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#5 - Ryan's GF Revealed, BTS fandom, and his First Kiss

2019-02-24 | 🔗

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Ryan, literally just released a video of leaking saying who he's dating right. I did just really civilian thing minded and then we like kissed and they re just stayed there and then the tongue keep him whirling around but because, like that new intro echo and your whole, the Blue job David David did that we didn't. I rather one thing in that: ok We welcome that, will welcome back to another exciting episode of the pill. Podcast, the original podcast group, the Oji crew, has only been like one month. We only twenty five. We ve done the most together, though, as you know, the second general, but before start today have a very big announcement. We for rules is that you guys
we already know they already know what it is, but guys we finally did Thanks a lot of you guys out there, and you know it was a continuous joke finally have our first sponsor of the gas. I am going to read it real quick. Our sponsor is called seat gig You guys to give act. Murder by farmers can read the talking point, because that's what I'm supposed to do, apparently to some students, reverse so my first time, the gentle border regions with me guys, seat geek. It is a ticket. That makes buying super simple. They put all the ticket, one place. You can focus on what matters most the light experience or the live experience. One makes more sense you can find all events on sea gig like MBA area, Grundy, Travis Gallery any shore game. I guess you can barely think of his bride there.
I would have to tell you, owe you between he's off your first seek order. You get twenty dollars off. Your first seek order with the cold here, all HIV Sea, especially on special there's gonna, be a link rather tat description, soul, click it down the app use coat. He got for twenty dollars off tickets. that is a deal that is a good deal and you what guys, if you're out there and you're actually gonna buy tickets? Save twenty dollars make us good. So there, like a you, know what let sponsor this podcast for their only doing this Epps for real and everyone in the future, but it would be nice to have a consistent sponsor dude. You killed it. Thank you for your work first sponsor now now spent. I did almost mess up on the part where I said the living. Variance life experience. I should probably read in practice things before a court before I go live on top podcast. I should attract anyway
you'd seek our first sponsor eyes. very nice, but now that we ve taken care of that prosaic. Thirty to forty new things, men, we had the lateral how about this. Since you know this is like our first sponsor. If you were to see a concert or a sporting event, where would you go the first one is that they have listed here. The NBA spurs actually have imagined used, seek geek yet but I mean if their consistent, Sponsor Museum might get some hook up to your me, I mean does. Does that mean I get to consistently have a twenty holocaust of adding on your first I wasn't it says, but I mean come on. Megan due account every time I guess you out just type in he goes that it looks good too, that we look good and it's like all MA. Am we gotta go
these guys more money earlier. Will you do use or would you go out? I want to go to like a comedy, show com they shall yeah I see, I see a lot of blacks are so black pink. I think I believe was a man. I hope I'm not mess it up but they have a show in allay now, like a constitutes a cape up, real popular and a lot of acting as a k, pop group yeah female k, pop group and never heard they know this. They like, I see a lot of people on Twitter, trying to get tickets and there's like two thousand people in the queue before them online and if you were buying tickets from online vendor white black pink who yeah this? Is this new? That can you know they ve been away for a while, but they can be. Like a mean. Did I not like an eighty Elles write another really big there.
The media does not begin a beach yes, but as a female group, their huge em, he did, you guys know get out on others. This is gonna, get get us some hate, but on did you guys know that Bt S in Korean mean something wasn't me to korean Americans? I think about Crean. Koreans was a slower. It stands when they call media actually stands for and not not. The grew. Ok when they vacant, they say after you know it's a saying in in I don't know about in Korea, but for cryin, Americans, Bt S means burning dunk among syndrome or something that Tom Tom Kemal Ataturk among lucky Korean, but I know of israeli burning talkum on sensation, recent data and that basically means like have to eat spicy food. When you get fired model, so videos actually means fireproof burning by s because they got a. She is thus pray, the name of their songs, fireships or something like that sounds good beaches
every bit as high as they have so many hard core fans that, like even just now, had to be like men. I should word this very I want to get features is higher than the other thing about them, as they have a lot of inspirational songs now have a good meeting to their lyrics, but their fans. How can you understand it? The it's? It's the lyrics. Unlike the meanings up, and you see them, you never translated, but a lot. It's wigs allotted time, certain parts of their phantom will be way too aggressive and, like not live what their praising. You know it's off their say. Like your piece in you DE and then, like their fans, are like kind of not doing the yeah. That's like most people do in what I say I was excited. They fall ill, exciting, called the cold. Well hip! Don't put this on. This does not reflect the views of very high called. I mean they. That's that doesn't noticing colt vandam anything so make sense. Yeah but they are, I mean, like I mean,
for the moment we had. We had Bt S, meaning behind the scenes on our second channel videos, since I don't know how long aware or when it started happening, but all these people and I'm just gonna grow over the years. These Bt S, army fans, have been their sins. I don't remember what is happening. I remember exactly, but I just kept thing he does you all of a sudden. There was only people say like beat his army and then at first I thought in ITALY.
Behind the absolute all like yeah I'm a year. They represent an hour behind the scenes they really care about. It then quickly. I learned that was dead. It's amazing how far they ve come. It's crazy and the ants are they'd like considered them like most successful capon. How would I would say tat ever? I would know what an out, at least in the? U S for sure they hidden they hit like one of their first number. One like the first green ask. He bought ban to Hitler number one in the billboards something, but there are also on. I think my time magazine like the front the front page as easy annually in iranian King Anko.
picture, a bunch of Asians on Time magazine, let alone one there I don't know: do they don't really return legacy today amounted to learn English or do they all speak green or do they like they? They they learn English. So they do interviews in English like further audience yea. I am not so crazy. You know it's crazy, that I thought I thought K pop was kind of like dying, I mean asked. Why did we didn't really like keep going with I'll be J thing, but I mean people keep asking. I thought I thought you would tired of it? You know by the second one little working on another, whether oh you heard what that is off the proud. Is it? What is it called? You give out information agents, exclusive experts that copyright he's gonna kill me. Well I mean, if you guys, are doing a network and on another song, yeah me, how did you get
to get a show and have a concert and people could get their tickets at sinking there. You go, get your show at all. See, you can set it up because we cannot afford to put on you, don't got. I gotta get those seeing as I can these by an all that stuff all that merge now, but you will have it. You were. Lego. I would pick a concert honestly, I'm usually not too picky when it comes to concerts. I mean as long as it's like a music group that I like I'm down, you know or sports like go into it like a fun sports. goes like support. Jeremy here who sees murderers like I'm down seeking Jemmy just went over to the rapporteur,
Europe is because you don't know you, Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lin, just it wasn't, treaties bought out Paisley's on. He went from the Atlanta Hawks, who are in the bottom, probably five teams in the whole week to literally like the top May, like top three team, so he legit has a chance to win a ring that likely, because the golden states always gonna, be there rip, but God we gotta know don't gimme goin on basket on basketball. Nobody cares about the rascal, whose leads you grab any das, and really do aside podcast of rain and support, I know I wouldn't you like a sports broadcasts are theirs is theirs. Is a player on the rafters issue dating Green was upon ask what the green room I think he has upon
yeah dangling yes, so oh balmy, I'm a fan because you know he's I he was a spur on one of my favorite spurs, but he got traded within the whole coiling or trade again, and I do not wish to end the topic of Basque while, but basically, as appears upon Casanova deftly be down, and if he's down Danny Green actually within a chance, now have a connection wagon, ECHO, Germany, a good denigrate, muddy and german data on let's get. Oh you be funny. We gotTa Leonard as how much we can get the talk now honestly, you would be good for like a sports like podcast style. If you like to talk about basketball and me like fighting now, I give sea- or it may be easier these and its. It is your party fighter, you know no, it's your Hobbes the guide, but you like those. I know it looks like it's such a different anyone I tweet and I tweeted Hologram watching fight and stop Maria every
flies or soul like empty, because nobody cares all like the people who follow me of do not associate me. We have basketball or Mme or any of that, but I like my interests. They were both have a second channel podcast verse first channels to fill setting find your advice. Seek agree to it than the owl kind accorded into basic, Elliot, Ryan's Reviews Ryan's, really get off the topic of sport, the sports, because I already know theater sizzle uninterested. We have done the sideboard guessed. What means it's like Hobbes, so why would you go into Hobbes in stock? As this? I guess when it's us, it is not about the guests and we as having a guess like you know. Dotting just want to get to know us a little more in here about like what things we like to do so Ryan. You know. A lot of work here is like
I'll when you're making when you're not making videos, which is almost twenty four seven. What do you like to do in your free time? Cuz, I'm not making videos twenty four seven new, because you're always like working, we talked about it, not applaud gas that, although you met or not, that you mean I'm not working and videos, twenty four, seven other, that's pretty much all we do nice, I think, as and when you're, not ok, video, which is got it. We're. Ok, then, what language? What here? What are your Hobbes that you actually like to do in your spare time that an ash AIDS of Amelia? I think it talked about this. Just video games, video games, best by watching best. Why? Don't you just very much is not that much honestly, very boring people. We don't go out. Normally most people in town,
actually others. That's pretty much going on. We ever go out were very boring people. Actually you go out alike. I try to go out the exercise of a hobby kind of like stay. I fear that I mean that's a deficit in doing you're. Homey time you have quite a few too many during outdoorsman, for I have two main omega hobbyist for Hobbes, like Hobbes Arma hobby, pretty much like there was one time where I kind of got into this tabletop game called war, Hammer and MS basely like models and painting, and it just like it put together a lot of things I like to do so like models in, and I also like plain word games, and I also like painting. So it was like very easy for me to be. Like man I wanna like get into an, I had fun doing a canopy.
not for a low, because it's a lot of money in time and and stuff, but then I get into board games. In fact, collected Tabletop Borg aims computer games any other games. You can add that lead. So pretty much we're just a bunch of his Pablo yours. You play video games that site to our eyes, Yoda much. It's like almost like a borderline addiction. I think especially for you, because you will sacrifice your sleep like even come into work and be like all. You didn't sleep for, like you, said, come on you're playing video games, that night till, however em in the morning, seem a little bit and you wake up and play games before you come in and, like you just like exhausted.
Yeah, that's another person. I know that you may know that he is now I got develop. I mean it is true. You have like an addiction to gaming rose. I mean like okay, so Ryan's, also like oh Yemen, addictive personality, which is like I get addicted to things very quickly. Yes, like things that easily interest me, I will just dive into very hard and I just go through like little seasons of habit. Skylight you like having Hobbes, but I go to the extent of not eating or sleeping sometimes just learning about these. Do any of you as a good. That's also not necessarily a horrible quality. Some people with addictive personalities actually become. You know some of the best athlete some of the best like cause. If you're spending now much time on something you're bound to be good at it. Enough you're gonna spend that much of your time investing in extent
inferior, how you're going to be better at whatever it is now I come to me: that's how you become good right, like you're gonna have to be inadequate to a certain degree yeah, but I think I could spend my time on lot, better things, yeah, there's you could but understand why people with addictive personalities, if we think about it, like Michael Phelps, he's probably addicted to swimming in other he's pride had focuses on. Oh, how can I become a faster swimmer? How should I trainer and seeming with any every basketball player? I'm sure they watch tape on themselves, like people with addictive personalities are actually people who succeed. Surely, accounting and many people are completely successful, who art that kind of personality so because you're, successful and making videos, would you say that you were addicted to making videos or making people laugh?
What made you grab onto you do very, very late with with your whole life. I guess I mean I think I was on. It also changes a lot. I think you have to be addicted for me. I was addicted to the fact of trying to create things I couldn't do in the past. They create new things and train create things are different and in its very it's very unsatisfying when I have to settle for some minutes, not something you even if it does well. Even if I create a video that does really well AIDS, sometimes super unsatisfying, for me is a sick. Man already did a video like this I already did this joke, but in a different way, it's not unique, you know, so I would videos with those b video that did well, that I didn't that you weren't in satisfied to the lot
and there's videos that I had. I am economy even go through, all of whom are, but just the one, that's sick in our right now, one that sticks out that did well here that I am not necessarily proud of lake. Was it fortnight or in a fortnight we did some new things and then, which I was like kind a happy about. I would say probably something along the lines of like eight you lay like when we did the Ottoman India to its like it's kind of a parody of parity. And it was just like. Oh well, you know what it was fun could we did the fighting thing and that was different, but the rest of it. I was just like an ex doubt that that's my excuse to kind of odd do something different by using something: that's not that makes sense
It was my. It was my wig literally all I want to do as do that fight seen so I wrote the entire script to be just good enough, not great the whole thrust of rivers not is not good it. Just like basic, like jokes they're, not to merely is not the most creating in the world, but I was very satisfied and then was happy with it because of the ensuing, because we didn't do anything like that whenever didn't action sequencing that so I mean that's my version, I guess that I would say probably it's it's Bali safety assume that if there's any kind of like cinematic quality,
he's your usually pushing for, like that's, usually you trying to push it into like a new realm like making a higher quality and enough it's like a list or like something worse like more flog heavy. That's probably something you are less likely to be satisfied with right. I'm me yeah Norman, it's just like I use I mean, especially before I used to use these videos to like sneak in things. If I want to act more putting the scene where it has to be more dependent on acting versus just stay up, jokes, but then I but then obviously those don't you do as well. Could it's it's not what people are used to in what they want is the same.
Specific format, for the most part mean anyway, and whether they are not people listening, agree or not. It reflects the numbers, yes always show in the likes and dislikes ratio. So and despite what people say, that's that's just how it is I roof is in the pudding fix. What could have even less, tools, because I think we said that last time no no see I remember references man. So you're hobby is gaming, great yeah, that's it pretty much like. Yes, your main hobbyhorse and video making. That's how I should like my my main Hobbes making people laugh so stand up. Does any former comedy I dont like that, not so much making videos making, because this is the way to make people laugh right. So, let's talk about this new hobby, you both
have been into the fishing you been trying to ignore. These fishing is great odds, not missed our lessons. Sean was here I'll talk about their game. He keep trying to get me to play a pay backs, I'm not even a fan of it. you'll never of support such a hipster, like anything that becomes more Miller if he was if we weren't. The apex or of nobody was really into it. Ubiquitous came so don't you guys got try it, but the moment because Poverty is a monument that about their do. I remember when we when fortnight game big- and I was thinking as I hate the skins he he was into cheek ass, I was like the: u no less popular one, an original and I startling podgy playing fortnight. Years ago, O tyres, Lord you mom or another, or they know you didn't. I because I said they're coming out with a game or came of age, and you didn't late, but you were you, refuse you're, like all you're, one of those you play fortnight and then lit was a few months later he's just a guy pay more
what I did. I ever played like ethic and use it I'm telling me all while you play For- and I am a pub chief- I play real games. Yea a better game. Magee yeah nine terms of numbers, I think it is. You are like that, though I would say so, but it's a cool, it's not a bad. Quite is funny that it's like if anyone or if someone tells you duty, to show this shows is amazing. Like I love the show you use, your first reaction is like Whatever and then you watch it was cool, even if in the back your head, you like now no, no, no, not through. I dont think. I think it actually makes him believed that it isn't good when it when it could be cause. He set himself up for expectations that yeah the effects. Jason. Is so there's, but you know it there's a lot of people like that, and that is the hipster mentality and it makes me curious like what looks like write breakdown of illicit, went beside the nine Parker. Why? What makes you you're? Not you
you are aware, and you have no wish you acknowledge it. That's how you think. So Do you know why or well? For me, a lot of it is like there's a it's like. You know how you said, like on a general audience, would like a certain thing and it's not necessarily the smartest or the funniest or the most well thought out, and so that's why I'm coming from one like ok, this may be good to a larger audience sure, but does it do I like it or am I gonna like it, because other people like you like apex No, I don't know why. Not after I played a couple of times like I was just in another, be are you like a red and why I don't like it is because it's it's very fast pace some little black eyes and that's why I liked public slower and more thought out yeah. You know, there's all those other ways that I could see.
Yeah. I guess I don't wanna slating like fortnight fortnight's a kind of a faster pace in power, but it's it's it's it's faceted bulgy, but its slower than black ops in apex yeah. I guess so. so the ability is still trying to think my way out of situation. Her well, ok, yeah like well! Well! For that specific scenario, I get there, I mean you, like you said you acknowledge that that's ok many of you. I am so I figure out the route of that? I think it something like. As we know, I know a lot of people like that as much as you know me, that's what a hipster is right, it's that that's like the distemper just want. Yet the stereotype stir typical hipster right right. Somebody who wants to be different from the mainstream sure enough. That's a good definition. I want to be caught liking. What's hot or like I mean it's like I don't know what the technical term, I don't want to offend people. I know I told Greg ones that he was a hipster not knowing was a bad thing
I think it was a little offended because he has a moustache and you know you like you would wear like overalls and something out Nicky mean resisted drinking some. I didn't ya, I mean it like that? You were at the time. It wasn't a negative thing. I think our oil hipster thing I was living in early and during all these jar things, like all your great, pretty hipster, and I think he got legit offended. Wasn't amazingly, was done in a way like one of those typical lay blazes, would like a jar where they ve but water and he's gonna come I don't wanna Jarley Amelia meaner, that's pretty hipster did it is. It is yeah I'll Ngos. Indoor anyway, I was it makes me think like I can't I get that, but like what makes somebody like that, it is the fact that their insecure about the fact that they need to be different or because they feel they need to be its cooler to not be some work. As everybody wants an area of ice
This is my thought process as a why I'm like that, and it's just because I was always kind of different and I was seeing, is different and that's almost my identity and so because we're my whole life. I've been different and I like different thing right. There's no reason for me to like normal stuff sitting up, I'm I'm I'm grew very different to, and I my thing is my insecurity and my way I coped with it is the opposite I will to fit in. So it was much less cool with that, but this is because, stronger person than you have yet been different. That is probably exact arm wrestle. I don't wanna, be them so here's the question very then if it was uncool to be different back in the day and now it's cool to be different. Are you gonna? Be Not really, you got me in a catch twenty two. Is it mean that much to you would you like some flip flop? Not that I think for me
That makes sense, and neither does it ass. You know because it's like a Europe of Saint yeah waiting for me. I'm gonna do what I find interesting in what I like no, but but what we are saying is sometimes what you find interesting is affected by what everyone else finds interest you and that's the whip. I want to figure out- is not even though it like, if there was a boar tax, we're lucky of of work universe where you're, literally just by yourself, you had all these different rousing choices. Make legal, I wanna be into this gate. I wanna do this hobby, you would pick something completely. Your rally tree you're route tree would be completely. Different from what it is in this reality. If it does not make sense That's right! That's lightning! I didn't you ve heavily affected by what other people think yes, and no because it by like something like yes, poverty was very poor,
Pillar it was, it was always the path I was still like it's true. I really liked this game and I stuck with it. I've waited a lot. So, if I do like it, why is popular? I will stick with it, but when fortnight our popular- and I told you hop on it, what did you tell me? EL grow, they're gonna goes a little kid who place for me. That's your reaction, the accurate in like naturally at yet because it was at the time when I told them was a dude, it's bigger its bigger than podgy way bigger. Why don't you just pay? Is it saw like there's a reason why people are planet seat? I I I think I was very good that mentality, but I am I I guess it was settled and some nerd trend of it in you know
Can I liked it in? You were like all his game: six, oh yeah yeah, it's messy, and especially the for the fact that people are planet right, like in even more somebody account to be in view in with the cool kids that are not covered, that doesnt fees of one of its got an. I can do that stuff so well, regardless. I think Ryan would privately it backs. Has he likes backups anyway it? Yet the people who don't have context to why I brought this up yet will has every for every shoot has been trying to pitch me to play this game, and it's not about me not trying to fit in. Could I know it the games in big, huge, the sea? The thing is that I am so different. I'm such a bad way. Like if it gets being about properly jump on the opposite of possible, because you see, like others, a lot of people plans easy the valiant. I should probably learn about it like even just for Youtube, but I think I'm pretty good at seeing a game and be like. I think Rhine would like this.
because I know a kind of plate like placed style. You like- and I remember seeing fortnight long long long time ago, and the reason why I said to you even before I came out, they were working on like their towered offence version the single plan and also line this game is for you, like we gotta get up like this, and you like you actually by like that mode. Better are the immediate. I personally to other games that you not just gains are just like things where you, if you're working on something, if you put time effort into it, that you keep keep that status or like a king growing within I hadn't, not as big a fan of something that you just play in the new start over yet every single year, let me set some just use it for the kids. It it's not worth the time you know what they're, not a sponsor of this parliament as well as on the Erika, is all but the impacts great. Let's move on from that enough apex guys it's about a thirty minute mark so, and you said Ziegler, oh yeah, you're right, I will we have to take this
she break and they will come back. I don't have to shield being either but we have to take this easy bridges are normal break. We could litter, play just say: we're gonna, take it and sit here and p here quickly. She rank am breaks and we're back we're back to sushi? Yes, and Oh yes, I second time. Second, one Mambre, it rang it. Authorities therefore was, as does the money real, what You just got paid like a fishing real, I don't know forms was a red, the same thing twice, but we haven't bringing up see I don't think we normally have to do this, but I am just going to bring it up again, just a reminder in case, for whatever reason you jump ahead to the. If you want to look
We just jump ahead of this. You should break. I will say that when after she she breaks, I think our poor gasket better to things because we're warmed up in we're talking like norm anyway back to seek our sponsor again seek. It is easy to get up again. I'm gonna see the same thing. Is it they didn't read anything else down that makes buying super simple and basically hunting. To see us again: nobody don't wanna get events line online. If you wanna you give up all events on sea geek, like literally anything like the NBA, whatever it. What are you gonna get tickets boarding, Nancy Geek, I basically they have a hook up for you. If you try to get to its reinventing it twenty dollars off. First Your first seek geek order with the cold. He got each. I e g a there is a link rendered the description click it dollar, the app use, the court he go for twenty dollars of tickets are first window each gee, yeah, sure, probably wrote an indifferent ass, their contempt crown somehow something
anyway. Again, thank you so much to seek for being the first answer and I do hope they do it another one in the future. But as of now this is it This already anyway, very first day job Second one. Yet you killed it down was in bed swish like I had something different to say that time, yet roomed girl anyway, thank you seeking exotic ache, talking about not doing as well. The first time you know, first impressions are really important and it looks like Valentine this happened. So how did you sick way that wasn't a sound bite that was mingled? Who, how did I say whether now that just answer the Cornish? It's ok, whatever you only unity, ok, yeah, yeah Valentine's day just happened last week, yeah yeah, it is
the twentieth twenty first, so I mean real well, we know you have a girlfriend. Do what you do is revealed in my girlfriend Monica messenians invidious. We didn't do anything around us but the day before we made a really good dinner, I made a juicy super juicy stake, my scene, it into the story I dont use again. I often has her married couple made like does really expensive steak and she made vegetables and potatoes, and was well good and then Valentine's day nothing Friday after Valentine's day couples massage boom, that's somethin, somethin We are you we never do that like we ve never got argues tunnel. We you know like when you don't you mean to you know you got a massage leg, my clothes off.
What was I mean, take up some of your cause. You leave your honor. IRAN or put on low voice, leaving wasn't beginners gimme short, though shorts too, where on them, but we were new ad. That's why we're gonna like even when they give oh yeah. Women they give me give you, though shorts you know, did they give you those but with no, they will give you like these. just sit and Emma. I still do not trust like that. They don't want that they wash them ass. I still wear my underwear under the underwear. Oh, I did get naked suit. You dirty, but comparable do I'm I'm sure. I would prefer to I don't off Paolo their cleaning. You know they change the sheets every time. How do you know? As I see it, all you see, every single person saw. I saw the washer drier, ok and he just got a nice I spot speaking of, massage does. It is a quick little thing who has a one time mean run run a vacation are not we're on a work trader in Indonesia and we're gonna, massage and the guy We are in the same room. The girls
Soldiers were burping, know just how. I don't know what we're doing, what lunch or something we thought that we are getting prank. dinner in Indonesia and for a show. I believe, like I gotta, add on this story. Whether by opening Let me finish this weekend, Indonesia, and we told the guy who's gonna, sell, basically like oil. Like what he has on devising object massages for you guys in its due to a room. So it's a couples, massages bit odyssey mean will, and then I forget what was with us. Everybody is totally wrong, play me and we'll are in here and we're getting massage in these girls come in this indonesian women and it just keep like to keep going but a whole top for over an hour did like over an hour, maybe not that loud, but it was like that. You can hear it
I'm trying to hold back their birth and he just kept burping and then look at one point. Twenty minutes in tat left the room started laughing sword. You broke. You know like wins when you and your friend are laughing, you have their connection and we just didn't. Instead of work, we bottle laid up from the little hole. The challenges are laughing, they came back and we had to shut up. We put our feet: back in the hall, and I could still hear a little bit ambush, my house didn't like the shorter She was old, Lackland stopped laughing and they just kept burping I mean the great massage, but it was a really funny story. I could I swore that, like some because war, they aren't, you were thinking this by thought for sure we're being filmed yeah. Somebody was like pulling a prank on us poorly because they set up that massage we're book. It lay we walk in there. It was set up for us so sick. I might begin in prank like I was waiting for the chemist come out or whatever it was surreal like it was like this happening, but it was because they were
both doing maybe, if one of them almost like an hour burping like every like five cent here ten seconds crazy. That's the story, as anybody do. I have to say that I was I have a letter, as is generally designing old friends, nl, I know. Ah, I drove home you're him here, but you because you're busy working with David O the first two days, yeah yeah, I was no land, did ya, celebrate Mount Isaiah got dinner. Do you think I was driving home on Valentine's day, so I spent a day driving from allay to values and being single playing. Video games gave earlier some some scud story. Screeched I would you. Do I based First Ryan literally just released a video, hopefully him saying who
he's dating right. I did just release a video thing who I am doing so we can say is that in this, unless it doesn't come out, then is evidence of the pigs close? I know if, if TAT video is not it better be good. Heavy out before this comes on Sunday. Yes, I just I guess yesterday technically it would be on hopes emphasis if updates anyway? I just what I just said that I just released that I M Dating Arden, which must be better already known to collapse
thanks. We have we been dating for a long time o while yeah I'm innocent things. We never said we're gonna, hide it per se, but on we just didn't, we didn't feel than necessary to announce it. We do want to make it like one of those channels where they just make their things about the relationships and then becomes like messy, adding it becomes like it puts a stream a different, unnecessary pressure on the relationship since any Gus women's their own private life, a media to a certain extent, but anyway I did get within try to hide it, but we just in announce it alot of boarding you yeah what it. So. What did you do for voting on Valentine's day was therefore would work with David on others. Sure. I do you say. Like you re talking,
like a dude, I'm not the one that even the least you can. Awful off today, I like video or the tyre yeah, I Basically, what we did was on Valentine day, which is at a dinner, went to displace. Could I was still on here and it was a brazilian most, they got brazilian state place. That's like the other boys reads: people come around. And they just clearly what is it got? Anyone I guess, you're a Your table in his ear, you want this year, stick your fork on and they cut off a piece of meat and they have all these different kinds of cuts of meat eyes. Those voices are super ass. It was really especially Frankie do you guys know was yuck you're sick did second he's sick. There. The congratulations on the announcement of the region.
Surprised us so shocked. I didn't know. I know every time everyone Meantime, anyone asked me right: anointed dating a somewhat business where to Sweden, It turned out to be rude about business when you just ask him one people nearly to so many pictures all would like fans and something that is exactly. Are we as we just never really on firm, Justin, announce it yes unnecessary, but. Just easier. Especially. You want me doing this and I give she's gonna, be I too like it would be weird, not talk about her. You know to avoid that the evident again, not that special then do anything special I mean going to nice. Take us! Yes, that's a good one, and you know it made us they got better is if you kissed suit, do what is do? What is wrong with you today? What is wrong with you? What is wrong with me every day? Not
ex, like extra wrong and weird I'm pretty just hired. I think we're all brawl. Loans are fairly we ve been talking about. This was all when I'm tired, I just wonder of my friends- are kissing the happy and now my thing, and I think you did the whether you're making it sound like, is that you're getting some kind of enjoyment. Picturing, I'm not picturing eyes like knowing my boys, you are truly can then we want here, but I wanna hear from in field. We just have to keep. wondering how I might not have been asleep until I know I mean we just started dating yesterday's that have asked when the kiss- everybody in the first date, ass light. While you can lead shaming me here, I'm with you. I know we're all acting, although we are today sorry guys, people listening we're just we literally filmed all day today where we had to do this by castle. But we don't want
system? Sulphur? Yes, I always glad we're not gonna say like mine. We do not talk about a normal shoot day, but ass. You describe it. Let's cut interesting, I mean, maybe not us, but I do know ladder now. It's not the interesting. They see Bt S, washed, Swatch Beauty, S amend a break it down. Very simple start at ten that's it! That's like our most common start time. Ten o clock come are usually were Camorra, Ryan's, Solemn picks up like a lot of the equipment we meet, overhear unload, it will have like a shot lists is created by Dana and the match the equipment to it then star with whenever, wherever shots in film until were super to see. I told you guys I was really boring and then we do upon gas with zero energy. I know
well. You know what this is our first time that we're doing it that I actually feel pretty exhaust view. We went a little bit, I feel bad about. I guess I think we'd. I don't even remember what we talking honest ill at its moments. It had more energy drinks today in the sky above my limit that's almost forgot. I was gonna, bring up the other story about when we're time or Indonesia and a funny story about that, and only of our cities publicly, but apparently at that show I met rich cheer. Oh really, he was or shall I was there yeah he was. He was at the show and he was I have a picture with him and he said send to me and he's like crazy high, as that his name anymore, highly, oh yeah, rich Ryan, is it races to see Chica LAW mean he mildly, inviting I may get up like? Ok? Will people I am relying Brian Rich? I think he just goes by Brian Nano. Well, that's all fully symbol
now. What were you re? Read me a dm. Nobody cares emptiness but he's a media about is that. Could I get those falling him as after that big disbursed, big sideways, when the polo the pink polo- that that video baby doll they call all this guy's funny man like this super funny so I didn't think you a serious Barbara. I thought it was a user doing licked, lonely island. Honestly, I I was. I was following him: he'd the envious icon semi, a picture of me and him now is what this where's where's is from, and it was like, apparently, is either Indonesia show dude that I had no idea but anyway, but you couldn't at the time no like when you meet him and you're going to make a song? I me I didn't know obviously, but I had no idea that cuz he wasn't. He was backstage with video. Wasn't like a like a meeting green extension must be somebody a part of that. You know
I find this in its crew people. I love his does oh yeah anyway Antoinette because we're talking about yeah, you know why, because everybody likes and that's where you had to say for the bit, piss off might okay, I'm speaking of Valentine's day, and you probably like the person you were with segway. We got a topic here that I actually do like. We did like rated Paco hit me with it was I dont even old wondered, if literally says, can you like? Oh
I think as we're so tyres away anyway. This is a good topic. I wanted to talk about this. I love the topic is: is it possible? Can you like some ones are, even if you don't like the artist like, for instance, the whole our Kelly situation, which is going on right now, they ve been many Dato manner, ease articles. You know exposing how he had harassed and abuse people sexually right, many of which were under age, and a lot of people are calling for artists to have collaborated with him to call him out on that. So is it possible that you can decide that the person has he admitted to this luxury or like been proven as hard to say? Could I also like what, if we find out, I mean obviously imagine defend him and seems a consensus that it's true
but if we find out later on the road like only crab, we were wrong and that we start adding tightening gas physical evidence of some workers so that it has been proven then dear, but they're, so many different cases. You can think I like. How do you know do you like watching the Cosby show? Do you still like? Maybe actor, even if they have like different political views IKEA wherever envies that were created by Weinstein's. Yes, like a tonic, great movie, exactly when I read this, it was something I had done about before I kind of system most people from what I read alleys and not that I've seen the documents in the document in either, and I don't know if there's completely true of assuming that they are, but I don't want to a mechanism, the iron or not. I don't know, but from what I've read from what people wrote like no lab friends on Facebook, twitter and stuff like that they're all like it's your, I don't care. If you like the song I'll, be I used to like I stuff, you can't support it. The content
is like you can't like the: U cant like the art, and ours is like that, but I don't completely agree with. I think, I'm in the same boat as he actually yeah, but more you beat, I think, people can be very upset about hearing about saying that, but I feel, like I mean. The reason why I liked I get not supporting them not buying, certainly exactly I get that, but like it, something that is put pleasurable to you like it in your ears or in visually, like you, can't help, but feel a certain way about something you know you're not trying to you. Don't like him because of our Kelly, the person it's
good good content, it whatever he's not raise. It is like even in the wise eating the web. What what are some movies at Harvey there's named arguments in wanting, so what movies that he's created? So many big movies on- and I really am- or not just him but he's a part of so many movies and like I can just all of a sudden that I found the he's is horrible person that I can't say. Oh I hated. I hate them with a mechanism. I understand not supporting it, but you already have supported it rain on. I guess it's different movies but, like I think I think it's pretty similar, like you said it comes down to. Obviously there is a difference between continually are continuing to support the artists in terms of like buying the songs or right owing to the concert or whatever, but in terms of a song existing in you listening to and being like. Oh, I still like the song like it's. I think that's problem, I think that's! Ok.
I think you know so I have the solution to it. You do here. So if you don't like the artists, but you do like the are, what you can do, pirate exactly downloaded illegally, you don't support them through an you. You still get to experience the pledge. current disabled people already say you shouldn't be enjoying there are Kelly's music. While I don't bother like got at all. If with me, like movies and stuff like that, but I've read like I had to stop this please listen darkly. I odd delete all my songs of with our Kelly eats even artists and say I took off. You know: people who collaborated with him said I I took off at an what they took an automated elderly spot modify or Itunes like I took my songs off. Who was it there's a few celebrities? It did then asking addressing their them all one main one
Was it tell us not too sure it might not? Jewish nobody makes sense. Why would he be working? the job was a little kid when he was popular. That's why off the pill? Another one that's kind of like this is how much is an increase Pratt is getting kind of like flak. Why? Because he was now a talk, show you was honor, you Talkin about how he's with a church or like an organization and that churches kind of in line with like anti gay icy, and so there you was getting like black for that and make a lot of people in that. I kind of thought of that when I heard that because then it's like, do you not like his movies anymore or like any of the movies?
associated with or an enemy like that's kind of its in line, I think a little bit where they were tresses, like they d you can still maybe like it. I dislike think you can like it, but with the transit like you can't watch it anymore, you can control what you like. We can control what you watch. You think that's what they're saying. Oh that's what you're saying! No! I mean, I think, that's that's what they're saying I think it's ok to still watch it to be honest, and I think I still am never gonna buy another hour Kelly Song that I really by songs anymore, but if, like a certain song, comes on an island, even the thing is, I don't even know so does o r Kelly sings this, like I did that that doesn't change. I feel about the song it may be like in in playing it out loud, then I'll be like be careful web later on, but like I, if I didn't.
all they get doesn't change based on what that person is, for me at least on support artists in the same way as I go by the song Psych, are you kind of coming out of him or agree with us in the sense of like you, can support an artist without a green with them and turn things maybe you can like the argued on reserve that, like the art right here, I agree with you two hundred personnel. We need someone to be politically correct. Your song gonna say you guys are horrible people and I'm reflects you then Papa. You can't hear horrible ass messed up here. You guys don't like you can't play music. Anyone can I mean for why others you can buy it, but you also can't like it. No you haven't, you can tell me that about is space. Jam is one of the greatest movies of all time. You can think about it, and they have. I believe I can fly in their had its true always of which I don't love. You guys know this or not. I think I told you already,
did you know he says that what he does this yet its subliminal, I pretty sure, is true. Thing is like in the end music yelling. They fly high and in that thing his own eyes. once he was blue sediment? Nowhere, listen to it again. Now. Why doesn't check you trying to get me a listener? Men were element: We doubt that its at even connected to heat Yet it adds fairies. I just don't assume you're not you know what now it's all heading up he's doing pudding subliminal messages or he did it all. About. That is a lot artists, but subliminal messages, and you are one of them. I have some subliminal things in my some of my songs, alot of your song yeah, but it just for fun. Just for like me and David. I just tell you guys about it. After the fact. You can listen to it
They find a great, but I don't care. Basically, what happens is listening all and Rangos has said this. I hear, as integral cool like really quietly or exactly like, like behind something like that that there are Kelly thing, it's not sing segment sin that so this is the eggs other extreme of it. So can you like a summons art, even if you dont artist, is there a threshold to wear? If there isn't so so bad of a person? Will it stop? you from listening and supporting like like Hitler, Hitler made mole Bala if Hitler made the most fire hits. I didn't know you guys had they. Actually that mean that made the best hit, and then you found out like who Hitler was like stadium
How would you listen do his music or would you be like a cat had to fire right. If he made the most and it was I can't write and it was another yeah. Ok. Well I mean honestly, I'm not comparing are wholly european region. I hear about, if you didn't know and you'd like the song is not your fault, but I dont think you You should be buying it or supporting the artists in the sentence. The same things like is still sticks to it. I don't think you should be. I mean our I personally, I'm gonna go out of my way to listen to our colleagues on re. It doesn't help these case. It doesn't mean I don't like his previous songs. Could I didn't know that about him when I heard it, I like, like the song, is like the soldier. us now for me, in all other songs or even like in the space javelin, I believe I can fly at the title suddenly a unless we sing it no longer say so. Sorry anyway
I forgot to say, be seen as of the week. This is gonna be seen us right. India is seen and serve the week. There was the troll Springer anyway. moving on we're about to move on to the wider questions. Agonizingly ass, we had finished darling Should I wasn't? Yes, we have a twitter account. You can follow it off the pill at off the pill had off the pill. And one of the questions and ran to inscribe is off the bill. Pot. Guess I believe yes, uninstall and one of the questions for the twitter was. How do you become motivated when you're in a rut- and you don't want to do anything- and I think that's a great question, especially for Rhine, because much all of last year he was in a rut a thing to what they get roasted dude. I think that's a very rude things say, but that is a good crush like air. While I mean I think, maybe I did talk about it in that
was it does? You are the last now this year, the first one, the first video ones different, but now getting on any kind of goes back to where time on earlier, as well of like me deciding to do things, and I want to do like this package. Is there something I would never posted in already knew? Like the view, we're gonna drop in odyssey. They did, but you not discuss its long foreign content and in its not the sir, what people come here to see her bites. It's something that I was going to do, and I am. I have fun doing and I think for me, it's rediscovering, why did you type in the first place and that was to have fun, creating new things and doing things that are different, that I'm not getting tired of for me, it is, I think, when you're in a right in any way, you gotta figure out. Why, and I think, if you really
look at yourself and be like? Ok at this is you're in a rougher. What reason I'm not out of it, and if this is the same scenario for this person, but at least for me, come from my perspective you have take. I think you have to get to a certain point where, Are you feel, like you feel so stock that you have you have no choice but to kind kind of look at yourself and come up with Why are there no in general, I am I a general rule that ours is always ask why, for everything asking? Why has helped me in every aspect of life, whether like, if someone's been mean to you, don't don't be sad about it, don't cry, don't why Guess you could cry, but you know that you can be said as well by hundreds. If you ask yourself that's. Why, when I was getting bullied and I hated it, I was hated life. I had to ask why and that help me. It was like okay, what he's doing it, because you know he's a he wants to make people laugh,
because you know- maybe he doesn't at the time wasn't in this, but later because that person probably get enjoyment. It makes him popular. so by thinking that way, you find solutions like well. Ok, that's what he wants and that's why I want. How can I do that? How can I make people laugh or how can you know if that's what it that's what he wants, then I should know it's not about me in our endeavour. That's one does one example, but as wine everything even in in in making two videos looking at like other people's videos, that are really well. I had to learn from it. I wasn't always you know successful. You tube at seeing just watch videos and see like.
I just posted a video, that's a skid oughta be ninja and it did so much better than like the lips thinks I'm like white is. Why did this get so much more views? You know like you, I didn't know at the time, but if you always ask yourself why, in every scenario, I think it helps everything in life bottles. Whatever question is, how was your guises first case. First came to be honest, really remember, mine, damp lay a player and a half, and it's not because I've kiss oughta girls Do you remember you're, like very very I remember my first kiss, who was outside of a movie theater ends
It was very howdy fifth teen or sixteen fifteen, but what does that sophomore year? For US software, junior sovereignty shoe was a freshman out other fourteen or fifteen out of movie theater, and it was I'm pretty sure her first kiss or or not excuse and could I do remember, kissing and then trying to use tonnes and the we're part was that it was so. I thought she was more experience. Could she was the one dislike cuss sticker tongue in here, and it was like a little like. I didn't know that I didn't really know what to do. To be honest and like I just had, there is little whirling affect, went on like a low tumble in like her times are good little circle a thing and then by
just cause I didn't know better. I started circling in the Soviet through illegal twisted that Gm Ireland no Drought bore no baidu. Remember that vividly, because we as Linda, like a dislike to embrace. I guess was it like those they like collagen hug, go home, yeah, Linda, yeah and I just remember your eyes closed or open. I don't remember that, but I'm going to assume closed cuz. I don't I don't specifically remember, but I do remember the tongue thing not exactly how it is. That sounds like a stair typical first case like over moi, meaning that wasn't like it wasn't even up pet. I've always thought it was a peck right and then we like kissed and they re just stayed there and then the tongue kill him. whirling around and then I I didn't know better mean like and then I'd start swirling back
a little over swirling were a bit by bit alone. That's a good first is now one and good, but it was one good Lord? What has happened since so fine Honestly, I think back I was bubbly, really young. I would like nine or ten it wasn't like a tongue thing I think, was like a spin. The bottle with like growling neighbourhood, girls and women kissed, unlike the pike, his second letter, o cool yeah right dollars, soul, who I mean I thought I was cool Biden get no swirling swirled hung so wish, but I was pretty young tat. I was not like that. I'd, like a big, typical, Nicole story, like that, it's cool Parker cited for my first one I was excited. Are you win the boy, no regrets that as a genuine nicer burn.
now, Gaga Freshman year in high school and is at, the image that gap ban banquet- and I remember I asked the girl and thousands of jobs, are good and ass. His girl, if you want to be my girlfriend instead know and then all of our mutual friend started, teasing me because I can you get rejected and then out of pity she said I want to be your girlfriend and as like, it's ok and should like no, I do not say, ok, it's so, and she became my girlfriend that right there and they were dancing. And then I remember The point is a hollow back girl came on and then yes, she dared to kiss me in the beginning, but I moved away- and she kissed me on the cheek and ask what am I do we want to move away, two thousand nervous, AGA Yell, at the end of the song they Disney as bananas, be asked. I gotta kill Sir I'm pulling torn apart romantic
bananas every plug has learned, and I kissed her and it wasn't. There was no swirling well. Remember lay like you did up the fish thing, the act, but then I don't know how to do the hijab lips so is like fighting rock the agony of lava rocks like she's, making out with Pele. Only then after that, you moved away- and I said I'm sorry, about my lips. Why didn't I lay down? That's another good story, holy cow, man aired lay man, we're not that Google or another cool, I'm sure other be Emily. Given we'll stories like yours is not bad, your first is it just a normal, like pay was very like boring. I had no swirling, no chap lips, which is like a cool us, less embarrassing
the fund, will at the end of our twitter questions. Great question yet also deserve talk of possibly get nay. You know o submitted in terms of thy nigger. He used of that area was a thing it is, but it's not use. Ok, we're trying to see. That would be something that the arrest now interested in, and I guess I don't know their rights I'm sure he would want to know if it's something worthwhile investing time into sure. So I guess in the comments, if you guys are interested in you know being able to connect, you know podcast ideas, you know anything like that in the Youtube comments and still remember, to go and bother your favorite goobers or doesn't need to be used, where's any like any one. You really want to see on the Pike S Goin, send the messages and bother them until their force. Do it with having said at another episode of off the pale podcast sponsored by Armenia when it was on anointed ass, he geek Axiom guys
We need to do this. We are not going to be taken in others. Don't forget. Your love. Follow twitter off the essence and Instagram ought the bill podcast, especially for well. We reject both for the questions, not just twitter, yoga Instagram as well we should do everything. So we have these like little things to cover the MIKE's cause. David said it's bad to breathe into them, but I don't want to put this unjust to do, but my mistress end it did about legally this she's, not the same issues ruin the MIKE's up thanks, rode away. Having said see as next swirling few years they get there, I saw your home
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