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#8 - Ft. JR Aquino - What Happened to YTF? JR on American Idol

2019-03-17 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Paco, and guest JR Aquino discuss his experiences of being on American Idol, what really happened during YTF, overcoming a breakup, and what it means to “scrap” to settle matters in Hawaii. Are Shek Wes fans allowed to use the N Word? JR also talks about his new EP coming out and the inspiration and stories behind it. Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics! http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Guest: JR Aquino http://instagram/com/JRAquino Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com Order Ryan's book "how to write good" http://higatv.com/ryan-higas-how-to-w...

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People, ask. Why did why do you have in, and I think the catalyst that was because of the tour ever make love to me. That no doubt be super with the club claps right away, everybody. Ok, look over. There ought to be over gas today. I thought of that I thought all you gotta do you are missing so right before we got started, there's been a lot technical difficulties on the part of package, but we are here where the vanquished Your guess. His name is G, our this is? This? Is when the applause was Some!
I know who he is. It was beyond sexiest voices, Europe thanks man I ve been having really a lot of issues with getting this started toward goodwill. In about an hour to get this thing started, but we're good and generous here, but before we get started, what is lucid, drew me lose it whose dreaming is basically just your where they your dreams, you can control it. Literally do whatever you want like I've, never done it. That's why I wanted. Actually say that is not the other thing. I know it the inducing of insidious insidious or what it's not it's not yet after projection archaic enough after projection,
is I think it's just it's a senior softly, but on what its closest Otto body experience and you can just see yourself, sleep. Ok, so I think I've done that before or or I was dreaming that I was doing regardless is very boring of. As I know in that dream or when it. If I was actually doing it, I was like I thought it was lucid dreaming cause. I was awake, what was happening, but I was an account to fly through the roof and I couldn't I wish they watch. I was on the ceiling stuck there. Looking at myself, cely, let's lame, I know- and it wasn't scary necessity for is a live stream yeah I'm just watch you myself, sleet, which is already cut a weird, but I'm aware of it, and they all this must be lucid dreaming. I thought, like I felt my body lift up and I could see myself sleep in genoa just so boring,
but then lucid dreaming is it raining is when you can you're aware, whatever part of your dream, you don't you have to be like coming on your body or whatever it's like you're, just in the dreaming you're aware that you're certain triggers, I guess that you are you. Can you can do like counting how many fingers you have or looking at watch on your head or something like that? a trick yourself, you after we need some kind of way to tell yourself that your dreaming gudgeon, once you realize your dreaming, you have complete control over the world into every want you can fly. You can have a so the celebrity appear. Shitty is kind of like inception in away. Then I guess so. I'm not in I kind of forget how inception or to incite is like it is controlling your dream, but to piggy it under control others are yet to its inception was the whole idea of like planting Amy outside right, glancing at idea, inside of somebody right or
Lucy dream be tight. I would like out out. I should probably just DNS zombie apocalypse. You wouldn't want that to happen. Because then I could have my you know like you have you hollowed out, like I have a bunch of guns, you know what I mean and I just go through and like merk everything. Would you just lost our monitors nation by saint guns? You know how great the other always a while you're, not you not. I want you to buy. Your stress rates must really my artists now you're Spotify Yoda yeah, but Spotify is actually work going back to that too. So last time. Thus our last pike S sitting, we called it. We talked about the more chow I heard about that re, oh yeah, so we had it in like the title and it wasn't. We weren't like promoting it. Ernie we're just talked about in like all we're doing right now, but I know better now we had in the title and they frequent flagged meal at last monitors easy ways. He thinks I it's There are many
religious placid losing a J r is in Oji Youtube where you been around since us. Seven six six around the same time, your father, basically you got started legal I'll. Let you tell it started. Please help me. I don't know. Andrew Duff, I started I was from angered Alaska and ninety seven, eight nine o seven was good everybody out. There still is another stay woman to call their hoods in. using movement area. Jes mothers put everywhere. I'm just silver like offended daddy, don't hither hither! I'd been polar. What ice big guy you out so many wild going ahead! Yeah does grew up
of being Filipino. I heard the same karaoke, you know and did a bunch of like school events, banquets and all that stuff singing at it stuff, and it wasn't until Isaac, six in fifteen. Sixteen, I did american Idol and I made it to the top forty four of that year. Are those carry Underwood season season is at LA season for cars and for what did even when they did when I thought she was one of those whom I think of them. I don't you blew up really big, but not the winner waving a plague and clear rules not only of doubtful nor girl. I don't doubt regenerating Hudson wind, which are now she didn't she Let me guess you got damage but kind of tariffs.
precarious underfoot guarantee what signal for a season for alone your on yeah, carry Underwood and yeah. Did that I'll? Do that on six? Sixteen fitting sixteen! So as the youngest? Actually in that's in that in that in the top forty four, it was kind of workers without one I kind of didn't know where I stood in the whole, like how good I was. I guess they need a. How could you yeah, because it was like ok, I knew it gets. but like get em, I really gonna do. How do I stand against? Other people have no comparison, yellow compares using ASEAN, yes Ix Teen, I mean I'm from Ingrid Alaska being a small place, and this is before the internet two swords like I really don't know anything outside of our before. It was part of the area and
I made it to the top forty four in those I got. A hundred thousand people sought out at that. I was like ok, this actually could be a thing, so I went to high school and then it was. It was like the first semester of college, and I was on this. This new site called Youtube and I saw a video by David, joy, Friend of the show right up, yes, Saudi him playing the Youtube saga is plainly was desired. Yeah has all life on exactly her and then I was like. Oh, this looks cool fun like back then we're not think did anything of it. We're just like trying to throw a video up, and I and other colleagues who, like he's asian, and thence. I put up a video like I don't even look If it was out of sync, it was so bad. They live in this story, I told them. I solemnly several times. I think a lot of people would not necessarily inspired like an asian dude.
the online that what it is, we re beat that written, really late ability and yeah, the UN and then look at every than two weeks later. Look at it again like ten comments and a hundred fifty views and other matters type. Do that you're city get out here and not of some girl. Eighty seven I heard a stay over there on your little island. We're talking about how Alaska is. I mean it's so far that a lot of people consider it like another. yeah and by reason of the country you have seen, went away LA times. I mean I don't, correct them. The Hawaiian either way you would like another country that this really hot house it like are moving to the states where we are ass. You are, I don't correct them, but it just go whenever they're busy day that away and then like I've, got to go back to the states. Yeah I'd see me now
here, we are a state where the during the stakes are high number Alaska. Very I'm your ways very different last is very different to yell, we're both different yeah yeah by Russia. it was crazy because some people don't even know what ll ask is. What do you mean? because you know some of the map loaded down, there may be put Hawaii and, alas, unlike some people, really think, like my arm d, like going when unless it I wouldn't go right am I wish it was right next to each other. You know of the world or even worse. For us. You know you never would remove the day you right anyway, stay, is so different that they have like. I don't even know how many shows, but I only know that was my mom watches it religiously and she's addicted to them. I mean it's, it looks beautiful, but I mean it's not
anchorage there like in the middle of nowhere, we use the juices imply that energy is a beautiful, I mean those empty. Is it not whether a wonderful is a beautiful? When I will show whether shows a place at night and like the city they make. It seem like it's in the middle of a like the word so it is in the middle. I think Jack has, like literally there's only think. Five hundred thousand people like half a million people in the whole state and just to give you like like comparison likes. Alaska is two times but like two to three times bigger than Texas. Two to three yeah so mean huge. It is but then that's not a lot of people. That's why you said languages like anchorages battle.
Policy like two hundred thousand people, it still more than my island less than his island, a mile and a half ago, island really along well. Wherever and whenever hoary like per hour Weber, Arbour area, dainty scrap out, they re a little bit ly Filipinos there return to say, but I was on the richer. What does that mean those who? So you don't screw? You know scrawl getting arms scrapped, look like that for those you dont are scrapped as another word for fighting. Yet in this area are you? Why do you say that these are two? I just know others lotta Wazir. I know what you like: scrap wrath that is no. You just know. Men have you been in the scrap in your life once but I can't even say it was a scrap cuz. It was one and done now. I'm saying you were the guy that got knocked out. Man. No no, but
Yeah, you knocked the guy I nodded knock em out is in a really bad to you, I'd like so, making fun of me- and I was like probably thirty, fourth radios for thirty four now I don't scrap since butter before us, but I remember, ladies megaphone me. Another Yoda sucked stop stop level of lost up, and then I just punched him in the stomach we. Hardly anyone does actually really. My timing was really good because we're all leaving the classical outside punch totally really hard. before we got us enormous, looking like its user was already out and then and then he was dislike, crying and other media. We wanted to give you a big brother. You you just those also some sort amounts of swords. Lappet travel, not now he was usage. You used to know me put your name for us to put them down
a similar story. I am having already signed the pact. Can I say in this policy area in your book? I don't about tat. While you just be, nobody will know, I mean it's so I was in kindergarten right. This is my scrap. This is my son actually have to recycling and kindergartens and allergies them. A sergeant is yes, I was in category, and you know you like everybody lines up for you to go to lunch or whatever other ways to do that we would line up, and there was always like the goal to make. The front lie all where I sat and you can't run to do. We use every walks really fascinating like that. Again but like we can all kids when they travel, China not run. That was me, but I could never get there could never get the Frank is where I was sitting was like towards the back of the class. I have to go around desk, so the people on the other side, there backspacing the door, they turn around and they're already there, but this one time I remember I got to the very front very fraeulein height, I'm a dive remit. The reason why I remember this because, as it was a big deal back, then I finally to the front line this girl confronted me sheet-
She'd literally just saw me. There did sidestepping came in front of me, and I didn't say anything to precisely before her IRAN and softer and her stomach just collapse in what you do. One of those where she was on the ground couldn't breathe, and then I got in principles ah there was a girl. So my stories worse than you did, this clause was caught. Do you wanna go? That's that's not going, and why am I didn't know that? What if she liked you, though, maybe He places flirting not how you flirt with Cannon garden right, maybe your mouse and she never thought again. You know I do like due notice. I remember her report since I have it. I do not like a video. I was sorry Hannah Did you try to learn what I mean? I think its fight, like I was in kindergarten, so much trouble for that are in a peaceful manner
I was a thousand that's a thousand. There was a jerk move, but she should have cut. anyway. I wasn't a problem, is mine did understand, then I'm gonna get you out of my parents to a failure and then the second time ever guy into a kind of a fight was in fourth or fifth grade was after school programme, and I brought for like a show and tie brought a b and it wasn't like a jar thing and it has an odyssey assholes and suffer the so called a b, and I was a collision. I brought it to get after school programme and is scheduled to take. It tried to take my be so you hold a job like yours, I just I guess he was looking. Nobody took it with him out of my cubbyhole and he had a with him and I caught him. What are you doing? I took it back put it in my cubbyhole hole and heat. We kind of gun like a scuffle gotta, know you're just like trying to see it, and this is
For that reason, I for years a judo or just grab him waiting for this, and I move, and I tossed him on his head brought here, but I mean this is just not reaction like we're. Having like a little the resting thing going on, What you are trained for four years that the I naturally connection upon waiting for this, I just take, don't take my being don't click, that's We did the bee go unscathed. The b was fined. those idea, but I am making a wasp action while I do remember, but ya, got in trouble for that too. So Furthermore, no, no. I haven't the egg those two times, but both times it was a reactionary response. I wasn't pushing people down and I used to get bullied. So ok is maybe that's does. Maybe I I I deserve to be treated like a girl, I'm in this guy anyway. That's enough my fighting stories. yet stories. I don't have a vital role,
new. I would ever beat up somebody. I knew I, when a fights identities, people run deadline fast, a man you're pretty fast year. I was here like a wines, always be fine. my Barbara, my borrows Toby, he hell is still slow. You see, we showed me video. Something is it's almost like its multiple respect? That is not always like you yeah, it's like! Ok, we have problems, that's why you, got a yacht Likud, we're gonna pull a gun on you, gotta be charming girl talk either we have now. We gave his talk. It's almost like a kind of like a normal thing and then, after you lost times like it's more on the weather, who wins specific hands and call it yet like there should be nothing else after that on that and it works best. That's good, though it's better than like. You know, someone putting out a knife and Stalinism one or and then that person retaliates that with their family and you're gonna works amidst on more civilised thing, but it's about respect and alighted, and
That's why you do browser boxing now they China respect each other. You know what's funny but bigger they get the bag for it. Does. That is true. You know it's funny them before. That became a real big thing. I always said, like many scattered at the time there just in distress, Did you just like they really hate her them on one who has just fine display, I didn't say, bought, I mean before they was amounts. I was like. I talked about this and I want to do is show both because you just fight and then make up like just that's the best way, to voice the who just pointed out, and then you know where no matter who wins you just hug and then that's it call it that my superfluity. That's all president's indicative would you like? Instead of war tat, we we didn't area a riddle. Residence by we'd be electing a different behold: the Rio that you're, the rock but presently considerably Linux, Donald Trump Verses Kin.
Also came Whipcord. Actually, I may be so easily way younger, like in a fight to fight he does have like he has like what is it with you that's all right he's not he's always I've gotta go he small, but he's also way younger than downward from non. From from what I hear, it's very unhealthy, I can imagine he has any party home, so the, but his hair makes me feel like it. He can scrap which no he kept by analysing so either only ever. holding on, like you see here like he doesn't have you should just give me he's fighting for his hair anyway, He saw orange to everyone there, a celebrity death match. I love the show. I know say don't know about that. I don't know about, it is very easy to be a clay. Just wait to our way too. I think tv is way too soft. Not to do that, and I are just like you to do how he took down that's what they do. To this end, user can just matter to us in every area by Youtube in seven, like comparisons from the past. All now, yeah you tube is great.
And thank you too, for everything I love you guys, but I guess you guys were in this group called White yeah yeah yeah issues, like probably one of the first not deep burst super group on Youtube well soon, what a negative that? Why is it Subaru, but we are one of the family before it is, has before, like dollar thirteen tens and like the there was asked because there, things right now right, yet we weren't, so we did in deep, but they became businesses like they treated it like you're literally just fro, just we're friends and then eventually made a business I've in a way kinda the. But we were just friends who were hanging out and dumb. We think it was at one or two do stuff to hang out yet it was an excuse for us to hang out we're just friends, and we came up with this thing. Why t F yesterday today forever and we had a message to spread and we basically just made it because we want to hang out want detour tour together and yeah. We weren't, we learned was yeah,
Think of it does business his wasted, like hide in videos and though it yesterday wherever that's the name that alive you knew yet but gives a more subtle name that it was, which was what what did you guys call? We could talk about holding a matters I wanna know, could then the way that it sounded the original name, which is I want to go. because I don't know where he's gonna keep it a secret. I was the one I know so originally originally before when it was just us talking, it was literally bunch of guys in a room right and we're just hang out and we're like to really were the saga you to fret and that's how it started why'd. You have initially started that way and they are talking about all these Letterman jackets and it was like. I was the one thing I was opposed. You guys want anybody want to let him can check it while this kind of party mad. What kind of a certain is that you want to do to fret we didn't know weight I didn't, did you choose you two frat, the name known
I know that I was negative because the union be pudgy girls when using their brutal makes an idea you. Actually. I came up with the alternative to wait here, because I thought it wasn't going to exclude girls from one industry. A part of you as you want, and people have run the white. Yes, Mister Merrick, but it's just, I hope. At the time anymore. We had more girl followers and guys now its opposite or really on Youtube in general. More, but yet we switched it too. You know desolated forever, which essentially, which is the message that we are trying to get across rate, as yesterday is in the past. Today you have a choice: forever is up to you. Saving is kind of the last thing, you're gonna saying the same thing, but essentially just meaning like the message we want to spread with what we believed in his is just
making a choice to do something death despite your pass, you know about it and don't let your past circumstance and activists just do it s amazing. The Nike slot is not unknown. I got them without whose I've it's our own think was that it was a seems even see, my dear, but in our in our way. That's how he does. I told him in that's what it became from there. I guess you guys went on to do a lot of pretty cool things. Are always your guys, personal, like favoured whitey of every year and then how come? I ask em. Like thirty questions, you can ask it was the fu handled going to answer our favorite maneuvers. Now I'm trying to think uncontrollably favorite moment when did jokes, gotta get software joke long tonight I mean the first tour was pretty fun or with the whole a one year. Why was now Hawaii
I was an awesome other than the fact that I got my heart broken in Hawaii, but why my girlfriend, at the time I found out in a way out to dinner Ok, thank you. Ok, we're guide us we're doin here. I don't remember this. To be honest, I don't know why yes, brochure best time like does I ruined houses are really good like bond. Entire. Yet it was a gray had it all. We got our own day. Yes, yes, over for ten or eleven, something like this, we will have to call my Why don't I mean? If you don't want you, we don't have to buy, I do remember ethnically we're. Ok, rumour that day, we actually we're doing a photo shoot. Yes, the first it the day before we actually were celebrating DOM and districts and Andrews Birthday, yes at dinner, so that night
I had like a really bad feeling in my good and as the site, because my girl, without Mcgovern, at a time when out then I blocked or who I was gonna stupidity That would just once in your life and then she yeah, I just felt like you know you got a gut feeling. You had a good feeling, but then, for the most part are MIKE, does worry, about our well being and oceans go now to drink a bubble, blah lost or a short walk up that morning had got on the phone with it. Found out that each year and that we had to do that for closer, I kind of briefly your lover and then I kind of went downstairs in the lobby and also sought everybody, and then I just couldn't hold it, and so I went back upstairs started like laughing hysterically laughing like crying and live like our like. I just like was like shocked. I kept leave Then we're back bounded in photos. You, ok, I don't
that is all I wasn't that one idea was now who know that was brochure. Those of those members time was. Right away that all. That is why I, that is why I cried onstage during I forgot what is this I did say- had sunk, obsolete, J and choked up during during the Performance- Andy Private man, the song is so dear. it was really the moment all I remember writing that song, not about a specific person, but then, after the moment after it applied it applied, and also a clear case of only when you do right songs It's not always necessarily there is
It's always inspired by love are obviously so allow us a lot of. It is just different aspects, but sometimes it'll be personal and then other times it'll be I'll, know enough from someone's perspective to ride on it or it intrigues me enough. Where I be able to build. How would I had I reacting this situation or right? That's interesting, yeah yeah, but go away. I guess that would make sense. I mean I think, some of the best music, for whatever reason, maybe it's just my personality like I'd, really likes really sad tragedy or break hardware. MRS Unthought of dislike, assumes it hurt me take time. Yes, certainly, sir me, that's called is gonna masochism. But then you get inspiration me are you getting on like I do it does on a writing, drought and it again and medium heartbroken like some matters somewhat you're, just eighteen people just so he can make good new you'll Taylor, Swift,
yeah does writing to him a swift, delusive Taylor, swift conspiracy. She dates people only to get her heart broken so that she can make good music. While we all do you hear, It is odd to like that's doing ass with a common thing that people assume while the her always bad uproariously more evil. I guess I don't know you never tailors were really is that would be with other omnibuses rights could be damaging. Graham, I think, like you know, Miranda simply each year, No, no you're very moment no Hawaii. Who idea can take mine? That's true. I mean what
was there, I know is the last where we deal was exhausting, who was Subaru Exhausting, but I'm gonna Grand love yeah charted. While we had people who cannot organized it to save us money, we essentially we're like how much it was sick shows the address the most cost effective. Yet we re very cause. We didn't you know we're trying to save money. There's a lot of us. You gotta put everyone up and I'll. Tell you in a book the venues well doing it on our own. We also needed, like me, backs in, like Mercedes Health told us it was. That was a tough to work as we were waiting. sleep I got like lay. I really was being sick. We didn't we would like arrive in a city perform in the morning early in the morning. We would you leave that night, sometimes yeah we'll. Do yeah rehearsal thing, go to a hotel or something for like two hours hired thinking, I know, and then we can.
do the show due a meaning greed. It be like almost midnight. If there was an event, we have the gloomy event after and the flight like a few hours after that, so there is no hotel really. It was just like that for like two extreme everybody was mad and grouchy I know I repeat, every everyone was, and I was there was a last hurried up. I was lying, I don't wanna ever do it or not. Just with you know what you have just in general are just like. After that experience is that I wouldn't say that's when white: if ended, but it was, it was a catalyst I think you had to learn. I feel it I like the jackets, though she was like a child like all the jackals check, its resources are never wore it, except for those a blackened goldens were little, do better. The blackened loans are bills red ones, though anyone wanting problem I wanna do there are just a bit on Ebay. Do they could go further measures? We got all of them together and sold it as a package fibre
for seven what is more or less than one with its bottom offer. Those are gone. Why tat was a group that we started right, causing a bunch of guys ill considered me and J r D tricks kept jumbo see. We're gonna, put Victor Kim said it is a seven was seven. I remember you kept jumper. Kiev Chester detracts Victor, women, Andrew and Andrew and later later we dare not for donating. Forget Andrew mercy was also an american idol. Yes, what did he make top these number one in my heart. So obviously is the most successful one in that seasons or whatever it is you who live in those one that I dont even ashes pride, someone who is doing well, but we just don't know what is no no hate on that. But
Andrew, Garcia anyway. Andrew was also part of it, and then TIM cotton joined us at the very end. Will yes honorary member yeah yeah TIM Delegate? Oh I'm goin out. Yes, he rode on us and yet they like. I said it was a bunch of guys at the time, I'm not that we didn't allow girls in it, which is at the time we formed it. That's what was around fair casual disguise. I I want ass one. What was like when the craziest Whitey stories you never told, but you feel like crazy. It's been a while. It's been awhile to guide levels and we haven't told any real stories, but we not rising octree out anything azure as really or individual or as a group. We never crazy whitey story here, like was ever like one night where dislike seventy strippers came into, like oh tell room not from my experience as they were all dude. I can remember not what use a boring
oh yeah, no, I mean we just we're tired with exhaust was can't. We never really did anything crazy, we're late, I think the most that we ever did was when their own everyone lived in North Hollywood and reduced we'd, literally just hung out just now. We're in the rooms Playing video games are watching movies. that's it. Nowhere. Super boring, I thought a buyer whereby you got up and air bread demonstrate that was. Exciting day, like a licence, Harrison School Double majority, the greek food, good governance. By drawing up your will, lay down now, not I hear it back, it was claim we didn't do our tours I think, most of time we were literally just doing very, like we really were just having fun making videos up this little life is like a? How could for the most part we are literally just doing what can we do to be creative and help each other to make videos make whatever idea Contra lost? If we didn't even
on camera Magala Freestyle study. We knew that we start. We make each other laugh so hard to much debate yet too much laughing way to stop it. That's why to him- and I do think, though, why could be boys ass? Why did white if end and I think the catalyst that was because of the tour and at the same time, that's when Kiev he's book that cartoon network thing he was, unlike doing some court network, not a show, but he's a costing network a little bit and so, on that tourists are already became six people from seven and on you know nothing that is because a cat! That's why anybody, but that is like I think you are on the tour, the which is too much at a lot for one. I just didn't the host I didn't like, I think at all my thing. I think it also started the one you when you start. I think it was the. When you start bringing business and friendship into each other and not having the clear distinction between the two
art and as a business. Zaire- and I don't know any structure- them are like a communication exam the communication on up for anything YAP Communication now people know nor talking. no communication, we literally done it. I had to work, we didn't talk at all hazards, seeing not talking. Well, I mean that going crazy. So I literally to Heaven, you know how well the thing is theirs. Individual drama in the group that happened at towards in most of us are oppressed, but I don't wanna, I dont until they come on, the show can wield thing while her all whitey of Like Pakistan,
No, I don't got enough cameras. Just put a budget was Andrew. Sit on my love deserve a reunion. Don't let me we could breaking news. We're gonna have to do not just getting just kidding anyway. Yeah. We we're not gonna. Do that overnight. It anyway. I think what it we're. What do we have? We, not at the thirty, may break ready. There was passed as quick. All right, then I guess it's time for she she break charity. We still need a way to get into that. We haven't figured that out because of a song taken using it. She rake make it I now freestyle. He goes a she. She break those hard. a second better? Sorry guys not do another you go see, break it's beautiful. hey guys just wanted thank you to our sponsor anchor Anchor is the
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anyway, before we get back into the here, a few servers innovative because doesn't change and then we're losing all we changed. Some notes actually visible. That's how things work. Nobody really speak to speak to tag along together we can the main dialect to tag along another, one, the right, Others are legato, that's a lot already, a lot of ones. I think, and the cyanide is but there is another. Was too there's? No there's like a lot. But all become the Philippines. Majestic speaks sixty. So There's, like other wonders, hundreds really, thousands, that's not allowing that's his words that nobody is like a different reads. They have different. It's only white understanding shown almost like yeah goes like this
like even in Latin America, we have people from the MID west from muslim acts. Those like slayings only oversight with all its alike because, like in certain dialects, they don't like pronounce like certain letters and all that stuff I see, is just stuff like little things like that and then to Stephen words like an animal and pigeon we'll pronounce hours a day. yeah words like like mobility, more better, which is more bomber, better Obama. It's almost eight away, as you will all have to do is make a song it's on the additional player guy body that about bore no bomb by has its own saw. No, that's all you can do that sooner it we're gonna hear covering. Why does an added on song is like a rookie or no second year? I think so when I really that Boeing is ok, so I believe I ran across a video where the guy was saying that he let me check
you're sure was the wrapper. What is actually knows? The guy is there's no bad there and then mobile. As I always communism put me Generally, let it literally nimbleheels hung about to Hell and its lapse. Do it? it is often able to love it. Well, There are a lot of tat, but I think- catch huge break. I like you, the most there's a twitter Billy then I thought I went viral and mobile now that they drop he Egypt and bombing in a couple times, but this twitter video had like I'd, say at least a hundred or I kid it's over how the games or games you put in a dumping like a large trampoline gymnast area there playing that in all these little It's like singing along with this all right, while right as the Edward they there are high say you are right that I wrote the likely like the basketball game and you see like college like you know, colleges did intense and they are saying it, and I would like to hear people can do that
I mean they're not supposed to whatever look, even if we were able to end these guys, don't care. One of the college gives the right is a debt by was about come up as a black eye, filming that another black. I even got the black eyes like a game, or are they just don't always devil? I d like to tell you that I always suddenly yummy you just stay away from me. in general, but I mean I guess, if it's not in that context, in a negative way, it literally dare not saint they're, not creating the word, the just repeating, yellow light when a little like yeah, No. I mean I feel like Congo, where we are, we, we are not we're for sure, not the ones to decide, decide tat cause like at the edges, avoided yeah to that end of the day we don't have the it's not as affecting not our word yeah yeah yeah so like, if, if you could avoid it, just do it.
I think I think I should like to say that, yes, it is it's a you know. You don't have seen. I was even thought, like even black people not say it too, because it's like demeaning it'd, especially there. like I mean I've, seen bolts idea. Obviously, words almost become a part, the language, but those there's a between the black me. They are already fight about that. Some people. So you can see it in and I see people. The argument is like that. The argument is that, like they took that word, which was negative in great right raided their own, which was like a word of endearment amongst themselves. That's why other cultures, Philip they can, It's like all. This is not a negative thing. What extends from something like that you have it set up it like a second, what we would sink, but it is also anything at all. It's also coupled with when people say without education being educated about the work, and I think that's the main problems like weren't you, don't even you don't understand the air.
comes with that. You haven't heard the writer, not on the other hand, while we never will you not because we don't, we don't have that. We don't know the history, we don't know, we don't know what I had actually means to be that it also changes over time to get like, like even back and in a special way for for us. Like, I said the f, a key word on a video, and I was like, I didn't think anything of it yeah I did, it didn't have the same, meaning that it is now granted back. Then, being gay wasn't as popular, I guess nurse or acts as accepted, but I didn't you associate that with gay people. I just thought lingo. That meant something else. It gets like. Oh if you're feminine, if you acting feminine, I thought that's what I thought. That's what it was. I didn't know you had a negative kindly. I didn't know that the word itself had a negative it had. I known what I know now back then have no better, but it just how in overtime and back then to people and think much of it either gay people didn't they might not be so.
For me, because I am firmly as well and then, like their people, work old mouse. What you're kind of like it's gonna like adding this offensive? Isn't it? No suppose it isn't? It is in the comments that, from the other one bite, rhetoric is gonna like a whole line word for that in a way, but not as offensive, and I used to get called the F word by them. So I will act. What is worse it I don't even think like associated so much willingly, gains that dissolves again insult like damn. Did they got me the new government, and then I got me that I guess another bad, but they got me so I guess it's weird height at things just change Everything. Maybe there's a word. We said today that when they watch this part, years ago, like Dandy, said why You see little as they say, he's gonna be crazy.
She any more limited as on about she he? What does he think he t t? He is you ever gender job? He soon see myself too weak. We haven't done, it knew well. I like that. That was that's. When we was not peace, this of the week. I thought you almost happiness and that's the point hold us a thing: ok is too weak. Don't I know I was. I want my life, but it but we are like Does it we had issues earlier with pop pop gonna recording when we're talking anyway
All in all, we know we need to do before. We forget was awesomely round time. This kinda twitter question. This has risen. People have some questions for J R, close working. They followed your twitter was up yet at off the pill on twitter and honest remedies at off the pill podcast erect, because someone took off follow GR. It's at J R, Aquino, a cue you I m o, or how else would you say you I like when you say when, You don't know you all today does not know you're sing it again. Now yeah, that's from Jason. To give those I know TAT s me. I made that you're welcome in Greece.
The first question we have: we only have oak a couple: Cura RADA, what's a one important lesson or thing Ryan learnt from GR and vice versa, one important so yes that something that you guys of learn from each other, that you feel like you can really credit. The other part for sure uncle. First, I gotta when my thing with Ryan, its literally anything, you put your mind too, you can you can accomplish that's why taught I know, I think, is not necessarily teaching, but you taught by example, but just doing stuff you out here bet it it is. You can see we already had the mindset, but someone
don't you have to sit on it on a constant, consistent level, and you that's what I mean. That's that whenever I think of people there have longevity and and someone that puts their mind, something because if people don't know if you are following ryan- and you don't worry, no, this anything Ryan wants to do. He will. Doing and do it fairly? Well, that's not necessarily one I will I'll try, but I am afraid. The rankings, whatever you know I didn't Well there's a lot of airbus you're wrong, but I think that I don't think that's the now I M not a baby and that one ha ha mean one and I think what you're referring to because we have to meet. You have mentioned this before it, and what the thing that you taught me for one is justified Is it not just think about just in general about music, it's so, like literally, I knew nothing. Lady, no harm in a note harmony was
you get on with taught me that all you can go just like to note above the other no or was it to notes so like that of Malaga. Molasses, when I will I will take all of that, could have just like. Why does this sound a certain way, and I never understood why things sound that way and then, when I heard you and Andrew singing together, you explain to me that it's just I he sings this icing this in his under this directive and its like two notes, above harmony as with the whatever your singing, allow that all this music stuff and I was so interested down to like what runs were others, then how do you do? I wish your voice when you just sing annoyance, Agnew going up and down or whatever the euro I can't do it. You always do and literally do saved. I haven't done so long that I mean that's, that's because we're doing it so much that it became easy to chew. Fire in anyway. I wouldn't let what is the run, that they do and it may begin. I really remember I don't remember either noticed something battling downward. Do you do that
Dogs are minor now about Digital he's, been using our centres and he sees things he's trying to sing sing. He sings sanity Dietrich podcast will? Basically it is because we are all around. This goes back to why Geoffrey and we're all around like dancers, so people will turn danced moves neuron singers. So we try to learn that mean care. we didn't do anything we're that lies a lie not, but I mean in you as were singing right. You, Andrew Victor Candid, singing and dancing Cesura sing dogmas. Dancer Victor was dancer like when we did shows me in Kiev, we're just like bitch we're just the horse, like we just like field time between the good stuff, because that dances and stuff and sketches yeah, but we weren't dancers or
Singer like we were talent in itself, yet noble, adding. What he's doing is that what he does is in widely accepted as an art form exactly we could bring people to the seats, but you guys were they entertainment. We filled the time and between our performance is literally just hey nice to meet you so great, to meet you good to meet you at the end of this year has not, but I think it speaks volumes to how how great you guys are at which you do, because they literally wanted to see you custom host member states. I mean if you watch somebody Alai. It was a great. It was a great time to dislike, get some vast and be like a man I sing and their little while you take
things things right now. I like it here because a lot of people were shot. I think at like lot like there's a bunch bob, as you heard already knew we guys work, but then there are some people who would come and be like only crap is. I can say that these as a real. This is not like you to performance, it isn't a real performer Yasmine, your Youtube yours, but that didn't. I didn't know that you guys were like. I don't really legitimate. If I mean there's others there is that there is the mindset of or the perception of like what a Youtube worries and the dust, and I mean I think, across the board, even with just like actors or whatever. If you're on Youtube, you're gonna seem like below a mainstream originators ourselves, and I mean to a certain degree, and especially back then it was justified. I mean there are some shows shows. I want in calm shows that where it's just people
This basically just mean angry yeah, but we'd. There was a duty for actual performance. What you guys did for living. We try to have production, Thou tried, we tried and even our shining like we delete, we tried, saw effort, but anyway, that's something. Ah, I was out the whole music thing which actually made a big impact on my career cause. I'd start doing like music videos and stuff on the first thing we did together was I most horrors, kill all the videos and idealism our car was a first. We did one with David and you I remember you're, we're from in the video and and and you are on a boat- like a loser
Similarly, we do this. We need us what it s like a good record. This wealth Mamma says that one of the first things I do a David actually ever anyway. Next question we went, we win, you have another one c, lore masters, six accepts or Johnny Ex was devil. Then asked. Was there a defining moment where you said this? Is it I want to become a singer? Oh god, I'm sure it during your career that there's actually been different. Also like this is what I want to do, and it was a good grand idea and then now you're like almost specifically. This is what I want to do. You know whether Egypt popped off you like. I want to do this and now, when you found out you jobs are illiterate up your turn him when he It did not want to hear only if we might actually know the it actually have. Before all the auditioning. All that Youtube started back. I was, I think, those twelve or thirteen and I saw that I saw the first season american Idol and I was like Kelly Clarkson yeah kill
season and I was literally wash it asked. Oh, I want to do that. and then I was just on the outer waiting and well see. I didn't teach you that you they did before. I may not exist in all areas, but you know but no cause. You know seeing it. On a level other than just music and strain right and a purse although I think that the person I lay out when you see some that you admire and respects all right now, but for sure, when only twelve or thirteen- and I saw that as I go man, I want to do this and I guess moving on then so at what point are you now? Will you Does the Tiber sing it that you want to be? You know, like all yea, like genre, wiser, now, there's a lot of music on em like right now that I think I do not agree
Bon like aren't B. I listened everything but, unlike the majority is light, aren't be pop kind of thing so, but I also just love. I just like. I write from personal experiences a lot about love, so I think once I picked up like once, I picked up a guitar I was like ok, what what am I gonna write about? I dont know how to write about like things I dont know yeah. So everything is pretty heartfelt. I guess I that's gonna, that's the kind of music. I write you're, my she bitten and can you yes, Sir Galahad Undecided, besotted, lasses, Evan seven represents those venison increase Guess amazing letter your whole, not as I love your shot out angry
good diamond high was good, don't that's where he went on and I had done links humbler kid I'll see, you use your your voice in scope to be cool, learn school. Had we had kids like that in our school who could saying you're on were the american idol of six hundred nor I saying in school, but I wasn't like the one I didn't like use it to your more popular than not, though I wouldn't I mean I, I was the kind of kid in high school, where I was like part but budget groups like the guy that Are you out of life load of yet, as we do yeah outside one of those one of those guys? I had my core group, but then I was also like just up and run. It would have not jocks and all that how is allowed in those imposed in the next. You beat up girl. I stuck today. They just remember you from the ass. I can just I got no, let up I got the crew. They re always on the front of the line forever. Like the rest of your life, can a garden go hunting, real darted, anybody just be sure you're not getting out of this defect. Do not cut travelling same
this is without a car their front lumber barberries like Roy, your window, Diarrhoea, Ryan, ok, no say they know better. They know better. Is it ok to continue that everyone is you're going? I want to do a little deeper ok, so you talked about this about I'd before how there was a moment about a year and a half ago? Yes, where you realize- and I think is because of a break up. Oh I I really need to decide I want to do with my life yeah I mean more or less. It was like
it's not necessarily what I wanted to do with my life, but knowing what I need to do and assessing like my life at the moment was like oh, I mean yeah fallen off. You haven't I ate like you know, you did not do anything and your indisposition in your career right now, because you have not done that. Things are necessary to keep going, and at that moment I was are ok. You know, after the break. Okay, I'm, after a long after a long relationship is like five and one slash two years. You know you kind of become co dependent at a point right. So after the break about okay, I don't know-
by myself, but then I was like I can either just quit. I remember there was a part of me: wasn't going to move back home to Alaska. I actually thought about it for a little bit like a good week, and I was like that was the moment I was okay. I can either do that or I can be here and to start creating and start making music again and from that moment on, I haven't looked back and it's been great, so you're like I just and the possible you have like Africa, what number it was but like over a million Spotify was it plays or oh no, he s a year later, the cause they always do like a year rapidly, nothing like as well as crazy What if I specifically it was like when I first started the first year. I think, maybe only at forty, that I had the stupid thing right, didn't upload. My muse, like literally, has not been on spot a fire anything for the past ten years, while yeah- I was late. You're done,
missed all the bag on violated this list, your bags to, but whatever you can keep it about yesterday, one day for us today, the other day you be legally sittin there now you're out of your reverence, but on the other yeah. I remember when I first started offers its year tripled since the since the you're navigable saw it good- I mean yeah. I actually, I just recently put out a EP two. So if y'all want to take action, this plan shot out started? I wasn't ask about that. Actually. ass a result and not just that Europeans, because it would name the EPA. It's your last, the fifth song on that there's five songs are what we started. What we started named it that I really like the one right before the the fourth. What was a fourth one? I think that was even was, I think, a great escape. No,
Is there that things grow escape this once more familiar? While regarding how this matter not sexy, I like that whatever the fourth one was, I remember being they all, Oh great, escape. Yet in what we started and then that's the name of your problem, and I always wondered like why don't you just put the best song name, the best long after the album and put at first. So everybody knows at all. This is the one everybody knows and and I was wondering who daughter you decide on what the name yes and wasn't in the outcome is for one and then why do you put it last August last makes more sense, but some lenses like in the middle of the outer wall I can will mean for me specifically,
what we started. Actually what we start was. I brought that, like five years ago, a long time man shot at the Jessie J birthday, help me up with this project together and as far as like picking that's the name of the project I'll just like. If I felt fitting what we started to seem like something that spoke to me where I was like, you know what we're where I've been going where I came from and where I'm going to go, and I just wanted to pay homage to that. So what we started kind of felt like that. Also this project is kind of like a butt,
my influences, and one thing so like design like the first opening track is like is very different from the actual it's very it, but it's also very like J T like just temporarily ache and sing very pops or that someday. I love the group on that, but then you also have great escape, which is very kind of like Latin r B, and I also that reminds you like early two, thousands or be, which is like there's an usher song that called how do I say that super inspired that and then you have what we started. The title track: witches conduct a kind of like a Drake feel the way the beat the beat is the yeah. That's how I that's that's why I chose that at the title, but as far as the order kind of just seeing how the flow was, is really just a flow out. Everyday objects. Cairo. I always wondered that because a lot of times like every artist state like name their album something
on a server the one that's the hit, yet you know there's another. They even name it and is not even a song of exactly for me. I just did ass a floating, because my thing as an ok, how do I want to capture someone's got it and then I put design in the front what's that beat? Actually ok, I well go on get. Why would you follow one spot if I asked you can, you can add my solitude playlists. You can find better something yours at us onto a playlist and or Biden Itunes, I'm sure you're there anyway. It's on all all Dreaming of digital platforms go if you heard year before, he is one of the best vocalists that I know personally. Nobody I mean, Ryan. I won't say that you, you guys. I've been hung out and like a long time like a couple years ago, and then one night, you came back and we're all his children, and then you left after runs liked I miss jars boys. I write em I've really a little bit like damn I used to get this
all the time to hang all another place would hear him sing. I took it for granted dude as I did took effect for grandson. to hang out with all these singers and stuff, like you like, get so used to it and just like when you here for a long time when your life is like wow. That sounds like a track. So, like I mean, I think, if you haven't heard you before, I go check him out that you would not. I guess you kind of just heard him sing. The shisha do not base that the perfect representation, ammonia things I want to know, there's roquat bill. You remain loved your music. no doubt be super awkward. One why you ll feel like you, ok, ok, get it, but Ok, let's have a look again, the mood Ya'Ll, yet the moves getting set and then out of nowhere you to say hi, like no end is not coming. For me: thou decrease you know even more crazy or crazy
you actually thing in their bid. You kindly does that she was. I wouldn't be surprised. Yeah he's right, kindness, never use older, didn't they serve us that new bang in media about do it. all I can do like that. She's like a gas. As you know, is wild about you. You know could get away with it Chris Wrong. Brazil is totally like. I could see him do like the Means Pooh said, and then he like stars cropping like before he just started. there. We are getting very loud, monetize monetize now they are already talked about the other part of Youtube rate. We talked about it every day you to demand. every lose that members are going to see that he knew that the new but the new one. Would you call it option on Youtube
where does Samantha just about gets out. Mother. While they have a monetary section You can walk Jody, probably the most good, I think I'll. Only then there's all they could at what how about they do that they make you too, uncut, indeed they're paying for their premium. That would be there, very well. Come a target targeted playlists of just fairy destroy. urban. Was there was sites like that. Like that's kind of lake, like Marie bombs or road, or they would have any real, you break gab yeah, really like damn. I can't believe I just saw that could have not. You could never see that you d be gone like in India. On that note dude! It's good to see you again and see you too broad. While you have any plug that you want to do a more time album new,
yeah new ep what we started. You have any shows if you're in Vegas I'll, probably be sure I'm gonna be throwing a show on April fifth destroyed Let me all my inscribed or twitter, its J R Aquino does right there. yeah I mean other than that? That's it man all right well again follow us at off the pill on twitter and add after, but we don't make it. So it's a shame. Thing: we should message cardiology away models which one it does not have the off the profitability of twitter at off the bill on Twitter at off the pill, Pike Hassan Instagram, who has it on the he'll know which were trying it about anyway? It follows that, oh shirts, we have a shirt to now or those that are just listening. You won't know, but who have off the posters,
just shouting that out there's another one, but I don't. I don't have the right the right size anyway. Yes, once again, thanks for tuning in to the off the pill podcast, I don't know if you see how we end these, but we just breathe into the mic. No, not yet next pot cast my missing aiding now you must learn India and always building all they still do you wanna come next time you come back on. This will be like brows, I'm down or we're all or origin. we'll play Gaza so great this time around so many eyes longer anyway. That's what it is. And then we can go eat. I name again, Tunisia is a bill. I gather that another related headed by really is a guy. You know this is bad for the migrate yeah,
no. I don't know you anyway,.
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