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#18 - Ft. Jacob Fu - This Travel Blogger Made $150-250K a Year

2019-05-26 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Paco, and guest Jacob Fu talk about how Jacob once made $150K-250K to create content centered around traveling through his blog Local Adventurer. Jacob also gives insight into how he operates his business and offers some tips for people who want to pursue the travel lifestyle. After the break, the guys talk about DNA tests, death, and why Billie Eilish is popular. Order Ninja Melk - https://ninjamelk.com Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics! http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Guest: Jacob Fu http://www.localadventurer.com Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com Order Ryan's book "how to write good" http://higatv.com/ryan-higas-how-to-w... Ryan's Official Store https://www.gianthugs.com/collections...  HigaTV Channel http://www.youtube.com/higatv Website http://www.higatv.com Send us mail or whatever you want here! PO Box 232355 Las Vegas, NV 89105

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I've wrestled people who snow like shit, humming literal like poor last two years, Two years ago we did decent. I don't know, maybe like 150k for the year and then last year we did like 250k I owe you hurry he's. Do effort that the gas to get here This makes sense. I usually just added at once. I mean it is weird thing, even when we first put it on we're like a hearing yourself as such a weird. No, like you take it. But you're, not you up to it hard hitting yourself or like listening to this debate. Different ones delight. Do I guess, and especially its worse, if there's a little bit of a delay the longest interweave ever did I do not ensure walking off the fiddle gas today, I joined with, are very close friend Mr Jacob issue.
Are you in the moderator is well? That's all you need to earn your class for those of you who don't know Jacob Food is the brother of Josh Food daughters with us for a little bit. Yeah- and we have seen, it does just Josh's is more backed Atlanta, where you guys are from right, yeah he's back an arms. Are we make these gonna do yeah camera why in the Hague, in a modern injured in Ireland, a moderate your they find the whole seat. Sorry are you can host it now want to do that. Wanna play with one day. We should see I'm down right. Sorry subject: Asia is about Jake. You should do less. This needs a right now I don't want to be taken after the summer break, This jacket tat tell us more about your overlay Gub while Isaak about just I guess we can talk about just you can explain actually
You do yeah, it's not only talk about how we met and supple get into that later, we'll get first. I think it really is it built all who Jacob nobody built. You telling your relationship builds the signatories, How can I still owe guess sailor S, Sir Knight Esters, my wife? We move back to Vegas in February, so we live here now we're gonna travel blog full time and for the past six years, removing t new city every year to write about the city and the surrounding area. Adds nomads kind of disorder Nomad Israel's somebody who doesn't have a trip like yeah. An old her. May I hear this along his age aimlessly for a while. You guess gypsies yeah, basically and he's pretty humble, but their blog is like one of the biggest straighten travelled lugs its. If not the
biggest travel blog, not the biggest bet. It's the lobby. Asia travelled what's up there. Yes, it is the biggest undressing is the local adventurer local event I don't know me, read blogs but like like you were saying, because I was asking your tongue mothers beforehand yeah. I thought your fan base was just like, like a really small dedicated, not small, but very dedicated families. What you are saying that lot hundreds of its people constantly I'm an end and checking a random articles and yeah I mean I think it's partly because the way we built a blog when Esther started, it is primarily because she couldn't find information that she will. So she is. Neither of us are like we're, not great writers. We don't really like writing like stories per se, but we like to find information and give that information to people, so that's kind of how the site was built in so I think it's more of a resource than it is like people following Harper
lives right right, right right, yet was so funny way you away like a guy. He arrives. I dig of work all right. I you know if I throw some some small burns here and there and what do you do just what you learn just brand you moron scheme. When I last time with a cabin thing, there's a lot of people are like, unlike their pockets, going after cabin like. Their behaviour robbing, I can defend me as much. It was probably make those don't think you're here, a jerk, her dick who had ever since it was pretty apparent that usually I mean there's people were DOM. I think you're a fascist get very offended by not. I just get surprised that there are people that you get wrong representative, I'm not I'm a hard look at this body to be. I wanted Jim wants this week with. That being said, I guess who jumped back into I don't remember
not worried laughing. When I go about wild yea, the right I met Jakob Adam at you didn't mean you alone are not enough. I met Jacob in an icon, show that we did. That was basically like american Idol, but for not you do but yeah. I guess it s, you dear at the time, especially and that's where I met park was well, but this following seize him only two seasons, at one end and dad and Jacob was finally with his brother, though I wasn't a mine lies of buying? Thirdly, Firstly, I lay there. What did you get? I got forth all and cheese by we both got eliminated basically, on the same episode, Right up to the one I have to buy, the finals then, to add three final idea here. Remember if I voted to get ready, you guys are not yeah. I don't remember, I don't know
I think this chasm mighty it might have been using. I don't think he liked us. He liked Lorna and the right elsewhere kind of issue in writing for killing yeah right, elzevir issue, and so is between us and Laana, and I think you just like learn about treaty by didn't like me, because he's a racist in he just eight me now that we're gonna screen capture that put there the interrelate beer. You know at your. I didn't want to be on the spot gas we're gonna cause drama, your exceeding gonna be on it. I know you did so he responded to the tweets. What tweets web he just straight up said in her banks. Were you gonna like what he said is he doesn't want to beyond podcast, because we asked and we in the pilot s seat thou, now you're revealing who runs the twitter sign, not I'm not revealing. It's me. The wizard narrowing down. It's pretty obvious that it's not merely the twin
get the I see it after the fact when it gets there all done to all. These are good questions for sewing. So basically what was handling the twitter? I was like, oh yeah, would you like to be on the podcast and eat on one of his videos? He saw it and basically like roasted, was like wow you're, pretty much saying that your fans want me to be on the podcast, but not you and it's just like damn, that's very true and also he was like he doesn't want to do podcast, because, like media will take things in like twisted in a way in the inner he designed to be a responsible. You just get genetic down by ass, the air. Exactly so that's why he is like Onawandah, yes to be very clear. With what he says, which is very understandable people always yeah. That's how I argued him. That's how we were in an icon we and like josh- and I have this conversation before you start foaming like they can take anything we say twisted up. We should just nature were always super nice, but then we got cut
everything. Is you hear from her? But that's me: that's all reality shows work on realise, like even the most realistic ones. Its knows no real real. Are you sure you, rather than being like I mean like Youtube like logging and then even then you don't know for sure that it's being like a hundred percent real, you know what they're cutting you to know if there ding by most reality shows its like, unless you're crazy or no that's, usually how they get you that, yes, I get screen time yet, but I've gotta cause drama I've witness that, when we're filming that show, I witnessed at first hand like all. This is so interesting as we had producers and stuff and directors that have done this before, and I was just like. It's so interested in like dared their discussions like hell. How can we throw wrench into like things are going too well for people help me. A ranch entails like wow that's. So this is how it works is interested. They wanted a guitar crap about anybody
I don't remember it was probably the earlier episodes, because torture ending it was like the people that were great for the show and they were good. You know it wasn't like fan voting, because that would be too costly to have to have live. Yeah fearing that stuff out, so it was based on like the judges- and we know that was fake, like we actually came to a consensus, but then they would have a say to day they would give their recommendations on act disguise like so not good on camera or this person is, you know really. Yeah immediately get me. So what is your impression on of of pocket? I was the one I was on light initially. You know, because I didn't no him yeah, I'm editing lives like it is cut it. You could boy, you go back and just watch the hate. Put it back on this. I will well I'm a Fleming. I mean I've been I like them,
You guys we're on the shows. Obviously I liked you guys actually know you, as did really will also make every now to a guest. I mean that's not what they did do really. Well, yes, oh I means your currently still doing. This blood is very successful. I saw you. I found this so interesting as I want to go check it out because So I wanted to do some research being really re blogs, but I find it really interesting that you posted you guys poster earnings we hear this past month you made twenty one thousand dollars while little more than that off just doing their blogs sponsorships and they show their whole breakdown. They show your costs. I think I know those like that's fastening for one like. Why did you decide to show that cause very private thing and then also how how these blocks are not the easiest thing to get her out. You know I mean like it's very specific. All sorry
hiring yet usually people in it. Yes, why We make these same jokes nearness, but they're like when guess, maybe it's like words all adding on It's all inside yours, I'm very armless, feature here. Watch this go ahead. Whether given like another Gregg quality as the outside pocket has already illegal work ethic. Yes, so we we were really it took us. It was allotted debate over sharing our income reports every month, but I think the idea was we want to show other aspiring bloggers, how we do what we do right, and so it must be a resource it yeah. It's a really private. Thing, and we don't want to posted to be like bragging about anything.
Didn't probably know anything, that's what is really to show, because I think there's a we get the question a lot o. How are you guys doing this for time or what are you and I'm sure you get that question as a Youtube were more yeah? I guess it's more common back in the day when I can the day make money all the time four blocks, it still pretty a mystery yeah. So it's wee wee posted it up. Just really. For that reason to show people it can be done, because I really believe that people can do what they want. Chaser dreams in like a responsible way. That's a very nice thing to say, but you know what, though I mean I fox, I read. I read that one and it was interesting as you around ass, if ass a rule it, but I'm your tongue abolishing nearly so when did you guys? I guess what I'm asking is? What did you say? art and then how did it allowed? Because, initially you she said he what you mean like fifty bucks up in a month or so yeah yeah. We may them wants nothing at the beginning and primarily because we don't know how to make money right so Esther,
started a blog. Actually, when we move Dalai to do Youtube. I said Esther was doings at twenty thirteen, ok or greek, relatively recent yeah, so she started to them because we share the wedding photography business before that we left Atlanta she's. Looking for something new to do and just started to post about our travels causes. We just like to travel and then she realised that people were doing this for time, and so I started doing some research of like ok. How do I do this more strategically and be smart about it, and so I started to build that up and then, when we move to Vegas the first time, that's when like theirs, good night, just lost snowball effect right in the grey or is there more people finding? The blog is getting bigger audience and she's amazing on the back and creative side, but need to help on the business side. So that's when I, U Youtube and then decided to
I remember when they're so when that was going, there was a white will use money for remembering. Yet when fourteen twenty three budget were just leaving, guess, yeah yeah ya see me Vegas Selwyn Josh dead right. So what at what I mean if his ought to pursue, I guess an unheard of interposing about it. Yet in that first, when you that first month, when you decide to stop to you to what was income. At that point, honest friendly, I dont, remember, then, is definitely not enough to be sustainable right. But that's why it's interesting because to take that leap yet too, in a completely different direction in something that's not making anything really. We saw, I think, It's just that I saw the potential and we. So this is the same with Youtube. We we didn't, make crazy amount of money, but we made enough to make a living off of it right for two years special
live in Vegas, yes, in Vegas is so much cheaper. Atlanta. The same is about same yeah yeah. I was comparable. Ouch, California is way too expensive, but we gave ourselves a year initially when we moved away to say like if we can make enough money to make a living than will try again for a year, and then we came out to base the same thing and we weren't releasing the growth that we want to do so that's what I'm talkin about like it's good to chase your dreams would be realistic about it, because we basically give ourselves the timeframe of like ok. We have enough savings to pursue it for a year. Beyond that. You know it's not really responsible for us to do it anymore. We talked about a very similar thing to before in the past, about, like
I think the question was like aspiring to be a youtube. Her yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah. It's like the same thing, we're saying like we do want to be the people. It ended up sounded like don't follow your dreams, but it was like the point of like be smart about it and no, like you have to weigh up the risk like if, if I had quit you tube yet right in when I was in college and at the time we were getting paid really then yet realised my mommy realized like hate all your friends or be graduated. You have to come back and be with a bunch of kids yellow. So thank you
the positive and negative sulphur. You guys like did you have a fallback clan, so I think we ve just always had a mentality that worst case scenario. We can go back and get regular jobs right. You know when it comes down to it. I don't have an issue getting back to I used to work or corporate job. I can go back to a proper job if I need to do so in the blog when I, when I end up quitting in helping us to wear the blog we still had, you know we calculate we had enough savings. You like a year and a half to years of like living conservatively to see if we can make it happen, and then that was about when it broke for us, like the tipping point of it doing well. So the last two years I like two years ago, we did decent, I don't know, maybe like under 50k for the year and then last year
like two under fifty Kay em. So we were able to grow in scale the business and they in terms of how issues I think it's like Youtube in terms of its numbers game. So for us we have a decent amount. People visiting recite every month so able to make money off, add revenue, but then we also do sponsorships and then like a small percentage off affiliates sales. So that's like, if you were, if we tell you hey, we bought ninja milk on Amazon and give you our link in Paca goes to buy. It is still the same price for tobacco, but we make a small percentage of that right. You're still bringing people to hear that thing in and you're putting your stamp on it yet centrally, and your staff is valuable now, so I was wondering about their cause. What, if have you ever? Have you ever endorsed anything or about a place that you did not a hundred percent say you do not completely love it, especially the beginning or really yet, because at the beginning, when, when you take, I bet you can remember brandiles early on ethics,
you're, just like cited for the first Brando. I think the biggest regret we had was, but, like lime really get here, we got that we're like. We have even tried it. We try to work. This is discussed, I'm not all mine, but light lime, really Darwin and drink a lot of it. Yeah I mean, like I, don't mind it. I hated we better life. For me. It's like. I also signed contracts. I was gonna be professional by I might do it. I don't think we wrote raving reviews about it, but we also didn't say we'd. He did it right. You know here's a new Thea be cited exactly that. Wouldn't you like, I think I would know if I was reading, I was I didn't early. I assure you now, I'm sorry. If you go back and I think it's not on our side, you could probably tell their we didn't like it, but yeah. I think it's like lessons learned. You know we ve earned. Okay, we should endorse products that we don't like because it just ruins integrity, exact hunger. I
at the learned that two yet Hardway, but I mean he was even more so like back in the day on you to relieve you, even if it was a product you liked what just the hated you analyze, alien, any happier, any brandiles as an artist you run used to be so Jenny. When and so like he was in a cell and then the moment you do something that you, even if it is a product you like it's like yourselves sell out, is different. Now, though People are more open to it. Yeah we can have any outreach today, but thanks a ninja melt response from this, and even though audiences are allow more open. Today, you still gonna refrain from doing a lot of brand deals and you do have operated
for the public, as we do so we do every day every way there that were very Seattle with. So I think this is very interesting because you come from ablaze were, like you said you add, revenues really does really well, but brandiles, I'm sure that's like a huge and that it is a lot with their. I already Ryan is more like adsense or what it whatever you get somethin. I should be doing more brand deals. You sure I'm just it's different when they can further the park. As this is it's a lot easier cause? It's just you know you do a red, and if it's something that I owe you
could use that or I've used. It is super easy because we're disheartened by, but if it's like all make up like a trailer like when those fake trailers around this yadda there's something and it doesn't if it's not funny or like cool or interesting in that's, not an easy thing to do without a product. If you throw product in there just kind of ruins, you know, I think, there's a difference, though the type of content you are building is very different. It's not your blog ear. Gis challenge videos that you could just throw the product into right, you're, doing like fully scrupulous the second China Visa obvious, yet like play a game or like do whatever, but yet making a whole skit around a product is not that easy, so yell autocrat for that to you, unless a dope ass video, I fortnight yeah,
without wasn't like fortnight came to me, I had the idea- and I went to fortnight and the song about that again, because there are a lot of Brenda go to you, but you know you, you kind of, don't you rarely ever. They up put second thought into it at first, you had to reach offer brands, but now brands are coming out to. You are still mix spent yeah yeah for sure start that off, because you know maybe like a check on our blog, is very like legitimate and everything the clear so I mean my background is in sales and account managing. So I kind of knew how to do that already, but it is essentially a putting together a media kit or putting together like basic deck of your numbers and then just reaching out and say this is what we want to do, and this is why you should work with us. So
you're saying you make a deck for every single sponsor. No, they or we may get. I d general. I like our yeah yeah yeah. Then you pitch with your deck. You send it to the company or the place you wanna go to see if he got some kind of sponsor right and asked the moraine yet interesting so for bloggers out there want to make their own blogs I'm. Indeed, they should really just check your blog. Is this what you guys talk about right? In your whole, I actually built a wholly course on teaching how to do the branch. The ominous bene, she would have to do a blog. You got right a lot now. Mother do now, but there's a way that you gonna lie, tell an absolutely what what I put the course together for is geared towards bloggers, but all the skills or usable for anything that you do that you're trying to sell yours will. I forbid ending. This brand is not yet, as I get is on how to how to powder pitching negotiate like this is applicable to like any form of social media.
Yeah Instagram, you too, which whatever you're doing right now, I think there's something you have to tweak, but for the most part, it's all skills that you can use anywhere, uniting that's interesting, because that if people can learn to do that or like do it on their own, you don't have to go to these other like conflict, these people, these networks that are trying to I know you just got to know if you I don't know if we can cut this out, but I know you have your own mcn it. You can say it
later. I just joined it aims in the effort to help for a lot of you. A lot of that is stuff that people can be doing on their own, yet not necessarily on at the time. But I'm saying that's all they do they get me a lot of what Europe would you guys are doing on your own. Exactly you could easily just you know, join somebody to help. Do that, for you or I mean eventually, if you're making money you can hire someone to do it for you. Yet one do any more. I mean we. We do the same thing for us and you do your part of an empty end, but we pitched ourselves alive to, and I think as part of the allow that, though don't they take a percentage regardless, it depends on your contract. Right, I think, is changed now, like the contract that I did. I made sure that if I found my own proceed, people didn't know that before the like, a lot of people got screwed, and I mean it goes with the whole like the whole face thing. That's happening right now: right isn't that their whole situation about like the contract that he signed it wasn't a good contract.
Was an empty for deeper, yet his his contract, Emily just released it today what it was and is not a good contract and even admitted it, but like everyone in backing the tea which assigning this is like a successful, will help you out. But you give away so much and people just is not their fault lawyers. You know, like people just get excited in sea opportunity and they see their people their fans of day how big Vega and yet jump into it, and I would say, as a warning jes, I always tell people because they ass, like will wash away son with this. This is what the offering me just read the contract yeah I'm getting yourself too, I think that's a being like most people think contracts, Sir very overwhelming they are, they can be they can be, but I think it's a lot more common sense than you think do like you can just read some of the basic stuff that I dont understand. All the legal mumbo jumbo, but there are some things, are like ownership of content, some really basic stuff,
should be red flags of you see or just ask liquid yet mean yet exactly do there's a lot of times I ask about Stasi, but what they do is and then think the thing about this too you're not a ten year old kid adults is eating hoed, adult you're, not like in your teens or unanimity in your twenties. You know and and imagine if you're, that young some common at you with this- deal. We can be a part of so and so made merely a million dollars a year Yanks under Label or under our embassy in this could be you. You know how you get those punishes. We can they policies flashy things out there and then just our signing people sure, so it makes sense and sometimes they do help, but allow times I know a lot of people would like they are often get screwed ia. Some numbers game. Yet on a hearing on this topic again, have an army work as we were talking about brands and how he can initially started right. Yahoo is finding it for himself, and then you talked about how M scenes you no kind of that kind of took advantage of it in the early stages of Youtube yeah. You know who that is.
Are you having beware smarter, but this That's it, which is aged sting thing, because that that whole face things happening. You know more about it, you're that you're the up to date. Guy I mean there's not much more to discuss it me. They are releasing. The contracts has already been a lot of videos about justice. Is he still suing, then he as at this moment he still is, but he asked his lawyer to kind of like retract. A lot of the statements as other than even banks is like your leg. You live down the street for me. Why are we just talk
like when it is dark numbers in a village in social media. Now a lot of people feel like if they are the first to out some one yeah, the the whole internet decisions on their side because of the whole, I cancel culture and stuff, but I mean you can easily avoid these things by talking about it in person. But if you want the numbers, if you want money, you come out ye say any any random thing and then ever that what we want and need to get help views. Well, you know you not even crazier like super crazy is if this whole face thing was planned and it's just a phase, what, if they just plan this together, like hey, we don't have dropped. We haven't had good drama lately, yeah languages, all pr gonna pretend to sue us. We're gonna make a ton of money. I mean I'm not us about accusing them of doing this, but they could easily. Do that yeah! Look it whenever they have something big about a celebrity. It's like all guess who's.
Ones coming out next week your liking like, or they just announced. You know like that stuff happens all the time. So I would also make that does make sense. Tat we want. Why you do some at random stuff? Why just to be relevant all the time? No, maybe I should stop doing random yeah you gotta, maybe shoes. Now we then, when I got do the rand, things you stand out, Packers back I don't like the way said it. You know it's out very negative still just like guy. There would still be disappointed with value that eleven we have guessed that an act. We know, as they always end up roasting you, so people can see like what the real release like it started to build up. Put a thing is not an Erasmus, let level as it is without the audience, doesn't understand a note. Our relationship with a lot of people like something nothing like I'm, I'm a douche bag rise, douche bag or like
Nevertheless, lighting yeah, never a real argument that we have real arguments yeah, but it's not like we hate each other. This as is delighted with the other day. Somebody tweeted IRAN, this clip of me and Ryan Wrestling I like that. I saw that here and there like, when is this fight? Gonna happen again and ride responded whenever possible wants it and, as is like Yes, I went yet whenever possible, once to what innocent a fighter you basically yap whew there, but I wouldn't fight him, why don't you I had you mowing mortgages, Jan? Yet you don't- and I said, yeah onto you wash them now, I'm gonna come in his dirty is possible yet, and I want this ends, any of it. I haven't you strategy exact, every advance, you're asking for wrestling. Did you ever like not brush your teeth, the Deva meat or like nobody, I've wrestled people whose
like shit, humming literal like poop, think they literally well. The thing is too: You never know, because resting is such a like intense sport to like in that day of Islamic, even like Emma, were like the way in yet they before right and then they're, just like they re trade, three like it in the waiting room that morning you you're you're, like twenty pounds lesson you should be no waters and uses You know when you have no water and you d, how you know what your breath smells like it that, like morning Breton, hundred? U everyone has a in the room, plus you dont care, how you snl cause you're starving and your thirsty. So I mean it's at there's no excuse for now: shall we can still showing IRAN because, though shower I don't know, but Why will really smell sounds like people to wipe by their yeah there's that there's been some people. I feel like I dunno, maybe they're China. May I see that as a strategy kind of remedies already a hard to function in breathing. I imagine a smell there, s, no, you try
joke in their now, though, that like because they smell, I would get upset and it would make me Russell. Hard. It's like you know them very well, Even when I wrestled it was like. I was very calm like they reached a lot like people, so we would use anger and emotion I never really got like use. My motion like on We don't ever got mad. I haven't on video to actually and Sean can attest his cheeks. He was there is it somebody like. I had like a wrapped finger. Cuz I was injured and some guy tried to grab it cuz. I can like the fight like a brave nose, wasn't like that and you could see in his grabbing Alex shaking his head off and I just got pissed and I just destroyed. I think that on, like you like who does that lady? Having a hearing of recently go ahead? You John, I hurt me like you're already at an advantage, so I don't know I think, on the smelly thing to some: it's not their fault, but sometimes when you smell something it's about a commanding yet, but you could tell difference between by
the elder poop yeah, but I did it was going to say. I think you don't realize when you're that desperate to lose weight, some people you take direction active that maybe he acquisition himself at home and it was just like men, I just gotta get Here I got to win or lose. I do feel like this set up is like two against wonder for what literally as I could use a certain like there's always like that, but even film days. It's like everyone against me Well, I mean do you gotta set yourself up, for we don't have again to roasting disease within this too many of us have an hour. We need a break and they will rooster again talking about breaks it's time for early already been me really fast, all right, I guess then she she break. I guess hey guys just want to say Thank you to our sponsor anchor Anchor is the
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I am or browse podcasting the your library tab and follow us. You never miss an episode. Spotify is the who's leading music streaming service and knowledge can be or go to for podcast too. And we're back back to the second half of off the pale podcast yeah. You issued whole episode just like them. That's all arm MP and so on, and we are impure talks and is something about it. It's really nice! it's this. Could this asthma its base area? Is it as a model for like yes pr bit it, as is as Amar KIT, is only talking considered as hard? yeah. I think it a talk like that in those territories weird saw anything a trigger these I'm dead triggers the do you get that thing, because I try
I dont get it at all either and I don't get it I once today, though, I wanted to. I had an idea to start somewhere where I just drink drinks and another that exist should be you literally we just so having to be telling line. You literally had that I had that thought. Yeah allowed today things arab threaten there's something so you nothin about two hours racing see. I recently saw Joel Rogue in his pot cast and they were talking about. You know psychics and, like you, I mean odyssey real theirs. It there's a debate with the Rio, not right, so we will really believe in it. Some really don't doorways stances like they're all bs, pretty much, but then they were talking about and it made me wonder too. You know when you like think about somebody calling you or like not not somebody calling summit, you think about somebody, and then they call you or low yakking that that happens. You guys right. Never avenue
you never like thought. It was mainly the text. You always know so. Here's my paper, my ride, that's happened to me, but I think what it is, though, is that you just only noticed them Yeah like you. I always thinking about like something or some one, and it just happened that that alight yeah yeah, it's very quick, yeah and what it has a lot of really like. But it happens to me a lot like very very frequently and maybe it's just because and it's like random people like people only time he's only time. I notice it is when I'm thinking of someone that I shouldn't like that, you haven't talked to her After all, in there I don't mind my mind: is it all I'm psychic my mangoes like two hut? How did it there listening to me or like they're like like you? I guess I get like suspicious. I'm a varied. I guess they get you some paranoid, everyone just as has bugs in your house. I don't know. I just my first thought, though I start thinking conspiracy. I bet you
If we were to take dna tests, we protest Chinese in us, I mean, I think I've always sure. Would yes, as I'm. Ok, how old do right, I think always like, however, makes you know what I'm gonna start claiming it when they take over the world and then I'm just gonna beat I'm. Also apart tat you just sitting on the fence were now for now I mean I mean I just never took the test. I'm sure if I did I'd, be taking the desert. I've taken thee, my heritage, one, not the was more popular one. Twenty three twenty three me my hair to join honestly was pretty garbage I guess I mean it gave me my resulting like your Asia. They did a year. That's all they break it down. Ninety eight percent, chinese or Vietnamese. Wasn't I would think you get more breakdown in that, but is it
really broad generalizations, the guy, like they contact rest and sent it to see if we wanted to check it out. I said I'd check it out. First, before I write about it and there was one of those areas like an hour this. Can you say how is your hurry results as well? I found out, I was asian, like. Western Sahara's surprising, yes, I thought. Maybe Oh, if I got like deeper breakdown, Gaston I didn't know. Twenty three me does like crazy stuff, like how short your legs are like they dig do weird netteke things didn't we related other related do happiness. Interest are we. Yeah somebody we members, I guess I got a profile that said, like you, you're unlikely to be sprinter.
Because every high genetic make up in what are you? Gonna have surrounded one at this late hour. I already knew that, when are you gonna go get? It is even more big as a key developments. Ok you're, probably not success. You're, probably living pay, your living with your mom in her basement, as just like you're, not really gonna, do anything in life having interesting to know what you want to know. What's the question o see that that is a good question. The go, then, are you the type of person to be like almoner proved this wrong right in its personality base at that point, so all what led? Let's, let's take it even further? What if these types of tests could be like This is the exact day. You're gonna die out of one hundred and one, and I would want to know too, and I really don't want to know. I don't know I think, as a planner like forever, the plan was that we should use the good to know, especially with the guarantee I'm not going to die before then. Obviously, unless I do something Superman
What if it's like? But what if it's like the matrix two words like they're telling you this to actually do you live longer or are they hang you this in, because they because you read it, that's why it's coming true yourself. A self fulfilling interesting spirits. I wouldn't. I would want you in one year you wanna know to see. I don't know I'm on the fence about that one. But why? Because I e b, scared to know when you die. While I know what I'm gonna die at sight like I know, I'm gonna die. I should start doing a lot of things before that which sounds good but Is that really mean doing those things? Because that's what I want to do or am I doing it because I know Ivan expiration date I think that you are doing too much about it. You know by now I know what you're snowdrops ain't right, authentically genuinely you're. Just really thinking about this. Whoop and you get to convene in your own head unto you dial up
gradual over thought myself, the Danby crazy. If we made all have this expiration date and we looked it up and all of us are on the same day like what happened I had to they'll be so, as I urge the ultra wages. We can't be around each other. Yes, that day I mean yeah, but it would you don't happen, though. That's the thing sorry I don't think I would try to avoid it. Ok, it's ok to use it. Yes, you would know when I wonder why we are, but I want to know you would you want to know also how you die. You I see absolutely sure. Why thought that would be easier. Ass, like a dead, there's movies about this right. Isn't there are down the air? I would absolutely if I could have the choice to know when and how yeah wine, I think so too, ok haven't you ever thought about it. That idea, I'm a new year, more religious right, you're, like yeah from a christian background in, but I was at the thought of any really. No, I didn't really know I never had to go to church. I was a kid like
I was used to think about these kind of things. I call it feels to die and like even being like what. If, however, you you just you know your brains to enter, I don't know that. I know the science behind it doesn't make sense, but what, if that last feeling of whatever you feel is just a just. Keep you keep feel, has all your ass, the owner, Assyria or recipe eternity, and just like our now, it's a possibility. Maybe that's considered like hell our like this and then, if it's a experience in that's your version of Heaven law. I have re wedding like what's a good experience in your debt. We're going to what some people say, they feel euphoric, great people who claim who have died and come. You know right before you die. You feel like there's something really some chemical Riah where it what it will add another Is there some chemical is right before you doin? It is due at the empty. I listened, they do it like. I
talk about it? I don't know enough. Some guy, like some, the you weren't, you feel are the right as your dying or something like that, and people have said it because they died in cotton will revive or whatever it was say. You know what, let's do it? Man, social experiment, guys what you gonna just die here Albert Social Experiment gone wrong. Well, you do that's a year, mainly because they do yeah. Another episode. Listen get online there goes the she had about. How would you want to die? You didn't answer there or another he better. If I d die in a painful way, I'd want my body, stretched like one of those who do not have a reliable torture chambers. You know I than amid evil days That's why I like life, I think our land, and I don't believe you like. I don't think I knew it was me the most interesting thing like who dies like that anymore. You know this is this. I don't believe you for one, and this is very dark
I don't mind it. You know I had no other people do minded there. Getting away from torturing ourselves to death yeah what most suitable that's a very interesting Yes, that way or sell by our aid. So speaking of death game a throne anyway, see actually having get tough put this you haven't seen it yet! so for the last season I didn't I I'm the only one here who scene it already been happy up upon. Odin watched shows really ever any, I rather than the if its popular he's colleague hipster policy, and how does it trying to watch stuff now because, unlike what I want to make, you know, you're gonna be a committee to make I can't you admit that it has good like shows, are good law. They are not saying they're, not you
now? My remains is air. Show that my started watching before I got popular and popular new like I'm, not gonna, watch mocking thrones. He started watching and I start what are your late doesn't give a totally, but last night I did what scarface not as good as I thought it was what's gonna all yeah. It's just like dated does the first time you seen it yeah, and I was just like this- is I don't even remember? Oh really, like story, do it you know The latter, like us, in what made you wanna watch that because like I should watch classics too. So I have like references that things are look up on like stuff. In doing so, I googled ethic Why is scarface so popular and then allow? reviews are saying so phrases that you're really poor movie, but the reason why did the wells, it's called classic amongst, like like there's a lot like that blackened Tina communities, because it was the first to bits
I was just so like dear friend, and vulgar that a lot of people like I like it. You know because it is different. As an oak, I can see that lie I mean. That's like somebody. I just saw wholesome posted, like lime, this year's owed, and it's a picture of me doing that, to be ninja and how to be you know and you go and walked back and watch though you tell somebody hey, I grew up watching this and like if they go to those video, I'm embarrassed like I don't want people to today like to watch that, because you compared to the continent's out today- and I mean, like you, but that's in the same way that movies back then you might. I grew up on his, so you might like all, even if even if they go back to wash those videos am, I think it's still like oil is a classic for you. I'm! U go back in It's the same thing you go back and watch movies cuz, I die watch movies on like oh, this is bad, but I still enjoy watching it cuz, it's like I'm, just like reminiscing like Harold and Kumar,
it's not bad islands. I am really funny. Is blades and older movie now talking like going back to like the movies of like home alone They, I saw an you watch. It again is not bad. It's just like you compared to like the communes, and so they have like the effects everything that they have now. Issues like this is this would never hold out today, but it's a great movie still and are still watch it yeah a lot of his knowledge of languages that that's, where hold it together. Emily. I grew up watching the x men. Yeah yeah, there's a horrible series. I don't you go back and wanted any those episodes merely that bad, though only cartoon, I think that was actually descent was the Batman which won the battle. Animated. It's all when I think about, and all that's the known there like nineties, one like we're all our online. I went for a really long time or the over the one where he had the red. He turned red and by using all alike young in
well, a super skinny. Do you think he barely areas like me, I'd net resurface, because Edward from Twilight is in the new bilateral matters? Anyway? I don't wisdom and he's this version and time- and I was like up- isn't it interesting choice that they picked. Robert Pattinson yeah yeah, but I mean like you like it or not. No doubt this from what I've heard in things like his acting he's, got you no way better and is clear the reason why the casting directors and looking at him, I think, he's one of those guys you're, probably decent actor, who just unfortunately, was part of a really bad franchise while Burma not have even been bad, is just like because it was so popular with like a younger demographic. Its land desert land and because in our society now it is a good head on this cause? It's fine, you know, that's the thing to do so but he just doublet example plenty to eat at the other side,
evangelize already landfill sites, I've seen him while you're one of though it's it's, because I had so much lot like fans anal, I am just a neighbor, his being any at anyone older than him is like he's. Yeah and like I was there like, I liked it songs like a lot of his songs. I thought were like this is super catchy he's held, talented. I would make Joe and I would make jokes about it, because I was a culture at the time, but like it's just cuz, you would If he wasn't that popular like he had. Ah, he was in the right going back to like when people, not that saying that you just you do that, but if you just independent a few people in your body back down, this is good. Looking kid he gets. I may be like popular in a day anyway. It was like thing. Let me who is the current person right now, who's like the most part, gene is we laid on heart. I mean like Oriana Grandeur.
I know it's like a lot of people like lover by a very large and would like to hear a kids. Do they swift to what she can it? She has alot Peoria she's, ok as a good example, but, like you know, agree with me, you don't talk about the latter, Jan Bieber's of the world, one direction it's like they can actually townspeople. Because their audiences so crazy in love at them and young. Its looked everyone else that sole lane, yet what's a new girl bid Billy Billy. I wish I had though, but just everywhere not mange she's, not major. She is mainstreaming is mainstream now and diversity in a different way. Yet Esther one hang you tied behind our like. If her fast are becoming like, I think and now she's in their feet, she's becoming that yeah. But if her fancy are becoming like those, Hard CORE, like oh, my god, defender at all costs kind of thing, the way the Bt S fancy like?
he s tonnes from people who aren't Bt S friends because of their fat Jia? And it's just like when you're at the top of the list in old and new the hottest thing all these young people are rooting for you in defending you, like more than they should it is naturally you're going to have the opposite effect. When you have much damaged, lovey need damage hate. I wonder if it happened with like way back in the day before social advice, like the Beatles. I'm sure there's be those here, sir. There was at its at the time and I'm sure, like you know now we're like because you something bad about the Beatles yeah in. The years or three does not fifty years right below. It is maybe we're like. Oh my God, Dare you say that about Justin Bieber he's a class? Is an american allies, Yr Old Lady, a disclaimer american? He brought our countries too.
Is there a reason why there's peace, member and in the history books they talked about when he peed in the bucket, like you guys, remember the classic, bucket gate, yellow or when he was like Drunk at twenty really fast seem logic, Paw, Logan Paw. All going to be part of the history books because of how big they were and are not a mere while they might be remembered in different ways by though I do love you no longer their careers are over. You know like these to have the heartless jury had ere. They can still turn it around what their legacy is going to be. Am I right, do you? I feel it given. The slogan already has for help,
deep into a whole he was and to where he is now it's night and day and he was cancelled according to most people, but he really wasn't in oh yeah. He still relevant, despite what people say, because a comparative the television and Cares. I said that he would be France's Logan before nine Jake interest in it and Jake didn't even do anything that create was. I ought. I wouldn't even talk about his after that Paul cast. You did you see that we mean you know that we work the idea of August with him. He said that he would actually beef Could we ask of you ever be friends at locating, like? I think I could, but I could never be friends with Jake such a strong stand, like so definitive yeah and I end he said, he's just a bad person I was just trying to figure out what she likes cause. That's all you would talk about Logan's, like what year, which what that things can change saw. You say just before that,
since our biology and highly Justin Bieber before that yeah right and then right, right, Billy, Irish, yeah, Oh, what I think about her right, because she still connect she's, weird right, yet his colleague Lord and Lord just came out weird all like, but like good, music and just just different, very unique and as a kind of cool, it's kind of India but Mainstream Indy, they make sense and I are not describe the kind music wait like it's. It's like anti pop right yeah so because its anti pop a lot of guatemala- and I just think that it's because she stone you yet she's not gain that gonna hate or a new one. All it takes is one scandal, one thing he says wrong and then she's gonna build arose and she's young do it. So I mean people always say something wrong
like I've. Seen heard interviewer she's like watching yourself from a year ago and like you could take that into that, like all she so reliable. She so like a normal person, but like you could take that even that interview in another way to air, so special an media all over the place, its anti american rising up once and then, even if you are perfect, it's like she she's trying so hard to be perfect. Like you know, there's all asking the bigger you become. Something is always a balance. The more love you get more here again yeah in everything they weaken going, did and talk about it, especially with you dubious both of you guys when, when you are doing social media, you had kind of like a clean cut in our family friendly type of brand, yet Rhine, definitely family friendly. Allow somebody swears under podcast people like oh, my gosh, he swore or something and she better. So what? What is it
pressure like you know what were you have to keep it like this, but you know your personalities are necessarily it was an until untie me really mean it was enough for me either. What did it doesn't make it it doesn't make it funny like it was in the joke. Cells ring weren't, based on what being vulgar like since it is not hard. I monsieur sometimes would be like to say even eight an unnecessary effort is eat a fort joke at super easy to make something funnier if you're being vulgar is shocking. I mean I still, I far choke, so it s our soil every year, ere? I agree I think. Well, we were being a daily logging or anything like that. Either were very. We picked what we carry it. We carried it all our contacts so easy to to put together what we look like from the outset appearance, but I mean For us it was just the thought of like way we came out. I people anywhere Christian and I think, there's
there's a stigma with it. That's good and bad in wheat, in I mean we're pretty, I would say, were very lax about, like our views are, is not like. We dont cursor any of that or drink. We drink, we curse whatever, but it's just the appearance of. We just want to be responsible with our platform, because people can take that one thing and just twisted rewritten by earlier, so we just kind of chose to say: ok what we want to come out make sure we have a cleaner parents also for brands from ears business. So, for me, are first like when I first darted on Youtube. It was actually more like my content. I said the F word. I said a bunch of stuff, like I said fag. I said like a bunch of like thing when I will it yeah,
that one and also I just did didn't, think much of it right class and then I started getting like emails and stuff from my parents, and I was still kid to maintain. I was an eighteen it and that's when I realized like ocean like there's actually kids, a most of my fan base is like just thirteen to seventeen, because that's what you too would show, but yours is like five Euro dollar mead and like eight year olds on me, I why beating him, though they would you I would see him and then they would be like on the family. Can you tell me Dave, look somewhere and actually you mail June said we also had some of that, and then I saw for myself in person and people's heard coming up to me as I I need to chill out on that now for brands at the time of their wasn't, making any money, but it was like. Oh, I should probably not.
Say every say help had stuff, but it wasn't like meal. It wasn't that hard, but it wasn't like that. Wasn't my thing anyway, as now, where wanted to portray, I guess yeah, I still don't. I mean, even if I'm soaring on this, it's not like. I don't think you it's my in a context where it's like.
I'm trying to I'm trying to force it. Oh no, I don't have an issuer people that swear to be honest yet and is now your swaying every other word out its own. Its appropriate anything is to like people who do topic that, if that that is how they speak, maybe that's how they the way they grew up like I don't have an issue like it's just words. I think we give words too much meaning to me personally, but I also don't get offended easily so yeah, MR, but a lot of people in the world do and that's why we kept their channels me out yet pretty much ass, good question possible common good questions than gimme. Another good question: why is your hair like that was wrong? Maharajah is always have Hadley, or they beat the very stairs. They were asian haircut words. I clean shaved on the side is a second like ever since the cap Pugwash is trying to find ways to roast. No I'm. May you pick on his hair to video heavens. Here was a thing.
Just came out of Sunday school, I'm gonna send him this, I cut my own Oh that's why they make sense that are we talking about its ignore more we really do have your up, because I honestly because we moved so much is hard to find a haircut person that I trusted is like here is a very particular, and I also my hair girl so fast. I didn't want to pay for it every week and you're making video dollars a month is its eyes year and now desire only twenty five. Now I'd like I've just got so. You stood it's easier for me to cut my hair than to go out and get a haircut true. I knows, a perfect USA vinyl how learning to cut my own here. I would probably do that yeah. It took me a long time like you still vague an hour to come out here,
but your reasoning is different. You would only want to learn how to cut your hair seeds. Don't want to leave your house yes, but that's like it's for convenience, like I just like and I just like learning the new skill like to be able to elect No, but you yourself, I probably save so much money and people. Are you too would know because I'll cut it really short, and I wait until it super law, ass sure you'd say I am. I am trying to teach kids, you know how to be marked with your money. Yeah, her kids aren't cheap, they aren't cheap, is She good ones. Yes I'll! Have you? If you just don't mind, looking foggy for like a good three weeks to a month, you could save all you could cut your hair cut expenses in half just let it go out. How often UK her look once a month? Now I know that my but I go like once. I wish you and I have every year yeah. I address you should we should introduce way is evaluated. I think I've gone to her. What is it?
using the same programme yet again and they always like Ray. I know I liked her. I just aka you just want, and I think I tried it right before we all eyes, yes and then at that point is when I started to learn how to come owner yeah. I cut it this week, as is the easiest way to cut it. I can't I've tried to like aided more too hard in the back. My head so sees you swear to come here for those that are just listening. He just as he there. The asian stairs, because I had you not so Andrea our hairdresser tried to give me that same style where disease shaven the sides and like long on the top and clinical suicide and I don't know why every hairdresser just really like that for us all. On a time and then every asian guy, for whatever reason it not just Asians. And yet there are no longer able to over there's a lot. I wasn't a young, not Asians, have sought airlines have and I'd I'd, just our. Neither I didn't want to do the same thing again.
She's a she said: she's german yap ass. She was married to a black eye as like, like it's real, like in black holes. Her I asked her to do was afraid. Tat dread locks deadlocks here you wanna hurt. I heard someone gave oh you actually I gave up is to paint how far did you get into one straight before him. He told me you do it too, and I was expecting to see it in and he just had a regular zoos like this is gonna be three hours. This, and I will tell you I'm good You know you respect, Jeremy. More now he Edra luxury is that what is called or the head corners, Then he rather dread sphere. Dreads treasure the ones but like little Lake recalling rose almost
Charles I can, I sure, as hell is indescribable gather that thicker and not the last one. That's like designed yea sent really where he had yet furlough bit and he gala crap member can react in Korea from culture, preparation that. He's an interesting how that was the hot topic and then all of a sudden, it's a kind of died. But he was still talk about it, but it's not like in every. Let us also appropriated this. Isn't that there all these it pc pieces we haven't done then away in a while pc deserve the week. Just real, quick, closer preparations, not in right now. Now you can still do it and get caught out for it, but news articles in self. They don't really care about that as much. What is the current thing? People care about it I was at a most recently
is not immigration subordinate, almost abortion, more elastic, Caroline younger, that's the most current was now urgent. You talk, give your opinion about anything having to do with pro life or approval For she had no time yet that approach, that is the m. It is not grant just at that yeah at the right time. This is, if you want to have some conversations with people post about it. Do you will upset half the world, probably both sides. Frank. Honestly, the new cycle completely changed with this presidency. But what worries always a booby like more celebrities, unlike that's always interesting, but because of tromp right every new cycles always something that he causes lie I feed because it is in the news yet wealthier there, like a history, is so controversial that that's boys, the hot topic in the news- it something that he's involved isn't funny that, when it's in Egoisms,
It literally is like people could still be appropriate cultures, but they were right about it, because it's not gonna get views it. That's all that matters like I know, PETE are genuinely offended by it, but like people really care about their views as what it really comes down to absolutely its whatever everyone. People were mad about a less or like super into supporting ale, like you'd like the ice bookie eyes, because there is much controversy, they call you just doing this for the views I mean new, whose still who stood looking that suffer. Who still cares about LS, I mean other than People really did care about it. We'll talk about it was TAT was how can a by other than right now if we can bring it up, think people would not care. There might be some people who do not even know that is a certain size calling on allowance I'm talking about all those PETE those I keep years ago, more than more than rate filmmakers longer, they have more than three to five three guys, but all those people merriwig. We did it. That's why I mean ever alot of people. Did there so much backlash like utilised?
she care by Ill S? Yeah, don't like this. Has nothing to do you guys how disrespectful and those that are big topic There are those people now, where are they I don't see you guys posting about it like you cared so much by Ill s back then, where are you now down on you? I thought about this, but what, if those bewildered death and theirs sign language and get you try to make a really right arc joke right, all this ted you're getting it cannot escape about air while doing Sl Americans, I don't know I thought about. It is not even a party doc, and had a MIKE on their hands doing is like two kinds are gonna get cancel a man. I gotta get this yokels little these hundred injured so that it looks like that's what I'm angry words like. Do you know
anyway, and I wish you seen as of the weak, even though we weren't being the who has a very rare as we have a good. I it's a good way to end and this because this collection by us of a case. Come I'm let you do you think what I say retreating into the author patch has not sure I said, follow us. Are you? What are you what did you do the follow? I was gonna, just do it as it is. We have this fight every single pike s now Molly does I do sometimes by another age, because things were turning into the author bill Pie cast, make sure you followers on twitter at off the pill and on his ran off the pill. Podcast right see, for once. I really willing to set aside for this.
Anything you want to plug? Yes, Juba lotta check out the blog of years are travelling local in yet local adventurer. Dad come look good. Terror. Adventurer spell it for us, just in case against both in local adventure were like a person eventually yet I use that are you I can't answer. Britain to the Mai gets all matter. Just cite this in three two one, like heavens, allow last week
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