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#38 - Ft. Marques Brownlee - Life of a Tech Reviewer

2019-11-17 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Paco, David, and special guest Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) talks about his love for technology, ultimate frisbee Red Cameras, and Tesla. What drives Marques to create videos? What phone, camera, software does he prefer to use? Guest: Marques Brownlee YouTube: http://youtube.com/MKBHD Order Ninja Melk - https://ninjamelk.com Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics!   http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com

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Like anytime, I like, I would meet someone and I walk in the room and I'm a six three black guy and they're like all right as usual, what they assume when I go back to the studio tomorrow, this can be a bunch of boxes waiting for me. I'm sponsored open like his Christmas every time. If I don't need one found that I would use the one point, seven percent of all of us, I do not want. Another point about the Bilbao guest, today. We have David Moderacy Paco's next to me, I'm Ryan and another very special guests, Mr Marques Brownlee in the, is everybody beautiful that's all you get after that Phil, though no one of the biggest about the biggest probably take you to her value are the biggest tag you two were for sure, there's a bunch of other channels that also do tat. You ve been are all long time, but I've been doing just
okay and you're in town, so thank you again: cuz you're, normally New York, right, yeah, New Jersey, okay and then you're here for I don't know if you want to bring it up? I do venting a little bit. There is a Motorola event where they've announced their phones ever made a folding screen version of it and they're having this announcement event. It was cool to see it in person. It was revealed, but the event itself, pretty bad. I've been kind of like roasting them on in my video and like a man other places, but it's it's happened. It's out there. Now it's out there than Motorola Events that's my while everyone has been allowed me. Wasn't it ask only even had
We have a lot of mid range. Phones, like the MOTO G, is one of the most popular like three hundred and fifty dollars phone, and so we don't really have to do a big show, a fancy event for it. They just put it out and suddenly it's the most well selling phone on Amazon people are cheaper really. But you know big nine hundred this one thousand five hundred our phone. They gotta do some some showy stuff. They try to put out an event diplomas there, but it was not right now the music good. No sorry, sorry, devils, argive, but engender I mean like that. You said you like the phone, though yeah I mean So I don't even use a razor but like I could tell like just from holding it like wow is kind of cool. A little folding screen thing is still pretty sweet. I don't know if it's worth one thousand five hundred dollars. Oh my god. I think you have to really love that nostalgia that they're sort of wrapping it in
I'll try to get it for that reason, but I thought it was fake, but that's it does look cool. I mean I don't know what that functionality. Why is that? but there is another thing that other countries are pushing right: affordable screen, stuff, yeah yeah, Sampling has one while we, as one this company royal, made one there's like a couple floating out there, but they're all over two thousand dollars on one hand, this is one of the cheaper folding screen phones still like an Iphone, is you know a thousand eleven hundred bucks and most people are just just getting a new Iphone right now, so you got to have a real reason to spend that much so they're trying to you're constantly going to these different events and releases, and some cuz I mean that's what you do and I'm sure people invite you and bring you out, because it benefits them I appreciate that you're pre, honest with your views like it's not always positive and enamel sure they're bringing out or even paying you.
How do you manage that? If something someone bringing you out and even if I don't know- maybe they don't, but I'm sure there must be like some kind of compensation right since you're getting free promo. There has never been So I've done so I fly to advance. I go. I pay for the flight and hotel to go out there. They always invite me and it'll be up to me to decide. Is it worth going like? Is this one of those things that people are interested in? Should I go see it? not the Motorola One as I get people who care about this folding phone like the core of the morning things this year, but yeah times there is evidence that our disorder, more casual or and I'll just not go bill, invite man I'd have to decide its worth it, but in general I just know that valuing my honesty like is expect. That's the reason there is to give you my impressions. What I really think is a product worth the money that they're they're announcing they going to charge for it. That's what I'm there to show if I'm not honest enough, that's worth it for anyone right, right, right, right,
good to know. So how long exactly have you been doing it? She doesn't. Nine was the first year saw almost eleven years eleven years. Do you still? I mean it seems like you enjoy it, but yeah at some point. I mean I'm sure it's exciting, as you get really into it at some point. Is there ever a time where you just like man? I just want to other stuff kinda yes, but also What I'm into is trying to make the videos as good as possible and the more you do in this world videos unique and better. The more you find that you can also try to do. And so we're in this like crazy world of like we did. We got this camera robot that specifically made for moving a camera. Its you'd see a robot like a factory that, like move parts around company has like written software to control it and key frame it and send our attaching the camera to it and had calving. Robot. Do crazy camera moves her like that speak type of fun, that we have make me video
where exactly where like. If I was just doing the same type of video eighty years ago, I probably really bored, but they are just happened right, so just just advancing your craft is actually that could, I just saw appears to be something still interested in Ghent, has always gonna be new tech. Exactly that's part of why my job is easy. Model have to be interesting and exciting, and I mean like ice after you. Suddenly, you have to be a little more than one almost self break. The Tec has to be interesting and sighed I'll have to work is hardly engineers trying to get. It runs attend Have you always been into tech like what what got you started in in and all that yeah, I feel like. I have pretty much always been into text somewhat of a nerd. My dad is an it. I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but you know finding a computer when I was in high school and buy my first ipod touch and being like. This is amazing. I want on box in front of the camera, like that's, probably a pretty nerdy. To do so, and I have always been in the attack in some
so read that you majored in business in information technology. That must also play a day like what you know. You're you're passions yeah yeah. I am going to a tech school. So that's like almost everyone. There was technical and some way, and you know I always had my best score all nine times I take the esa. Tea was always the math section. If I have always had a servant, technical inclination potentias, exciting new gadgets, it's fun, it tells you were made for them it's like your your your your dad being an it. Do you do talk to him a lot about like different gadgets that come out and was that was that always like a part of your life growing up yeah and his job is like about psych solutions in a way, so software solutions like custom- you know infrastructure type stuff. So it's not even like that gadgets he's like more like behind the scenes, but even that, like now, that's like what we talk
Could you see this new phone or you try not to chromebooks right now? What's your deal so like yeah, that's just sort of always been part of what we talked about and how old are you two thousand five hundred and twenty five and you've been doing for a long time and was it ever an issue where you are growing up like that people, because you know a lot of you were like a black people should be authentic, which you are because play on a professional, frisbee team and currently, oh, no, the hats, fifteen thirteen, pretty new world I'll, have a Ulta ultimate ultimate frisbee like fifty years old Ultimate is pretty I didn't know that, does that mean you get paid to play the game somewhat yeah, it's almost nobody's full time job everyone who plays professional ultimate, Frisbee
pretty much always also has there at the doctor teacher whatever but yeah when we go out and we play in front of a stand for fans and there's referee. That's like a pro thing. That's like the craziest part while saying like year, not only smart, you do have the authentic sides, but did you ever have to deal with people teasing you, because let all wanted to go like basketball ever bigger types, yes there at a year, it private. Never. He's doing as much as it was just like. It almost seems like an innocent question like any time I will meet some, I walk in the room and I'm a six three black guy and they're like basketball right Faecium actually remember pretty recently. I I like called an uber from airport, and I like time to perfectly so that I was walking out the airport as we were pulled up and I like at the airport and, as I was getting in some like lady saw that, and literally was
I don't know who you are, but I'm sure you're, probably an athlete so high because, like she assumed a dab, if I don't think I can vote like a giant player random just around us and Woe Digital, hence the those things I don't take effect. What she's also not wrong. She hasn't arrived late. Do your row Atley yeah, it's like it's almost like the implication is like that's. Definitely what you're probably gonna be doing, and I watch Basque by low Basque while but yeah that's, I I get the innocent assumptions. I think you have to so kinda. I watch the Rockets games and up because I was following Chris Paul for like the last like five or six years now that he's not when he got to the rocket to started watching them an James hardened start having historic seasons and eyes on the thunder which, as well as the siting, some just a Rockets viewer now really but you're from New York majority energy? Ok, but you know like the nets I or the nets I started liking the New Jersey nets. They moved to New York up they're, pretty great by it
the Knicks avoid served my dads and expand. I apologize every time that is to expand but yeah. I've never really had like an allegiance by twitter. It I just want to watching some players. I think it's about his game, like I've been a defensive player in ultimate Frisbee and Chris Paul's defense pacifically were the same height and I feel like I watch a movie or my tat did second nature. They eventually he's like six one, some like that, but like he's an hour defender and his iq is off the charts, I'm just like watching smart players. They let him know because you ve met a lot of I've met some players yeah. I have not met Chris Paul, but I have been to a couple rockets games I am almost verse van spurs I'll get picked, rivals kinder. Eve, ended the rocket season want to twice yeah. Well, I think where we we ve got we'd have a bigger ivory with Dallas to be fair. Back in the day anyway. We're irrelevant now
so I think you can make it then we'll see, but that's just a quick youtube search. Google search and talk to his it's kind of amazing and I just bring it up bill gates, Elon Musk, Kobe Bryant will Smith in the most recent rewind It's always fascinating. When I do, interview or something like that to figure out life every enter if their every interview has its own. Like circumstance of, like you, know, songs on oppressed, horror, they're they're, just trying to do there, you to present sweater yeah and it's always fascinating to like try to figure out what that situation is and yeah some of them are just like they just wanted to be in
video they just wanted to be on the channel. Neil Degrasse Tyson was doing. He was shooting some of his tv show called STAR Talk, radio, show and there's like get you in and they dislike him start on your work. Yeah. I think. Obviously the audience has part to do with that, but, like the tech connection and they want to be in this tech world and they don't know exactly how to, but obviously, they've watched some videos or something that gets interested. That's been away to do that. You and I had no other reason he's just like it wasn't. He has now any reason that your restore about rights laid down to do so sweet The combination of you reaching out to some folks and then some of them reaching out to you definitely probably about half and half. A lot of people have their teams reach out, and it's always like their teams trying to reach out to my team. But might images me
she's. Only answering that emu are you, are you not represented by Neil agent? I do a major yeah, I do have an agency and they have worked and, unlike a cup, smaller like sponsored projects, but every single one of these interviews has been through me, so I'm emailing, you like who do we get in touch with him? Like me, a creative with them, pretty much wrath about. You say they like: what can we can we do a video like? Well, here's the talking tax areas, you ve, probably seen Essen. We can talk about whatever textiles, that their anti sir have heavy, good, good experiences with what, with having agents and managers in the past being my in accounting, crater yeah. My experience is pretty limited. I've only had one agency that I've worked with an so technically one agent, slash manager, but
and that its pretty. I don't even do that much like sponsored stuff for any crazy extra curricular like outside of the video stuff, so I haven't really had to notable next. Does that mean that the gear that you receive too to review? Are they not just sending it to your? Is it are you buying them a little above moat, really, probably so. It depends what kind of gear the stuff I'm review! lyca smartphones, the headphones, the gadgets- that's probably like eighty percent sent to me twenty percent bought, but it's going to end up in the video, no matter what, if they don't send it I'll, buy it but all the other softly will think I also get for free. Like the cameras we use in the studio riding in the equipment in the space like. That's, obviously, are we buy by pay for it, but yet the smartphone
where are the main thing that have a release date will send it out to a bunch of press and some youtubers five days before the release date, and we all get to use it and review it and then, by the time they release date shows up. Then our videos are all ready to go. So I see a great feeling something before the rest of the world. Does I did you still find enjoyment in that cuz? It seems like you get every single phone that ever exist or is ever created a man in your life. You know it's like like Christmas feeling like you, I get to open a new new thing. It's so convert dream job here I feel like when I back to the studio tomorrow. There's going to be a bunch of boxes waiting for me and I'm just pumped open them like every Christmas. Every time Sometimes it's cuz, I don't have a public like a PO box or anything for like anyone to send stuff to so retired a packaging, as I like kind don't know what it is, but sometimes it's like this
Uc has my address. They sent me stuff in the past. This is from them, but I don't know what it is. It's probably related to something else like I can sort of peace it together, but it's usually pretty sweet to just open gadgets? What are you do with all the other ones? You don't get all the bad ones. I can either sell them, give them away give them back it would depend on what it is a lot of old giant, storage somewhere, bad cuz. A lot of gadgets are pretty small and I'll even throw away box and unlike giveaway or ship back the item, but I keep like how to generations old of smartphones from like every single maker. So I just have like a it's like a drawer, literally full of have a cd rack I have cities, but I like how many phones do you have? I can imagine you have a ton,
where is getting so heavy tat, I'm kind of worry that if I opened it all the way home just snap off, I think there's about a hundred somethin phones in there, but I've never comedy phones. You use, though, currently I always have my main android phone and my Iphone and main phone is my main sim card. I have two sim cards to nine, but my main number and then, like my Iphone number and that's what I carry Why do you say your android, your main, because if I put my sim card in the Iphone notoriously. Imessage will just start to like take over that Sim cards messages. An ecosystem lock in is also very real, and I've been part of my job is to be to have a foot in, like both ecosystems and so maybe using both. So I guess
has like my main phone will be sort of rotating between phones, I'm testing, which right now have the pixel for before that it was the Oneplus seven pro. I was just testing the Xiaomi me note, ten and there's a long line of phones before that. But my other phone is has been the Iphone Eleven Pro for a couple months. Here. You are you. Would you if you have to choose between a oh boy, oh god, I'm gonna, get out of your clear at the moment is to say at the moment the current time right now, which one would you choose if he had to choose, if he d only use one phone, if it only has one phone that I would use the Oneplus seven pro Android phone and people even have heard about, but I love the purse has an awesome high, refresh rate screen the camera, not that great
what are the reasons people use the Iphone or a great about that phone too? So I could do without like the Iphone to pixel. If I decide to use one, but luckily I don't have to use one. So did you at any point apple more than Android in some worlds. Yes, not even the premier person for like seven years or something, and I finally got chance to try final cut Pro and loved it. So for my computer, I've been a MAC for like for five straight years and not even close to switch back to a windows desktop I'll, probably on a MAC. As long as I use snapchat will I have to go because they are so interesting, so many people, including us, we switched from final cut to premier right. What do you like so much venerable photoshop
okay, so a lot of people switch cuz. You were using final cut, like probably in like eight or nine an event. It is like transition work. I like worse, like simple and a lot of people dropped it right around. Then that's when I was on so I saw that dropping it happening and I was like I don't really care whatever, and then it was play the Kobe interview that I was doing with another, We were John TEAL D and you should behind the scenes video. So we are literally like next to each other. Both editing are videos me the interview him, the behind the scenes. We both finished editing around the same time I had export in premier he had export final cut. His video finished upload finished exporting he washed back found a mistake, went back fixed it finished exporting again before uploaded it out. Like nineteen percent. We were out to dinner came back. It was like seventy percent, it eventually finished the fans are cranking. I finally get to upload the video
but that was when I was convinced I should at least try final cut cuz. This isn't hilarious edit on my laptop nor the same, why topsy was readier yeah or the footage. So when you Eddie, like Reg their progress forte, it's actually yet it'll ill handle it pretty well, but I've been editing, this- is a multi can read projects as a threat, Red Ross dreams of 6k at the time that Ashanti push through a laptop, and it was just not handling it well
I traveled here with an Imac Pro, because it's still really hard to edit red raw on a laptop. I could get away with it if I was just shooting on, like my canon or whatever, but that's been my challenges raw. You feel like it's difficult because you are known for what you're doing, for you feel that pressure of always having to stay at the top of your game. Quality, wise and you do have two people look to you right. You're, the guy, so do you feel that pressure like man down to a lower quality. Someone else are like this is so much more work, but I have to use the Red yeah. I don't look at his pressure as much as I actually want to push the game to the next level. I would love if read made like a smaller camera, with, like same color science and auto focus, and I could take that places because it would make my life easier. But when I watch back, I've tried this I've gone to events but just my rx100 or whatever- and I
The footage em like I don't like this is much. This isn't as good looking something about my eye, for it is like the any reason why I want to bring like, is camera and deal with the extra work team helps you cuz. I know you answer emails yourself. What is your team look like So I have three people working with me Andrews my full time assistant and sort of like a second pair of hands, but he also opposed the podcast and edit it and then venom Brandon are there what sort of cinematography extra hands there are super talented in their own right, but they'll do things like there behind the camera. When I'm on camera they do set design, they do motion graphic, sound design, all that stuff. So when I do like the main edit, I can pass off clips of them. They can make that clip, incur
bull and we bring it back in and doing a robot shot is what we call it bring that back in and we sort of makes it all together and then I'll finish. The whole project is still very hands on a process that definitely yeah and I sort of not struggle with that, but I have thought a lot about like what, if I just gave them the whole edit and we've, we try that actually a couple times and every time we do that it feels great to not have to work as much because they're editing, but I feel like the the. Personal touch is lost as you go back in and change this going to take things and I you know, over time? I'm sure we can like home that down for them to two pretty much added it exactly the way I would, but it definitely feels like I just keep doing them the main, and if you're not mean you say, you still get excited by it. So it's not like yes, a chore right yeah! I I the editors, the most tedious part, but it is
most personal bike execution. Similar situation you and Greg have to go through right, yeah yeah. We still do that. I've. I've had to learn to, I guess kind of I was. I was a lot worse. I mean I don't know if it's very like not perfectionist, I just like things a certain way and there's something of a second. You don't like. It makes a big difference to me, but I had to learn like okay. I know it bothers me, but I know most people, it's not all people don't even realize this and tested that theory and it for the most part. I know exactly what you're talking about. I have to get okay with being like okay, this is realistically for them on time that we have left to post this. This is enough, and it was it was it's a tough thing to do, and it sometimes have you gone back and forth like you added one
You, can see how the audience reacts versus someone else who edited a video and Usher Usher, and it would just became a thing of like the times that I really care about something that's exciting and new. Then I I won't like budge on. It is something that I like not that proud of the item is not protestant and then it just like well, this is enough. You know, you know this. Fated to do like one for you, one for them role but like you can sort of go back and forth were like some things are just you know, we're can. I have a basic idea what this is going to be in, so we can easily pass that often, and some of them are like, like more passion, projects our continent, Yandah Roma. Recently, like one that you did a video you made it didn't. I didn't know you didn't DEC it wasn't, a review is to see who I remember. What
exactly do I did you just export the same video like over and over? I thought tell us is already given that this is the kind of Europe I like this. Why I want to do more of that? I think you did I'd like that. How do they do for you, though? It was fun Actually, I did did well. I think it's because it ended up like a fun video right. I rent the initial performance of it was probably worse, because people used to like new gadget new gadget, yak new thing and then what when you download re uploaded video a thousand times or, like I don't know I watch that later Stan start sharing at people like really liked it. I am I otherwise might it does. I thought those great did, so you actually did that uploaded what about the other times. Yes, so each of us like the download button inside of it. So we applauded this. A k beautiful, like forty second file, downloaded it and then uploaded that and the downloaded that an uploaded that, and we did, that affair
So what was your internet bill like cuz somebody left cap? I don't know if you have fiber unlimited. It was since it was such a short file. Wasn't so bad. It was more of like the tedious all the comments are like. Why don't you just write a script to do? It was really I don't know. I could but yeah. It turns out there's a limit of like a hundred uploads a day, so once you get it out limit, usually wait. Twenty four hours start again set us at least ten days of a hundred uploads buttons, Madame it was Andrew and vin- and I are trying to do- is fill I get to download a video and then upload it and then download that too fast. It was like not done processing, so you didn't get the full quality and then, if you like, didn't really check them for like Deanna you like? Look at it more like wisest 480p and you go back fifteen. You realize you messed up those diffee towards the cattle is like a month. Project yeah, exactly tat are worth it
At least I thought those on the best ways of seeing a line as good as just creative, wouldn't woody for your camera to shoot with a d change it once in awhile or yeah, Our main camera is a monstrous eight K. This division dress, Their names are pretty weird now, but it's a red camera and huge, nearly full frame sensor, which is wild for video and then the image processing pipeline just spits out 8k red Raw with, like sixteen stops of dynamic range or something crazy. I could no doubt about it forever, but it's not the primary camera, no autofocus huge file size kind of terrible to use, but the image is so nice that I'm willing to work with it and and sort of that. I have that pipeline pretty much down. I mean for a Youtube video, like you may be using probably the best camera out of any Youtube right. Would you would you
yeah? That's not shooting the film right yeah! This is kind of funny. It's like. I know another guy John, who uses an artery Alexa many. What my friend, gender, whose also from Jersey, also uses red camera at something about the Tec crowd. And maybe this is just because we've been leading away, a lot of people are sort of copying it, but for whatever reason we just realized. Crispy video, and if the better you can make it, kind of funny you ve noticed like if you watch a bunch of other types of videos, even from like see, net Wall Street Journal. Suddenly, all their videos are really cinematic in the past couple years and that's because that's the look that's taken over. That's kind of like what you're known for its a certain degree right I never really thought about taking credit for it, cuz so do I rule of us that are all sort of pushing the envelope and doing different things but like if I see a robot shot from one of them. Yet I start rat right. What are you so you do
you said, there's a small group of together. Do that you guys have a group chow we discuss all detritus EAST is like a changing tricks and trades yeah. We not a group chair, but we all sort of its kind of funny at tackled. Because, like tech companies invite all the same people's all the events, we sort of all collaborating, and chat at these things, so ICS every year were all there but like on Samsung comes out. He found the and by all of us, are all there anyway, so we all talk there and then we're all the apple event. We all talk there and the motor oil and, like a just sort of happens, a lot during the year, but yeah. That's what will end up like just talking about, detect Youtube world of you feel like sometimes because you're always hanging out together when you guys talk about things. Sometimes their opinions influence you so almost like it bleeds into commentary, probably yeah, and I think even just watching other videos like I know my my edits.
Please change watching other people's videos like what you said about like at point. Second point: one second difference: you wouldn't know if the edit I'll change because, like the cadence would be off right and I don't know how many people would notice if my edit was quarter of a second off, but like that's something I'll like sort of home based on like watching my own and other people's videos, and I think that happens in a lot of things and attacking other genres to halfway mark okay, cool quick. She should break, and this is not something we just our doings as yesterday, but do you have any things for a half time show that you wanna perform any skills? Anything you can do can using I'll drink more of this water into a butterfly. Do it right now is going to take awhile? Okay, I'm gonna have to do even have any crazy. I'll be right back
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consumer gratitude by a lot of brain. Add companies will probably purchase, hinted at areas well, yeah, incise curious. How, if you felt like old like this, good frizer. I feel like I've always sort of known that, One of the genres. That's like pretty clean for do black. I know a lot of people like the apocalypse happens, like a lot of certain genres of channels were like really struggling to deal with it. If you watch any of my videos or any tech videos, basically they're all pretty much like clean the normal demographic is awesome for Youtube cuz. It's like or unreachable anywhere else. It's like eighteen, thirty, four year old, affluent spending you know, consumers that I like ready, like like put our how is right there like a perfect so like kind of known? That's it's a good safe place on Youtube and if it's kind of a happy coincidence that I happen to love tech, but yeah it's been
pretty smooth sailing as far as stealing Youtube. So how do you do you guys? I feel like look at algorithms constantly. That's your thing or you kind of just like work clean. So we know we're going to be good. Still wasted play with algorithm, especially in the whole quantity over rtgame. I think about that. A lot and we make about a hundred videos a year which is like one every three days like the weak, something like that, and I know for a fact, because our channels do this. If I uploaded daily, the channel would do massively better on paper. It would get three times as many views every month they would get recommended in the agro them. There would be a bigger category. Bigger library of things recommend but as this virus sanity don't think I can do that to myself. So yet we think about the algorithm a little bit, but generally title thumbnail description, make a grave error
just went with the terminology. I forgot for audiences, who don't know he liked Youtube Peace Corps, basically like their preferential score. What type of videos they'll suggest doing your recommended in your sidebar stuff like that? and as of a couple of days ago, using Youtube New Ui in terms of uploading Suffolk, that not uploading. I saw the new homepage, which is like much bigger thumbnails, which I don't hate. His thumbnails are like kind of like made to be really tiny I get. When I do a thumbnail look like a phone like there's only so many angles. You can show a phone where, if you shrink it down to that postage stamp sized, you can't even tell what it is. So I kind of like the bigger thumbnails, but the new update so. What are you do when you're not making Youtube videos? I think a lot of people are pretty interested in knowing what your life is like outside Give like a girlfriend. You hang out with your friends or is it just work, work, work and frisbee? Yeah well, for us, as you say, is like usual,
If I'm not at work, it's ultimate related thing, like weekends for the most part on the east coast. When it's warm from like March warm till like September, which is nationals, is ultimate frisbee which is it's a lot, because you your practice during the week and then you games and tournaments on weekends, but that's mostly what I'm doing when I'm not at work and that's like Maybe the reason why wouldn't I would go insane if I didn't have some sort of especially cuz like you, two were people meant nothing about this you're like sitting down all day and like I can't really sit down for more than about, are flowers like I hate cross country flights cuz. I really just don't want to be sitting for that long. Something about like I can get through. Sitting fan editing for five straight hours, because I know tonight like we'll, be exactly my shopping at the.
Trying to get out of there. So I think that's like the the balance of when I don't have to work that That's where I'm at what is a so you said it's like games and tournaments. Is it mostly tournament Bass seasoned or how to cook I've. No, no idea, yeah, It is kind of complex and in some try to explain and try to simplify it basically club ultimate, which is like a feeling of club soccer. Like area teams are that's like the main version of ultimate college. Kids will join in area team people who are graduating things like that. I play for them There is the area team. Now I play the New York area team and those are all its better team. We came in thirty nationals, then I'll congrats. Thank you that just happen to use its attemper yeah. I was within a month ago he's a month ago, many teams, because national nationals, I think there were four it sixteen teams well and is it also kind of like other sports, we of the travel to another city to play? Yes,
yeah, so so yeah tourneys will be in various cities around the: U Dot S at a tournament in Colorado. This year, nationals isn't San, Diego there's other tournaments on both coasts generally, but anywhere. You get like a huge the old space, as I generally like Minnesota, is really popular with fields and certain states have much more fields and others, but its tolerant, basically like forums in a day and a half we win, but that you, like your stress, relief and someday you love doing yeah definite. Would you say that a guess, let's say the ultimate frisbee became the thing like it became like the next big thing right? Well, would you leave the tech industry. And would you do that professionally if it paid off paid way more than you know that it's a you got a twenty dollars contract to be a frisbee player, but you got to focus on playing frisbee anymore.
People be only on. I do like like free time by like ants run flogging and illegality doing here. You're new, hey comes black doktor back to the fields, reserving a disco, dang wow. I assume it's your stress relief right. Yes, they don't want compact this. They want frisbee dissing. Exactly I never thought about it, I guess yeah I guess I work as you would enjoy more. I would enjoy it, but I think you are my offices I had to go back to, like you know some sort of creative outlet cuz. I think I would also go crazy right now if I never had any creative outlet, so I think the sort of union which has a key which other like in czech border from overwhelming the other. Do you find it
and a schedule II. Your stuff is educational, so like, if someone's interest in something I would assume they type in something and they find you and they trust you or whatever. Do you find that your fans would care care more about you or care? More about your content. I think the content, but I think it helps to have a palatable nowadays yeah. I think, there's a bunch of really good examples of channels that our successful because of their personality and like the audience is there for them right and others. Relatable they're, so funny they're so whatever, and I think aye Sir mentioned earlier, but like the best, the easiest part of
I draw is like I don't have to be the most entertaining person personally MA am like covering attacking that's people care about, and hopefully my coverage of the Tec is also entertaining and that's where we push the limits of life. But that's why you have those fans, because I, like you doing it Roger some random person every to every week or every three days, doing it right, yeah, yeah, there's a million place to get down. Don't you think I mean if you haven't a bunch that what if you did something about you, playing professional frisbee. You think they would care about you or do you think they would not like that, because what is this year? I think I have wanted to do that and I am I struggle to find the time to really get it the time it deserves and rank anytime, playing I'm. So that's a problem. I prefer not playing that I'd be annoyed that I couldn't get my attention to how was being recorded and filmed. I have to honestly liked. Season where I'm injured or something so I'm I don't like not to I'm not like work like mad that I'm not playing cuz I couldn't play so I can focus on recording
usually the entire season, unlike focus on like peeking physically at the right time here and like eating Ryan, like like everything I'm doing on a field is like for very purpose built. Psych is really hard to make something about that gap without using other peoples Sir gap with we. I know what you mean. I would I would like to do at the end you gotta get people to sign like release form exactly but on the off season, though, what do you do that? Right now. Is the off season? It's a lot of just like working out, boring hanging, a wall biking like as exciting. We do.
Like some winter leagues, say you can play in New Jersey, which has a lot of like weekday night stuff randomly, but I do enjoy like having random time. I I took a day the other day and displayed to care for, like I think, the entire day, because the sun sets a light for Clark and I think from like from like ten. I am too like four o clock. I just played to Kate a whole day because I d, 2K 20th, so I have to like getting them get in the storyline yeah. I usually get 2K every like right when it comes out same and this year I slacked a little bit and I didn't get to it until after nationals, and so I just got into it a question, a minute shift modal. They get a lot more deep check. What like so, you know, you're, obviously very very successful. You ve interviewed another leader, the world right and in technology and science and you've been. You know, Oliver, on every publication and in and what I didn't. You're you're you're doing this thing that you really enjoy
what is what's driving that like what is it that you give like a a purpose or like a reason for doing this? I know it's very deep, but I'm curious because it's obvious that a lot of people are super drawn to your personality right, even though, maybe something that's you just reviewing products write something take out the technology gap is suspended. By about you know, it seems that you have a really good upbringing and you seem, like a very you know, likeable person and in its wondering, like what is driving you to do what you're in like what are we trying to accomplish just. I know it's not that you're not you're, not just trying to review products like there must be some in there. I think
just started. Was I wanted to make videos that I want to watch so it's sort of like created from I wanted to create something that I wanted to exist in the world and I sort of started to pivot, but stopped because it was way too much into creating like a website where you could just like look up a product and just like see if you should buy it or not, and it whether that was a video or like some collection of videos or some information or comparison or whatever it was. You could just find it decide if you wanted to buy or not, and I think like the videos that I make her like kind of the next best thing. It's like. Product. I wonder if it's any good, I'm just curious about it generally or some topic. I wonder what happens when I upload a thousand times download it and upload it again and I'll just go search it out, find it and boom appears the best possible comprehensive video about what I want to see. That's just kind of
based around you know it's. I guess it's nothing too deep. As far as like what is my purpose, what I would have What I want to do with this time. I feel like it's. It's mainly just creating what I want to exist and making it. It seems like you're on a quest the way I see it, at least from this explanation, just love it I seen as a quest to create the best library of reviews for any particular phone or or or yeah yeah, yeah yeah, it kind of has ended up being that, and I think the the like branching out into other types of videos is the more fun part that I want to do more, and so maybe it's less of a catalog of products and more of a catalog of entertainment. But tech happens to be the common thread that goes through it retro sex series that starts premiering in December.
Words like obviously knowns buying these products anymore, either all gonna be out twenty thirty forty year old, icon of pieces of tack, but it's like the experience of dying back into what made them. Iconic is a sort of entertainment instead of like product based diarrhoea. So there should be a lesson in history. Institech related to people? I don't give you the past related yeah. We do have some questions from fans here. Many questions for that, because Weirdest fan interaction. You've had, though, we're just fan interactions, I'm sure you're so likeable that they just come up in there like I re light into it. You write that, like
people cannot mean eighth, they it's it's a Para social relationship. Everyone knows everything already about you and you don't really know them. So it's kind of one sided at first. On one hand, that actually does pretty saliva like fun, like interactions, I on my way here, as I was getting into the uber. Walking by didn't even like do anything she just walked by and when I really like your Youtube videos and then just kept walking as I was nice I enjoy created alongside affect YO, weird weirdest, interactions I'm trying to think of like do you have to be a lot of conventions stuff like yeah? Well audience, is a lot of nerds like me. Don't how to match your like when we get to like at a convention, imagine ceiling at the hall with all these people like are used to being like just on
Peter and now they're, just sort of checking out tech. So it's like one that comes up to me will have like a different way of trying to explain that they knew who I am, but it's usually pretty awkward will be either like. Oh My daughter knows who you are Youtube. I don't like saying I like I like the ad says the in the acronym wrong I'd like to the airport and someone said Mkb, hear something like they just said the wrong letters. Bye. Ever had a different way. I noticed, if, like just saying nothing too crazy, nothing yeah, nothing might know crazy. I wanna like jinx it, but nothing like stock reassuring, while they are says you're audiences, the little more mature. Yet all at home here an early tomorrow said
tomorrow it. So we have a question here from three nippers: three: do you ever want to producer? Create your own tech yeah? That's a big challenge like a big undertaking. I've thought about and has come up for like. Why? Don't you make so much to say about phones? Why don't you make your own phone like? Well, okay, You need you need like a a manufacturing process. You need to basically partner with an entire smartphone company good thing about partnering. Amazon Company when you have to objectively review smartphones. Is that compromises relationship with at least that company's products forever, if not the rest of those products so it seems like that might be like an end game like going on. All right, I'm done making videos I'm going to make the perfect phone, and I'm out of here when your professional ultimate player and ass. It was on your sponsor year by our own.
Bone exactly and Anna Logos on the Jersey is perfect. Would it would? This is actually my MIKE my question. I need everybody knows that you are a fan of Tesla yeah. You drive a Tesla. What would you think about the future of Tesla in what their automobile like where their headed right now? I do think there in the right direction, yeah whenever I look at Tesla and I compared it to you, I try to stay objective like I'm, obviously fan of Tesla, but I'll look around at other electric cars and everytime. I look around Tesla is miles ahead in waves as far as electric cars. We're just now getting to the point where there is legitimate competition to a couple of their models. The Porsche Tycan seems like one of them, but it's still more of a driver's car versus everyday, like the model three when you're out here, it's everywhere, basically so they're kind of on a great path? I I was talking to someone recently about
essentially unique way for them to exist, which is just for them to sell parts like they have the gigafactory and as such great drivetrain technology, they could sell electric drivetrains cell batteries and then kind of like Google just sell one car like a model s and model three, but so the rest of those parts to make everyone else's left. Where's? Better though I Google licences Android so there's an android phone from Samsung for motor role of from while away from show me they can all use that to make their phone better so that off to build their own o s, because right now Ford doesn't really make great elector. Dr train toy Oda doesn't mean have a hybrid, but they dont make their own great electric dry trained so
If they just partnered with Tesla and use the supercharged network, they already have a much better car, so I was thinking about it and that unique way recently. I think that can be pretty cool, but as a right now, I've got the routes. To finish, I come off the commodity, it's supposed to be twenty twenty, but also assure delayed right next question here from Joseph Lou. What does more, tech look like in the future. Man. If I knew, if I told you I have to kill you yeah, I think also struggle with being maybe a little bit shortsighted. Cuz people make things like crazy renders of, like all it'll, be a hologram that comes up out of here, Maybe I just think Well, we have like icy smartphones as just like this object that you like pick up, use and put away, and so when we get these like wearables in, like I just broke,
glass again for the first time in years, and I'm like trying to understand, like maybe VR, is the future, maybe a r, but I don't quite see it, and I just I go back till like twelve. We can make phones better that'll, be with so maybe I'm short sighted, but I feel like I just look at smartphone to smart phones- are going away, feel, like you kind of got thrown into it hard because you're like that first big line. Sure here did you d feel the brunt of the hate yeah you almost like the face of it yeah? I do know that huge knows funding rather big, but he would want the biggest at it. I don't think I got thou much hate for it. I think the means- and the comments were relentless for like three months but as far
as my involvement in it, like I kind of told my story- and I made a video about it, but like we all thought, I was gonna, be this different. Sing this year. I don't think I like that email that was like this is the first year everyone's going to feature creator, voices and we've narrowed it down to fifty creators instead of three hundred and fifty and is going to be different and we did to shoot and in the shoot the producers are all telling us the same stuff. Like it's going to be great. We we did multiple takes remind everyone gets a close up shower like wow. This is different and then you watch the video. So yeah it was like. I don't feel like I got thrown as much as I just with everyone else involved, didn't have any control over the final product and it just kind of happened. Hopefully this year's better, if aid even yellow Rewind, doesn't sure they will think of doing something. So there's no question here.
Hot sure, hurrying, reviews are now quoted by the biggest companies in the world. Has that kind of pressure change? How you approach reviews in anyway, and it's it's- I mean I would think that you know when you're making these reviews some of the biggest publications males will quote. You feel that pressure or is it just don't think about that at all at most, I think. Maybe it might like make, might tempt me use more quotable language, but as far as like how I actually talk about the product that our thinking changes, anything at all, I think even sense like that. They beginning days, eight nine years ago, I got to tell it like it is like apple products, bad I'm going to tell you exactly why it's bad, but the good thing about that is a company who makes that price,
when you proud of you and say some things that, like a let's say the battery life for the camera, whatever it's bad, the fact that I'm telling the truth about it helps them to either improve it. They can do a software update or to make a better one, the next time, and if no one told them it was bad. They kind of wouldn't know like they put out a product the best they can and hope for the best and turns out the batteries. Bad. No one wants it good to know, make the back the next one bigger battery, but if they don't get this useful able feedback about. Why something's bad it won't help the consumer. A good example of that was. I go back to I was in college. I reviewed Motorola phone and I worked with him a bunch and of the song came out, and I reviewed it, and I went to the specs- and I was talking about the camera about how like this is the worst part of the phone. If they only made the camera better, this would be a great phone, and I should always have photos and I reached out, and I sent him a bunch.
Ample images I was pointing out. Circling stuff in a video like here is where the color fringing hurts: here's, where Diana Granger and Better- and there is software update like within weeks, while specifically addressing what I had asked about and sure enough. Like months later, people are talking about log, this distance cameras gotten better, that's pretty good for them, so that end so the next on how to better camera. To so. Thanks to you, I think we are win, win reviewers do their job. It's also work said, My personal question: what both the most exciting review that you ever made eyes. What was the worst review that what Europe you ve felt pain to have to make this review and then yeah? I guess those to excite review. I don't have it encounters a review, but I got to make his eyes. I saw this Otto Focus video Series, pretty recently, where we talk about car tech, which lets me review car
we're like five six episodes in, but I've already I'm a Clarence seven twenty asked for a week and decisive way, easy. We, wish I didn't like the Cember and it was impossibly cold. Like every time we had to lean out a car window to get a shot. It was like the camera start to like freeze up and we have to take it back in like it was really hard to shoot, but that was most exciting products. I think I've ever had your upgrade like they're, like hey, here's, our car or new car after going test it out it's already thing there is already theirs.
Go to journalists who already they regularly receive cars? Two review and no bad luck. Press car is that, like around the country landed the Tesla video that was oppressed car they don't do very often but Mclaren Toyota, whoever they have a fleet of car, is that they will give to press for a couple days and get take that so it's already a market that you can get into. If you want. I just had never done car videos and I don't know a lot about cars, but as soon as I got my car I was like. Oh, I love cars so I can start to get into that, but yeah, that's that was pretty exciting, most painful yeah. So when it comes to mind was last year I reviewed the red hydrogen. I don't know. If you heard about this red makes great cameras and they've been in Hollywood. They have the best color science. I love her so read our last year, I'm about two years ago started typing that they're going to make a smartphone
it's. Gonna have like the best Cameron, a phone right. This is right around the timeline. Smartphone cameras are getting really good. Reds gonna get me. They're gonna change the game. I M ready. I'm ready for the red, smartphone we're taking a while to make it. There was all this hype building up and you can kind of tell that this was red not knowing how to phone really I every time I asked him for an updated bad at their black, our we're doing Kyar certificate. Skincell, where it's it's delayed a little bit but was going to great. Don't worry. I, like I'm ready anytime, I'm ready I made a video actually what they did Disney World exclusive. First look at like one of their first prototype, so people got what what the design would look like and everyone's ready for the phone super excited for it It finally comes out and when it comes out first of all the parts Sir so old, because they ve been working on it for two straight years it had like a two year old cpu. The camera was
off the shelf. Sony sensor with really not great photo quality didn't do high quality video, which is made by red If of all hangs, that should be good, exactly had a really big battery but like there was a thick phone like it, it had the worst screen of any phone where they were claiming it could do like 3d really well. But if you turn the 3d mode off the actual display, not nice, so how these things flapped Phil hard on their faces, and so our view of the fund was like I wanted this to be good, so bad, but it was a one, Maya, my ideas? Marfa words at the end of every year, it one the worst phone of the year award. I get a little toilet bowl trophy I mean I guess that shows that goes to show your honesty.
Lycoming. You love the brand, but you had to be honest so actually and I've been, I went on and bought one there cameras last week's okay, that's just that exact, exact cool. Well, that's pretty much time. Is there anything we didn't ask good. Yeah, you ass, a man at anyone Plug Raina check out my Youtube Channel new to channel you to dare come slash. Em could be eighty, that's new series coming out check out his video, where he uploads who said Billy. I too, as your names sort short, quick video I desires for small projects. I definitely you should do more. Those I will. I will definitely stairways, wasn't expecting that anyway, you can find us at off the pill on Twitter at off to hug as an instagram, and I guess with that being said, how we end this. Is we just breathe into the mic and ready to one
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