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#19 - Ft. Chad Wild Clay - Hackers, Ninjas, and Flat Earth Conspiracy

2019-06-02 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Paco, and special guest Chad Wild Clay talk about how Chad was inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, how he became a YouTube hacker, and how he deals with his work / life balance. After the shi shi break, they talk about Pokemon Sleep, the cancel culture, and the conspiracies around flat earth theories. Order Ninja Melk - https://ninjamelk.com Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics! http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Guest: Chad Wild Clay http://youtube.com/ChadWildClay Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com Order Ryan's book "how to write good" http://higatv.com/ryan-higas-how-to-w... Ryan's Official Store https://www.gianthugs.com/collections...  HigaTV Channel http://www.youtube.com/higatv Website http://www.higatv.com Send us mail or whatever you want here! PO Box 232355 Las Vegas, NV 89105

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They were. Probably the most. Do you tumors at nodes we right now. Last three days we had two hundred and fifty million is raising. I always thought that the whole flatter thing was just people like troll. I thought I thought that too little united, but yeah people actually that Genji. Ah, the New Europe, you missed. I dare you age, now we are at least I mean. Have you seen or heard? I dare use than we thought and pockets neurologists odd, that we do a show where we betake Van comments and we do to stairs with people with guest you gotta be not bonnet while it wasn't than we did mean channel stuff, but it was just like it would go crazy swear to like We found that we had to chill out a low bow was that top yourself is doesn't increase rise, like printing re at the go above. Yes, if not people have seen it so striking crazy things were doing and the weak we get. We got community guy
sounds like a bigger flight for livestock, just as they have before. You know, you're in Japan, in a forest and the I know well that is a thing so like we had one words like ours, the marrow twins, Edward that there was to over their drink lemon juice out of a condom yeah they were down for that. They opened their dad. We're under Del was there so I've interrelated was weak and arrows dove were taken in with that and where they ok. So you know this court. There's like yours, you actually do it, you don't have to do and then again, but they want to wines and indeed it flag by the time when we made it, they weren't as like ain't. Nobody Conniston Mocha, just at anal, hours, him all privatisation, love any leading collapse and those going now we its lay clap. It was interesting monitor while regardless ability, the intro again anyway welcome back to
other episode up off the pill podcast. Today we have a very special gas, Mr Chad, wild clay, thanks rather a monopoly to moderate wing in the bigger applause give yourself a bigger applause. He tries to non I feel like you know, and that good is so loud and clear, its deafening leader, my again Yoda, my worst mistakes was saying: hey, I think who should be the one to control that instead of me just taking advantage of it than you actually carrying about levels over the thing is: do you took advantage of it nor eighties you'd be like that is true, and that is all that is true you're, saying nothing the whole time. We were just talking about this right before you got here. How like he's, be watching levels and stuff and like when he. Starts, getting excited, you start shouting with you know
I guess he shouting to I'm just like. Oh, I need to get over there round and contribute to the conversation like trying to figure out how to make this on your sound guy. I know I don't think I'll be fine I'll see if I can bring out the energy and you get you you actually are energy person, ethics. Rachel true eye contact, you hurt, you got that energy you got neck and energy ok, well, just for people who don't know, aren't you tell people what you do we I would say that you are you timber. Definitely, yes, I consider myself a Youtube her ability to prefer a lot, two thousand not intend not as long as you are still. Time VON facts. I started my u to channel four months before You did. Did you really arch of two thousand six? All you like, you in Dublin. Then I said yeah I got, but don't I mean that in Lisbon, so you actually on you too long, I'm all I'm a homeward!
yeah, there's anything you and now you ve told me that you had told your mama earlier. These kids are coming over and then your mom, so they can if I said kids ochre, but I didn't know you were there. We were like sweet as both look young and you're both on the channel. You end is your wife. Yes, yes, and you guys, public, among others, thing, but I know you do allied. Like a We have a series with a bunch of hackers after issue. We have major had her issue the hackers, are trying to take over Youtube right now. They are I'm sure it's it's a constant threat. It's been, we need weeds, more ninjas who drink ninja milk may help us. We do not pay him. He just I'm just if national excited about an inch MEL guys this my first I'm having holy wired right now, written well York on always wire, but I appreciate the plug shameless plemmyrium to take it away from him. You, hives, Swash, a level.
Yeah we're living Well I mean so that's on your. You have multiple channels, radio and the main channel. You stick mortal it kind of that you know know how in detail people actually get to know you, the person pretty pretty decent. I guess you know like us and more energize version of me right, and I regret of course you know. Just like any Youtube. I mean just like most people don't lies, but that does nothing to like. Oh, I was just saying like when I first are doing. These people are like thought. I was mad. Why Eliza? yeah, but it's just like I've. Nobody. Nobody is really like that. All the yet I know crank up the time unless your drugs, you could really like that on drugs or an engine althea pop was pretty I'm gonna bring him every every week. Dad's gonna be here, but I do you, I mean how in depth, you go out. Talking about you like it.
I don't know. I don't want to give any way by the people, know you're here, yeah. Ok, so you live in. We do. They know that I've been living, less vaguely asked, ok, yeah, LAS Vegas, that's react. You might hear when I used to live in Minnesota throughout Europe right and then we move to allay for three years now immature nine months ago. Ok, at the advice of rain, he got right. Well, I I dont you asked me, I I I did it. I did my pitch only raise a little bit. It was it was. I don't remember exactly what I said I was, I remember, saying something along the lines of so so Chad Denby and he was like you heard. What was a thought: since you are think about moving out here. Yeah we were looking in LOS Angeles for a long time for a house right, an man, the real estate market. Their legs predict that the house like right next to where we lived, was a kind of run down to bedroom. I was to better one bath, eight hundred thousand dollars pressing home. I gosh
in what you get for that here, a measure, the real story. How did I hooked gigantic? Restoring house with an elevator us has violating out here? She I think she really likes it really were. You know, were we're, not the people who need it. The garden party all the time, and I in all these events and serve which, as you know, a fear that person allays good for you were very much like LSD, how much a movie or whatever or distant lets us work all day. Well to be fair, you can do that because as well. Yes, you can, you can muster you. Why do you do this trip? So we wanted to different stuff. I mean people don't be realised tonnes, but like Vegas is here Vegas picking the strip but where we are or were you guys, are yeah breaking up, but the majority of Vegas is not the strip right. Erika yeah I've people having like we people live in LAS Vegas and oh yeah, and I'm trying to I'm still trying to sell em. What is your page? What is your page to drive bring? I should just sit put the dm. No,
just now, I know I'll recap the day when I remember it angle, reeled number one real estate prices. Incredibly good. You get a great house for a good price number. Two taxes state has euro per cent income tax compared to California. Top end is thirteen point three percent, so you seven a lot of money So when you say numbers like that, it's so much, but I wouldn't have said something percent. I know it and put them in the deep zero is better than anything else to do exactly exactly and as neurotic yup not well well, except for on this trip, and when we get the readers Sundays might be, but we are getting the raiders our own NFL team. We have a hockey team that was in the Stanley Katya. We, big Minnesota, yes hockey big. I link for and also on now we have a W Nba team, really oh yes, we do, and then I think we also have a baseball team are out there in the major, though its urban oilfields being built for the time being, but I think I think it might be dying. Ok, I could be wrong. I've been hearing about this
LAS Vegas, getting a basketball team for years, though, and I think this can be huge when that happens, if it happens, but we must get the kings Sacramento kings, but never did, but hopefully we get expansion team like the Golden Knights and that be because you into any other sports. You know, I d do play basketball, unlike early high school button. Now Ryan has invited me to basketball once or twice yet, as you like this, I've been with a year later, operative the internal nervous to plague, and so I want to look you're being like if you play in height like I did. We didn't play in high school and we play in that league yeah, so just base in front of me. And your height, you would probably envy p. Where does not offer that you join our video like it's a lot I'd like a college Africa for any. We. Let us talk more about this guy back into you. You know we want no more about you guess? You live in Vegas Ozma vague under such a great, but I would like
We are content, it's a little bit more like kids content and you up a gear it towards a younger audience, but with the guidelines that did you pass and because you're of his allotted like fighting hackers and is a lotta like not weapons of a gadget as you, can see a weapon yeah and say what you had to adjust accordingly, so give you wanted this Gus transition. You know, since the Youtube algorithm his chair, these, you re a good question, yet it just keeps changing and if you don't keep up your in trouble, yet we definitely that when we first darlin you to back in two thousand ten, we were doing a lot of parity is growing up. I thought I was gonna, be a famous musician vows, my plan, not my goal, play guitar and piano, and all that stuff and was in bans, author high school and all that, and you too was kind of my creative outlet for doing music so doing parities I loved when I think of it you got in so we still are parodies. It was that there were very, like kind of adult issue, a little bit, no swearing anything but very like Saturday night life, human.
And cut we did it for many years. Never really went crazy. Actually, while the videos would get like a million views, sometimes two million views, but never really, but a huge fan base because having that our continent, it's very like each year in the Lord mayor, yet you're. Therefore the video not for the personality eventually yet, and so we moved We eventually move to LOS Angeles, what we get like a hundred thousand subscribers. Let's just give us a shot up when we make it any money, but if we did this full time, let's, let's just see what happens at the time, V was running she and her own curves that the centre for women she sold it. I conned a software company still do so, but I retired from the daily work on that and my partners took over the operations of that. I came out here. We came out here, and we just kind of started experimenting with different types of content. We did some rows of Youtube was arrested, Ryan,
Once I seen yeah landed and also Roy do right. Yes, there. Obviously I those refund did that forum I'll just kept experimenting with various launched an inspired by Matthias. In fact, I think I think you from a fire. She was an idea. I always said from the when the moment I saw him as it goes telling him took ass. He was on the same season. And I was like those guys, gonna be yes What he wants. Are these guys gonna be huge? Did you become used so yeah when we First move to allay. He was the first person I had up at the time that we were at one hundred thousand subscribers. He was at three hundred thousand and as a hey man, you wanna. Can I take you to dinner and just pick your brain talk, you tube his yeah I'll. Do it. I thought those really cool them to do that and became really good friends with him and his wife and you ve always encouraged me to experiment, try to convey the heated tool used to do parities and in song kept expire.
Until he found his niche, so was very inspired by that trade allow different things and then I think what We decided. Let's try as let's do something that I will love when I was like ten years old right and from that thought, Pierre This came you know when I was ten. I love the teenage mutant ninja. So let us by all the teenage mutinous turtles ninja gadgets and test them out on fruit chops him up and so does now that may that video did really well well, let's do some more this, and so we did like five videogame weapons. We choose different video games, different movies testing out that serious. It really regrets that cannot really what started blow us up on Youtube, and evolved from their own. I've probably got off. Topic of your question are not those weird you're going to like Rhine could have gone into that, but the first time we tried using weapons. Well I mean I, and then ass you well you I tried to cut through fruit as well
ok, but it was more for it was actually a skater wasn't actually trying to cut through it was recruiting frozen in real life, gay and yeah. I I tried to cut through watermelon and the watermelon hit the sore. The sword hit my nose in this by the score here really clear and a myth busters, because there are like talking about like? Was it for ninja I'll watch, it wasn't yeah, they will say it on with us by Miguel. I don't remember that was over there. Making fun of me problem. Probably is that aid will I got cut by a sword, a watermark China, water and their especially like undisguised, asian and it has ignored the weapon even worse desired. The asian American definitely a myth, but you gotta be math. I never. I would never I gotta see I better dead. This beetle
They are so I mean continue talking about. You know you had to adapt to it. Yeah these things so you're, just gonna kept adapting them, and we still do you know we still I pay break was touched. Her analytics were very, very analytical. We have a team of five people who do you two videos with- and I guess so I like to say, were probably the most viewed. You tubers that no one's ever heard of wheat right now. Three days we got two hundred and fifty million views raising yeah did your videos, I mean I don't. Always see them. But when I see them and go check your child, it's like oh one day ago three, beauty by numbers in his prime, not that he is not very fine, but it what it was again, because you just pause often how often five five is weak like five days? A week and then every video like, the three million five million two million deaths pretty crazy- adds really crazy. I'm surprised said, like I mean, like you said like it's weird that you get your getting all this attention, but its law
in the realm. I guess of like talking about bigger you. Two percent are blowing up right, it's all about like who is making the news. I could the drama. This drama, yea is have you guys had drama than their holy crap. These guys her out of you re right for sure, yeah, yeah thinkers, happily right. It's all you gotta do is attack a famous Youtube ninja gadgets you're in there is someone who's been on Youtube, really long time we think now you gotta go for somebody who is in the news somebody. Irrelevantly arrives. Are you gonna go for somebody who is like likes like fighting? or how do you do about man and midway? Did a boxing match bring out gadgets and then ask it's just get disqualify a dummy demonetized, but people will be talking about that's true that crazy Youtube her out gadgets, yes, darling
when I went out so you know we're thinking likes it. Since you are very analytical, I mean I'm sure you ve noticed the trends in those things working lobbies. Yes, not your thing that's an argument either sillier, but if we were to evolve it, because it's always about thinking it right. So what? If we were to take that fighting this the drama seem to the next level rate and what if it is a means of Maya battles, ninja battles, yet ninja, better royal you union burning, that's out all right tell me that would not drink like a bull with a bunch of you to mean you'd have to get them to do it, but I meaning upon article two: did that did it yeah well who is the bees? Did animal battery out with a bunch of Eurogroup ersatz, not not an angel? That would be even harder to film if you're going to do it in darkness and at night Nvidia loud you're going. I want you over there and I'm gonna go Eddie Mack them in the face now we'll do it moral combat style like not necessarily in the night drew arena realm type
like little torches all over the very badly for honour for our attitudes. Like an acid pit, you can do our bikes, respect expressing our thinking. Yeah me too. Bobby. I mean granted we'd after I'm drowning of really try to make up That's a lot of paperwork. That's a lot of Babylon email, but that's the future work, though guys, if you want that, give us video thumbs and then You know what he ought to say. I've never done this before, but I saw recently Anthony did like oh, I think, so many likes I'll do something, but his video reached. Crazy amount of things. I don't know what he has to do, but is something ridiculous, and I dont want to do that. Oh ok, we were You don't have to go to jail Yeah earlier said: yes ones like if he gets enough bodies.
I wasn't like tat. I want to be generally assesses. We didn't think that many it did as it Papas went to jail so he starts to go to jail. I have to run a tank through a house because of sums up. They will haven't done that actual attain a real tank. So what one of my fear of it as we have done was we went to Minnesota? of tanks, you can drive army tanks and we actually in Minnesota yeah. I know I mean it's Minnesota. They don't have much else to do yeah exactly. We have open field and army tanks. That's all we can show likings the nuclear lobby last year by the IRA, football and hockey right
A lot of timber ourselves is just not the best time by road. I've drove an army tank over to vans to cars and crush them was really fun. Sounds like this. Video gets and assist a number that never hit as if this look it's one hundred and ninety two thousand thumbs up this through a house, and it is the area that, because the tank place was like, we have a special package, it's only leg. Eighty thousand dollars via a trailer house type thing you're gonna, think through it does I own they offer it so maybe I'll I didn't think whatever their return investment. There is probably a meeting legible you're getting into mister bees territory. You need to have a sponsor yeah. That's it! That's that's pretty crazy, but a man you gotta, do it yet, where it we're still planet, we will do it sometime.
For sure gotta. Do gonna go to jail eventually. Do right now is whether you are realised everywhere, it's just a matter of time, real crime, and so we don't make those bats anymore, because we I dont want to not do it. We will be doing yeah, guess it you're going beyond its data, so the trust of your audience. When you're ready to jail but getting back to your biggest irregular life everyday life every day? I'm curious because you post so much and I mean an all lotta you to pursue this, but lobby will also back up their content. You you, I mean you moved to Vegas, but you haven't really gotten you're saying you haven't gotten to do much biggest things cause you're, always working yeah yeah. So what's your schedule been like we ve pretty much, we start everyday, like nine a m and we use you dont until nine p m. Like this past Tuesday, we went from eight. A m to ten p m. Will long
their exhausting so yeah. It's we're trying to get more people right now, tat. I feel really bad for our employees are working there, but are you? Are you guys he has a high yeah yeah, You have you known about a good yeah little you to experience a lover either because they, I don't know anyone, know anyone good here, what is really at twelve hour day last year to twelve hours over the laws on my work that, while our money, I'm looking for someone real, honest and straightforward, you gotta know is honest with eyes. Yes, I've been it's been paid crazy for you guys. I mean they how many like, obviously there this whole.
How long has this been going on like this almost every day, and it is pretty much every day every day you know we do caught. It weakens off, but in our view, nice to work a little bundle, because actually our employees due to lay do editing instead, the weakens our kind of supposedly off, but like Memorial Day, we don't even know it was a vacation we'd like at last minute what I'll shoot its holiday. We text message: everybody hey you wanted the day off, you can came in any way, in other words, a normal day deadline. We know nobody else here, yeah, you are our only friend ass, true ass. We met one of em you guys are Melvin Melvin, he plays basketball, so try convinced we just trying to we'll see about that work, an army there, but I just asked because I think that is I mean it's it's commendable, but do you think it's a long term thing because I think that that all you do not really in a burnt out for sure at sunset, sounds premise. Good cause you taking advantage of the situation yet as you should the area, but that is
that sounds like a me most eminent, an outing. Anyone can do that night consistently. That sounds exhausting, yet is for sure yeah we're we're trying to figure out how to get down to normal arise. Look at their will get their yeah yeah yeah, bring it on and bringing more people helps. Yes, I hope so they'll be Bilbil period were probably has requires more work. Does the train of men, but Ok here who, unless you are less you'd, find someone who already has some Youtube experience there? how do you horrible, where your genome yeah yeah, because I am I like us alive- not family, friendly, you in your kids, we would be able to talk trash in the comments about me. I go at them. He received a responder. Our small first responders definitely responded instead of giving first aid. I just heard yet more. I make it worse, so the parents black you can't watch these channels anymore, exactly
but it was all in terms of all your against going back to talking about your content, and you know what you guys have been producing. It's a lot of it has to do with being hacked re or be hackers hackers have said. Is that, like any truth? reason terms of life. Have you really been hacked another way and if you think about my own issues, its work, you worked at a software company reality. It I mean it's legit thing I mean: are you I've? Actually, if you become a social bled, you'll see a month red negative. Ninety nine million views- because I had somebody- has taken down really those were copyright strikes but often other started, but yeah hours ashy. You might get this too. Like every day I get like a Google alert like did you just request a password reset and google passer. This was always people trying to get it for you to bans right, it's crazy
The actual hackers actual hackers go watch out, because what your betters there in LAS Vegas, while back in the end, we have already been hacked a few times Disney, far really knew it was really an issue up until like a like five years ago. Maybe what happened while my instagram was among the first to get. How can I earn you really care too? The time is now almost no big was huge. I just didn't. I don't normally posing a lot, but I may his friend got hacked twice Shelley and they ran some kind of like script or something that basically blocks all the people that I've that that follow me elected in there's some gonna algorithm. They did that people who follow me that have interacted with me like the most active people. Basically- and it was like thousands- and I only recently lock them yet with late- they blocked they made me.
Account block them all the heart, like the really hard core ones, and it was acknowledged a thousand. I noticed thousands, thousands of people and I finally finished on blocking everybody, but there's no. I tried to reach out to insurrection everybody and they there's no way I wasn't getting help. No wait. Just do unblock all sound. You ve had those issues I mean without without getting help from them Mr Barroso, you do here. I am right had a video. That said, please contact your partner manager about this and, as they say why I don't have a is because there's a manual review process now area and they said that my video had blood and Gore in it, which none of it is derail. So the manual reviewers like this video contains violence, blood and Gore. No, it doesn't seem it's a violent and said if you disagree with it. Please contact your partner measure that I don't have a partner manager wit. You dont have a partner men at all. No, that is incredible, I don't have one either what that is?
predictable, number that nobody most beer or that's that's pretty ridiculous. I mean the mounted em you been on for a while. You ve been posting consistently. I'm not saying Papa doesn't deserve one you deserve once. Yes, it is ridiculous that you don't have one, and we should I mean that's a simple. We should get you up better. It doesnt it just have even someone just someone there to be like hey. This is not right, the thing that we want to realise is, I guess you can anyone can attack a video that cop striking whenever it is an aim of it's not true. You can get it every confided, you'll win and those which it, but it takes time. At that time that that's happening somebody Who else is benefiting and that's ridiculous part I mean you should it's kind of crazy to me that you don't like does not many other peoples you'd better get views, but not the same at ownership as you like, I think, that's kind of its kind of ridiculous.
Yeah, I'm sure you'll help. I think I did I used to have one behind we adopt, pass. You want to somebody else, yeah! That's what I heard, but no, you would think it passed on and is very interesting to me. Well You know what we will come back after, so I thought I saw hacker. I'm just getting we'll be we'll be back get it can go, we'll be back ass! You this sheet clicks you she break to talk a little bit more and we're gonna get your partner manager. I know I'm your partner manager, right? Well, that sucks to be. You hey guys. Just want to say. Thank you to our sponsor anchor anchor. Is the easiest way to make up cast it so easy. In fact, we decide to use it to distribute our show. This show off the pill pie cast anchor, gives you everything you need a one place for free which you can use right from your phone or your computer anchor also off this creation towards that. Allow you to record and edit your pie cast so that they sound great.
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I ate title bill? That's my thing. A result is still clap anywhere. I love talk about you is it I was trying to like it sponsored by tackle bill for quite a while. I remember you're saying that outside smoothing with the bigwigs at a title bell in fact, but that they do no oil and invited me to many things, they invited me to tackle Bill Thanksgiving dinner right where they invite, like thirty Youtube errors in some other people. It's really court has all, although, like Youtube, Shasta their sons, gonna find say, Youtube shot but like these are like, like legit shafts, you know, and there like goal, is to make a thanksgiving dinner, but each item each like the turkey
The stuffing all this has to use one taxable ingredient so like that, for example, the head, but the honey, glazed ham, but instead of honey, lay as it was by hub blast clay why it was so good whether I was really get Bob glasses dough. It is about how picture with Turkey, on the other hand, have had him other changes. Everything tat have completely different a pig turkey, two different thing. I know, but I go to tackle bill so much that so when I moved from Minnesota, so California, the Taco Bell Employ, got me a going away present. No shooting I'm going to miss you so much. I would like everyday talk about yeah I well I mean I I tried to pitch show up like because, like a documentary, it was even like based off of supersize me. It was. It was like talk a bell, but my my goal was to prove that, and this is like fibres
My goal is to prove that you can t talk about every day, three times a day and still lose weight yeah, and I still right. I still think I could do it. I argued very possible a much I say and recently the release, an article that talk about among the healthiest food fast. We change, while I feel will it get about what and well I did also put a disclaimer and set it. As I mean it's healthy, just a healthy as yet ass food. Are one of the four healthiest ass near poise. Yes, but this was before the article is a gears ago when I want to do that, but didn't want, do it I thought we were young. So weird, like hey, I want to make your product look really good right now. Help me out diaper. Now we're going to stick with the other. What may they might have an we're lucky Let's just the way our railways are sound like or what campaign are we trying to push right now in oh yeah, yeah timing, timings, everything I did something when they first released by her glass, but it never release, but they still paid me for it
last night violently. I don't remember why it did didn't go through with the campaign, but scarcely Sol Carl, junior and their light. I think that I need him up for it. It was on the tunnel really air miles junior thing, a yell long time go. A bunch of us got hit upward to do a culture thinking. It was me smash, like a whole bunch of Us Dave Days, bunch of people as a member and are we all did it and we and our own videos and people just hated, for like a wild beast, wicked cell has acted the day you gonna do as they are supposed to make any money. I know This will still get prolong. I was Austria was guys they paid me so much. I don't care what you say no, but I was I was heard at the time was a man. I never got this much hate before and I was like I'm not gonna. Do this ever again,
little did they know. This is brought to you by some of the larger and dot com or yourself case, and I tell you about stall Jake you to build another nostalgic thing. Pokemon actually just made an announcement or a new game nobody will come on, go right. Forgave announced a game called Poker mine sleep. This is the meagre, a joke or sleeping at two falsely to know it's. Why idle games kind of yeah? Why It wants you to sleep more and it's like the more you sleep like you, can catch programme or get argillite better things and it's kind of dreams, dude literally nice, that really do have a sound effect for drumhead rising. We do it whereas they was can acquire, but are gonna, be an citizen. That's right afterwards will be really
Abby Way, funnier interview cordially it exactly Shelby, as they announced that up work months, they will be turning sleeping into entertainment, much in the same way that programme on go turned walking into entertaining we're just gonna make everyone healthy somewhere, mirror. Ok, I mean like China is really good like using the new. I didn't hear anything about those at recent It was a coup in whose, on Tuesday did you play any of those my mother and regular bogeyman. I did collaborate with the pokemon. Go song kid. Remember him, monsieur speaking of retro you to resolve those like four years ago pool game. No, I don't know how ya famous kid from Czechoslovakia,
real cause. I was on. Ok, well is great, but you can play the game. I denied well, we kind of pleaded a little bit, but I got over a pretty cool because it required walking in the high eyes yeah nobody is open. People I actually did it. Now, I'm wondering like this makes. Actually you, Sir, This makes more sense. Cause people actually play games. For that reason that there's idle gains are you don't need to play to play? The game drew and that's hued right now, so if it's anything like that, it could work better than book among go. Actually I'm out. It's like Interesting that you can. But I want to know how they're going to turn entertainment are sleeping. Badger, Damon, yeah, don't get that we don't bug wires up your head, while you're sleeping and read your dreams is just a it's a ruse to gather information.
I knew there about conspiracy to the dry hack, your lawyers say are hack your ongoing projects or the eternal find out more about you. There are almost do you know about conspiracies. You look into those I kind of like conspiracies. I don't believe in number. Who really for same meeting the attitude when it's really creative his man? That's such a stretch but yeah put in the effort to having a like it takes talent to piece together. All these things are adequate bit together and was the most recent good spirits see that you ve looked into gosh, I cuddle icon alike, cached on none were recently. I never into the flat or something I was kind of more recent. I saw that I was the documentary on Netflix was actually pretty, and you know I always thought that the whole flatter thing was just people like troll. I thought I thought that to my little united but yeah people actually believe that You look it up, though, when you watch like you know, you ain't you when you say flatter. There's you picture a certain kind of person near like ok. That person is ridiculous. This is so out of the realm apposite
Rita, but then, when you have these people who like or you actually some like articulate- and you just like that, I can see why some like most people would fall for that laying it. While I can see the arguments, are there like you ever really get into it. Not that I'm not saying I believe that this flat, but the arguments are really, Inter Alia, if you like it and when they came in fact, I think you're like accidents like a lot a lot of thought into this. I have a little dry and yet is studying like a flight patterns in like why certain planes wide a certain way, instead of like they eat the quicker out, ok and then also certain things like all like that degrees of earth, and I, like oh, I shouldn't be able to see this foreign to the distance, but I do ok. It's actually like. Oh, it's like the outcome is now a matter gas out like it are not allowed lad earth. I'm a flat Chester. I can develop Muslims but day as I almost mouse. Their army how do we go there but we should keep a family.
But yet glee. The whole thing- and it shows in the beginning of the document, are like a lot of stuff that makes you kind of like. Oh, I can see you like how this possibly make sense and you start to like slowly question all that you believe and then again in the latter part of it. The scientist come in their lake. Lady, like when it really is whether they do they decided they started to. The thing I like about is a certain scientists and it's not necessarily a flat documentary talks about more when you are educated in a certain way of thinking and it's it's been proven and stuff Joan always be. So quick to look down on others yeah. You know these people war, flatter authors that what they said was view them as people who could have been potential scientists, but we're just miss educated
because they are doing their own form of learning and therefore their aspiring you re births or what you can do is urging you can render them so don't be so quick to like looked down on that. These be were actually like. You said articulates. Aren't there doing their own research there finding out things is not easy to make up. I mean to come with that stuff at other levels and even have their findings are true, even though they can be deeper, disproved alot of it even come up with. That is like amazing to death but in the same way- and I guess the argument is again- I'm not defend, I'm just saying you know One of the arguments are that obviously The reason why we already feeling a certain way. The moment we say there is flat and everybody say: ok, dude, because for the moment were born, you know and words were brought up in a world. They show us opposition on tv, everything you ve ever seen and learned in school everything you were taught was you know a certain way? Of course you gotta think it's nature of the moment regulate them. If everybody told us, the earth was flat and we had picked.
Years of like in space of a flat earth right our whole lives and all of a sudden? Somebody, like you know what I think it's a glow I think it's round like this is ridiculous people. It doesn't make any sense like it. We would be thing about that, like eight, because is something not them say and I believe that, because I don't know, but there is a point something percent chance that flat authors are completely right now. Bull is never a hundred per cent. There's no hundred percent anything get. Science does not believe in a hundred years living in the matrix where we could be as theirs Is it a flat around me dress up to look at the source code? Azure then you'd have to hack into the system and yeah, and that's when we bring it back to him, Address, you're, a hacker, I'm not a hacker or when you basketball. You might be. Oh, I maybe a hack, happy jack. Milo, deep, more reticent differed pigs. They
This is dying about that, but, oh for the flatter thing, I wasn't so much looking at it in terms of both believing the flatter, but what I liked about it. It is something that we can create. An analogy to a lot of other things is when we have a certain way of thinking, sometimes we're so quick to judge others, because they don't think how we think where it's like. Oh you, don't you believe in flatter men like you're done, you're, not really you're, not here, trying to explain it. You're, not you're. Trying to like show a new perspective. You have this elite is mentality, we're going to rag over others. Yeah and open minded yet, and I want to transition that into another thing where the state of Missouri is now looking to shut down their last abortion clinic oh gosh reactor and following Alabama, seriousness, Alabama, no Georgie, Alabama loaded on it right, but the state emissaries looking to shut down their last that you as you like trying to get demonetized
the latter, is just as much as we can see where I looked up was the biggest things and news just like what is your thoughts homelike? How can I egg way into this rinds like you're, not getting paid and unlike neither no one's gonna, I'm eggs is going to do that because you know a lot of people like Opera, Lifeward Choice or you don't get there. You dumb, and it is just like that- holds opera right, I'm not necessarily asking maybe what you're stances on it. Maybe if you want to go into that, but it's more just like do like what are your thoughts morsel, unlike the whole, elitist mentality that that huge everywhere yeah mean with all that stuff. I love to have my mind change. I always try to keep my mind open, like I do believe certain things, but if someone wants to try to convince me otherwise, I'm like toll it out- and I am certainly willing till I have my mind- change. In fact, I find it super enjoyable say I never thought of that before it ran what are known that maybe I'd think a little differently. So I think that is a good mindset,
same for everything Agri with that? I think that, though the thing for us, though, of a lot of you tubers who were low level drama, is there very open minded yeah yeah. I know what you mean it's hard to get a drama. We now have a super hard opinion on yeah I rarely right yeah, because you still fluid, things yet is your hurling to be swayed you're willing to listen to the other side, bright, yellow? Maybe I'm wrong about the job just to have that thought. You know I mean I always have that thought process for most things, but I found that even that can be caught out on her. Then you know give giving p the benefit of the doubt LA times. I, even if you question, though the majority, a lot, though they'll find ways to TED Mark
You too, as like on the wrong side, are like no call you an apologist Ryan like people. People were should who was a good example again like when the whole like when the president learn to talk laughing when Obama said yeah be willing to talk to. I ran over how. How could you even listen to them right even hear a word? They say exactly Then people would just jump on you and any fear of opinions about something else too. Like, for example, like the Logan Paul situation right, an how everybody was completely against him and everybody gets how regional wrong it is was there thinking like. Well, I don't think he's the devil like. I think he definitely didn't realize it was gonna be in owed. He wasn't, it wasn't trying to. I don't think he was trying to finish by asking you just think about himself in light. How can I make this interesting, but people are treating me like he's the peace. The devil, like he's literally like has no respect for people who are you know, but if I were to come and say that it's all right,
being an apologist again, but I'm not I'm just saying like. I think you are taking this a little farther hoping he dies. You know like right: it's ridiculous. What's is really far right now for people like jump on the bandwagon the angler the hole in the modern Charles things about it. I don't know it's. This is our. Is our life, the candy alarmed mentality out? It's what it is cancer culture than it has ever because in a way it's it's, you get to end as someone without directly doing it right. So you and you can feel like superior like chair and again so you know back to the elite is eliminated. Mentality, yeah yeah, says in. I think it's gonna get to the point where they alot of people want others to be cancelled. From my perspective, I think is because they feel like I've done bad things you know, but if I can make other people who have done equally or worse things like get councillors up, then it makes me feel better
but now I'm doing good thing, I'm doing a holy things, or maybe it cancels out. My pulse might my sins or my past yeah go make us feel better year. Auditing, allow people just genuinely believe they're right and they just. I think this is the right thing for, like a may, not seem that they're not, but that they believe this is right and them already agrees with me, so if you think otherwise, you're just wrong. I right oppose the question now aware. So are you asking for friend how good someone at the b to get away with a crime, while speaking from experience, the usual world in the usual manner? You'd better, you answered it like you. Just have to be popular like you. Just have to be popular aside, even talent really, while some people might consider Italian, but the more popular you are, the more you can get away with. The slogan was soon. Popular, you know yap, but for what reasons people never I'm is that way, but I mean he's still making bid.
There was one may not be where he was at by about pretty bikers who still, where he's exactly Anna less through. So there is an example of someone who come on and that's talent in itself to get yourself out of those situations like pure. I knew what he'd like he knew how to turn you're gonna get your. He was smart enough to be like hey. These articles said this. Let me prove them wrought likeness. He knew that's a talent to do that hello, you have that's, kill, yeah and that whole situation of people. I think he gained way more of a dual. Follow it and I think he learned from it- and I just saw good see what his mindset was it and he stuck with them in he's. Ok, I it's me verse them me verse. This person beavers T series it's always like. If I can get other people my side and make it give mice, an enemy? It helps build that, because you give yourself a competitor and as it did, it is what it is and that's how the whole dramas in works too. That's why it builds people when someone for some.
And that's just diminishes how it that's all. It's always been right, like the equal amount of subs James Charles lost touchy gains Vienna exactly how does just regos. Crazy, yet tissues to Ceuta. Motor Amelia saw that channel ever raising. Did you ever think that it would give to those numbers back in the day Back in the day, meaning like two thousand eight, those honoured with everybody was like a million at the most, so it's and another was you were the common one, most sub Youtube chant there was the very. Some I was. There was more like less than a week because it was like I passed. I think it was smash and then parade asked me like that. We know where I was there for little bit. There was a whose Fred and then I think it was like what I passed frat again or something then re came, I really don't answer the he's gonna just quit than smash past him,
something like that and then pity pie rise of feudal pie and he's in jail in it. No income. That's when algorithm changed for the worse yeah when was least online gaming Long Conti? I think something like that and see, but like like, had I been in this mindset of like hey, I wanna get back, I would be like man pity, pies kind. Then it's it's not real conflict oldest ice and he's been rightly versus seemed, but I just didn't want to do that. Back you avoid drama, I feel like do. We got each other rather ugly and we would have both grieving faster, but he didn't need that mean he was our milk in the system for any killed. It The thing I respect about him because at first I was like I didn't like his content. I was excited. This is not entertaining to me to watch somebody. It wasn't normal, I play games right at the time. No yeah. Anything I respect bottom. Is that he'd he realized like ok, this is working, but how many
of, and he changes contented to what he does. Not again, he actually evolve. You didn't just stick with the one thing I just keep doing it over and over cause. It works, and that's when I realized. Ok he's actually smart he's just like doing something he gets. What he's doing there Are you two brisk and do the Arusha somebody get lucky? They make it. They realize all this worsening the latch onto it, but they don't evolve right and then the algorithm eventually changes they actually here. So that look like beauty by it never slept. That is above me. Why? Because eyes, a smaller buys a smaller. Yeah and really I mean I think, you're just being racist, hurting you just a razor. You just think all white people of the same na, not through this every day. Seventy avenues and look anything like Felix. Go. They are actually can you grow like a fool beard now I can't really now have never been able to. I just shaped
because I know that Mr Pasko and you just makes funding did you use and girl here for me just like patches whenever I will as good as its wider questions, because actually gonna see something that car wrapped up a lot of what we talked about. You know you, someone says from Mickey five: Luke yeah there, but they said you, the master at all, tweaking your content to keep her channel fresh. If the Youtube algorithm wasn't a thing in your guaranteed to get millions of use for videos, what type of content would you produce- and I think I want to see-
both of you guys setting the Rhine what he would produces just him sleeping. Ah, as that in the past neglect. Ok, I mean if, if the Alps, the algorithm, wasn't a thing, I probably would have never been forced, like venture away from making parities news. I really yeah really loved doing it. It's a really great credit outlet. I used to like regret all the music and play the instruments and in just really enjoyed creating the music. In writing. The lyrics are now really fun.
From our regional- and I did do rituals like with my band- they too have a scar, punk band day, love that throwing it back. I am old school, but yeah. I you know if the operating wasn't a thing, I probably would still be doing that. But damn you love, you love making music. I do love it, but I think the bigger thing is. I won't have been forced to try new things right. I really really do love what I'm doing now and in fact I think, I'm having more fun now then I I would, if I still don't parities right now, I'm really love this whole like series thing just kind of video to video. Can it continues and it just keeps going and bills really cool story, so I I love I'm doing now more than back then, but yeah. I think
It was the author of the kind of forced me to adapt and change and try my things as you see what work on Youtube about you right would you be doing. I mean I think I would be going back to making the videos I was making but taking longer, because I would do it I mean we would we would rush a lot of stuff, like even the vetoes people think her like all that was so great. That was so. You know we put allow time to take three weeks a month whatever it's all it always could be better never there's only a few times. I was very satisfied with how it turned out and it wasn't completely cuz. It went completely what I thought of him being my head, but I mean it's got to be realistic and all that Youtube. So you got to pull. In time, but if I didn't have to worry about that, then yeah I would be on that arms gonna make it.
You no matter how long it was exactly who make something crazy hasn't done, regardless of the time in the rain, or rather your ship falling whatever it is. I would love to do that, but I couldn't I cannot forget about that demand I mean of doing it now do in five. It is a weak, but yet when we did the parities weakness we should use to release like one video every two months right right and just like an ally effort to perfection, get a really good and you also think so apt kind of after the parodies. The next thing that I have evolved into was a cradle of serious, called crap, and the goal with it was like a Mona LISA Video every week, because what the parities just couldn't do it yet with. Just like me in Vienna, has condemned, wants a week's only I'm iniquitous years called crap, because the videos are gonna, be crap comparative so funny compared to what they used to be and in the crowd, was an acronym for comments wraps and parities. So it take like the viewers comments and can a weave it into a parity song with a very low production value right, so yeah yeah the whole Vienna wholesaler, yeah, filler
you're like Romania. I think I had you even stuck to doing those like parodies, though I think, like you said you would have got. I think you will aboard eventually of it probable anymore. Evolved it anyway, you private, a move, daunted you're doing something every problem really eventually yeah anything you no matter how much you love doing at the actual untraceable maybe current currencies will become a musical rejecting it is once again musical that you are now a ninja music like the music stuff, but yeah. I that's not that's not my gift to What about only one woman would you be doing if it weren't the ogre liver wherever the Algarve thousand million views? Matt I want, I want do visible Ryan man, you noticed hanging out what does a gulag yeah dude? I mean podcast.
I like doing these, because I can just be myself but millions of you. Yeah. That's all I'm saying we could still do this anymore. If we got millions views as like, basically Joergen right yeah, you just do a pike ass. You just hang out with your friends and you just get millions of using, but the latter two or three. For our part. I know George, things. We could do that issues at Joe soul captivated like he's quick on his feet. Having Harvey is cause he's, always hi, I'm out possible too? He is he's course smart, yeah, and let us leave the people he brings on are like ok, it's just like the smartest scientists in the world like he had. What's his name now notice ass, I say on, and that was a very interesting one to meet because it goes back to what we are talking about before about like people who are you I'm he's a scientist. I s yesterday certain things I find it interesting when you said that this is a hundred percent, there's an absolutely no way that we let we didn't land on the moon,
their start talking about something about our own landings and as it were, but Just wanted to know if it's true but like as a scientist, isn't it wrong to say anything is a hundred percent. Sure, dear, like Albert Einstein, was like really confident that this this whole quantum mechanics thing wasn't a thing right, but he was wrong, exaggerated and so confidently could set a hundred river that, like we're saying he's they're just there just cocky clearly lead us. You lead us. The other stood appointed, something one percent chance. You know you never know you never know so flat. There are some, which is gonna, be our new of ship. The item we're getting them all this video. I like these guys. I can convince them, but where getting near the end of this episode. Others are easily another ones. You know What was your first job? Ok, my dying about, I kind of like resisted it, my first job I was fourteen years old. I got a job at the
grocery store that boy has a big boy. Why thereby a bag way like at a young age. I swear you start because this is the lowest here ass, a glowing. I really like you, like you, just put groceries in the bag carried out to their Communist England. Ladys haven't you carried it out, yeah we carried out to their. As it is not our age is also a little bit all their little bit, and then there used to be these eighty pounds bags of salt that people would buy. Cones, it's the salt for, like your water yeah, I like fourteen years old, no muscles skinny. Still, how am I still simply justice? Not just now the man that was of sensitive and then back all workers, including my older brother, was there. They would laugh at me and make fun of me like you. Stick up A sort of you look so, and I did not for fourteen years old a fourteen year old kids should be like wearing a certain time and an apron and big fella adjusted unlike me, lad.
There boy, but you said you, your brought. Let your brother work there to my older brother. Were there as well, and he was in he's not collins. Guinea he's he's tall and muscular and he always looked older for his age, So he find pretty good now you're waiting for you, look younger yeah so you're retain their young with the young the young bureau should at last from Gloria, which is what is your favorite tv show you like, and I guess something that I wanted to It is like. Is there but a tv show from like your younger years, or maybe now that kind of inspires you to do what you do? Yeah waste endanger turtles rare for inspiring now ninja turtles for sure was the part of the biggest inspiration for what to do now and to take a lot inspiration from them and as far as the tv shows that I don't watch tv much lately I want to. I want to catch up around like you, gotta watch
game of thrones. Like oh man, I don't get sucked into that's gonna, be too time consuming it. Don't time for that, there's a lot of time. The last show I wash that really loved was breaking bad. I suppose knows amazing when it was still releasing like that's how I think it was partly right after the yes, you know my started watching it like during their last season, so I can't I got to watch him all binge style a little bit without waiting to much too long elsewhere, fun, I see. Well I mean I guess at some point I was I was wondering to for Europe for your series and your channel do you plan to I mean I guess It is very like based or children the younger people, but do you plan to like I'm in your car fan base. Eventually, they're gonna grow lot yeah. You want to keep it and keep bringing the younger ones and uvira ship and replenished the other ones gap. Or do you want to have evolved the content and go maybe a little bit edgier while I was so that they can make a new kids
do keep making here, I can make them, so you don't need to know where the company s inability with Alabama when it is in our view, is that we really wanted to take a few monetize. You wanna, keep it all. In fact, I now feel that doesn't really good question right. I think We must go back to escalate to Chad, yeah yeah, proud, I think, eventually, it probably will slowly age up a little bit kind of like superheroes, have kind of aged up recently yeah. You know like I was always a huge Spiderman Venezia. The thing was, maybe inspiration to me still watch Spiderman cartoons you used to be like us by remains for six year olds earns, but now it's like in your twenties Thursday,
should enjoy those movies, great jokes and it still clean air, and that's it that's a challenge, but yet still get still works. Kindly to be to be seen again will soon have an, I guess, but it seems like that is been our time and you have any plugs. Did you like the cash This danger milk, your career in the world, measured by working about nanotechnology, milk doc also make sure you check our chat church had wild clay I taught tat while clay, but then you are you. Have you see? You got the actual name right? Yes, Chad, wild and and that was another question do, but I we already eschew, but yet that's his real name. That's my real name! Only that including us guide. I thought thou like maybe that up here, I wasn't sure of Chad was your real name or clay was your real while people mix those Serbia or they're all three author, yet also down like a cowboy regularly,
ok now. I know why you're so my Minnesota's accident was definitely not used only you grow corn forefront, yes, I do not have all the earlier check out. Chadwick Clay, that's your lucky got the actual. That sounds. Nobody is real name and that's his channel. You can follow. I said at off the pill podcast on Instagram at off the pill on Twitter. When are we going to fix? A lonely like normal June? Is because it's always it's the same. It's there taken and we reached out and they won't be put to us. So I want to give us the same on both, but anyway, they just watching another off the pill. Podcast had been here, ethics revenue I don't know, but this is how we ended. We usually just counted three and we breathed into them like all right and in three two one
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