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#20 - Chick-fil-A and LGBT Pride Month

2019-06-09 | 🔗

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What is the most solid white, fruit, salad or potatoes and does not come up with what is the most solid wonder why the rainbow became the silent. Much of my spicy Chicken De Luxe meal is going towards all of us. I already know about. Perhaps we may sit up. Ass, it is, so this especially good is our twentieth episode and its especially because I wanted to say this. Seek I never get to play with this stuff
thousand gig. That was why I also when I met depress, says why you don't get those sitting there. Well, you know what I'm actually watching the levels, which is something you don't do You win, you win you have outlined, in other words, yes, we're, some things up today and we are changing the Pike S up yet so I welcome back to another episode of off the bill block ass. My name is rain. He guy you're still no, I'm Ryan. He good as EU, but you're just taken the role of the Euro, the sitting in the hot seat likely audio listeners, don't know I don't here I am rise. I I'm in control of the moderator seat, where I can do. This, if I want It's not gonna view goodbye. I think this building I wanna, do I wish you were you guys we're just always yours? I could just be this person anyway, or on other billboard gang Anonymous Barcoe I'm here joined here was special guess dated June with the third
time, pillow good to be back their down to John thanks from time to time. I guess yet they're not gonna hate. You does not. I opened a second time eating it demonstrate difficult with a hammer tables. I don't know it's the first time he got hit it on a lot. People hate me hated me. It actually affect You like in real life, and we talk about the second time he did taking time. You didn't get hate. I didn't get hate. I was forgiven. Maybe we'll realize you're different dude. You know still interesting the weird sloth notables rely. But let me always knew how to do the red and then none at all and then in the audio, Slash moderator sea. We have rain eager. Glad your duty at different. This week's off the pill is sponsored by,
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Thus I dont David knows that world. I don't, and I still understood it. Spray simple so means is its explained. Well skills outbreaks. It now for dummies, even like rain, see decide even farther red work. We are giving them a good The whole nights it's pretty easy that did broken down below broken out so well, even a dummy like rain. He go can get it Joe. The millions of students already learning on skills here today with a special offer just for our listeners, get two months of skill share for free That's right. Skill shares offering off the bill. Listeners two months of unlimited access to over twenty five thousand classes for free to sign up, go to school, share, darkened slash. He again go to skill, shared dotcom, Slash he go for your two months. The radio waves Yellowstone needed. I vote again in a bit But we do you guys, you don't sound.
Do you see? I was little. Noise is great knows where impress you son said is only going on in your life, and I know exactly why David's this way. Why is because you're, so there is so lightly hasn't interview. I guess now since he's since the first part, of these afraid of things I mean: that's gonna get him like I'm about to comment on a fraid of people. I know internet, you ve changed you afraid of internet people internet. Could you imagine what the world would be like if all of them in the internet was gone now, what the world would be like the internet was gave it suddenly just disappear. I think life would be great and it wouldn't be great. How so is because you can watch any movie, I mean I'm driving. I can't I wouldn't be able to was not the pill. Pause
ass studying you discuss, you know it though real Rep Ray realistically, I think a lot of people would be like become depressed. I really think like people are super addicted to the internet. I think I am right. I think most of us are, but Some people, especially kids, going up, who only know the internet life who are they would be lost. I think it would be like where's my needs How do I know what to say or think who do I copy now? You know. Changes, subjects that enjoy milk. I am a big fan like. Congratulations on hand me for this, but Ninja Mars excited for it because it's actually really good. I bought two cases I now to support. I applaud it yeah, nor in the way then she saw my appreciation. Benjamin dot com in Jamaica, harm lobby, but actually yeah. And, unlike lowered, the two thousand cases are or legal. Yet, so you could say: oh resold, tens of thousands of cancer
but it doesn't size go when you see the case, so I mean it. It's doing. Well, I mean yeah, that's great! I but yeah. You know yeah how'd, you didn't you better rats. Its most worrying is that, although, as we go into your city, but it's a lot of the lobby was concern- was that others milking So do I the shaky shake or like em, Those who tolerate ought not to shake it yeah. We know where people keep asking me that, because I guess they think it's milk, the mutineers milk in it, but it's not don't shake it. You should use. The shake in allowing illegal. You guys are somewhat lactose intolerant right and then do what jeez gigs row. The next day, the toilet of my best friend, who my cheeks making out that, where the room she cakes chicken,
Dude jig, disguised cheeks lies because yakking, but didn't you don't you drank you drank couple can't diarrhoea Draeger Cobble like and I dont have Jerry. I just have caffeine headaches at the thing that I like coffee from there are united on this new ideas from can't you get capping, headaches littlepage from coffee. I don't get that. I think it on of water. No, I drink a lot. Axiom carry a jug with me and I make sure to drink like at least half of the jug celebrity healthy person, except for the fact that ITALY Fried Foods every day and she cakes and cheat cakes just like Johnny. I close as did eat the cheek cakes like grocer. These flagged legs, but just to sorry, we changed subject three times sourcing by the change it up again, because we are doing something different. Who I would like to announce- and this is our twentieth episode- we're gonna change at this point. Sound a bit and even more so thanks to its people
Scotia people who sponsored this. We can finally afford for opening up another pockets, narrowly yeah I was waiting for. It is not right, that doesn't fit you're about to get wildly opening up another podcast. In a word So what why? Why are you guys? Opening up what I mean, it was always kind of the plan it once we could afford it thanks to sponsors and stuff, but because most of our I mean I thought I could get guess out here, everyone we know, as Nellie is very hot here and yeah. I think I want change. Up a little bit, and also this is supposed to be temporary. This from his very small yeah. I'm looks big on camera. It does surprisingly, but it's not and I can't wait for all the equipment leave, so I can finally move in but yeah. This is my room in your part of the house
No, no! No. How did you do that doesn't mean you none I lasting sub trying we speak, of changes, though. What we wanted to do is trial? These new segments kind like shows a guess within the pod CAS cut. Inspired off. You know what you like. Radio stations do right. They have little like some as you do pranks in some, as you do like oh games and stuff, so we are a few little games that we want to try out new knows if it, because, unlike reply, won't do it, but we have fun doing it still Workin trial, this new gain that we made up cod dog. Dude debate area, where we must say our views we didn't actually planned this? Are we just made it up before who, before this liking, the kid inside, say clearly three two one dog do still should make legal graphic, let's cut too
traffic right now and a note, though sorry wouldn't will improve it. Babo explained the rules redundant dumb due to be hard to say it here and off that did retains a name. Satellite dude debate is about it. Basically, you have two options of either goofy topic or more serious and too dumb duties have debated. One person gets the pic which side they want and then the other person has left oversight a matter. If you believe in that are not must support it with any sort of logic or to steer biologically last year. But why should it be like you get to choose? which side you want. I should like someone assignment levers like the middle of my right or genocide. I assize try. I don't want to do this. I want to watch Youtube. You didn't have to do. This isn't goes all ready. We can. We can do it if we are to do this and I give you hesitate. Can I give you as a topic? Ok, I'm deeds debate.
I must start one becoming ok here we go so I've I mean a start off with, should dance be considered a sport. I want Pasco to say that it should not be Ok, I want it right to say Laurie I want I will ride is. Are you know it? We know our right to believe you say that you do support it. Ok, you don't report, doesn't support, it rises, words, and I wish our time to think about who should be considered. The sport may be publishing go first. I should not be a sport. There's no ball involved. Ok, start with something? Not ok, fine, but there's a lot of I don't have a ball involved like long as you're gonna be. I know you gotta make a joke wrestling. Is a sport women's wrestling is a smart guy. So, but you know using every sport needs level. Ball involvement will swimming while likely it's a sport. There's water, polo energy and water ble habit swimming in it and therefore
requires balls but swim. In itself that sport yeah yeah enveloped him. I'm time almost sports most ports need balls are right now. Everyone who want to dance theirs is more of an art to Morgan expression. You can dance with balls na. Yes, you can't dancer balls, but even if you could dance about how he was a score like They makes us more school. Ok, so tell me this then tell me this. When people do, ballerina or when they do I'd. Like those talent chosen, the hood of numbers they wouldn't personal shows, while regardless they do that right. Now, that's a score, but it Also it is based off. Technicalities also lose your highly I'm using all the realities. That's what dance Well, spirituality, somewhere he'll it with this- topic Radiohead its age. You know, but even in those words, judges are biased. All you were known, all sports judges or buys? Primarily,
are biased to in basketball you, but it's very difficult when there's us actual physical score that you can see progressing throughout the game. I don't know, tomorrow afternoon. As I said earlier, we set a time we prize should today in the future, because I'm gone for listening. I lay based on what we decide about who want this debate. In your opinion, most of the time I'm gonna base it off of passion which is which doesn't we mean anything. I like passion, passion. I think for this particular round a mini. Give it up Yeah. Three point: nine. Can I have three points yet reports. Earlier. Ok, the points don't matter decision whose line is anyway. I am, I glad. Ok, I got no one. Ok, how about this one! First of all, we all the dances I have a eight on you know, but that's but that's the point is where you don't have to actually believe it, but you have to argue it they're trying to make it in there trying to make it in the Olympics. You do believe it huh
I believe that an opinion on it. I mean good, I'm kind of went out of the dance community, so it's really up to them. I say you have you used to be I that he was a no way. I wasn't toxic Siena Freestyle session, humble brag, newer ring. Was Ribera Nigeria, something not all areas like told in the world, yeah there's an animal an actual analyzed enemy, it's disgusting next dumb do debates dumped next dumb dude debate, question: what's better dogs or cats, what you d have a preference what do you have? A preference? I have a preference for you. What clearly your dog you're nobody around here I'll. Take that Ok Oregon neglected this job, easy ok, go ahead, then we should do that. I wish to pick if you're, really, while to Georgia argued others. I have our way more dope in what way. Ok,
our way more without their their low maintenance. You don't want. Come you Lillian just so would any are anywhere in those black walk of super slow. Take care that aided boom. Ok, good! Sure also you know the day they teach you real life interaction that brain dead. Like dogs, dogs. It has come up to show you love no matter what ok, sometimes a Catholic Anna really want to talk to you deathlike how humans are managed. Do you know the ebb and flow did hearing you hang of related. Think having cat is a learning, experience, ethical hats. People get pets because they they want to learn about life. They get pets. Well, you can learn that involves as well, but you get pets because for what The one you get you can use. What is a blind blind eye cat there's no plan, I catches is actually real uses for Don right is actually uses for dollars. You can also use dogs to smell drugs. Can do that. There's really is
and then there's also like you said the loving side, the reason that most people get dogs because they they want love cats, don't give me that love cats can give. You lay, don't you know what they give you. Much of our balls everywhere wall can eradicate in your house. Yes, it's crazy! Rogue. Who does the same thing you guys I imagine, could play imagine Rocco Times three four tonnes for debt so much cats leave or on all over the place? Is that a fact? They'll believe leave way trust me. I had had a cat, but there's also hyper allergenic kids. So they shed yeah you ve to groom them. They hypo they dont. Yet there's cast it. Don't shit or you get those really Baldwin's but be real good, yeah look and get, I know people this, as does the whole thing for people that really like that burial. Would you want to collect that? No,
I will not appoint a guy like you wanna door biggest each babies there, but all dogs to write are there haven't seen any delegate those cats. But there are go. Look ok, I'll, give their economic powers rags tat. I kill people. Then there are cats who kill people very true, but let's say that you know you need those dogs to kill people. Let's say their helping protect people like those canines lowered for the police. You might need that to an already there are they trying to kill other Distraint may well, they are trained and their training. You can't train a cat. Do that you could train a tiger. Can you seek freedom?
cancer and I believe I believe they got one above. I kill bigger, thinks you're right over there. I think this is a bad over and you wanted the cats tat. I attach and still I think it's over no disrespect to any cat owners out there. I am personally m fan of dogs, But there's a lot of title four, others that it might be offended. I like TAT man, cats are cool. I like cats too. I also like dogs, but I like dogs, more, I think I guess is because their more just like the super chill above a lot of things, you like them, because they are easy to take care of your listing out one about do. Yeah I had to pick yeah. Would you like Does this outside debate which have yet to pick, would you rather does regard man? I think you would want to cat because it's easier to carry on a one, a dog. I know because you would want a dog but like I think you would enjoy a cat could so is here, but then I would fit, but now want to die
Just like you said did they does blindly give us all want men? I wasn't gonna people want different paths as we take the better. I knew the cat shirts and I'm not I'm not all cast my cat was actually like was my cat. My brothers TAT was actually like really loving. It grew up with three other dogs. I think that's why, but it would come to you that you pet it, but I've seen tacit just you good reach for it and just run the way or they claw you daddy, clawing you I'm gonna, listen, there's some thousand do that, but most times young, oh, that's, that's concludes the model we already concluded. We will I'm yeah. I guess it concludes that the topic of dogs and cats. I think the winner of this debate I mean it may go through. How many points and its use for you read the matter? There is one more We get another one guy got no more, I ever more free. If, yes, if you guys are open to save, you want to hear you do that, Maybe you are sure or a three way I love three ways. It gets.
About their goes, our money. Lorries Joseph scales child's future. When did you really have another? One though I did I did. What is what is the most salad what fruit, salad or potato salad you come up with what is the most, so I only know better than we do now. We can only right, as it is right that we can decide to argue it. This is hard. Does a hard one other soon. This dispute, We don't have any rules in this game. That's all just argue this right now. Look, I don't think it doesn't matter, because if a random one did you make this up? No, if on our line what is Sally? What is more, so it is most salad route, sell it or potatoes or grown salad, sure that there could be one of the options to fix. Salad
what is a fruits and what I am trying to a bowl of April of and then the inability to sell it is. Mayo and potato yeah, not just that is there's other angry What is more, Sally they're, both equally not salads yet, but you have the pic when I'm gonna go with potato, go up to explain why I would go with potatoes well, but I other fruit, then out of Ireland. I think the variety of fruits EL. It is too much when you think of the your traditional salad. It's it's all green and it's all! it is, for the most part as a lion, a half but go ahead. What else you know, I think, contrary there needs to be. I mean you ever heard of a chef salad that is all over place memoranda every piece of culture. Everyone I have, they got egg, they got cheese, they got all if they got dressing. Pick wherever addressing you long. Whatever chef you want dude, he could big what I love. You want balsamic minaret with ranch as aware combination, but you can have that chef, salad right
So that's a lotta mixture about fruits fruits from around the world different things things a spice up your taste buds, or will you gotta get always out Waterman, Sir cancer or is it attorneys in terms of learning honey you, when you think siren being real, technically musing real like when people think salad right, you think letters and or whatever, like there's different stuff in it and dressing your dressing for fruit. Zealots yeah, I don't know I mean I don't know, I'm only for tat reason. I don't think there are just flutes together right bunch of different. Not very being river potato salad? I mean produce out has addressing in itself ready right boldly? define what a salad is like that most people think about is just lettuce and and a lot of things. It's let it out right, there's! No. Then you're good at any good at other things. Yet No, but I remain ingredient. It's one meaning greedy. Exactly that's your point is one main ingredient, not a bunch of run equal Lee a multi rabbit is: is there
potato in most salads? No is their other fruit in most sell it. Yes, tomatoes, tomatoes! Isn't there are tomatoes, others we already invading designed? it worked pretty much half the salad Moses, dumb one It is a real argument that people looked up yeah, salad, we're also, Where's that are buried, vinegar. Do that addressing true and we put dressing on the salad where to put the fruity sweets up at this hour, salad baby. If it is to be one main ingredient in a solid potato. Salad is potato. Normal salad is lettuce, macaroni salad. Macaroni nobody, personalities, macaroni. His woe does more background of diverse potatoes, so that the so, if I have to choose between potato salad in a fruit, sell it out with potatoes because one main ingredient, you can't moderate.
And pick for your own side, dude, I'm moderating this one. I thought. No, I thought we were all debating that's the due date offered by modern this and I say you guys are equally dumb before even talking about this. I use a stupid one. Stupid, another stupid one that we have. Domicile? I mean Do I own the secretariat, because I don't I don't get it it go. We're done guys dumb deeds debate, damn what it has done. Do its duty dumb debates. That's a lot it I'll do it on their that's hard to say dumb, due to turn the blatant dollars you dump debates, while doing with its user desolating. We can. We use the outer thing to cross. Off at any point so, but also, if you guys have any other suggestions for known deeds, debate leave em in the comments.
Low or if you want to stop doing this, show within the pod gas. Please also outside that, will keep it in the kitchen where we normally to anyone. Safe, save, save, save, show there, let's get back to untie status. Being us like TAT, it was just as being of that kind of early I do like going away. We does he formed into a show what it's fun it's quantity, stuff like that has pretty fun. We do that now I feel lost now know what to talk about what we should be fighting over some holidays. Let's, while we talk a little bit about the podcast momentarily, yes So where it's gonna be. Can I say that your house, whose else your house, oh, is its at what we are going? It in your house. I don't have a house there, we're magnificent one as well I get all the stuff there like you to put it in my house. Yet we can have a package in your house specifically
our bed. I would have it in my house, but I don't have a house there. Guess it's at my house now, the up, we're gonna, have a pike, S David's house I'll, be there is a bit more and we're gonna get. Some are to have a lot of people who are willing to be the name. My name dog rain everything I had to do it. You don't have to do when you go out there a whole tour of people. Pike our sailing. I, when I can tell aid than do the pot there's so many Do I do it all in one day, this possible with traffic great, it's not possible these podcast or like our to two hours. There's some podcast, though, that, unlike Lou, intimidated by like what, like I Etons Pike, ass a three year, they get their fans, are very low There was marsh. I will yeah, that's why I'm like. I don't. I feel feel David on here, like I feel like I have That's it! That's why I mean to you because I'm getting you ready,
Oh, is that why you're much critiques doubly shaving for Thou Daffing Initiative, make fun of me? No other. Does that there's not much controversy from your side that they mean they Don T Don T usually have guessed that are a controversial illnesses are always but dared did the comments are just kind of harsh in their pockets and other one. Somebody keeps ask him eat or like a life. Does not somebody people keep ass, mean they go. What pocket like what podcast would you want to do? And I don't want to do the ones and I listened to because a sick man, that's intimidating. You know my power Rogan. Georgia would never do that. Our I mean that would be an honor button. I would need to what isn't I've heard about his podcast, like he's out like, but famously It no longer Jani MIKE Tyson like, but he only interviews with these interested India. So could you imagine if you ass, like it? I want to be in the pot guessing he's like I'm, not interested in. You
now at hit you hard, no, not at all. It would make sense, because I believe what would we talk about his bug, her soul, like he s like scientists, on what am I going to contribute Joe, This is all you we're. Gonna have does not talking as my side, but here we go wake up, and then I rise to get your ravages During myself, I chose well. I guess I'll he's gonna hear mediator. Man, I love and so on, and I could almost take issue. She re dialect take it easy read: yeah yeah is actually That was a long segment. We deal with the whole Swanny. I didn t she done.
By in the back Oh at your Riyadh, Reed had re up and you crumpled up the paper great so height you go for it for it, but again guys this episode has brought you buy skill share again skill shares in online community class. We could learn things and it's free for the first two months. If you're not learning things for the first free two months, then you're being a dummy, don't be a dummy social media makes you, don't you allow me to make you smarter skills year, darkens less eager. Oh, I was very good of you knows good
it in somehow urban way too much fun with them aside. I actually have been trying to really hard not to use them. As no because while people are now because it cuts to you guys we're talking about, jade. Firstly, waiting for waiting for the right moment- I was gonna use it, but I'm not going to put him back. Thank you. We he's dead rain. He dared to see better gesture about that straight parade shape. Three pride parades rate, her I'd per I'd, parade straight pride, parades user about it I saw it article just need this morning actually, and I thought I was a joke, but it's not. I realize it wasn't. It was possible out of my good friends we're very upset. I don't really know what it was about. Just like people, trolling assume as people drawing right, nope, so detailed, gnawing y know it's a real thing, but their trolling lay there. Obviously they what? What are you gonna be proud about? Like Yahoo hugging, you.
Mean. Can you be privately or private that, like all and so straight, but where the isn't it, the majority of people do use more straight people in its more socially acceptable at us all. Point of having gay pride rate Scape ride month. It is slow, your birthday month, it is today, but they day happy birthday. Right, ass, doing Tibet you weren't gave it would be like happy birthday. Yeah. It seemed like a month. Yeah I'd be grateful. Your birthday, they ve all like they gave you this month can say happy birthday, doesnt aid. You're really gonna run forward this joke and though I really wish sounds like happy birthday D, W amazing, I would go to a birthday party just come on do just come out of the closet. Are willing to go to it so badly.
No just come on caused do straight straight. Pride parades is not going to be as one of the gay pride operate. If you think about it. What is that? given that even look into this, are we just? How can one nothing? What do you do at a shattered? I'm tryin like what I mean. So what is a gay pride pergola gay pride rate is a place, were like homosexuals go and they celebrate their diversity and raise awareness, and they have colorful flags and wait. Much glitter in maybe you know a lot of touching and high fighting. I would assume straight pride parades had to be the opposite of that. But without looking at what is the opposition in black and white flags? That's his widow, lack of direct shades of gray different. They would be the gay pride operate flag with dislike without any color. Like you put a black and white filter on it. I wonder why the rainbow became the sign of gay, yeah, that's a good one. As you know- and we are our like you- each Managua Guard College
miss corny. The really aware of the rainbow were the Rainbow warrior. We were just the rainbows we were the rain. We were just the rainbow and then it became because its white is alot, rambles re accents and then just begin this a gay symbol and when I we're, just though warriors warriors, but you sometimes be rainbow Americans. As earlier, we were yes or maybe Hawaii, homophobic or with a rainbow warriors soul. Hawaii fighting for gay pride could be that you know. Well, I just I don't know, I don't see what the rainbow has to do with. Gay. We here, I'm just I'm just curious, not others. Pollio reason, that's very question. I don't I don't even know We think it means evening in music, just accepting every color more of a race or like you could be like a diversity thing. You know my eye like rain. Members should be like for I'm, I'm against racism Because I like getting smaller, absolutely Ursus, so so what would the gate?
we're like changing the simply about what would the gate like if we had to make a new flag right now represents like I think Let us learn, not a racist straight men make of black number were using logic like her kids were literally sing. I accept every color and it makes sense right if you're not racist. So how would you what did you want to do? The same colors you I mean, that's true, actually like it, I guess maybe like a pink and a red verses or like a yellow in it. Orange, like pink pings only glow, certainly like yeah traditional Nabil, were in his office? You're assigning colors to do is give me that's why they didn't do say, can stay away from that. I'm connected. You don't even know that
These are the weak family. They do like a single. I didn't do anything. Do it go pc, certainly he's a singer sea like imitates, really well, but my topic at her a match. You really cannot, can you looked at a broken cause? I'm actually really cares what there how did the rainbow become a symbol of gay there? It is right like it, it's not like just Otherwise they all just like got together in real smart about their branding. You know what I found the answer here. What says the Rainbow flag was popularized as a symbol of the gay community by San Francisco artist, Gilbert Baker, Nineteen, seventy eight and know that note, because he actually has a collaboration with Nike for their shoes coming out. Ok, the be true just imagine a guide. Ok, so some guy did that. But why like? Why? What does it mean? The different colors are often associated with diversity as a gay community,
but actually have literal meaning we look into those little meanings. I think you're as mothers. I am always wondered yeah does it have to do it? Just became a common. Their common knowledge of the Roma is a Excelsior right, though Elsie B T, I personally want exactly eight so red life, Orange healing, yellow, sunlight, green nature, blue harmony, peace and purple violet. Bear. It is solid. You just naming things a sound, the color. Yes, all we're gonna do. Is they aim movement know what we should
We obviously I shall lose your thirty four, however faker to come on the show, because well we could ask you. If you comes on, though, ask him: if we give them those be true shoes, though their pretty clean, do they would surely nice beach? What is any true? I believe that this will be true. It's a collection of that he does with Nike, and I think I think, every year that there have been released during this month there dope. How do you guys feel about this courage? Oh honey? How do you guys feel about when I mean I'm going to bring this up because it's gay pride month? How do you guys feel about people telling you not to eat at chick fil a ya and wait you gotta go there with me brow. I do. I know you guys have I logically to but there's some articles that I read and, unlike just so guilty Let me life, I dont more recently like how do I make up for that
I can still hitched Felina more recently, I heard that you were actually don't need. A lot of money like to the you know, there's a big shooting in the club and yeah Florida hung out. For a long time ago, a while ago, but they did what they data I don't need argue that debts a kind of a pr thing right cause they rule. I mean they had their reputation with the whole, the hope Drama there for people who don't know it's because their christian company- and I guess Indeed, what is at what is a whole drama? There? Isn't this law drama there, but a Maddox exactly sure why innocent it was ass? They supported christian organisations that support antigay laws rate that problem we owe that two and also just like the way that they set a additional traditional marriages right. So that's so I understand that and obviously like. If I'm you know, I've been in a situation where I was, we are trying to figure out what to eat and I was with a gig.
And he replied we ought to say I was watching fillet. He really really felt strongly. So we didn't write up and I don't mind that but- and I think that's right anything- that's fine that we ve still wanted it, but like we did it, because out of respect, but is it still wrongs to read articles that make you just feel economic person it is still wrong to go to check fillet on your own, because you're supporting something that doesnt support like your friends are like you know, I read articles it make me iced I go there like. I don't go there all the time, but, like I like, I liked the food you know. I can't I'm not gonna pretend like. I don't, but in my supporting something by going there Dumbson like you have received, I gave a kind of like the whole. I can we talk about me being not being vegetarian, even though I feel bad, for you know how all animals are slaughtered and of its selfishness. The No one is a little more understanding as ideals game gay pride month. It's a little
hard to say that, but I'm not I'm gonna be honest. Like I'd, I like their products Here- our common agreements with that like when you tied into the whole, like the inner vegetarian, think, but that doesn't matter say. As I read those articles like last year when that happened, unlike other, as makes sense, I'm slackening there, I don't need to denied in ice and touch a whole year was y know you kind of crave sometimes, and you know I went there and I have gave friends and I respect that I understand it, but they really I'm not China. Supple I'll, still support them, but, like I don't I don't there are still not only with the correlation is there also lotta gave you blew, do still gotta check, for I know there but I'm talking about the the huge amount of people who will be really mean. It may even saying this also a question of a question how much of my spicy chicken? ox meal is going towards gay hate.
Well might you could get an hour? Yes, but how much hate your contributing? What would it? What that affect you? What if it was fractions of a penny? Oh, but it still that the principal right The principles, the principle, but what? If there were. The dollar amount. Do you think that would make people enabling all shouldn't you refer, you know dubious, or would you think we will have its practice of a penny or with what they could do right? hear me out. You have asked: why do I find out what the value is right? They find out what that fraction of a penny is right, and you say date: they offer you a. Would you like to Pay an extra dollar to support gay gay rights, and Equality, whoever killed or can lunatic fully and in adopting a door to support equal rights for gay people.
This is to make myself feel better do what it is about. Our own is the only thing that would beat. I think organisers really cool at that, because in their getting something out, they would have never got it like the out of guilt in their movement like they're, like you know, like Salvation Army yard, ever now, they're out side, the ringing the bell there, people were like saved the whales, the heavy sign, a petition. So, like people ass, you like how many times have you checked Velly this year, then you can tell. I guess you can do that it only dollar Gill graphically now. I think, organizations to think bought it because there's a lot of people like me, I think we really like their products and don't wanna in oh yeah, upset that community here. Any me like. Well, this everybody wins. They get my money in. You get my money and I get my food Those delicious and unaware we, let us not forget it, I'm gonna get some area lies. I do think about. I like chick fly. I.
I love my notion. I think they're, really the services great yeah, it's hard yeah. There were the nicest like the workers. Yet the best you know I know, there's nobody I, towards the towards the I'd like to become islanders and yet accompany it. People who work there are literally like you, ve ever been there. They like the nicest their trained to be that we are supposed to be that we wait. What's there to see something of them, we mean that raises even Oh, they say my pleasure at my leisure instead of like I welcome, because there are there to serve people in and have that yeah. That's ridiculous! I really like small things like that that just make you feel the highly nice piece on people in relationships. Don't even here that yeah, I think I think everyone should be able to eat wherever they choose to whatever the organization believes, because its food, but doesn't mean I don't leave in it, read it you are supporting it is with articles yeah right are soon, but you know I have also seen like because I gotta the the chick Flyin Hollywood. I see a lot of gay people there too.
I dont even that'll high level. There all gave yeah issues a thing. Nobody really knows what the companies generally stand for in general, like, for example, we don't have the manufacture of this table. Right now is like a racist or racist or if vision of a person who s supports gay marriage or doesn't support. We don't know these things for majority of the products that we use. This world. I guess the question is, if you, if you know that they do, that, is it bad to support, even if it is a great product, you know, and I think people should still be able to meet. People should just make that choice for themselves in shouldn't judge. If someone else I choose, like even he's, gonna beat their debts exact.
The point dared alive. He were being very much so judge, especially gay people than they should you like. Oh, how do I get it? I like how dare you like this is going against? What you are I mean it's. It was actually to articles more targeted towards gay people who go to play and people who support equal rights like the act like active people who Let me look if, if may, if I found them, Donalds promotes wars or like put sends money to terrorists. We really hard for me to not foil fish when I'm craving it, but when you say supports in wars and stuff like we'd, have to see what exact for me to not eat filet o fish when I'm craving it, but when you say it supports in a ward and stuff like we have to see what exactly have they done like? Is it or they support like like nobody's going to support support?
For you know there has evidently even when used when there supporting their religion, and it just so happens that their religion has that clause in you know like it's. Not like there's trying to support, I just don't like gay people or certain people, its causes in the religions, whatever they believe. I don't think he'd like Mcdonald's bouquet. I support war. Unless it's like religion or things get really did write about what I'm saying is it's not like to just supporting that? For that reason, I don't think anybody does things just for the fact of like hate, it's because what they might be hateful, but I dont think they'd intentionally. Do things like be hateful yeah I dont think is more often, I think the protection of their own beliefs, envelop beliefs in it always or their rights. Timothy,
Are there like it's a lot of times like oh, like people, just big selfish, because their worried about? Oh? How is this going to affect me? You know so well. At times like when a smaller minority group has been oppressed, when they're like trying to raise awareness are asked for equality a lot of times, the higher higher groups in coats, you know will be worried because they like oh well, our privileges or art lifestyle have to change. You know, and indeed it is in the same way we like if this can be a stretch of a metaphor but in the same way, with divorce, how women Wall is, if they're married to a successful in rich men when they get divorced the money that they get paid, they get paid, allow more because their use to the lifestyle. You know that's what they say. The argument is utilised out her, so a lot of times that, in that same aspect, the
the people who are in power they're worried like oh well, I have to just my lifestyle, you know, and how am I, how am I going to be used to this? New movement is Nuwave, so that was our talk about chick fil, a happy. Maybe I am. I just thought it was interesting. I felt guilty electric flowery. I have to say I'm sorry No, I should enable or email you want yeah. I support equal rights, but I dont flick, even if I, if they have enough money right those foundations, what do they really looking? They really do. I guess they can change laws, they can do, but I don't really know I don't know what they're like. I don't know enough down of the truth. I'm just hearing one perspective tubers like Gummy, I'm hearing the perspective of gay people yellow or mad at me for going there,
not me specifically, but us I don't know. I think there will be a lotta gay people who are ok with you going to check for because there's But what I do want, there's a very huge majority and articles like that. Can I read it and I was like when I can go there, but I finished reading elzevir. Oh man, people this is compelling like I've. I don't need to go there and then, throughout the year I gotta forget about. I don't go outside, go there all the town warship the place, chicken sandwich go on. I know us pulls appealing. I just say we would like to get upset. I get it I get. I get the reasoning I get the reasoning guy has given to the top it s, not gonna get us trouble we gotta check whether this is so that is the key
let's get less, takes top investment lay hard. I know I know, but you know why I like talking about this because is interesting as it is today. See that they are making other people relate to it. No, nor yet because it a cop, it's it's a thought that people have We want to make our voice it because there are worry. I like, oh, if I say, Does it make me a bad person? I think it's a common thought to have like, or will I offend peoples even having what I think too is like a lot of people might have that thought, but once they read that article, and they see the majority, they see you what most people fine like was the easiest way to not upset people their vague trick themselves have been like I'm not, I think twice it. This is right, does no right or wrong
This is what right that's in that it is in or it is I'm just saying people there's a lot of people. I think who don't even think twice. They just follow. What's mass exactly they give. That was a less common opinion. I think it would be the opposite that people like to go with what's working and what gets you, I guess, less hate. Some people like getting more hate and unaware going with that. I hate your opinion. I think it's beautiful is that I would have you know their own. Have their own beliefs values you trying to not get Hey com is trying to do. I lay I ain't it chiefly all time. Actually, whether last week did you really, I did Ah you we should do that, but it does that. Make me a bad or what about this? What about this kind of going back to what we said?
maybe there's a bail. You don't eat all that will say that you are a bad person following last week. You know what those people are. How about if not a less complex compromise is its gay pride month? I will not go there for the month of June I'll even go every month. That's not even a computer is about this about someone about someone in the gay community create something better than chick flight. And oh, yes, exactly that's difficult. All I care about is having a good chicken said is true and if it tastes good, I'm gonna go or what they check for they should do. Well, I guess it their hosting is based on religion. Principle is that they just premium like our Gacy, oh, but he would. They would never do that. We are so hateful never going to marry a conundrum, this policy as I've got something that would not get into trouble for change it you're right over there, some dying, I think, I'm actually getting sick. For the first time in two years
you got sick into is the first time in getting ready, nominating sickened. First, I'm into used or either type of person I get sick went once you get sick, you're sick for like three week straight, I dont know examined and six two years later. Remember three years now. I remember I remember things last week: do you no matter what you ate yesterday? I dont David Chick a week ago, wine away marble. He was just brought it back to something else. I I don t I pray I'd ever. Actually I don't know what day, but who cares cares? how am I supposed to the last years ago yeah? Why are we talking last night, interesting Benjamin? Oh thanks David go to engineer dotcom. We don't know what to do just that. Rebuilding! Let's talk about something! That's not gonna get us into trouble. Her change, geysers change it up, something that little is analysed
Light United Spicy, less energy, less! Oh my god! Oh my god, stop worrying the chicken references. In this light. Something lacking better and I that's not gonna get into trouble is gone. Why you guys do this week I mean that's, when the chicks holding my eyes I just kidding- I know I know, resides good. I didn't do anything it at today's, my birthday and I'm. So what am I doing, This type races. Might my dream this is what I wanted. I really wanted this.
That is actually really by eight. Yet I didn't do any actually forgot Ozma birthday up into yesterday, I'd forgotten it was coming up and then what are we doing to name for your birthday? Nothing, what seem to keep description of the final. Where's went to go somewhere, we do something. I am delighted that you know what, though, like in all honesty, I am I being like all I don't need the attention. I really don't want to do anything That's ok! Now we know that you don't want my birthday. I get depicted, do nothing. We want to do something you do what you do it for your birth, nor european over your friend I saw I want what I really want from a birth is, for you guys, go out with you, or I shall send me your instagram stories? Ok, what there's something really? What do I do now? I figure out yeah. Would you do this week, though? I will check that there's something so freight terrorism, don't don't know. As you say,
agenda to a cat. They want understand. This is something so crazy, said the next, possibly our guys. We really regret remember that last podcast something went down here that start that progress with that. Ok, I see if you were here last point as we should have ended it, that work. Something went down, something went. David actually lost the finger now know we to make that hat like you're, giving a narrative like I did that is something that I believe is is it Oh yeah yeah? That's all I childish side. Even think it is my mind, is a dirty mine is it is by was natural, I'm listening, actual dirty person. Truth I think we're good do that all that is just what he did this week. Do we.
Care because aside because I know because let me finish- I know it is security. The ongoing joke. What did you do today? What did you do to our side are today when you do this week, measures worked. That's ok in thinkers and say that I did a little bit of work on the app stuff skull taco and then I went cheerfully Am I right at all to build like asked where I had of the bill onto it? add other Bilbil gas on Instagram is when I met. You asked me what I did, what you pogo? No, don't you? Dare you dare don't you dare we're done? I went to KFC. They're, not christian either I don't know what are their actual. I want a churches Tricia stricken judging India, good chicken actually never been there. They are good chickened out. Popeye's. Also launching its but cheerfully
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