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#15 - Ft. Daina Benzon - Daina on Working at RHPC and How She met Greg

2019-05-05 | 🔗

Thanks to our sponsor - http://skillshare.com/higa - Get two months FREE!  Ryan, Paco, and Daina talk about her experiences working for RHPC as a costume and set designer, how she deals working side by side with Greg, and tells the story of how they met. Daina and Paco settle some beef, and lastly, Ryan announces his new energy drink line - Ninja Melk.

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So hell is so creepy in high school. This is my enerji drink that I've been working on for three years. I don't know why. I didn't talk about it talking about messed up things that we thought mall. Are you talking about God there? I don't think you off of up. I already got clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. And welcome back to another episode of multiple podcasts. We have parked in the moderate are seat and you have a first time actually, the first time for Dana Dana Benson is everybody. I think we should that's when we should use the cheers like when we introduce Well Dana's here, first time or something nice about having an and then introduce yourself on enemy,
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So get out earlier that I keep talking over at the open it before the show. The list goes your class on how to open up cans without white noise. That's it that would be a hard actually eating snacks in class, especially chase through always caught. All is there a way there is no no anyway, You would have to likes like suck on the chip for a long but even opening the bag? Oh yeah, you can't do that remind me of that scene in big daddy number one he's like trying to eat once you try to eat. I don't know some kind of chips, but at such a relatable thing you can't open a bag of chips without making a lot of noise yeah. Whenever I do that instantly, wherever I am in the dogs every single time. I remember in a school whenever I had to open up a bag of chips and always just be like I'd, have to cough and open up the bag
Yeah 'cause, it was loud, you know Greg, does with farting yeah one offs and farts. Yeah. He does both holes things. Really, Well, he coughs loudly, so you don't hear as fart, but you can clearly hear as far and a burp it's like it's extra long wait. What do you mean Leesburg. Multiple sometimes will do the bar the bar, the bar, but but that's a good name for it. The barp burp fire. It was the other one cough combo that, This is a lot just die functions, going on once I've definitely fart in sneeze. At the same time, I want threw up. And diarrhea myself at the same time? so where did it go this 'cause? When I was a kid and I had the flu, and so I just like to spread my legs open over the toilet and just like try the through the whole down. They got all over me. Yeah.
Oh yeah? Well, that's just! Unfortunately, I was like well this yeah. We actually, we also in less. You have a trash. Can next to you. So what about you data? So we have a girl in the room today and we're starting off with very hello. How should I say manly topics? Is that sexist to say no Girls, don't like see not that easy huh. Do you have thoughts about what this? What are your thoughts on girls? Who, like girls, don't poop? Well, I mean that's. I don't know I don't is not it is. I mean it's a joke, yeah. It is a lot of girls like you. Don't there is talk about their plans, change, yeah, those are put chained. I agree yeah, but you agree that girls don't our I agree that it's a common joke yeah. I think, but I think some girls take it too far. You know where there actually, like. I don't want to talk about this right. I don't poop, you know we should start it.
Little men. I mean I there's a video beau. How girl should be for, like allowed to fart, has take me poop yeah and then by what you. You're going to get you for that house, I mean like Dane as pretty as much as it is 'cause you're, always you're, the only girl or SBC and around on guys all the time warp, farting and burping and you're pretty open to it. Like you, don't think it's whether you do or not, you're just around it right, yeah, no choice: You don't have a choice but even before our hpc she's kind of been around all yeah yeah, I grew up with an older brother and just the dance crew. All stamp boys like I was always around like fifteen to seventeen guys all the time so and you do it.
No, but you grew up with all I mean I grew up in, like all your friend group was mostly guys on and then now with our. If you see you're, surrounded by guys all the time to a pretty girl. So I would say I mean in in pretty average yeah person having very open with farting so but like being the only girl, you don't really like when that stuff happens, it's not like you got ill or like so immune to it, but you yourself don't do it yay. So I think that's what we're talking about like how it's not okay, for girls to express themselves. I think with us. It's ok. What do you mean like with us like? If any girls do, that would be like nice, like we kind of encourage it I'd, be like 'cause, it's it's different yeah. Would you do it with me? Do what fart, if you fart yeah, I think we would be delayed. All laughing will be like I think we be grossed out. I think we know you like yeah yeah. I think it depends on your friend group. I don't know okay, so I promise
and so, if that happens, worse, actually encourage it, not just permission. We want you to fart in front of us. Have you ever have you heard Arden fart, yes, fart on you ha. No, I mean I don't do you do that, like the people, we don't really do that yeah. Something to do really yeah No. She hasn't done that now. You guys are not that I've heard it and she was extremely embarrassed about now. Is she farts? She still is. You know she still is embarrassed, but, like I mean I don't see why, like I've heard her poop before, like I've heard, I've heard some sounds, you can't even defend herself. She does, but I mean, like doors close yeah make all the damn exposed and I'm sure Greg has great. I'm sure you've heard you follow yeah.
Do you do it like? You know, I'm not on right, citing similar to that, because you I mean you guys are basically like how long have you and Greg been together? It'll, be maybe fifteen years since that time, all moldy older than a lot of that's like people watching it is actually more than half our life they've been together since high school right yeah. Last my last year of high school, right that is you're basically married in some states, common law, common law. Well speaking of Greg, what is it like living with Greg? That's a common thing that I mean not just I mean we don't even know yeah I mean you kinda know you lived with, but I mean like that. It's interesting relations, you guys been together so long. You live together, but you also work together a lot.
We do everything together, yeah it's tricky, but do you ever get like man? I just need my own space, all all the time, the seat belts yeah. Well, that's why the house has like five different room: yeah yeah. We each have our own offices for when yep those times happened because they do yeah. I think what,
helps. Is that, like early on in our relationship to God, after a few years of dating, we were like co, partnering a dance studio we had to dance to so we were both kind of like in the creative director positions. We always work together and then we both taught multiple dance classes together, and I feel like it. We kind of got used to doing everything together, so we understand each other's chemistry and how we work right. But with this one, it's like with what we're doing now, with working with you and staff on it gets a little tricky. Knowing the fact that it's like I'm, predictable way, you drive that's basically, and since we both have different strengths and visions that we could either show off on. We do tend to bump heads a lot creatively and that kind of affects relation,
because, if you have a Turkey day where you want something to happen your way, and you know he thinks otherwise before compromising it's like. You can't go home and complain or like a light. Yes just out on your boyfriend who, because due to stress to begin with it right right, so we don't have that, but we do understand that okay where'd compromising a little bit more efficiently, now we're we both can understand how to work around each other and our visions, but it's tricky, but also rewarding, because it's when you know when we come out with something that's really cool that we both were a part of. We could say that we also did this while in a relationship but something that we've created together, and I that yeah, that's awesome. Hello is wondered about that because it's going to be like for you. I feel like it's time
because or maybe there's a side that we don't see but you're the type of person that I've never once heard you mad, really, I think a little annoyed, but I've never heard you complain or mad. Like I don't know if you have not now. I've never seen her. I'm an angel don't break get mad at her actually, but I've never seen like, maybe as home. Do you ever get like and show that and I'm sure you have to write every normal person. Does that otherwise social that you know
you've, never wear around. You've, never done that, and now I think it's hard to. How do I say this when I'm around you guys it's like it's always a like a positive environment. So it's kind of hard to. If something frustrates me like, I won't let it get to me. I don't hold. I think a lot of the time too, is because your frustration will probably happen before we even get together because you're, designing, props and you're designing, costumes and you're. Designing sets
something not necessarily were around and then as soon as you're done being stressed out, that's when we all meet up and then you're like. I have nothing to be upset about I've. Seen like moments were, like you know, if I mean, even if it is a positive environment, I mean there's, it's stressful situations are running out of sunlight or, if, like we got a film something into the minimum time, we're not moving fast enough. You know like there's, there's definitely times where everybody gets frustrated and I seen great get frustrated stressed and you guys kind of whether it's sickening disagree on and Greg get a little upset yeah. But you won't you just kind of go with the flow,
ok, like very passive. I think when oh yeah, when he kind of gets in that position, I know to just kind of follow his word, because I trust that you know I don't. I don't want to confront him in that time or I think he kind of gets into it director mode. So I'm like. Ok, let me do this for you, because I think at that time, when we're filming it something like that happens, I just kind of trust in. I just trust in that he knows what he's going to be doing and I'll help support that, because sometimes you'll be kind of in a panic or trying to figure out what he needs to do or kind of overwhelmed. So then, that's when I become like what can I do for you type thing, because I know that you know if it turns into something
sing more complicated, then at home it will be a different story. Basic right right, right right with the real fighting physical fighting data brings out the bat yeah we'll. That's what maybe that's why I'm reserve, because I know that we'll figure it out later, yeah yeah, it's not worth it not worth bringing into the work environment because then it could bring. Everybody else down in true that is true can make things harder. Okay! Well, this is something I wonder, right yeah, but we kind of jump the right into it. We did it, we will we went to want to do like we need to get to know how they met and stuff. I don't know: let's go cross order, man, okay, Disney, to be college, I to be hi mom. She listen to this. What how dad your dad they do! Yeah it's cute little clean watch them! Maybe at
but yeah. So you have a talk about how you and Greg may, because Greg was looked way, different and was way different back then he did and you're kind of an emo girl like a goth girl, a hot tub. Model. Are you talking about her high school days when I first met, and so that's why? Well, I tell I still really love hot topic. Yeah you're out of it looks straight out on. Is that no, no, I don't think so. Yeah I mean you. You've always had a unique. I went out, I once a hipster but like, and you have a unique sense of fat. Your fashion person I yeah yeah, are we getting into how we met? Yes, okay, you can ignore my question formally right how we met formally oh yeah 'cause. You guys think you guys met yeah yeah, we'll talk about that. Will talk about that after story time.
Liquor that you log Getty still she still got butterflies thinking about him. That's disgusting, ok, I'll, stop! Um! We met. It was my first year in high school and it was my first homecoming and he was actually the blind date of my best friend at the time. So we met, we had our homecoming dinner at the mall food court and then It shows that and that's how we formally met- and I just remember during the dance like my friend- Didn'T- want to dance a damn good, this kind of a wall flower, the entire night, and he went to a different high school, the first two years a before he switched over to mine. So we would come to every dance like our friends would take, turns beating him in you know when you fill out an application for someone from another school to attend the dance right, so he would always be there,
Yeah no dance with him, so I feel like he I kind of wanted to talk to him more and more and then, after summer break like he started attending school. And it is two years later, though, right. Okay, here's this by the way. Yes, oh gosh yeah show your age real, quick graduated fifteen years ago, right, maybe two thousand and six yeah, two thousand four five ish, two thousand and five. So you basically for years you're, just like man. This is really weird guy that just use hanging on our friends with doesn't ever dance or anything, but then you're attracted to that yeah all right guys now you know Tabaga Dana you just Maybe you know: hang around, don't really get involved, be a wallflower, but like every time, every time he would come around, he would always be like that. So
the guy and he had an afro at the time which is kind of but even now he had a big afro and he would wear like Jai Normas hoop earrings mismatched clothes like he was always so quirky, but he was super shy at the time. So I feel like that's what kind of made me? interested and like. I was too shy to ask him to dance, but it was so repetitive like they would, and then I always had that curiosity like I want to get to know him more, but he went to high school and then started dancing at a dance classes, and then that friendship build because he always had your mutual friends and then from there. I can it Goff through dense and yet just hanging out who doctor who hit up first. Was it ever like a hey? I think your cute, or is it always just like,
just talking and flirting, and then you know he I'm yeah. Actually it was random because we would hang out and then all of a sudden he would kind of send me little messages on my space after school. So that was a thing after school. You'd go home and take My space, do you remember that yeah, okay and you would just be like hey? I hope you have a good day. Your soul I think, MIKE whole. You are do you're, also cool money that is sold like I've? I remember that yeah yeah, but the thing was hey. I have actually had a crush for a son, one of his friends who is so like. I would say one of this, the boys a little bit before, like one of the two step boys, close friends like right outside of the group like a brother or a cousin yeah. So this whole creepy in high school.
Explain that I don't know, I actually don't know this. Neither do I No, ok did you do I mean you're still kind of creepy now, but I am ok, so I would if I liked a boy I would just I like follow him around just kind of. So that boy like Looking at would never seen this, let it be let it go she's getting icy building up. Courage: I've never heard about this, go ahead. Ok,. For the Psycho Dana? Yes, I don't know if I still have. It is probably deep in my closet, but that boy that I liked you on a plate at lunchtime. Sorry how about you said
if I still have it, but that boy is in my closet. There's some scary. Ok, I'm sorry! I did mean interrupt sorry data. That's way, cool, good, yeah way. Cooler now go ahead. He like he stepped on a plate at lunch, a paper plate. It was laying on the flow and he left like a shoe print on it and like right when he walked way. I took the plate and I was kind of joking off to my friends 'cause. They knew that we what kind of liked him he was. He was a cutie, so I took the plate an I like put clear tape on it to laminate it and preserve it, and I kept it. I may have had him sign it They really want, like. I think they all kind of knew that I was crushing pretty hard right. And I think he knew it too, so it would kind of be more of a playful thing like watch I'll, do this type thing, but
I said so gravy, but back then you didn't think it was no yeah. So I did that and I would like draw a cartoon version of him on my planner. The thing was when I started showing more interest in Greg like I drew a doodle of Greg next to the who are the afro in the hoop earrings and I think Greg might spend more time together, like in dance class, that really brought us together and that's when things started like actually happening. I feel like with the first guy was crushing at it was more playful like trying to joke around do you super cute, but yeah Greg was always a person that I was very interested in he's such a unique character, and we can all agree on that. I know someone I picked on twitter and someone asked like what made you follow. Over them and stuff, and I should I think, like on my drive here stupid. I wish
Go ahead, go ahead, um when he went to our school. He was on like the audio video audio video audio video team and he would do the morning announcements, so he would read the lunch the daily lunch that would be you know on the tv they would roll. They still had the tv's that they would roll in play the morning announcements. He would read lunch or any news and stuff, and he other afro in the big earrings and, like everybody, saw him as this character was like always so cool and that's why that's? When you fell in love, is that what you're saying I don't know anymore, you don't know, look at the moment. You just thought that was he was so cool he's such a cool character, yeah and I think yeah yeah you can I've always been drawn to things that are unique, and I guess you can
to tell that yeah yeah and then you yourself are very unique in terms of how you would dress and, like I mean that's what you take pride in in different and doing things differently stocking people fairly to Greg know bought this like back there yeah yeah, he was he was he was aware of. It sounds the plot to an eighty summer flick. I don't know why. Yeah explain that story and then making doodles of that you're like a girl in a anime like, a little bit: yeah love with the with the bad character was like really handsome, and then she ends up falling in love with the guy who's, like the clown, yeah, the guy who would always have like the swirly eyes. Every time we see him the true love yeah I get beat up all downstairs. You actually
we saved you would follow guys around that you liked and then save their footprints yeah, but the thing was, I think, everybody kind of jokingly knew. I was like that or I kind of made that character for myself of a joke yeah, but I feel like Greg kind of. He made it seem like there was no need for me to do that anymore right because after we started like talking on like a couple months in our relationship, he went from having an afro to doing like the rat tail. They So when he asked me to homecoming or some other dance, he had like a ring container. What do you call a ring box, yeah yeah, I don't know, so he waited for me at lunch and all of our friends were there and he had this box and he presented it to me and it was the lock of his rat tail.
You guys are meant for sure. I didn't have to do anything for that. I did have to creep behind you with scissors or anything like that's mine, and I have like. I have like three at least Russia. For those of you that don't know what that is. That's when your hair is like what is it like, a single strand of mullet yeah? It is a baby, mullet or the baby is the baby mullet, pretty much Greg used to have that he did. He would cut them off in percent into you. You guys are freaks. You guys are pretty. That's pretty strange, but it's like that's why it's funny and unique yeah, oh yeah, you're funny thing I didn't. I did not know about that creepy side of you, but that's funny, the local! You still do that. Did you collect his mustache hairs, you shave off his moustache and present that, unlike every year on your anniversary, but that's a great idea.
Oh no, I'm sure those people who can relate, though yeah it's like very I mean it seems like an anime right. I don't know why. I think anime, I'm just picturing, like a girl, literally like stalking, someone that they like she, like a anime thing, anatomy, that's cute! If you do that in like a time story. It's a murderer. It depends on what platform you're India in Anime, it's like. Oh, it's so funny it's cute and then you know, but in real life it happens in real life yeah Well, I'm glad you rum, oh boy, normal, a certain degree, yeah yeah, yeah, okay, head and not know that. To be honest,
yeah, oh yeah and then informally, you know when you have a hunch that you met someone before 'cause. We went to the same elementary school and middle school, and I don't know if you guys had like not like Rainy Day Fridays, but you would have designated days where mixed grade with come together and the last two hours of the school day. You can go to a room, that's watching a movie or you can go into a room. That's all coloring or toys and stuff, like that. I, loved it. It was so much fun in high school in elementary school, and I remember going into the toy room and slick a little a little ten boy asking to play with me and we we did the What a marble run is is where you build yep yep can Jenny role the marble, but we both remember
playing with that. That was our go to thing, and I told him like. I remember specifically this one time that I played with a little boy who is ten minutes? Are you all you remember, maybe a little bit of stuff? I don't know. Have you seen his elementary school Is he happy shadow I already was born with like every kid yeah really really I do I know that yeah. So we did that and I feel like what we were talking. It was end of story, but I want to say that we both kind of got that feeling that it was fate, because I also had that experience with another friend in preschool, and I never I, if totally forgot about it, and I met up with a friend near the end of high school and we became best friends, and then there was this one time where we were talking about. You have a plane with a girl in preschool like blocks instead
similar story and a couple months later, a couple weeks later he comes with a picture of us playing on the floor. He's like this is us yeah, so it was weird and it was a very similar feeling ha yeah. Maybe you were just for owing him. This whole time, that's cool. I mean that's going to cause you member anything from preschool. I do I do. Why do you not I heart out, and I don't know too much just like embarrassing moments like peeing in my cot, like cutting my own hair, yeah stuff, like that being in your caught yeah, we got bad yeah like a small, but you know used to peel on the bed yeah. Last week you had to change the sheets, so whatever dude grown man has grown, man has grown men. My body is working yeah. I just remember not being a good kid.
I used to get in trouble a lot as a preschooler yeah used to beat up girls. No, I didn't. I was one time and it wasn't beat up just now. Into that one. Hitter quitter yeah, ok, whatever no, but you know it's fine to cousin preschool. I don't know my mom told me this, but I do member giving attitude or like being really annoyed with the ladies. That ran the place and I just wouldn't get along with listen to them. I wouldn't get along with them and listen to them, but I was told that when there was a guy there, I would like, like him and listen to him. Alice I once you're sexist. I was gonna get for that whole hashtag. I know who you guys are gonna was it I mean yeah, I mean that's, that's what I was told I mean I don't recall being sexist, but I guess I didn't like I don't know. That's all I remember
well well, we went to your grandma's house at one time and you showed us that picture where you couldn't sit still and was like this total e looks like something so it's a picture of me is like a three or four year old and my hands like this, like it raising up into the picture and that's 'cause. The laser holding my arms that I wouldn't want to take the picture, and I like really pissed. I guess they took a bunch of shots and that's the only one that could use do we have that we have to show that you have to go back home. I don't know how to get that. I don't know but yep. That's all I remember so. You were a crazy stalker. I was a sexist and you were a poo poo pee pee boy with that being said, poo pee in peace. It's time for a chichi break, we'll be right back, hey guys, just want Thank you to our sponsor anchor Anchor is, The easiest way to make a podcast, it's so easy. In fact, we decide to use it to distribute our show. This show off the pill. Podcast anchor gives you
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worlds leading music streaming service an now. It can be your go to for podcast too. I brought you something. I brought you something I just remembered part of the sure I guess so I could could including, let's clap Well, you have it on you right now. It's right outside. Well, then, that's not clap. Ok, oh you can go, get it ok! Alright, let's talk crap about it. She's leaving Dude Dana is a stockard, your dentist. Keep good thing. Good thing, Dana found Greg because she I have been a murderer. You could, you probably would have murdered Greg if Greg didn't lager and then calibrate? Oh, I think she would have choked him with his own rat to think she would have just followed him.
There were many, that's how it begins, that's how it begins. I can't think of anything like what I ever follow. Somebody if I like them enough I know when I was younger, like used to fall people to our a little bit but not like to her ex. Definitely not we save the foot. Yeah. I've never done that. No, but does she said it was part of an issue back she she back. You said a part of a joke, though, but it wasn't really really what what? What? What is this Dana? It was, our friends just being accepting of her creepiness site is just not back in and is that what match for what they? What is what we're is from open it does open, I think it's what what do dad container but Greg, and I were out at a store cells, containers yeah they at the register, yeah
wow. What are the odds that that's kind of cool is selling our merch well, thank you. It's a giant bill. I think of a place to put this in the park and yeah I have. I brought a stand for. What's the jingle, you got it, you got to sing it. That was good, hey it's I was like yeah, that's was really nice First, before we get back into, I got it. I got to do this, go sure, read again second Disco read, I don't think didn't complain about last time, but I didn't have to read it exactly so, I'm just going to say again this off. The purpose episode is to buy skill, skillshare skill, sure isn't line learning community with thousands of amazing classes and without having to read all this. Just as it's in my own words skills, or basically is this site. You can go to and learn a bunch of cool things. You've seen it Dana. Actually, I don't think you've ever even went on we have, or you have got on it I want to learn. You can learn a bunch of like you can be a teacher.
There on there for one and basically Learn things like how to make your instagram better like how to turn it to a business or even learn how to like. I said, lucid dream: you can learn a bunch of weird stuff, Adobe illustrator on there yeah. They have a bunch of like things you could learn and actually, like. I don't know things that go to college, for you can learn it on there and it's different from Youtube tube in that. I think it's like screened. So it's like a he like premium version of like a Youtube tutorial like a better version and a professional version of that, on, go to see share and remember. If you go to Skillshare share and you do sign up, you can get two months free, unlimited access with thousands of classes just go to dot com, slash you make sure you guys use so the know like we sent you and yes look good this week we aren't doing, can old balls or purple
if you're a real one. Just so I know what is leveraging that yeah but again fell to skill share. Thank you guys for keeping us a float given this podcast go Yeah or otherwise would have to quit. I mean what is it has been with this: we've been keeping up with. It's just been a lot things going on lately, you I mean you to talk about. Is it? Could it's everywhere his earlier right here, yeah right now, what I I drink it in the last part. Yes, I had as well, but he did there's a lot of comments. Like only cool yes, I agree. I don't talk about it. Last time and the making of the video for it, but by now my launch party happened, and this is my energy drink- that I've been working on for three years. I don't know why I didn't talk about but been working on it for a while these guys on you, but yeah it just came out, and we just had our lunch party on fresh was so fun
and right now we're filling party before it's in LA so we're not la so we're not you know we're coming advance, but yeah with the launch party is happening at view comes out in a it has happened, so hopefully there's no drama yeah. If you look to come check it out, it's it's different. It's young me! Thank you! it's all right, yeah. I wanted to hear non everybody I mean I I gave it to like friends. I give it to like family. Stuff and a very positive, but I wanted to hear like you know, there's going to be people who don't like it yeah. Anybody like is like Rep red Bull like I like the taste of it Like initially when I first drank it, I wasn't a fan I'll, tell you what we were going to say yours. Sour okay is weird. Doesn't taste like milk, though the closest thing in terms of ng is. When you hear about it, you probably think all that's gross an energy drink like milk and white too right, but what I wanted I wanted to be white. I want to be different and
the inspiration was kind of like those like. I don't know what those things are called like after you eat korean. You know, like The drinks again in in Asia have a lot a lot of it. You'll go to a little. I things yeah I mean I there's nothing. Yeah kinda like that, like the only yeah call people from Japan yeah like this there's, not there's a lot of that in Asia, and I really like those for there's no energy drinks, but you know I wanted to bring that here and nobody really don't in the US, wanted to do it. So we work out of the Netherlands. It's a productive. Nobody wanted it and there's a good reason. It's a big risk, but that's in your mouth And Dana and I are drinking at years- but he's not supportive thanks Tina. This is what it sounds. Like so good, then gmail dot com, where, where sorry, I wasn't going to add mode. Well, it's the second half yeah. I know we all wish winter yeah. We have a lot of those yeah we're interested
hey? What do we have here? First. Nelly from Nelly, which propped costume was the most difficult to create proper custom, most difficult. People who don't know Dana does all the costumes and props for us, but the Bj light sticks, oh saying yeah, so that the second DJ video, the light sticks that light up yeah. Those are good. Yeah Deignan made those that was a process. Because will you text me the idea and they were all hand cut from acrylic like we got a special soft for it, and I had no idea how to operate it and it was very learning curve, and I tried so many things like I put the stick on the flashlight and you wanted both silver and gold
to figure out how to color how to do that. Yet so the light sticks ended up being clear, but I spray painted them like half or six gold, six silver, and I just didn't like the way it looked. You couldn't really see it glow as much afterwards. So like the day before we sent you to LA with them. I had a big bottle of nail polish remover and I was like hand removing all the spray paint out of all the services and everything just like I'm doing those two days of work, and on top of that we were working on the star wars, video at the same time. We we filmed that a few days and then you had to leave to do the Pga stuff so that we were picking up while you were away, but I feel like the fact that we're doing two projects at once and it was a lot of back and forth. So that was the hardest
that was in the stores and a lot of costumes to soldiers at all. At the same time, but yeah I will give a call to. Why is that was that I mean it looks legit. I think that I mean that could have been easy. It's hard to cut a straight line from acrylic Yeah, I think that was actually like a blood, sweat and tears project, because overwhelming we were working on multiple videos. At the time I was trying to learn how to use. This saw and the acrylic is the Scharff, so I definitely got injured several times. You actually got cut yeah? It's got like sharp ends when you, after you pull it through their little showers that come off or, if you're, trying to like smoothing edges and you catch a little bit. Yeah.
All right, but it was fun. I think I really like learned or I felt accomplished, like I taught myself how to do this once you talk about talk about how also you kind of got into our hpc 'cause. That was like unexpected right, yep yeah. Okay, more story, time fun fact, like I met you before Greg met you eat. Do you remember how we met that is in third grade: dude you're, the tattoo dude you're, the ten kiss. I was there. No, it was at your house. Right was at my house, so you were living in North Hollywood at the time with yeah, yeah and well. Dong kind of grew up around my family a lot. So it was no surprise that he would spend holidays at my parents house. So when he came back for Thanksgiving, he brought you along with him, so we met you at my parents house on Thanksgiving or staying. There
You were staying at yeah, you were staying with us and the also is when agents of secret stuff came out too. So we spent thing giving watching agents of secret stuff with all my expense. I remember that yeah and then the day after was our Thanksgiving Party, and you dressed me up. I tell is the beginning of her career. She dressed me out she out of so. Basically, you guys have these. Hardee's Thanksgiving parties, where they all dress up and, like you know, there's Dana. Basically, I did have a costume because I didn't know I was going to be you know. Most people don't draw is anything and then she made me a pilgrim with within a day all I miss those parties. When we're living back at home, we would have the steam parties and for things giving we would throw and like yeah costumes in a bag and for Thanksgiving it was, you could either drop Phil, Gramm and Indian, and there was like two teams that we would have a
or like Thanksgiving Olympics, yeah Th Easton, like competitions in relay races, and it's so much fun. But we were all on the pilgrim side me you in so I had my costume others that was borderline racist. So within twenty four hours of meeting you, I was already dressing yeah yeah, and that was that's when we first met yeah yeah, The actual thing that brought it all together was, if you want to talk more about it, um 'cause, what you actually design was amazing, which one the cloud right, all that's right. So, even before I moved out here, I was still doing stuff for you guys, because that's when you would got brought Greg on yeah and I would come out to visit him and it just so happened to be like oh you're gonna, be in town. You could help us with the staff. So I was visiting with some friends and I help you guys make a cloud video.
Well for that with a ten million the lamp clouds. That was a lot of fun. So I hope that with that for that week and then I went home and then I came back a second time and that's when we did the tee time room so well originally 'cause I mean people, don't know, I'm sure that you went to college for Interior design yeah and I mean even when you first came out here. It wasn't from my impression I just thought you were coming here to do that, and there was. This was going to be like a short term like. Oh, so you don't have anything else. You want to come help us out just kind of casual yeah Then I just found like wow. This is like so much so much value
in terms of what you can do with so little yeah. I think that your gift, in terms of like it's it's very difficult to be creative, with not much rain, and I even great too they both of your very similar in that you can make something priligy with not much in and that's big for me. It saves me a lot of money, so I'm going to buy the real like I'm going to buy it actual glow sticks, oh hey! Dana! Do you think anything is always be like? Do you think you guys could make this an I've now heard no like it's always like what okay even if it's really difficult and then Greg will be like yeah, I think Dan. Can figure it out, but it's like no, even though it should sometimes probably be enough, yeah really yeah like when you're like. Can you help what, if I have to help them with Prof? When you ask me to help them, I know it's like a bigger project and sometimes I'll go over there and I'll start helping them and like how, they doing this and they're like yeah, we should have said no. It is like going at it and there's so
who created it's crazy. Like you know the epic snore snort, epics, ignore it now. No fort video, like you called me, and you talk to me about it and you wanted like this from, didn't castle in multi levels and stuff and Greg was editing another video at the time, but I had you on speaker phone and I hung up and Greg, and I looked at each other and really waht. I know I need. I need people to always say tell me know, because I go to but the thing is we do it. I think that's almost fun in the challenger we make. Something work. It might not always be three dimensional gets it gets to assert. Agree. Yeah yeah, but it's part of the fun yeah. I mean it's definitely It's definitely. I know sometimes I'm just asking but like
I know you just you're, not gonna, saying they'll hustler that tell a grade to like just tell me. This is not realistic. I can be dumb it down Morgan, but runs like that. Really pretty girl at like you know, and then you guys, like the boy, friend in runs like can I have this and then, even though he knows like he should be getting it and you guys, like you anything for you babe, it's like that, oh no, where I'm going with this analogy. Alright, I'm just saying they'll do anything for you because they appreciate you so much and that's it you found a way to make that work, but not that's not it. If I was dating you I'd say no, we wouldn't. Didn't. I tell you that much much better guy, so first we're bringing her on you thought is short term. What made it long term. I guess what I just kept like she just kept help at first. She was just hoping for free like she was just like. Oh I I'm I'm sure Dana will help,
make that it was always just like Dan just helping and then we're like okay. Well, it's just going to be doing this. You know delicious ringer on for a little bit because at the time I was still thinking you were still looking for that you know interior design kind of job. I don't even know what that means. If you like, one of those like shows like those property brothers kind of thing, is that what you wanted to do well, yeah. Well, I have my bachelors it into your design in my concentration in interior architecture, so I did all the cat and the model making and stuff, but I feel like what I'm doing for you now are the more hands on stuff, it's kind of more relatable to what I was working on when I was at home, because my previous job was like more civil stuff and it kind of became into something that I haven't tapped into an it. I had no intention of going further and
UN. But with what we're doing, I use a lot of my model making skills and you know learning what materials to use and what works as well as aesthetics and making sure things look cohesive and all the little crafty ttt things basically but yeah. When I came out here it was fun. I think you guys- and I did have a couple clients from back home- that I was doing like a broad stuff force. I would send them like cats sketches and stuff, and then I did a couple of jobs for Inter design out here for my previous job yeah. That's literally what your our expertise. Is there because she designed the four people watch second on the tee time room and that It's like I mean we. I was expecting that, like I say it isn't as a professional, but I mean that's, it was around that time. It's this too yeah all this to Wichita we actually have a video of that was supposed to go out of the making of this room.
I don't know where that video is. I think it's still on Sean's computer somewhere, half edited but yeah, there's a there's, video of them, making this room yeah Can you help there was a segment where I guess you can't see it now, but at the right now, yeah, that's above you, you helped make some money. I did as part of the video I never came out. It's still one day it might one day one there's a lot of videos that are like one day. One day Videos, though, that that haven't, I haven't posted that I know, it'll be the a time it to marinate, expand ball it has to marinate. I'm telling you it's the right time. You don't trust me dude. I know these, I don't I work, I don't trust it'll work.
A Dana, so we we, I mean kind of already discuss some other things they how you and Greg fell in love and stuff, but that boring and then Also, you know the the property you guys made at boring. Then I guess he stop insulting her. So much people already think you hate her like a lot of people from the other videos. Think cell yeah you're here to defend your site here and I bought waiting yeah you can. Let's talk about that. Whole pop was like really mean to, or not. I really mean I know in a joking way, but sometimes it's like even for us we're like cringing me. I mean to everybody, you are, but it's even amount but were sexist we even our taxes, I'm a fellow here, the least sexist, because you treat day know how you treat us exactly. I'm a feminist opportunity. This is coming all around
but some things you say to her, you can't get away with that. You could sit us go ahead. Data is already mean to interrupt talk about your side of the story. I guess Pocho is a feminist and I was I'm a three at best. Tell me tell tell what he said. Well, it's all day, people we need all that yeah. I don't know that I've been wanting. They explain my side of the story, because one talk with told best sorry about how one of our friends asked Monica if she's on the team or not or if she's yeah with Us- and you said what did you say you were like- I was being too good luck. Yeah, it's like she's Monica is too good looking to be in our hpc. An you said that I said, but is was actually well yes, but it's a start to be better product. Basically, we were like oh yeah, why is Monica in the group, and I was like what no Monica student of two attracted the v in the group and then
someone is like what about Dana, and I forgot that leg. You know Dan is like part of it, but you just got to commit to the joke. So it's like what data is like a three: it is and then before I settle for it. Ok, way better than one point. Alright, now you the vendors, the whole who is Monica. That said after you said, she's too good looking to be in group. Monica goes so it was Monica that said that, and then I went yeah yeah you're right. She I want to clarify that. Doesn't see what is even more sad because she just like she's not like offended just like now that's even more. Do you hurt her? It's a I you don't you don't care about that stuff, but it's just like the way that I don't know
this is something you don't see. I don't know. Maybe I am a six person. I don't treat girls the same way. I wouldn't say that to a girl. I think, with a group of friends still like self deprecation is like RC curity blade. Is the automatic reflex like yeah you're right, even though it's more of like a light? Hearted thing I don't know if I would say that to anyone in the group like a three at best. Maybe only you actually because you would say that to me yeah, I said to Greg or will or any of them that's also be up for yeah. I think I'm in a position that I can say that you say messed up things all the time yeah, because you guys, like do messed up things that to me so that's just our dynamic. What are you talking about messed up things that we all are you believe in God there I don't touch it. I don't yeah. I don't know what my we don't see. We don't see those kind of things to you. We give you helpful advice, nice and a very light yeah, but that's because this is how we talked example. That's our relationship is in that day. No, I don't talk like that to Dana
a gorilla or any of them. Just you Jesse. Okay, that's what makes it interesting hi. This is just doing one last I mean the only really good question. That's left is like what would you be doing if you weren't working with arch BC? Do we talk about? No, we should just talk about what she went into and then how she got. What would you be doing? Well, that's true! Well, it's not like. I don't have time. I would like to do something fun on the side, two 'cause they times where you know: you're, writing, Greg's, editing, all the graphics in them those are made of, and I do have a little bit of time. I would like to do I like to, something fun crafty, maybe like greeting cards, I've I've been practicing calligraphy yeah. I think that would be fun, something artistic that I can control or create a fun product either that or like musical theater would be fun. Yeah you do, like singer and well, actually I didn't
I think, that's a really interesting thing. Dana's greeting cards, Org birthday, I don't know, is only those kind of things. Yeah yeah, and would you write like the things in it too? Like funny ones are just sure or you know here is, is is Ryan fires. All of us start a patreon, okay and then you know different tiers, and then people can order just left, should I start one when I fire me you're going to do handwritten cards again. Thank you so sure we're still here Maybe I'll see Skillshare and have like a little dangerous doodle. I've always wanted to do I mean I have no artistic side, but I always want to jokes, because I used to like reading the the comedic ones like you know did to so many of them that are just like lame puns, yeah I'll, be greatly in very but then, but then I couldn't do the art. I think you because the fact that it's poorly-
You have the puns and you attempt to doodle it it's much more enter. Meaning looking at your stuff then like looking one of ours in having it look good. Oh yeah! I agree him have someone else. Do the art, because even have a surprise, even with Manga, like the people that will write or have ideas, they aren't necessarily always the artist right. So you know where she's making a joke that it would look like a little kid drew. That's how I love that that you love it 'cause you're good at drawing the rest of us, normal people, you can't draw, are. People who don't stock. This is crap like the thing that you made for Sean before he left like it was, oh, my god, It was delightful. Like I tried really hard, I should do it and I think that's what I would rather appreciate it. Well, thanks for little ego boost Dana, but let's just That was off the pill podcast where they follow
you can follow us at off the pill on Twitter, an at off the pill podcasts on Instagram and to be sure to check out Dana she's on Instagram and twitter and all that stuff, and we put up her graphic ready. So we can go fall over there and check on her the beginning, get at Dana. You sent us okay, whatever will. What might what's my name again Dan this and that worries about that, but well, ok, well, Dana was the gift. That is the only one that gets one yeah 'cause member. I see sexist, ok, yeah three at best. No, alright, how about this? If you guys are real ones every in the comments with Dana. Is a 10a solid? Ten, oh shocks, you don't have to I'm, not thinking that you are not. Thank you guys again for tuning taught school podcast will talk to next podcast.
She doesn't. She has never made it to the end you can tell. I know I just can't do it yeah. I know I did see it's different for girls farting it there's going to be artist.
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