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#27 - Ft. Jun Sung Ahn - How to be a Kpop Star

2019-08-11 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Paco, David, and Jun Sung Ahn (aka JunCurryAhn) talk about what it’s like to be a star in the current Kpop industry, and how to become a Kpop idol. We learn that violins can cost anywhere between a hundred to millions of dollars and we find out what Jun really thinks of BgA member Justin Chon.

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How much does your violin caused? No, it's like it's like about the price of like a Mercedes, ass you. I have no reason to doubt that was just IFOR is not one that I know you know I'm trying to defend yourself right now, but your mean knows the reel off glad to collapse. Welcome back to another episode about the bill. Podcast, Oh well, a scary little bit of a scare little bit late. Today, we are doing well with a very special guess. Mr June, some on Zan again set of savings on nine June sign where he would June Korean that's his name, and we also have David in the moderate your seat. Without a bigger part, coherently he's a joke.
We always over with a weak wherewith June. Today many of you may know him from each year we just had just in a couple episodes ago a few episodes ago, or you might know him as the violin player or more recently, as a real k pop star, not a joke with BT let's talk about how you just released and new album a real alike. Legit came up songs, right, yeah witten. How recent was that came at last? our action when this coming out but ordered recently Alan. They came all recently that's available for streaming platforms every the spot. If I was that it was the name and albums otherwise, cod limbo June limbo, ok, the music video actually looks really looks legit like. Where did you do that you was in Korea I went, although you gotta, be real cape up like cinematograph resistance. Look legit. You have issued a lot of like Jerry Peak Hip, hop group.
Finally following them for our stuff. All I mean we can really for sure. Yeah really good. While having our answer, you did otherwise than those look good, but I think part is because you had real dancers radio where we were holding you back, though I think in Korea. The film crews just generally know how to shoot cape up style Barry keep our eyes out here. It's like they're not really used to how to shoot the dance to make it look more k pop. I guess that was you. You did that I tried choreographed all that in everything The recent one I had a choreographer do the dance. I usually it. What did you do then, for that music video, I think so the whole album and the project by China oversaw the whole project and like making the creative choices, unlike style.
Concept. All that and then the music video, I guess, tat we all I did was um I coordinated getting. I was kind of like a producer royal music video. I didn't really directive, but I still I kind of code directed at us and then I flew to Korea for just one weaken to shoot it and then came does not happen. Very often were not necessarily a company will hire people to do it, but in individual will. I don't think it happens that often cause one. It involves like a ridiculous budget and to lake. I guess the artist is supposed to be focusing on being an artist, and I really handling all the little things that make a production production. But since I don't have a company, nothing, I just kind of all right so by me for people who don't know I'd June is also you two were way you started on you too, before all this Andy June has. One point: four million subscribers, a hundred forty three million,
review is but a lot of those views and stuff were even before you got into came out. It was a lot of had to do with you. I mean you're known as the violinist right you used to do while covers of of cape up songs. But after a win, when did you get into this whole like? Was it before J or after Bijou. When you really started to our basically become a cape of STAR yeah, I started off a Youtube just doing like pop songs like american, tough words, covers on the violin. I've got an excuse for me to start the kind of they keep playing the violin I'm. So I started that when I was a freshman in college and then click pop, I think I just started when somebody gave me a recommendation to cover K pop song, and I was in a dance, grew in college, so I kind of put those two together to do likewise,
Kpop dance covers, and I was already into that- I guess before Bj. I think that's partially. The reason why I feel like think I filled David reached out to me to be part of bga and after Bga. I think, because I didn't know you before that, No, I don't think I think that's only for yeah you're, the only guy in the group that actually like looks like a k paupers. I try. Spend speaks well yeah yeah, I'm full Korean, so you're though, so you can hear when, because apparently I didn't know but fairly David's Korean is imperfect, so you can hear that he's not good at Korean know his please I'm all now are you born in. I don't want your money you're, not like that great did. He heard them say other than those Lou I wasn't born in Korea. I was born America, I sucked korean. Thank you. They live in Austria has said your cream isn't always great right. No, it's not
we had the sometimes you have to ask your friend were riding like lyrics and stuff like like what do you say this? I ask June yeah, that's me. Rather, how does this? How do you say salaries have no walk? I wouldn't have my own. Like me, I can tell the does we're time of its earlier when we're recording those songs, because men feel we can't speak like any of it. It's just making. Sounds to us like I can't I mean I I couldn't have known that you aren't graded speaking Korean. I suck do you really. I am really bad. I was not forced to speak very in with my parents growing up. I wish they for me by they tried at one point, and I was like art. If there they really Venus pictures and korean we're not gonna respond to you and I was like all right. Fine, I'm just not gonna talk to that. ITALY backfired, but what they did force you do is play instruments.
Yes, yes, how did you know that, because your musician out Natural Z S eye, playing violent and piano. I played a lot of blatant since I was five: violent both instruments. Actually I hated so much can on file in both I hated both I had four, I hated practice whereby you did you hate while There was a time when I really didn't want impact in the bigger nominatives yard. Ah, that great, if great, did you hated in the beginning? in the beginning kind of like come The beginning, I like that it was actually more out of spite because, on my best friend played the violin. And, like you know, when you're young yeah, like play, dates and stuff like that people come over and we play video games or one that he would always was recent bring his violin in like the first time, it's over, like hang out session, is him showing me like him? Plainly? That's really three years we're very strategies. I hey. I practice this today, the Guyana Chicken Recycle thought you'd kind of that kind of show. I guess it's housing as Canada.
I told my mama's ok, I wanna play the violin that I started. I want a lot while his person, if you're watching the Earl, show off areas- and we know what you're like we know where you are. Your friends are usually hey errors in the crime ass long ass. It is fifty could use You were born in Korea, IRAN, south korean and not north. You're buying South Korea, and when did you come here who are well? Where word? Where did you grow up? josie I saw his? Is he still in Jersey? No he's in US effort now, where he's like my first friend in America, because I didn't have friends, can I can I speak English? So I really here where wall? What what great? I guess I moved when our third grade, like human Thurgood, ask us great at math class thousand, only class that I was like. I went up to the board and I did all the main problems and that every other closets
Every other class was pretty rough for me and really did you believe I think a bully two thousand a year so program like foreign kids programme, and even if he did get bullied, he couldn't understand. We pushed him start like yes, yes, yes, lives, crazy! You know, I mean, like I guess, you'd group leg. Is there really but what ages as seven lignite? Irish, oh, really! Oh, ok! I want that's so caught a surprising, have no action whatsoever. I'm really you're right. I hear that the delay action sailing like you talking talking aerial figures quickly. I got a question here about your instrument because you know that's your main weapon of choice ran the violin. I'm wondering how much
Does your violin cost for these two person? I do know it's like it's like about the price of like a Mercedes Benz That's that's a lie that you're not even talking now, I'm not even sure we're like you, you own it the eye on it. I have insurance on it. It's like its Africa Call me when you get something really expensive like jewellery rights yeah, so you get her praised. Yes, my bones oppressed Subject than glad I could be wrong, but there there actually violence out their dad are very expensive and are rented out to people right. Yeah, yeah thy think come there. Is violence can range up till I couple million of today's stupid yeah, it's crazy for a piece of would not. I mean Lake, Ok, would you be if you, if I were to have a million dollar while in some or not me like somebody? play a million dollar value and a mercy,
bans while it, which is what we ve grown. How measure I don't wanna? How much is I would say that Europe, fifty grand violin and a wizard cheap, while in, but not like it's like around a hundred hundred, but while we are, if there are to play the same thing you would be would tell which is which Actually, it might be kind of hard to tell the difference between the Mercedes Benz under the million only and I won, but definitely like a cheap, cheap ones like the factory it ones are like the ones that are like in like music shops? I version like an instrument you get like some ass, for example, or something like that is not probably not that when I can tell the difference between that. Unlike my violin or like a couple moonshine or something did you did you does it like a payment thing or like? How does that usually work like you have to go into a back alley or you too, you have to bring like a suitcase and everything is pre and precision.
Data have art, though, when you're being set at Lisbon does not know what was causes is second language. Ok, I've only get out. I don't hear any Agnes still What is the EP? Has anyone ever its strategy? Very is a view has anyone ever let you play dive only touches drivers once a loud. Is this word? What is that? It's the name of the person who made the violent all argument him honor the violent that he made it hundreds of years ago, radios yet couple hundred years ago. I think there's only two hundred spreads we talk about the Mercedes been no. This is a million dollar. We all know these are. On Saturday museums, and so how can even play them like what if you dropped it like other than the one that you have a mind yeah like fifty grand like what, if he doesn't shandy you lose like twenty that's twenty ran already like
you don't think when you like Russia Car, yet you fix a sick. I think David can speak from experience, but they come people fix it. It's like piece of wood and then is still worth the same, like my valid, for example its, like almost like two hundred years old mine and then like a section on the bottom of the violin, it's completely shattered and re glued. Older than America is not go with history. I know it was founded by seventy. Seven six you like milk, I all that, following my eyes, that alike, so if you if it was really made three hundred years ago and using there's a bunch of these are even older than that that are worth more its colleague wine and get it's worth more as time goes on,
Do you know the previous owners, like haughty gi? How did it get into your hands? I actually dont know the previous owners, but it was made in Germany, for example, and I'm not, for example, it was made in Germany, I gotta from my violin person in New York. He does a lot of like professional violinist. They come pray. Dont know, but, like me, Dory Khartoum, like these people are the door is green. Japanese are really isn't that a lot of names for Adam S, our enemy era. That is that the EU has a lot of those. I really expense violence and like cheaper ones out on the where he got it from, but I gotta for him in New York carries thought will be. Did you pay for it? Sorry, my parents and grandparents, grandpa grandma hope that alot aren't too took an investment, it's kind of legal. So if the Emmy, if you keep it like not thinking about like yours,
gold right. You just keep investing violations, get a bunch of violations hold onto it. That's going as always Bitcoin. It wasn't a Mercedes Benz you as heavy costs. When I got it. Oh, what was the present because of inflation? That's prior partially, then another thing is: I'm violins like the more you play it, the more the sound develops as industry. On that, my violent Mary when I first got it and now it's completely that law, that's the opposite of a car like everyone drive it the worse, it is also used. Damn that's gonna is there so you could just have like a farm right, a violin, a bunch and just have them play all day and in India making money
Yet we are actually very right. Yes, it's appreciate that Jack bought, like I mean they hunted party, if you're reselling like how can you prove like ok, this is played for a thousand hours since I got it says worth much more. I think it really depends on, like the professionals opinion, my I'm not in the royal razor like, I can't really decide what causes, but I bring it back to the guy. You fix it up for, like a weakens balconies and others, pray like what are they, but they realize all you played this so x amount, but taking to hear it as they sound installing see how much the saudi elegant it's more and stuff like that they can. They have methods of like the edge that's a combination of like the sound it's the combination of looking through the sometimes like the person who made it will put like her signature inside the violent to any in time authenticate fat. But how do you know how much it's been played his own
You can't really tell that, but you can kind of like measured, look at the wood and there's a lot of different factors that are involved with that. So I think it's cuz, my parents owned a music store. My mom is a restores. She does that she does that for a living. Take your things to him and then see how much more since you've been playing it. Actually, what you should do is just start the far man like sort, the vile he's, a good bit. You know. I know you actually bring up a good point, because actually, some of the more Spencer, of instruments that my mom has. She actually has people play it. She Don't it making are worth more because it opens salaries warrior like a violin sitting in a museum. For several years will sound pretty bad howling. Average person knows, like I didn't know anything. I know violence CASA much for one nonsense the thing every violent I've ever seen. How much was that really were like Lindsey Sterling meagre? your violence can be worth that nitrate. I think when it's when you put electric emits
What should the island, which is what she usually plays, those it's worth less worth last year, that it doesn't really depend on the wooden stuff? It's more technology that MRS so you're almost like a k, pop Lindsey Sterling and away yeah, I dance. I dancer violin yeah I guess the transition into that, because we really need to talk about I want to know and in touch upon a guess, you're your history in your past and how you China got indicate Bob and were how you're like trying to integrated into Youtube Channel, and did you even audition for like did you even a decent relates in actual keep our groups? yeah I'd die addition once in college and then once I got, I guess her notified from some company. I, when I moved out, tell they read after college, but I'm K Polish is always something I listen to cause my sister's really big kept up m. She still is and why
China to her by Harrison gets one but yes or no. I don T think you were which recalled capable I just got into. Could somebody recommended me like praying playing a k pop song and dance in college? I kind of combining the two and made a cover people like that I started listening to keep up. I started due to the earth goes here, but on the other, Incidentally, this I tried it life, but to do giving real, quick referral? good, let's cut a hook with this, goes in your man, the hat. What is happening in MECCA yes Herbert Devon relationship is scary. Hearted edition hey guys, just want to say thank you to our sponsor anchor anchor. Is
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Spotify up or browse podcasting the your library tab and follow us. You never miss an episode Spotify is the world's leading music streaming service and knowledge can be or go to for podcast too. Dude we're all those three doubts. That was really weird. It could be a coincidence. Never happened before my house. It this is so did. Did we ever Now this is at your house. This pike ass. This biogas is in this lay pie gases at David's house and there's there's goes here now. We know tat you have to. Live here anyway? If more, weird things happen, I mean we're going through the footage. You go through the footage. Did you see? We all know how crazy not even know the first thing fell. To be honest, offer
Our listeners there's two large bangs. You heard. Actually you, I have heard some voices because its being recorded, I don't know a couple of our our painting. Things fell like right back to back and they didn't fall all day so like Autonoe Young, really. Weird anyway came back on top they worried over generally take up. I actually has a good point. Do you believe in goes? You said just now, you are like a man I got like goose, but now I gotta lotta goosebumps. I don't I don't. I don't wanna believing goes it's a mentality thing where, if you don't believe in your strategy, do Yours is drawn out, and I mean that's convinced juvenile that it so that it I didn't really interesting to me because of their I've, heard a lot of stories about the keep up.
Three, especially as of late right, there's some articles going around like a ball, how little they get paid actually for how much they're, bringing in I don't know what's shrew effort some stories, but since you ve been kind of our world, not that you're. U you went down that industry route. Are those is their truth to those rumours about like how poorly their treated like art
David knows too. You know a lot of people that industry gathered I've definite heard some stories. I think I think something important to notice that we only know like Essen, Whitey Jus IP, like a lot of these big, they had now a bit. Yes, what we know is big groups, big companies but they're, like hundreds of entertainment companies on in Korea and as I found them, thousands of kids debtor trainees that may never even get today be even if they like, they might be a training for ten years and they might not get chosen today. Bees are there, so many people in that industry as Kiley hard to say like this one example leg, is the same for all that. But I think there is a lot of truth and those stories don't just success for no reason, I feel like that's like that's something I never really I'd like a strong opinion on. Why are you know because I didn't we know some people in that industry and I've heard stories not to say that I know it's true or not, but since you guys are more, I mean you know me
can I do I mean I've heard things were like they force. You know the trainees or whatever, to essentially like the day for him to get like plastic surgery for sometimes and they force them to even to sexual things with people like kind of horror them out yeah, but see you. That said, it is true that true, you know from personal experience. Actually yeah. I know somewhat shaven sailors story, don't say name Elsie names, but I will say that I know someone who was. Spilled that industry and try to be very careful, be careful. This person offered Services uncle services to somebody I know who is wealthy for basically hinting at. If you pay me, I will do I will sleep with you.
And there in the key, and there came out personal. Yes and you know them personally, and they told you this the rich person to reach a person told me this so it is true that, because I've heard that- and I'm not- I didn't hear from david- I've heard it from someone completely unrelated. So it is true that have happened. And I also heard that not only do they do that they do it for reason, because if you ever go against the label but the late, does is debased basically use it as as blackmail Savior go against him, though, release that information and, though, have some kind of like sex tape or some kind of scandal to cut basically just ruin. Your reputation in Korea yeah right in its way? Worse there Yang Korea, if you have a sex tape, you're you're careers over right, whereas in America it's just,
has just begun. He's just look at the June any blackmail June we worry becomes the big star. I'm sorry I mean like I guess, since you kind of almost got into that world, I'm gonna curious. Actually, because there is
Therefore there are a lot of benefits to going down that road right. Like you, you get instant exposure. Why not? I guess, like you, said, Miss after every one year, but I'd like, I think, if you d view so again, so if you're a trainee doesn't usually get the benefits, except like the resources, but once you d view, I think again the big three like us, some Jerry, P, why'd. She, I think definitely um. You get that instant exposure literally overnight fame a few chair posts, a teaser for a new group, there instantly famous overnight kind of thing and they do a lot of press marketing, as was again my financially. They help at all the resources, training, music, video budget, all that kind of stuff. You seem like to keep on music videos. Early pretty insane scale lies. So I think there is a lot of benefits in that and also lotta downsize. As you mentioned right and doing it,
pendant me? I think it's a lot more fun in my opinion, because I got to control everything and I think that's more important to me. Then I guess like being famous like that quick, very easily writers here so for all those young kids out there who look at cape pop stars and aspire to be like them. How do you become a k pop star?
be korean big for AIDS and actually know that banning they tie there's a lot of like come like half korean people, where there is a lot of Chinese a lot of time and yeah. That's it's not! It's not limited to the inquiry, and I think I think it's if you have what it takes like talent, wise as well as you have the passion. I think the most important thing is the passion to do it, because it's not just about you being good at something you have to like. Looking like a cape archival right because there is that, like image, static, keep up idle, has when you're on stage after you look really pretty really cute, really cool or like sexy or whatever it is. You cannot like fit in that world. You have to have what it takes and I think that's the thing that makes somebody a cape up, I'd or artist more so than the music or the talent. Does that make you just change a cape of song to English? It becomes american public, not right. I don't think I never die
keep it was a genera came up is like a whole package just pop in Korea, and you just have to have the image, the dancing, the reduction all that package. That's what makes it is actually a lot of controversy about that too. Right. Isn't there like what? What is that the award is announcing a k pop category and Bt S. Fans are really upset because there they feel like their pudding, they create a category, just sit there not competing against other pop artists and because beaches huge right now, so I after go, Remember what award is something big enough: it's a Grammy's or Didn. Looking up euro click. Another there is, there is, like contrary very recently, announced it, and there was a bunch of Lake BT asked people were really upset in it, and it is that's I I mean I get it it's kind of like why? Wouldn't they be allowed in the pop category? You know it still pop and there is English in it. Like I don't know,
It's easy emptying the MTV vehement awards are that's nothing. Margaret had what are they getting mad overlook here kid students Novi I'll, never be invited speaking about being cancelled right, it's not like that. Like don't. You think. Like, if you ever want to make it like the goal, is to make a big right like if you ever want to make a big. Don't you think Aren't you worried that these, like we re, just hide what how dark and dirty these labels play. Aren't you worry that that you're, like going against the grain and you're like sitting example for people like they did you must I mean you, You will be on their target list. I didn't want people to create themselves on their own. They want you be like hey, we need this label to make it aren't you afraid at some going to talk to you. Maybe it had they reached out to your ready to try and get you under them? No, I mean I do get like like some like us, ignore name entertaining
They will sometimes reach out to me here and there, but I don't think I'm like a target one because, like I think, I'm still starting and I'm still kind of discovering myself in this music career side of things, but I think the beauty is that my Youtube Channel has me for like the past eight nine years, and you can see the full history of me right and I think that's something- that's very nice to have a almost like a portfolio for myself and I think people looking to be in the k pop industry, like there's one part that they have to think about it. What do they have to lose? For me, a big choice of not joining a label is because I have too much to lose cuz I had that hole like I guess. I come portfolio of me being a Youtube violinist that if I did
until label, for example, they pray like make me get rid of aid to channel, maybe get rid of my answer them. Anything selling allow have a fresh new plate, that's how they that's, how they like there I'd only Legrand right, so they can write everything for them and dangerous thing kind of thing visit. That's one thing I think is a little bit different cousin, like the american industry, for example like they won't do that they Dardis has full control right. I think that's always how it should be, but in that case, part by thing is just completely different cultures different. What they're looking for an keep up idols and how that markets, how that sells? It's completely different from like.
Justin Bieber, for example, to toy different image? So I think it works for that and before me I don't think I need a leg, necessarily keep myself tied to keep up a surly chasm. It just makes sense from demographic to do keep up right now. I would consider it myself or of a korean american artist rather than a kick pop parties. Interested is gonna sounds like the packaging, for Korea is really about inorganic. You know that everything is or what is obviously plastic surgery, which is only this widely accepted there like they wanted everything to look clean, cut well produced where the more western westernized entertainments entertainment like be edgy, be original, make your own stuff, but still have like hints, of formula there pressure. So I what
you looking since you said that you know it. This is what you want to do for now. What is your your next goals, because, after I guess this came up, before you whenever well, this many of them was a kind of them need just really trying to getting get it out my system, I gave a physical cd I've, a music video. I have a lot of like I featured in actual cape up idle and one of these songs and then I'm so sorry something that I really wanted to get out of my system, because I never was able to do it and finally got the debts of Odyssey right now, I'm gonna just like I don't know what I really want I can't I want to see where this album goes here as well, work on music- that's not maybe not in korean I'm just like, and I want to come to bring the violin back cuz. I think I kind of pushed that away on purpose because I wanted to. I really focus on like original, like singing rapping, that kind of stuff, but I want to bring the violin back and see. How can I can incorporate that in my future content? So
will you be opened to continuing this? If this blows over you, and does it really? Why I mean I don't think it necessarily needs to blow up, but I think I want to follow. It is still a passion for me, like music, historic passion, but maybe kind of seeing where that might lead me would like my film side of stuff to sound tracks. Enough, maybe is, is a Youtube enough to come. Sustained a career for you. I would say I took a really big hiatus like two years no violent playing no violent covers and they can't. Thank you, too, for a while- and I give to this kind of is very important that you know like you, had that consistency on Youtube to maintain that number So all the bans watching my content right now, my channel are were originally therefore reviling contact number to keep on content, so it SAM I've rebranded. May you do? It's almost like starting a new to channel so right now. Not now, I don't think so, but I think hopefully, eventually
yeah, cuz, it's a cuz. I know there's a lot of musicians out there that yeah it's it's difficult to do music, full time friend, you know you're lucky one of the lucky ones, if you're able to so you know when it comes to making money. I know Youtube pays percentage of ad revenue and then Eighty submerged you have a patriarch. Do you did you live shows. Is that kind of where you make money, is Waller Brand deals, I think I may now shows shows where the biggest like last year for them I did a lot of like university shows where they my violent content. And then are moving forward. I think I have like a physical, album seedy that came out. Thou is actually most mosey again kind of getting it on my system, like I can say, I have like a budget, keep up album like little photo cards and stuff like that. So that's one merge possibly like more like ten March March, I think, is always an option moving forward, but
for not still more of a passion project so for fans who want to support you, what are the top to revenue generators for you where they can support and help you, you know, get to a full time position out of the sea, the stream. Italy a million thirty million, just keep stream ahead the refresh button, I warn you could start the violin farm or divine informed me. I'm tired, man, that's a good business. It sounds like I want you. I don't know what the numbers are actually, but it sounds like it could be a good business for good return. It just takes a long time. Hounds like it could be a good business. Don't give up on her like a courtesy lad like a curt migration, is speaking on, this need more aboard transition. Let's go into some some questions. We got from twitter. Yet that sounds good. Sir. I'm reading liquor
These are so good ones. Then, obviously, you are like a bob and be J. Splendid YE all ask: do you eight just in the meantime. However, how do we just do we talk about that about like the last by gas, just as well, tell how hellish shit about you, Yeah me. Did you get it? Did you get to listen to that of I got. I got notified by some bad. A justice system mean things about you, you're, a friend of yours, my veins leg, and then somebody Look it actually really seriously. Today somebody actually got hurt all really like they're, like I can't we detect what you like, not as a joke, I'm pretty sure of the joke. As I went, I wish I was it that appointment pockets like there's no way June, will make it to this point in the past I show you Eddie like while I can leave now. I was There- and I was just me for my Youtube: Username Jim Korean,
said he'd know by hatred. They didn't know that if you wish it Currie on was korean appreciate a lot of people are wondering. That's like them. Alas, she did at. I didn't realize to later on. Whenever you know you d, Q and easier in their outlines right now. That's the number one question I get like every single time, no matter how many times to explain it like an atm screen, name back when they, I am used to be a thing that carried over to my Google Gmail account that carried over to my Youtube account and then that's usually February, starting now in order email, you basically yeah pretty action hurry on ad gmail. Monsieur you guys, spamming blighting boy. Do you hate Justinian? No, I don't I have no reason to hate. Just then, maybe after the podcast opposite neighbor, recalling me Sadly, I already said that, like you, Overcoming get June did I touch her with his hands. Accounting June would do that, even even if it was real,
here you won't be your back just as in such you you're jealous you. Many of us here are some bastardy, I'm back and other yearn for the Michael dozens right here and I'm just. And I just said a few June or you look like a catfish. Oh, how can you know what's up
I got your way meaner than I am always meaner than while we need a parasite aside by the idea that has of his his whiskers right now I mean he wrote a bearded us in the pockets of the thinking on the ballast might not available. No, it was late gene, but such a decided to do so major dizzily, a catch fish he's come. He was waiting to save you. The hits Eddic offer real boys, get them back of a dead. With his back to the answer I get like, I have no reason to hate, just as if that was just a force that one I know you know you're trying to defend yourself right now, but your mean knows, the real issue is to be fair. Johnson was pretty mean to you as well and all, but that's like I mean that so that became a thing on the first shoot. I think after a little bit in now Sleep progress in second, when I start writing it in because it just naturally,
progressive suicides are released in the young. Why is he the oddest here? the oldest in the youngest and its natural, like its money. Take the relationship works. What it's really like that in real life, to yeah that its carried on yeah? It's not that it's not an onscreen thing. It's just naturally like their hid, beauty who do it even if the cameras or off right now I see here Justin's voice in my head issues, a cat. Is it like that high pitched, I don't think he sounds like that. You have a very good impersonator in birth, but you know what did he say that he will? He would make love to you in eight? I I don't know if you believe that he would but isn't it. I guess he did say that he did say that remain he'd PETE we he said he would I view by the hair you dont have we're not during a demonetized here, but you say things like that you're here. Just kidding
even though we know just so. You know it's a love, hate relationship to love her release. But anyway, so we have a few more. I want to know this bar no arena where this current came from. Have you ever had any rooting counters from famous cape albinos, rooting counters or may be wholesome encounters owing to the router ones? Yeah? Can you the ribbons, because I'm sure you ve come across a bunch since you gonna take on and you do all those like. You know, because in that industry, now young sipping ass ale? Ok, can I do this thing? I do a lot of things. Where am I m c cause I'm bilingual I'm so they have these things coffin engagements where they come on stage. They answer like twitter questions like this. I kind of like the setting an interview
take. The questions asked him in Korean translated for daddy and stuff. Like that, I won't say a groups named gonna wanna like cause, keep on the add ons in name only. Actually, you you're good at sternly. I don't wanna five people, but then there is one specific member of discovering that which is completely different onstage and how she was off stage like the second. She got off stage: Sheila Coffre Manager, golly where's, my water, like diva. I could not not just the diva like a diva boots, bird like, like a really bitchy deep now like to the point where, like on stations, Africa hanging, I got really have the use of aid by the second. She came down. Her smudges disappeared. Her face just completely changed right, so I am not opposed to me. I think people dealing with her honor dry would feel that she's very rude all the time, but maybe shows I'm a bad day or something, but that's too bad. One or what is the right way?
last drink? The k pop fans will is not our group like pinks. Oh no, I did not say that not a blessing where the biggest grove Russia is? One of them was them? we're just gonna starting work. Why I'll which wine joining said man. Ok, so I mean what then, can I gotta go back to what we are talking about like it's very artificial right, not nothing! Everybody is like that, but to a certain degree like they have to be like the key see personality. I stage if not its debts, there's a reason why there are the act very similar. Yet It's coming. You understand that right now, following like a formula and stuff like that, I got they. For example, for me, like I have to say nice things about Justin to have that? sort of me being the nice member at the beginning, exactly but true, hey behind us since the analyses you just made now
I guess I kind of going off over that. What is the weirdest fan Encounter youth had that I've had recently. Because I mean, does the question we should ask the girls due to their stores are pretty wild. Oh stalkers yeah man. If he had any weird ones, I'm sure I think it was. I forget if it was not a cake, honours and know that one of the cake on a most of my experiences come from Cape conquers. That's one of the key part bans come those one fan that literally followed me everywhere, new which hotel I was in a stalker story yeah, but did this always reared cause? I'm like I don't know how she knew, but, unlike the next like one like ice, are at the hotel in the lobby and she made. I can't I like you, know like when you see it.
Person than they recognize you like and stuff like that sounds like I was a fact of life that we took a picture, Jasper picture and then and then the next morning I woke up. I was getting ready to go to the convention. I walked out of my room and she was in the hallway on an issue, as is sitting in the corner. The hallways, some usually oceans, are actually like sets of just have aroused honestly, like really crept out to say anything early comprehend what was happening, but then that happen to the breeders in Rio de Janeiro. That's scarce. I think that's a thousand slightly creepy the third day she just sitting outside your door are always so she didn't she The reason why these things now she was here the whole time? That's ok it? Then they gathered like a stalker. Storing now seems like we have one more question, and it says when its economic unanswered. That already tell us about this. Not to be just another question. Do you remember when I met you?
the lobby in your hotel. I dont like arriving what we ask of us is going to go back to their. I got one glad that your fans might want to know about Missouri. No, are you single my single oh, please yeah How long have you been inner ear relationship as a private information, though it's been a little over three years now la actually like a month after two years since the crow? We know the current. We met yeah sure the visa issue has actually already stylist, nor whose and she was in some of your videos right yeah. She said, oh well, you guys collaborating more get me like honestly, that
now that I'm kind of getting into the singing wrapping stuff, like that it be really nice, have a song together. So we really nice, but she's are low into right, yeah, she's phone and green, and how does she feel about all of this success that you're experiencing right now well she's kind of, like my reality check, always as intellectual humble you bore me, maybe a little too much in what ways the like what it was like. When I can imagine you been cocky, or I mean the other, they generally. I dont believe, for example, that when you're in a relationship early which family or something you kind of want that lake them to kind of credit, you obviously praise you a little bit interlinked regularly by child and mean that I want my girlfriend to watch my video. We, like only guide, you look so good and then something that, for example, like she'd compliment, but at the same time humble me at the same time, at my most recent We are, for example, she would watch it and should be like who is that guy, he so good looking, but that's how you like that, like a compliment,
my right hand, so she is complementarity is appreciating that sometimes she knows too like make sure it doesn't get to my head and got it got it think it makes some of your fans jealous that you ever you're taken you thinker, yeah. I think initial, like we ve been public for a while, but I M at egg ass. Some people still don't know, even though I post pictures with Europe time's up that, but on there are instances when people do get jealous and are really mean to her. On her instrument. For example, people like make fake a constant like we really mean on Ernst again. Well, isn't it normally the cape up like people, bands keyboard, didn't, have relationships right now, but I'd like a big league. If you have a boyfriend on your career, I over from any isn't there a thing to like it or not, because I I just we be J comments, isn't anything like did? There is usually a got a cup
guys it like you and just in who do have some kind of romance single and on yonder group there's always one ray. I know how many, how many not that I don't know that you would know how many of those actual bans the humming, how many gay people are in the case of industry D. Think personally, I think there's plenty really there's a lot more excited illegally right is not accepted in Korea. Its accepted like out here like people, I keep up, prefer that dad seems like it, because they would rather have too many? stating each other than them dating different girls. Because I didn't want to like ruin the facade. Yet they want that fantasy of being able to be with them at one point. But if I am not able to get you, then I'd rather have re David, be with you, for example, the US Canada? I decided image my head, while people trust me have images of you and just in so I have never had the next and the next great we're gonna write issues like software porn
walk demonetized with varying. Do anything. Did you like a blog my main menu, many albums out, I'm is called limbo, ass, three songs. I worked a lot. I worked really hard at work in the illicit work and get it you can get it again. This instrument on Spotify it's on Itunes and everything you can just search June limbo saw my channel etching Korean on you to my music videos out my music video for my third songs coming pretty soon to an aspirin while monsieur you guys, but check it out is actually very legit, especially if you like Pga stuff, it's it's up their men. The quality is really good That being said, I make sure you guys follow us at off the pill on Twitter at off the pill, Pike, Hassan Instagram and Junior, while whip weaken pop up your thing, carry on three and four ivory had been doing it. Yeah June Korean yeah
Instead, I guess gorgeous. You know how we alter this will just read into the MIKE in three two one: You know that MIKE price smell, but he saw me different view. Salt lake hurry, I cleaned migratory, I'm he cleans. It sounds like a curry on Koreans. Yeah!
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