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A New Earth: Ego: The Current State of Humanity (Chapter 2)

2019-03-10 | 🔗

Oprah Winfrey and one of the great spiritual thinkers of our time, Eckhart Tolle, present their 10-part series on Eckhart’s ground-breaking book, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” For the next nine Mondays, these insightful and uplifting podcast conversations give you a chapter-by-chapter class on practical teachings to help you discover an enlightened state of consciousness. You’ll learn how to quiet your mind, get your ego in check and live a fully present life. If you're seeking a more loving self, community and planet, “A New Earth” has the tools to begin your transformation. In this episode, which focuses on chapter two of “A New Earth,” Oprah and Eckhart discuss the ego, the inner voice and identifying with possessions. Eckhart also answers questions from people who are reading along in the book.

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What, if you only ever changed a line of one person or managed to change a single human destiny. Just one than yours is a life where lived because to extend the hand to those you dont know and help them along their journey with spontaneous acts of kindness on notice and perhaps even unremarked is the most remarkable thing you can do. Sometimes it takes courage, sometimes something more, but all the good you can do in this life begins with the belief that you can be to change your sick. Don't ever stop believing see how we are making a difference at pen medicine. That is another reason why your life is worth pen medicine, hello to all you podcast listeners, its
start of a new year and time it. The refresh button on your life for the next ten weeks every month, we're bringing you something really special one of the great spiritual thinkers of our time. ITALY and I are giving you a chapter by chapter class on what I believe is his groundbreaking masterpiece, Eckart best selling book a new earth awakening to your life's purpose. Spoke resonate with me in such a profound way. I truly think that it's the most important book I've. Read it changed the way I lived, my life so Much so that I always have a copy of my nightstand, because I can't we give myself a refresher course, and now more than ever, we need to create what Eckart calls a new earth in Either personal lives in our communities and the world Give it to listen and over ten episodes, you too will be opened up and learn how
quiet you're mine get ego in czech liver fully more present life we're talking deep big sure even delving into consciousness, and the reason why we're all really here, my greatest hope is that eckart, quiet wisdom and patient teachings will rest. it with you as they have with me. Each podcast epochs I will start with my conversation with a card about a chapter and then Eckart answers. Quest. and from people were reading along in the book. So I encourage you to get your own copy of a new earth awakening to your life's purpose. And join us for a thrilling, enlightening and spiritual. experience every Monday for the next ten Monday's. It's a do you hopefully a new you and new earth imo
the Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right. Now everybody. Today we start chapter two we're taking on the biggest thing ever the go now, for so many of us Eckart totally redefine the word ego because before a card. I knew it as a way to describe someone who is really kind of full of themselves like so, and so has a really big eagle. Well, that is what the ego is, but azure learning if you're
eating. This book is also saw much more pointing to a card. It's the part of us that causes all of the friction and the pain and suffering in our lives, its Part that holds onto all that painful baggage from our past and it's the part that makes us jealous, makes as angry makes us depressed and also fearful get that I mean it's just it's amazing when you do today. What we're going to do is focus on the first step of getting it, which is learning to recognize when your ego shows up. This was so big for me, big, big, big, big, big and the best part is
once you become aware of your ego, you start to develop some real spiritual muscle at a higher level of consciousness. I think that is the biggest while ever it's an hopping being being moment, so let's get going to be able to identify when that ego shows up. Since I read this book, I can adjust the instant my ear shows up a guy. That's ego shut that thing down onto chapter two. The ego welcome again a cartel it. Can you shared with us how there are tools that we can use to bring ourselves into the present moment, and you were saying from that first chapter, that and throughout this book that,
there is only the present moment and you were saying that if we would allow ourselves to take ourselves out of our mine in just go to our breath that that we kid could learn presence that way. That's how you begin to learn presents. Yes, yes, and I suggest that we all do that right now, which is to say we are taking. Attention right now, away from Wade usually dwells which is in the head and in the thinking mind and redirect our attention to our Bryce and the simple question, but one could ask is, or you could yourself is. Am I still breathing? Let's just check if I'm still breathing How do you find out whether you're still breathing, you have to take it up, away from the thinking, mind and sends yourself raising right now
And ass, you are taking attention away from the thinking, mind, which always watermarks using past and future sustains itself by always generating past and future. King. You also enter the present moment when you take attention away from thinking direct attention to your breathing. praising, but usually you're, not aware of it right now, we're
awareness to it, which means we are taking attention away from thinking, so we are not losing consciousness. We are very conscious, but thinking much less or perhaps not at all. Well, this is the most exciting chapter until you get to the next chapter, I think chapter two, the most exciting chapter chapter, one is pretty conceptual. You would agree even you're, the one who wrote it pretty conceptual, but in chapter two title iii girl, the current state of humanity we get into. I think, a way of understanding ourselves that perhaps so many people were not aware of until beginning to read this. So I would just like to just get right into two. This chapter, when you say when you don't cover up the world with words and labels,
a sense of the miraculous returned to your life. That was last a long time ago, when humanity, instead of using thought, became possessed by thought. What do you mean by that? No usually- and everybody can verify this in their own experience. We experience for local phenomenal world. Whatever we experience not, we need will not experience it directly. It is overlaid with self talk which other mental processes. So, as you go about your alive, you encounter situations, you meet people, you do your work and most of the time there is a voice in the hedge, which is the chemical self. Talk can be called the inner voice.
its, but it is the condition, thought processes and they are commenting and interpreting and mentally labeling whatever it is your perceiving or experiencing so there's always a running commentary in people's heads. They they dont, relate to the wild directly and immediately, but through the veil of the self talk. So when- and this greatly decreases the sense of alive nervously sense of how you how you relate to the outer world and especially to human being, for example, if every time I meet another human being, I immediately have certain thoughts and judgments, My head that come up the moment. I made a person, I'm already thinking something about this right. You ve already labelled I'm already labelled, and so I'm no longer really in communication with that person, I'm in community
asian with my own labels. Yes, and what you said to us last week, and you also say in this chapter: even a stone and more easily a flower or bird could show you the way back to God and the source to yourself. When you look at it or hold it and let it be without imposing a word, a mental label and what you were saying in last week is that if you can learn to do that in nature, first stop labeling things just feel the essence and presence of things it allows. You then, to be able to gradually move into doing that with people, because so often we don't engage with in presence with people. We ve already label them and label the situation, and so we are reacting out of the situations and not out of what is actually happening. Yes, that's what you say: yes, reward report, global environmental, boxers and you're the we no longer experience them in their full Eliven us. We have desensitized ourselves through this meant continuous mental conceptualisation. We have desensitized ourselves to the liveliness
other human beings, because the moment I put a label on another human being I've already desensitized myself to there. So you say the quicker you are and attaching verbal or mental labels to things, people or situations, the more Ellen page, twenty six, everybody, the bottom, the more shallow and lifeless reality becomes the more deadened you become to reality, the miracle of light, the continuously and falls within and around. Yes, I go for a walk every day in the little forest at home, and often I encounter people were jogging or friends, going for a walk and most people, some are listening to things on the headphones. Whatever is in there talking to their friends and very few people are actually truly present there as they walk through this beautiful far, and this is a spiritual practice,
and I recommend that people whenever they go out into major, especially practice being very a lot so that they can perceive the trees, the flowers, the plans, the sky yap without too much mental. I fear that so interesting, Heather from Vancouver Island. Allow, however, I am honoured to be speaking with the prisoners. Guy thinks this is fine, ok, go right ahead, missed it all I had lately man you on a spectacular, but I found it thought provoking and questions arose for me. For example, when we get free of the ego. Where does that energy? Who commission with questions? Yes? Thank you, the energy that was used by the eager now, what is the eagle basically consists of compulsive condition,
thought processes so that we are not aware of so. We identify so closely with the with Alice Dream of thinking that we don't even know that we are thinking. So all these energy is used up in continuous to a large extent, useless thinking even psychologist. I found out that ninety even psychologists were not interested in spiritual things. They looked at the nature of human thought and they discovered that ninety eight ninety nine percent of our thoughts,
quite useless and repetitive they're not really needed. So where does that energy go that energy? That then becomes freed from thinking and becomes presence, which is a new dimension, were not entirely new, because almost everybody has had glimpses of presence, but it is a dimension of consciousness that most people still don't know exists.
And really this is the essence of the whole teach and everybody's had glimpses of it. I'm sure you have to have their and every body whose listening to us everybody's head just tat little moment where everything is ok, we have just a moment of bliss where there's nothing particularly going on that would cause you to feel that, but there is, there is a sense of an awareness that causes. You too have, as you said, a glimpse of something bigger than yourself. Yes, it can come accidentally arms and comes into people's lives actually generally and suddenly reveal a gipsy of inner peace and liveliness and all rightness yes and all, and not because something particular have happened, and so it's there's no external costs for it. It's causeless joy on That's happened to you. Heather has happened to you. Occasionally occasionally yeah, then you wonder how did that happen
though I can make that happen again. Yes, it can also happen when you are engaged in very strenuous physical activity hard. So that requires all your attention, like climbing a mountain, so you need when you are climbing a war. You need to be totally present every moment. If you lose present, then start thinking about what you are going to do when you get down from the mountain you, you will probably have an accident, so certain activities very strenuous activities require absolute presence and some people become act, addicted to dangerous activities, because they feel much more alive in those mom because you need to be fully present. Yes, the reason why They think it's all much more life is because their thinking, almost nothing at all, because you had he present in order to align the man or to do strenuous activities. Your attention is absolutely right. All right Heather. Did that answer your question? Yes, it did, you think,
Thank you so much from Vancouver Island, Canada Heather, while Heather introduces this whole idea of the illusory self that you talk about. On page twenty seven, you say the word, I embodies the greatest error and the deepest truth depending upon how it is used. What do you mean by that? Is you they when people say I refer to what I call me and my story: yes, which is your personal history, let you identify with as yourself. So everybody has a story of course, because everybody has a past now most people are completely identified with a story that is their successes, alias right things that happen to them. Writing said they acquired. They see themselves as a victim, they cease emphasis.
successful whatever it is that there is a certain story that develop, because when you ask me who am I that's what I'm going to tell you my story votes IRAN, as is my failures where I was born. What I did what my mother data didn't do, that's who we think we are right now. What I'm saying is, and what all spiritual teachings point to is that that ultimately is not who you are in essence, it is no more than
collection of memories and, of course, memories are thoughts. It is no more than a bundle of thoughts, let you identify ways and that you believe to be who you are so that becomes an entity almost a mind, made entity yourself sense of self like a phantom entity that lives with you that you then referred to as myself. So you have me and myself, for example, in Greek, Miss
today we have the interesting story of Narcissus ceaseless was a young man lived out. The story goes. Mythology, of course, always embodies some truth that goes beyond the personal now faces happened to be walking, somebody saw suddenly he looked down and he saw his own image in a pool of water at a time of course, but they didn't have mirrors at the time. So it was a surprise for him to see himself reflected in a pool of water, and the story goes that he fell in love with himself. My view is that actually, a better translation is of the story is that he became obsessed with himself and that to me,
signals the beginning of the human eagle. It is to have a mental image in your head, ultimately, not out there. That's just a story, a mental image in your head of that you regard as yourself, and that mental image is the mind made me that consists of memories, things that happened to use things, failure, successes, opinions, all kinds of things are described them in the book together make up this. I, even if I'm not the memories, and I'm not the things that happened to me and I'm not my story than who am I that's the question. In fact, who am? I is actually a question that, in sums spiritual eastern spiritual teachings is used as a kind of mantra pointer that you repeat to yourself in meditation setting, so you sit down, and you ask you ask yourself who am I and you're not supposed to answer that question? You leave the blank after they question in that blank in that empty space if it works, if this practice works as it should you suddenly get us a sense of your own presence, it has nothing to do with your thought processes. Your own sense of conscious presents you're being this, your presence, which part of which is actually also your physical presence, but as a sense of alliances, every cell of the body becomes part of their sense of presence and liveliness. So ass we sit here. We can perhaps see if we can get a little glimpse of that a glimpse of our own presence, which again is nothing to do with thinking it is. It is deeper than
think. How do we get a glimpse of a sitting here? We get a glimpse of it. I recommend that see if you can feel the inner liveliness in your body, as you say to you, is there any sense in which you can feel that Europe that there is an eliven us in every cell of the body? Now, if people in my mind, thinking that your mind may be thinking? Yes, of course, I, like in the book, you say, field the alive and is in your hands again when I go to feel the alive. This in my hand, I can't feel their likeness in my hand, unless I had a mind in which to feel that no soul If you close your eyes and you hold out your hand, Lazarus S and then you, the question is: this: is a vibrating sensation in your head? Yes, you ask yourself, for example, I always have this.
access for people who have no idea what I'm talking about when I talk about in a body, okay! Well, that would be a lot of people. I am sure you hold your hand as close your eyes and then ask yourself how, without touching anything,
and without moving my hand. How can I know whether my hand is still here? How can I know that now your mind might say. Of course I know because I remember seeing it s a few seconds ago. I feel it. That's that's it you need to you feel the inside is alive. A subtle sense of warms or tingling is out of politeness. That is the beginning of forgetting in touch with you in a body the energy field. What do I need my brain to? Do that? Tell you need your conscience attention to do that and not thinking not thinking? No, that's the difference. You need attention which is consciousness. Yes, you need consciousness to feel it, but the consciousness than moves forward usually is just as it did when we started today with becoming aware of breathing obray. Now the consciousness moves into the sand, and if you can feel your hand, if you can feel one hand,
And also feel the other, and you can feel both hands. At the same time, you can perhaps also feel your boss arms and if you can feel arms, perhaps you can also failure. Feed ok end as I began to feel that in every body whose, with us around the world feels that then what this means is that the inner body visual, we also could call. This is what we are doing As they are practising embodiment, this keeps you in the present moment and keeps you present. It keeps you out of your thought. It arises is thinking about what I need to do tomorrow. Yes, and it takes you out of Eagle, because the eagle lives in your sword processes consists of.
Processes. Ok, so the moment you enter the inner liveliness of a body you you sense, there is a sense of self is deeper than thinking you on that. An Iphone is that you feel you that alive presence and soul- and this applies whether your past or your personal history, is a happy one on unhappy one for most people, it's a very mixed story. No personal history is entirely happy right with very few example, and then you just have to wait a little while until it becomes unhappy again, even the people who say I had a great childcare nor personal history are all very problematic, and it's not people think I'm only me. Is everybody everybody's personal history, export? What being human is? Yes,
so to be able to step out and find a dimension that has nothing to do with your past and your history, all whether you up oath miserable failure in the eyes of the world or your thoughts. This is all greater. Has nothing to do with that. Don't go anywhere more to come after this short break. Today's episode is supported by american heritage. Chocolate. Have you ever? baked anything that required graded chocolate. It can be a little messy and time consuming. Eric inherited Chocolate, Mars, Wrigley Brand has the answer. Finally, graded baking, chocolate easy to use and easy to melt all I have to do is measure and including your favorite recipes. Eric inherited chocolate, replace a semi sweet chocolate one to one in any recipe from Sir its savory dishes that work for breakfast lunch dinner and everything in between
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Eric inherited chocolate, dot com. I love it when you say what you usually refer to when you say I am on page. Twenty eight is not who you are by a monstrous act of reductionism, which is a great way of putting it. The infinite depth of who you are is confused with a sound produced by the vocal court at the thought of eye in your mind and whatever the eye has identified with. So what are the usual? I and the related me, my or mine, refer to you talk about when a young child first learned to identify my toy. Yes, votes will be giving off you go when the child starts to identify with an external object, and you can see when one the toy is taken away from a child after this identification has happened after it was the child thought of it. As my joy is enormous amount of pain in the child with tolerable start screaming and say it's mine, it's mine, so the toy has been taken away. Why is it so painful for the child
because it is the beginning of the ego. The eagle has lost something that it had identified with its misperception, of whom one is and saw its very tiles, links that the toy have something to do with them, who they arms, who they are. The identification shades go into spasms, yes, overtime, you're going it's just to get. I it would I later they lose interest in it right. So that's the beginning of aid, and that is because they think the toy is them. They think it's a part of it it. It add something to their sense of self rightly on. When you take it away, they think it is. Then they beat it's like losing a limb because it was became so much part of whom they thought they were on the child's mind. That's a part of me yes and then we grow up and, of course, the process continues. When we grow up our toys just get bigger, they get bigger and.
Why? Because I lost buys external possessions, yes, but is, of course possessions is an important part of all the things that people identify ways it become part of identity, but there are many other things apart from possessions by example, social position. How others see you, as you say, other things the identifies with is nationality race, religion, profession, mother, father, husband, wife, so on roles to play play opinions they hold you can see,
example when, when Japan the our roles, they are actual roles in opiate alarm, mothers and fathers, and yes, you now yes and no- it's important, of course, to fulfil the functions that you have in this world and mother and father. I'm potent functions as your national holiday in your raise. That's it's fine identify with those it's fine to honour all these things, but if that's all you have, then you lost in a surface reality that we always turns into becomes painful in turns into conflict. Ok, you can see, for example, and people are discussing and if somebody question somebody's opinion very often immediately they become defends,
Right, sometimes even aggressive Rostov shouting right, because opinions again is another thing that has my belief line there. Then, if I were the thought they hold a mental position and than anybody or questions that mental position immediately becomes your enemy, because you believe you're being attacked, you're not being attacked, but the image that you have of yourself and the opinion is part of that. The eagle believes its being attacked so you're saying that whenever you can see that that's what you're thinking when you can see the illusion of that the moment you can see the illusion of these thoughts in my head. This is something I've told myself. I believe this is something I believe I have told myself that identify with that when you can see that
see, you're or the observer is, who you really are yes and the sea or the observer is the presence of the awareness and you're saying there's two of us at all times. Yes, there is the formulas awareness, and that is the form that thought becomes. Thought is an energy formation, and so the that you have just mentioned the essence is to be that asked the awareness, When it happens, right, I'm gonna go to Victoria Vittoria lives in Bali, Victoria, hello, hello, Aloha can't wait to get their. Thank you oh per hour, MR totally, for this also opportunity. I was diagnosed over ten years ago with systemic lupus in our aim and I bitterly active person. But two years ago I gave up my business. My health deteriorated.
Ah ha moment in this book on page fifty one. I need to realise that I had unconsciously cleaned to my illness and I'm taking is out of the book because I put it to myself because it had actually become the most important part of who I proceed myself to be. How can I undo this identity, and how can I stay focused when I'm in excruciating pain from the illness, to have peace constantly and not just flee moments? That's real! Yes, that's! That's we'll! Yes! Now the most important thing has already happened, which is you have become aware that up to now, you had been identified with the idea of I am sufferer of such and such an illness, so the illness had become thought forms in your head and you had identified where these sword forms and took them to be where you are and now the most important thing. Your questions still is still valid but realise that the most appalling has already happened, which is the awareness has arisen, so you have there's a space now between yourself and your sword, processes and the image of yourself ass, a sick person now another thing of holes, in addition, you can do- is, for example, no longer talk about your illness to other people, except when you visited doctor that doesn't that than otherwise the more you talk about it, real friends, acquaintances, family members, the more you keep that process going in power at tea empowers the disease. That's right ass! So if you can just go, take a decision now that, from
I'm not going to talk about it, and if people ask me about my illness, which they are going to do because they use perhaps use to you talking about it, you sleep well, it's I'm doing all I can to find healing in this, and I am making good progress go as far as that and dont encourage people to ask you questions and just say that sought is normal, mentioning my illness. So you begin on the external level not to talk about it anymore, except when, of course, when you need to talk to doctors and that will have also sought an influence on your sword processes, and then you can gradually also refrain from thinking of yourself ass, a sick person and perhaps give less thought to your illness and focus attention more on. Well being now, you may ask well, but if I don't feel good, you are feeling. How can I give attention to? Well being you can still do that one way,
is to see well being around you and nature, because nature is just an embodiment of well being of now a lot of really do that: Maui, yes, you're the best the best place and also their well being, even if certain parts of your body feel unwell. Painful and again, we are coming back to the sensing, the inner body there always parts of your body where you can still find well being in your hands arms wherever take some attention, injury body and see. Where can I reckon I most strongly feel get a sense of well being in the body and then take your attention there, so you choose to direct attention too well,
being, rather than dwelling on the idea of illness. That does not mean the panes gonna go away, go she said. She's physical pain may still be there. That's fine, but not aspire to pain is concerned. Pain unfortunately requires surrender. You need to see that the pain is there so that you do not generate an additional level of psychological pain which complains about being in physical pain, because if the mine starts to complain about being in physical pain, you have two levels of pain. You have psychological pain and physical pain. Gotta leave is complying with Red Green who just at the right now. This is how it is it's there don't resisted dont resisted what do you can't advised treatment goes of course, dont resisted Don, create psychological playing on top of the physical. Are you following at Victoria yeah? I got it makes sense to you
You know it really. Does it does? Yes, let's move onto content and structure of the ego on page thirty, four eyes very exciting. When you really get these concepts of the ego, you sake that there's there's the ego it mine is completely conditioned by the past. Its conditioning is two fold. It contents consists of content and structure. What do you mean by that content? Is whatever it is you don't,
If I was and that then you take to be yourself so that varies depends what culture you live in depends on your upbringing. It depends on your personal circumstances, is different for everybody's gave us where everybody, although their certain similarities in this in the same cultural field, like some similarities in Amerika in France or whatever country, you live in certain similarities of things that pertain to that particular nationality. That people died and if I with nevertheless from person to person, yes, it differs, the content differs one person may attend to fly with very strongly held religious beliefs and believe that everybody else's either, who does not hold these religious beliefs, very rigid ego or another person again device very strongly with the company they work for, and they feel they ve I've heard stories in in Japan where people when they got dismissed from their job, they committed suicide. They were so. I then defied was their company that, when they lost their job, which which until recently was very rapidly into it, would keep your job for the rest of your life. So it became part of who we thought you wear that letter and if they didn't commit suicide, they suffer dreadfully because their dented eager taken away- or that, of course is pseudo. Identity is not its not who you truly are it's out of the eagle and all that is content. The structure of the ego basically consists of identification. The eagle seeks something or things to identify with what it is, does not really matter for one person. One person identifies him or herself with a very positive looking eagle, meaning I'm I'm the greatest thing that ever lived, it might be a delusion is, but but it's all, another person might identified with a very negative eagle image, like I'm the most wretched pass on that as ever lived life has treated me so unfairly. I have suffered so much more than you. Let me tell you about it. Many egos like that, just as strong as egos who think they are the greatest, so the eagle can be predominantly name
if it can be predominantly positive, but in either case it's eagle capitalize. For us what unites the whole chapter is about the current state of humanity being the eager, but can you put in a capsule when it is the ego? The ego is a false sense of self based on mental concepts. So that's in identity relation with form. I gently vacation with form. Visa fees are yes, but what do we have that? Why do we have an eagle we're we're all human we all have? One might well have lines, you say yours last week you said yours died. Does that mean you don't have one? You said yours died in that moment. When you wanted to kill yourself, I am so miserable. I cannot. I can live with myself. No longer. Yes, he said in that moment your ego dive. Yes, whenever came back and died forever. Yes, if I may say that it simply means it sounds like some great achievement or not at all, it means is I'm no longer. Dandified was my sword processes. I know when thoughts happen. I know they're just thoughts. I don't look for myself in some opinions that I hold of myself some mental concept, including the concept that I am free of Eagle. I dont think in those terms, because if I had this mental concept, I am free of ego, there will be eager game and this can happen very easily. Ego is any identification with form. Yes, you cause what we really are
is the awareness that we are. I didn't effect fight with four, yes and the more you can become aware that you are, I didn't find with things you create a space that separates you from the thing. Yes, because the question is when you are aware that you I don't do flight. Who is it that is aware? What is it is a new dimension of dimension of consciousness that comes from a deeper level, you're so, but how do we live in the world without things we have to have things we have to live in a house, I'm nothing transportation, altering wrong, we're things we have close. We have to be closed. Nothing wrong. We're things, nothing wrong with thoughts, nothing wrong with opinions, but the moment you identify with opinions are, then you need to defend them. Maybe they become part of YO pseudo image right, there's, nothing wrong with possessing things, but when you, when you become a dentist,
then, first of all, if you lose something immediately, you will suffer. I love when you say the people and the advertising industry know very well that, in order to sell things that people don't really need, I'm on page thirty, five everybody they must convince them that those things will add something to how they see themselves or are seen by others. In other words, add something to their sense of self. They do this, for example, by telling you you will stand out from the crowd by using this product, and so by implication, be more fully yourself. You say in so many cases you're, not
I'm a product but an identity enhanced sir, I thought that was so designer labels are primarily collective identities that you buy into. They are expensive and therefore exclusive. If everybody could buy them, they would lose their psychological value, and all you would be left with would be their material value which likely amounts to a fraction of what you paid interesting. Ok, I want to go back to the identification with things, because that is an issue for so many people. The unchecked striving for more for endless growth, you say is a dysfunction, ended disease. On page thirty, seven, like the cancer cell, whose only goal is to multiply itself unaware that its bringing about its own destruction by destroying the organism of which it is apart. Ok, we have Joyce for Minnesota choice. What is your question? I thought I thought this applied to you. Yeah yeah does that, unfortunately, it applies to my son as well. He came home from kindergarten
I said, I'm so happy to see you and I'm in such a good mood, and he said oh good, does that mean we get to go shopping? Its rubbing often hand so what my question is: how do I reverse that process in here? First of all, let me ask you this: you you're reading the book correct! Yes right, so you ve gotten to chapter two already. Yes, yes! So when you read that, did you see yourself in the pages. I did that the half for me was in seeing of who you are not the your real self emerges thrills Think along a lifesaver quoted in one of my favorite quote in this chapter, is when you can no longer feel the life that you are. Yes, you are likely to try to fill up your life with thing. Yes, that be what you're trying to do. That was me. Am I.
since I started reading this book. I've gotten so much better. I I am not searching for that thing anymore. I think I was trying to find my identity and things. And since I started and I really don't have any interested in that anymore. I have discovered so much more about myself, I'm artistic and I'm doing sculptures engine, things I never did before so working outbreak
I just want to know how to enforce that in my son as well, since he's only five all well, while the most important change has already happened in you, so you ve become aware of the old pattern you ve gone beyond it and its inevitable that now this will. Even if you don't say anything, it will transmit itself to your son. Also when, after a while, your son see said the importance that you gave to acquiring things has diminished, then he will also reflect that. That is how it works with young children. It will take some time yet, as he asked for it. Since it has been a baby, you ve been a shop
all it- and so that's what he has seen, that's what he's taken in that's what he I dinner fought he identifies with as pleasure and when you, when you say I'm in a good mood and things are going well well, let's go shopping mommy, because that's where these are re always done. Yes, another thing that change that perhaps you could do is to point out things to him, that of intrinsic value that you cannot buy so, for example, the natural world trade, whatever you see out in nature of infinite intrinsic value, and you can bite, don't pick flowers, for example, dont encourage him to because that's the acquisition instinct instinct to all. I want that for myself, why not allow the flower to be there and enjoy it for a few seconds as you look at it so point out things and engage in activities to have set, involve nature and see that is of greater value than anything that you see the shopping, mall.
And it does not mean that you don't buy anything anymore. Occasionally, you may come across something that looks truly beautiful. That speaks to you and you may acquire it, but it's no longer Compulsive Wilmington University works join us on line for our virtual open house on. I told her twenty first explore flexible one hundred percent on my programs and get your application. He waved at this event details. Will you don T use like open house? You say we need to
another world of things, not despise it, but we cannot honour things if we try to find ourselves through them. Yes, and how do we honour them? You all know them by giving them attention. I sometimes I have a few possession center. I love and are sometimes just hold them. Look at them, they're beautiful, to look at if they, if somebody stole them it, let's find somebody else wants them more than I did. Finally, let go this nor identification, but they can be enjoyment in things can enjoy a beautiful. You might come across a beautiful picture and to bite. You might come across a beautiful fabric, whatever it may be, you see beauty there, and sometimes it will be enough to acknowledge the order in the shop windows. I wasn't that beautiful cause. I don't need it and you boycott on, and you can t and that's a wonder as act. There's a lot of ever had there's a lot of France uniform. Let's leave it there. I admire
beauty. What about that joys? Thirdly, Romania Window, it's the same is taking all or you don't need duplicate. That's that's a thought, online and join you can walk around us
Don't do it anymore, but sometimes would enjoy walking around a few stores or when I lived in London I would sometimes walked on regions trade. Always beautiful stores, Indo shop Window shopping. Look in nice would I want to buy it now, even if I can just accept that it's beautiful and motivate them, then let it be. Thank you Joyce. Thank you talk about the illusion of ownership and page forty two. You say the ego tends to equate having with being and lives through comparison, and you use a quote from the Bible. The Jesus said blessing to the point spirit. Jesus said, for there will be the kingdom of Heaven. What does point spirit mean no inner baggage, nor the commission's. I never knew that's what points means. How did you come to that interpretation of what point me? There was a time after I went through this. Inner shift must push being. Three years later I was visiting my mother and she had a new testament on a shelf. I picked it up and I started reading. I could suddenly see the truth. It was hiding there and that in many cases the conventional interpretation was superficial. One of Jesus had said, and that was one of the things that I needed. We saw when you said poor in spirit. I realized it to do with not carrying stuff inside so that your spirit is very light. It has no burden, and so there are many things at that time I write and suddenly so he was talking about wakening into about living in living in that free state of consciousness, wonderful, suddenly to be able to reach.
It is in summit or make sense which before haven't mates- and you also talk about renouncing nation possessions- will not automatically free of the ego that there are people who have renounced oppositions but have a bigger ego than some millionaires. So if you take away one kind of identification, the ego will quickly find another. For instance, I'm a more spiritual person than you are. Yes, you see this all the time. Yes, yes or its identification is their religion to say, I'm better I'd. Why? Because, yes, or even an image of myself as a spiritual person, I'm more spiritual than you, for example, there could be. Theoretically, you could have a man driving a rolls Royce and then in the same street man riding a bicycle and it is quite possible. Not necessarily, of course, could be the other way round, but it's quite possible that the men or bicycle may have a bigger ego than they arose if he thinks of himself ass, spiritually superior to the man in the rolls Royce and too eager compares itself always to others. Yes, in order to find some superiority somewhere. Yes, because another favoured coat put is that any time you feel yourself superior or inferior to any body. It is always your ego. Yes, that's very interesting. You can observe yourself than in many situations, because the eagle always looks out when you come into a group of people or you meet new people and it wants to position itself somewhere. Am I better looking at this present moment more knowledgeable in this person or joy, my more wealthy than this passion, always this person warmer than me, so it tries to position itself and that then leads either to a sense of superiority or inferiority and both ego. Yes, what made me also think about? One of the situations in our country in particular here in the United States, is that people live lives in debt. There indebted credit card dead overwhelmed by debt because of what you talk about an page, forty sixth wanting the need for more.
wanting, keeps the ego alive much more than having. Let's talk about that now that we're going to structure of the ego gas because we have been talking about content and structure and one of the main structure of the ego is, it is never satisfied. So, for example, when you have attained a goal or change something that you wanted, I got a nice house, not a nice house as things in the house and after a little while it no longer satisfies you and that's always a sign that that was the was an ego, because I now need nicer things. Yes, they need more square footage. Yes, yes saw nothing satisfies the eagle for long and therefore it can needs to continue to look for war and, of course- and this is to do also with the Eagles need for future, because it's only by attacked attaching I'm due importance to the future, because it looking for more in the future moment, it seeks to complete itself at some point in it wants to attain something in addition to
We already know how do we stop that and began to be satisfied where we are with what we have and who we are well, first of all to see the illusion of seeking fulfilment and the future. Sometimes people need to have lived for a while to see that that's actually drew it. No matter. What do you achieve or what you Jane you're, not satisfied for life,
so, how do we do about this? We realise that the thing that is of prime importance in our lives, we had always overlooked and that's the eagle in us had always overlooked lead, and that thing that is of absolutely prime importance in our life is the present moment. The present moment is actually the easiest exit points out of the eagle state of consciousness, because when you are absolutely present in this moment the eagle com survive, there's only conscious presents the eagle, lead lives through past and future. It identifies with the past, but it's not a very happy identity and it looks to the future Wade once this letter. The other two complete itself was someone's asked me: what about our past memories that are pleasant? You have you happy Times Cycle Jim Race, ok, and when you, when you remember those memories, it's also the present moment. So, no matter what you remember from the past, when those things happened, whether pleasant or unpleasant, did they happened in the past that what we say these things happened in the past, but I've got to happen in the now, because nothing can happen in the past. There is only the now and when you remember something from the past, when do you remember it now and when you think of something that may happen in the future? When do you think of that now and when then think that thing actually happens when does that happen now, so there is no life apart from now, and that is very important realizations for people to have, because the eagle continuously overlooks the now it thinks past and future are more important. It gives much more importance to past and future and the now, just almost as if didn't exist,
and what you are saying is as it is that if we can learn three condition our selves to be present now, then we can be more alive, is to do whatever it is going to be in the future. Yes has even when the future gets here. It will only be now yes, the known as the foundation for the rest of your life without rest of your life will also be the nor that it Madeline from a pencil being is thirteen years old on the phone with question Madeline high I low on page forty seven at the end of the second paragraph descendants read in ten funding that has specific object can often be found in the still developing eagle teenagers, some of whom are in a permanent state of negative
the dissatisfaction yes by setting this. Are you implying that teenagers cannot be awakened that, although readings book, I may have no chance in reaching consciousness really because I'm thirteen and my ego is not fully developed goal? Adeline go Mattawa. I just think the fact that you could ask the question pretty darn good. Yes, now the first thing you are more advanced, and I was at thirty than most of us I'd say I
not have been able to read? You understand that book when I was thirteen saw. It certainly does not mean that you cannot be awakens because you already awakening, because if you are not already awakening the book would be completely meaningless to you. So there's a new generation growing up in the morning, youngsters now than before, who may not have to go through the extreme egoism illusion that we had to go through in our generation, and you may be one of them. It doesn't mean perhaps that your ego will not develop at all the eagle will develop but
I dont believe that you will be asked trapped in Eagle, as I had to ask to be. I can't speak. The o Brien organised crime, rather RAP, was harry. Trapped saw your chances are excellent. Already awakening it's wonderful to see. Let me ask you this, though Madeline, when you are just read as their passage at the bottom of the page, forty seven intense wanting that has no specific object can often be found in the still developing ego teenagers. So what you see There is at the eagle. Teenagers is still in the process of roll coming and also Madeline. Don't you see it in your friend the sort of Garry Intent wanting yeah? Can you ok? So I think that's what he was talking about. You talk about all your friends, but not Madeline. Do you detect in trends wandering in yourself he occasionally occasionally but you're not totally identified because
you know it's there. There is an awareness. There is. Are you understanding the book? Madeline yeah? It makes a lot of sense actually. What what? What greater you and actually I'm an eighth grade based gray? Ok, we'll great to hear from you. Thank you. So much thank can't keep reading a thank you. Thank you. That's pretty cool in thirteen I couldn't listen. I was in so much trouble Thirteen up didn't. Hydro. Ok, as we make our way in the world, this is from Japan Toil Husky, Japan
as we make our way in the world being continent assertive are characteristics. It help us get a job that big promotion. I realize now that these are trades that are associated with ego, and so the question then becomes. How, then, does one move beyond the ego great question? How does one move beyond the ego become aware of? The ego is the first, but can't you still be the biggest jerk on earth and still just be aware of it, and so I'm a jerk boy, that's ledgers! Some big ego mine, you owed looking earlier of thinking, you know you can be in the moment, still being one of those road waging people road raging jerk in the moment,
that you are road raging jerk in the moment. It's unlikely that at that moment you are actually aware really, because if you are aware than you cannot be totally possessed by the eagle by the form, the thought form of the emotional form. Ok, if that is the way that the pain body, that's taken. Oh yes, if that, if the dimension of awareness is present, you are not totally in the grip of eagle and saw, but leave the quickest way out of eagerness to practice. As much as possible living in the present moment, which means to give more attention due to this moment than to the future of the past, to make this moment, though, the primary factor in your life rather than future impasse. Of course, you still use future possible practical purpose
This helps to bring an appointment to go from here to there. It's all find it works very well means being present ass, much ass possible being open to whatever arises in the present moment. I wanted I use, and I think it may be helpful for many people is make friends with the present moment, because the eagle doesn't come to that the eagle always his antagonistic at once and best it uses surprise moment as a stepping stone because stepping stone, because it wants to get to the next moment which promises greater fulfilment, invest, but in many cases the eagle actually resists the present moment. So, if you can make the present moment into the primary focal point of your life and live, then Eagle will very quickly diminish in you because it cannot survive. The present moment saw the eagles. How you do it? That's how? Yes, I'm moves beyond the yes, the eagle present, so the eagle lives as if people are present.
by the eagle, live as if the present moment, where the enemy, the severe stress they want to get someone else whenever Unita they're doing something, but they really already want to be at the end of their doing. They don't want to be where they are I'd rather be somewhere else. They don't want to be who they are ways they dont, if there's always a striving away from now internally and that's of costly dysfunction. I just had a moment like that to take us. I was waiting on somebody. They get something ready and they said sorry, we so sorry when her every waiting- and I got no. I took the lesson from the book now, I'm just here being with myself, not waiting on anything. This view waiting you in anticipation in Europe wanting to be out of that more
That's right, I guess what are you doing waiting means you dont like this moment right rather have another moment. So whenever you are weightings wages vague? Yes, why not practice being rather than waiting, which means completely inhabit this moment and feel your body perhaps feel the energy future. That's very, very, very pleasant. To feel that you alive all right. We have one ass phone call, question from Michel in Philadelphia, hello, Precario, good, gown, yeah I acted like a lot of it so excited at. You call me my question was that I'm a little bit confused with chapter two, I under then the quote: if someone takes your shirt, let him have your code as well, but
Where do you draw the line without getting walked all over? I do not want to be an egotistical person, but at the same time I don't want to get taken advantage of good glow of having a little bit confusion with that good. All it says is sometimes letting go, there's more power in letting go than in clinging or hanging on to something. So there are situations when you actually become empowered when you let go rather than when you calling it does not mean that people walk all over you. In fact, Isley is. There are situations when you have to say no very clearly to us to a situation or to a person, but even that no, the camp of the cabin you're coming of two different kinds. Usually the know, is very negative. When you say no to a person, person says I'll, give you a ride home and you see the person is drunk. Of course you wouldn't say yes just to be lessened, you say no now do you signed, nor with negative energy and in a state of resistance, or do you say no, that is positive. Will you simply? It simply means that clear and straightforward? No, I won't do that. This is very different from the resistance. No, I call it the the no. That is not negative. A high quality, no two, so you saying be able to be in the state of presents an awareness so that you can surrender whatever needs to be surrendered, yes, said, does not mean and surrendered does not mean allowing ourselves to be walked over, but to be fully presents
but you can be conscious of of of what always going yes for remained in some cases is its fine to say here. If you want to take it and other cases, it's it's not depending upon what the situation is based upon, the truth of of who you are in any given moment. Yes, yeah. Ok, I gotTa Michel God. I don't think you know what I'm depression. It helped me to get it so much clear language, the peace that passes all understanding that you talk about on page fifty six. What is that peace? The breeze comes when you live in internal alignment with the present moment, which means what is whatever is when you no longer argue with what is when you don't fight it internally. This present moment already always is even if it's a situation that you don't want, even if you don't want it, it is. You must accept it first, except for
and then you take action, as that was the might example used last. Yes, you get if you stuck in the mud. This is where I am right now, I'm here and then you take action, but that Action no longer arises out of negativity, which is they have an you, don't like to be where you are when you dont, like this moment, always friendly with the present moment. Accepting the isthmus of the present moment then move on from there. Then, whatever action you take is actually empowered by life itself, when you are in a state of negativity or resistance, action is not empowered by life, so it's not inspired and much less effective than action that comes out of state of nonresistance right before we say goodbye. I'd like to thank you for being with a cart and with me spend this week. We reading and thinking about.
after three chapter three is all about the core of ego. I thank you again, a cart, and this is the cause I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review this punk guest join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening. Wilmington University works find out. Why, at our virtual open house on October, twenty first details at www, DIY, do use large open house.
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