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#32 - Ft. Andrew Yang - Why You Should Vote for Andrew Yang

2019-09-15 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Michelle Phan, David, and presidential candidate Andrew Yang discuss his policies around UBI ($1,000 for every US citizen), Asian stereotypes, why Trump is afraid of tweeting him, and how he plans on dealing with the massive debt accumulated by college students. What is Andrew Yang’s religion? What does Andrew think of cryptocurrencies and deep fake technologies? Andrew also talks about how he’ll deal with aliens. Guest: Andrew Yang http://yang2020.com http://twitter.com/andrewyang Order Ninja Melk - https://ninjamelk.com Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics!   http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com

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I am one of the few candidates in the field that Donald Trump has never tweeted at or acknowledged for a young person now you're looking at a less than fifty percent chance of doing your parents, I will share what's going on with millions aliens of the american people unless it's just too damn scared off. All right, Clabby claps and we're good welcome back to another episode of author podcast. Today, we have a very special guest. Well, first of all, we have David Choi in the see seat. We have Michelle Phan joining us as a co host, and we have a pretty popular right now Andrew Yang, Andrew so crazy, You can't you can't hear it, but there's a lot of plasma so again. This is I've been tweeting and stuff about it all week that I'm pretty terrified. This is very different for me but thank you so much for being here in our little our little
up right here in la not all man, I'm thrilled to be here, and you know, I've been in touch for a A while ago, I've been looking forward to this for a while I've been wondering. Do you actually run your twitter because I was If I was talking to you in you in end or is it someone else it's me with a little plus sign next to it, like sometimes people will like dip in there and do stuff like it's about like like you were talking about like the like basketball, and football is that I'm assuming definitely me I'd, be very troubled if someone else pretended to take over my sports fandom, you make me like. You know forty niner spending some bullshit I just I mean mean you know my teams- are terrible jets, jets, Mets nets, suppose you have to say now. I was a long time next next for my entire life, until they dump Jeremy Lin. Honestly and then I was like
how do you feel about that I'm sure it was a bright bright, a spot of being an expanded role for years, and then they drop them and then you're like. Why did you drop in and you put up with so much stuff leading up to that time? So then I became an that's, ran his army, okay House plan there and he left and I'm now, I'm still in that span because now, I'm friendly with the incoming owner, Joe who's, all taiwanese Canadian. I don't know if you know about this, the changing right, the ownership changing from program- the Russian Oleg Ark's two money to boats, hi who's, like this taiwanese canadian Badass, now he's essentially like he went to high school and college in America. So is essentially in my mind, like you know, pretty american number he's going to be the first he's in NBA owner. I believe all really note so their own, the Brooklyn nets. So if you have no sports allegiance in the NBA,
and you're uh, you know like opened a new team and might be the Brooklyn. That's okay, okay! Well, that's I mean that's. I didn't even know that honestly, I'm a bad asian for not knowing that um. So you you were a fan of Jeremy Lin. You see. How do you feel about male? Then? Oh, you know I mean now mellows out a bad rap, so Mellish clearly being the league on, I hope, the nets item, but at the time when they dumped Jeremy Lin uh, you know that you had this a little bit of the sense that Mello was not to upset that they dumped Landon. So there was a period when I was sort of sad about MEL Okay, so it's true, you do actually watch basketball. Clearly, you know a lot about it and you do your own tweets. I was just always wondering you know you never know um. You know if you had a basketball, ghost writer yeah. Maybe a difficult. One of the reasons why I wanted to come on with you all is that that I'm really a pretty normal dude, I mean you have to be a fairly weird person run for president. So there is that thing.
The things that you like, I probably like to like you know just that's one of the reasons why I mean I gravitate towards I mean I I I tell you from the very beginning, like I don't know why you would want to be on the show, because I don't know much about politics and you said that's exactly what you want to do it. Well. First asian Americans are not that into politics generally, we vote at lower levels. We donate money at lower levels. We run for office at lower levels, and I tell people very plainly: it's like when you're growing up, and certainly the way I it's not like. Your parents were like you're going to be. President someday, it was like get good grades. Good living. Do something viable and consistent and pop takes is not things. Certainly. I was inside my house and I think that's true in most asian Americans, households, and so one thing I'm I'm grateful for- is that I think my campaign can help energize Asian Americans and it
that way. But if you arrive to the scene, like you just said, where you're not that into politics, that would be totally normal and to me is one of the you know the things I'd like to help change, because if we don't get politically engaged at some point, then things is gonna. Keep on changing in ways that we might not like her yeah. I mean, I think, the only time that I really got into it was when Trump was running right side I mean that's when I finally was a kind of getting interested- and I guess that's the one thing you can say that he did do is bring a lot of interest. I mean, like you, said it's like a reality, show and he's a star. So he got a lot of people to care about. Politics would say that and then now again talking to a lot of my friends, they don't know who you are nice they do. They do, but I will say there is some pessimism where they everybody keeps telling me, because I don't really know that much and I'm certain they do no more. They keep telling me like yeah love Andrew Yang, but there's no way he's going to win
stranger things have happened in american politics. That's for sure. So right now, I'm at three percent nationally- and I was five percent in one early state poll and just like the people watching this right now, most folks in Iowa, New Hampshire have not tuned in and have no idea who they voting for so anyone who tells you that they know what's going to happen is lying because no one no better what data- you have a you know: you have your hands on and the fact that we've gone from no Are two six in the polls I'm going to be on the debate stage in Houston this week, to me, that's actually a harder leap to make than being in sixth place, raising millions of dollars being all the mainstream news outlets and then going from six to first. In part, because the honest truth is that, if you look at Kim and the candidates were above me, I have reservations about frankly all of them. Why is nobody thought at the same people said no, there's no
Trump was gonna win. So right there was a point: when there was a lot there were a lot of people. That said, there's no way I was gonna win yeah. You know, and I said to it's, like you know you guys. This is gonna date me a little bit bill Clinton kind of came out of nowhere. He was like the no name governor and Arkansas. No one was Clinton, Clinton's gonna come and save the day, S. So um stranger things have happened in american politics that might becoming president in two thousand and twenty right you're one of your main messages in your campaign. Is you be I'm sure you've talked about it a million times, but for some of our listeners that don't really know what that is. We have a lot of younger listeners. What? What exactly is that? so you know. Universal basic income is a policy where every citizen gets a certain amount of money to meet your basic needs to do whatever you want with so my plan. The freedom dividend would put one thousand dollars a month into the hands of every american, starting at age, eighteen. So if you're eighteen you'd get one thousand dollars a month, if you're sixteen
and you wait two years- you'd get one thousand dollars a month now. That seems incredibly dramatic, but this is Ah ah plan that was approved by the House of Representatives in the? U S, Congress in one thousand, nine hundred and seventy one? This was a plan that was championed by Martin Luther king in one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight. This is a plan that has sort of been adopted in one State Alaska, where everyone in Alaska gets between one in two thousand dollars a year in oil money. So if you're, a family of four you're getting eight thousand dollars in Alaska and what I'm saying to the american people is that technology is the oil of the 21st century. Now your data, our data, is worth more than oil and- and that's a true fact- and you all in many ways- are an example of the twenty first century economy in here we are in your beautiful southern California. David tells home slice too, but I mean it's awesome like this conversation is going to be
seen or heard by hundreds of thousands. Maybe millions of people mean that's something. That's very recent, like a new innovation and there are the things that are happening in our economy that are unprecedented. So if we cling to this notion that- everything to work, nine, nine to five hundred and you only get paid twelve dollars an hour and it's going to workout it's going work out for fewer and fewer people overtime. And in my view, this is why Donald Trump won in two thousand, and sixteen is that more and more Americans are feeling like it's not working for them. Well, I mean again those same people keep because I asked them because I want to know like what question should I ask: is I don't know enough a lot of them and I've seen your answer to? How are you gonna pay for this this and you bring up Amazon in the vat tax? I don't completely understand when a vat taxes
Can you explain that, like really dumbed down, though sure so amazons? Ah trillion dollar tech company paying zero in taxes? Right now? Less than I mean you all, you know a much more than three percent, I'm sure, and so that's not an exaggeration they're, paying zero they're paying zero yeah. It's not like. There was not a you know like a euphemism for some So no, it is not unusual like if you look at their lifetime taxation, rated something like three percent so that they'll be zero in some years, five and others so You have to ask yourself: ok, you're, going to have a revenue problem in this country if your biggest companies are paying zero or near zero in taxes, and it's not just Amazon. It's Google, it's Facebook, it's Netflix, Netflix also paid zero in taxes last year, so these are some of the biggest companies
our society, and so then you look at and say, okay, why are they paying zero and the reason they're paying zeros? We have a corporate income tax system. That is pretty easy game. You pay your executives a lot in stock compensation, expense that you have a global business. You can push all of the earnings through Ireland or the Caymans or Bahamas or whatever the heck, and so these companies play a lot of games. And so then you look and say well what other countries do when they're faced with the same situation and every other advanced economy in the world has something called a value added tax where if you were selling something when you pay a toll, and so if you imagine that Amazon's case, then all of a sudden, you have a lot of tax revenue very very quickly because they sell a lot of stuff. So instead of zero in taxes, you would get billions on, and so that's the change I want to make and the trick with my plan. Is I
take the billions we get from Amazon and then give it to us in the form of one thousand dollars a month. So then, if you get this money, what you gonna spend it on we're going to spend a little bit of it on Amazon, again we're going to spend on other things. Do you want like, in your case it might be no food, clothing, education, ah car
as a mailing those lines and then that money, just flows back in the economy and ends up creating a virtuous cycle? And so the the plan is to try and get more the value in our hands. And then I take a toll when we're spending money with companies like Amazon. So what what happens then? If so, do you do plan on imposing some some rules and regulations so that these big corporations can't you know, create companies like in the Cayman Islands or Ireland like you mentioned well, this is the beauty of a David that if they decide to move themselves the Cayman Islands and then they sell to us, they still have to pay the toll. That's why these other countries have done this and it's like oxygen, it's much harder to game, because these companies are very smart and-
very good at avoiding paying taxes, so how much revenue can be generated from taxing these big corporations? The the estimates are that if you were to adopt a value added tax at half the european level, you would generate about eight hundred billion in new revenue per year in the United States, which is enough to pay for a lot of things and set enough to pay for a lot of this one thousand dollars a month. That's coming to each of us and then the beauty of this thousand dollars a month dividend that we all have is that when we spend it, it just ends up making the economy work better, generates nether hundreds of billions in new revenue, because your economy has more jobs and
tv, so we get some of that money back. We also save money on things like jails and hospitals and homelessness services, because a lot of those people need less help and then what we're making our people stronger, healthier, mentally, healthier, more productive, also more entrepreneurial artistic, because if you imagine a country where I was getting a thousand bucks a month, how to more people would want to do what you guys are doing. Right now absolutely worried about working, for necessity, and I've been a serial entrepreneur now for years and years. It is almost never the case that someone's, like, oh my god, I'm down to my last dime you going to start a business early, the way it works. It's really like when you start a business often, and you have a little bit of security and you feel like you- can take a risk. So we do. Is we making our entire culture more entrepreneurial and more enterprising
so this is for millionaires and billionaires. They'd still get the same, one thousand dollars a month. Well the way the system works? Is that someone like Jeff Bezos would end up paying hundreds of millions in tow the system? And so, if we try and send him one thousand bucks a month to remind me that Americans um, he probably take it too, because you know rich people didn't get to being rich I turned it down money right. So there's some people here saying that you are a socialist. What do you have to say to those people.
Well, I'm a serial entrepreneur, who's run businesses and what I say that people is that this is not socialism. This is capitalism where income doesn't start at zero us having money, it's good for businesses, it's good for markets, it's good for consumers and then, if you were to get technical and very asian and smart, you would say the definition of socialism is when nation's government takes over the means of production, which is not what anyone is talking about here when I'm talking about is sliding some money to us where the owners of the country- and so this money is going gonna go back. The economy. I see you really seem to like running with the asian stereotypes. I have no issue with it, but I can see some people are sensitive about that, especially other Asians and um is there is,
intention or is that just always been you like no math thing, and then you know talking about like, like you just said, you're, not asian, I'm asian that likes math. I mean this just playing along because you know you know. Middle America is going to gonna mean there's a certain way. They view asian people right. So I know that we have a very diverse community in that the model minority myth is not an accurate depiction of the way. Many many or most asian Americans experience life on, and so certainly the last thing I would want to do is somehow perpetuate stereotypes that aren't, you know like helpful to the community, but I think most people can tell-
I'm joking, I mean they're part of the are serious but they're positive one. So- and you definitely know your math, that that's for sure, thanks man ESO Eso, I think people generally know that, like I'm sort of poking fun at both myself and the images um and ah you know it's like most people taking the same spirit right, but I think you know I mean just based off the internet. I'm sure you see voices and opinions from everyone. I'm thinking like when you become the nominee right. Don't you think that's gonna be used against you, a lot like I mean even I can just picture like Trump being like you know how we're gonna work with China. Conflict of interest you know well, are our office has? Ah,
wager on what his nickname is going to be for me and when I leave we've come up with Conrad Yang Cuz, it's a little racist, a little like communist socialism, and I think people are going to realize that it's not going to work so well on me and part because of you. Listen to me for five seconds, like I sound like the least socialist dude around cuz, I'm literally, like you know, like an ox Panera's run businesses. And I think the anti asian thing is also a real loser for him. You know what's really interest, thing? Is that I am one of the few candidates in the field that Donald Trump has never tweeted at or acknowledged, really scared, and he said
something something at a rally in West Virginia where he said, he's excited to run against all the Democrats, and his only concern is that someone new comes out of nowhere and that's me I'm a similar profile that I'm from outside the system- and I am one of only two candidates in the field that over ten percent of Donald Trump voters said that they would support, and so that means of on the democratic nominee we win in part, because the attacks that he would use on politicians don't really work on me. Speaking of Donald Trump and and the ten percent that you mentioned. How do you plan on reaching out to the rest of the ninety
I'm one of the candidates who's going to go on Fox, like talk to people from different yeah parts of the aisle, and I can make you know it's a what's been fun is like I've been meeting tons of Trump voters campaigning around the country and a lot of them like me in part, because they can tell that I'm not really talking down to, anyway? I just look at them like a yeah like some of the shit really sucks like we gotta try and solve some problems like that's different, like a real dude. Even in the debates you talked about it not having like everybody was talking about you not having a tie, you know and how. Why does that matter? So much like
Is that as important, especially the Brian Williams Man, what the Heck's with Brian Williams and his fixation on neck wear uh. Well, I mean, I think, that's what I mean. That's my for once. I feel like when I'm watching the debates- and I hear you talk- I feel like for me personally- I'm actually interested, and I tried to figure out in my bias, because you're asian or is it just because the way you I don't know pretty much just seemed like a normal person doesn't some stage to that makes sense and I'm sure your calculated yeah. Thank you. I'm happy to say that there are many people of every different background and said the same thing to be white black asian or you're like oh, you seem like a normal do that's one reason why I'm here, having this conversation with you all, is that I lean into the fact that I'm a normal due to decided to run for president because I saw how fucked up shit is getting and it's not going to. Fuck itself. Honestly, I mean, like it's really broken very, very badly broken. I'm now deep in the process, I'm sixth in the race to become
Dominique and I see how badly we need to win because I I see the machinery around me and it's not designed to solve. The problems is designed to make certain people money is designed to keep certain things the same, so certain people can make money and the people problems. Challenges of this era are secondary the feet back mechanism in our government is essentially broken and it's one reason why Donald Trump became our president is that tens of millions of Americans were so fed up. There were like, let's take the bed on the nurses, his reality tv star, wants to drain this mop. It can't be worse than what we get.
Now, and so that that's the lesson that Democrats need to really listen to this time around. Where you can't say you know what our antidote is going to be business as usual, because many Americans don't think business as usual was working and many Americans made the same choice that you all have made, which is like I'm just not going to pay tens of this it because it's not relevant to my life. It's depressing they're talking about stuff that in ways that does not seem relevant to me. So the fact that it's a very rational choice to ignore this stuff is a sign of the fact that we need to change things. So, besides the thousand dollars a month that you you you're proposing, how was it is, we have a lot of younger viewers here and
a lot of first time, voters as well, why should these young folks vote for you like, besides the one thousand dollars a month? I'm really passionate about this, because how old are you all two thousand nine hundred and twenty nine? Three thousand two hundred and thirty three, and what? What I'm passionate about is that we have left a total mess to young people in particular and then the worst thing is we blame them for it, but like somehow It's your fault where I mean the clearest examples. Are that we've gotten rid of a lot of the secure livelihoods and jobs moving forward. Ninety four percent of the new jobs that are getting created, the in the United States, are temporary or contract work that don't have benefits and have a very precarious path forward. Thank uber driver is an example, for you to her, are you to because I know you guys have to scratch and claw? I get it and then you have to you know you,
start a video and then you have to be like oh how's it going to perform, and then you know it's like it's it's hard like everything's hard. So that's where the economy, and then we made college two and one slash two times more expensive, where you get the price tags holy cow? There's. Someone just told me today, like you, know something schools like sixty thousand year. So if you want to attend for four years like quarter of a one million dollars, so if you're a young person watching this you're like what the f you know, you're looking up at that and ah and then you look at climate change and say hey turns out what it's going to get worse and it's going to get hotter to see if I was going to rise there going to be storms and floods and droughts and problems active shooter, drills in schools, you go to swing like what the heck is going on, like his ex at a practice for so if you're a young person, you look up and say why does it seem like things are going so poorly and that the world, I'm inheriting, is not really set up for me to thrive and succeed and be happy and prosperous and even have a secure line,
good by the numbers and I'm a numbers person. If you were born in the nine forty in the United States of America, you ninety three percent chance of doing better than your parents. That's the american dream! Like your, you know, your kids are going to do better than you are if you were born in the nineteen nineties, which I guess is some of you right, um you're down to a fifty fifty chance and guess where the out two thousand going, is not going back up to and ninety three thousand and fifty and then for person now you're, looking at a less than fifty percent chance of doing great in your parents, you know who's figured this out. Your parents, there look not being like wow, I'm not sure my kids to have a better life. You know what else is figuring it out. The kids kids, kids, like Why does it seem like things are not going to go better for me, so is the mess, the shambles that young people are inheriting and then young people are being blamed for it because we're saying it's like somehow your fault, because culture, late
the smartphone? Socially, I don't know even what the accusation is it doesn't make. Any sense being a millennial right. Pay. Your dues, whatever, like the nonsense narrative, is to clarify when you see a better life. What exactly? As you said, you did the math on it like. What exactly are the calculations like? What are you basing that off of just money or yeah, so so when I said the ninety three percent to fifty percent, a little better life right. That was straight so I can make success. Are you gonna make more money than your parents did? Okay, no now is that the end all be all obviously no mean there. Is there a lot more important things in life than your paycheck? But if you had to go society wide and try to figure out are things getting better or worse for people That would be a good place to start so s. So if you're, a young person you have these concerns and misgivings about the world you're inheriting the country are being left you're, not sure the country is really working for you and it is not working for you. It's right now, not even designed to work for you, so that
goal has to be to change that and I'm a parent. Now I've got six and four year old boys, and I want to be a look them in the eyes and say we're gonna leave you country that we can actually proud of. That is as good as the country I came to, and My parents immigrated this country manage graduate students at Berkeley here in California. They had me and my brother and great you know in the sense that they came here for better opportunities, and my you know I just became an uncle yesterday, like my yeah, I haven't met her yet I'm busy campaigning for president. You know what was that effective? Your like your actual personal life, like I'm sure I mean I'm not sure. Actually, with your wife and your kids like it's got to be tough and it's gotta, be there should be some. I'm just assuming things right? You guys are fighting and stressful or like not there. Very human man, it's the
just outside of running for president. As I don't get to see my kids as often I'm on the road a lot I would miss my you know. I have facetime my wife this morning, she's been a superstar champ she's been a rock if anyone's being a sacrificed in this race. It's her because my kids are a lot of where all kids are a lot of work like my Is there a lot of work and so uh? I want to be able to do that work with her, but I'm not able to right now so she's taking it on the chin, uh yeah. It's it's a definite change in your personal life um. Now that's the biggest downside of running for sure. Was she all in when you told her you're gonna do this, or was she like This is crazy, easy. She well there's nothing part of the crazy element known that was there, but she thinks that I'm being driven by a higher purpose, she's christian and and believes that I'm doing what I'm meant to do. Are you as well?
I grew up in a secular household, but I have many family members who were brought up Christian and I've seen my wife Christian and we're raising our boys christian. So I go to church every Sunday, I'm home. Um, but I grew up secular, hey guys, just want to say thank you to our sponsor anchor anchor. Is the easiest way to make a podcast, it's so easy. In fact, we decide to use it to distribute our show. This show off the pill podcast and gives you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or your computer anchor also off. Its creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast so that they sound great? No distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere from Spotify to Apple Podcast, Google, podcasts and a bunch of other ones, and can also make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. So go download. The anchor app or go to anchor dot fm to get started
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like? What is your strategy if you want to make change? Yes, so one thousand bucks I want to be a game changer for tens of millions of Americans The next step is: how do we get the government working for us instead of the lobbyists and The lobbyists have essentially taken captive our legislators, legislators. So the way we break that captivity is be give everyone in America who's an adult again. Ah one hundred democracy dollars a year that you can only give to candidates or campaigns or causes that you like in value this would wash out lobbyist money by a factor of eight tow. Because you have to look up and say what rules can I put in place that will keep the rich people in the corporations from getting ahold of the legislators very, very hard. It's like life in Jurassic Park. Money finds a way. You know what I mean. Like like the corporate lobbying money, we just like still get its way in there, and so the new plan,
should be to wash out the corporate money with people powered money? I've been running for president now for a while, and I have to say I'm incredibly fortunate, where we we've now raised millions of dollars in increments of only like twenty five dollars each? Let just people donating you, know: fifteen twenty dollars to the campaign but for the vast majority of people who are running for office, they have two things that the people in leave the money and so the overtime they started. Listening to the money. Because it's easier to measure the food is better than people can give them jobs afterwards. I think this is really an appalling, so we have to do. Is we have to combine these two things? We have to make it so that people in the money at the same place. And then, if you're a legislator and the lobbyist comes and says, hey, I gotta fit one, not dollars check for you. You can be like I'm getting five million from my voters, my constituents, I'm not going to go against them for your fifty thousand dollars, but right now asking just,
There's to ignore all the money when that's where their bread is buttered is just not realistic. So this democracy dollar that you're talking about is this essentially US dollar Well, you know the great thing is democracy dollars. It's been rolled out in certain communities here in the US, it's been rolled out other countries, so you can even imagine it being something as simple as you get a coupon code, in the beginning of the year and then anytime, you want to give to a candidate or campaign, just use your coupon code, and then they, you know reference the code against the federal database, and then they just get the money. I saw that you're one of the few candidates who's also accepting cryptocurrencies. I was curious on what are your thoughts. They call in well, I I many friends of the crypto currency community and I'm a believer in the the underlying technology. Particular on the blockchain has a world of potential. It's like a lot of other technologies, where right now the hype sort of got a little bit overblown and
so high co and then the rest of it. But then the underlying technology is a powerful, and so what happens in these cycles? That tends to be that the hype gets in front of it and then the error comes out of the bubble, but then the reality ends up catching up over time. Have you thought about? I mean this is just a hypothetical evey. I could essentially be universal big coin income, no that, instead of the money being taxed essentially, it could be based on a hard asset. Like a big win. Yeah there's a tow she's is you know you can fraction out to tow she's a hundred million units, a hundred million units to people. I love where you're headed, because I learned a lot from my friends in the cryptocurrency community around some of these principles and we start the thing up. That's one reason why I just about everyone of the crypto currency community
loves the idea of universal basic income or the freedom dividend. I love that you care about data and you believe people should own their data. They should get paid for their data. Yeah, I mean Facebook, they made so much money I make so much money, uh and, and so what I say to people sometimes like to remember getting your data check in the mail. It's like you know, but I was getting your check in the mail mean these trainer. Companies are profiting to the tune of billions of dollars off of our data, and the inter thing is, our data could actually become more valuable if we were participating in some way right now it just gets kind of anonymized and sold and resold without our knowledge, and it become more valuable. If we were part of the part of the process, do you have any plans to implement that like? How would you go about that Yes, I do so one of the policies on young young2020 dot com is your data as a property right and so the plan
be to say to companies that are profiting from our data that there are few principles you have to adhere to number one. Is you have to tell us what you're doing and how much money are making number two is you have to let us express preferences as to how much or how little of our data that we want to be made available and number three you have to. Let us turn it off if we want, but part of the number one is like tell us how much value there is, is that they have to share the value with us, so I'm just being I'm a normal dude. So what is normal dudes do when they see that giant like you know, click and agree thing ignore all held right. I mean like that's what we all do, and so we should be able to keep doing that because I love convenience as much as the next person. But if you're making money off me, you have to cut me in on the deal and so
yeah and so that that's what I want us to be at is essentially at a certain point. You express your preference you're being a look. I love convenience. Just give me some of the convenience back to my pocket. And then, if I ever want to change my mind on that, I can do so right. Just for a like, I mean like a ball park. Is I have no idea what kind of numbers are you thinking for a person's? You know. I have no idea how much It's worth so right now. The art data is worth a different amount, depending on who you are. If you travel a lot, your date is worth a lot more because then they want to sell, like hotel chains and stuff, You have some kind of health condition. Your date is worth a lot more. Sometimes, people's health data ache is getting sold for thousands of dollars per user per user says early based on how much you consume, essentially whether it's they do have a different factors that affect how valuable your data is, but it can get into the thousands per user
which you are saying you want to take a piece of that and give it to the person who's essentially giving them yes, 'cause. It's our data, so dope mean why isn't? Who else should be getting the value for most of us didn't know it was even happening. You know I mean until that documentary came out recently on Netflix telling us basically yeah it's good timing, yeah seriously. Yeah we should go into the environment, so mentioned that you mentioned were ten years. A mistake. I know what I mean like that. I appreciate the honesty we're we're ten years late when it comes to saving the environment. What are some things that you want to do? Is you know, as president, to kind of slow this this for this thing down yeah,
the climate change, we have to do a whole lot more. I just released a five point plan which includes some of the stuff. You probably hear from other places, which is trying to move towards renewables. The big piece of the puzzle is that eighty five percent of the world's emissions are from non US sources. So if you want to try and curb emissions in a serious way, then you have to go to Africa and say to them. You know that coal burning power plant that China's, calling for you for free I'm going to try and convince you that the solar panels and wind turbines are a better option, and so then you have to subsidize that to a very high degree, if you're going to make that competitive. The third thing is that we should be trying to. Make our communities more resilient and literally and figuratively, move our people to higher ground where you know, if there's a hurricane who suffers poor people who don't have great shelter or cars that get into to drive away
and anyone who thinks this stuff is a little doom and gloom. We were already moving climate refugees in the United States. We already took a town of people in Louisiana where they're laying and essentially become underwater and uninhabitable, and we said well time to move you so if we're doing that there, then we should start looking at other places where, frankly, that's starting to happen and it's happening in more and more places around the country, not just Louisiana. The fourth thing is that we have to try and undo some of the damage we're doing so that involves reforesting, tract of land involves trying to repair some of the oceans by seating plankton beds. This that's a little far out, but forty eight percent of marine life in the Atlantic Ocean is dying now every year. So if you extrapolate that over time, you're talking about massive massive problems, and so we can't just try and do less of the bad, we have
trying to undo some of the damage. So those are some of the plans I have on climate change or just released a five trillion dollar plan to try and take those steps. The these are things that you've, I'm assuming you worked with scientist or something, but it correct me if I'm wrong that you said it's already ten years too late, though right, it's ten years too late, to keep the earth from warming. Okay, the earth is going to warm. It is already warming. The last four years have been the foremost years in recorded history, which sounds like a remarkable coincidence. I mean it's not a coincidence is because the earth is warming July was the warmest year in recorded history. So when I say it's ten years too late, it's ten years too late to to keep the earth from warming and a significant and measurable way, it's never too late to start trying to repair damage maker communities more resilient. Make your comment be
more sustainable, there's a proverb. The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now it's like one of those situations like should we have done it ten years ago, twenty years ago, of course, in the absence of having done that, do we need to take dramatic action now. Yes, essentially, are also providing more jobs like infrastructure jobs people to build yeah. I was just with going to sound so politician, but I was just with this entrepreneur add Reynolds in New Hampshire, and he now has two hundred and sixty solar installers working for him were just putting panels on peoples, roofs and that's a really good job, and we need it and it's going to make us more energy, fish,
and get a lower people's heating bills. So it's just a win win win are those the kinds of jobs we need to be creating a very large numbers. Trump said that he brought back many manufacturing jobs more than anyone thought possible. Is that an accurate statement? It's an accurate statement that there's been a slight bounce back in manufacturing employment, but the big picture we, at seventeen million manufacturing jobs around two thousand, and then we went all the way down to twelve million or so so. It's five million law us and now we're somewhere between twelve and thirteen million. So has there the bounce back, yes, uh, have Donald Trump's policies had something to do with it. Presumably, yes, um is this partially Donald Trump just blowing it on smoke like usual, also, yes, why is it that whenever I um I mean I watch
everything, not just like Fox or CNN, or either side. Whenever I see the pro trump side, it's always you know the economy's doing great much better under Trump and then watch. I just see countered it's just all counter arguments in it and it what's the truth, MIKE White White, where their numbers, supposing that support it under Trump everything's, better the economy, the major there there are a few economic moves, a Donald Trump's made, the two big ones were a tax cut and the second one was a trade war with China. So the tax cut cut corporate taxes by one point: five trillion dollars, which ended up, boosting the economy in a particular way. That is true. Only six per none of that those gains went to workers. The vast majority of it went to shareholders of corporations and buybacks and the rest of it. So have you seen better economic numbers at the top line? Yes
not the right way to go one hundred percent? No. That was a terrible way to go, because that one point five trillion tax cut ended up just boosting deficit, which you know we're going to eventually have to do something. Out and then the trade war has been a huge net negative for the economy, so if you were to go and say, hey, Donald Trump is good for the economy. It's narrowly true. If you ignore the fact that he also increased our deficit by hundreds of millions of dollars and if you were going to, for example, spend a trillion and a half dollars, I've got a great idea: why not just give it to the american people in the form of a dividend and instead of having it all go to corporate buybacks, it would go right back in the economy into our hands. It would increase the actual health of our people. Because that's what happens when money is in our hands? We end up becoming
healthier, mentally healthier, better educated, like all these good things happen. So to me it was a tragic misuse of resources that went directly to the corporations that need it, the least so just selective reporting, then. Yeah, it's like if you were to want to tell a story. It's like Trump's, been great for GPS. Like I journal. I don't know it now, so I'm just like kind of seen both sides, because I want to just pick one side and just go with it because they're so conflicting. You know well you summer, as a a big problem today in America, is that you have different new silos, people getting news and if sources, no one can agree on anything and some of these channels, don't even pretend anymore yeah like sometimes he called out on bad reporting and they're. Like entertainment,
this we're not a news business and the like. Are you sitting me it's as news in your name? Do you have any plans on working with those news outlets and maybe I don't know of figure out a way to make it more accurate, a fake news and things like that? It yeah, I think that's that's going to become a more serious problem when you have deep fakes and technological things like that, and you really need someone to come in and be like YO, that video is not real know who had a deep fake voice of his convinced, the CFO to transfer two hundred and fifty thousand dollars into the deep fake voices account. So There'S- and this is just the beginning of deep fake. What is that, sir? What is the fake? It's essentially when you do other video or audio. That sounds like or looks like a person, but I made it up, but now the technology is so good that it's indistinguishable right. Okay,.
Well and it's so indistinguishable that, even if you know it's a fake, you can't actually necessarily like say this is a forgery I know it's so frightening, it's I mean that could be end of society. You looked like you know. I can trust anything. We have to confirm each other by memory yeah, only memory that we would all go back to the campfire. That's that's a solution for sure. What would you say are some things that these young people should be studying in order to secure job for the for the future. Since a I is taking over the world. So here's the Good NEWS according to projections of those, not good news, but all present. It's good news- hope hope that it's it's it's it's more important, the proportion of jobs that are likely to be lost automation. The range of estimates is between twenty and forty four percent, which some means of
George of jobs will continue to exist, so it's not like you know, end of work as we know it, and the work that will still be available to us all falls into two main categories: non repetitive manual work and repetitive, cognitive work, it's also not repetitive, cognitive. This is like team building in our personal and creative stuff, like you do design some of the stem fields, so that stuff is going to be with us for a long long time. Sales like you're, always in need sales, that these sorts of things none appended to manual or things like plumbing and h, back repair and a lot like you mentioned it take to make a robot plumber be next to impossible. Imagine a robot Palmer, yeah it it's too expensive, so that are so so are going to be jobs that are with us for a long time. On the high end you want,
and what I say, the young people and is going to sound like that. Like bullshit movie advice, you got that there was a period where, like I don't believe that advice, but it's going to become better advice. Overtime is really important to find something that you enjoy and like, because if you enjoy it, then you're more likely to invest time in it and become good did it and develop like skills that are resilient overtime, so believe it or not. If you're young person, you can find something you really enjoy doing. You should lean into that and A lot of that revolves around interpersonal dynamics and skills, because team building is going to become crucial overtime in a world where you know dealing with people is going to become a massive value add so that's one thing I'd say is, and it sounds like eighties movie is a device or something but um. If you could find something you like doing just really trying a good at it. Can we go into foreign foreign policy
so I get my presidential has. How do you have plans to continue President Trump's Gleich, confrontational approach to China economically and in GEO politically? Well, I I think one of the trash is that the? U S tends to get itself into um is seeing the world is a zero sum game where if someone else is doing better than it somehow like hurting Us- and I think that is going to drag us into a cold war with China or worse um, and to me we have to see that other countries can become more successful and it's not necessarily, ah ah a bad thing for the: U S: are there things in the? U S, China, relationship that are um, serious issues that we need to try and address like their piracy of intellectual property and increasingly um. Ah some
the things are going to happen in terms of human rights and and there the protesters and other other things like yeah were very, very serious issues, but is China's success necessarily destructive to the? U S like I, I don't believe so. So we have to take that stance where we protect America's national interest, but do it in disciplined way where we also don't confuse economic success and national security. If something national security have to go hard, and that's just the stance, but the economic interests sometimes get confused. With security interest in a way that I think is not very productive? What about North Korea Middle EAST, I think engaging with North Korea is not a bad thing. I think engaging with foreign leaders that we disagree with is generally productive, and so I wouldn't eight you know I I wouldn't say that they're down from did something wrong. I what where he went wrong with North Korea,
is that he kept meeting with Kim Jong UN without clear parameters in terms of what he needed to get out of the meeting either before during and he's had this all or nothing approach to the diplomacy and denuclearization where their goals you can set that are short of complete denuclearization. That would been very, very good for us that if you're gonna be with with him, and that needs to happen. Ah- and this is personal for me, my sister in law's in Seoul right now, so anything that happens in the on the korean peninsula. You know it actually affects family members. Okay, um. If you had to choose what country outside of the USA, would you say is doing a pretty good job of running the country? I think that Denmark and the skin, and even countries have done a really good job of helping build robust social safety nets and structures that have helped people manage very, very difficult transitions, and I think we could learn a lot from them.
They are able to do that because it's a smaller country compared to the US and the US being like a melting pot of so many different cultures yeah. They have some advantages in terms there delete it to get some of these things done and to me, one of the great challenges for the United States is to be able to get great things done despite being heterogeneous. You know like it shouldn't be that we'll have to look exactly the same. To get big things done. You know, I mean uh, okay. Well I mean we were just instructed. You have like five more minutes, so before you go. I have to ask you something or ten minutes before you go, there's something I want to ask you and they said five minutes. What are your thoughts about aliens and you know, Bernie Sanders came out on Joe Rogan's podcast, which you also did and said. Basically, if he becomes president he is going to what do you say is going to like release the information about aliens and the truth and stuff. They all say that they do. But that's why I'm saying like I'm not talking to you truth. They get told the truth or like it's too scary, to share in national security like
on the same page? I will share what's going on with the aliens of the american people in less it's just too damn scared, chair and then, but don't you think, that's already happened then, like I mean I've seen interviews it's like conspiracy theories say like you know, Barack Obama went uncertain interviews and he kind of hinted at it, but he doesn't want to say it He said he was going to release that stuff too right. So, let's just say my threshold for not sharing would be astronomically high, like I would share it and less it really would like truth like up like we grew up watching every alien movie. That's where I am later. You know, I think group watching x files So let's just say that I would like to be able to be transparent about these things: the American, okay, much, I'm a regular dude. What would a regular do do this way in but like? It always seems like that. It always seems like a regular dude until they become important right. They become the president or some somebody and then, and then somebody gets to them. A lot gets too.
One. One of one of my primary qualifications to be president, is that I think, I'm fairly unchanged through this yes, and I mean after I become President two like there's so many trappings of the office that I could take. Leave You know I just want to solve the problems I'm on the. You're saying like if I could solve the problem without being present. I would take that too, like I don't have any native intrinsic meaning desire to be pressed, which means you would help another candidate. If you weren't the nominee you'd help another candidate, oh yeah, I had one of my major life goals. It was like to elevate a major national candidate and my my my wife saw these goals and you know it was not the list be a major national,
the other list. You know, maybe that's partially in asian thing too. I don't know- and I have to think about that. You know what I mean. Well, that's a healthy attitude or just like you want to get the stuff done and like being front and center is not. You don't need to be the guy. You just want to get the solutions. Yeah, that's right in the group project. So. We need America needs solutions in a smart president. All thank you for saying so. I'd like too likeable for change uh okay well before we get going working people go to support you. If you'd like to join the Yang Gang, just go to Yang two thousand and twenty Dycom give a buck five bucks. It makes a huge difference because the media keeps track of number of donors as a measurement of support, so young two thousand and twenty dot com you'll see all of my policies and plans there. We also have a really fun
Social media presence on this. One is yours, but you know we have like videos and a lot of people are making art about me and the campaign, which is a lot of fun and awesome, and some of it Mc Jin did Yanggang anthem. I don't if you saw that I I um. So if you wanna get started out getting two thousand and twenty dot com, uh and uh, let's take the country, but I can make it work for young people in particular awesome. Well, I always said I was very interested in you and I wasn't going to consider myself Yang Yang until I met you and I will say the people watching the reason why I was hesitant is I want to see if you are you when you're, not you know on tv and stuff, and I will say: the the same so yeah. It's it's. Thank you again for being here. It's it's! This is a big deal for us like for you to come to like David's house and do this little podcasting you're on like Fox and all these other big things, Joe Rogan Spike.
Yes, it's awesome, you guys are awesome. You guys are inspirational. You know we need more people in our community, in particular to be creative, make art and express our interview so I'm an admirer of your work a great deal. I know that you don't feel it as much because you're in it every day you like you're doing it. You know, like our we're just doing our thing, but there are so many and there are a lot of people who, when I said I was coming your way they were excited. So you know like a it's a great opportunity for me. Awesome great, thank you. So much yeah appreciate it and I don't sell yourself short. You guys rock all right. Well, don't forget when you're president, so we'll run this thing back again, and from the White House. That's a promise. You can follow us at off the pill on Twitter and I off the pill podcast on Instagram and how we always end this. We basically just read into the mic. So in three two one. Why are they doing it? Are you? Oh? I definitely
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