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#25 - Ft. Justin Chon - From Twilight Actor to BgA Movie?

2019-07-28 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Paco, and special guest Justin Chon talks about his experiences being cast for the movie Pitch Perfect, why he hated Indian-American actor Utkarsh Ambudkar, and his experiences behind his Sundance award winning films Gook and Ms Purple. After the break, Justin talks about their K-pop boy band BgA and what it’s like being a dad for the first time. Guest: Justin Chon http://instagram.com/JustinChon Order Ninja Melk - https://ninjamelk.com Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics!   http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com

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I don't want to go to into detail, but, like I I hated him, I'm like learning from this. This guy, I don't even know like a metal through vga and I'm like. Why are you telling me what to do man? I think that's what having kid does it really makes you think about. You know who you are off of up. I've been ready. Are you sure I'm not ready? welcome back to another episode of off the pill podcast, I thought you're going to no You said you don't want to use that interest on that kind of data stops all out of your job without being sad, but nothing said we have Mister Justin Sean in the House, Bg Bg Bg. You know in the first song that was just that mean you guys are on it, but like it, just
David in the background here, Bgh chanting, it's just me and It like fifty times to try to get different. I all the way across. We don't have real fans doing that for two one day we'll bring it back. I didn't I mean intro pack was also in the the thing there you go yeah, that's a perfect sound for you yeah. I got it yeah. I went all out of order. You know why 'cause we're back in Vegas and it is we haven't done, a podcast here in like three episodes. No we're back Justin is in town, I'm here how's it going man, it's going good. It's been a while, since you've been out here too, and it last time was the last fight you it doesn't give was for what or which fight Conor Mcgregor sending my then it might miss Mayweather, you long time! It was that fight that fight, and I remember feeling really sort of like disappointed any
as you look like you're from the 90s with that hat on. Thank you. I appreciate that you look like a curse. From them. I know with that haircut answer. You know I'm trying to look I'm going for. I just want. If you want to claim because I don't know people couldn't. I don't know if people notice or not but you're hella buff right now and you said you're doing it for yeah I'm am to leave each yeah yeah, I'm I'm playing I'm going to be playing a korean american adoptee, that's getting deported korean american adoptee, that's getting dip and he lives in the south, and this is the film that you wrote and you're directing and writing yeah, I'm acting in and you're working with a studio, big studio, yeah who are working with yeah, I mean the main. The main studio is is macro the co financing for the film but macro made, sorry to bother. You mudbound, they made two of Denzel Washington's films, fences and Roman.
Esquire. They made yeah. You know they made They made up of this phone call the land that you know they do a lot of like super up. You know ethnic driven films there like a good partner for this, but yeah it's about. Like you know I, with like deportation and stuff these days. You know we have the dreamers and DAK about like a part of that people are talking about. His people, who were adopted here internationally from like the 70s and 80s, are getting deported people who are adopted here, What do you mean by us citizens you adopted, meaning like they flew them like ship them all. Yeah like you know, when you adopt a baby from Africa or China or Korea. I don't know about that. I mean, I know
we'll do it but yeah, I know, did you know any like criminal dot has on the legal. At that point, as I'm saying, this was really messed up, this site is hacked so they're handle but they're getting the portal yeah it what's happening is that that that they get brought to this country. You know- and this is the the child Citizenship ACT of two thousand, so anyone adopted after that gets automatically granted citizenship, but anyone before that isn't protected. So if they got adopted here in the parents, didn't file like the proper paperwork now like with the current administration himself, ISIS so aggressive that they're using loopholes to deport poor people like that have no connection to their homeland and, like you know they they were like brought here as kids, and you know
with international adoption, a lot of money is exchanged in right. It's it's! It's really! Bad, it's really sad. Do that hello said yeah. So what year was this after their okay? After two thousand, I think is when when they you bring so a baby from a different country, our Patek but anyone before which is just a stupid, loophole. Yeah yeah! So, like you know, people from MESSENGER Movie is about the. Yeah. Well, it's about a guy who is dealing with that and he's you know korean American and and grew up in the south, and Yeah so, like you know, he's just trying to get life he's starting to like really get his life together and then bad stuff happens, and then he has to deal with the possibility of getting deported. Ok. Well, I mean just going back 'cause. I didn't really for people who don't know who you are Justin Sean is an actor. You
probably seen him in stuff a bunch of things you been acting for. I don't know how long for, like eighteen years, one thousand nine hundred and eighteen years and I mean he's he's you're, not really acting as much you're doing more like directing and stuff. When you were in, like a ton of show that yeah, I I remember you from the nickelodeon, show it what what does that just Jordan? Just Jordan is just Jordan, is just Jordan said part of it. I was there was like the theme song in the beginning. I mean I wasn't a big fan of the show but, like you said, he's like Dude Semuanya, yes, remember I asian dude on it. I feel, like I feel, like you know your audience Let's listening right now, like the age range, they probably watch so they're, actually older than really yeah 'cause, it's podcast, so yeah people don't really care.
I thought they were in twilight. Urine twilight was in twilight all of 'em right. Yeah, so very but yeah, but I'm not a very small part of it. I'm just yeah you're, a human doing so was Anna Kendrick. You are in twenty one, twenty one and over we wanted over, not twenty one, not the card movie, it's one! Twenty one and over with miles miles: Teller and Skylar Astin during a bunch of stuff man. I mean like I said you were in things that I just remember because you're there wasn't many asian people around and you were just like asian dude, Nickelodeon as a whole and then obviously twilight. But I know you don't. That was fun. It's a crazy! All the people who play those like like like a like the human roles, kind of blew up right. Well, Anna Anna Kendricks, huge yeah, but yeah. I like go back and watch you like, then that is such a can't believe she played that in some. The control. We talk about twilight and how would you told me about it how you thought, oh, my god, this film,
Well, I don't know if you want to say what you want to know. I think we could talk about it. Now I mean yeah, let's talk about it because I think people would really want to know When was the first, let me let me so let explain something is when I was going twilight. I was just getting off of like like children's television like Nickelodeon, Disney and stuff. You know, and I always wanted to be like an asian Sean Penn. You know I wanted to be a serious actor. So I was planning to really stay away from anything, that's kind of like you know I wanted to Defined series rolls we do some indie films that are and then my age, he called me and said they, this movie and I think we should go out for it's about it's about a family of vampires. And I was like hell. No, can you pass on this yeah? I was like fuck no man, I don't want to go for that, you know and then he was like well dude.
You don't have a job you should probably in like there's, not a lot of options for you 'cause. You know that time. You know it wasn't as open as it is now so yeah so like the roles were limited. So I was just like okay, well, who's who's directing it and he was like turn hard, which was like oh and she did a movie call. Thirteen and lords of dogtown- that I really loved yet resume yeah. She she did like in. I really love and then, as a will who's the main star like it's in he was I well. This girl named Kristen Stewart. I was like, oh because I had seen a phone call into the wild and she partner, she's, just so amazing in it, and I was like I would love to work with her and then and and that's why I audition an eye addition, like I don't know, six seven times, and what do you mean 'cause? It was yeah because it was during the writers strike. So they couldn't rewrite. Stuff like, so we had to do a lot of improv Do you go in and because
can write new stuff. We had to go in and improvise a scenes with the other sort of potential cast members and then not yeah I showed up. I was like okay. Well, I'm I'm really excited to work with these people, but the film itself I'm give ugh. You know like it's like you know, you know like the books, it's based off books and stuff, but You know I was really excited to work with the people involved, but, like the actual story I was like. Well, you know it's just an opportunity in and end. But the other thing is, is I don't think they wanted me Oh really, because I was asian, I think Catherine Eric Yorkie Right is that isn't that? Why don't know is that asian in the book? No, but they don't specify his ethnicity just that he has black hair and, like I think, like nasty pimple. Or something I don't know but but Catherine
came out recently saying like she had a problem shared problems C minorities yeah but yeah? I don't think they really wanted me, because you know it was Washington, forks Washington. They didn't feel like, Is there yeah, so cat fought for me and that I am proud of you know anytime. Can get that role. That isn't meant for me. I was really proud of that. So, but you know an and the fact that I'm, the only asian that entire series is, is pretty cool yeah. I guess like another fun fact is like that, for those people who don't know is yes, yes did Youtube, I did yeah. I did because, because of you guys is you and Kevin you did it a lot. I mean they consistently. You were consistent for a little bit. I did it for like a like a maybe like half a year yeah your intro is I loved you and thanks, but it's
I think you understand how hard work it is, how much right how much hard work- and I was like dude. This is like from not for me hard work. Hard work is not for me not for me know it's just something. You also add your other. It's a real career, it's a real! It's it's own career like I can't do it part time yeah. I thought I can maybe like just kind of do it like when I have free time, but it's not the case like it has to be a full time game and I was too busy like acting in and doing other stuff, and bigger things. I don't know it's not that, like I know like you, tube is even bigger than like, I think, if you're on a network, television show hi no nos. We are right, like I was just on a show for ABC. Nobody has ever wrecking from that. Like no one's ever said, oh yeah you're that guy from ABC Show, but like people denies me from your Youtube videos,
yeah yeah. Well, I think it depends on like the size of your project right because you were in, I mean like people from Twilight, because the man basis, so big yeah right once you talk about how you turn down pitch perfect. We're going in. May I go in evening. This is all interesting thing yeah. This is not talk about that and no no. No. This is all things that I have never talked about, and I know that's why I think it's so interesting because it's inside world to like a first yeah yeah. Well, it's not a start yeah I mean so it's to a certain degree, but I I'm yeah, I had just finished shooting twenty one and over and Skylar Astin was in twenty one over with me and we both got cast in pitch perfect. So I went straight from from Seattle to I think it was Baton, Rouge, Shreveport, Louisiana,
someone from one hotel to another, and I was like man I just I wasn't in I thought I wanted to do and I showed up and, and you know, and I was there who's who's. You know I love and Anon known for a long time. So, like I I was really stoked and then but then you know we are error en I was, I saw the reality of what it was. What's it is like a musical and you want, and I was just like what you see is like what what I don't like so like yeah, the audition was I get to sing a song and and whatever and and yet I sent a tape in and and also do you think that Skyler put in a good word because he got cast as lead and like hey. You need to catch this guy, so I showed up and then so then I found myself in like dance rehearsal for like eight hours a day and then we and then we also doing like singing rehearsal and like- and I was just sitting there like in and we're sitting in like a circle- were we're all picking out parts, and I was
trying to do like, falsetto, and I was like dude. This is not, I feel like a phony. I just don't feel like. I belong here, because what you didn't feel feel like your vocals are on with them more like. Why, like yeah, I just didn't like it it felt like really kind of stupid when we 'cause. You don't think so. Many people really he's my personal experiences like an everyday. At the end of the day, we would kind of show the direct are the choreography and stuff and you to get any you. Are the in in like doing the whole dancing in the committee, because you guys are when someone's not committed to me and- and you know, I think I also talk about- I get I I know I could talk about this, but like because we've hashed out personally is there's an acronym, Okarche and he's he's in everything now he's he's being Brittany. Britney runs a marathon he's, he would pay
Mindy Kaling's younger brother in the Mindy project, he's in on he's he's in like a film with Ryan Reynolds right now he's a huge indian, american actor. Okay- and I didn't like him and like we, we got, we were at it like me and him were like and use like anyway. Like I don't know, ten guys in pitch perfect yeah he's in pitch perfect, please the writing which place rapper that guy and me and him didn't get along, and I don't want to go into detail, but, like I, I hated him. And he I don't think he liked me either, and that was another reason. Is I do dinner. It's like as a week went by. I was like I don't want to get out. I don't I don't want do this, and also like twenty one over was talking about doing a reshoot in China because they some chinese money, so we had to shoot part of the movie in China.
And then also Kev wanted me to do some stupid movie with him in Hawaii yeah yeah and I was like, which is probably the Dumbest thing I ever did is I gave up pitch perfect to go Kevin C? U two movie! That's that's friendship! That's not real! Pretty well as preload perfect yeah, and you knew I mean it. Was it had a big budget? I mean yeah I knew it was going to be yeah and I in its music and stuff, and it's entertaining. I know it's going to be good. It's just at the and sometimes in life. You have to do what's best for your soul, not for your bank account. Damn that's d So yes, I was just like you know what I I'd rather go chill in Hawaii and and and I'm I did, I mean it changed my life, you know like Spain time in Hawaii, in Hawaii, Zikas get home to me. So, like I'm glad I did that but like you know. Also. You know I I I was like so just partied out was drinking so much and all that- and I was just like- oh just kind of done and and how I was like a little
relaxing and then I had to I went from like being in a hotel and to sharing a bed Kevin in an apartment in Hawaii Kevjumba for people who don't know I'm talking about which movie were shooting hang loose? with Dante right, yeah yeah, I love Dante Basco, you know Rufi, oh, but but yeah. You know since then. You know like if I get just indulge you guys in the conflict between me a cars we tested for a a ' NBC Show, for tv show you go. What happens? Is you have to go test for show like for like the the executives? and and so I'm get to the final round, and then I was just waiting in the room to go test and in the elevator opens an it was Akarsh and we ' We can see each other since per pitch perfect in the elevator open, and he looked at me like oh fuck. As
the fuck it. I just I term you know we just like and then and then we were just like you know you have test a few times yet Assessor network in the studio on them by the second third day. 'cause I can I talk to you is like yeah cool man and we went into an empty room while we're waiting to like going to audition and he's like man and I will give it to him like he's a bigger man, many like apologize for first and we pieced it out and what made you hate him so much like. Why do you guys hate each other? So I don't know man I I just like I mean we're both different people yeah. I know, and I and I can't like speak on his behalf, because this is you know, I I know what's going on in his life, but like I was just, I was also a different person and I you know I just we just didn't get along yeah. Sometimes you know when you meet somebody for first time there be the wrong way and you just yeah you just don't. Vibe with somebody I feel like and here's the thing is:
sometimes you don't buy because actually you're a lot more similar than you'd like to admit you know, and you see, I think you see parts of yourself in somebody that you don't like, but you're actually like you're, actually like hating on yourself, but then you eat your insecurities that make you kind of. Holding on that and start to, like you know, let it bother you, but I don't know what car she's a sweetheart he's, a really amazing guy and yeah we're totally cool now and we've hung out a bunch of times. So, like You know, I think, sometimes, that kind of conflict helps you actually become closer. I don't know well that's and you want to talk about his first stuff- is like all people in a clip and just send it to like all these different actors. Okay, well, I mean I did want to, because I think that's interesting. I think super inside looked a lot of people, don't get to see definitely
Yeah I mean now you're doing like I said you were, you did acting for. I don't know how I mean you're still acting, but really your claim to fame. Currently is your directing 'cause you've been directing films in writing them I recently you had two films- make it into Sundance back to back your last two films, both men into Sundance and one in a what will one of the one in the ward, yeah yeah right, and huge. I don't know. People know that, but getting into Sundance is like super prestigious and it's it's. You know name some other movies. That Shell station, drumming one whiplash whiplash you know really tough to get into Sundance and your your last two in a row that you direct you got in there. So you right now you have like a. I mean you're kind of like like caught now in the world to read in the indie sort of like, and we did. You also write those as well a room. You you wrote to act acted in acted in the first movie. Google yeah
and I wasn't in the my my most recent film is purple. So what's going on with that one, you know Miss Purple, so I went to Sundance with that this January and it comes out in theaters September, six in LA at the newer in Santa Mall and then and then it'll expand in New York in two landmark theaters and then and then after that uh Banta, most major cities. You know I think it's going to be through landmark theaters, but yeah it's about a brother and sister who grew up in like a gentrifying creator. In LOS Angeles and and. Their dad is is close to passing away. He's he's is terminally ill, an and the daughter has stuck around to care for him and there are live in hospice nurse quit so she's forced to have to contact her brother,
who begs him to help help him help her take care of him, because she has to make money and work and pay for stuff, and we should just what she does for work is she's a karaoke host, this and you know if you from LA or your Korean, you might be familiar with dad told me culture, it's like you know you go to karaoke room and girls come into like kind of like hostis is, and they come and hang out with guides for money uh, so what kind of explores at world in a way? But but it's really about abroad. And sisters relationship? I have a younger sister and our relationship has been pretty complicated over the years. And you know, I'm dealing with our parents and and kind of giving up responsibilities, and I think The brother sister relationship specifically is pretty particular because it's like once a guy and-
your own- and I haven't seen that really sort of explored in film. You know there's only a few films at data, but I mean, like you know you can count on me. The savages skeleton twins, but that's about it. You know I mean I feel like edge of seventeen kind of touched on it because, like you know the you know, the girl is dealing with all this stuff and then you find out the brother. You, So there's all this stuff that he was holding him but like it wasn't like the main sort of thing, like the main meal is like their relationship uh. But it's also empowering empowering story like she she needs to. I think she lives in a very lonely. Solitude existence of a world and part of her journey is to understand that there's a world outside of hers and that's why there's a chick on.
The whole chicano storyline, that weaves through the story and and things that kind of bring her out of her comfort zone and, by the end, I think she start to realize and learn how may you can live a healthier life, but when does it come out it comes out September, sixteen LA in October, six in LA and then New York. You said New York next weekend let the more you'll San Francisco Seattle, like you're, the most major cities yeah. It's called Miss Purple, yeah and I I was curious as to your writing process and how you get into that, because the with the the whole arm brother sister relationship but you're you're, obviously drawing from that x, yeah and maybe like with Coogan stuff. If you want to talk about that, because it shows like a different, it could just intricacies.
I think it was during the riots right yeah. It's takes place during the ninety two LA riots. Yeah instant in your next one, is with kind of like deportation and I'm not sure if you have any actual experience with it, but maybe like you can kind of take us through the story. Yeah. Well, you know, I think I have a there's a reason or purpose for the art that I make. I mean I feel like most people on the internet know me to be an idiot, but I think is it. You know as a filmmaker I my per really solely, is to there's a few things. Actually, there first and foremost, is. I am trying to bring empathy to our community as Asian Americans so like if somebody that's outside Community watches is a film. They maybe understand how we operate or or can can empathize for us a little bit more. That's a first grader. Second criteria is, you know we have,
rich Asians, black panther and and all these, Order you miss Paula. These films that are strictly you cast in include people that at the which is great, but I'm also interested in my art, exploring how we coexist in an interconnected and all that stuff so those are two things that that drive me in terms of what I want to say is for the writing process. You know everything I do has to be. It needs to come very personal place, the one I'm about to do. I write a few news articles about people who were getting deported and just really I just every I'm I read a story like that. I would start crying like crazy, because it's really sad and it's like some of these people- to leave their families behind and you know me being like a new dad and having a one and half year old, like I couldn't even imagine that
and also like just for somebody like that to be abandoned by the parents and given up for adoption and then a lot of these people go through the foster care system because their adoptive parents, sometimes I want them, and then you know fast for like two decades finding out that the US they eat the heat. With the if you call home doesn't want, you is kicking you out. I think that's a very that's! A double is like for like getting. Pretty much kicked in the yeah, your whole life, that's pretty in my heart, goes out to them. So, like you know giving a plot, form to community that doesn't have a voice, I think is, is a worthwhile endeavor. You know so you know that those are Some reasons why make art that I do and and and you know I want to be like sort of counter program- we have like the Austin Names and the James wines, and- and you know, John shoes and
doing amazing work in a really great in that studio like big time studio system. I think I'm really great drama and you know, and I and comedy and stuff, but like much more intimate in in in real kind of story. So I'm like the counter programming to that, and I think I I I just make a nice balance. I think it's really interesting that you Millar people say that right. A lot of artists was say I'm all about like the art and not anything else, not thank the fame not for I just wanna make art yeah, but you were presented some huge opportunities to work with, like hundred like really really finance films like big studios, you I mean you were offered. Basically, you could have went that route yeah, you could went the route of b being the next director of a Marvel film or something, but instead you chose. I mean that doesn't appeal to you. Well, money doesn't drive me, that's. The biggest thing is. Is.
I've seen what any like in fame and all that so I've seen people have it right. We all know that that doesn't make you happy. I mean it's, not it. You can be happy with money and fame if you're sort of internal compass is right, but if it's just that's the only thing you're looking for you're going to find yourself very, very empty and some money doesn't drive me it's. I think money is a great sort. Indicator if you're doing great work is a money, I think follows talent. Right, so I don't focus on that. I don't focus on the biggest opportunity or the biggest career move. I think I focus on what feels right to me and artist. Klay, and I spiritually- and you know on hello, makes sense for my family. I think You do one of those huge movies. You won't see your family for like three years you're like constant working in and
you have an answer, someone. That's the other thing that I really really value. Is autonomy like I've really value being the master of my own life and not having to answer to like people telling me what I have to do or how I need to do it specially, especially with art. So I value that so, like you know those kind of opportunities, I'm very flattered, but as of right now, I think there's a there's. Our work to be done. That I feel is important. I that I need to first I'm not I'm not saying I'll. Never do it. You know like yeah, he really fun to do like a big plus yeah hundred million dollar movie. But you know my these, like really young and I don't miss out hello, my babies like little a baby, but he was a baby and I I'll never get that time back with her yeah. So you know I from home, like I do like my editor. Reynolds was also from rentals Reynolds Barney and his name is actual Reynolds, Barney
roasting him in a year. I know I love him, though, but like he's over at my house for editing in in office in like I do that on purpose, and I and I stay home as much as I can to be with my baby. But if I was doing studio film, I really doubt there. Let me edit from my home. Of course, yeah. So it may be added from the Edit bay and they're going to come in and out to look at the progress and everything. But you do that, so I can ask for net like for now. At least you know when my kid doesn't want me around- then made yeah. This may be one I'll go, do like a bigger film and just bounce and and do add whole thing, but right now I think like there Some stories that I think can change people's opinion. You know in a different way, and I tell stories about people who aren't the point: zero one percent
you know like. My stories are really liked fantastical there like a room, realistic, look at the the our lives. You know like it's. A lot of my films are about the working class. You know they're not about like super rich people, they're they're, just about like normal people like us, you know, and- and I also I think that's valuable yeah yeah. Well with that being said, will come back and we'll talk about another film that we had in mind yeah, but before we there we have to take a quick she she break and We are out hey guys, I want to say thank you to our sponsor anchor anchor. Is the easiest way to make a podcast, it's so easy. In fact, we decided to use it to distribute our show. This show off the pill podcast anchor gives you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or your computer anchor also off his creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast so that they sound great
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and we're back in the back g D. F, O Utfo! That's! So what talking about all of your new upcoming yeah, which might be what you were talking about? How you like to more real things- and I mean Justin, called call with ideas 'cause. It's usually stemming from me it's really dumb, like we have really done my, but I like that too yeah, it's not it's. It's a nice break right! Yeah! You gotta have your meal to you. You also have to have your dessert yeah. I think that's something that I really like about. You is that you don't try to like you know, get us stuck in in like one cubicle. Thank you have a lot of different that
since two in one cube a you have many different faces to your. Can I have a lot of little cubes. The you're really cube. He hit me up but know that I think that's what really cool about you that you know there's so many different size to you that there are some people who are going to be like, I don't think Justin's are dumb ass. Like he's really serious, you know I really like those types of people thanks thanks, yeah, I don't like you, but it's okay,
yeah. I mean. I know you back, I think about I. I take it all back and not yet thanks man. No, I I I think, like I think man I just I just want to live a full life man. You know- and I think it's a like this there's too many things experience and to just be one thing and on. I feel like that's what you guys are doing like with this podcast and right you guys trying out new stuff in like a you could just be doing the same all but like yeah hi this to my cool stuff to do that, to just be like the serious guy or the funny guy or that's why I love. When I see you know comedians do like dramas and stuff. I love like when Jim Carrey did the Truman Show or eternal sunshine. You know,
and then I also like when, when really serious guys that do like stupid comedies like when Matt Damon, did that one film with correctly, I think it's stuck on you where they play siamese twin like stuff like that. You know. I love I love when they do stuff like that, but I think that. I think there's so many ways we can like express ourselves. Why limited to just the same old, boring bullshit? So let's talk about how your you guys are going to explore yourself in this new dumb idea that you have all this demo idea. I mean it's been a long time like still saying we're going to do it, but we just never do it, but we trying to write a bga movie for people who, I don't know. If you don't know what that is, is just our our our feet k pop band that we have made started off as one video, a joke and it doesn't it really well yeah did a huge international reach yeah it
the first one, because it's literally saying don't side, which means I have to take a shit right here usually just me and David right. We just, I recorded it. Just my my voice really and then really. Okay, we need a band and I was like okay, what Asians, do. I know they can be a part of his house as one right, because I know he can sing too. If we I mean we didn't even really need to sing, but and then I got fail because I know he likes to Dan and then June- I kind of just met, but I knew he was into K pop yeah. I was just super helpful to have him just like the identity of K pop he literally heat, that's his life. He literally is doing still like on his by he's doing like carried on with DJ by himself he's literally like these, the one holding this or the last video was about him, leaving the group and start doing it. 'cause he's the star and it's happening yeah. This is real life. You know. Actually I've gone to some general meetings with
like some studio people and they bring it up, yeah like. So what is this yeah? Some, like a few in particular, were like we're like, anything nicer star, laugh how. Why did you watch that? Because these are like old white men? You know an like. Why did you why they would like 'cause? They have kids? Is that don't know I didn't ask? I would just type in Justin Sean and but they love it there, just like no, it's like so fun and they love it. But but I think we also like that.
That's something that you did was sort of like with the whole Youtube you bridge, use, help bridge the gap because it did start off such a little thing in you, you and some other people. I really blew it up into something. That's like more now so mainstream. Thank you to be is not like it's not a knee sh thing, it's more actually more big, then we're talking about them like tv shows or whatever it is at the point of where now works are adapting to like kind of the Youtube formula yeah. So it's all about streaming and videos on demand yeah. So I feel like it's just as legitimate you know. I remember it will actually be on twilight explaining to them as a yeah. I'm doing this, you two things and they're like. Why would you do that? Would you waste your time yeah, and I was a no? No you don't understand like this- can be your reach, a lot of people and it's it's the new thing. That's that I feel it's going to be huge and, and I and
no watching how you guys were were operating. I don't think they were seen that yet and everybody is catching up, but now it's it's. It's the Jetta meant more legitimate than anything. You know, but I don't mind I might bj some Bj's yet working another, so we have another song that still needs to be. We wrote it out David and I and and needs to be recorded still, and you guys have additions. Rappers like you need to fill you rapper rappers. It would have to fit the story line we now we don't need anybody like that, not in particular Lantic. So who was it that keeps to me like there's. It was funny 'cause like like I said it was so casual the way I was like a Justin, you do this like K pop video. It wasn't going to be. Deal with like filling them just like, but then like people like Man, White why you pick me like other, like asian friends. I have yeah I jealous at like like
Wes, I think wanted to do it at some point. I don't know if you actually want he said like he was like. Why did you ask me or like I am doing good yeah? He looks very like he has that look too, you know, Wes is a slick under covers sort of like sexy yeah. You know like I could see how they mysteriously mysterious or west from awful production. I ls one, but he's the one of the girls like right from wrong. Thank you, Mr Quiet one, but like yeah style and like any kind of like hell style, but he also seems like a guy that would take care of his girlfriend yeah. I am a student yeah I'd like, but that is also like has like the brooding like, like me, mail sort of like energy, but then also sensitive yeah, and then we have Phil. I'm sending this just did that section like Justin Shots, fired confirmation, people just talking,
speaking, if there's any Bj fans watching they're going to be shocked If they only know you from Bj yeah, like you said, the price think you're an idiot and our server. If I think you're an athlete you hate, like you, really do hate June yeah and we got to keep that going. Yeah like I go, you really does hate June Buck June yeah. I have to have that in the completion one of the two other questions from June no way says: do you remember me, hey tell him, tell him tell him. He should go watch a picture showing him right now. Oh hey June, you should Pixar's Coco. I don't remember you who are like ten. What what is our name username June, curry on June, like why the do you have curry in your name like what is that about? I don't want to be like Korean. That's why
or your curry on Thomas FUCK, I hate people are going to really believe that you hate him, so you gotta keep it going. Yeah Bj's, a real thing guys were not playing characters, it's written that they're all very exaggerated versions of ourselves, David at David's question to you is: are you secretly in love with June Kerryon? Hey man, um sexuality is the be fluid, so I am not don't be ashamed of Robin. This is going you based between the ball. That's why you want to pull his hair, but I know I think that if you come from a place where you come from a security, restaurant yeah, I think I sculpture sick of sexual.
Yeah. I just looked it up. Fucking, oh my god, we're getting you wanna leave in purple, yeah yeah yeah. I feel like yeah It funny the how that natural. Like that relation, like the first script, you weren't really remember how remember how it start you weren't, we weren't mean to you, weren't mean to June yeah. I think it's. The vote happened like on set yeah. They did just became an I'm going, you know what I think it was, though I think it's because he was like the the slave driver. So we had to learn that stupid dance, the first video and I we like actually had to rehearse yeah and I'm like I'm like learning from this this guy, I don't even know like. I met him through vga and I'm my Are you telling me what to do man, and I think that it's like that secret frustration involved from that, and I was like oh but he's kind of cute,
Well, I tell you what to do. I feel bad for doing a lot because we are all head and like really taking the dance part. Zero and he was so serious about it, yeah yeah I mean I I to I'm from the start like does it they give Corey got the first one, and then he had a friend helping us with the second one I was like. I saw this. I can only do this is to haul a man like, but I gotta say the dancing in the first one is way better was actually a easier yeah. It was easier Did you notice how much we cut out of the dancing on that note? I own yeah yeah, but the dance are dancing was better in the first one yeah. Second, one was really barely even dancing movies were, are so lazy were like nah man. And is they just cut a lot, and a lot of it was just us like messing around like you that shot that was all like yeah. That was the other June directed the second one yeah and he was really use really making me frustrated also his directing style man, because he just
too long with everything, I'm like her ease of roasting due to be part of the storyline is like June, comes back and he's like yeah. I've heard your podcasts like I've heard and you know I super deep- do right over to pay now. You know my name is June. Korean on and I have. I mean I, I don't actually I don't want your video to get demonetized, I'm going to stop it's too late, it's modifies as many way, but no no, but you know, he's very talented, very talented he. You know he did a great job with that music. It looked real and he's a he's. A good dancer is good, is amazing, violinist he's really good his
Skills on the strings is like uncanny, just a rate really amazing on that violin, but that you know you know a lot of violin. The bo is made of horse horse tail really. So he's really good. Like he's connected to animals and yeah and connected to the earth, so he's really good with wood in his neck yeah we gotta get June on the podcast. Bring Justin back and not, and not tell June, like It would just be there there's no way due to watch all the way to this. No, I don't know you know you know what needs to happen. Is you need to set him up like make him get comfortable and then start having some kind of like talk, a little shit and then I should be like I show up in the door with like headphones on and be like I've been missing to the entire. I don't think I think it's June, so nice. I don't think he would talk shit, even if, like you would be like oh yeah, yeah Justin Simone says some things Yeah. I think counting June would do that
yeah yeah that it's funny how that just it just became a thing. It became it became a thing and it's people's favorite relationship. It's either you love the love hate really Egypt between you in June or you just love David for being David yeah Dave it's funny to in it yeah. We we used. We hope to continue it on. In a in movie form at some point. But what want to talk about right now is Pacos stand up career, no question. I really wanna yeah I want to. I want to talk. I want to talk about. Pacos stand up comedy karere. We prefer that the viewers at Home- taco and Ryan were were in LA for their there they're doing the podcast in LA and and yeah and we went out for some drinks and then we came back and we forced Pako to do a standard. Rt stand up act for us and we all like critique TIM
let's preface this like Pocko, never let me I would say, like yeah he's like well, I'm going to go in and do an open mic and like you would never tell me where it was yeah. I was like dude. You need critics that you need people to tell you when, not good and also for sure yeah. Also, we need preface that we know nothing stand up comedy or we are like our opinions, are valid in any way. We just add to like give honest feedback of how like is just normal people like. If we like it or not, like, and I got another thing that I would put in is that you guys come from a standpoint of like storytelling. No, like you guys, do really well, it's storytelling. So in that aspect, because my jokes aren't just like these are one liners you known where it does come from a place of other there's some reality to this. So that's why, like you know, I I do feel comfortable, but also because I really do look up to you.
We just we just wanted to. We just wanted to get a little taste of the Pako and after I did my set, they destroyed for like a good thirty minutes, but I that's why I respect you more now, because you you really take in Stride union, let it like you know, be personal and- and you know that's hard to do like it's hard to take criticism. You know where to put the you were just speaking from like a nonprofessional stamp, which is how we took it. Yeah yeah, but I but up you know. I think that right now pock we should do it and well I mean I think I think how this could be relative to a lot of people. Is that yeah I mean I think he will need to look if you're going to try and do something you have to like commit to it and then be open to the criticism. I think I think it's really tough to do, but there's a reason why you understand why I didn't want you guys, like I'm, ok with performing at open MIKE's in, like bars coffee shops with people. I have
no idea who they are. You know because that like in the end, when I do stand up comedy it's going to be for people like that, starting off it's going to be for people who have no idea who I am with you guys, is a lot more personal because of the relationship that we have like the audience is seen. Justin will shit on me all day and I'm cool with it and it's fun, and then right will do that too, and I'm quoting two, but when it come like. Oh, this is something that you know. I'm trying to work on this graph and stand up enough and then to have like to think Are they just going to shit on that too yeah? I a I see what you mean I see, which is that's why I was very much a like. I don't I I. I would only want to invite you and only have you there when I get to a point like I'm comfortable, I've worked on this hundreds of times. You know I mean this, that good enough, I'm confident that I can get you to laugh, yeah yeah, where you feel proud, yeah, but in the meantime tonight I think you have to you know when people come over to rise, as I think you know just to be able to
people are coming over to my house. This. I think I think I will. I will say I respect that that you took criticism very well and I think that's that's important for a lot of people. It's it's tough man in any, so tired specially with your job yeah. You know, if you just and something you take pride in something you love and someone comes in criticizes. You I mean it comes from a place of us trying to right yeah, but even then that's tough man, but that's a path to progress. That's a path is, you have to. You know, be open to to not being awesome, you know and please I speak for myself is like I know like I'm like a novice and just starting out as a director and writer on a sudden and I need to. I need to always be open in and get wrecked all the time. The more times I get wrecked, the better I'll get, because if I learn from it, what some negative
ism you've gotten for like Gook likes group. Specifically, you know someone review said like you know it was kind of messy and but if you, but they are also talked about like know, if you could tell there, was a raw artist passion behind it that that it kind of makes up for it, but but I have to admit yeah, there's parts that are pretty rough and the way, but it was super low budget and and scrappy. So, like I don't have time or you know the resources to make it super polished. But I look at it now and and taking that sort of note from the reviews and and you and I generally don't read the reviews, it's more like you know, I asked Here's you know when, especially when. When I'm editing and I'm getting to stage where it's getting kind of close to locking that that the film, so I can send it off to like sound and color and all that stuff I'll have what
work on it and then and I'll always have at least one screening and I'll and I'll invite the scariest people that I that I admire or whatever and I'll have them watching. Give me notes, and sometimes it's really, unlike you know, an and a lot of times are right and and always ways. Always it's always a note behind the note. So they might say like this section, just doesn't it's kind of just like bad, it sucks and then it's like. I have to really go back and be like okay, instead of me like fuck, you don't know what you're talking about just really think about it and I no behind the no, and maybe he saying it just felt slow or or Maybe the editing wasn't crisp enough and it wasn't engaging enough and or maybe you saying it was bad because he wasn't clear on the the the protagonist sort of how they were feeling in the moment and that's something I have to decide for afterward.
But like for me to be like he doesn't know, he's not like that. Part's, not bad like it's sometimes people their notes. Aren't. You know: do you talking in the moment they haven't had time to process for a long time. What they're saying so, that's like an example. You know that you know when I'm in the editing phase, I'm constantly and then you know and then sometimes like you, so here's the other thing Pago is like. Sometimes you also have to stick to your guns. Sometimes you go that's just my style or that's how I express myself you have. Know when something is, you know very sort of an integral to the to who you are and and some stuff, that's just more of a practical technical thing that you need to improve upon,
No. So like people were ragging on some sort of some of my music choices, and that saying it was too all over the place. But I'd like that, because I'm not one thing and they're like well. There's too many tonal shifts my films and I'm like frankly, I don't give a about that specific thing that they're talking about and that's something that I I wanna hold on to yeah. I don't know what kind of wrapping up this time is the that's one of the throw in one more toward a question, because you are actually the first father, yes yeah. We do that. We haven't had any guests that has ever thought about even had kids, except for your mom, yes yeah, but it so because you are kind of seen it again as a crazy person. You know you you're doing so many things
How is it has having a kid like change, your view on a lot of things or her even life yeah. It has that's the simple answer, but I think having a kid can go two ways you can just live your life and kind of be responsible or if forces you be really know what time I self aware and introspective forces you to examine, who you are as a because now you have this child, that's come into the world in and you have to you know you have to determine who you going to be in who food? Who the person that they're going to call dad, and so it's made me have to take a second look at the of our that I'm making right. So if you notice the art that I'm making is this I mean, speaking of which there are like how you,
explained, her beach yeah. But you know, that's a you know it's it's fun, though you know yeah it's fun but like in terms of you know of feature films. They they all have a purpose in and I can't stand confidently and it would on two feet in front of her and say yeah. I did that for DIS. Re now is trying to give these people a voice and then sometimes it's okay to be like. I really truly leave that. Sometimes the answer can be like we needed money. Everybody needs money to survive. So I need to take that job because we are family needed the money, but it really but the same time I've become kinder. I've become more compassionate. I become more sympathetic and empathetic towards people, I'm not quick to judge I try not to be. I try not to be as judgmental. Because all that sort of, and also I try not to to speak really negatively about other people like I it's all change when you had a be
yeah yeah. Well, it's not overnight, but yeah the as I use use. That is true. Then that does change once you have a kid yeah, but it's your own personal decision. If you want to change or not but you know I don't want to bring you know. I think you've seen me change over the years after which I matter last last night and I think before I was much more aggressive and You know I look at myself now and I think I'm not is aggressive in the sense that I somebody's like I'm not before I'd be like oh yeah screw that guy and you know, if you have that guy hey tag, I don't do. As much because I don't wanna bring that Enerji home. I think that's where baby dies in in terms of work, some go in the direction of like. I need to make more money to give my kids what they need and then there's the other option, which is like mineral internal.
It doesn't matter, I think, what's more important is helping molding her to be somebody that you think will be a great member of society. What's more important is well yeah, you can either try and make more money to to try to give your kids were you think they need and then but then my philosophy is to spend more time with them and try to mold. You know give them a strong found.
You can't make your kid become anything they're going to be who they are going to be, and I only my job is to kind of give them the tools or what I think is is productive and constructive for them to go out in the world and it's on them. But but I think that's what having a kid does. It really makes you think about. Even who you are um any would be just become. You have to become more selfless 'cause, a kid. They can't care for themselves. You have to care for them. So in that way I think I've become it's less. I become less egotistical. You know, I think, being a creative and an actor is at one of the most narcissistic endeavors one can take on because you're just thinking constantly about yourself and how you come across and having a kid really takes you outside of that, and it's less about. Like your own sort of
Hang ups in ego, which I think is a beautiful thing, so you guys have kids yes, so I guess when I go pick one upper we now in together on now, and they did to do that. Okay. Well, I mean that's, that's a good way to end off of so hawking and I are going to go, get kids again just to wrap up Justin. Your film is Purple comes out when Amber September, six at the new in Santa Monica it'll expand the theaters in LOS Angeles and in California. Esco Irvine and then, but then the next weekend after September. Sixth, the the following weekend was, at the September 12th it'll, be in New York at two more theaters in the city in and it'll expand out to most major cities. After that, Miss Purple is purple. Goo is still on nothing Netflix. You know Netflix is pretty messed up they,
tell me, I'm not going to come up here and they do something. That's called a pan and scan. We shot that film anamorphic, which is like what they do is a pens. Can they just they pan and scan it and they scan it and it cut off the ends and they do. And they decide when the so like, for example, there is that shot with the two brothers arguing and she's in the middle. It's cut off at the ends and they decide when to pan to each so I didn't know that watch it on watch it on Netflix, but if you want to see the true aspect, ratio buy it on Itunes, support, support or pirate it whatever or yes that still cares more about the vision. He cares more about yard long time, long. Pirate! Thank you again. Just for being here. You can follow us at off the pill podcast on Instagram at off the pill and twitter. Give us your questions and stuff like that there. Where else, can they find? You, though,
my answer I usually mostly use Instagram, but you barely. Is it right? Yeah follow me on Instagram yeah, I'm not, but then I I I use it in between projects, but what I'm really focused on like filming, I, I is any concentrate, but you following me at Justin. Chon I'm on Instagram and- and you know, if you want to slide into my dms I'll, take I'll take a look and also because if they follow you on Instagram, it will be a good way to get a reminder like. Oh, this is coming out. Yeah yeah, and I do I do like post stuff about the process. You know like a post up when I'm in The edit or on so if you're, interested in filmmaking at all, like yeah good, follow and the scene stuff. Also, if you want to see cute pictures of my kid Papa babies have a baby alright well, how we normally end it. We just breathe into the mic in three two one, ah great
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