going to make a video about it. Ok, No! No! But you know what it's fine we're going to announce it on an off the bill, podcast right now, because you know it's some super top secret information. It just isn't it. I think it will help actually will have morals. I guess fresh appropriating something you know well. For that I don't think so. Right, no, I mean is don't really care. I will, Hey though it it's disappoint in that as asian american actors, we are limited to only play your own ethnicity when american actors or british actors are australian actors really play anything that can pass as white
so I think that's really unfair. I don't think I should play a role that let's say filipino or indian, because obviously I don't think I can physically pass for that. But, speaking of the dna test, I took three and there was one that was like junk it actually just said you were one hundred percent and I was like great- I knew that and then there was one that said I was sixty in japanese and thirty percent. Chinese Vietnamese, like I think, like ten percent like Mongolian mix random stuff no korean and then there was another test of said. I was like forty percent korean and then a bunch of other stuff and Japanese. Yeah. That was the consistent right. So they can. This is thing was the hat. I was mostly japanese and Chinese, so I was like wait. That's so weird so
I'm not korean, and then I asked my mom and she was like. It was like what I thought she was going to be like no we're korean, but she was just like you know. In Asia, everybody is just you know where Live your Korean. If you're culturally, are korean the Speaker N, your I mean you know more creative people who would speak fluent Korean say that your greens, like perfect, also some the orange with somewhere. How to not at next, I can hear it how many of those that is? It was awkward because it came out of nowhere. It ranks big screen. No, I don't yeah, he does come on Saturday. Okay, did I speaker into yeah? What do you know young day? Okay spoke appendages. That means Herbert oh yeah, you probably get. I get that a lot Really, though, you were saying, I mean in the afterlife- and this is a true thing- you've been turned down roles because you weren't a certain.
Hype yeah I mean if you weren't chinese or if a shirt with a check Nikolay. If you were to show the DNA results you can be like, I have Japanese, I have a niece because your character on Teen Wolf was japanese right korean. Well. That's the thing she's supposed to be full. Japanese issues carry Kamuda but because I got casted for the show they actually made her half korean half Japanese, which was awesome, but I don't think it was necessary, but it did bring a really cool story line, talking bout, japanese heritage and why we took my mother's last name versus our father's and we had some really great episodes about that, and so I think it turned out better, but I think it was necessary because I think if she was full Japanese, I think I could still past is that right and so yeah? I thought like acting about when people, because there's a huge community inspection asian I mean who get really upset to
oh yeah, I think that's part of the reason why people want to cast exactly what it said to be, but I mean what do you think about that? I mean there's so many people who are you know it's hard. It's like it's hard to balance that it's like you. One people to appropriate, like you, don't want it to be whitewashed, but at the same time, where do you draw the line you know, I think you draw the line when creatively you will sort of harm the project, for example like there is a part that I've you know, politely turned down because the role was Mandarin speaking and they were only going to give me like two to three months of dialect. Coaching- and I didn't think that was enough for me to be able to truly pass- and I knew about three actresses- that I thought were amazing and
Perfect for the part and friends, and so I just pass it along and it was great for them, but I think for me I knew that as an actor. I couldn't do that well, and so I think I think for me and I hope the other actors it's really just comes down to. Can you tell the story? Well right. Can you tell it without sort of disturbing I I yes, the main idea right right right, the authenticity of what exactly project is coming yeah, so I mean I think, if it's as character where uh yeah, I mean if it's someone who, even though I speak Korean, if the film is about someone who comes from creative, speak English, I don't think that I would probably be the best, for the part is going to be other actors that are great for it. But I think if it's a girl from Hong Kong, an she's supposed to be ethnically chinese but she's in America, or even if she grew up in Hong Kong, but she went to like international school.
I think I could play that because I speak English. I've been to Hong Kong and and now when you went to get a single you should bring in your dna results. I mean I love and actually I think most people like I mean because our parents in a London, but she first Jan, not the mines, are quite a lot of parents of friends that I know are very proud. Honestly, like a eight Asians, are just a They fight amongst each other. Even if that's the main problem, I think underlying issue is there's a lot of racism within the Asia. Sure there's so much racism even from Koreans to create Americans and people in China to Chinese Americans and then not to mention you know, Korea and Japan, and you know eccentric such either so much racism that is within the asian cultures that because, This is all this animosity, so the issue really isn't casting because Think right now and what I always tell people is: we just need more stories. You know what I mean and I think for
like just give and a good friend of mine. She is not Crean, but she plays the lead and soul searching which is about Koreans, going to Korea to find out about their identity, but they're adopted Koreans and she absolutely kills the film yeah, and it makes me so happy, seen it like seven times, I'm so proud of her and as someone who is ethnically korean, I'm really really happy that she portrayed. Character so well, and I don't think anyone else could have done it as well as you did, and to me. If that movie helps her build her career, then she will one day be at a place where she can then talk about who she really is, and she speaks Mandarin. She does a lot of things and now we understand more about Asians in I'm saying, whereas I think if we don't, if we block those opportunities and if Asians are the ones complaining about
casting then Kassner. Does it just gonna cast White and I've heard this a lot like they'll, be like oh, it's an anime. We need Japanese and they're like oh. We can't find japanese actors in your careening, your chinese alike. We just don't want to upset people so we're gonna upset people, anyways yeah well just cast white, and so I'm always like so frustrated when I hear that, and so that's why? One of the reasons why I, like I love, sharing sort of casting for mission with a lot of my actor friends, is that I, I hope it stays ethnic yeah, because we have a smaller pool to choose from yeah. I think that's why, when other ethnic, like, I think that's I mean Caucasians are like well, that role was supposed to be white and it went to a black actor or went
asian after they get upset about it. I'm like are you serious right now we have less opportunities to choose from to begin with yeah. You know, I mean they're, saying it they're, seeing it from a like principal standard. There's you know, because they're such a heavy push beyond anything, there's always gonna be a counter action. I'm I mean I agree. Obviously they dominated the realm, but I can see what they're trying to say like based on principles like well. Technically, you know if, if that person,
in the stories asian and you cast white, you guys would be upset. So why are you allowing this white person in this story being cast as something else, so I could. I could see what they're trying to say, but I also see what you're gonna say. I think you never gonna, I think, there's gonna be a lie, Asians that disagree with you yeah and I've already seen it, and I just like I just sit back just like this is theirs to me. I think I mean it's it's very important to your specific job. Yeah I mean I want you to speak about it because you deal with that. All the time of course, and and of course, there's always a part of me- that's going to try to be considerate, of what people will feel and you know how it might be perceived, but I always tell people you have to think about it this way. Wouldn't you want a show like fresh off the boat, to exist and to be great as it is for them to have just not done it because they couldn't find the Father 'cause Randall Park is great, he's so great, but he's not chinese
nice korean, but I think he's great, and so I don't think that should be an issue they also shouldn't be because most of those people know most asian ethnicities are not one hundred percent. Anything right. And so that's why I'm saying I think the people who are upset are the ones that are extremely prideful and, I'm sorry to say this recess, yeah, it's it's well, it's people would take a lot. I I think this is where it comes from. Its parents would take so much pride in their culture, which is a great thing, but I mean, if you're really breaking it down. I think that's what what it is based on. It's like this is a culturally korean thing, but like like just like you, your culturally korean, but technically you might not be for korean right. Technically right. Unless we find out later down the road. All these dna tests were all scans. We had no idea, I kind of felt like there's a possibility. We don't know enough about. I've heard that there is just not enough data for asian people, which is why the test all came out so different right,
so I'm I was recommended to do it again. In a couple years, once the data pool has increased the data pool yeah the people all right well, going on to back to act. Acting is the I guess a lot of something that a lot of people work very curious about is like what pushed you into this direction and did you get support from your friends and family, because that's something that you know but look at that little smirk on your face. I know you got something to say: no, I mean it's just I don't know sometimes now that I'm older, I think it's funny when I look back and think how did I end up here and how did I start this? You know it's
pretty crazy, but yeah I mean growing up. I love telling stories I love making people laugh. I think I would always act of act out the my parents, my parents, and since I was like three or four they said I was always the house, so I I knew I wanted to be a performer, but then, when I was in high school and college, I was too shy to sort of join the drama club and I didn't think I'd be good enough. So I never really auditioned was scared to addition, if you also want to be with no Asians right in the Midwest, so I grew up really confused about my identity yeah, but I think in college after graduating I felt like, and that is really long story, but there is someone who really encouraged me. Given issues put you down, I think she's yeah she's aren't putting her dog down this, also bad, shooting the dog underground. Sorry also, you guys said it was cold in here. So I like put layers on It's been it's real
turn it down off the pill: hey Shanto, sure and I drinking water in an off the podcast monk thanks. So though in do sponsored, just give it to off the pill. Well, no he's not a city where there is still that's our pledge. Yeah no uhm, sorry so back to act, yeah, it's a really long story, but I was encouraged to pursue what brought me joy and try to do something good and radical with it, and I wanted to yeah, hopefully make a difference, not just as a female but as an asian American. I grew up really confused about my identity. I thought I was. I think I thought it was white was like twenty. I know it sounds really weird, but I mean you're.
If you want to talk about it, but you told me that story about your kindergarten teacher or something oh yeah, I've experienced so much raises in my entire life yeah. I think when I was in kindergarten, I had a teacher sortof split the class up in groups. She was like: ok, everybody with blue eyes on this corner, everybody with hazel eyes here and everybody with brown eyes over here and I was like. Oh, I have brown eyes. I went over in the brown eyes group and she was like what are you doing now, as I am going in the brownies but she's like no your eyes are black you're all by yourself, and I was like why I'm like five something crying inside, but also just like too shocked, actually cry sort of like the beginning of where I was like. Oh, I am the only one that is yeah different. But then I think growing up. I really wanted to fit in and when I was younger, I was born in real low. I grew up in Dallas, so mostly lived in Plano, but it in there are a lot of. I might be Trippin, but I thought the
a lot of Asians in Dallas, now used in there like ten years after all, is that what has me I'll? Let me at least the teacher recognized you did have eyes. She could is? Then you have no eyes, but that's what it is, I'm an Asian with big guys. Then there are all Naturelle yeah, whatever don't be Haney. That's true. That's true. Could have gotten even worse. You could have said Ching Jong Dingdong, yeah I'll, do it. You just went racist again, yeah I've. I've gotten some of those kinds of comments in with my name. They always try to make Arden Cho. Somehow asian, Adriano Chow and I'm like what? Where did you get all those extra letters that that was their insult. No, it would be actual teacher. Try to read my name would always say: Chow Chow
and even this morning I was on the phone with the bank and they were like two and I'm like it's th, o Cho, there's, no you, but they kept saying Miss chew, Miss chew. Whatever close, though, There is one that I think, because I grew up not seeing Asian Americans on tv or media. I felt like I just didn't, belong in this world and I felt like an alien, and I think there are two ways you can go with life. You can either sit back and complain about it or you can get involved and do something, and so I was like I'm gonna. Take a the faith and try to get involved and do something, and I moved to LA with like no money in two suitcases and anybody found a roommate on Craigslist who was crazy and then- and I cried every day for five years and then I found a Youtube video yep and then I started making. Videos and jobs. And here I am today and now you're on Chicago Med, oh yeah,
well. That was a really good timing on the applause punk cool. So how do you all right all about time? You baby, yeah I'm on Chicago man, it's crazy! Somehow. I think I've now done about like fifteen, so that I'm really really thankful to great gig, Get you on earlier this year in Chicago filming lives that were asked hey Ann. I leave at four hundred am because I actually work tomorrow in Chicago and it's a four hour flight, so I'm going to leave this comes out. The following is not coming out today. No, but it just saying yeah, I'm willing to go for a little bit in the morning to go film, but I'm here for you Kay and you of course, yeah, and we will be right back because We need to take a chichi break we already, but I don't even need to sushi It's not all about you, RT, oh, why do you have to she? No, but maybe the viewers do oh ok, but then they could probably just bring their phones with
they can't they just like she, she, while they're watching hum, L Brands issue and they watch so they know which do they know what she means. Some of 'em. Oh, ok, alright, ok, Yeah everybody it's time, for this usually break, have a good time and we'll see you back in five yeah, that's good five seconds, I think, maybe even less oh wait now. I have she see so hello, everybody we're back from the issue we got to the club because you hey, hey you take your own podcast hello. Toggle feeling a little aggressive this more. Yes, I've I've. I've only said three sentences. The first half of my anxiety about am I being loved by strangers. It's flaring up right now, you can bring us back. You can do the now we're back
What do you mean? I did it? Okay, alright you want to You want to read the Skillshare thing I'll read it. I want to be with you. I don't know if they want my voice. Do this have accommodated hey, let's have a competition, but then we're going to read three times do it? That means you can read it three times an I'm, basically doing it for free yeah. You are maybe write me at least dinner. I have this. I just went to Costco and got some actually I shouldn't say that should I tell them about our super romantic date last week. Or tell him to stay. Let me sorry, gotta read this guys. Sorry, what's take story I can tell on them, but before we get that this episode once again is brought to you by Gil share. Thank you. There is over twenty five thousand classes. I don't think I need to say this. I know they want me too, but I'm just going to be more straight up and be like if you guys wanna learn some cool stuff go to Skillshare
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I have I I do have an engineer I on the pill pockets just kidding. I just got it tweet notification and soccer separate on me the who runs the off the bill podcast. That is secrett yeah. You don't need to know who it is. Maybe it is me, but I share block. I know it's Paco is actually multiple people. Find guys. I lied. It's me nobody in the videos that you know sometimes I'm on it. It's me: no and flow back, eight, the second part: let's, let's get a spicy, let's get her ticket once by getting again, I feel like that. Just made me want to eat a burrito with some extra height hot spicy song. I don't know why we just we did. I didn't eat anyways. Let's get into it all, I just want to know first impressions of each other and then second impressions of each other after reconnecting.
Facebook, okay, first impressions, my facebook yeah the first time when I eat you up She has a better memory, so last time we talked about was on the podcast right. The last time we talked about when we first met that you you said I talked about it. How we have different- and I said I was going to let you talk to your side, how we think we met at different times. I we met Well, I I know what I think. I know that we did not need to do. You know at a casting thing, because, one who's casting for agents of secret stuff, yeah we can meet together. I audition send an we read together and I was like. I do not recall. I think impression of you is just like. Oh he's, just like this guy and I don't know what the hell I'm sorry No I'm!
but I'm like an audition, and so I don't think I was thinking much of it. I just want to do my part well, and I do I decided to go home and cry again. I could have swore that I saw your audition via tape and not in person? That's why I think our stories very I think we should ask one of the guys. I was there I know the Bin Kristin was there and I think Phil is there so we'll have unlocked one of those guys yeah. I feel someone for should well we'll ask so you're in first impression of Ryan was a he's just some guy yeah. That's what she just said, especially so bad I mean no. I mean I just was like. Oh, but you know what I can't even Amber cell yeah. He doesn't even remember me so it obviously. Obviously I was not memorable and rowing all while this is a real actor, because I had to work with actors- and I was an actor I'll. Just like oh man, I better like that. Really I was intimidated not just by but like all the other actors we had like, you were scared of me a little. I was of the whole
situation, because even like getting sound guy. Am I wasn't used to that stuff? I was just like. Oh, I bet actually learn my lines, my lines new in videos all have stuff that right, but I'll just go off you. It is script ill, go like line after line ill messed up the soul. Much and I'll go like the times. It'll change the story like. Maybe they always do this now yeah and then it messes everything up. So yeah? Alright? I was more worried about that. I think at the time all right and then uh, so you guys are dating and then there's a steak story which are you talking about the first time around the first time and that's funny. I mean we even say that we created the first time on this. I was like well, we kind of data yeah. I know I mean it wasn't even like it was just like we were getting to know each other, but I was only consider dating yeah. I think we wanted different things and honest with him.
Really know what we wanted. I mean I knew what I want it back then back then. I wanted to get married and have like five hundred kids an rise like what and so obviously I think yeah. It was just five really five, it's perfect for head your booty, Muirhead you're, not that I knew, but you had a very strict plan for your future you send reminders reminders you had reminders for it. If you want to bring that up or not yeah now is a little weird. I basically thought that I would be married with kids by the time I was twenty three and I met Ryan when I was think about waiting for yeah about that age, and so I think at that point I was really feeling rushed where I was just like. Whoever I date next, like we're going to get married, and so, unless we're going to get married, I don't want to waste my time, and so I think I was a little bit kind of meat. Do you because I kind of was like don't waste my time 'cause you young, I wasn't mean then yeah. I wasn't mean back you're going to.
In though I was because I was a little annoyed, I would just like not use, I wasn't very like control you're not used to girls thing. Nor do you you're not used to the know how Shin no I wasn't used to girls, pretending like they. They like you a lot and then the next day they don't, and then they like you again in his now, you can You can say defense. Yes, it's not that I was pretending to like you and we talked about this. It was that there was a part of me that didn't like you, you made me laugh and you are so fun and I thought you were really intelligent and charming and awesome. But then there was this other part of me. That was like no. You have to think with your head schedule. He's too young he's not ready for anything serious. Like don't waste your time. You're only getting older time is ticking tick. Tick! Tick! You know, so I think there was I was really torn, and so that was why I definitely was going,
it's. Nine hundred and twenty- maybe at the time and like I so like the weird- it was like a lot of awkward. Things were like we'd, go not like we're dating, but we go on like dates, I guess dating on Yeah we doing dinner and so that he can. I don't even get wine yeah like 'cause, I'm underage and like to her. She would make me feel like, like I mean I was like, I would feel embarrassed because we do that they cut some of her friends and they would all be like a little older. I mean not like twenty four twenty five they're older than you. That's why? yeah. A lot of my friends are older, and so then we were in situations where they were much older than you yeah like like seven eight years, and then I'm just like. Oh I can't get. No I'm sorry. I think at that time like I was really not ok with that either. So that bothered me a lot. I would bother me too, though it's a little different when the guys older, I think, on as a sexist. No, no, but I think It's I like it's a little, it's not as weird for the girl. I guess even then, if you were a twenty five year old guy or twenty four, whatever
you're dating somebody who is twenty, and you went to a restaurant with all your friends who are like two thousand eight hundred and twenty nine, and you guys all got wine and this person gets carded and you can't even be there. That would be pretty awkward for you. Yeah when it yeah. I mean if there was a girl, yes, thirty, but I think as girls. It just feels less weird. I think it just maybe it's this, but I think I just really had to do with you being younger at the time, but yeah an obvious right all right and I caught up here and now, yeah right, I wouldn't really Lord Grandpa and what's so old and boring, I think I'm way more fun, but I'm also old and boring. So now we're both old him for his procession. Baby. Ok! Well, roast you so hard. I thought those fun things. I do a lot of fun things yeah, I'm trying to do more fun things! they already do. I don't know what do you mean? I want to do more fun things because I live my twenty very fun
I think I was so ready till I grow up and be an adult, but I didn't get to have out of funds and now in my 30s I'm trying to enjoy life more and have fun I made Ryan, do a staycation yesterday, yep and he's really happy about it. Obviously, no I'm it's not, but it was great, we had a nice dinner. We went to get massages in a couples. Massage was really romantic yeah. We just always thought that such a weird concept, staycation, where you get a hotel in the same city, you live in yeah and the part of me I mean I got used to it. She likes doing that, but part of me in first just like it doesn't make sense. We have a regular bed like a cleaner one. Probably I don't know. I don't know, think about those kind of things when I'm walking around with telling your barefoot I'm like man, I know, there's probably spit and like all kinds of who knows what's on that floor and there's no way they cleaned it very well in between the hour that we have they. Definitely they don't they
clean, the remotes. That's not bothers me, they don't know any should in the curtains, but it looks okay to make it. I yeah, I don't know, I just love hotels and I love room service and so like making a mess and not. Stop. I know why yeah I mean I think it's because a little bit. Is that I don't have to clean it, because I'm the type that were once it's messy like. I need to clean it right away. That's why, like even when I'm hosting people, I feel like I'm always cleaning the whole time yeah, because I want to state but then, when I'm in a hotel, I feel like it's okay, because it's not my but I don't really make it messy. You know you can make it rain, I get it. I mean I get the whole staycation thing for all. You couples out there an if you can't get away for a long time. I don't know I think you like it. I don't know if everybody would like that. Well, I, it's about making time to spend time. Together I mean for those guys, you don't know, we've been long distance for
long time and Ryan works. Three hundred sixty five days out of the year he worked on his birthday, he works on holidays, he works at a single day. This is a work. This is like, so he works everyday guys, and so, if I'm like, let's take a trip and let's go on I've done it really hard for him to take more than you know. Couple days off and so stations are better because then he only loses work day or he can like today, part of the staycation and then we work in the afternoon, and so yeah, but I also admire that about Ryan. So I know this is not a full roasting session. Ryan is very hard working and that's one of the things that makes me like him, so yeah. You gotta talk like that. I don't know because all of a sudden really shy, so it's like being on talk about Paco yeah it's weird, it's about you guys about you guys are we talking about? Martin love me part of what are in does for you is whenever you get into like a relationship of some sort
Let's not talk about this. Even if you want to bring up, don't listen, they given the size and he don't listen, and he just drops everything for a girl, because when he's in love, he is so in love, but I'm telling you people And this not the way to do it see That is not going to do it? You need balance. Let me defend myself: no no depending allowed. This is now roasting Paco time, but I mean talk about cuz, I think, that's very relatable for a lot of people, especially people who I mean people don't date as much. I feel like right dating is like having less and less like. I guess exclusive. Yeah really not like tinder hookups yeah. Well, The generation is just changed a lot, and it's really weird, because there's just too many options and everybody is sort of always like one foot in one foot out or like always kind of look in that way and
'cause everybody. I want to go mow, they have followed, you don't want to commit and it's sort of like you go on a couple dates, but it's just like dinner or whatever, and then you're like oh. But let me see if I can be somebody better yeah, but I think that's why I like we work as we're both like old school, an were just kind of like you could take out school you're, both old thanks but also like we're too lazy to like meet new people like we never did. I've never had tender coffee bagel any of those. I don't know which way to swipe and I don't think you've ever had that either. I'm Have you of no tender it was like a missed it. Yeah yeah. We missed it and honestly there's like a small part of me. That's like, oh, that kinda be fun, but also it's very overwhelming and scary, to think that you're just out there and people can like just swipe yeah you, yes or no, and it's just so like no deals really feels really frantic,
They have a lot of there's a lot of pain and I'm sorry I'm sorry no, but I mean I have a lot of friends who found their soul mates on those sites, and so I think it's great if you match for the right type of person but back to power then Paco just he just has a big heart and I know you guys all think he's like nasty and then he's just crazy. The audience is probably being Google was a mess, but he's actually actually pretty sweet, I know I know ruining my brand right, ruining your image. I'm rooting your image because he's he's really sweet and eat anything. He goes above and beyond and maybe a little too much. I always tell people like if you like someone or if you love someone. Your instinct is like sort of give everything and do everything, but I always tell people like Paco. You just got Really back little, they all you know. Definitely let you give too much too early. I know. Okay, then it's like okay buying, defend myself and then about a year. Go it was real,
yeah I know yeah like I would as art- and I also I just the and everything and I'll be like going out to LA all the time like for this girl and everything and I'll just give way too much in art and was like like. Why are you doing that? You don't even know this person likes you or anything like make them want to work for you type of thing and it and it totally made sense, and, as a recent like I, I I'm focusing on myself a lot more and when you start work on yourself and is all things that I'm kind of like learning from you know, so, just to show you that I listen and I do love you. I'm so excited to hear this work on yourself. You make yourself the prize. You make yourself important and other people will see that and value that in you and like all I do want to like you know, get to know this person, like you know how they so focused and and passion, is something that a lot of respect and admire and find attractive. And you know I got a lot of passion, a link that you do listen sometimes.
And that's why I'm a lot better now, I'm proud of you Paco, and that is the basic relationship that you guys have had all coming to you. You telling him the same. I thank him not listening and then a year later now you've kind of listen, yeah, I'm all better, now, okay and for the you guys out there yeah, I feel like. If you are, you know wanting to date and get into a relationship. I always had the best advices of yourself know what you want and who you are, and if you respect yourself, somebody else will as well yeah. We also you really have to love yourself. I know it sounds silly, but a lot of people are searching for love. Does that mean well yourself? I think it just means you have to be at least semi happy with who you are. Like who you are? How can you expect someone else to like you? Let alone love you, so I think a lot of people jump into relationships to feel like they are loved and to fill this void. But then what happens? Is you then put so much pressure on the other person to love you to this extent that isn't really capable for them to do on their own, but I think
two people. Are you know adults and they kind of know who they are and their balance? Then they have this healthy view on themselves and life and they come together and they can hopefully have a balanced relationship that makes sense yeah. What I've heard is like its complementary exact so instead of having somebody leach you, whether filling voids right. You already are like very secure in who you are, and somebody makes your life better exactly without them, you're, ok with them, it's better So I want to know how you guys kind of complement each other. You know like you guys are you guys, are similar but different and so similarly, similarly little soda super different, but you somewhere in the fact that you're, both in born We are both boring think I am, I think, I'm super interesting, Are you serious you Rv Mojo hits Dick we'll person. I've ever met in my life
if I can never get ahold of Ryan, I know he's either pooping or playing video games, sleeping or playing basketball game exposed. That's a lot of things like windows, aimed that's a lot of things anyway. I don't think I'm that boring, but we different. She does a lot of things she has have. A tiny refresh is a huge group of friends that I she she has so many friends that I have such a hard time. I mean I don't want to sound racist, but out of them are asian, an very like hard for me to remove. Yeah. It's like three different Jen friends. Well that so that I think in your defense. I understand I actually do have like seven friends, name Jen. So that's a little hard and two of 'em are Jen married to bend. So that's really confusing too. Isn't there both you, try and there's a chance right, right and they're both married to guys, Ben, so I get them mixed up a bit and they get off Amanda Gentry, but you know it's fine,
it's fine. I know so funny. I didn't know that her last name is true. Yeah, alright, well, but yeah. So hey We need to the question: does it what do you like about her? What do you like about it? What do I like? That was a question how he looks so upset about that question? What do I like upset, there's so many things like. How dare you make me pick? One know what know what it was, the that was the original question yeah, I was asking how we compliment each other and how we make things work and what you like. I think you get me to Do a lot of things that I don't want to initially initially, but then it then it helps. I think it helps because you're right I mean, I think, if you weren't around, I wouldn't do a lot of these things that inspire me essential even even if it's not a good thing like something I don't want to do it also inspired me to create something yeah. You know. I think that there's a there's a lot of that and learning to to be more openly
compassionate. I think I think black. Naturally, I always go logic. I thank you very much so, but yeah she's, a feeling! That's why we're so opposite. So I've learned to be more, but that's like a kind of normal, places like that, isn't usually not it's not the girl super feely. I know while you're sexist, but we're not like Philly, but then that's. The thing like were different in the sense of like I'm not like the type of girlfriend. That's like we have to like talk every single day would be together all the time we'd, like always hold. Like I we're not like that and we're fine on our own. We're fine, like with Ryan here, working in me back home, working or whatever we you know. We found that out, but definitely yeah Ryan is much more logical. Well, love languages that that helped us under sending them. How many is there by five hundred love languages? I love languages are very different. It's Brian is just time in touch
and then mine is probably gives an acts of service and words of affirmation. So we're literally the opposite. Yeah yeah? So I think the first couple years is tough, especially with the distance, because we are always a little bit like missing each other like do we like each other. Do we not, and so I think, once we kind of figure that out and realized. I Ok just play friend. People right right, like I think Ryan is your happy, even if we just spend time together. If we're not doing anything. Yeah. But I am the type that's like we need do things and you have to like see. I think that's common, a lot of relationships and in a lot of couples can relate to. But what help does is talking about what we're talking about right now, right right. That will help any relationship to know that 'cause. I didn't know that people just like white under You don't understand me. It was a lot of that before, whereas I think what I learned from her is like people are just different like very different and.
Helps, and it's interesting too, because the thing that you guys have don't know about Ryan is he has all these plans, and he has all these ideas, but he's not the type to sort of say it any name, verse says anything in Lizzie's actually going to do it. So if I was like let's say maybe year, two in I'd be like hey: let's go do this and be like, I don't know or I don't know if I can and in my mind I'm like dude just say like Maybe you'll try or maybe we will, but but later I realize it's, because he didn't want to say it and not do it because in his mind, that's worse ' where they think for me I would be like no. I just I know that you're making the effort, if that makes sense, but yeah I mean and then to answer a question with Ryan. I like that he's so logical and he sort of like helps me During your break, yeah yeah yeah, I think for me, like I, take on a lot of things. I'm doing a lot of things all the time, but in like the most
bliss way, he's really good about being like hey, it's, okay, you have all these things you have to do today and then you got five new things to do, right. Everything is going to be. Ok, let's take it one at a time, and so he's really good about like helping me sort of do that and we play clash together and a lot of times. I start free. Hang out in, like oh, my gosh we're going to lose we're going to start putting cards down and then not sure? Ok, I don't know it yet. So it's a game you can play with two people will be like no we still got this and then like calm down, and then we win and it's awesome, it's just, I think another. This is a perfect example. I think we have a good. Would you guys are so so growth we play clash every day together and I think the speaker right now, both you being like this ok, I think it'll help other people, including you will agree, it's helping me, but at the same time that's what I'm thinking. That's what I think about you all the time. Well, it's ok! Now it's even no it's even anyway. I think
everyone is like something that I think I never understood how people can get over is if something bad would happen to you that day, how You would linger on something and I always not like what there's nothing you can do about that. It happened like how can you improve it and versus like? a lot of she'll bring me something like something: bad will happen to her. She tell me all about it and instead of comforting her, which my natural thing is I'm going to solve the problem. How do I stop this from happening in the future? That doesn't work guys? an girls out there, who are a logical, is mostly guys, though, mostly outside, mostly through there are, but it's mostly guys who are failures. So don't Learn the hard way like they just want a lot. A lot of people just want compassion and not a solution yet, even though I think the thing is in that This is something that I do appreciate about. You, too, is that he helps me get out of that like lingering faster, but I think you have to first approach it with compassion and then fix it like, for example, let's say like I trip a lot when I walk up the stairs.
But sometimes like I would fall really hard and then I be bleeding and then Ryan would be like. Why did you do that? ok, I did never said it like that. Ok, there is definitely time like. Why would you do not be like? What were you running? 'cause, I'm trying like. Maybe you should stop running downstairs so like for the longest time I was like he's so mean, but then later I realized in his mind, he's logically trying to fix so that I no longer stop tripping because he's like. Why do you always trip so much, but normally I know it's not it's because my mind is faster than my like my legs. And I'm thinking of other things in my legs, just can't keep up? just like, but in the long sorry in the La Times, what I'm trying We don't really hurt. I can laugh, he always lassie. That's what he cares about yeah. I know now it's fine because I understand where it comes from, but I also I mean I'm
This is like the most like basic example. Where now, though, he's really good about being like? Oh, are you okay and then let's not do that anymore. I don't say: okay, I mean isn't a like that, but he even know this. Whether that's very specific example one example, and I'm obviously this happens in like a lot of other things were like. Let's see something bad happens at work and I'm my day is ruined but then held. You know. Let me sort of event through it and he'll be there, then very short after he'll point out things that are still positives and instead of me spending the rest of the day lingering on that and being upset all kind of be over it, because he'll have helped me logically realize that hey, there's, really nothing. I can do to control that moment situation. So, let's not be add forever, so in a way, it kind of helps that you guys have different perspectives, because you really need to each other, and you can see it in another way, because if not, I would have never like. If that happens, to other people. I would just give the logic like the solution versus like
like yeah, you wouldn't have compassion and do it now, so I'm just a robot robot. I just think it's weird. It's like you're missing this like compassion. It really bad on this right now that will pop was also a feeler to I'm super Philly dude. But Is really sweet? he's really sweet, he's, really sweet and, what's crazy, is that he's so sweet and he has such a big heart, which is one of the things I love about him, but he would never really let you know and he'll never take credit for it and does a lot of things for people You don't know yesterday, behind yeah yeah he's a he's type. That would really never want anyone to know yeah. Definitely there's like you tubers that would go in like film than I but all this person hears done that before yeah, because you're making fun of it. We've also found that, though, I'm telling it now, we've done, I mean just up. It was just like for fun yeah like a side, because I care
all right. So I guess I really not everything it's so itself it. It really is I'm doing because it makes me feel good whether people know or not. It's like you know. I have an extra box in the go to market a blank or whatever, and we know to do any less. We drive around and give homeless people, blankets and stuff. It's not because I'm like hey, let's film this. It's because I'm bored and it's something to do, and it's not a bad thing in my mind and I feel good about it. So it's selfish yeah, but it's different unselfish by a lot of things that we do, that everything is our social life like human life. For me, like you know, you mentioned earlier, that I love you, know, meeting young people and helping people, I love connecting people, but it's because I want to help people but The same time it makes me feel good yeah, so it should right yeah. We need to understand everything Yeah everything it's fine, yes, binding wrong with.
Yeah like I'll, give pago romance advice because I want to one day when he gets married, be like hey yeah cause me, I know in ok, this is my girl or whatever or boy or or boy whatever happened goal supported all the love! You either way but I want to go into something a little bit deeper. Now. Even deeper, fried so expose right. Now, he's been this honest on. Maybe not that naive, maybe not that he does more. I want to know, because you guys do have a long distance relationship and we talked a little bit about dating, online and stuff and a lot of times online dating is a lot of long distance at times. So what made you know it work for you guys like? Where did you guys compromise? If you compromise out clearly you did
but you know talk about it. Like what where, in your mind, what did you have to give up in order to make this work? I did more Aug, I guess I'll start. I had to change. I I live by habit and I have all the same thing I normally do so you're boring and it's maybe to some people, but people who live like me understand this is what works, and this is what I'm going to stick to. So I had to disrupt my schedule and to me that's a big thing. It might not be a big deal to other people, but if you've done a thing, a certain way for a long time and it works for you to change that is see, it sounds bad, but it's a big deal to me. It was a big children. Why you laughing is true I mean it was dying because I use remember like year one. There is a time when, like I was like, we never do anything and you were like
We went to the grocery store yesterday and he was really proud of that yeah we left the house. I would have normally just order things to come to me right Ryan didn't leave his house for, like eight months guys before we started, is not true. Ok, five years, probably like seven yeah, I do things. Very little. You do more things now. I do more Two hundred and twenty my adjustment when people have yelled like hey? Do you think Ryan would do this, I'm like dude? If you can get him out of the house? That's amazing! You talking shit to people, you know what, though I've gotten pretty good at getting him out of the house. Yeah I mean 'cause. He cares about he l words you I came out for your birthday party, surprised me for my birthday. Because you say all 'cause, I care about you, but I went to his birthday party. Oh and you left the house, for Jenna's birthday party, surprise her and L A2. It was a long time ago. I was like five years ago. I think it's time for another one I just like being home yeah, he does he
staying home but yeah, I would say, compromise is probably the biggest thing and I think it works for us because we're both really busy with what we're doing and because would surely have something going on. I think long distance relationship is really hard when one person is always waiting, if that makes sense yeah if there's less out of that person, because it's hard to if you just wing around card it like like a warranty texting me like every morning, yeah here, because you know if you're working, you probably don't, have the energy sometimes or you don't have the time on, and I think it's also understanding like I there's definitely times when we'll talk a lot more, maybe will face time more. Maybe will you know how
on the phone a lot more, but then there will be weeks where we won't talk much at all either because his work schedule is crazy or because mine is crazy, but we have a mutual understanding. Knowing that that's ok and I think that's something. I really appreciate about Ryan because you know maybe five six years ago there was someone I was dating that when I'd be done filming an- I might have a seventeen hour day on set eighteen hour down, set where I literally am leaving set washing my face and hitting the bed so fast that don't even have time to text goodnight and it sounds kind of selfish. But it's really tired, and sometimes you don't want to talk, but then that person would get really irritated and upset, not understand and not understand, filming schedule or long hours, but Ryan gets that, and so I think you know whenever something is busy like that, I don't have to worry
no he's going to be upset like because he's not he gets it. You know and if we make plans and it changes he's like are at that school, I get it and I mean ice for him filming in general. I think it's, it's really tough for the other person who's, not in that industry, if you're, not in the entertainment industry to date, somebody that is, I think, is it takes a long time to get used to it. I mean just the fact that, like Amy. I had to even get used to you just kissing another guy on a show even though it's acting, you know my hey you. Somebody else to use a condom. No, I'm not saying I'm just yeah, but I think you have any getting yeah yeah. You said you have to understand like if you're a very old in about it like that, there's other obstacles that most couples will have to go through right right, and that is a big one and I'm sure like it's, not where we're not the only ones that I mean. If you had it's true, you know
will say for those of you guys out there. If you run into that situation, I think kissing on camera is really the most Une intimate thing. I don't think I've ever felt intimacy kissing on camera, which is really kind of sad to say when people are like wow, you guys have so much. Sorry, I'm always like well, thank God were good actors. I hope compliment great because you guys are so good, though right literally, I think I've always felt nothing and so, and I think it's because you have one hundred and fifty people staring at you. You got cameras in your face. You got like other people, think right and then it's always funny when you see the most romantic shots and it's so beautiful. Those are the ones that are the most awkward 'cause. It's everything, slow and they're. Like move your hand, higher lower turn your cheek, Turn your face this way that way, and it's so awkward, but then you know with sound editing in lights. They make it look good and so one of them at least the romantic things, and I mean you know more than
it's kissing in the rain, all gosh that all the work is done that yet what what we done, a small version of that do you, like it a lot and teen wolf yeah, because people think it's so romantic because of the notebook yeah. I would assume it is we had this scene where on just so you guys know when you film, with rain. It's not like normal rain, it's Pouring pouring water, because for it to catch on camera or more in you can't see it see it. So if you guys ever see it like raining outside and just try to film it, you really can't see anything so then to replicate rain for for Cameron for film they just just go, easy- and I remember when we would do these things running through rain by the time we even get to each other. We just can't see and then we're kissing and holding it for, however long till they call cut? Remember after every take, we just released and both be spitting water on the ground, and it's just like black, the gross, but it looks romantic, an awesome yep. That's for
well as a teen, Wolf, yeah teen. We did that we get in the rain a lot I feel like yeah. Out of rain rain. That show was very much like it's more of a romance, yeah. I would say it's like a lot of romance a lot of action. It's really fun. It's very dark, but yeah there's definitely a lot of romance an they make. It look good. We had some really great great crew. The great dp made it look really nice. I think that was As in the video I said it was my favorite show all you look in your will. Gimme call really there, like only nine to Ryan, just didn't like it, because I was like me kissing another guy. Well, we we dating back, then not know that wasn't the reason. So that's not! No, I think the show you're on now is great. Oh, very
I think it's really like Chicago Med that yeah it's like well, it's well written on that team of wasn't guys, okay, but I just I think it's not meant for me. I think that's meant for more. I mean I don't know if it is, but I thought was meant for more for girls and guys costly had- beautiful body shots and not body shots shots yeah. We have a lot of guy fans too, and a lot of middle aged women as a lot of money really. The only people that, like run after me, like at the grove in LA, are like forties. 50S women really yeah that is a I did not know that was. I thought it was like thirteen to seventeen year old, female girls, yeah, I think, those more excited for the boys yeah they're, more excited for Like Dylan, O'Brien Tyler and Like Cody, you know those guys yeah well uhm. I didn't
That's how long we're going to we should go into some place was actually some of those. The a little longer than some of the questions were so the the biggest similarity was from C m c m Y Janice on Twitter yep. The question about long distance relationships was written from Andrew Tran Ahn, ready, ' which ones do we do we answer long distance relationship questions. By compromise, I know what what do you think is the number one advice and what would you say to make it work long distance relationships, it's hard to say, because ours is such a weird thing and we do so different from other people, but I think that's something important. That every relationship needs to understand is that your relationship, wow a relationship, is unique in its own way, and you need to be able to compromise and not be selfish, wow, something that works for. You won't necessarily work for me or are you just became a? We talked a lot about relationship, I mean yeah. I know it makes sense, but but also Well, not soft, what a
soft guys, don't listen to him. I don't know what that was like people. I just gotta keep my brand of this one you know. Is that your brand? I don't know. Why is your brain like that? What made you think that that was a good says, defense mechanism? do you love me so emotional? It doesn't matter who is the very most rates? Are there more twitter twitter? tions there were more, but I mean we don't have to stick and we don't have to do it. I just I think I think when it still here with kind of that's kind of what you got. I guess you know Vanessa Mendez Arden. What are some actors you would like to work with Oh, you know, don't want to work with these days. Gemma Chan Super big, the crazy yeah she's doing covered a lot lately, though, she's been doing like what why her specific just 'cause she's, pretty,
not just 'cause she's pretty, but I mean click that and send it to her so that art in her can collab in some way. Oh my gosh. No, I just think I don't know I just really like her and she is just a very sophisticated nice elegance to her, even in her style of acting. I think it's right. Yeah really, really great, I mean 'cause. I really like, like Natalie Portman, I like Nicole Kidman, I like your like classic beauties, and I think it's really exciting to feel like now. There's an asian american woman that I'm like. Yes, that's like that, k another twitter question from Yellowpaco, the you really. Are you serious? Did you guys key? Yet I'm waiting till marriage yeah we're not inappropriate. So you guys have kissed other people, but not each other yeah. But it's just acting: can you guys act right now and kiss each other
Oh, that's so right, I do not more and I mean So that's. If you're reading out yourself, then I guess: that's it huh yeah, that's kind of ok! You should tell people hold really bad. You are with trends. Oh yeah, you're, like oh, my gosh I'll, be like wow. Have you seen this and he's like? That was a trend like two and a half years ago. Why do you always when you my voice like why years ago, because that's how I see you like that? No, I don't put enough imo jeez, that's so that's a good for those of you who are dating special. You guys out there, emoji will go a long way, yeah a little would turn okay to. Okay, just add the, pull and parentheses and it changes everything. Are you mad? no exclamation point happy face everything
trust like are you mad and it just? No, they are usually is marriage because before that, before that, if you the are you mad will happen. If you don't put the Emoji, we have the emoji shows everything's fine. I don't know if that's just us, but I an if you date, a guy that you think is always mad. Don't ask him if he's mad, because he's probably never mad. I learned that too late the hard way I'm not always appearing mad. Is that you're, more you're smiling and you're happy it's great, but it's under these you're so serious like Yeah, yeah, good luck, editing! This good luck, editing this yeah for a part to you guys would like to see Arden Cho in the podcast again tell taking over- I don't know, but she's pretty good at it. So
We will soon be having an early version of this podcast and I would like to nominate myself to be a host for the LA podcast. Please leave it in the comments section below like comment subscribe. I would like to replace Paco here just in case you're, probably in Chicago doing bigger things. Oh stop! It only have two more episodes and then coming back Can you say that you need to more? Well I mean well. This is a list of all I see. No, no, I mean come by could maybe come back for season five writers, if you guys tweet to Chicago meant that you love me. That is true. You actually do have to wear those things matter. Shows will keep you on if they know that the audience likes you hola, and it was only. I think that I think that was one of the reasons why, if you're a lefty team of two Well I mean here you stayed on all yeah 'cause. They wanted you out earlier right I think she was only supposed to be on for a few episodes later sorry, you're good.
Because initially you aren't. So it was a like a gas like appearance like a couple episodes and then they extended it and then kept you on to the next season. I like Chicago Med, that's what you're lucky with Kira two. It was only supposed to be right, a couple episodes, but they kept her going and I think its 'cause, the fans yeah. They really like this. Hello, Chuck, I'm dying right now. I don't know all right. What is a good listener and that, as we are, we are, we are rather dying yeah for she put down her jaw. And then this is putting yourself down yeah right, you don't do. Oh my gosh, stop it and I'm sorry, I didn't mean to roast you so much I wasn't really roasting it's fine Can we use sense, I'm not park on its sensitive, We have client, let's not fight, I'm just in here. You guys see the l word to each other anyway, I'll lift use. Thank you so much for training it to the office, yes to plug, did you have any? I am. I was
I do it, I'm just worried because sometimes you just and then I'll. Thank you so much turns out to build high gas. I'm writing this down. I am coming out of the back when I can do it real now, I was gonna say remember to check out her letter in church watches. She just became ceo small business unless she support she e all. I thank you messed up at first, but now she e all and again thank you to Skillshare. We don't have to do another plug, but just shout out to them and do you have anything that you want to look at anything really. Wow that was chewy telling dog she's getting so mad yeah shall I usually add to like coffee or on But yeah? I guess, follow Chucho! now. How fast does a good plug? No, I segways funny 'cause. She. She was like how much longer before me, I know, and he watched Pacos twitch but gross,
follow me uhm. I might post Youtube videos again, I'm not sure when, but I feel like I keep thinking about it It was a good series, the other one, where you eating with different people. I thought yeah I like that. Oh yeah, yeah yeah. That was fine. It was fine and then I just got busy and actually started filming Chicago mad, and I was going back and forth so much. I got harsh real things. No, it is your right. I love you to bits. Just for those I know you don't know you do is a lot of work you it is where every hat in so I think you to be so tough but It's definitely something that I always want to do, and so yeah, hopefully I'll, be back and then definitely. Thank you. I appreciate if you support lettered in church, please follow us. And if you have graduation gifts or birthday gifts or whatever. I think it's a great president. There you go. That's the plug, so we end this thing. We always end up waiting. Where do they follow your
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