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#2 - The Apple Conspiracy, ASMR, and is Incest Wrong?

2019-02-02 | 🔗

Ryan Higa and the guys talk about ASMR, where sayings come from, and controversies surrounding the mega-conglomerate, Apple. Then, the conversation goes in for a turn into the topic of the age of consent, bestiality, and incestual relations becoming the norm. Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv...

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Like when they stab people. It's like. Ok, I know you, stubborn or imprisoned, doesn't go right through them like that poor come out as easy yeah, why the art decomposed, because I snapped people all I know- is our Steve Jobs was around. My phone was amazing. Everything was done about. I would say I I I would agree with that you'd, better it just tink, I don't love to cook is right here he wasn't. A visionary I was just inches illegal- is right. This is that it is not just like That's weird rose, I don't judge illegal, should it be illegal or I think it shouldn't be. We illegal ivory rollers for rollers. We still never figured out. We never figured out a way to start it, no, we have the breathing to end it. Are we gonna clap, but that's just like four camera everybody put Johannes together, put your hands to get
no an audio, you know we call it in recording, called the church plows as equally guess, really all the church, clap good guess hey so there's this thing in audio where we have a lot to technical difficulties. Is our third time trying to start this podcast and it looks like it's finally working right. Everything good be good, I hope so we don't have an interval, so we're just gonna clap, that's what we ve been doing for audio sake, not just just once for your camera to sacrifice to you know sink the arguments that I think you should start doing, how many
says, unlike my name's Ryan working to Africa Park as today, we have David choice. While you just do what you just did it judges? Did it those very welcome to our guests. Today we have Mr Ryan eager. Are you trying to end the pod cast by breathing re now into the MIKE audience? They rejoice special guest, Putin himself, Owens, introduce me and then and then and then will serve no sounds whatsoever for you, I'll nigh the science guy well yeah, mean we're gonna Jerry. You know we should do. We did get new chairs see. This part is just coming together. Dude, This better than the other unknown realistically its bearing the other room, I think so, because its bigger ya gotta, when I felt like I was sorry in a corner. Bigger is better, as they say what you always get these random, like
Today, the other day David and I we were talking about how we can help sings come come too I don't. I just get society and become like a real thing, we're trying to make up a new one We are, however, the wondrous aid we made up some ridiculous What are some things that are like? That's that something that I always want to look up, but I can never find the right answer to kiss your fish in the water. We did. You meet that operators that limit for now you gotta catch your fish in the water mean that I guess I was watching an old like western movie and one of the guys were saying: they were like old, cowboy robbers and they were like now, man that was back were young, and we were full of being like that, one down like man, that Guy Levine's that he'd, if he were watching inveighing D, like a slander that mean, though they nasty dude, afford or just energy apple, is full of being like US beans or do feel
maybe entered, I now know, maybe he was filipino Filipino Philippines, fuller, Willoughby, knows, senator initiatives? Oh well Filipino were young they all you're, not so full of being. But our filipino friends are the ones who made that it might be, but reg need just because you're Filipino does not mean that you're Fulla beans always thought following like it. He said men efforts is full of beans that we're not telling the truth na Yad Vashem worsens full of beans yeah, but the way they said they were talking. There are describing it like a compliment like maybe those back who young and full of Bingley like energy. I guess I ve beans or, as is the kind of energy. I know that you that's what they used to back in. The west and show some western some time in society, a change from full energy, the full of poop
you yourself will uphold and before that is full of beans. Yet what was it before? It is unethical. full of anything. You guys do you're, so full of it do to your full of beer. You know, but maybe back then, when they would use that term. You're full of Blake, maybe was a great thing like upon the gap. Yeah compliment. You're full of happiness is a bad one. We're happy now like questioning, nor it's it's a bad thing. When I say to you, if I dare say you like get, you guys are full of full of their full of it. We are full of joy, that's a bad thing that mean arab bullshitter, yeah, well, you're full of joy, you're still full of it do. I would want to be fulfilled with Joy David, useful of it brought full of it. But what's it though it doesn't matter what it is, it just means you're full of it you're, a little water water.
Was one on. What is the one that comes from? Like God is so sad sucks gonna carry member references, but it it. It comes from shipping inferior. What the saying is, but it comes from the top of them when they, when you make milk but the cream of the crop comes from when they make milk or some like that in the top of the milk was look known as the best cream against the crop? Yes, that's like that's where they had to look. If I looked it up, because we were asking that weren't, where doesn't even come from, I'm pretty sure that's that's correct, I mean I think, you're writing I googled it and what it? What is the crop, though, is milk is no great. I thought so yeah, so maybe in the milk, when it separates the is the cream and that in the most valuable, maybe it's kind of like some here that you know like the form we knew. Nobody knows imperfect poor as the right amount of foam. The has just enough to dislike, make that beer experienced just amazing new saying no,
They do like white. What year the farmer, the beer who damn that does too that's like all you got nuke you or you got that version of the car. Do that's the form of the beer it could be a good thing, though, mobilise too much foam yet not going down this again in deep blenders right enough? the right enough home with a beer who that that's what I still regret. The perfect amount of perfect amount of foam on the beer. That's like a pickup line, a banks or you gonna, go to a currency, hey! You know what you're you just have the perfect Amano form with the beer. That does not sound and I was a girl. I would care that envy like what can I say my number. I can only hope You know it is a fun gain that we're playing their nails. Man, we should they this the podcast set is when you ass. We doing like the would you rather,
but it was a little- are rated yeah. Several her tone had found a little. What you think of a would you rather and we'll has really good option, will can start ego next an hour ago last? Why do you get the glass I got think about radical first or second microsecond? Anyone good this is completely random on zombie apocalypse. Would you rather have you always go there, a spear right along spear sharp gap, bull or or fire acts liquor. You know, what's a fire, as you know, the one that Islamic fireman's at fireman's Axion, who you know what I've held both
in my life to hold a spear and have I Iraq has heard, I felt I have held both hay in exploring referencing the ladys of the people in Wally me wanting to be one of those people. I would choose a spear because little lighter modestly, smart out also pick a spear, but it's because of the distance because they can only harm you from touching stir. So if you have a spear out legged walking dead out, I think it's easier to pierce them. They make it look like their made of butter in walking dead like when they stop people. It's like. Ok, I know you, stubborn or person doesn't go right through them like that poor come out as easy yeah, why the art decompose another, because I stop people. I step nowadays inferior AGA about you
acts really because I could chop would with it. That is also true zombie monopolies being think about that. But you know what you can't do go spear fishing. I can't write refugee, not too late. Yemen acts have expiry gawayne zombie. What? If, though, that was a secret, should run up. We should run zombie. Lloyd's armies are out due to blocking bootlegging. They just ended, and I stopped watching along town didn't feel like that like those such as I want. My favorite shows we still watching together when it came out and then they felt like they just kept like every episode was ok. This whole season could happened in one episode, as I felt like I was in a few up so sir. Scanner, nice, this guy is get giant. I got you that you know that in writing have Gillikins island with Russia. I know people where there's like a group of people. There were stuck on an island. How bout? What is it?
I've. If you guys continue this, could I really have to pee? That's? Why keep moving? I gotta pee too. She would take a quick beadlike baby, give it a quick baby, a baby p break BP people. I really have to be bad, durable, sorry and we're back from She break, I said, why we say she, but I didn't who was it? I said I'll she she all. It was. Maya and Alex Skaters, Olympians bronze. I said her, oh I will. We are financing or Yahoo donated? Was she she real, quick, Goshawk, India? I guess how assigned to them on my pigeon, my pigeon came out with my Hawaii exe, and as an identical she shiro, quick nearer to dine dude there like dying, is like that's what little kid say. What really I thought of the highway thing you got in here that grown up cushy. She now ok was a p p m me, then,
I gotta take a piss even as a little kid your parents in Europe is not said. You gotta go party, how I mean like as a five year old now, ten year old ten year old. What do you say? I gotta go p bathroom or I got back to this it. Would I yeah sorry I gotta destroying it s like you show, we put in our show. actually wasn't even thinking about it rather right. Would you rather will you did when you can do as much as you want David? Do I know you do on David? I was trying to think of one by confess. I wasn't thinking this whole time. I forgot I came up with one, but I concur with the other major along with the other. Ok You rather have eight wide
in your king size bed with you every night when you go to bed wives for the rest of your life, every night, ok you're blank So I'm not I'm telling you right now. I don't even need other one. I don't want that many people, my bed, from my that's your lot. It would raise the rather wound wound me: Worse than launches. You say eight other duties, eight, while That's a moron depends with the others or in the other, two hoots dies in a twin. Oh my in your bed in your, but rather the dog, big dogs. You know that's a king size. Bed number, eight people, you know me: eight people is like that's about about about four great Danes and a set of twins and set a twin.
Their babies that will always be babies the resident, unless the one the weirdest, which does if yes, you gotta, choose one or both bad magic, the dogs and babies and six great oh my god, you can't keep changing it. Fine six gratings is too easy for you to come up with the six great name in a spare twin soul, we hear anti yuppies have to take care that our abies indulges in your bed. In your bed. Ok, daylight, other illegal living in date. offices raining there always do they cry. Of course they cry their babies market and I'm going back to the wives meet you crying. Babies and what kind of wives are they like? Really nice or they like they're, just being an that's just the new jobs at stack them in. Apparently, some of them would be snoring, some of them
It's fine here than crime, I have be oh, I would stack them in and their mid shape and they're all five hundred pounds and you get keep chase down. I must have a really nice bed frame and holds true. That's true. I gotta discussing one gum. Would you rather eat a sandwich that the meat in it is dogged, Boop, o, young or or you have to eat a wrought in like a super? Expired
Rocco like that. The means are discussing and more d, like the lead us in a cheese, is all like super old I may have been scientifically. There is both just filled with bacteria, their organisms, science that can definitely damage your body and potentially kill you, but yet the big one. It's a mental thing they're, both discussing out good the taco. I go talk with another came from food. It wasn't a peg you're gonna get sick either way, but you know what I think the poop would just try out You gonna try. The poop, even though you don't have a job would be dry. Verses lay all cried worry lay I gotta think she's in the sandwich. Only one ingredient is disgusting, which is what the boon alright error in the US is a fur. Brad fresh blood exercise, intimate arrest. She used to say, which also simple say. Mr Booker Mustard Dijon
regular what everyone can happen. I enjoy rights. How big is peaceful, the it's like as much You know if you take a roast beef, yet it would be like a couple says, or maybe like a should ride this exact But we have more, men can dry or it can be wet cash. So, especially if you want, subway that both he served duck proves the gate to be cleared. Dog poop, not cat poop has kept busy hasn't crazies like dogs, salary stench stood. Ok from experience of smelling, I was like the dog could sell it. You know I might take the dog, but because I know that with food that has spoiled yeah, it's extremely dangerous and you could die from like someone or poisoning really yeah. You die.
you don't do you know any food poisoning dishes from eating wait a little bit of like down guy, but imagine if it was sitting there for like you're still on the year, spoiled taco tat rather die do rather delete enjoy that sandwich sand. all right, we're not good this there's that game, and that was, would you rather like their game. It'll get better as we get better at Yale, next, some will be prepared for we're knew by is used in thinking about new, be pod, Kalis turnips. What I was trying to think of it. It is a tough artists, Gimme a clean, but maybe it doesnt have
we can do. We can do clean whenever it wasn't. What did you do a vote? Would you think you would say, keep a cleaner, keep better, keep a dirty money, that's a dirty. They would but its but like what's the point of everything gets likes age restricted and sponsors is what this is about, one that entity without as well, but that's Ivan. The issue is the age restriction its uses got into this place, we are in the time will allow you to tell it always see the fact that we are even talking about this shows what's wrong with you to kid, that's de breadth. It is true, though, because I never used it. like this. Even writing. Anything like I would always clean consciously but like I never felt it couldn't be yourself. Yeah where's, like an enabling, promote the whole. Be yourself thing they do promote that, but it it's like. Ok, we'll be yourself would be the self that we want exactly. The fact that is so. That's is even that its exhausting to talk about shows you there's.
and with it the give there's no way we could do. That. Would you rather, as we did last night without getting aid restricted me? We tsar there's no way there was no. We need a new platforms or do we want to talk about. You. Do not really do want to invite you to where did we can talk about it, but I don't want to buy you to everybody's allegest, complaining you too, a beheading what their memory forced us to hide and always it. You know what I tried deleting from my phone. You can't, but every time I got eternal, my bluetooth in my car you to search playing and unlike this was great music, that's playing, and then I get this off. What does this great music does not, and I am a pistol actually I'm very yeah. I really don't like the fact that its playing Otto plays in my career. It's I don't know what you do. It's setting stop using apple That is the only way products so gestures. Everyone is biased and they have their own agendas to push myself
Nobody, isn't it you're, just talking about like the whole apple thing other day then like we were comparing like the sides of like you can see it from apples. Pears like they were like you, we were talking about how I see yeah and also how it I think they tried to like literally stop the market of third party repairs like they would write like sue these. Other small companies are doing that and others a youtube. Our line that like shows all the information of like he, takes a part apple products and says, like they were in charge of six hundred dollars for this and literally costs two dollars, and this is how you do it and then they were trying to take it down. But on the flip side with the other media. Is that because apple, as you know, they want to control your experience right, which is good and bad, right its positive because the they maintain a very high quality level of service product design
all these things? They want people to join their world and say hey. We have this amazing experience that you can have gone to the apple genius borrowed. These products are one hundred percent you know tested in our facilities right with our highest quality of standards, whereas these third parties may take a short cut. They made enough find the same part in China. That's you know super cheap, but on the other side not everyone can afford these ridiculous prices down repair. So I can see Both sides right yeah, is more. I just we were talking about the other day, all really like off like somewhere. I mean I get it. I see both sides to, but I mean I'd.
it is no matter what yeah I they no matter. What, though, like with anything that is Apple, Youtube everything I know you can satisfy everyone, and the thing is most people don't think in the same way, we're we're thinking from their perspective and like if you were to from business persons perspective but put yourself in their shoes if you're starting a business or you're doing things a certain way. I mean, if you really believe you know, what's best and start your own business group of gold, idle apple. If you know that much, I think that's a menu incomplete as wishes. We want about Youtube and stuff, but if they're not going to change its wives stopped trying to cheat. There's no way. You can change you too there too big bright. So if they want to make this, where you have to adjust, it sucks but the only way we can show that we can do anything about it. Either people stop using acres, it's not good or there's a competitor Miranda. Just so big, it's hard to can be with the company, that's generating billions of dollars to have a monopoly on the system a mob.
Size I, but I thought I would be I get it, certainly it for me, I'm actually little more on the other side as far as the experience, because I mean first, I'm an apple fan boy, but I ask the reason why I am is because actually love their products now did eight charge a ton of money fur like their laptops and their phones. Yes, they do. It is more expensive and but they ve done a mailing job of branding in marketing, which is what we want is a little bit that that doesn't hold out much weight. Is marketing came in its all about I kind of manipulation in a way, but I do think that apple products like because I guess I come from like the artistic side right northern creative side when I see an apple product verses, anything else for me personally, I see
it is like a wild is a beautiful thing. Like now clean, it's clean its consistent in August settling a lines with, like my Lula, somewhat OECD. I had avoid beneath even like, I think I'll for me, even just walking around you know like conscripts mall or something and you seen apple store. It just looks so clean and for me I personally hate the heat, something there. Alex so cleaning hold. I just want to go in there. You know why you wanna be cold. It is not a worn out of place. It's not a warm place, it's always leak. Obviously, I know it can be called in their. So that's where I go if it was always freezing. I group like, if I grew up in the Arctic, then I would They go into something that looks more like a warm home, the Hollister, even the holidays, really cold, but it looks like a hot we are selling more like bright and I guess, what's a warm looking star, like her, I think hawsers, pretty good,
was like a log cabin, but its very dark. Those dark looks called to muster Abercrombie envisage that's another. Does the same thing. you mean, though, by warm store. They belong in, had exert roundish, yea leg up here, the electrician surfer brand dishes of visual. visual once my cycle psychology, so yeah like going back to their. I just come back there I know people industry malignant, like Sampson's modern, would not you know. I've seen. Samsung funds are great. actually technology wise. There are a lot more advanced in a lot away right. They actually like try to improve and do all these things, but when
you do too much of that it in they allow other people other than theirs. To many ideas in that forum, in my opinion, an end in just the general direction. It is one website not right, I don't you mean in, and it gets a little clunky and a little bit like what's so. What are you guys exactly? What? What are you trying to? I know you're trying to do, but, like where's, your
deputy. I that's how my mind works right. I think once somebody's other competitors, they start branding better and they have, moreover, design sense in terms of like the product in the way that the package, everything together- that's that's a type of thing. I've appreciation for oh yeah, I mean I literally just went through like getting Napa Watch aunt. I went through like looking through the market and see like what about other opportunities are other options. I guess there and it was basically just like either do Android or you do smarmy earth Appalache and I will say after I went and got that will watch the packaging and everything like an open. It was like this is pretty sick, like just opening of the eye, and they really the control that it will expire. They have a lot of attention to detail, which is, I appreciate language. You said that, coming from like an artistic minds like perspective like even like on the backside, you know they had like a prints on the inside that you can
even seen to open it, which is very that part, was variant its consistent with all not just watch me like a product, so good apple sales guy, I believe, would you say that so its end stay because- and I just thought about this now but like when it- is your kind of saint sampling is met? Like you, messier, an apple is cleaner right. That's what you're saying kinda too
degree, when you look at it, I only I kind of em right, but there the case are so I made my point four apple in their beauty and all that right. The other side that I think is great about companies like Google in you know, Basin Android phones is that they they push innovation right and and they actually allow people to kind of freely, be creative and do their own things as a pussy. Conforming to what apples brand standards are right right, like an apple says, we built this. You need to build according to this right, the Google, of mindset is like hey. This is an open field. You be as creative as you want. You build whatever you want in in here. You go. My thing is: I wish that there was a company that literally promotes both of those tarred, but
like in the sense of lake. It's an open thing, but the experience is still very important and, like the sleek look, and so like that economy, Otto I, the problem I have is like it's very much one or the other. You know like red and blue, take the red pillar of Blue Phil NEA her she's, a red sign or the blues, but I was really excited for Google's modular phone, not only their doing pixel, not the pics. I don't remember what was what it was like. I remember there was a very big buzz about having like a phone where, instead of replacing the phone, you replace upgraded components, almost like a mother board in a computer noisier, and so it would reduce like tonic waste, and it would reduce like that.
numerous cost because they don't have the continual it sounds like. Oh, we came up with a thirty megapixel camera. You know here by and then you just popped out like a card, any punch, you back in and essentially just upgraded. Your phone is to a certain degree I don't I ice- I see it. Why are you will make as much money you because you're not forcing the consumer to buy an actual phone right in the entire thing, so business from a business perspective? It would make no, it wouldn't make as much sense, because why would I want to accredit if I have this right. Will you I mean I'm not saying it's gotta make money. I would just say I ever me personally that I'd, but it is often in Korea, like you, that is like an innovative idea that pushes the industry in the area it does it, which is why I think some people had like problems with Apple, because I feel it in the beginning. They were very much like an enemy.
If I D, Steve Jobs, was around here and now it is kind of like, like you're, saying they ve kind of scaled back to just the experience or having this brand that they keep consistent, which is still pretty pretty cool. And its this kind of like it is slightly more shallow type of thing. The branding and all that I mean it's very important, visit the branding, it's more of a psychological thing down the actual innovation of technology. I think you know Android in Google. Is they ve done a much better job of like pushing that India and then Apple, just gonna copies what they did right now, but they perfected yeah package it better. Some three at the end of the day, androids lot better and other things we're too, as I when I was thinking, I don't want to switch to android like no outcome, as everyone has iphones. If I were the only one doesn't have one in our group.
yeah, like I'm message for what we do. I think it's easier, but if we all were to switch or if you want to elect a minority rights with a Iphone, I think it's easy switch You mean Iphone to enter now. I think the only reason I'm still getting iphones is because it's easier, it's gotta. Everyone already has as if they ve created this whole. Ecosystem, did that that's brilliant yeah and you let it really and you will get a message, for example, if you text each other with ice such iphones. It's a nice, blue and white and blue and gray kind of messaging visual. But when you message with anyone outside of apple, Yet this like neon green thing, but good, it's ugly, There are other of Android. They do it on color droid. I hate that. I think you do purpose the area, a brilliant idea, like you, said, an ecosystem as a very good. Where did he hated that went on in it stuck in it? Now he likes you get it
I think that he got us on a hook, so they can do things that I hate and I will still be loyal because I M not loyal. I have to get out of convenience that the whole like when a new one comes out, I do know there was a study of its true or not, but I personally know for a fact that always happens everyone. You phone comes out my phone, for whatever reason I would say the last for phone. Consistently get slower and maybe did I think there was a study or saying about it? Maybe it's an Did they release at an oh what it is, but whenever, like it's not my phone is not at all. What did it Apple release a statement saying they do slow down sounds like that idea, they do in the reason being is because you know, because then blip, because with the new phone right, the hardware, you have to release new software right and software generally gets better right. It doesn't get more slimmed down, it gets bulkier rights or any other.
bulkier software with more features and more more tools and different in a powerful but angle can handle it. Your phone can't handle it because it's not as powerful as right. The new form that comes okay, so salts when you ve come out with the new software right. You have an old phoned. The old phones, hardworking people with software so a disable certain things in the hardware sure or in the software, or vice versa, right that sea, so it forces you to. But that's my point, the way that's my point: the fact that their releasing this everything you and there's not much change they could have. You know for a fact that apple has so many things that there are currently working on. That's not gonna, be in the in the next phone. You think they stepped back and they doing it because they want- or at least more phones who, as you know, that you have to get the next one cause you're following a slow down. I can handle it when they could have easily done something that they could release the version that could handle the next update. If not, then why don't? They have somebody thinking about that? Like Wild
If somebody like saying because everybody is complaining about it, there's other conspiracies about how they're doing this to your phones, young, like date, they are aware of the problem. They they ve already addressed it. I think it's less about that. It's more about it's! It's a! If he had a restaurant right and then you decide to change so yeah. customers coming for for a decade or so used to like everything on the menu in the way that the chairs feel and then one day there are like. Ok, you know I am from a business perspective. We gotta evolve with the times. Rob people gain more sophisticated me. A real wanted just serve this like this, the same patrons that come in Dore, but you know a restaurant. We were
the young kids to come, but our place looks old, bringing in all these new furniture. You can't really do half and half, because it's going to be weird with the branding and all that. But if you, if you have the same in it, if you bring in a bunch of new furniture and make it look more hip cuz, you want to drive audience than the old people. You know they're going to complain because it's not as I kept and forward thinking. That's that's the difference, though this is not like when you going into this restaurant for the old people like they're, not they're, not allowed, like you can still go, therefore, free, like you're, not being forced to do something that you don't wanna do the leg is not like that. It's not like your destroying that restaurant you have by now and then making you pay for another put here but, like there
what they're doing is there saying like hey, you bought this from us right now. It doesn't work the same way we'll when you have to upgrade Iccat, not a great right. Eventually, it makes you up great if they were to. Let you just let your homework, the waiters. I give my my phone work. The way did like how I bought it and how it was intended to work. I dont care. Let me you can have the cool stuff, the next one I'll get the next after that may be, but the fact that their making you get this product next part, because they they ruin your other previous product. But they're not really is a response, but they're not really making you fit what they're not they are making you because there is low two Android. Without what I mean but like out of convene it's it's mess, that's one thing it's messed up but like I have this with their intentionally making the product you bought like obsolete, so that you have this annoying.
Things that non. I hear you saying that I don't know it's even if it's not intentional heat they're, not they don't care, become out about their yards because her in his care about moving consumers. They care about Iraq, proving technology they care about not being stuck in the past, but like moving on dry bettered and newer things. Cassettes with their job is right, but it's you know, they're doing it on purpose because, like you I mean yeah, considering your developing an app. You know that when they put an update yeah, they are forcing other people who have apps to conform to their update yeah. So because you suck it could be just as a simple to help to fix Ryan's problem would be, if you have a phone, that's let's say the six caps at CERN update so that without when you dont upgrade into the next software to mess up your
so you could say like well, you could buy a six, but it only goes up to software x Y see right answer it won't. It won't get messed up, but features of the new one. So they do they do that within the software itself. They have to buy it. I guess I'm not a engineer, but from what I understand is if you create. I explained this. So if you create a new software update its addressing certain bugs, but it's also helping the new for its is software that fits into the hardware of the new phones. I come out right right, the new and better, better and better and faster and more powerful, an overall
it's an overall date now for apple to spend their resources in their engineering power on creating what made you already have this. They have an Iphone sixteen right now right for all the efforts rise, even though I from tat right. But then, how long are they gonna? Keep this going in half people fix bugs that are still apparent from six. They want to move on to the next phones. They want to get more so what you think is Wendy, so the bugs at their fixing right now your knife, which are always area yeah there, always there but live if you're satisfy with how your phone is when you buy it, which you know if you can run that way, can they maintain that that current, for, even with the boats that are currently there, but that's what she bought like that the phone is. That's fine, so the thing with the kind of so here's the thing so from apples perspective. Why would they put
spend millions and millions of dollars more into a software into a team that just cares about getting. ass. If they need an average Cosette roaming on Monday evening, they work they need. Another team they need another two, then that's that's what I'm saying it makes no sense financial them. What they should do is I've been? I guess it then it becomes. This point is at what point like? Is there really if they really wanted to so by this logic? Why not just released new foreign every month, force. You twine you phone. They do well software, but not another. Why not just a new phone every month and you'd forces ice who expensive exactly, but for a lot of people with all too expensive already because of how frequently there releasing phones and that's the point they need to me, something that, and this lonely I mean you, don't have you ever they want, but I'm saying like at the more this happens in the more frequently this happens, the more I'm gonna try and completely campaign at the until people alike,
ready to switch until all my friend s way and then as far as apples perspective is, if I don't release phones at this rate than they have the way people off gas which is fight. Like these That is the way they're gonna get. If that's the way there going to be like the company, I get it like. I understand it, but that is how it works like if you people can afford it, and it keeps coming out like we're fortunate that we can afford it, but if it keeps coming out what's stopping them from going every single month and the next and the next month it comes out your phone surging slower after that use, your phone is even lower than like there's nothing. Stopping them is not a good idea. Now. It's like you, know I'll, go back to the rush hour analogy Letter MAX Max capacity every night right and you hire people in Europe have higher enough people too. To have a good business right comes onto capitalism right. Do you want to create more jobs for people right if you at the top of this restaurant in your max capacity every night, and you make a certain amount of money right
it's like, should this company be able to open or not worried, are not worried about other people, their word about themselves, not about that's what I mean. Yeah they're, not worried about people losing their jobs trust me not worried about it there now, but it would happen now because, if you really are worried about you, weren't being selfish. What you would do is what you exactly what you said. You create another team right, it costs them more money, but it will keep their people
people like me, a willow there were. We had the old, not just mean well by Leggum singly, for there is my example. Gaia no agree on other team, which creates more jobs, cost them more money right, but it's like. Are they the ones they're gonna lose money, but their people or have their customers are happy? I deem it goes into a much deeper conversation about capitalism so like let's he had this restaurant right in your doing you're, making ten milliners you're right. They could open another restaurant another chain in open another one, and then they can open a franchise from the next in and out the next check for the next, whatever that spends on their goal now with this phone company, do they want to just be a mom and pop like phone shop, or do they want
Compete with Samsung and all these other companies do. They want change world Charlie one of influence over a country didn't want of inputs around the world and who doesn't entity in in kind of? Have you no create create dislike brand? That's represents America in America, redwoods right that gives you influence and power over all the other countries in terms of technology, you wanna be a leader in that you cannot be a leader if you dont expand and if you don't expanding, not generating more revenue. Of course, and you can't, you will never have that- that sort of its a balancing act yeah. But what I'm saying is at their getting to the
wait where I think they're not gonna. Generally more revenue, they can't there done right now, actually so as far as phones most people know and though they ve already kind of like maxed out the number of people who can buy phones from Apple, why does everyone has Iphones Loggia, but I mean like dissolves can be kids in people growing lighters, populations increasingly area, but not not at the rate where it's like a westward it that's. Why? Right now, they're focusing on software upgrades as opposed to hardware I late, because everybody has an Iphone, so you like how operating in a lie, but you just sit like, but I guess, if they're at the maximum that perfect device which doesn't exist, then that one can handle the most updates like the because you're not building you for years to build a new phone. It's because they have updates that can be handled. There's there's rest things I darth. Are they done making new phones? I don't think our own another, never done making new phones by, but they are having like within latest Iphone. That came out yet had the least tomorrow
eyes, because everyone has an Iphone like I waded out for the next next next that next week because unhappy. What would you can't low? because when the next one comes out here through your phone, so I got to stop working once you update, I think that's what I'm saying, some. I would say this is somewhat of a simple solution, but it's kind of like a compromise between them. Having a team in the team will be wherever it may be, but when they have a phone in the beginning, when you buy a brand new phone it has bugs, and people like yeah fix it fixes, and then, like a year later, maybe two years later, it gets to a point where works good and you want to keep it the exact way. It is even if it has like maybe one bug here: it's very solid, doable, yeah yeah, there's a problem when it switches over to the new phone that everyone complains again
Or says screw amateur binding phone there needs to be a way to like solidifies phone, so in that zone that phone will not slow down. If you dont have created mind us what my knights me really buggy aren't even update diamond don't update hundred per se as or we're talking about actually located something to be said about that. That's probably true in some ways, because at that point apple is already invested in improving their rivals system, the back and not as you that one update media, I phoned six software, but the entire back in infrastructure, because they need to grow the right to make better things. They may know heirs of future and aid to build an hoarding way.
Now that doesn't make sense, maybe it does slow down a little bit, but that's the problem is for the consumers. Like I see we're right will Ryan's his about. If I buy a phone at this one point and its working up to the standards that you as a consumer, I want it to its kind of sick. I would say again the word amusing slimy yeah that the company isn't really like doing something actively for that for that specific problem, right and the reason is money they want you to day essentially is now, as you can argue against that they will need an upgrade. Your phone is just not a priority where they should just disclose this phone only last year unto a startling. Now you know what that the same problem. It's the same exact problem that every phone companies, whether you're Apple or Android, samsung. It's the same thing. It Apple just gets that that sort of you know why don't I don't know that, because yeah, it's notice cause that's. How can I can't even
I agree with that because I don't know I own. I am speaking from personal experience, because there's no there was no release telling us this until recently, and I always suspected hours. I caught it on videos law a long time ago and in this article came within the last year, or so some heart needed some harboured study or something like that. But I, when they came out, I was not. I was shocked, even though I knew it was happening. I just didn't Nausicaa as conspiracy. Interest is in my head, like area in up, but it makes sense because, unlike men, have to spend money again, I just got this. Could I don't get cold when they just come out the man I just got, I forget which, when it was in the five or six was a six didn't get it just like it. Just came out funding and in two months later. Next, we are not at my phone stalwart because for many years no excuse that this phone- that's all, should stop working for that price or that's that's a different dead, that's probably the phone itself, but like four. Well I'm honest I've known seven. Ok, my my phone works
lately fine and are now yes update for now, so for me. I'm like I know some people have problem were there not only slows down a lot, but why not me, maybe maybe just write your phone no see. So, that's why? Maybe it's not you? Maybe it is, but it's just Senor I had so you're, not slowing down. It's not really it's fast enough for me that so then what we say that it is not, then it is just the faulty products like a lot of it can be that it could be that, because motion Y know agree with what we're talking about mine. What really creep me out was my only started messing up. I'm just going to can like yeah mine only started like getting really glitzy when they started having new releases, and I was watching videos on the new phones and the right products, and that's what I was like. This is weird, but that's dairies, like I mean, there's already talk.
That with whole like elect Southern that's Amazon and the Google com and there's our either things again and your phone does that sound spacey and its and it's been proven and other left tested it yet like not simple, like slow down. I'm talking like, I would type I'd, be typing, that's facebooks thing and it wouldn't type and then they would go. That's right in your legs language and they would type like really fast. Wouldn't it would like interesting and there are other wages you didn't work. I never had this problem and in I'd try to pursue off leather sleep in it. Wouldn't do it and then, like two minutes later, would go to sleep and then come up again. Five had that I've had that. Only after I started and then I started thinking like how sick would it be only then can we really can if they did a number of us. If there is a team at Google, that of soft of apple amidst use me at apple that are in charge of writing, to bug your phone like tat would be I mean, I'm a blackmail honestly, the menus,
honestly. I would not, even if I heard the now black man that's messed up but like they have already been doing it in my head. I know like I'm in until there is a better. I don't think they have teams that do that in my I don't think so. You think so you that horrible press really like right outside I mean there are certainly not only goes conspiracy right. I obviously never gonna get caught I must say great, but I will say that that they are aware here of what that would do, and maybe there are some arms at all in all, I know is Owen Steve Jobs was around. My phone was amazing. Everything was great about. I would say I I I would with that after you you'd better it just tink- I don't love to cook- is right. You know here he wasn't a visionary drivers No, I mean I I just know my own personally. This is not like that. I cried. I could be talking automate bow
May next, unholy or maybe the next upgrades we have switched together to experience it may be all about, but that's it the thing, I would have cannons all you guys and my phones. I do it less. Like me, Gimme, like two or three years on this, but watch No I've convenience. You like your watch right. I love it. They release the next watch this, most brand new one, and I was like ok. This has about maybe two years right, which is sad, nowhere conspiracy to like ok, virtue free? Would you guys want to keep the same exact phone for how long until you get tired of it, and you want to improve gender. I'm not. I guess you're not because your force but I'll write, your own preference on us I think we would naturally breakdown or ten there's features. Reflex the crap that so awesome and upgrade the same. Normally the phone one phone away is not big enough. Maybe they who three phones away as only crap. I need to get any the Ladys for you nurse outsail thread of three to five five, because, like the phone
should still work, but I know they used to work that long before why all of a sudden after, like design or not the phone. When I got my last phone magazine, I got it late. I think it was the five about the five really and they're just read: release the six like two months later, that's my forsaking super buggy brand new phone. You know it's not the form is it's just that one is unfortunate, It worked perfectly right and that other one came out. I don't know if I updated right away or not I probably upright updated it approaches, did it it got so bad. Everything was like what will is talking about. I think it was the first I'm going to the six also be the six going to the seven, but regardless like. Ok, what I know for a fact cause the icy think. Ok, maybe the phone just connect. You know me the overheat over like a year and the kind of breakdown, but that was in the case of a brand foes, a brand new two months in run your phone.
Same with what they are talking about with a battery life? Did you hear that someone tried to sue them so now they have to like if your phone dies in the first like to make my cousin she had to do this her phone. Basically, in like a couple hours, go from a hundred percent to twenty percent brand new. It's like the new I've only got about battery yes Odin, so now there because they're getting sued not and go to any apple store and tell them matter here being get a free change but like nor had no one. We gotta do it before the end of this month, sentence on the night that by things, if had no one tried to sue them, do you think they would offer that programme now? Worse, not because they don't air about like? Because it wasn't a big deal to them, because no one really know no inlaid as much yet is able thought like, or maybe it's just like, I'm using it and my phone seeing Odessa, I used it there, but then I realized. That's not that's not how the phones they dont, that they don't die
fast only when the next phones coming idea, and that's only for one reason- to make more money to make you by the next thing and that's why I think is I think there's more than just that means more than just money. I think it's about influence its about power. So if this, if apples enough power was one of his power, the Gaza That's what I'm so the way that I see it as if, if it wasn't apple yeah, it's gonna be someone else and doing was dead. What it does, what is the leader in phones in soft in phone technology right, so it's if it's gonna be all. I want someone else to do that. Then I want some. Have more influence because everybody needs a competitor or us things become for me, have a monopoly on absolutely in and for me, it site you know who I want to be bigger as a hamburger. I know I keep telling my love like I dont mind that in an out is massive: ok, I wouldn't mind actually, if they took over the world,
because I just like India now, but what, if like, when I want them to take over the indifference one if they do take over the hamburger industry yet and I would be fine, because whatever might know, but they have a high standard of double a triple their prices. We would still support. No, no, no! No, of course, not exactly it's the same thing, but I know that they have higher native hamburgers then like they deal, would like a Mcdonald's sure by this image on us kept their prices. Do you think they'll be able to take back in an hour? in an open, ended process? Now is apple and my eyes. Mcdonald is Android gap, ok, no more or less. If, for example, right yeah, I think so. For me, In a nutshell, is higher quality, or just doing I an analogy here, it's ok! So, just as in the example you, what I'm saying is if there were a triple their prices
as they can cause. You know how good the hour and, let's see, they're doing better than Mcdonald's were significantly sure, though they have such a huge fan base apple right and they trip with their prices right or the cap, raising it more more more. What is our apples doing them did in a way they are because they are making you buy new for their increasing the revenue to become a more powerful sure right. So, at what point do all these in fancy? You know it is a great product, but screw these guys are greedy in a, albeit in a Mig new hamburgers they're, all great you gotta stay there is there so good about. While point is a: maybe they need money to a need to another cup of another competitor came around in there, almost ass good thought and there's just one third, the priceless great. Why wouldn't you support, of course, that does not just right now. That's what I'm saying we need that in you know, is not apple, no internet. If you look at in and out yeah, they have kept the same thing because they know it's good,
you, don't mean the type of quality and the other on farms, but they haven't cows. They haven't leg, tried to Lake git you to pay for a little a little bit more and they can keep increase enterprises. I mean like stare. Typically in an hour, I wrote a picture in your head as a person as a compliment. I would think it's like some old farmer. Guy who just log has been making the same thing for a hundred years and I'm not gonna Tina and I'm gonna charge you dollar in Libya, which is using it as his analysis, he'll, whose area and not create great their naked and villages got stolen. Happy ending up, as you know, if you know what I level so I looked at it now and I love Mcdonald's further own recent jenna, but I just know that as far as the ingredients as more turned talking, more yea, radiance quality water of ingredients with Mcdonald's verses in and out is world of a different stir, less processed. You know that type of thing here in terms like this
yeah like the raising of the prices and Mina having people like you? Have the money part of the money proceeded? That's a different model, because our Soami Burger places Jack in the box, whatever burger king, so that they can afford to do that. The reason why apple cans, because they have such a stranglehold The reason why you can do what they do is because they have a stranglehold on the market and that's a difference and that's why saved withered needs to become he's a bar is low to Fer, to create a hamburger. Joint verses of phone company will guide us it's yet it yeah there's not many competitors yeah. That's why I was so excited for like that modular phone, because, if you think of like all the people who were set I want to buy new phone every year sake that is kind of a solution years. Here's I a base, processor phone right. You just have to upgrade the parts right, though it is essentially kind of a solution to that that bubble or whatever in them get a pity. I don't want to do that, but I think that the only thing about the modular phone is like you know: what what can you
upgrading that I don't know I'm looking at it. I just I was like a very cool excitable idea, Sequoia dear by its, and how to execute that because like if your phone comes, let's say they come. Let the screen yeah right and then you have. You can operate every other peace, but the screen right, then, is kind of like now need to get a new strain again. What Maybe that's why I think Google stop their object. That's why it may be that maybe they reached a dead end instead, like historically feasible right now. I buy something like the idea is great yeah concept itself like having something that on the market. That's an alternative. Yours like yeah like an attachment, and somebody like that would be very new in very exciting. Almost like a invite. reinventing this Maradona's and I do remember you're right about that. Follow an apple. You see that doesn't mean I like. I was still support as Dryad. I regret as I get a worthless, even when its proven yeah I'm under the spell. We do assignment
spell I'm committed because everyone else's that makes sense literally, have yeah negative all his is a good product until they update until a new fund comes on yeah. I agree it's when you first get it and new even went bugs. Is a colleague crap the fact that this is a real thing that didn't exist ten years ago? this unusual yeah dive, ok, well, whatever year, you know diamond exists, a one point here and how far it's gone is active. amazing about fourteen years. I think it's regardless even the first Iphone compared to now. It's it's amazing rate, brilliant pro maybe they needed or that all our money to make it to get that far get to that point. Yeah, maybe maybe maybe that's the only way. Is there surviving highly highly doubt that indeed there making so much money yeah, I don't think that's the problem to create a company like that. Did Sir a lot of work in which it is
money to company. You know each engineer, you know they have, like. I don't know honey staff, there's probably like hundreds of thousands of guess obsolete. like one engineer in for are now a three hundred grand a year: yeah right, that's not even including like health insurance right. So it's a foreigner thousand a year. yeah for one person, but if it hundreds of eight everything about it like this, there they have them and they have to pay a lot, obviously guide, but it that's not the issue like the they're making money there may I can only make a ton of my guy at the top- is made to any the people hop the comical exactly like a ridiculous amount, so It's not the issue that they're like they need to do this taken to stay competitive like date, there doing it because it makes it makes them money. Now you know it's not about like, because Does not making money their dying? Not aid can be making money, but there is a difference between making money being greedy. That's that's another conversation theirs
philosophy in their lot of philosophy now- and you know else's greedy when you agreed, he agreed me because the word greed Tandem upbringing, At the beginning I buy it. I said that because I knew you were gonna, be accuracy deja vu, I'm starting to feel Tingley of Korea wholly crap asthma see tat time and space and time space all this whole podcast, there's no order, everything's happening at the same time. Did you have the very first Iphone. I think leave identity going like this. Third, I was when I came in it, for I think I was really. I was a blackberry guy like. even libraries, heads or awesome do I like the buttons you could text without looking like those and you ass, you can
Is that little ball game where you bounced off the wars and break or the thing in Bonn long know: you'd wrinkling the block, brick raker yeah that so you don't even know do Rick Beggar was universal, kids, don't even know dish. I've been having a simple game deployed you're to get into the young software so they're. They have gives remember on the little block dude in all your tea eighty theories, they lose your calculators. Had they that block do game colic, then you will like, after like fossil puzzles, you remember that oh Mamma and erratic tee. I never at tea to let you get into calculus, so I think I had more than I know her game blood. You need it for good he needed, for geometry: highly got up to algebra, one, that's a lie: such a high enough. There's people out there John, owing to Algeria, one! It's! Ok, it's ok
and Stein didn't even get anything he's a nobody he got somewhere. He don't even know what gravity was loser guys. Who is a guy recipes? I know he did his cousin. What I intended is causing real awash documentary thinks so tat. He left his wife deported causes or something like that. Where I heard it was his sister, ok, regardless still weird, but if you're dating your cousin, it's ok kid yeah I've. I've heard some stories about people dating their cousins. Some at what point you know like we're like it's: ok, they were saying this like or that's weird at what point is the pc culture could reach? That I mean. Did I may possess the car, the rout, the one you know before you could be like, oh, and not that I'm saying this, but back in the day they are alike.
training on a good example like being gay was so wrong now of USA, or that's weird, you get so much flak for it yeah I mean black, then tat change. So what if in the future like did, did of his love, dude like if you want to love your sister and cousin, like how dare you say it's weird, you know what our point does it stopped because it might not it won't. I think it will one day will what I think it's ok. I think so. forgot. Guy loves her sister. Nothing so to illegal fishing is except yeah. I don't think it's acceptable decided on and there's also health reasons for that. If young cattle leg it there you know what is also health reasons for a lot of things. I don't think so you there, but I'm just saying it. Might we don't know it Nobody thought it was to be at a time when everybody was like. You know other shouldn't, be any laws against it. If people want to the hour but like at what point, is it but hausa dangers to society heard menace
I don't know, I don't kid, maybe there's more complications. I guess you don't think you think seekers people want to do it. There shouldn't be laws against knoweth with it, with your sister siblings. Siblings, sibling, love, so inaccessible, incessant insights into illegal yeah. It is right, it's just that it is not just like that weird rose, I don't get you legal, should it be illegal or I think it shouldn't be legal as well, as you know, have kids cause, there's complication, sir. We knew, if organ in politics, about how we always politics yeah, but deal I'm seeing the right. Look at what point freedom. Does it stop if you wanna, if you wanna, merrier cow, he should be able to see to that. So there's are you mister too, but, like I think it's it you're your links. If it get to the point where who's this, whose sermon what love is no crimes, but that's where we're out another worse in son, I'm saying it's ok, ok, you're. Already at that point, I'm already there,
might the area are heard my yet we are legal paper, so you think you're you're, taking like a libertarian side, where the government should not regulate personal right. Like love interests are like laws, Europe of love we're already. We already have that but but the argument there is that peat, when you get married, there's benefits oh you're, talking about the benefits part no banal brides! That's what I'm saying it's I know how to do it or else the argument for like why people don't want to allow gay marriage or, if game, if gay, transsexual lesbian, what a rural areas are missing if, if any of those people can benefit from from these laws, because the what defines that is love their definition of love, the IRA right. So if love is what it is, if I love my darling, it's also consider too damn it's not considered, maybe not my dog. If I have a brother like brother sister, wherever right, if fat,
That relationship is based off of old cortical love right yeah. But how can you ain't exactly it's different with a dog because a document recipient waited? Does it take easier sister like interest like get your sister yeah that I get that perspective? I just haven't policy, but I don't think about it either on tuna by Nord, you say disgusts me to think about it. I know, but but no sooner had he been we're alive. does either right now. If they see this in, like twenty years, when its allowed me, I mean I'm saying I would add, we're gonna get where bigots. No, so what I'm saying it discusses the personally, but other people, that's what I'm saying is that they act. Then, twenty years ago it was suggested people to be gay. I dont want to kiss a dude. I am, I know you don't straight. I know you'd and what are you going to want to kiss a dude for myself yeah in that's? Ok, I don't have to go guys wondered ass by your thing. Like I'm saying, you're, not Allow me to say that anymore. So what what did you say? Yeah? I just know you're not about yes, your disgusting Augustus
did you not to say that you were unaware, I don't even like you and two couples where allow jittery animals kiss in front of me. I really like that. Right now, I know sure well were were allowed to say right now, you're got were pushed on it. slippery slope in our own work. No Bob saying this is that's it's interesting. I wanted it is. Where allowed right, not to say oh, my gosh, that guy in girl, brother and sister are in love in the hooking up. That is weird I, that is disgusting. I think it's disgusting. I think it's fine to say that because I feel that I know I'm just saying: why must not doing that my soul reminiscing were allowed socially to it. Yes, yes, we are. We already. Wouldn't you say like? Oh my gosh, you saw the music this. This mom was dating heard to thirty seven year old son. I think that's discussing I know, but you can. You can say that if you see two people who write no matter what you believe. I think anyone should be able to say anything they want here as long as it doesn't
site. I know, but I'm writing a while avoiding warrior. Like you know, I don't know, I just know offence and he was talking about people who are in like her didn't know, thanks in advance notification. What day is it I'm saying it's my free speech, yet light is far what other people do in their lives is none of my business. I agree with that. Right is a wall right there, but I agree with the twin me and that same like sisters and like yeah. That's off limits right first, like I'll, take it to the crazy extreme food for human beings that halves sexual relations with animals which does exist here been obese reality. I don't watch s, I've never have actually seen one sure, but I know it exists, strikes people Tommy Gap, God. It's illegal. Who am I to say, though, that, like what he that person does in fields where, if they really feel in love, like maybe there's psychologically a little bit strange,
from from my perspective, but if they are actually super in love sexually with a monkey and the monkey maybe feel the same way haughty. That's the thing. How do you do you know the monkey conceptualizing? That's that's the issue with that kind of deference. Ok, fine! Let's this to give brother sister relationships, yeah that'll yours aimed at each other S, sister already in our sexuality in love and romantic, and I would never do that. Let me put that out there. No offense in anyone voice. Nobody is offensive to them, but in society. It's not offence, ok, because we all agree. That is disgusting right, but there are tale at send our people who are okay with that there's very there's less and I am sure that they do exist. But What I'm saying all up is like a: what? Where do we go the line, because we to draw the lines in different places, so right now
this same podcast veal in let not even really like twenty years there s, dialogue time will still be alive thirty years, even at what point this is pc culture, make it not okay to see what we just that we're gonna be considered, like just insist phobic, we're bringing incest what you're an idiot Islam. It sounds like something that's the like, so give course because it now but you're saying In ten years, because before they thought being gay was wrong, they did they thought it s much ordinary people thought it was wrong. They felt that even gave him without they had to hide it yeah. So that's all I'm saying is that this is forty fifty years ago or ascending is being black. They thought it was wrong to have that skin color to be Asia whenever at some point so as much as we believe them. right now they insist is disgusting. It is, is a very poor there's a possibility right in in twenty thirty forty a hundred year and I'm gonna get we're gonna be in trouble for having said
when I read or everyone in this generation like while they were so close, minded Beriah exactly, but that's what I'm darling. Was it stopped? So I'm progressing I'm unlike fast forwarding to twenty years later and saying right, it's! I know you do your thing. I know your. I dont want to participate in it, but you dear thing yeah, but not for that. was ass different unless you can get animals any other resume your holidays level, I'm just taking that the animal things out of marine that's different, but I'm talking about human human interaction. Ok was invalid issues, the other argument. What about a seventeen year old kid or like a fifteen year old and an adult or a twelve year old and Adele who consents the government would have at some point yet does. But what if at some point it becomes, it becomes that words like ok will who decides how old you are when you can make choices, conscious choices and it could get you never know I could it could become that when you could, then will you
Because we can say I think pedophiles are disgusting, I dont know what age you know, because some people you can consent when you're seventeen years old, as does the eighty right you have to be, right to be allowed to get married or ok. Well, let's sixteen to get lover to be met. You would not like you Remember you as a kid me my own, the smartest thing but like you can also see that What your twenty year old self are your thirty year old self, like maybe your four year old self, will be like by thirty year. Old stuff should never gotten married. He didn't know better now, making illegal for him to get thirty year olds in under you get married. Marriage is a different thing. why not? Just might best might want that. You know what I'm saying be. I think no bite
where do you were used? Where do you see all those you got side? Although gas stand somewhere, I fall the lawyer but, like I think, people pedophiles and in some way that, like I think it's right for it, I don't think I dont think its right to that someone up that age gap to what is that Asia. For you, I mean it's whatever to me. It's been defined by what's the law with allowing illegal yeah. I agree, I'm in the same boat to right. That's only reason why, though, but if you really think about and break it down, it's like it's already weird, if like one. One is a teen which legal and the other ones. Fifty mining, that's weird. I odds white light. It was like Lara funding. We could offend people most people. Society agrees that apply weirdos rude within your also like I ate age, discrimination, NIST yeah, because back the day, I'm pretty sure like back, like you know, maybe like entering gang, is Connor something right even
they're back I'm sure there were marriages that looked like that. I dont know if the word pedophilia really giving it existed, I guess the hold them the cultural thing, maybe even more of a religiously it was set up right, like you know what he arranged marriages, astern boy, maybe the parents thought ok, my child, dear, my son, her daughter is at the age that I believe that that can be and should be married. Will ya mean if you're telling him a long time ago? You probably would get married start being an adult. Soon is like thirteen. Yes, it is usually period a period when having little pedophilia and something that is probably. I would assume more of a modern term that describes like predators right, like modern society, like the predators who are IRAN to this behind closed doors, and they they try to you re all right as as opposed to having like an arranged.
Fish, which is what comments or culture Magadan of like that sense, or what I'm saying in all regional I brought it up is like is how crazy, isn't it crazy to think and it goes back to like facts right right like, as we know for a fact, Re Knox, that's girls to me, I mean, I think so, but were doing it on camera, and this will live forever. We know that it's discussing right now to people. What have you asked or particular off loath, but like I'm guessing, isn't created to think that one day. It might not be to be guess of amendment five, not exactly thats. What I please that's what I think you think it won't. That is so crazy. Mostly, I would say most people, even people listening. I think we're crazy, but like it's true, if you really think about it yet Domini, Uncle PETE people that I was crazy, that black people on the same level as everyone else, even asian- that's true same thing with especially gay people. It was illegal and now it's legal fiscal.
Act like a hundred at an hundred history, but how many years and that this can be a black president, this this slave ancestor is gonna, be in of all. You guys a guarantee. Nobody would believe that nobody, disgust staggering, but yours is you're what? If what? If in the future, where sank down that pedophile disgusting you're sick? these are doing a shot of normal and then right now, scary thy see what you're saying here is crazy to think that that could happen is not impossible. It's not a hoss nothing's embossed, because it's happened to start off with gaze, lay being ok, they caught being homophobia was a big deal, goes wrong to become a full, was it wasn't and then it slowly. We saw the change going on about you, but for me in Hawaii, yet, like you could say, the f gee, you could say that, because even set in a video back then- and nobody blinked about it. Actually, when I, so that word, it doesn't bother me
Your high yeah, like it wasn't bad it was. It entails a closing. I even tie that with the me there ain't it. Actually I just said, because it's like the standards it came in at hand and had entered it, and then I stop saying exactly because we're fine the rules yet to sideline societies, apes, yeah, but like even even now, like to seeing the progression of, like, I guess, the most recent one in our if time our generation is the age of eighty like thing, but it wasn't able to retain. It was just gay and lesbian, yes, and was then after that, and that when that sort movements are happening, then trench hinders and that's happening right now. I think in India. like large. Large visa is becoming a very normal and modern thing, and then there's people finding back, there's also people, especially because it doesn't go with that, give what they believe at Home Sand Hill at what point does become
drawing on so tat. Let me just say: I'm not tying this, like I'm not seeing a pet. A file is gate like a gay person, yea you'd have designed a pathetic Emily types of combinations of people and in yet, and that we looked at as being wrong and disgusting yet, and I just thought it was it was just weird thought as my uncle that's, why for me, when you asked me the ins incestuous thing, I was, I already fast forwarding twin years later, having seen what happened in the past and saying yes should be legal young, so now What you're saying? Yes, I'm is putting that had on India like, but you know what actually, I think about it: the whole animal thing bestiality, yet Eighty four, you really really maybe dinners, as a whole, but I'm just consent, fear or even the really gets, find the rabbit's due to hold the radical
Basically, you really feel really break it down. You can get sore point where people whose essay might not get to a point where people are like. Ok, this guy can consent this animal catkins or can consent, but whose who say that we don't get so point where they are like, or that is analysed hearing an animal like an animal, but that animal has the right. No, it make decisions. How do you know that animal doesn't are using a single, like you know, like being a feminist raising like this? use your train. This animal is less than you. You think humans are that much superior, that animals can make decisions are filling there's, probably a subculture, that's already like yeah yeah. I know what I'm saying is we that's it's pretty ridiculous yeah, but who knows it had happened, yeah, that's the crazy thing and in my I mean I think it will. I think you know what I mean the way that we were going. I don't think it will. I think, because I think it's there's going to be this way
during this wave of like legalizing in it being accepting of everything, but I think there can be a corner. Culture then be light. Oversight is back. The rules of the old day here, and I think it's starting to already happen to the trump now not now, not just because a trump, I think, that's a debts of letting us is the product of what's happening because of Obama going to extreme exactly. I think, I think What are we with extreme ness? Everything's aims can help with extreme. This comes Ex trimness right. This balance in an orderly land somewhere in the middle now was there's always a mean everything in life. The signing Cassandra. We ain't like that. If even the three of us, I'm sure there's there would be things that you know just even on this. In this this tiny room like there are things of you disagree with, and there would have to be that balance in the middle of what we all agree to. What if we bring in one more person, that balance might that that middle point might need this shift over to the left?
I would have rights, that's that's just at present human condition, as president presents the present. That's the influential people of the world. They shifted which way they want yet the majority. So that's what apple is intact. well, I got really deep. We start talking about BC out. My definitely does agree I saw it. I was a nice ass. I was. I was a great support, while we really when we went deep. Samir far way places on their own yeah, but you know what did I know this, because this is what I want this park has to be its call off the pill. We didn't none of us here are not Lando, it's not planned like it like this. I know I know it better to have things plan, but I dont like planning for one fur. So too bad and this is obviously stuff that we probably would have talked about in the kitchen. We do minutes later, Indian David, sometimes, even though like
It's your sorrow, weird, but will be on face time, working on like a song or something and then will end up like looking at my phone is three hours later homesick. What are we talk? Do where NATO working on the solid did we talk about its usual, really weird things? It's the same thing we just talked about. We tackle incest, all all we just getting just getting guys is actually the first are we talking about. Then. I think it is a first idea which we think we talked about, that we should try to bring up. Another time had always start with. What do you think about blah blah blah blah blah blah, or what do you think blah blah blah blah and then it's like stars are forever as hot eighty? That's what off the bill ADHD moment anyway. Thank you guys retaining into another off bill. Podcast, we'll talk tiered on the next pot, and you can hear this I cast on all platforms. I'll pack has exist in their action might be more the next time you listen to this again because that might be on yet another platform, yet make sure you follow Ryan. He got at not that letter decibels dot com. What
No, it's not. Your words will find David. Add David is a choice. Now is rising at Instagram Dotcom, fine, David Choi at cleaner, Grannis stock. Different aren't anyway were going on to look at things. They read You guys they been here a picture me and we will do our ultra ready three, two one I can't wait to get at what if we give people the tingles re now how dope, with daddy ill? Who can you do that? Oh, that's a load, a pigeon, that's done by us, but.
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