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A New Earth: Breaking Free (Chapter 6)

2019-03-11 | 🔗

In this episode, which focuses on chapter six of “A New Earth,” Oprah and one of the great spiritual thinkers of our time, Eckhart Tolle, discuss how to spot the pain-body in yourself, how to contain negative thoughts, and why embracing life's difficult moments will lead to a stress-free life. Eckhart also answers questions from people who are reading along in the book. The episode is part of a 10-part series on Eckhart’s ground-breaking book, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” For the next five Mondays, these insightful and uplifting podcast conversations give you a chapter-by-chapter class on practical teachings to help you discover an enlightened state of consciousness. You’ll learn how to quiet your mind, get your ego in check and live a fully present life.

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I'm Oprah Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to a deeper world around us starts right now. Hello, everybody and welcome too weak six of our new or series. I am thrilled about this material the book that always on my nightstand, so that's what so exciting about this material. Eckart always beat you where you are so last time. He introduced us to the concept of the poet body it's an accumulation of all the pain and negativity any from our past stuff. It's really hard to let go of simply put your emotional baggage according to Eckart, though the pain body is the source of all the
friction in our lives. We all carry our own to one degree or another, for some people are stronger than others and we ve all met people with some hair. They have a heavy pain bodies, but the Good NEWS is, you can free yourself from the pain body. After all, chapter six is call breaking free. So today we explore what triggers that pain body and how we can begin to free ourselves from its grip were also going to look at how the pain body affects children, how you pass it on so parents, you don't want to miss this. Let's get to it open up your books, here's a new earth chapter, six, welcome again a cartel it. Why are the things that we both look forward to every week is the energy that we feel from all of you out there? I consider this to be a sacred moment when we can all come together, in community this way and share in this work
So wherever you are right now, I think you eckart totally thanks you for awakening with us One of my other favorite books is a book that that cartel he had written, I don't know how, many years ago, the couple a few years ago, a few years ago, and it's a little book with wonderful passages in it and it's called stillness speaks really speaks to just on a different level. What we ve been talking about a new earth, it says stillness is your essential nature. What is stillness the inner space or awareness in which the words on this page or being perceived and become thoughts, Without that awareness there would be no perception, no thoughts, no world,
you? Are that awareness disguised as a person? I just love that that you are the awareness, that's what we ve been saying week after week here. Is that you're not your thoughts. You are the awareness of your thoughts, this disguised as a person you're, not your sense perceptions, the awareness that makes sense perception possible, not your emotions you're. The man is that makes all these emotions possible so that and that's the dimension where you and timeliness everything else is time So when you lose touch with your inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself when you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world. Your anymore sense of self of who you are is inseparable. From stillness. This is the I am that is deeper, the name and form
You are the awareness, disguised ass, a person, a right that is beautiful, so everybody were discussing chapter, six, breaking free, lead start with an overview of what this chapter is really about in chapter four. I've. As you all know, we met the pain body and that's why, know what that is at part of us, that's addicted to negativity and unhappiness and Eckhardt says that the beginning of Freedom from the pain body lies, first of all, in the realisation that we all have a pain body that was chapter five. We did at last week now in chapter six, we're going to explore what figures, the pain body in our everyday lives and whether its situation or certain things other people do or say at cards, is how that we can now actually use those trigger to enter a more
heightened state of awareness, and also this chapter is about breaking free of the print pain body, so you don't have to continually carry the past and everything that happened. The past and what people did to you? Your story, you can we is that tonight is about breaking, at the beginning of the chapter on page one, sixty two, you say that and you decide dignify with the paying body the energy that was trapped in the pain body. You say, then change is itself its vibration frequency and his transmuted into presence in this way paying body becomes fuel for consciousness. This is why many of the wisest most enlightened, Men and women on our planet once had a heavy pain body. You say so what ask as it so many people today medicate themselves any unkind.
We'll feelings that you have you go to a psychiatrist or counselor. Remember the first thing they do is prescribed medication, for you does medication get in the way of using the pain body as few Four enlightenment, to a large extent, does there may be certain extreme cases when medication is necessary and for people who are already on medication. It certainly not advisable to go of medication without the advice of a doctor. So if you feel that its time, for you to get of talk to a doctor who is relatively conscious and can help to gradually to get off the medication. So it's really a question of not giving in to this culturally conditions behaviour that says whenever you feel some discomfort inside yourself, emotional disturbance
immediately to seek some external help in the form of a substance that you ask your doktor, to give you rather learn to be was introduced, I that arises learn to be with emotion. Plain that arises rather wanting to eliminate it. Learn to accept it. Acceptance is one of the main focal points of this teaching, learn to accept whatever emotion arises in you rather than run away from age or wanting to eliminate a why this is the thing a card. Why would I want to accept it? That's why people are medicating themselves? Yes, why people eat? They go all they overwork themselves there, live in denial. They become unconscious. Because
They don't want to deal with the pain, that's what we're all trying to get away from. Yes, hey! Yes! Now, if you medicated, it doesn't actually go away dollars the pain so that you are not just of it anymore, it's still there in the background. It's the same thing for many illnesses. The for example. I had heavy called a couple of weeks Guess I didn't take anything, but some people take things too so that the symptoms price of the railroad. It doesn't surprise they call it. The court is still there. So why accept? It is because it is here at this moment, so it's part of bringing this in a yes to whatever arises in the present moment is part of becoming friendly, with the present moment. Even if, on the surface, the present moment doesn't look like great, so we are bringing.
And this is why the awareness begins to come into the emotion if we bring accept to whatever we feel at this moment, rather than not wanting to feel it. The equivalent of that be an external situation that arises and then I resisted, because I dont want this situation to be as it is, but it already is, then you just cost stressed when and that's what you say this book and also in the power of now wanting something to be different. Then it is, is what causes stress and creates firm negative emotion. If there's some emotion in you that is not pleasant, and then you don't want to be feeling what you feel creates. On top of that, you all motionless already there another negative emotion that ones. Deny what's there. So the best thing to do is to feel it accept it allow the feeling to do whatever is going to do to you make you feel safe add or
green or upset or whatever and then choose to do something. Bout that yes or no asked yes, realized But you are the awareness for that. You're the space for it. You are, though, awareness disguised as a person you're, not the emotion. You know. Ok, then already a shift has happened, because if you completely identify when the emotion than they will very quickly rise into your mind and it will control your thinking so and you think it to you. Yes, yes, you will think it it will be identified, divide with emotion, let's say it's anger that arises: yes, sly. Trigger triggers enormous anger. Immediately you start or think angry sorts correct or if its side depression? You immediately start or thing thoughts that reflect the emotion and the pain body, love sledge, because the plane body will feed on the energy of your thinking a right and once you have trapped in
vicious circle between emotion and emotional thinking when all the self talk in your head, ledges everybody experiences most of the time these self talk in the head then becomes the voice of the pain body they arguing in your head and then order rotations of other people of events will be totally started very negative because you say at the bottom of page one sixty two when you realise that pain bodies unconsciously seek more pain, that is to say they want something, bad to happen. You understood that many traffic accidents are caused by drivers was paying. Bodies are active at the time when two drivers with active pain bodies arrive at an intersection the same time? The likelihood of an accident is many times greater. Then under normal circumstances, so is it always the pain body that attracts accidents? Another bad things? No! No, no, that's just one factor there too
often there, but there are many other factors like coach attraction accident. Many people are not not for present when they, Dr Will Davis from Madison Wisconsin day. Thank you for joining us. I got your questions first. I just want to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you to both of you. You are welcome alcohol my question- When my wife and I have a disagreement, she comes back hours days later, wind, a rehash of disagreement. And shows feels it has to be a wrong are right to it, How can I get to live in a president and get the eco audit away now your name see what is role. When you have disagreements at home, I ask That your wife has a plain body that becomes active.
At that time and when you, This agreement is your pain body, also contributing factor at home, or do you feel that it is just your wife's pain body in other words, to hold you, you feed into our. What is your part in their disagreement and in the energy field you? How are you playing into the drama of a day, don't play into the drama of it, and that seems to me firstly increasing more on her behalf and then but lately after through the book, I find there I'd look for a single thing on her eyes, a beautiful and edges Ngos, dollars and I'll teach you a different place inside myself- and it seems
Can I just diminishes on her behalf that no one I disagree all you have an argument that me to some extent you must. Identified with a mental position and because If you dont have a mental position that you identify ways there is no argument interact souls I say today this year saw. This is why I was a little bit scepter article of gas when you were talking, saw its perhaps before We talk about your wife, maybe there's something that you can do so that you, Let go of identification with mental positions. When you discuss things, you can t discuss the practicality of certain things that you need to talk about, but don't be my dandified with a mental position of rightness. That makes you and because that is what the Eagle
thrives on, and that is what feeds the plane body, Whenever you identify with anything it big, its the yes, whatever you're dental fibres becomes ego, so perhaps bring more vigilance into, especially it. When you see the situation is developing. That is going to to become an argument or you and see that the the pain body in your wife is becoming active again and then it's it's time. Being particularly aloud and vigilant inside yourself, so that you do get drawn into opposing in why I'm even Dave. The reason why said was sceptical because of what a card just said, I may we reiterate if you aren't, if there's no drama, involved at all with you. If you just become peace than that argument has to dissolve like the woman, the story, the details.
A book of the woman who came and was so upset and carrying all the paper then the bills and so forth and ass, he sat there just list taking it in. She finally said it doesn't really matter. Does it and went home. You remember that and I understand what you're talking about, because often when you start this material, and you start you know to awaken yourself- we become a little self righteous about it. You know, so perhaps maybe there's a little bit of that still remaining with you. What to say, I M so because I know this happened. Would Stedman and myself were ended in a discussion and I'm feeling well, I M very awaken them a very evolve person. So what you're saying is is not going to upset me, but that to the energy of that my ego and myself righteousness is what concrete can obedient to the drama. You see what I'm saying I do. Yeah go to your need to be right or your need to feel like.
You know I'm a little bit more superior because I'm not engaging in this, and you are yes, so that's than of alert and vigilance is very important on your part. I think what you just said here is so important for every one of us who is trying to continue to waken to this process. That, whenever there is an argument or disagreement, the thing is is to not and in its not to ever make it about the other person, even though it seems to be question is not what can I do for my wife for my partner for I boss for my car, worker, but it is what can I do in this situation? Yes, right, let's go What is my contribution to it? Let's ride primary and then your wife, Dont know whether she has any interest in spiritual teaching
all the pain body have you ever mention to the pain body, not blood, there's a pain body, accompanying, but when the pay not. He said nobody hears you when you know, because one do. You cannot talk to the pain body about the pain body that was factually dangerous because the payment it will throw something at you. All the easier it does, your wife, what I love it when you get go go ahead. I know pray embodies saw. The is, is global sometimes relatively more open to this than at other times, or is she always not open to this? In your view, She's not open to add to this point but when I was running off the sheets for this week class. She picked him up while the printer and she ran over and send you Talkin Bout, be so
maybe that opens the block. This opens the door days thanks so much for Europe. I should think so much. Thank you. Thank you well many acts of violence. You say on page one hundred and sixty three are committed by normal people who temporarily turn into maniacs. Is this mean that you think people are not responsible for what they do when possessed by the paintball no that's what I say they are not responsible. As we mentioned Jesus on the cross when he said they know not what they do, meaning they are so consciously I in the grip of an energy field, a whole at will They cannot control. They don't even know that they are in the grip of this energy field because it has taken complete possession of them. So in that sense I say they are not responsible, which does not mean that they do not suffer the consequences of their actions. Those almost looks like a little bit of a paradox. Yes, no, they are not rest.
I'm sorry, but nevertheless comically they will suffer the consequences of their unconsciousness because human beings, our purpose, is to evolve into conscious being so if we are not evolving into conscious beings than we suffer right, the less clear, the more closed we are too. This evolutionary impulse evolving into conscious being of love, the flowering of consciousness to more closed, the art of wisdom always suffer and saw these people who inflict violence on others who make others suffer also make themselves suffer, some other consequences, comically and sometimes the comic consequence is come in the form of a legal system. So they the bulls right. They are put to buy and sell their report. And saw them at that time, calmer and then there's all
the possibility when they are indeed suffering because of something that they did in a state of complete, unconsciousness when they then indeed suffering perhaps imprison whatever they may be. There is always the possibility, then, of awakening through the suffering that lay inflicted on themselves. On others also because you say on page one, sixty four when you can't stand the endless cycle of suffering anymore, you begin to awaken so the pain body too, has its necessary place in the larger picture. A lot of people who never awaken they just can help the pain bought ages. They die with it. Yes, that is true, then, do there's always a chance that the I'm awakened consciousness awakens in some other form. In some other situation. So, but the entire universe is going in the direction of away. Wakening, so it is.
The more we are open to this. As we have to we have yes, the humans and desires are now the the impulse and awakening violence has been there for a million years longer, but for Now we have arrived at this critical point where humanity, if you manage does not embrace this new state of consciousness. The awakened state, then vanity is not going to make it on a cosmic ailed, even that doesnt matter and whatever game. There has been achieved in the awakening of conscience on this planet is, I'm going to be lost, there's only one consciousness, throughout the entire universe, and then one consciousness is awakening in millions and billions of life So if we don't survive as human species, that's not the greatest tragedy either.
Relatively speaking, it is tragic, but in absolute terms that's fine to yeah, and it's really it's our decision. Yes, yes, the fact that we are here at this very moment in gay, in this work a good sign society, because here At least we know that right now hear the awakening is happening for the hundreds of thousands of people who joining us around the world is Daniel, whose joining Now from Ireland, I dunno I hi my questions but eager and I'm just gonna red eyes and are in fact the sometimes in the present moment for over three years ago, but I've come to some sort of blood because my ego heaps on telling me you get rid of your ego. You will lose the world is he knows you lose your relationships with the friends you bet built up for years and you wanted your career, you have worked so hard for it. I need be isolated from the rest of society,
because they are living in ego, how can I this? Thank you excellent question. Now ass? You may have noticed these thoughts that rise in your mind, these thoughts that, rise in your mind, telling you something now what these thoughts are saying. Maybe very far from the truth, what the sort that, if you You if you become really present you're going to lose your friends. Life is not going we found any more. You have to see it. The truth, or are these just thoughts that my going mind is, producing in order to stop me from being present. Do I
even those thoughts or do. I believe in first hand evidence that I have because if you ve been practicing being present than you realize it's actually quite joyful to be fully open to the present moment. It doesn't. It get away from the fun of being alive, it actually makes you more intensely alive when you are fully present in the now. Rather than always looking to some next moment, it's going to be better than this one. This is how most of the world's lives, so you I'm sure you ve already had glimpses of more than glimpses of how the Quality of your life actually becomes enhanced through being fully present too I've. No, because life is now and your mind place a question I definitely have em, but I think it's just the eager keeps on sweeping in
have you been in a situation where your friends expect you to act? same way that you boys always acted like an ego like your your friendship. Alot of friendships are gonna. There are by mr Ego Yanina your personality and enable I am being the present moment and then they will cause. You know, let's go and do something in it, which is obviously trying to escape. From the present moment, what is January when you come to the state where feel more alive and awakened and willing to be more present with yourself that that- You might have to let go of some of the things that used to bring you a false sense of happiness. But maybe this ain't people you used to hang around with them, do things with who are not Oh ready to follow your path are not willing to be a part of some the things that you now recognise that matter maybe it means letting some of those friends go. That's that's the whole point. Maybe to comment on this
usually what happens when people become more present, some of their friend. Actually drawn into that. Also eight, because it whatever stadia in will affect the people around. You saw usually led some of your friends will actually join you and also draw in prisons and awaken and others made, the way you are not ready. Yet that's that is usually the case, so the and the courier Korea does act, they can only improve, because the quality of air thing that you do in full presence, is so greater and its vary so much power available to you. That is there when you are always looking to some, if huge, if you're on track, I used to run track, and if you just take the moment, back and see where the other guy is that energy is so draining yes and causes you to lose your own footing, yes
lose your own concentration and focus. So that's what you're saying yes- and that's also put these this in the sense that you are competing against others is part of the ego energy. That's why that also takes power away. That's right, step just run the race. Yes, run your own race, yes, now, what's the best way for us to send the embody. It's very thank you. So much Daniele joining us from Dublin like you, it's very for all of us to spot the pain body and other people, and that it has actually heard the word come up many times as we do. That was his back, but they were so thanks for introducing it to our culture. So did you see it and other people what's the best way number one despite it in yourself, and how did you stop ourselves from acting out when we're in its grip are their simple? Oh, you know, exercises or something can do to break the grip when you feel yourself go in there. Yes, so the important thing is to
Shit as it first arises in the first because before it takes over your mind when it's there, ass, an emotion, usually it's the pain body when the emotional, reaction, is out of proportion to the triggering event so a relic Italy minor thing triggers an enormous amount of unhappiness, whatever form, as a small thing happens in you flare up, yes, yes, yes, then, after a while, you realize the kind situation that triggers your pain body and then you can We actually more vigilant when such a situation happens so, and you can see very important thing- is to be able to have some tension inside your body. If you are able to bring consciousness into body, you can more easily feel rising. Emotion inside you, whether AIDS,
very heavy emotion of sad, deep sadness or whether it's a fiery motion of anger or whatever. It is already emotion of intense fear. They contraction them. Then you can just so many people these days. You are completely out of touch with emotions because they live only in the head, yeah yeah, it's so being, but I feel an emotion as it arises and then recognising it as the beginning of the pain body, my pain body and as long as you know, this is the plane body. You're not identify with it, because the knowing is the awareness air. So when you If you can catch it early on and then it may still grow. Suddenly, the fear fear may become very intense on the anger, whatever form the pain body takes, but you we'll be there as the awareness in the background, bodied happens in one thing that doesn't happen. Is that
somebody cannot control your thinking because you're shining the light of consciousness on it, it cannot then reap into your mind and suddenly make your mind think what it wants to think remained there s the awareness for agency or their supply embody, then cannot renew itself, and it also cannot control your behavior, your actions, all it is said you have contained it. Floor holding down. We have contained it last through your presence. And then had calmed renew itself through in that situation, so it suddenly it comes up, but it cannot remain. Itself and then it will subside again about the pain body, very clever it. And wait for a more suitable about when did you when you are less conscious than at that moment, a minute couple? Try again, for example, that you're always being tested. Yes, the preamble like a little little wild
anymore. Something there's always is then the back and say: oh Craig. What's that you can, I am going to come out now. Is it situation not not write these two, is the pain body? Also, your ego eckart, the plane body is the emotional aspect of ego, so that when you identify with the pain body. It becomes part of the ego because, whatever your identity, if I were becomes part of the eagle when you dont identify with it, it's no longer part of the ego arise, because what you I didn't, if I, with his I, like this question from Lorraine from Vancouver British Columbia, who writes. I attract negativity, seems at my whole world is one big fight. I just want people to stop instigating fights with me dont deliberately go out and begin conflict, but it comes to me. I hate you. I just want peace. What's the problem more interesting? Yes, yes! Now this is Whatever you experience a reply,
ITALY and frequently externally is a reflection of your inner state. So you attract certain things into your life that reflect your state of consciousness of four. Rain. It is very important to become. Much more aware of whatever state she is in at any given moment. Become more aware of what emotion, she's feeling at any given moment as the rain could not be attracting fights and conflict she was emanating that energy? Yes, and you say on one sixty two, every human being emanates and energy feel that corresponds to his or her interstate, people consented, although they may feel someone Mrs energy emanation only Sublimer why that is, so they don't know that they sent it yet determined to a large extent how they feel about, and we act to that person. Yes showed
two aspects to the your inner state? There's the emotional aspect to your inner state. What is the energy the emotion that you feel and some mental aspect. What kinds of thoughts are you is your mind producing at this moment as yet, on producing negative thoughts. What what kind of thoughts, so need to be there as the awareness. Become aware of what was it I feel right are what is my state at this moment? That's a good question to ask yourself: what's my inner state at this moment, moment that somebody instigate to fight with her. No no normal moments when they are not being challenged Tokay, because all these accumulate, your normal state of consciousness, eventually produces some external events, saw it and as much as simple in any odd in any situation, it's always important what you're in a state of conscience is then the external situation, the external
patients always secondary. So once What am I feeling now and what are my thinking now? These are important questions so become then arises of being a bit suddenly realized, what's my mind, saying once what most of the day, what kind of thoughts, asthma, I'm producing how many negative thought to have every hour. Every minute you become a particularly of because the eagle, loves, negative thinking, and so what that those What you're saying then it would be impossible for Lorraine to be a peaceful person to say she says here. I just want peace. What's the problem, it would be impossible to just be Peaceful person minding your own business having peaceful, loving fought and people want to pick a fight with you. All the time- yes, let's not, would not be possible, saw its there's something
in her that she needs to become aware of, and that's not her drew self. It's a form of conditioning heard rival. Sale of is the awareness which is already perfect. It's fine theirs thing wrong with who is in essence be vigilant as much as possible have maybe put little spittle signs at home little little remind us so that you remember to be conscious of what's going on in tightening. What's going on inside me very important question at going on inside me, what thoughts is my mind, thinking Yes, what is it that I'm feeling right now? I wanted to go back to page one. Sixty two again. Will you say it human being emanating energy feel that corresponds to his or her interstate, and most people can see, although they may feel somebody else's energy emanation only subliminally, that is to say they don't know that they sent it yet it determines, to a large extent how they
about and react to that person I had an encounter with somebody recently were. Their energy thing was so strong. I walked into the room and felt it so strong. I had to remove myself from the room Yes, some people are most clearly aware of it when they first meet someone even before any words or exchange what it who's to a little later. However, I love this part a little later, however, words take off. The relationship and with work come the roles that most people play, and that's why kids consensus little kids consented cause. They don't have. The words of the language is a true yes and animals. Concerns in animals can sense. It is very acutely because they they dont. Have we
little kids consented cause. They don't have the words of the language. Yes, isn't that true, yes and animals concerns in animals can sense. It is very acutely because they they don't have the conceptual mental rom. So they can feel much more more acute, a human energy field? That's why it and after their introduce to you, your title means nothing to them. No, yes, your title. Will your position on your label, the role that You're playing means nothing to them, though, so once they sniff you and they and that psychic toxicity is absorbed by the children and contribute to the development of their own pain body. Shall people who are, I think about this all the time. Even more so than openly active ones and that psychic toxicity is absorbed by the children and contribute to the development of their own pain body. Shall people who are, I think, about this, all the time arguing in their families when you, argue in front of your children. I remembered this the little girls
when my mommy and daddy argue, I go and I go and hide under the covers when you argue in front of your children. You are correct. Eating and reinforcing their pain bodies? Yes, I do ass, a child. I was always trying to hide from my parents, pain body, which was there a lot of the time active So that's one way is when there is an active confrontation, the parents having a confrontation, but their mutual plain shocked us when you said you started thinking of killing yourself. You are at a very young age, nine or ten years because of your parents, yes, that whilst the general environment that I was in. I Rick. I perceive it as extremely pleasant their water environment of my parents, and there was not that they were not parents, but they also have a plane bodies. I loved him, but I didn't know that
I'm why that was continuous conflict. I just knew it was dreadful to be around them and of course I was also unhappy at school, because I never liked having to study things that I didn't wasn't interested in conflict. It wasn't done in an interesting. Another way is: the the children then absolve one. Rather less pain body from their parents is when there's open conflict between the parents, pain bodies. But another way is also when parents, some parents, say we mustn't fight in The children and never the this and intense emotional. And they may not be saying anything children is an emanation of intense negativity in the parent? That's right. I know a couple stayed together. Twenty four years,
In an order until the all, but the last child was grown and had gone to college, all the children, a completely messed up you now, one problem drugs in drinking in all kinds of rum, because a children's Dave in their house and absorbed all the energy. It was in that house yeah, and sometimes it's the case if the parents, the repress that because they don't want to find in front of the June or they may have an image of themselves as religious and they mustn't that right and so that they are not even record, but then not even admitting to themselves, perhaps that these elections negativity and then the children grow in that and sometimes they send the children who are forced to act. But in the wild that's right and that the interesting is that when you try to repress it when saying not fully realising the truth of who you are- and you say the truth of who you are- will set you free way, you allow the repressed bad.
Energy to go on in the household. The energy is still there. It goes back to what I was saying on page one, sixty two, the image, the energy is always there. Children, more so than even adults who the children, don't have the language fort pick up on the energy? Yes, yes, and often blamed themselves, because they don't have the language to explain. Yes, ok, but our collar on this topic, Brahma Melbourne, Australia, allow she's a ten year. A daughter. Her name is a windy high The I even remotely I have a question a cod on page one. Seventy eight, you state that someone who in see with neglected, abandoned by one or both parents or like and develop a paying body that becomes triggered in any situation that raised tonight even remotely with their primordial. I ain't of abandonment, so I
it has pioneered Montagnier old daughter, was father no longer visa and haven't really had much of a relationship with her and my question How do I happen to have feelings of abandonment, and how do I guided through people pleasing the idea, because I know that she has a strong came the tendency to people please just to be accepted or like I would really loved them. Help on this. One is often at a loss on help on how to help it through it. Can you give him? Can you give an example of how this what you see as a sense, abandonment, how it manifests in now, and what can we can? You gave a situation where this happens. How does she behave in such a situation well often he's been occasions? In her little parties, schooling and children get invited and she's one of the key topics excluded, because, obviously not everyone is invited to everyone's birthday body. She so torment eyes by it
eyes and she doesn't understand and you come and she says they don't like. Oh, they dont lover and then Don't try to often by the same ship should take things through them. You don't take, keeps or take egg Easter egg. Likely and things like that, and I think I had one. How do I get through with you? She wants to be like told the dungeon. Approval, so he had to make a case of intense cares and torment she's, on ten years old Canyon Oh yes, yes, perhaps you! gradually over the next few years, explained to her that she cannot be here, liked by everybody. Nobody is liked by everybody. I think, if you should explain it friendly, she will begin to understand, let some it is empty. Simple in this world to be liked and accepted,
everybody- and it is not necessary to be liked and accepted by everybody, and especially if you do things let off anything. Africans in this world s bunching rose up the moss ignored, things you do in this world, the more you will find them people who don't like what do you do or act and Eve, opera, people who do not like, because I don't know why. I don't either and the more successful you become the more people you have. Who don't like what you do so you have, and I used to be. Listen as you do. Bribing your daughter. I used to be this little ten year old girl who had such a desire to please I was ways, taking all my notebook paper and giving it to everybody else. Whenever I had even in college Nobody likes me, so I would spend all my money because I was working in tv from the time. I was a sophomore
or in college, and everybody else was jealous of me for have a job, and you know and having a job on tv, and I will take my money and by pizzas, for everybody in and it make everybody like me, and You know, listen, I hope it. I was forty, something Before I figure your daughter before, then I think some gentle explanation just a little, let him now she's ten and then over the next few years. The behaviour will continue for a while. You cannot just undo. Conditioning in another person, yonder, embody. As I was not wanted by my father. That's what the ten year old feeling I was not wanted by my father. Yes, yes, and the pain body. If, if you don't, I get taken over by intense negative field, sector out of proportion to the triggering event, which is a sign that this is the plane body. If this happens on when this happens off
describe it in lay in a new us. After a pain body episode is over the next day. For example, you talk tree what your daughter failed at that time, yet today, when you behaved in such a way when you did this when you said that what did it feel like ask questions about so that she begins to? attention on her own emotions and cheek, she can detect them asked questions about us. The pain body episode in your daughter ask her what it feels like, so that the awareness grows in of this next time, when it happens again say: oh there's the that old things come back, she might even show me: you might even encourage her to give it a name, embody and then she can't identified when it happens again, so good You leave a child. Can be instead of at the mercy of
is a rising emotions can already learn at an early age to be there awareness of the emotion rather than to be taken, over by the emotion! Actually, I think children can learn this a lot easier than adults can cause we're so overly condition. Yes, and that should be the one of the main things that children learn at school, but so far that's not happening right. Also when I might have just this, you know, I think one of the things that would have helped me a lot- and I found this with my girls in Africa who come from really disadvantaged background. They are disadvantaged, and one of the things I want to teach them is a life of service You always feel better about your life when you can be of service to someone else's and so If your daughter, even at ten, is exposed children who are less fortunate than she is children who are orphaned or abandoned, or you know poverty, I don't know what the situation is in in Melbourne, but children who
have less than she does, and she is able to see that her situation, really isn't so bad and allowed to feel a sense of gratitude for who she is and where she is and what she has and yet also empathy and compassion for people who have less than she does. I think that that let us also even at ten years, all begin to offer some perspective for her. Yes, I agree. Absolutely Thank you so much for your calling you very much thank you gave so breaking free. How do we do it? You say How long does it take to become free of the the pain body on page one? Eighty three tell us how long the important question, as I say, is how long it takes to become free of the pain body, but how long does it take for me to stop identifying whether paying body that's big. It's more important to stop identifying with it, because in on
and you already free the payment based it'll, be there in you for a while, but when you stop identifying with it that's freedom already. You say the answer is, of course, that it depends both on the density of an individual's pain body. Some are more dense and others yes wow as the degree or intensity of that individuals are rising present Yes, so the more you are able to bring that sense of awareness or, as I said at the beginning, that that view you who is disguised, thrives awareness. That awareness is you disguised as a person, the more you can be present that yes, the more dissipates yes, it doesn't happen instantly. No, but every time you decide identified
every time you there s the awareness, the energy of the pain body already diminishes so every time there is a little bit less of it and it's the what happens to the energy. It's all I know is all one there's only one energy it appears indifferent frequencies and the pain body energy as a certain frequency, its contained its rigid, its tied and it becomes freed. And it contributes to the arising awareness and you say, but it's not the pain body but identification with it. That causes the suffering. That's right, the pain body itself? Is only is no power of no in its not suffering more when you dont identify with it. Then it's only an unpleasant feeling inside you. You can hardly call it suffering, but itself. When you become it or it becomes you that suffering. It's not the pain
but identification with the pain body that forces you to relive the past again, and again and again and keeps you in a state of unconsciousness, I'm on page one hundred and eighty three everybody. So I'm more important question to ask would be: how long does it take to become free of identification that's the key and tat, and the answer to that, of course is it doesn't really take any time, because all it requires yours to be aware this moment, as it arises in the moment into, arises to see it and recognize it be the awareness for it be the spaceport It is another word, another expression we can use. Are you able be the awareness for the pain body to be the space while the payment and say that is that means you have broken the identification it requires, is for you to be present in the now, as the awareness
and to remember that the past, no matter what it is, no matter how awful it was, how horrifying how much suffering the past has no our as no well isn't moment, because What arises out of the present moment is the you're, the dimension of consciousness, that we call presence when this is a dimension that was already They in you always but had been covered up by density, of emotion and density of condition, mind structures, thinking. The way you get to that is to bring yourself back to the present moment, get a still yes get still get still, and then that arises that dimension that then arises is we could call? It goes beyond who you as a person, it is trans possibilities that trans personal dimension in you and it's the that's it only thing that can free you from the purely
no wrong, which is what has its place but is very limited, and it's the only thing that can free from the past and the happiness of the past in the past cannot prevail against it. It is impossible. That is that it is the only power that is so. It is all the timeless dimension in you. When we talk of presence or wellness, there is no past and future in presence or when is at that when you say on the page one. Eighty four, when you feel the pain body, don't fall into the era of thinking, there's something wrong with you making yourself into a problem. Yes, the eagle loves the Irish, Ok the knowing needs to be followed by accepting you talked about that allow tonight anything else will obscure it captain means you allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feeling at that moment, you can't argue with what is well. You can, but if you do, you suffer at how we suffer
through allowing you become what you are vast and spacious, should become whole you're, not a fragment anymore, which is how the ego perceives itself. Your true nature emerges, which is one with the nature of God, and then you see, Jesus points to this when he says be whole, even as your Father in Heaven is hall, the new testament be perfect is amiss translation of the original greek work, which means all you say you don't need to become whole but be what you already are with or without the pain body. Yes, yes, you already that now this brings us to the question that Denise in Michigan asks you says, is Eckart perfect Eckart. You seem to be almost perfect, although I know nobody is, do you ever yell, We'll get angry or feel sad, I'm not perfect, because the form can before affect every form by the very fact that it has form is one thing, but not the other. So,
whole. Yes, I'm. I feel it I'm aligned with something far greater than the little person that, and that is arrest, and that is where inspiration comes from. Whether teaching arises is his presence and it is, it is not eat. It goes far beyond this little person. This little person is insignificant, doesnt matter very much to me so This don't look for perfection. I dont look for perfection in myself, because that will be terrible frustration. I do things that people perhaps will regard is not perfect. I'm waiting to hear. I have a glass of wine a drink. I, like my glass of wine. Occasionally I drink coffee at Starbucks almost every day, Sometimes people come up to me and say you drinking
offer. You shouldn't be drinking coffee. What do you need coffee for one? I enjoy. It so I'm enjoy all kinds of things. I dont have many negative emotions com. Think the last time I a negative emotion but it's possible, perhaps members may some years ago? Yes, I was watching and people straining an animal and that's how they felt anger, so it can what did you do when you felt the anger? What did you do with that anger? Did you say Oh I'm feeling anger. You notice the anger, yes decision. Jason. Somebody else interfered that very moment. Otherwise. I was already taken steps towards stopping aid.
So the anger was there, I failed it and it was in my system of a couple of minutes, as vibrational intends vibration in the body and then its dissipated. I let it go like that, so you don't just like the little things down upset. You have no no I've, let go I had so much of that in the past. So much suffering with all kinds of little things. It's it's not worth it I never understand this because I'm not you know that I don't get triggered by. You know automobiles driving us up. I never understand the people, the road wage levels. And finally, right yes and declared aim. I understand why not getting in not being led in a line are being cut off. Why that would cause you to be slow aims? I don't understand it either, but for many people that is something they personalized the traffic. So it's an ego phenomenon. So when, when somebody does
something the regarded as a personal insult to them to their dignity, or we saw and, of course, if, if it works Eliza TRAP together: they wouldn't Bob's, do it with the weather. Some hay array of tailor rain hits your wind stream the newborn. Perhaps you wouldn't get angry budgets drive our cuts across than you suddenly get angry, but it's the same thing: it's just have an energy field cutting cutting across. Why personalize it- and I am amazed at people- suffer so much stress in traffic, because if you dont react, then there's no stress if you dont personalize other drivers rest. If they were some, personal grid, disagreement with you, it's nothing to do with you. They don't even know you right. If you dont personalize things, it's actually quite stress free or you stuck in traffic, and you get a so frustrated. Get stuck in traffic. Yes,
I now that can be a wonderful meditation. You can't move. Why not? in the body feel the end lived alone. Those in the energy field and be other everybody was less things ever been stuck in traffic you now, after reading Look, you know how ridiculous it is to be upset that you're stuck in traffic because nothing you can do to change it I'll just be with it wonder about opportunity for acceptance and surrender and a opportunity for learning dysfunction. If you observe the are not accepting in surrendering, then you can observe how just arise I love the way you answered that question from Denise in Michigan, you say: you're, not perfect, but your whole. Yes, so sometimes people spiritual path? They look for some kind of perfection. I have an image of how a perfect evolved spiritual, human, being behaves, and then they try to conform to that image. It doesnt work who it really accept. Your own limitations accept your imperfect.
Do you have no attachment to amend the way you even describe your body? I asked you if you had me fear of dying- and I said this later to some friend. I've never talk to anybody to whom I have asked the question, and there was such definitive resolute this about how you just like you. I really believe you when you said you have no fear I really believe we had no fear of death and you You have no attachment to anything do you live in a nice house, you like nice thing. Oh yes, I like most thing. Now for many years I lived on a minimum, because for many years I didn't have a regular job. I was just doing consummate. Ok a counselling and occasional little workshops. Sofa men yes. I lived on very very little and I enjoyed that I later on. I realized I must have lived for all those years below the poverty level, but I didn't feel that at the time I didn't regard myself as poor. I've enjoyed every moment of aid
and then now I have relative wealth, especially compared to that time. A relative but actually enjoying than to live, buy some nice furniture sometimes and enjoy it. You, like nice sheets, like now sheets here, Well, I can't sleep in anybody like nice things so you're not attached to the not no, no, I'm not not attached I enjoy. Space around, so that you don't have to listen to the neighbors noise? I just quite nice. Perhaps the greatest thing that they can buy is space around you, but if you don't have it and if you have to live with neighbours noise, it's a great opportunity for surrendering. Or for telling them to shut up. But if you want to summarize, I guess you just basically did break free of it lose the identification. Yes, that's it.
I'm really excited about the next chapter, because the next chapter is finding who you truly are. Even if you haven't read the rest of the book, you can really on page one. Eighty five was finding who you truly are and then work your way backward. It's gonna get so excited yes, I love it. I love it. Oh I love it when you loved her again a card, and I thank you all for joining us around the world. Get ready for next week's class final who you truly are. If you're not you think you are well. Then, who are you going to talk about that? the next week again, I thank you. Thank you, everybody. Thank you.
I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple pie, CAS unsubscribe rate and review this pod cast join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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