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#7 - Ghost Hunting, Momo Challenge Dangers, How Greg Met Ryan

2019-03-10 | 🔗

Ryan, Paco, and Greg speak about their ghost hunting experience and how it changed their perspectives regarding the spirit world. What’s going on with the Momo Challenge? We also get to hear the story of how Greg went from dancer to videographer, and the road that eventually led him to shooting and directing for Ryan. Lastly, the guys share some words of inspiration and advice on life. Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics! http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com Order Ryan's book "how to write good" http://higatv.com/ryan-higas-how-to-w...

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I've been preparing for zombies for a so I can go speed, races on Preet on five slash five, This is test everybody first testing test test test test. Nicholas Testa testicle claps, we started, Okay- let's get right back to it, but before we do that welcome back to another episode of Wild bill podcast do we have very to get she's. Not really. Wow, so I was going to say we're going to will and Greg, but will is always here. Greg is a special guest. Today I guess you weren't.
All that's fine, what it does. Okay, well, okay, normally he's. He puts the clap us John Garrity today. Try to you know, that's that's what he gets because of you. You weren't prepared for a rag say my name and then we is also yeah. Okay, I just want to get the intro the way. Because are you talking about with me? It is me not all what hey in Ponca will Now I don't, I don't know, are you yeah? I was supposed to be for me. I just didn't get the seat. I don't
get my decisions here. Set this whole thing up for you guys and you guys ruined it all yeah. Well, you know what that is. This is what you guys do when I'm not around yeah. This is yeah pop of pretty much just takes the good Johnny Depp as I wanted like person to do things. We could add a yeah that would be nice, but it next to you. This problem Be discussing outside of the pie be like any new table. Complaining our right now we're just going to whine about it. This is about our own lives. All right! In progress, it is yeah. Okay, so Greg urban you weren't even on it. When we first started it. I never even watched these things yeah. It's too long. Any. The reason why Greg is net has never been on a podcast is most of the time. Greg is editing, yeah
it's all the time! That's the only reason why and if he's on here he's not editing he's not editing, are they going to be an additional? In addition, behind so that's true, but then, but then this week I think we're going to make it work. Yeah no will will said no but he's doing editing this one That's always a tough are with these podcasts because we're not going to miss a week so, like I don't know if we should talk about the video that we're about to put out 'cause. I don't know if it's going to be out yet just like that. And still in no well it won't it won't. It needs to be out it's like the biggest most largest amount of footage. We've had yeah on one person in a really long time. Yeah yeah. It needs to be out. Oh, you mean Mina's last video coming out yeah, I just I mean we could talk about it. Like I mean we pretty much
always the art in thing before the that video came out, which kind of me the video not make sense, but is the worst intro ever it is we're not talking about anything now on that is complaining down, went one way and give you some when we want and we're way, yeah we just do a four person podcast today. Don't worry we're going to get the data in at some point. We wanted to keep Greg and Dana separate, though there not the same person do not like twins. At the same time, just kidding, we get that all the twins that were related to initiate that you're related actually well. No, what I don't see that at all racism, yeah both short Hairy, It was a win, win, win. Okay,.
Graded, Joe guys. What a great and I know all right- let's get this just jump into some of these things. What kind of topics we got to try and do something different this week when you really get to do the you said last week, yeah, but we jumped in it with and that's why. But I want to try to do something where, like you know, the start of the podcast just to get it rolling a little bit better, since our second half is always better under the try and see if we could start up like with what made you laugh the hardest most recent, because then you got to get the giggles going and then you got to get the story telling mode and you're ready to just all right. You start, then, all idea right. Let's mine, the funniest thing to me this week was interacting with Ryan's dad because at the ask video we're outside and it was really cold for us at least an outside? It was in the 40s, but for, Ryan's dad he's from Hawaii, which is a warmer, so we are like he's yazole,
temperature and we're like oh it's about like forty degrees and he's like what no it's not, and then we pulled out a phone. Sodium forty degrees and he goes yeah, but that was in your pocket, so probably warmer in there. We all started dying because he thought it thermometer and it was the greatest. It was the greatest thing. Well, you have to first and he has a flip phone ill equipped for things and he doesn't know how to answer calls. He knows how to send calls, which is a huge upgrade over the past couple years. He doesn't, he doesn't answer any of my calls or my mom's he yeah you only can make calls. I don't know why he doesn't answer it yeah just outside You saw me a what the SD cards for the cameras and he was like. What is that- and I was like this is like this is for the cameras. This is what we've film, and this is like, our our film.
And he said no no way, I don't hear this story yet just right there, I'm pretty sure he did not understand technology at all, like he probably couldn't turn on a computer. She probably would like to see. That would be interesting. Videos do that. Well, he's a rare breed of people who don't understand technology, I'll bet you guys. What is something that made? You laugh really hard recently like? No, I Actually it's been the depressing week for me, nobody laughs here. Yeah I mean. I wish you would've told us you're going to ask when I think about it seems like you are really prepared. Knowing we aren't yeah he's. I wanna try something new that I thought I've been preparing yeah but yeah. You guys figured out on this, No, I have nothing that I can think of right now, really nothing that I. That is the thing that I like I mean. If that is, you had was over yeah, but then that again, that leads us right back to what we are.
Not sure we're going to talk about which I think we can, let's just say it over it. It probably will be right, we'll no it'll be out. So we did. A Ryan tries, goes hunting, video and it's kind of based off of an inspired by ghost adventures. I just always wanted to do that. I don't know if you guys. I I asked you guys, but isn't you guys believe in ghosts? We talked about talking about before or after our experience I mean ok before N. After has it changed? Who do you believe in ghosts? It's changed a little bit for me, let's say also from the video from this last from the last video yeah because you know like for me I don't have any hard evidence that they did exist. I don't have any hard evidence that they didn't exist. I don't know what yeah Anne Anne, so I like, I was going into it with an open mind like I will see what happens. You didn't really. I know you don't have evidence by a did. You believe
I was more inclined to be open to the idea of goes after that: okay yeah. What was it just like the whole? Yeah kind of like certain things that just couldn't be explained like what. How does that happen? Yeah yeah Ok I'll just like I don't know why I thought you were very like ghosty yeah, like super even before that you are most just get very easily. But that's me Greg's does too I'm I'm yeah, but scaredy cat for sure, and that experience just kinda solidified it for me yeah that whole thing was this. It was I felt like going into it it it. It was kind of a gimmick thing like I thought I was going to be just like this cheesy tour that we take in. You were going to be kind of like you know, over hyping it, but man.
I'm a firm believer now, I'm extra your leaves before, though no extra for okay yeah, so I mean I I've always just had it. I mean I, I believe a lot of things it's ghost is just one of those things that are one things I I believe in in zombies. I've been preparing for zombies for awhile. So, like seriously, I mean you believe that it's a possibility sure or that they already exist, no not already exist, but I mean it's a possibility that they could have another science. Theoretically, this is fun to kind of keep that in the back of my mind and prepare for it yeah. I guess so me yeah go ahead I feel like I'm pretty neutral on it. Still I like last time we talked about it. I feel very much the same way like I'm not going to discredit people from having their own experiences
So that's why I can't really say like: oh, they don't exist like I'm, not going to be like you know, Paco had this experience and say that wasn't real, because obviously it was real to him. I just haven't had like a personal experience. Right and am going there at that tour. It was really. It was fun, like it was a really awesome experience to like play with the tools and like get to all the tools that you see, like those goals, exactly old yeah, the it called a that goes, talk bot. Yes was crazier box, yeah all those things it was just like it's very interesting yeah. They had like five devices that each one did something different, and this call to see what each one did. Yeah yeah, so I don't know I'm still Maybe in like a little bit in leaning a little bit more, towards believing after that experience, because everything adds up to what you know. You're all your experiences, you know create your whatever you believe in, but for me.
I don't know that you that you never it's that you never had any personal that's why you're, that's understandable yeah I mean I was I would say that I was a super skeptic. I mean the story already on the other podcasts about my So I'm not going to go through that again but, like I was, you know, up in ways goes on all the time and we should go like all. The most haunted what's all the legends, never many things. I never believed and then just ran play that one night happened. Then kind of lean the other way, but even then, even before we did the tour, I was still kind of, I don't know kind of skeptic right, even when she brought the the other devices I was like when they could have easily tampered with this to make, maybe somebody a controlling it, but then there just some things like Paco said. I could
The explains asked doesn't make sense right, so that was a little freaky. I think there's a one experience that will had they eat it. You don't really share with people with the the box that, when it kind of like glitched out in the battery died yeah. Well I mean it. It was one that will I mean we'll try to put in the video, but it was. We never really had like an ending to that segment, really not like the scary park. It just kind of ended and we're all like wait? What just happened yeah like when it? Basically it was like a tool that it was like a dictionary of word, and somehow like through energy or whatever. That is. They think that the ghost can, you know, essentially manipulate the device a certain word, this kind of a modern day, Ouija Board yeah exactly exactly without you having to spell it out like they just like text it to you. Yeah and so when we were at like it just we're really like into finding this, like Brian was getting like a big meter and like the device was
turn off and then all of a sudden like we hadn't, really had too much activity on this thing. This thing, like goes crazy and it puts out Six or seven words- and I can only pick out like two or three two of them were ' japanese and present and immediately thought, like okay, of course, they're like their understanding that we have a lot of japanese people here and you're saying that you Japanese, well to me, I instantly thought like mainly this like. Would they be okay with that, like really they're completely yeah time. No, no! That's what I was saying. I was 'cause. There was also before that it was like leave or like or not was. Is it you like not in way. There was something there are other words that relate to leave oil, removing remove yeah so and then I was thinking like ok, this is ok. This place was built or around. Eighteen thirteen and you know that's like
around the time when that's not run the time. But let's say these people. You know what we're twenty years older, thirty years older and it's it's a round ball. What world world war. Two right is that one thousand nine hundred and forty nine which is very mean it was around. Then those people could have been around then and that's And you know the japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. I mean it some animosity. I don't know yeah ok, the most japanese people in that bar or saloon? so. Here's the real must Asians and yeah the real question. Sound bite ready can ghosts, be races. Shoot, I mean mean for their time. It sense because yeah they didn't have pc culture bag, yeah. Well, I mean if I had their yeah probably super inappropriate, but that's exactly what I thought like immediately. As I thought I I saw, and I went I'm like. I really thought about that like if you know different
yeah it's a completely different time like with that affect them how they would interact with you know, people I don't know it's kinda crazy. It is crazy. So alright! Well, if you guys were ghosts and you could select what time era that you could haunt and where B. Select what question time airs you take that I don't I'm just. Okay, great talk about goes a bit. You know, so we try to give this blog as under sixty minutes. Yet I I would probably hunt right now when you guys were awesome. That question, which is just start just keep hugging, each other people don't know we always have issues when we start podcasts, for whatever reason there might be a ghost in one of those Johns goes like he's not dead, but he just has a ghost or we just audio equipment yeah. That's we. Why would you say that about Sean? What Well, what do you say you're going to dark? He said something about.
Wow, so I like when nobody here is anyway that lead that actually could lead to. Another topic we want to bring up is very dark to start off pretty dark. How do you guys feel and hear about the whole moment thing. Oh just hearing that word. That's the name of my brother's cat. By the way he wanted was in videos, mobile Show me what a big help Momo in the podcast? You do it, then? Ok, whatever ok, right now, it's scary first, I mean I saw it on my Facebook timeline and it's one of the. I don't get scared easily, but I just the scrolling Isaac. What that, like a like, I was on my friends like the edited, their photos or whatever. Apparently, this is what's a sculpture, something like that art piece of some sort. Yeah means Japanese, are patient. Yeah, but it was very. I actually felt weird by it like I was like. I don't want to see.
Young get scared easily, but good art. It was a hoax right before it was like reported. Those are the most of the people believed that it would get younger, kids or audiences to do dangerous challenges that could lead to death, such as like a turning the gas stove on. Just letting you know it was reported on that. Someone in Sacramento right some lady in Sacramento, had a dog. Who said that a Greg in well over anyway. They she had a daughter. Supposedly that turned on the I still because a Youtube video of normal order to do that. Is it a more challenge or something like that? I don't know, but it was. It was the bunk that that person was making that up. Wow, that's crazy. I did not know that.
I just I just ask faces scary, but it's actually a challenge. I don't know, there's a whole big challenge. People were saying that, oh, this is such a basically people where I feel it was like that lady was just like, or I don't know oh, it was was started. It was just like hey. I want like some kind of attention like I can't like somebody you know people like to post. I can't believe this is what's wrong with the world or whatever, like those kind of polls. I don't know I'm friends with a lot of older people. These girls, like they like to be outraged. Yeah, all right, yes or something, but that's like that's. I mean I when I saw that down. That's crazy but like she does like that could actually happen now that could start because somebody created that that whole yeah- you know I mean as the others, no reported incidences of like actual things that happen right. Not yet not not that, according to the article that I read or anything like that, yeah, not that I know of that is scary. I think it just it's really a shame too, because it kind of
sheds like negative light a little bit on you tube in a sense to people who don't really maybe it's maybe someone will never know about this being a hoax. You know like from older generation whatever, and now they have. You know it's kind of giving them another reason. To not, I mean that's kind of what I think when I hear is like meant that it I'm glad it's a hoax, of course, but it's like it's kind of kind of unfortunate. You know it's kind of like I don't know, do you guys remember any like hoaxes or stuff when you were a kid, because I don't even know there are a hoax or not, but I remember as a kid my mom would constantly get these emails. That would alert her like kids in, like Western. U S have been getting getting dealt drugs that are passed off as pop rocks and eat them like you, can be so strong that children die, and so she would be like you can't eat pop rocks anymore. I never heard of that
So, that's why I don't know if those were ever real or if those are hoax is. It seems like the same kind of thing, though yeah, but there was one thing that isn't a hoax. That sounds like one: it's called Jenkem. Have you guys ever heard that right, ginkgoes thank God, Django Django, John Marvels yeah and it's it's a whole hallucinating drug. Where people would he and poop into a balloon and then smell. It afterwards sounds like an idea. You can you get high off of the PM poop smell like a like for men's or something like that and like so people go into a porter potty he's going to start breathing when they get high. There's something like this is a hoax to get people to go into portable and smell poop. Some people got them crazy, fetishes man, some people, hundreds of feet, some people into pee, poop, apparently I mean that's real. That's one hundred percent
like the comedian didn't think about that yeah? So I mean I'm wrong. I'm wrong, I mean don't get into the truck as hello. We are not condoning that as it do good moonshine. All my gosh yeah, don't try it. Is this a in the mid 1990s it was reported to be a popular st drug. Amongst Zambia, Street children, what does type of Zatarain's. Zambodia. I think zombie, I don't know then bony really bad, which younger cheese. Well, I mean on the more topic that artist kudos to them for making something so yeah Gary yeah last time was scared of a face like that was probably like, like the garage face or something like yeah since I've been swiped. Past pictures in my feed so fast Ever since, like I was in high school of your feet, my feet my feet, my instagram feed
hey I got that that is he's in the beat other people who could be as wild holy cow. No, but I mean that's, that's one of the reasons why I was like kind of impressed that you came. I mean like I I asked you I was like. Are you willing to film? This goes. Hunting because I know yeah more than anyone in the group. Greg is probably the most afraid of those they be Dana, maybe Dana. No, I don't really know a lot more. Christina came with us to watch the conjuring two great with Greg. I mean he was there, but I'm sure he would not have wanted to go watch that in did in like watching the movie. Did you guys watch like conjuring all that I still you don't come with us. I hate those movies. They're scary yeah, as I can do. You think what I guess is because you're a believer, I think it's just like all right. So I'm not scared of like zombies and wear wolves in vampires, because, like you, can you can fight
those things right like ghosts and stuff like their demons. Yeah, I feel like I'm defenseless, that make sense. I can't do anything towards them. That's how I felt about Chucky. Like I mean it was a scary movie it as a kid, but when I got here I was acting pretty far yeah. This is a little toy like if it yeah. I deserve to die. That's why I think it seems like the grudge girl was like dude this little or the ring girl. I was like if she crawls on my tv. I was like thinking like you know, like in scary, movie, three, where she crawls to the tv and then what's that lady, the black girl, in that she starts beating her ass and I was just like that's exactly I think it would go. You know if you guide to this little girl. It was polls. I I mean like she's like you, she should be able to break. You know I mean, like your skin's break your bones, probably rotting. She for a small like that Zimbabwe's, Yeah, I think I think we're we don't know things.
You also probably doing judo when you watch that who you were probably probably not I mean I would definitely was but yeah I was like you- can see how she would come at me and I'm already playing well, I'm going to take her down, get behind her snap, her neck. Such thing as a do: Judo chop, there's no such thing as a Judo chop, actually What if someone grabbing your lapel, you could chop Your hand down, but it's not a real thing. That's not what he says. George I did know. Judo kick either come on. Austin powers come did they done did life is a lie. Yeah. But anyway, I just thought it was. I was kind of shocked. Even at some points, 'cause Greg will go off and get equipment Ann. You know do things on his own. Without anybody else. Around the other night, when we were filming, I was shot, You were like just going off on so I turned on like when I get in
film mode yeah, I just don't even think anymore, just like a auto pilot yeah, I was just film, and so the crazy thing was when I was filming later on down to during the day like the we just kept having camera equipment. Failure like our batteries kept dying and stuff like that and I'll just of those treatments are kind of broke me out of my you know. Yeah yeah. I think we all this stuff is charging just keeps dying. Yeah I was going on and that never happened. Yeah never happens and they said they might because it's supposed the like the goals are pulling energy from. You know: electronics, whatever and pockets for Turn off randomly, even though, at four. And even then I was still skeptical. I was like ok what, if they have a device, that's making are like it may be exactly yeah, but then my phone was fine, the whole time everybody else. It was just like random. You know Moma that we didn't even get to get on camera a lot of times, because it was just like we're setting up yeah. It was old. I was getting, I was getting scared that we weren't going to get the shot,
home Zach. Honestly, because I was like I have two batteries, they die instantly and I have to use the specific Red Camera to get these shots and it was like kind of dolls making me scared, like I don't want to get this these shots. I can't so I don't know I feel like you could find a ghost aw Sadie but when you cross center thing rare, when you think about it, like last seen when there is a ghost most times, they're just scaring you like it, you know, here about a ghost like killing. Anyone, that's true, maybe like, if it's a demon- and you got yes, but how often you hear about that in real life yeah or same with most times it's buddy, you know just scaring getting scared because they saw something, but they never like always grab my hair. It's like well, okay, that's not even a salt yeah. Actually I don't know it. That's probably If someone like touched your hair like well, I mean I don't want to get too much into the video
is which is giving away the whole thing right, yeah just in case, but how about this? Then? instead of talking about this video, let's talk about the uh synergy between both Greg and Ryan, so a lot of people losses the process yeah and how? How well you guys work together. The so like with a lot of the videos are most Ryan will write. The full script have like some wild ideas because, like you said another podcast, you like the push his ideas and see like is this possible. Make I want to try something new. Every time and he'll come up to Greg and Greg is someone who never says? No, he's all like yeah okay, we can do that yeah. So speaking on that, even just recently, I middle of fixing another at it and I just text and they had this idea and basic, It was just like hey. Do you think it's possible to do this? An.
Before you had a chance to answer. I was like wait. I have to rephrase that, because Greg is always going to say it's possible because you'll find a way, but it's better of like ok, it's going be worth us putting the time in two and yeah, because Greg plus figures out how to do anything. It might take two months. But you'll figure it out. I mean like I bought it like there's some videos like I going to worry about. The fort Well, I mean obviously there's a lot of effects in that and stuff like that. But I ask you: is that how possible is this to build eight entire fort? You know and we have to build it. Real life or like. Is it easier to make an effect for it? Yeah you says possible, so I'm like ok, but it's a matter of like how possible an in a realistic time right right. Usually it's I I I look at the the thing on paper or your text message or whatever. An on paper. It looks it
looks way more doable than you know in actuality, soul. I I I often and jump the gun, and I usually just say yes just kind of like you know just so. I can start thinking about it. 'cause. Once. I know something we're actually going to do something. That's when, like my brain kind of starts, putting the pieces together and doing all the logistics, but sometimes it is impossible yeah, but we're too far into it. Thank. We can't turn back now, we'll select the a good example. Is you know on the exposed, video, the music video? We did I was just pitching ideas with with you, and I was like this- is so much post work like. I didn't. I didn't have an idea for that bridge part. I know what I want to see. I want to see all these little screen right as as we're spinning around which we did, but I didn't know how It was and in your idea, you're like all and what, if all those screens, being you. I was like yeah,
yeah. That's awesome, and because you said I was like Okay, that is doable, but I mean You did it yeah, I mean most of the times the effects and stuff that we do. I mean it's. Let me see all over Hollywood. All the time like anything, is possible nowadays, especially with today's technology. What they have a lot of time in yeah. That's what that's! What kind of holds us back? It's just you know like technology, Manpower, Ann just time overall and but like the ideas, that's kind of like a where I guess me and Ryan kind of shine. 'cause he'll write something an. I will.
Kind of see it a completely different way and we don't really combine our ideas until like midway when we're kind of we both got an idea of where we're heads are at so sometimes it's like two completely different videos are two completely different ideas coming together, and sometimes it works. Sometimes it sometimes it's. You know Sometimes it's like mid, like filming yeah like oh. This is not what I was exactly, but For whatever re I mean we, it ends up most times. We've tried at least make it work yeah, even if that means getting rid of something yeah, but I mean that's: that's, usually the process. For that, for the most part, yeah sometimes ran like fully leave some sections blank. You know like whenever we do like a connection type video like a like a Miley Cyrus. So when you call that video, like. Conspiracy, conspiracy, theory, I guess yeah when Ryan goes into his Ryan math stuff, where he's just connecting the dots, an
really not visually yeah, so I'll just leave it blank, and then you know it's up to us to kind of connect. It yeah like like if there's no specific direction on those, then what a lot of times with Greg's good at is like visually. I think you see everything visually yeah, that's where I seen things more like almost like a math equation right right and that's why it helps 'cause. It's like we're working, two different parts of our brains. If that makes sense, it's like well we're path, a brain kind of, but yeah, that's that's kind of like what yeah How many processes, like will say the very first kind of experience, that kind of relates to this, like your question is like when we first started working with Ryan, we're in LOS Angeles, and it was me and Greg and like I was going to be starting to Bts and Greg
just starting to do a fax first channel, and it was the I one you were there for that. You're different you're right. Can you open your eyes? That's a goal where stars of my first video I do. We know we. We did your first and I think I think, movies in minutes, Avengers, that's the first one I like came out to Yeah, but that one was, I feel like no, your live opening you were like holy cow like I have I've always had ideas I want to do, but you couldn't do them on your own. So when you had literally like the capability to now, do these like graphic or cgi kind of bigger ideas that are kind of more? I don't know you just can't edit them like, cutting scenes, is like you obviously had to spend time if you're not familiar with it somewhere. It's your Ryan. Can you open your eyes and he goes at his
It is really really big and Greg like made these three guys. I got super big and it destroys the room in the building and then for whatever reason it starts choosing the tricks on that list. I would find it well, but the thing is that's. I don't even think like. I could see it in my head and I've never done anything like that, like how the hell 'cause I was on like a movie, I think exactly there's no way- unless you like green screen, which I kind experimented with, did not know what I was doing but I didn't know that was possible and they just open the door for so much work. Exactly It's so much more time, spiraled out of control there yep and then we went down hill from there. Just just stress just like so that I mean that seems like an interesting. Start talking about your origin story, almost yeah, but before we go into our origin story? I think it's about time. We hit that halfway. Mark.
Oh, we are where there already is. We are now we were talking about goals for a while huh. She should break she break you guys have to. Not she could she she again again. I think the for you yes and she she in a balloon oh right out and do good. I should do to break she's just all right break right.
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Shawna, a a piping job, yes, no we're gonna game of volunteering job and I think he actually got a job really yeah for real. I just talked to him on. Well, I don't I don't know if I should say I don't it's not my place, but I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty I'm pretty sure You may or may not have gotten the job, I'm not saying, because the podcast, by the way it's he died, he was looking to get of all in your kind of just volunteer because they weren't. Letting him volunteer, which I thought was weird, but it makes sense now but Yeah he's a. I think he may or may not have gotten the job. Well, maybe Congrats Shawn, maybe Congrats John, so kind of like man we're back and we're back. We said that nobody sees that part we're talking about well,
Aren't you beg for a sponsor real, quick and then we can jump into your or this is the part where we're supposed to be like hey and thank you so much too something response sponsoring this as she she break yeah. I think that turns away sponsors that we call it. She should break hell I don't even know it is okay, let's keep it yeah. We explained that the before yeah, but they don't watch the before they just look at the views, are good yeah. Yes, I was one, Down good: let's talk about yeah we, I guess we can hum origin story, the one thing that I read in the most was: how did you guys meet an it kind of includes all three of you yeah? it's more than a lot. Is it's like a lot of people is the real story, because we made the animated thing that was
it was. It was in the right order. Kind of it was kind of the story, but it was like a joke because I'm not a stripper p2, avast and, like you were a stripper, and you took that seriously. Nobody all took it serious. That's why I was like they did. I think, there's no. No, they actually asked they think they really think they thought you were a stripper, but I'm like look at my body do I look like I have the best yeah, you're very muscular think probably pay a couple. Bucks yeah. I would you, are going to do it right now and then do it. I can't 'cause if I show my legs, we don't need it. I'm in the chemical structure legs continue with. Anyway, we can I'll, let you guys I mean you guys yet how it if I can fill in the blanks, but I mean yeah great was first so so it all started home Ma'Am, maybe like back in a junior high when. We used to go to school together me. Will I didn't go to junior high with you. That's right: high school, then huh yeah,
high school! Well, we all kind of lived in the same area. We're me will Dana were from Sacramento California, which is where Dominic Dietrichs and a few others are. There are all kind like from area an we grew up together, we went to the same high school together and eventually start a dance group called the step boys as a was a hip, hop dance? Shot out and it originated with the thing out a few guys and then eventually we picked up, will will start dancing with us and in addition to so it was dietrichs an that was when we kind of took dance series. And we started training, we started doing competitions and dance with Mean jam and then DOM so good at dancing. He actually went on to a few shows. He went on to a minute left us. He did leave
And well, we actually sent they were like you're, so good, we're holding you back. Please don't go, I mean, please go do this thing and he did. He went and killed it and he did we can't he was like we were so freaking like proud of how like 'cause, we never thought like one of people that were with, if you don't know, went to America's now. First, you into so you think you can dance. So you think you dance has what it was yeah and I don't know what you did so well on it and came back and didn't win, but he made a name for himself for sure for sure and from there he went on to America's best dance crew with quest which should have been in that. Consult the they could have been okay, not a now. He was not at that time. He moved to LA, and you know, yeah I'd like is yet get a lotta good, dancer, friends out there and yet they're all amazing
like really good guys and they won and they want. We would have one but later on down the road like were like man, your do. We could do this. Stuff is easy bro. We have I did try out guys made the show. I was at that audition too yeah. I think, supposedly you guys beat out Derek screw. Yes, it had been out there screw, so that's another which one it all in killing. King. Yes, Derek was in a, he was also a dancer also. Actually he is a dancer he's asking right now yeah. He likes us and there's actually someone that we all looked up to when we used to dance in in Sacramento. He was like a professional breakdancer that we were all like when he when we saw him, I was like kind of intimidated by. And now it I hate him. How do I get Rtz Derek a title? Listen to this when you say have you had in the ok. Now we actually did like super look up to him, though he was. He was super dope
He was a traveling like dancer and they would go. Countries and they would win yeah and, like we like never been able to do that kind of stuff kind of weren't, the best dancers, but we can make good shows yeah. We were performers are known as the funny guy really cloud, yeah, like literally circus clown, you mean other dancers, laugh yeah, pretty much worse. It's all about entertainment! That's what you guys were known for yeah, I mean when you are on America's best dance crew, like your Logo was a mustache and, like you were the mascot basically and it not about like. Oh you guys can do the best flips or you guys have the best stunts, there's a little bit of everything things you guys, how was comedy right yeah the producers actually hated us. What yeah you did say had DOM Dom was he was the judge at the job on the show public electricity yeah. You would kind of tell us, like you, know the behind the scenes stuff and he has a yeah. You guys might need to step up again because the producers there there like.
They really want. You guys off the show guys you guys cannot dance at all could dance what was shown, so, but yeah we would. You know, put on girl costumes and make a fool out of ourselves. But at the same time they kick it off. At the same time we we had a we had as like. It was like a really good learning experience and it was. It was fun and after this So we are kind of you know. We need to figure it out and at that time DOM and Ryan were living together. 'cause, you guys met. How did you guys meet again? I met DOM through Actually, it's the same quest through quest, I met DOM yeah through Victor, I don't know why I'm at victory through Wong FOO through a short that they were doing, and then we just happen to
in touch. You know that all you guys are on the show you guys are like dope anyway on me in Victor kept in touch. She introduced me to quest, and just naturally I just like got along with Don and like his his style of calm. And stuff like that. So we he ended up coming out a couple times and we hung out Steve, try to came out, and then we just kept in touch yeah. Pretty much I was going to live in LA and biggest the same time and I ended up getting an apartment with him in North Hollywood and then that's where I guess that goes back to you right at you, yeah yeah, there's like maybe a year. Is that full last
in two thousand and twelve yeah something like that. I don't know it had to have been eleven. Why maybe the year before- and I think I met you twelve or ten- ok dana- would know about anyway. So yeah it was after a bdc. An like you tube was a pretty big upcoming thing for DOM, and you know he wanted to spend more time and effort into it, and I was always like confused about it. 'cause I actually studied video for school. I went to college for digital media and my plan was to you know, do video and then I said I hear DOM getting into this Youtube thing he's doing. Good and like yeah, and he was like Greg. What kind of camera should I get and like I was like? Why do you want? Do you want this expensive cameras going a little salty, because you know I was like saving up all my allowance. I didn't get allowance.
And I was just like really excited to get like this. You know these these equipment that DOM was just picking up like nothing. He had like no interest in it at all. I was just getting it This Youtube thing. I had no interest in you too about the time, so I was like okay yeah. Well, if you're just you know, you need this equipment to do this. You need this editing stuff and basically I was kinda helping Don in his early. You two career and I guess from there he and for you guys, were getting really into you to bend you guys for make right, T, F and all that yeah and you guys needed kind of more help getting stuff out so dumb offered me, you know a place is ok out in a way to help him producing videos, edit film do some stuff like that. So you know I didn't, have anything planned but to try and dance some more
So I'm just going to you know I finished my I finished school and then I was like ok yeah I'll. I just made delete to move out to Elaine help you guys yeah think like a pretty big piece of it as well that we didn't mention was when we were younger, like when we first started hanging out in stepwise. I would probably like I don't know fifteen or sixteen when I first met them We really like Greg so he was a really always into like filming and editing, and essentially he had like this group of literally clouds right. So we would make these really stupid funny videos for each other, which was what we don't. We don't use you too, but it would you would you make them on CD, I would make them into it like yeah. Dvds would starve them to people yeah yeah, and that was kind of like our for our version like we were on you tube, then, but that was like what we were doing cell. That was like the correlation between DOM.
Knowing Greg's value, you know, because he was the one that filmed and edited it and like it was just really stupid stuff, like that, we said it was like like goal you you exactly like early two thousand, exactly like this jack type stuff yeah, like just some stupid, skits yeah end up so that was kind of the correlation between DOM using Greg is like a war of wanting to hire him in a sense because he knew he was that was always into is really good at and when then well I mean you were living with us, but you're you're, literally on our ouch times we had two. It was a two bedroom place me and I had a room. You were just living on our couch and the couch was not that big. It was I'm, I'm pretty tom. Fifty five an the couch was like.
Two inches too short for me so I'll? I constantly had to sleep like with a little kink in my neck and I'm pretty sure I got some back problems to be fair, it was a really nice place, it wasn't that runs Illus. We were coming from you are like subways yeah. It was like it's pretty nice. Where did you both moved away? The same time right, Greg moved before me. He was like this point after a bdc like I didn't go on the show, I was still in college and we were all like getting to we're really figuring out we're like kind of becoming a all of it. We're thinking only will want to do. Do we want to keep pursuing dance professionally? Greg was like finishing college, so is he going to do dance or film, like everyone was kind of in that fees, and so great could like? After the show you know there what we work? Might have done. Professional in you know, moving to la and stuff like that, trying to do more dance, but Greg got this opportunity to do film with them and went ahead and then
Remember it was like pretty like a specific time where Greg came back and was like this is what I'm doing, and yet we had like this talk with all step boys about, like you know, you know, push harder like. Let's do some stuff like if you want to do you want to be a dancer and move the Elaine Dance like. I'd like to see you know is a serious talk and I remember thinking like okay, I need to make a change and you know, and and it motivated everyone to like lit a fire, and so I just took the leap and I try I was gonna transfer to LA, and so I moved to LA. I don't know how many months after that would have been. Only four hours, I would say like three or four months, and I just had just took the leap and I was going to transfer school out there and continue my college education, and so that's why I like I came after yeah, but I was like the instigator I I was trying to move out the entire dance crew because they, you're, like my only friend, I didn't know anyone out in El Ai. Don't have no money yeah, I didn't have like anyone only want
Let's DOM Dom was like you know my saving grace, but he was also the only one, only friend that I knew out there yeah, so it was kind of a risky jump. I mean it's just like something that I was terrified of you know I was leaving all my family, all my friends and all for this Youtube thing that there was nothing involved with it. There was like I didn't know. If I was going to get paid, I didn't know if I was going to impose gonna, be akarere, that I can actually make money off a little or you know be financially stable from
but at the same time I kind of just knew that it was something and something I don't know it was. I think it was just the the like. It was exactly what I wanted to do. I don't want to work for a big company, but I also wanted to make some big stuff like I. I didn't want to be held back creatively and I felt like this kind of it check all the checks that I needed in life besides the paycheck. Well like I was no, I was like okay, you know what I'll figure out the money stuff later as long as I get to make some dope stuff.
On in video, and you know this is going to be worth it yeah. So I was like yeah will come out. Man like we're going to get so much money, we're going to be all right, and I actually I actually, we actually got a uh, a good portion of our dance crew to you know like come out, and I mean, like drill he's with you know, he's doing this thing out there with DOM, or he was doing this thing with DOM there's green. They're all kind of from step boys I mean they are from step boys yeah. If you see like a you, know a lot of people, that's in TOMS videos. You know that they're they're, probably from Sacramento and it's a it's a pretty cool family- that.
Sacramento. If you don't, if you've never been there, it makes sense, 'cause, there's nothing to do out there. So I think that's what we kind of like there's nothing to do but hole in your crafts and like get better at dancing or video or whatever. So it's it's a cool place. It was a boring place to live, but it was also a very like cultured place. Yeah. That's Origin of yeah how we met Ryan, basically yeah and then up to continue this story just a little bit like after great could move. I had moved shortly after and then like great.
That we don't really know anyone. So we mean Greg. We hung out like every day, yeah and then sometimes sense Brian was D'Armes. Roommate sometimes were DOM, would be somewhere else like super busy. So we were hanging out with Ryan like because he was at the house and he our department and- and he was obviously working and doing you tube stuff and sell it literally, just put it in the same, like literally the same room and it just kind of the same. I think the same thing that connected DOM in a sense like the sense of humor, like that's what we shared as well, because it's it's all from the same dance Chris sensually. It will it's kind of like a Malcolm Gladwell out liars in a way that it's it's a book where basically talks about how you were at like the prime age, the youngest point you could have been to learn all that you could and and be the right place at the right time, yeah everything I think so yeah yeah
I mean I I'm a firm believer of like there's nothing wrong with hard work. I meant it never really hurt anyone besides you in your own time, and you know yeah yeah, I do agree. We were in the right place at the right time. Yeah and it is a very you know, fortune opportunity for a Ryan, DOM Ryan, given especially given us these opportunities, but at the same time, if it wasn't for us putting in the hard work to get us to know you some have some type of talent in the first place, they probably wouldn't have even thought of us, and it just had perfectly lined up to with you, because you are in a phase of your career where you you did want to like, like create, like a small crew, to help you produce more on a more constant basis. Because if we were to make you like a year before, it would probably been completely different right. I think originally. I didn't even know Greg could do what he could do right.
Twice: I wanted somebody who could help me shoot for one then have another nobody's around right. Because it just so hard to do everything by yourself And then, when I saw what he could do in terms of like his filming- and I just like how did you make because I would use the camera given my camera sometimes, and he would get a shot and I'm like how did you make it look so cinematic all you know you just do this and this and this- and you know it makes the background blurry and you just like stuff about my own character in how to use it right. You know, and then I was like when he show me that stuff I was like damn I just much things I did not know was even possible yeah, The main reason why I want to bring Greg on so I think yeah? I think it would have happened still with Greg, because I was just like intrigued with learning like what else is possible, yeah yeah like and we kept we every single video. If you look it's it's per it's a progression like from year to year. This huge jumps in terms of what we were doing and it,
not necessarily like he couldn't have done great, could have done it before it's just. I was like literally what we do now that he is this possible. How can we do this and you know still keep it within our brand right, but it that's how it progressed. It was a lot I think even you, like you, know like you couldn't Compare your knowledge now to that that version of gray, because you learned so much, on the way and you just kept. You know we didn't know something you never said. No, you just looked it up, figured it out even if sometimes it was wack compared to what you thought it was going to be, or even from what I thought was going to be it's like at least we got it done. You know, might not have been exactly how we pictured, but the fact that you figured out how to do it. Is. I guess I guess in a way it's it's a good and bad thing to say yeah, I always for sure you're going to you can make this happen. I think that comes from, I think for sure, come from step boys and sense of like we. We never. It was so weird because our our performances
like, I said they weren't just dance good, but somehow we made it happen to wear whoever is watching. Either laugh or understand the story yeah I know and a big portion of that came from, I think, the mentality that we all greeted and definitely like the older guys for sure of like take this idea and make it happen right? That's why I think it's just like you know you can literally make something out of nothing like you. Don't need to have. All the skills you need to have talent, you know I'm easy, have more so just the the willingness and the drive to be able to you know say: ok, I got this well back. Then it was like you know it. Take. For example, we have this dance. Don't know how to dance, but we all wanted to seriously. We all wanted to put on a good show
like we knew what made us smile and what made us like, like a a certain dance performance, so we're like okay, we'll just tweak our abilities- and you know get that same kind of moment. But with our skill levels, yeah. So, like you know, we knew we had one guy that had that I could do a back flip. So we utilize that guy a lot because he was you know it was it gave that idea that dead tire crew could do back flips exactly, but you know we. We apply that same kind of idea to to video. We are not the best video makers on the were far from it. There's like so many good affects guys camera people, but we try to a man. We we do our best to get a really good. You know like professional, looked at the same time. We have the time more than half the time, six, nine percent of the time we don't know what the heck we're going, sixty nine percent of the time, exactly nine,
just to go back on to the origin and finish up what do the fast version yeah. Just so people understand you right, I met Greg first and it was literally on a per project basis. I was just kind of like you know it was more DOM spring. And then eventually like you know, it wasn't consistent enough for you. I think to the point where, like I was using you more than DOM why tf sleeve you heard how is again tossed around. I don't know that what you have before you started he was right during like right during my teeth is when I moved out like the heart of it. Okay, so you came on a little after then I guess so. Yeah, okay, you were the Yrdsb too Bts, Sir yeah yup. If someone needed a video and why tf it was probably my lap and then from there. You introduce me to will yeah. I mean already kind of we already kind of mad, but like that's where we start hanging out like you said, we hung out more
after that we I ended up moving back to Vegas safe. I really did not like living in LA and you guys came out two and lived at the cloth, which is the bank down with the class You know what the cloud is really yeah, they've heard us say it before so, ok, well, All this is the first house I lived in Vegas and it became in the office. Essentially I see that coming a lot like what house is this yeah anyway? I think it's ever been officially addressed. Is that wealthy? There was a an aside, the scene before when data they're going supposed us. Anyway, from there so willing Gregor there. I think the next person might have been Sean or was it Derek Oh yes, my name is Sean visited, or so it was Sean visited. Thank you so in college, yeah, no yeah
man, because I hear what he was showing we were state she worried like around with Derek a lot because he already lived in LAS Vegas yeah. He was doing his own youtube stuff anyway, help him fort. After that, I'm going to say Sean, I think it was John Sean is college and he hit me up well, I hit him up to. I was just like. I always told him for the last time he visited If you ever want to get back into making some videos and stuff like that, like come, come through, you know like we have a that because they were saying at the house, and you know we had some room and he says yeah. I I'm interested in that. I don't think he. He what he at the time he was very, not interested. I think he was just so over college yeah. Over. So that's why he really wanted to do it and then now obviously he's back interested in again but so Sean was there and then Eventually, you guys moved out right. It was like this. Weird thing where everybody except Derek lived at the cloth. Yeah yeah at some point,
Anyway, Sean came in Derek, had just finished a job that he was working with. The job walk, he's dancing in a Vegas, show but it was just about to be renewed or the show is just ending an he the option to either go beyond the show again or I don't What it was I had to re audition or something or he said, hey, is it like? I want to edit like this is what I went to school for whatever. Like do. You want another editor, so I ok, well yeah. I guess we could bring Derek into so. We brought in Derek from there. Was it Josh, Josh yeah, I know Odena moved out. Was it that time. I think it was okay was before Josh. No, I don't think so. Okay, well, either way: Josh FOO. He was a brief period of time. He was living out here to met him through internet icon, and that was a thing. And it's also where I met they where met Bakul alumni But-
yeah. I think Josh was here for a little bit, came in because of Greg. Essentially she was coming here. Was your reasoning for how many interior design right yeah it was interior design, but also you know we're doing like a long term relationship, and it was just long, distance ones and suit for one well, we talk about that now, but I oh yeah, like there's like an integrated, yeah. Ok, I know you're trying to finish long term I mean we might have to talk about it on a different one, sure yeah yeah, ok, so Dana and then Josh ended up leaving to go work with his parents, name in Atlanta or eh lay some sure and then Paco. Story- I don't know what have I told this story about him coming we're doing. I know. Specifically, we were filming Schizo that thirty minutes get soul. Is it called Halloween one the Halloween skit sold all my fault, an it's. Ok. Get to that. So Paco comes and
He hits me up. You know kind of know each other and then he's like? Hey man, I just wanna- let you know anytime you, you know, I would love to come help just I'll drive out and just get some experience, and I was like alright well we're shooting this really long, schizo episode all right. He drove out, like I think, pretty Soon, right after that, I I I rent a car yeah you and rented a mile okay. So that's that's the one other thing he rented a car drove all the way. From LA just beyond set and help us for free. I wasn't. Yeah just came out as a dentist, a really hard working. Cool dude like who does that you kind of reminded me yeah he just like giving up some of his. This time and you know just dedicating it towards bettering himself? and I was like this is very impressive. It was like a two. Should I believe, right
no, you guys were shooting her four days yeah, but to hit me up on the right day, and I do remember the second day when we're filming at the time. I think fell asleep during the shoot or something like that. Like that happened, and we were all like. You know what could easily for all three yeah and he drove the whole time he was you know, I the end of that day because I had just arrived and we want to shoot like right away and I like you- fell asleep and shoot and normally I'd be like. Oh that's if he was working for us, but that's weird, but Little did we know or inside well anyway. Anyway. Will people was like I was like hey. Do you think it's worth like we? just left. We could bring this guy on board like he. We could use the hands like if he edits. I know you did it because he was in videos of his own on internet, like I guess, jammed and we'll was the number one person like, but he's like. This is no. He well, I'm gonna help yeah, because I was like messaging him like a good job on coming out, like we really appreciate the tonnage, shocked yeah
it's like. If you keep, you know, if you keep coming around like that's how you know how tall are always work like Derek was on for a long time and he was just helping exactly and then that's exactly what I thought it was like you keep coming out and killing it like. Of course, you know something is bound to happen. You know it's like and. That's what happened, but anyway, Paco ended up being a part of the group yeah, Well he's in he's in and that's pretty much how he got What time do the clouds, but I think we found I was always trying to find out. I was like okay, so you don't want to write, because what for me like I was like ok, so you don't want to edit. You have such a specific, but I do have a very specific things. Aren't right for you. I know that's. Why
adding for rain is tough. He's in his stuff is it's. It takes a genius some as hot. No, no, it's just a big head it as of yet well weeks and weeks of thousands of ideas, random down the one right as a literal genius gets no it's hard, because I'm very particular in what I like you might not always make sense to people, but it's just I'm just very picky. Even if it's down to a point one second cut, it makes a difference to me.
It does I mean once I will save the last thing that Greg was talking about little bit was like Greg's value in it was that he was like super into filming and editing and stuff like that, and people recognize that when I came on like I didn't do any film I didn't do any editing like we wrote something a little bit in the beginning. I think, hopefully, like I like to think that that probably at least put me on the radar, but literally if you want to learn something. It's not like online, is the determination and just wanting to learn something 'cause. I learned everything from Greg from Ryan from online, like thirteen and just like literally just wanting in like pursuing it. It's it's possible, like I didn't know how to edit. I don't know how to film and motivational podcasts yeah. We have those. Now we are at this kind of turned into them. You can just take out the whole first half just continue from this, but yeah. I just bought a step, always the movie, and it's just like about inspiration like about a dance for that do
know how to dance and all stop doing like kind of big things, I don't know everybody, but I mean the one some guys became not Look editors, guys, a stripper right yeah we have one of our crew may set is in the chippendale, so yeah real ship Vegas show like that's, not a joke. Well anyway. We could talk a whole lot more, but we've hit about the hour mark, which means we don't have time for twitter questions. We all, let's just some quick, runs real quick ones, rapid fire. Do I guess one now we'll do one now, let's go through it. Real quick now will do one will do one we're going to pull it from the Reddit page and we're going to we're going to open Now I don't see it we're going to start utilizing it stings
but what is like. Do you watch the old videos still cause? I know. Sometimes you guys do you cringe at it, which one is your favorite one and I want to go to in order of gray. Quill and Ryan. Honestly, I will say something quick about this. Well, that's the one thing that's crazy about like. I feel like the work that I've done with Ryan is a lot of time. If I watch old videos don't cringe if it was like something that I made like a long time ago for sure I would print at it. But that's why it's like. Put something really special, because I don't know my that they that they really some videos that I cringe? I do it. A lot Some of them are better than obviously some better than others, but which ones are your favorites ah exhaust start yeah that's a good one, Oh my god! That's everybody here! We gotta say this because people, the reason the ones we love right, especially when,
Greg and we're editing were like dying sometimes and we're like. Oh no we're laughing so hard, no one's going to like this, it, never all the ones we love like a so many of them. I know even the ones that I'm like. Oh this is so bad and were like. That means it's going to do good. For whatever reason mean Greg and that final edit, if we're dying, were like great no one's going to get this, there's literally like videos that you guys probably don't know exist that they're my favorite videos, just 'cause they're, so deep, but I would say my favorite video would probably be oh man, we made some man. There was one uh every one that we did with Kyle are the paranormal writers yeah, pretty good. You like that one. That's. Not my favorite peg pants is so good that is so funny that is so funny a story
something out the most proud of I mean it was probably yeah I have to be like one of the big videos I meant like can I sell is like a really that was the one I was gonna say that was a cut in a transitional video for us, I think, were you yeah, that's what I was like holy crap. You just created a world. And like we never did anything like that, and I was like, if you can do this and then, and then that was your downfall 'cause, I'm like they can do this. That means you can do all these other things and then yeah it just spiraled from there yeah, I was going to say Actually it was the person I was like. This is amazing yeah that was really fun. Yeah super cool but then that's another. We go back, I don't cringe, but I'm like. Oh, this is compared to The stuff he's doing now in terms of the facts I'm like oh, this is
thing now right, but I mean still it's not nothing yeah, you know, even even if you just like put it during that time, worry no effects are still pretty new for you to video yeah. Those are mental, isn't sign, good, but it was decent for the time for us, it was good yeah yeah, there's was like, the time Freddie Wong, was doing crazier stuff and works like well. That's his gimmick. You know, argument- is not even about effects just supposed to enhance the comedy corridors always been. They're on before Freddy right, yeah, I'm in there like they were working with yeah, yeah, yeah and they've always been like killing the game yeah some, like some Youtube channel that I always looked up to him. Can I make again these we we're out of time what was your first job, gift wrapper at the mall, this wrap gifts. This. Click next time. Let's go quick one, quick ones: how did you meet Dana? Let's make it possible class? Why Next episode of willing grace show
two thousand six, nine six nine or we and and then I think, one last thing that I want to say is other times. I know we're out of time now, I'm just getting ahead, but because the reason why was the question of what was your guys favorite old videos? Is that because you recently announced that you were dating Arden, one and it's news. I just did it here in Washington, but it you know it would I I thought it would be kind of cool to see both you and art and react to h Secret stuff, one hello is just you pitch an idea. Well, we we had previously talked about this, he did yeah what I I just. I don't think it's a. I don't want to I know you don't yeah. That is one I would cringe at. I cringe at agent secret stuff anyway.
How many like yeah, he says full. If you skits it's one of those videos or get so many legs, you guys would do it, but I really don't want to say I'm gonna say like I don't even know what our podcast gets normally, but look out of it triple it who Get them I don't want to laugh, have to be in the first week cuz. He can't just keep adding up and I got do it actually yesterday's one. How about that? I hate asking for likes, though you don't have to like it. If you want to do it should I you got me Hugh. Can something like okay, like almost a difficult like a hundred thousand okay, Well, yeah, I like a lot for a podcast, realistic, that's pretty unrealistic dropped a little bit I thousand all hundred hundred sixty nine thousand, the Greg Special Fine, yeah second channel yeah yeah. Well, I don't want to do it,
I feel like it's going to happen. Watch that thing again. You guys heard the deal. Sixty nine thousand lakes rain does a reaction to. Asks art in. Does it end Un Arden? See six hundred ninety thousand likes and we watch Sean and Ryan and I mentally being that part out, don't even mention all right. We need to end this thing. You guys watching the hope. The bill plot I mean you guys know how we ended show in three two one, What is the deepest joke? This was like Ian Oh, my gosh that is even deeper wow I do, does not deep at all, that's not at all, and he said the next time I'm not gonna. Watch, I'm not.
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