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#31 - Ft. Arden Cho - Ryan and Arden’s Future Plans

2019-09-08 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Paco, and special guest Arden Cho talks about their relationship. What makes their relationship work? What are some things they can work on? Do they have plans to marry? Kids? After the Shi-Shi break, they talk about Dave Chappelle’s very controversial Netflix special. Guest: Arden Cho Instagram: https://instagram.com/arden_cho Order Ninja Melk - https://ninjamelk.com Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics!   http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com

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Oh my god, I would agree. Oh no girl comes lie. At least those girls want surprising because they want to have to constantly be growing, involving and challenging yourself in. So those are things that he's working on all of us, Well, we always start with tee clap collapse. Welcome back to another episode of off the pill, podcast, woe and it's all different its little loud, today we have Popopo is sitting in the motto your seat. Yeah me I'm right here and we have a very was the first ok first reoccurring guess Miss Arden, Cho, actress, singer songwriter Watchmaker I'll see you thanks Debbie,
arms back for a second time she is. She was very much requested. All I mean you could have done it alive times, but we don't want or like over use. You don't lie. I just didn't want to come. No, you wanted to see you like, or can it be on it another one member knows one. It was fun. I liked it alive. I know, but I wanted to take over upon. So you you take over. You know what I was doing. I sell vaseline widening just ruin that our aid is, how will they forget her? It is too far are now but anyway, arms back you're in Korea for like three years, no six weeks baby, just serving her military time outside my baby, girls, I'm a thorough lying, throw up also before it. I'm sure there's going to be It's like wardens, not even wearing the shirt re now what's going on. What are you talking about this time fully covered? Tell em who picked out for you, so
went shopping with Michel fan and her sister, and basically they sort of styled me and picked out a lot of really cool shirts Gladys or draw you sure. It's a lot of these like cool. Changing your branding, I don't know about change my branding. I think it's just I'm having. So we must congratulate cooler, ok cause you top all your this out with a girl, but I mean, but now you have cast idea. Manatee cool accused, nothing wrong with that, but I mean like I thought, the stuff you. How was school? No like this is like Mord Street don't push it at all. They street were hip hop yoga Goethe, you're phase is there is a point raised two only where like drops words in kind of street, where and then I started being a little girl II and the now. I think, I'm going into a little bit of like a different sort of
where I get edgier version, I think like me, I used to really be into black shirts than going to graze, Dana gone to like this, like lightish gray, and I might go back to black phases out more so because people, its camouflage, shirts or the internet love is something worth camouflage you like. I could see the OIE relay. I should, or should we title totally o Arden are feeding our ensure with no shirt on the nudists ostracizing screen all if this is a different like if someone you know, yeah I'll be, would use as a tale but I mean it says we're talking about our changing styles and growing is peoples? Do you wanna talk about the music videos. You release cause they're kind of different from what you use done yet, Meanwhile, what was a dog? I sunset hard. I mean like she posted a lot about it. You know, but still ok, you don't want the Korea for it. Yeah
so I shot electrifying Korea as well as to other music videos that will be dropping in mid late September and then possibly November or maybe January, I'm not sure yet and yeah. I guess electrify is definitely indifferent, ended up doing a song in Korea produced by doomsday a written by Marshal and featuring Juno flow. We have known for many many years and so is fun to work on that, but the video is definitely a different concept. The directing team was really cool there, a couple, and so they sort of came with its gather, and there is a story behind at em there's a lot of like layers, but I think people to see it s like a club. Video is good. I like a house song, I've never really done music like that,
it was fun. I mean, even though there's layers to it, you know a lot of times that a lot of most people won't see it for the deeper layers that it is, and you kind of have like those Easter eggs for, like the super fans or people who want to see more into a great you want reveal any of those Rico. Just like I did on your own. I don't know, I guess I'll guys, put me on the spot. Parker. You don't have the idea that I gave you the out of her now. Ok yeah I mean I don't know, but I guess I guess I want to say I don't know my favorite, shot in the whole videos, the flower and the vase falling over, and then you like a reference because that is specifically yeah. I think that's kind of like significant, I feel like the flower,
is me and the whole video is sort of like a growing up thing to you. I mean I've been creating content and doing suffer like almost fifteen years now, and I think it away I've never really felt grown up or mature sexy, like I shared opposed about on Instagram, where I've always felt like I couldn't be sexy, or I couldn't why's that christian thing not just cushion thing. I think it's an asian thing to true. Also she's, not it also exactly early rude. I think I grew up of these billing link. I don't know like a little. Tom boy- and I think I just didn't, feel cute and I don't think that I could be sexy like giving some girls. They dislike, walk in a room and they like ooh sex appeal, very sexy everything they do a sexy amused they're trying really hard know. Some people are just naturally sexy and I don't know I don't like call people out there.
Lot of people. We all know people to that, just like walk in a room and you're like while she sexy, but I don't think I've ever felt that, but I think at least but like film or acting adding its challenging to sort of push myself to go in that direction. I've never done that before either and all the rules are easy, unlike grown store or like a friend or nice, and I think I've never really felt that challenge and so shooting the video is actually pretty tough. I feel, like the directors, are disappointed he a little bit because they kept pushing me. He like sexier, and what not- and I dont think that also there is a little bit of the language barrier was more because like Avenue was in Korea, Korea and they ve done done, keep up stuff right, which is all based around like sex, Yes, I know how videos are very like sexual lies with each other. It is right yes or no.
There either really cute or there really sexy legged. It's very like true, but also I mean capabilities are incredible. They're just gave dominated that music music video world, and so there are there so good, and I think you have a definite wanted. A push me school. I mean the other three videos. I've coming out are pretty dear friend I shot New York too. I shouted Korea. I can't wait for those two countries really schedule for it or is it every other minds? Honestly, I shed, but I doubt it like me, figuring meaningless. Every week, though, you ve been acting in the I started. I mean you ve been pushing me to for a long time sight of me to say, like I have been like for, like many many many,
years. I've been really bad about that, but I have started posting regularly, mainly because I've been investing so much time and money into these music videos and into my original content, so almost feels like such a waste. If I don't keep up the channel EC, especially good goodbyes, the forcing live released in seven years, and that video do we shot and allay by it, I mean it's like rising the one coming. I was really good. Doin the beach. Oh yeah, I saw my favorites snapshot in Korea. Sophia deeds began radio in this kind of release. Honestly, I think I'm still trying figure it out. I don't know if I should release simply next or fresher release, try or David simply on right. That's one! You like the video for but diving is your favorite son.
Then some people said try and use all your also posting things is not just music. You like game right of logging in, but you ve been more into like Youtube stuff, then even like act lately- I mean you so you're still like acting in stuff, but yeah, I think it's became. Is I'm trying to figure out what I really want to do and not that I don't want to act, but I think I have noticed that with acting, I'm still very limited to what I'm givin script, wise story wise and I feel like with music and Youtube for the first time, I'm really feeling like I have creative control or that I can create different opportune. He's for myself, and so I think that's been interesting, and I mean you know: there's it's like I haven't
Billy edited my own videos or done that in a really long time, I'm kind of enjoying doing it. That's like a lot like a shows, your personality and stuff, and I would also argue for all the right in fans out. There is still a thing. It definitely is so it's it's basically fans who are shipping them, and you know now that they come out Arden released. A new Orleans eat Witherin, right, yeah, yeah and dad gained a lot of time. if he s a really into than you wanna see the queue couple phantom or whatever, like that, you can check it out. I reaffirming that had no idea. You were even like what you are using. Therefore I dunno arrogant I eating with Alex. Oh sorry, didn't tell you. nor is it was a garden eats No, I didn't minded by no you're the one that says we should fell lighted and when we're going to sorry Something wrong, I mean. Do you notice
That is completely different aspect about he treats me where were like with fill me with. You all know that we can do that. Yeah, let's go and then with me I'll do something in her just pull up his phone and they display Alan Walkers music I mean you're, like I'm, trying to help you out and adding jokes here story. I get you the actual, Alan longer part of the country. There be really you could do it, then, these all money. Well, I mean what are the odds are going to actually find it. It might is probably to be his recording companies and was just in town actually and yeah. I was. I was supposed to go, see him, but I I was doing a bachelor party the boy when it made sense to bring them there, but they are all, did they didn't want to do that? They literally had the tamest,
pouring is patchy party ever I wouldn't I brought eyes, go Germany's go to the store I go to like these. Like you, don't wanna go to Strip Clovy doesn't want to like do anything crazy, suffer the backstory Ryan's brother is engaged to get married Pretty soon and do you know he's ease Blake very similar to me like where we don't really to God and stuff He literally I don't wanna described not without making us both literally like asked me that weak because he'd, okay, so The bachelor party wasn't supposed to happen. He said I want, You didn't tell anyone about it. Basically, then. His fiancee asked me to throw a surprise bachelor party the month before. So I had up his friends to fly up and stuff like that from Hawaii and dump. You know it's really hard for me to plant anything without spoiling the surprise side. It really have anything plan
But then, once you find a surprise them and ask him what you want to do, it basically became a match of what do you want to do? And what do you want to do? the wind and all his friends very similar. So nobody knows what we want to do. Some dislike, pickin, random, stuff, the most indecisive grew basic. That's why I think you should have if you would just booked everything, then it what it is happening. Nobody would add parleying, as I had some stuff reserve, that I thought you would like to do in ages ago. Dammit hello, hell sounds like you. Yeah man, also. What are we gonna Kyle? Does that sound very boring here I do like I did. I've been doing things I would always eyes saw escape room, ok, but we're gonna talk about lake, all what I never mind. What me doing things I've been doing things I'm not anchored anymore they still injured,
Now planning things he did planned something on a date tonight. I'm gonna believe me, I know and then he's like it's a surprise. I'm so excited and it's gonna be something new and different and then he's like shit you ve, no nominate. Surprise you like living and it goes gonna be a surprise, but now and then he don't really right away. what you said. You want to know why anyway always want to know. I want to know the ending of movies. Here's my thought process. Ok, with the whole surprising, if you surprise like someone and every now, and then you do that and that person when used, reveal the surprises colleague. Oh the intelligent, be Nigeria. You gonna want a fish out like you know, Urien secure you unofficially, do they ain't even want to do this? You know that's my thought process. I think, if I ever means a third perspective were for whether I mean our
Greek. Sometimes you like you want you surprised to be good, but sometimes you second guess yourself like what what if you didn't want to go there breathing the thing with our and is she'll do pretty much anything except scary. Stuff is long. Is it with you? because you like spend time with the thing is, it could be sorry, beginning all rehearsed and married me now. I think with me, I know is that I, as Algeria can really make it. Oh, no girl comes right place, though girls want surprises because they want Europe LAN things plan plan. It is slowly planet schedules, nice reservations, pick a mob go on air earning. Do those things really nice, lady,
learning putting that everyone is basically rail rising and it's like it doesn't have to be something fancy I mean like. I always tell you like. I, like you know, even if we just like Google PICNIC or something what are you laughing a picnic in Vegas or in a night at the rear, the Miller, but I saw an interesting image from Yahoo Finance, Mastercard and it talks about the average price of a date in the United. State. Oh no yeah over two hundred have any right. Is it? What did they concern the heavy so expensive, probably out Bobby, does whatever you guys, you're doing I'm gonna guess for the average date. What this is. It goes by State the thing to do you wanna like do you want to guess the average of California and that or do you want our aims? I feel like the average in California is probably like a hundred twenty for you. The average
California would probably like one sixty. I find one fifty the average price of a date the United States time in California is two hundred twenty six those and thirty five cents town where they going. You know just want to look cream barbecue all the time. But you know it Ideally we go like Sushi Zol Yoke. Accidents like everything we ve been in some places that are perhaps more than sometimes is not that much. Yeah I mean also cause like. Sometimes we have dates were what about a battery bucks you're just about us, it's gotta be like have one hundred twenty hundred hundred one fifty It's a one, nineteen nineteen, oh you, yeah, you pause The second one was supported that article there was like showing how much more expensive it is date now is like the most expensive place is New York at too.
your seven dollars and twenty seven cents loud. So basically, if you live in New York is just basing yeah has essentially been but also dates? Don't have to be that expensive? I got Breakfas embed today and he brought me Mcdonald's. That was so romantic aren't really good. I've changed really good the cheapest place that I guess, the real quick, is South Dakota. At thirty eight dollars and twenty seven said nice. People in South Dakota are gone. I'll, just go great dangerous, of just moved his after go down to date. Maybe, let's get to know, I mean well real at that makes sense, though, covering so expensive dating now. Is this guy you're trying to impress them so much? You know, like oh, you said like on planning so, but is not just that is like on financially stable enough that it can take care of this.
and it's it's so confusing in this day in age, because a lot of people want equality, but where does equality come in? Does it come into like paying for a first date and taking care of all that stuff? And I guess I'm kind of curious because you guys have been a couple for a while, so you don't have to deal with that so much. But what are your thoughts on that? Like equality in a relationship? I think you're more, old school right, but she still pays but like all still ambitious, still offer to pay, but also pay for it I'll pay too. Will you do by the majority of the time right and I think it's like you know she still wants the card or thing and like you don't know, Open occurred, not always eyes opened the door, but I like I do sometimes in language the chairs pulled out, but you don't. I have done that when I Will you give em old school milk, I don't like it but allows. I was almost like the recently
extremist extreme them. I'm not like not not so Ok, that's. Why have you seen as of the weaker ready is not one single pc this week is not just one. As long as I know the actual definition, but what the new feminism has become since became like a mean kind of yeah. When I think it's like balance like, I think, especially in the beginning of the relationship. I think I paid for a lot more, but even now that we ve been together for so long. I don't even think we think about it. It's like whatever. Sometimes we just order and if you walked away like I'll pay for it or vice versa, really matter or getting credit card game yea area. We do that too. Sometimes all we just have the server pick and that's really fun dislike keeps exciting. Hey, I don't think it's different. I mean it's tough in law
distance. Does we spend a lot more money? They give, I think about the first couple years. I spent so much money on flights like fine back and forth so much but like old school relationships. Girls would expect the guy to pay for all that. True I pay for it. In fact, I'm uproar feminism, you can pay for everything. I support and I know the likely I suck. We don't want the future. He jokes and he's like I'll, be so happy few, but movies and you're so busy that obviously care of the king of his stay at home. Tat. The dream said to me one time he was like we are not. I can share this. Why what? But he was like. We have kids and you're busy filming in working. You tell them tell them. Daddy was Joe now because you know, like that's, usually arose like the kids. You see, love the parent, that's their right thing like when you're that person, when you're, making iceberg you're famous Alias during years, all busy may bring it in all the bread bringing home
bacon. Then I'm going to be home to like you know. I clean and I work so hard and I take care of the kids and we never see you. The kids. You know that the drawing of the family ass to draw like little brain, Brian Junior ART in junior daddy in the middle and an art. It's all the way up, anyway it as a joke. Obviously like oh my gosh, I really thought about it. Now is like no. We don't want that and the nose like can't get now like I just I can't I can't take care of them. I have to have to work and I want to like Phil Movies, and I want to do things yeah? I don't know I want to talk about this. We ve never talked about this. Just as a group, amongst us and everything as Gregg. India is got engaged in rats. It am I right, short. One for that's all there get shore wow yeah does Greg's our enemies,
for you guys, though there any thoughts about marriage, because I know for a long Greg and Dana didn't get married just because they're like they're so busy on work you know and and that they didn't have time for anything like that, but that you know they're working together with you guys. You guys are super busy with work, and sometimes you know it's difficult to find time to come together. We've we've talked about it and it's the biggest. I think when the biggest problems is the fact that we are still living in two separate places you know like if, when you get married, what does that mean? Like? Are you living together more like at? What point does that like? What is I mean other than the certificate Obviously I mean like by physically of violet zones aid just thinking about getting married I don't let go ahead marine. They talk about us not in the same place, so it's like she's working, I'm here,
we're both do in our own thing right, but it's just like where we have to find a solution at some point we can just live in offered being a long term. Get his liver lives like this to be a lawyer in oh yeah mean, I think, not just the title of marriage but relationship wise are still trying to figure out a lot of things. You know, like rain said we ve been long distance for quite a while now and so we ve made that work, but then realising? What? How long is it going to be like that? For so long it was just we're dating getting to know each other and then in a we always thought like eventually someone would move and I think I thought like you would move, and you thought I would move and we're both so stubborn, neither of us moved, and so I know you deserts servers, though we are yes, yeah yeah kind of Europe by your definitely more severe than I am. I endured persons
agree, but I mean you know, like maybe you're right, I'm not least auburn you're right and yet I mean that's. That's being that, we talk about multiple times, As you know, I mean I've. I've been like, at I guess. I never had time to think about it when we were like doing the crazy videos have in the past year, really what we have here and there and we still have some common out also, especially with the views the pod gases getting Arden you're gonna have to get me movie roles, yet I know, but I'm struggling to man is tat. This is That's why you guys relationship, but we have imposed on more lot and second general said he watched I would like spend all my money on my music videos. Jude I'm broke spent a lot of money. You know, I'm sad
It also has really have a: U private, Andella great yeah, thank you, but you do have to release them. Thank you. Crazing coroner, going watch orange videos to leave, watches been holding egg click. Subscribe. Click like do all, this thing and if anything, also leave a common like while art in your so sexy, because shit like that. I would like to bid yeah. I don't know I've. U like it's weird cause. I mean we actually were just talking about this yesterday, because Ryan's childhood friend is in town and you know for so long. I always thought I'd be married with kids. By now and I always thought I wanted that it be because I grew up obsessed with this american dream. You know the typical things that people do go to school Or go to college, you know, get married, have kids by house, whatever
but now we're in such a different world and a different time where which is trying to survive in work, and I think all of us are so busy that I know if I want to get married and have kids. I want to be good at that. I want to be a good wife and I want to be a good mother, but I feel like we're still just trying to figure out. How to be good people until like a lot of times when you're young- and you have this dream in your head. If I call everything is going to be like this like you're, very the moment where you're, like dude life, isn't how you plan you gotta, adapt. You got to just ass when you're in adult. That's when you're like to wish, I could have half of what I imagined. You know, adultery is hard to see the last time we had this this podcast between us? I tried to bring up the stakes story and we skiff
over it and Sicily, tall yeah yeah we're talking about relationships. I felt we do not really know what we didn't. It was not discussed at all. Now, surely is that good, though, isn't where we built up more than it Joe gosh you get there going to be so disappointed, it's not a great story. I said that that be the bit that we just always bringing up in discussing talk about it and if they want to know it just makes me seem like a mean person, and then it but the other taxes body because, like when we first met reign, was so young and when I was young too, but I was like a young person who thought she knew everything. I was a young person. That was very. What's that called you know, young people that are like it like know it all twenty to twenty three may they just know everything about life in their like. I know everything like now, I'm in my! U no older! and I feel like. I know nothing of my order. I made my older years forty to fifty six. Seventy five Asians
and who knows how to stake. Sorry, we gonna day to eat steak, and this at a time when you know like posts College, they talk about like interview, etiquette and things like they say like. If you saw your food before tasting it, it's really bad it's like offensive to the chef or, if you prefer outsider, I did ok If that's what he did, he pre cut his whole steak, my whole gang, I was in the process of cutting my stake. So cut like a few pieces off right, and then she goes on. It's really not appropriate. or something or is it something like like everything you body cutting your whole thirty hours? That's bad etiquette recently like that. Like is it you where we talk about it, You have said that you're not supposed to do, Yes, I believe that I like you're, not as I do that yeah and he was Y yeah and then and then and then I stopped
There you go again. I've never done it is because, like you know, you felt like he knew it all. In your trial, like you, seem like ride the one like falls in her because I was looking for flyer because I was like oh he's young. So I think I was very ages super ages. I think I was very deaf Nellie would have never ever dated someone younger, I'm just so prideful, and so I think that really bothered me so just looking for things, but he was so nice He was you know, obviously funny made me laugh with that. I get I get it by like so convenient Two pretty good strategy here, though, guess what what a stake house that were going on Saturday, the one that I made a reservation for this, because it is so much feds are a kind of answer now, but it comes sliced yeah, nice long slice exactly like what I was doing, nobody he was cutting like weird little.
Where's dog. Well it all. For me, it's like ok, I'm hungry, I'm gonna cut it to convey the sizes that I want. You know because it's it's about the food enjoying the meal me. I just wanted to get rid of that sum focused on you. Maybe that's. Why I know why blind deaf I've kind of always done that. I just never was correct intergroup in a way we want a better get. You say that He I'm here ass, the that's! That's the disappointing stake story. I was just as other southern Jean I use this story because it's is she's like I'm gaining this guy barometer look for flaws and its gets down to that. He's pre cutting his, I didn't know I I did learn. No, he earns was the good I've ever even you talking about your side, how you're just like what did I do wrong?
that happens, a lot there's a lot of times or he's like what did I do wrong and, unlike you should know, I know- and I don't know that's why I said it's a learning process be recently found out that while we are trying to tax less than talk more because sometimes I have a tone that I read his text and because Ryan doesn't send emerges and he doesn't sound like punctuation. So if I say something like he'll ask me something and then over pilot huge thing and then I'll just right, I see and then I'm like our. Mad and allowing all I see I see nor is the ok. When you really like yeah, I see I made it, We face in our like. Oh I see
I am not even so. I say to me sounds like it's fine like when someone says we're: ok, fine, when, when you asked the girl something- and she says it's fine, that means you're you're done like you're dead. Tell us, I'm tax Ryan, I think he's mad at me. I literally answer: what can I say? Are you mad at least one today? used our not ten times a day, I'll give fire jury at least once every couple days, but I used to ask a lot here got better, though I don't ask as much, but now he writes things like. I see commission point happy. I learned that you have to put those as she knows like. Ok, it's just tax man, Texas. So the reason I found this out is because she was like rings. Someone else's text to her in this voice. I was like so it like so and so did this
and just giving a kiss ass to how do you know that that texting? You like that? like. I know, that's the talk it over there internet. When I tell you what are you she asked her. What do you think I saw like and she's at all? You know when you do like you, I see and we have that miscommunication, it's because it, Just look so angry help give that text looks like every other text, but I notice to its because, I know you as being more monotone, and so I got it they all these things. Only in the girls were going to do this. We do that. We do this, and sometimes you would just right. K have fun but now her right K have fun. That is why I didn't know I had to do that, but seek got guys just eat dollar entomology goes on it, data sending emerges, put their assimilation points, it's a it's couple more tax and it'll save time.
the only way it is grave. It is their texting. You and they're. Not putting any images are punctuation. They probably lost feelings. Yeah now you know I know that you know I just learn catch feelings. I met a new thing. Like did you catch feelings? That's all! Oh! It is yet pretty old. I just learn that someone just send me like that note it's time she should break, Hey guys just want to say. Thank you to our sponsor anchor Anchor is the easiest way to make a pot gas it so easy. In fact, we decide to use it to distribute our show. This show off the pill podcast. it gives you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or your computer anchor, also
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here. very welcome back to your part can decide. You always lobbied Europe. I really do it right and sit back and we're back along. I'm gonna cut it when you back as silks. and we're back, ladies and gentlemen, after But now we are back, we don't have an ad today, sums, can upload minimal again guys get in walmart dot com? now really good. The whole goes every cell bunch online. I want more dot com then we can get in stores and in other people can try it. If we can get in stores. I met the prove to them that we can sell it. So please go to Walmart COM or it there. You don't make me look like this
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Questions. What are we that whenever we have a bunch of other my repeats in stuffy answer the last by categorize watch your first podcast? We answer a lot of these questions. You answer I am using my they didn't know, you know, do you know about it Bobby S and then some rosabella logos name your first child. If you ever one One on the one: that's gonna, love, Ryan, more because you're busy working wound minimum righted, discuss No I'm just getting it's gonna go you mean, isn't me its Ryan and our din ride oh, that I just boy name, what would it be gone you would you say all. I really like jaded boy for you boy,
I know that when a new model, no girl was you name jaded, he could carry uses that exceed Taylor Billy. We didn't think about this stuff. Why no girl for you own girl,. Bertha you'd ever having to his no names were like like the, I don't get those eggs old names, like kids, aren't called anymore. Would you rather have a son or daughter on three ok, one, two, three sawder really like you? yeah why civic daughter his daughters, love their fathers more typing I don't. I mean it s like day my mom She said because all our like God, I guess her net, my cousins or like them were girls. She said raising boys is lot easier.
That's what I wanted to boycott ways are easier, supposedly Bernal us it's if at either. But if I did take Prager out a guess, you wanted a boy why slight enabled basketball, You couldn't play with them. You can pick up his stake play all guys. I big boy as the other easier and then I feel it with girls. I would just worry so much out of worry about every year to fight a lot with your daughter. No, I don't colleagues. I was as you like, but my son. I give him everything yeah, the daughter. It's like you can't do that. You can talk to him, mom, you dear, that you'd be a mama's boy and your daughter would like deadly run, terrain, all fresh air for sure, but also its good to have a daughter like rains mom for Mothers Day when we went to the spot. I asked her if she had a good mother's day and she said: she's, never celebrated mothers stickler for a really
a centre, flowers, ways boys. What do you actually? We ve never been at a spar before ok. Well, ok, what did you do for your Mama mother's day? I called her boy? I wish it ass, a girl, actually a lot of girls do things like you, take him out to Brian. here. You go like shopping released in our day. Ok anyway, this is okay. This is arm were infringing on the people who don't fall for babies. Oh yeah, ok, I mean he's got this part out. Maybe it inappropriate now not cutting it out. Oh no, we're just gonna be controversial and want to be controversial. Ok, next, question next question: who do you think is the more understanding one on the kind of three of the answer It is because I have bought out like a
and more understanding, yet more understanding, but I'm like you're willing to like by already don't understand you really big bird like compromise. You, like you, understand like where they're coming from type a thing on the kind of three, on two three me three me I almost can as a year, and I did it because. Both cases. So I understand the question I understand that, Billy. One are you just making the world can go ahead, yeah? Who is more likely to pay for a date on a kind of three one? Two three right, Hannah Lades! Well, I mean you're a year next, What do you think is yours, significant others, they greatest quality. You know so art in what you think Ryan's greatest quality is greater dear.
Relationship counselling, Baja, because I cover your stuff because, as a lie, it will have the big one, or do I pick greatest or favour it I'll go you with your favorite Ryan, be thinking of hers. Also, at the same time, I have mine. Ok you over. He do you can go. I'm thinking you go it's hard because Ok, I mean, I think my go too is always like I love that right is brilliant, just absolutely brilliant, but then I also love that he so funny letting the funny can stem from his brilliant right rights. I guess it's connected. About you, Ryan? What is your favorite quality? I would say for her. It's her passion. is, whenever you get into you, get super into. You know, like I mean like you, are doing well when you're acting you're acting right when you got into music, he went hard core him to music,
right and honour for me, it's like. I normally have to work in two things like it. When you get into something she's like really passionate, as the council took inspiring fairly. I didn't know that AIDS fire. You know, I mean you work and you have a good work ethic. You know. So I think that's that's important too. But also, I think, that's also flaw. it's not me, it's a good. Its original chancellor straight compliment hits. Let me they think it's a flaws. Well, because it stresses you, because you want to be the best when we play like for like Mafia
she saw into mafias. She gets like mad sometimes, but it's because you want stood like home. The team is always coming from a good place, but also your flock is, and you get frustrated and stress yourself, some stuff like that. But it's like I'm say it's like a positive thing and is also like a flower, but I like it. Well, it's funny, Sir korean side. What are you crazy? What do you think Is your significant others worst quality, her passion is getting dark. Talked about this last fighters, all video, the buzz you guys roasting me, no, are we did rose, you know it, but things have changed couple months, Apache actually here the thing I think is Ryan's worst he's actually really working on, and so it actually been good a nice to see, which is what so, I think what.
It's not even like a bad quality, it's just because he so he's just a creature of looking because you're such a creature of habit and comfort. So he doesn't like change very much. He doesn't like adapting to new things and doesn't like surprises, but I think it's not that it's a bad thing, but I've noticed is that relationship wise or even work wise? You have to constantly be growing, involving and challenging yourself, and so those are things that he's working on, whereas before he was really stubborn like no. This is how I do things. No, I do things right and this work, so I will always do it like this and when I would give suggestions, it would always be sort of like no, but now I feel like seas. Standing less stubborn! Thank you.
No way as a here he's working on that hey, I didn't say that you ve like accomplish it. I said you're wondering I know getting better and I think for me that's attractive and nice to see, because in the same way I I'm attracted to that to someone who works hard in is achieving different goals and challenging themselves and pushing to be better and be greater, and so a lot of but not just girls at the evening, guys to right. That's like an attractive treat it almost everybody is trying to improve and not just be stagnant, right, yeah yeah, I think that's hands down one of the most attractive qualities about any person is even friends like I'm attracted to people who work hard, who are really
passionate and almost like charismatic and what they love, because that energy is contagious, and so we just talked about this with with Paco now that he's gonna getting more until like stand up and stuff and like is actually working hard at its when you know when public normally. Is is neutral, is not working hard for that area is very amid am I wrong no you're, not, but you when you get into something to similar to hurry. You actually are into its trying. So near me, no, not at all. But what I'm saying is that even you notice it yourself that even girls are more attractive to their and actually like more into you and it's it's like at a summit, we told you that, from the very beginning by its its happening and you ve said you noticed it and I have saying that for which is in, he's on yourself were car. Make yourself better. Not just report will come here for anyone.
Yeah. I think that's where the biggest pieces of advice or people ever having trouble finding their significant other or just Leah Deigning, but I think so a big reason why I have been able to focus so much more on what I'm doing, because it before I had nothing. You know, I'd fall for girls will easily instead cause there's like this help us out of our working for road. You Gabor this, but I had nothing for myself. and with this whole like doing stand up and constantly going open, makes doing, shows now and things like that says it all kind of really stemmed do from the bed that art and- and I had which was at yea. Do you must ispra as ever the ardent. I basically had a bed where, for the eyes are doesn't know, I can't date for like another year and a half, or so it was the time or I owe her five thousand dollars, and that has called
dating was chasing girls yea. Your problem was that once a girls, a little bit into you, you'd, be like pocket in love. You know, and I get it. You know I've been there everything every boy of programmes on. Unlike can speak. Rose, but no guys you everybody it yeah, like neutral across the board. Every was better because you haven't really dated until you're like twentysomething refusal. something you normally knock out in my high school, but it was like. I was sent to you. That's not look if you're always pursuing its not that attractive. I think right like well. It's not that it's not attractive its If it's the only thing he I e the partner, sometimes because your so overwhelming, and it's so much love and it's like that can be great, but at the same time you want balance. Everybody wants that balance is also
Another way is this like it's too easy for some people? Could they want to feel like they earned it yeah yeah, but mainly ok, but for the people who don't understand where this is our coming from I'm not saying like dope date and I'm not saying you shouldn't day. It was specific for Paca because I felt like he was sacrificing his own life and his own career are in his dreams by spending twenty four hours a day, thinking about old and chasing girl. So I was saying Paco for one year of your life: stop wasting time on dating and chasing, but spend that same energy or even half of that energy. On yourself in your work- and you will be that much It was crazy yeah. I may he would like. Ok, we have a shot on Thursday right She smiled again why oxen went. It's an I ll be back in the morning. You be driving back and forth
a few hours in one night just to see a girl for one hour and it was like you're driving holders of a shoot, half asleep because obviously hidden sleep and is just like. I think you know I'm in love or evaluation by regulation. Not love makes you crazy things, and sometimes I can be really great if your life and you are ready for it, you know, but I think you need balance and you got to take care of yourself, and so you know, as they get older says or like a I'd like a see, star knew not exactly as a new non typical. I was like take care of yourself in your heart and eventually all that will come and may not that we are in any certified. I know you're, not a special trying to figure it out you, but that much I would now like you're doing some crazy offers but looking back on it now, I could definitely is popular. I that's why I'm like very thankful for a lot of that region.
Do you like you were out. My first show I'm proud of you. I was at a bachelor party I would have, yeah really. Would you really oh yeah? Could I wouldn't know what, though that was, exciting. A lot of your friends came out. We drove like an hour to see you in traffic and we were early, so we would miss said full house her, Paca, knowledge. It too is a good job. Yeah me right would have been there, but you can watch it online. So where did you posted already it'll be up my channel I look to the actual a good, not really like one languages blurry, but I mean the satin. Everything was really mean. but that's like when I was being malaria where the soul be up on. My channel says there, but speaking of which, though a stand about, because I don't watch too much
the Dave Chapelle New, special there's so much controversy that may have you heard the controversy on data posing a special. I have not haven't seen it yet, but I know you're watching its yeah, so I actually did in minded off. That's controversial me to say I should I was funny at, but there's so much hate like there's one does articles singly, don't you don't have to wash the special it so offensives, I get it. It is, but I think that someone is called sticks and stones and meant to be attacking pc culture. What tarkas everything is so pc now I feel like half the time. I don't know what I can say in what I cannot say. What does revision you're? Not caught up with trends and oh yeah. I never knew anything I find out things like two years too late. I know I'm like a year late, she's two years I just found out about Youtube stories and apparently people are all saying you heard a year later. I don't know anyway the dish mouthing pc culture.
A lot of ink. It was not worth a lot of media outlets where the one saying like. Oh, don't, watch this, you know, but most of the people will have washed it have been like notice, is really good feeling. This is phenomenal. There have been like you know, there will be. Some people were like I'd like this. I was offended, but that's what comedy is supposed to be about. Yeah. I mean it's like pushing exact wishing the emotions like a little its context. Surrogate is also Dave, Chapelle in old, saying this. It's an add on onstage as apply men being you know, It doesn't matter that he's Dave Chappelle, he some nobody making the same jokes. I think the would be way greater, but it's all contacts rightly q. He some jokes about like pedophilia, he mean jokes about literally every single thing that would trigger people like racism, everything but that's the best part
but like it's not like, he targeted anyone. Specifically, he went after black people, he went after Asian, he went after everybody a lot of weight, but it was that's why I think it was ok, let you It was so obviously I may be biased. I grew watching him, so I just know it but when I heard it was shocked that he would push, it much, but also I was okay with it cuz I understand, he's doing a comedy set, but I think what a lot of people are upset with two is: is the fact that they don't understand that the comedy? is like it's a joke and you're making fun of the situation around it. You know you're not attacking certain people. We- u, why do we see this a certain way? Why why you know age, just questioning both sides, because if you look at it he's pretty good on being neutral for a lot of the topics that he brings up. He shows the the ridiculous of one side and on the ridiculous,
of the other, so he's motives, I'm very able to stand the phantom, that's kind of something that you ve been able to do with a lot of your projects, you never would have liked. This is my voice on one thing you just like look at both sides there and was part. I think a lot of times people just like because they on one side and they see they feel like there being attacked over the ridiculous that their sole insulted it. They ignore everything else and it just like. While you have said that, because now I'm her when I was laughing and other things like, I can left those people border Attack me it's just like that in itself is something that should be joke about. As this is so ridiculous, I'm Eric Ursus, Sir, how she would react to it, stuff, like I can hundred percent understand out of context. If you dont get the joke took, as he doesn't really deep ones. Reechoed amicably be said that there are numerous
what he's talking about and really think about? It's not as bad as it is they'll say some things that if you were to just read it written out in an article, is like damn I'm not going to let that stem not supporting that. But if you read it in the contacts always delivering it everything it's it's I mean people just watch it. I think you would have wanted. I don't think you would, I think, maybe there's part should be like pretty shocked, but maybe I think it's like who you're around two. If you are telling me you like damn, like you shouldn't, be saying that you might be offended if you're around it, if you're by yourself, on decision making is allowed that allow people's opinions are based off what their being told verses, what they really feel exactly. Well, that's something that I have noticed that the internet in the last few years that some Something happens and, depending on what the majority opinion is in the first, like ten minutes, that's kind of what follows writer. You know, especially for a lotta like thing, appropriation, cultural preparation, there's a lot of time where you ve had that recently yeah, also the picture wearing some or was it well.
so I did a flourish in Korea, and it was a lot of clothes and jury from a very old like vintage shop answer wasn't, actual cultural pieces but there is some like jewelry, like ahead peace that was similar to an indian culture or like things that does he culture might wherefore like weddings or special events. Michel occasions were obviously you know I'm not. Of that race, and so even the culture right like so because I'm the culture it can be considered. Culture, preparation, but for me was like we just thought was beautiful and what sort of appreciating it, and so we did this shoot, but the dresses like like an old like nineteen, fifty style, just like a just, and so it's not like Oh look but anyways. It was very interesting to see how, when the photo first was posted, I had a handful of people being like it was crazy, not a hand
It was none, but it was like a bit like basically not a fan, sort of defending me being like hey. This is my culture and I dont seat as appropriation. I see it as appreciation and ardent has not offended me and then once that voice was louder. People started following that. Is very interesting to see that movement in a way that that's quite the same thing to me like, I think that's people are looking for comments to see like. Oh, I think this controversial. Let me see what people are saying right off their alike. majority is controversial. Then it's all controversial, but if the majority is like no, this is great and we support it. Then they start the parting and so is really interesting. Let me that link minute scary. Both are wrong to manage its post. Your aunt like, if you see this picture, do you really are you really hurt by I mean it, but that's the thing for me. I was like look. If I offend you, I am very very sorry. That's never my intent. I just think it's beautiful and I'm like so happy.
Where it like, even myself, like wearing a humbug. You know no thing is a provision started from it became a meme almost like it started from an actual thing of people trying to take the people's culture Yang damned as horribly wrong. Of course, if you give credit to it than I think it's ok, but it's interesting I recently were humbug and that's a korean traditional dress, and I think it's very beautiful a lot of fans being like I'm way. But I want to wear that in my mind, I, like you, should be able to you think it's beautiful you just say to cream tradition, dress head and where it is, I do not like hey. I leave He had this thing. But obviously, even saying this people going right right, it's clutched, controversial. The reason why this is like just doing research and learning things. You know a lot of people who do get offended for other cultures. Usually are white people yeah, like guilt, you know right up through history, books, loan. You know you can see that I got wipe it work done some like pretty bad things in history and you know it
a lot of people would apologise me, like all of you know we messed up in the past and which I make it right, but somebody to people take it too far with their like. You know what we ve done. In the past, so we're gonna, shame people for taking other peoples which in a way is segregating. You know instead of like showing like this is love appreciation further, because culture, its become were their guilty right off the bat and you are giving them the ability to defend themselves or show their actual appreciation. Are they really appreciative of it and stuff like that? And that's where you going back to the data belting like way talks about that french, accurate juicy small yea in it were just allowed bewildered. Defending your right of the bat and nobody really like knew what was going on. Well, it's interesting. I mean I haven't seen it so I can't really comment on that. But this internet culture loves to just drag people. They love to destroy people in like and lies, and it's terrifying because It's almost like people find joy in that their
like sitting on the internet, waiting for something to happen so that they could just like blow it up, and it's terrifying. I feel like every other day. There's someone new being dragged or something new being destroyed, in a sense and it's a really in testing time where I feel like if you're in high school you're in college and you're, like a dated eight life, where you see people over, I made see people every day. I get Skype, you a lot of pressure, you're. So scared I mean I heard in high school bullying is so bad. I kids are getting dragged like in real life because of his internet culture, enlargement. I think that's what, though difficult She was about this cancer culture yet cancel debts. The word out looking for I knew there was a word for it. Cancel Koch, young Enzo
as these are not always you can go about it. I think our society is already doing and right now the safe way is to go hey. Let's I mean it's been this just apologize and make do like to see you can be better is not too bad. People will forgive in actually helps you cause you drawn attention to yourself. You got supporters. Before you have supported both sides, essentially, but really now it's cod turning into people fighting back and people like Dave, Chapelle, commenting on it, even if it did goal over the line in some areas to some people? I think that's kind. The point he's to make a statement and say like that. Now, let's that's we ve gone so far as whole. Apologizing thing in justness be real, Brillo delirious wipe our memories of the current culture and be real. Like does this really bother? You never. Does it sucks? Like that's that's life, you know. If it does it does. It's hard for me to explain, because I, like you, I would just watch it
right. I saw what have we learned on today's podcast. Oh my gosh, it's like we're in school. What did you learn? lol I learned emerges and punctuation are very important in tax. That is a good Tipp Ash I learned about cancel culture, you cancer ocean, but you learn really, I you learn, I learned more. I would I think, the most important thing to take away the text thing. To be honest, I think that'll help a lot of people are and people. Don't I mean? Maybe it's just me: maybe everyone Mimulus, I'm the only one it does that it has at issue yeah. Maybe everyone send a lot of emerging. Let me know in the comments if this is for those of you in relationships or been in relationship. If this is ever been an issue because it is one I think it is, I think, you're late of all. Ok, I also learned you should plan dates. Yes, time that you take to play in something that is meaningful and in it
come to light dating is changed a lot right, so I think gagged. It's it's not as common. That's a kind of more old school not might not old, but I mean like. I think it's do, that that much right planning, edges, tinder, didn't they tinder Lovin Ilidza, interesting. We ve never done he had ever immediate came out after already I carried away would not here, and I know you do I mean you know what we should do. What is we should make a video of affordable date or cheap dates, It's about a bigger and bigger one airline if he wants to do that. All people that are still in this channel we're coming back and more content non podcast related its I mean we ve been making it at seven, releasing it it's not a fear. It's comin back nationally. of logging stuff in this, not just blogs, just more just different stuff on podcast,
I'm sure you guys all its different is different, but we're about to start making more. We ve been like, stockpiling and launch a bunch soon stay tuned check out letter in church dot, com for watches, ninja milk on our mark. Also, where else can they find you cause? They want to see music videos. You saw the aisles, ok, I tore it Ah, my music, electrify and good good bye, as well as the three new singles coming out and my old album might you're happy there all on Itunes and all your streaming platform please, please streaming music and watch for music videos on Youtube, channel. just your music art in Beecher. What should promote everything? ok, fine videos are good too. I think you should do. I was so you don't just be a music channel ok, I'm not going to be just a music channel. It's just I'm really like in drought of is a great now and also a lot of these original songs and the music videos adjust its I've, been investing so much time and money that I definitely want to see.
I want to watch it, but it also really hard to get views now because it so over saturated, obviously like I was in posting as much for so many years. I gotta go to backup yeah, so please sure. My music videos and my other videos are on my channel Arden be chose an obvious. You can follow me and Instagram. Arden underscored, show and yeah check out, Ninja melt dope and the watches Armenia hawaiian things her huntings. But you ve done it. You done this me now. I shall only last night before even get their follow us at off the pill podcast on Instagram. At off the pill on Twitter, leave us your questions. For me, we have the next. All we have are exciting gas coming up, I'm terrified of we have Andrew Yang coming on presidential candidate Andrew Yang. I am too
Fine I've been doing some research- I don't even want to varying politics so, but things I told him that I dont know politics and he that's the reason why it wants to come on anyway. That's next week. Hopefully, if they approve it, I'm sure there's gotta be some kind of approval, if not see next time in three two one.
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