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A New Earth: The Pain Body (Chapter 5)

2019-03-10 | 🔗

In this episode, which focuses on chapter five of “A New Earth,” Oprah Winfrey and one of the great spiritual thinkers of our time, Eckhart Tolle, discuss how unresolved emotional pain can wreak havoc in people's lives and relationships. Eckhart also answers questions from people who are reading along in the book. The episode is part of a 10-part series on Eckhart’s ground-breaking book, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” For the next six Mondays, these insightful and uplifting podcast conversations give you a chapter-by-chapter class on practical teachings to help you discover an enlightened state of consciousness. You’ll learn how to quiet your mind, get your ego in check and live a fully present life.

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Hello to all you podcast listeners, every Monday we're bringing you something really special one of the great spiritual. Thinkers of our time ITALY and I are giving you a after by chapter class, on what I believe is his groundbreaking masterpiece, Eckart best selling book a new earth awakening to your life's purpose, spoke resonate with me in such a profound way. I truly think that it's the most important book I've, read its changed. The way I lived my life, so much so that I always have a copy of my nightstand, because I can't They give myself a refresher course, and now, more than ever, we need to create what Eckart calls a new earth in either personal lives in our communities and the world, give it to listen and over episodes you You too will be opened up and learn how
quiet, you're mine get your ego in Czech live a fully more present life. My greatest hope is that guard, quiet, wisdom and patient teachings will resonate with you as they have with me. So I encourage you to get your own copy of a new earth awakening to your life, its purpose and join us for a thrilling, enlightening and spiritual. experience every Monday for the next ten Monday's. It's a do you hopefully, a new you and new earth.
I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now, Super cellars, we're nearly halfway through our new earth series with Eckhart Tolle, one of my favorite spiritual singers of all time so chapter five wow. It is a really good one. It helps explain a lot. It is about how all the stuff you're dragging around from your past, is causing all kinds of pain and drama right now in the present and card has a name for this. He calls it the pain body. Oh this one's a game. Changer I got to tell you:
once. You began connecting to the idea of the pain, but you can see it. You can. I mean we all know somebody words shown up big time and it may be showing up on you. You gonna have new perspective on those moments when it feels like all your buttons are being pushed. It's that pain body shown up and if you ve ever had long standing issues with a family member, a friend, you might just find the secret to healing a broken relationship, so let the boys began onto chapter five, the pain body where, at the halfway mark and I'd like to thank all of you who are committed to this work and make time every week to share this space with and to give this to yourself so together, I believe that we are beginning to create powerful changes in our lives as individuals and then putting that out into the world before it started. I want to share something with all of you. I friend Elizabeth lesser of the Mega Institute, sent me a poem
I'd like to share with every body, so listen to this Eckhardt, it says, stand still the trees ahead and bushes beside you,
are not lost wherever you are is called here and you must treat it as a powerful. Stranger must ask permission to know it and be known the forest breathes. Listen, it answers. I have made this place around you. If you leave it, you may come back again saying here. No two trees are the same two raven, no two branches of the same to ring. If what a tree or a bush does is lost on you, you are surely lost stand still. The forest knows where you are, you must let it find. You told your love, but what I am finding to reading this book and then,
working with you every week is that everything starts to be sacred mean everything starts to be. You can find the sacred in the most ordinary of things and that their there is. There is a there's, a calmness and stillness to almost everything. If you can get quiet enough yourself to feel it yeah that's what's happening to me as so many other people are experiencing, whatever you are experiencing, how this this, the reading of this book, the awakening for you, is taking on whatever form it. Doesn't your life. That's that's what I'm saying for myself this there's everything's magical, never have to be bored ever No, no, that's and, and the need for artificial stimulus goes from people continuously me too, they get home the need to switch something Anja, some kind of entertainment
You can still enjoy entertainment, but you're not dependent anymore. On that to fill you up while tonight we're discussing chapter, five so glad we're in the bay, and so wanted to just start with my idea of an overview of this chapter, you say that in this chapter that human mind seems to be hooked on on my me and my son or a constant mine chatter that keeps negative Oceans, alive and personalize is everything you say the beginning of this chapter on page on twenty nine m on everybody that the greatest part of most people's thinking involuntary automatic and repetitive, it's no more the kind of mental static and fulfils no real purpose. Strictly speaking, you don't think thinking happened to you. The statement I think implies the
Can you say implies that you have a say in the matter that there's a voice involved on your part, but really, you say I think is just as false statement is I'd digest or I circulate. My blood digestion happens, circulation happens, thinking happens. So it's becoming aware that thinking happens to you all the time. The key is becoming aware of it.
happening to every body until the awareness occurs than your identity fight was that voice in the head with its repetitive thought patterns, and that is most people want. Most people are trapped in and it makes up their superficial personality with all that the continuous repetitive judgments and likes and dislikes and prejudices, and on whatever makes up the content of that he going mind. So people are trapped in that and derive their sense of self from that, which is ultimately insubstantial conditioned by the past, not who they are absolutely, and you say also in chapter five, the pain body. You show how this addiction to being these thoughts in our head, this addiction to these thoughts in our head. This negativity is at the root of humanity's price,
once on page one, thirty, seven, you right we're species that has lost its way. Yes and we are lost by could say. Also we are species lost, we're lost in thought. We ve lost our selves in the mind sword, looking for some kind of identity in the movement of thinking, without ever really It saw it most important step in any police awakening is to realise that there is a voice in the head that doesn't stop speaking
When you realise all this, and then you begin to realise what kinds of things the voice is saying: repetitive, judgments and so on negative thoughts about yourself about other people about situations in specially all these repetitive negative thoughts that many people are trapped with. You become aware that, yes, he knew where you, then you become aware that its really just a story that you ve told herself about yourself. Yes and that's all, it is yes right. It has no power. This yes, in the past, has no power over your bob. Did the power comes in video awareness that there is a voice? Yes, ghostly awareness is not part of it, and that is part of being becoming present. Yes, one of my favorite quoted this discharge
There is nothing on page one, forty one, nothing ever happened in the past. I can prevent you from being present now and if the past cannot prevent you from being present now, what power does it have? Yes, many people are so attached to the past that they carry a burden like like carrying out a huge sack on your back, a burden that road you're done to fight with that, and they believe that their unable to be present because the past prevents them from being present. But you can't do that. You can step out of the stream of thinking. Take your attention into the present and immediately the past. No longer has the power over you, because nothing ever happened in the past. That can prevent you from being present us now. You say that the core of all of this is the pain body. On page one, forty one. We read that any negative emotion
that is not fully faced and seen for what it is in the moment it arises, does not completely dissolve the energy field of old, but still very much alive. Emotion that lives in almost every human being is the pain body in chapter five introduces us to the pain body. Amazing. You know when I read this, I thought about my childhood now of shared my childhood blood to people and as a child. I was raised by my grandmother for the first six years of my grandmother used to whip me, often like I used to get beatings on a regular basis, and it was really a part of our culture, and I know many of you will raise this way to that. Not only would you get beaten for almost you know for doing nothing for you broken glass or you, you know, spoke out of turn. Are
whatever the adult deemed was was inappropriate for you in that moment, but I would get beaten and then I was never allowed to have any emotion about it. I remember feeling many times my grandmother would with wood whip me with switches. She would break the switches together now get a whipping and then in the middle of whipping me she'd say: stop your crying! Stop your crying and I'd get whipped until I would stop crying and then afterwards she would say you better wiped that power offer your face. You better put a smile on your face, so you'd have to now act as though the beating that you just had didn't happen, and when I read this that any negative emotion that is not fully faced and seen for what it is in the moment it arises does not completely bizarre.
it leaves behind a remnant pain. I realized that that pain of not being able to express the emotion of just being able to be angry at me. Now I see kids today when their parents say something and the like of kids can say I don't I q or that upset me or you know, God forbid, eight you, which you know in my culture, was never allowed. You had to suppress that whatever you're feeling, if you're bleeding white, that pout off your face, wipe your tears, stop crying right now and show that would be a huge pain body that
within that carrying especially as a child, because you're gonna children, especially not carry it saw, did you find than that. As you grew up that there was a lot of unexpressed, negative emotion in new, I didn't it wasn't unexpressed and it was repressed ability to it. It's what caused me to have the disease to. Please, for so long a desire to please I've been everybody. Has the ability to say the moment this upsets me, or this really bothers me or what you are doing, I dont like was not something I felt I could do for the longest time. Silver. You ve all these negative remnants of negative emotions. They become they accumulate the body like mine,
yes and then together they form what I call, because now we need a real said. Any emotion that you have is a form of energy that I accept a loving to most people right, just as every thought you have is a form of energy by every thought is energy. So there's nothing spooky about that. So when we say when I say that the the pain body can be curbed, considered almost an entity in its own right that lives in new some people find that's a little spoken, but all that I'm trying to say That is an energy form entities and other word for it, so that an energy form lives in you
you may not be aware of all the time, because some of the time it is dormant and it's only active for certain percentage of time- so. First realisation is that there is something in me that seeks unhappiness that seeks unpleasant experiences. It seeks more negativity because it feeds on those things. Those things negative thoughts will feel the pain body, which is one of the favourite wise. The main body to feed, is on your own, Oh it's all. This is very important for people to realise to observe within themselves that
we are currently in many people, an addiction to negativity arises and if you can be recognised, as it rises than you are no longer totally at the mercy of it right because the awareness dissipates yes, yes- and so back to this point, though, whenever there is negative it a in your life that you never fully dealt with, that negativity, the energy, that negativity has to go someplace and you're, saying where it goes, is inside us and from
everybody knows up struggle with my weight for years. For me, that's the form that that it takes for our lot of other people. It makes them outwardly. You know angry or negative towards other people, yes, but it has to take some form for some people it makes them sick makes them ill, yes and a very frequent manifestation of it. Perhaps the most frequent manifestation of the pain body is in intimate relationships where periodic play partners have to go through that drama that have to re enact drama every few weeks, so in some cases every few days they go through intense emotional negativity and usually the pain body awakens passed in one and either the man all the way
fast and when the pain body awakens it wants some kind of reaction. Nigger emotional residing that from the other, because it feeds on it so much people have realised when I've spoken about it, the rest, oh yes, this is happening in our relationship, periodically the need, the pain body arises, and it then will attempt to push the partners buttons, as they are called in some form of psychotherapy, listening, pushing the persons Patents means the pay body knows exactly what Barton's to push in your partner buttons. It will certainly bring a negative reaction at ease the pain body. Ultimately, this feeling of not being good enough is the pain body there, Because of a feeling of not being worthy of not knowing its sense of presence or consciousness, is that why it's? What regarding its emotional aspect of the ego. Yes,.
Oh really paying body is part of the ego and it's a very unhappy entity, but because its very existence consists of this unhappy vibration, it does not want an end to its unhappiness, because an entrance unhappiness is the end of the two, the pay the body tat. It thought it don't go anywhere more to come after this short break. today's episode is supported by american heritage. Chocolate have you ever Baked anything that required graded chocolate, it can be a little messy and time consuming. Eric inherited Chocolate, Mars, Wrigley Brand has the answer. Finally, graded baking, chocolate easy to use and easy to melt all, I have to do is measure and including your favorite recipes, Eric inherited chocolate, replace a semi sweet chocolate one to one in any recipe from sir its savory dishes that work for breakfast lunch dinner and everything in between
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question about the pain body and her sister. I do and thank you operate so much for this first encounter Mr Charlie N, two thousand five and have read it at least four times you write on page one. Forty eight then the pain bodies, love intimate relationships, Ryan Families, because that is where they get most of their food. That really resonated. For me. I had a huge aha moment, because I have a sister who has always interact. with every one in the family in a very dramatic way, and there I always consider Gotta be a drama queen. Who would rather have a problem then solve a problem. But after reading this chapter it helped me so much understand more about her and what was
Going on and why she was interacting with us the way that she is. My question is now that I've seen them Of course I wanted to collar and having read the book and but you ve already talked about how sometimes that's not necessarily the best way to approach right people, I have. What is the way we? How can I really We connect the family. She is separated from our family. She separated from her children from us and we had no relationship and awe, and it's really tragic, and I want to do something to help bring us back together and dont know what to do. So at the moment you have no contact with her at all. She has totally but John everything. I do sent her
males every month or so just to check in Sometimes she response, but very terse and cold most times, not well being Oh boy on, I hope but unity will arise for you to get together some points or you can continue to enjoy If there is an event, um or whatever and then just be open, and but when she does come, it's very important for you to not to by into her drama, I dont know this happened in the past, with a she used to draw other family members into her drama. That's usually that the tendency yeah now, when you meet her again,
then you will realise. Of course you will be in a different state of consciousness, because you will see that what she is suffering from is the disease of the pain body, and that is not part of whom she actually is in truth. So you can be there s a very compassion and present and when the drama arises again, as it will, because her pain body will be very active again when she, it's you or any family member when it happens again, is very unlikely that you will be. You will find yourself forced to react to the pain body, because you will be present, so you can simply recognise the pain body in her without the need, as that was in the past, the need to react to it and that, by into her drama and feed her drama in that way,
very strange experience for her. Somebody was simply accept the way she is and if the accusations come at you whatever she does, you do this or whatever, whatever form the drums, a tax sound like you know our eye, nor the pain body they all this, I am basically no, then you can. You can simply accept that she is suffering from this and simply be there s a compassionate presence. without reacting, allow her to be in her pain body and that that means that the drama- cannot sustain itself a very long, if only one part one person place the drama needs to so you're, not feeding our plane body anymore and then see what happens. She may be confused. I've experience that quite a few times when people came
to me with heavy pain bodies, is a story that you tell in this chapter ass, a friend the friend who comes to your house, and she has all the pay centuries. Compania. Yes and she doesn't know it don't you lays out all the papers and she's complaining, complaining, planning and Eckart basically says nothing but just listens and is the presence, therefore hers and finally, she picks up or papers confused. Doesn't goes home and the next day says: what did you do to media yeah, but don't underestimate the pain bodies, ability to draw out some to make your unconscious are going to be some kind of button, and you will find your of reacting again because claim bodies are very cunning, very clever and they know exactly what what will make you unconscious and what will make you react to speak of it like it,
creature. That's like an alien course inside of us. Yet, yes, that's how I see it really, but you see that Linda that this is this then becomes yours sacred spiritual journey. This is a part of your spiritual journey to not be drawn into the drama. Why it so interesting! You put it that way over, because that's when I kind of come to the conclusion that this is pardon my awakening out. You know it. I role in my family is the kind of. either one to help her get out of the wagon not by judging and not by telling our two. But by being that which you, you know what wished to emulate and that's the hard part as I desired, sat judging because I guess that's the part of the pain body that she active Let me assure you that nobody wants to say who do you think you are exact,
they have been there and, of course, the when the when the plane body takes over a person leave the whole personality becomes transformed, and sometimes people are shocked when they they marry somebody or they start living with somebody, and this, this lovely man or woman, that they said that they love to months one morning. Suddenly he or she turns into a little monster and total energy shift in them to a complete change of energy, like like its truly as if they were possessed by a completely different, very negative personality, and that comes as a shock, often to people when they start living together and again, he doesn't mean that necessarily that you chose the wrong person do live with. It just means. For the first time you experienced the pain by Russia in Spain, but also would use what we were talking about in the last chapter, Europe.
A roll up until then, you are playing the role I am in love with you and often love. You say, isn't about your own possessiveness, yes, and so the rolls easy to play as long as you're not living together. Then you can sustain the roles, but when you start living together very soon, the role cannot be played anymore, and also that's why I was thinking for the pain bodies, what happens on a Lotta holidays Linda. You ve seen this in families reviving comes together and you have all those paying bodies in a room lashing clash in reacting to one another and all living in the past about the past. Only those that's what all the that's. What the coming together for families is about. Thanks giving and Christmas day, other birthday for the pain bodies because real everywhere and often the families go through the same thing year after year, really
Linda for bringing that up. Thank you. So might yet the reason why all we have all these pain bodies clashing thanksgiving on the major holidays come together and people have a image in their mind the Currier and Ives the painting of what they want, a Thanksgiving dinner to be, and instead it becomes something different because everybody's bringing their past the living living that moment through their past. This. Raising, so how do we change that? Well, people? It just takes one person to be present and one person not to participate in this. When next event happens: family gathering whatever it is, then you will see. Your comments will be made at right and the EU
reactions will happen. Can you believe he did guess yeah this all you got your visit, your parents and your pounds don't fully approve of new and when they say, while you, your memory Ten years ago I told you you should have done, then you will be better off now, if you have done that right and gained in May ITALY. If you're not present, painful It will arise and become defensive. Will arise, solid, ran it you're, drawing and drama yes, so it it requires great alertness not to be drawn in right, because the win don't underestimate the pain bodies ability to draw in sometimes
very present. People can still be drawn is, and you are saying that it happened and intimate situations in family situations more often than not, because I would suppose is because out in the world everybody's trying to be at least on their best behaviour, a lot of people who are taking this class in our working people who see it in their jobs every day, people, the everyday. I love on page. One thirty were when you say, although the body is very intelligent, it cannot tell the difference between the actual situation and the thought it reacts to every thought as if it were a reality, it doesn't know it's just a thought to the body. A worrisome, fearful thought means I'm in danger and respond accordingly, even though you may be lying in a warm and comfortable bed at night. The heart beats faster muscles contract breathing becomes rapid, there's a build up of energy, but since the danger is only a mental fiction, the energy has no outlet the rest of the energy turned talks. It interferes with a harmonious functioning of the body. So that's what
ten weeks ago about worry. Yes, George, you just see in one self when warrior arises, what we call warriors nimbly, repetitive, negative, thought pattern: that's right in your body doesn't know the difference, and so all of that energy is inside your body and that's what makes people set? Yes, yes, so it is very important to clear up your mind that you stop the continuous negativity of the Ego egg self talk. We could call they too, who saw recognise it. Then step out of the stream of thinking use any device you can. I recommend.
number one to step out of the stream of negative thinking come into the present moment, take one or two conscious Bryce, you ve stepped out of the stream of thinking feel. The inner body feel the alliances in your arms, your hands. Your legs put your attention there right, you have stepped out of the stream of thinking or, if look, I'd, something and bring real full consciousness to the act. reception, for example a tree or flower, anything natural, is best. Look at anything natural. Give it your full attention that takes you out of the stream of thinking or any natural sound.
Wearing it back railing, you ordering related device, it will present. These are all little little ways in which you can step out of the stream of grouper due to thinking in the story on page one, thirty, seven, the duck with the human mind, love that story. You talk about how the human mind creates me and my story that keeps deputy of emotions, alive, live and personalized everything and is ultimately lead entire species to a precipice. So tell us the duck story. Well, our lessons it has for all of us as humans. I was writing the power of now and writing about it,
related emotions, and then I was taking a break and what went into the park and sat on a bench by a pond, and I sought to docks approaching on the pond and suddenly maybe one doktor John D got close to close to the other. Suddenly they started getting into a fight lasted for about thirty seconds, and then they both separate. swam off in opposite directions, they, but they were still agitated both of them and then both stocks kind of lifted themselves, up on the water and vigorously flapped their wings a few times they almost stood up on the water and going and then suddenly there were totally peaceful again in Spain
They were doing Clinton breath plans they did from Russia last clean. I I realized at that moment. I had been actually been writing about this, and the dogs were showing me how to how they let go of what otherwise would have become accumulated negatively tea in the body while and saw that think of natural intelligence aesthetics over and then I realized they all do it and all the ducks after five do that and immediately that clearing their wing clearing, the energy gets dissipated while and they are totally peace will afterwards and then, of course, they dont have the human mind which repeats the story.
of what this doctor to me who and what I'm going to do to this dock next time, I'm never going to get close to any anymore. Whatever this all areas come over, to my delight, at the pile yes and then talk to other dogs about what the other than that acted to you and the story making, because the story making that still goes on in the human mind it's the old emotion alive? Yes, or you re living a game. The negativity is re lived. The body believes it still happening. Gas across a body believes in what your mind is King, because although the body is intelligent, cannot tell the difference between the actual situation and a thought this, so whatever thought, You are holding that your body believes that is the reality and the court Emotions will arise and the corresponding physical state of contraction we'll be there. So this is how that was the ducks lesson, so I brought it into the bay
that's that's right, I mean we see so many people. I know I have friends, have been through the wars and they live in still, you know hating their ex boughs and talking about their ex boughs and whether Expells did them, and you know years after the spouse is gone so that keeps it alive. We're still happening. We still happening there's an addictive and valid in your mind, and that is in the mind and its addictive those identity of quality. To that you need to see it in your self to see. That is still the case for some people who are listening to us. So it's like the monks, tell the monk story. I live amongst story. The tumor in the one month picks up the girl out on the road. Yes, that's the story of two months on a pilgrimage and they come across in a village, they come across a young seventeen year old girl with a long,
Hey Mono, trying to cross the very muddy road, but she's, not daring to step into the mud, so one monk picks up carries her cross. The road through the mud, puts down and saw the monks walk on in silence for another for five hours just practicing. Silence and then, after four or five hours they getting close to their destination by monk, says to the monk who had picked up the girl. Oh, you know you shouldn't have done that because we monks are not supposed even to touch women. So you really you shouldn't, have picked up that girl you're not supposed to do that on the other monk says: oh, are you they'll carrying that girl I put down hours ago saw the other man was still carrying the girl, the event in his head for hours and hours. He was walking with this burden that shows the the reluctance of the human mind to let go of the past.
So how many of us reading this chapter are not carrying things from four hours ago, but carrying things from four years and forty years ago, celestial holding on to what was done to them. Yeah, that's a dreadful burden like carrying a useless worried around with you people courage from all their lives and that they even derive some identity from that right. I had to learn years ago to let go of what had happened to me as a child
that's what I realized. You know my grandmother. The people who took care of me did the best. They knew how to do with the time. Yes, and if they had known better, they would have done yes, and there is always the case. Whatever humans have done to you, it's always, they didn't know any better, because they could only act according to their level of consciousness. Nobody can act beyond their level of consciousness, so you cannot expect your parents, if you believe they they did something. That was wrong right. You cannot exceed Japan to have acted beyond their level of conscious. That's all they knew yes, Jesus on the cross said it all when he says forgive them, for they know not what they do, which means they are unconscious. So you, when you realise that You thought you naturally that was. Why is this man? Yes, if he had lived now, he probably what your site they are unconscious, they dont know
I love when you say sometimes understand the science, for me sometimes understand the science behind these concepts, as you were talking about, makes it easier, and you say on page one hundred and forty six, all things are vibrating energy feels and ceaseless motion. The chair. You sit on the book, you're holding appear solid and motionless. Only because that's how our senses perceive there racial frequency, that is to say the increased movement of the molecules and so we're all vibrating a different frequencies and the vibrations frequency of the pain body resonate with that of negative thoughts. This thing, or two ports or any other negative emotions coming from other people. And then I love that you say this Age, why, oh one? Fifty two you write on page one. Fifty two is greater.
If you were not familiar with our contemporary civilization, if you had come here from another age or another planet, one of the things that would amaze you is that millions of people, love and pay money to watch humans, kill and inflict pain on each other and call it entertainment. I read that I thought of you from another planet. You think you would think what is that? So what is that? The people love that I mean the most violent movies destructive? You know all those pain bodies up there on the screen and what is it about a lot of the public that that enjoys that world its efforts? In some cases, violence may actually helpful to see because it shows the yeoman madness and ensures the wider context in which violence happens. If he chose the psychological dysfunction behind violence than it can be helpful, but most of these movies Fontaine violence. It is actually men.
To feed the pain body and it is the plane body. In the view us who enjoy those films that enjoys the violence, is not actually the the people themselves who pay money to see these movies. It's the pain body in them that feeds on the violence that it watches so, and the people who produce this move is problematic. Bodies are writing them the pain, but his ride them the pain. What is right, the movies of pay bodies produce them of the pain, but his watch them. I think it's interesting when you talk about on page one, fifty nine, that, as there are individual pain bodies that each of us areas because of whatever negatively happened in our lives, and we didn't completely deal with that at the moment that there is also a collective pain body that nations carry and races carry, and you say the collective racial pain body is pronounced in jewish people who suffered persecution over many.
fisheries, not surprisingly its strong as well. The native Americans, whose numbers were decimated whose culture all but destroyed by the european settlers and black Americans too from the collective pain body, is pronounced their ancestors violently uprooted, beaten into vision and sold into slavery. The foundation of american economic prosperity rested on the labour of forty five million black slaves. In fact, the suffering in play did a native and black Americans has not remain confined to those two races, but has become part of the collective american pain body. It is always the case that both victim and perpetrator suffer the consequences of any acts of violence, oppression or brutality for what you do to others. You do to yourself this collective pain body that America holes and I think a lot of Americans.
But what I don't know it exists and want to deny that it does exist because they say I didn't have anything to do with slavery. Us. Why didn't have anything to do with the NATO Americans correct a trunk and did not to recognise it is what is to be in denial of what is. yes and then it continues to be there without you, knowing it that's right, so that
has. The recognition of it is the beginning of being able to change it right. Yes, that's right. You also talk about this when it comes to women pretty river revolutionary on page one, fifty five, you say, the suppression of the feminine principle, especially over the past two thousand years, has enabled the ego to gain absolute supremacy in the collective human psyche. Although women have egos, of course, the female form is less rigidly encapsulated than the mail and has greater openness and sensitivity towards other lifeforms. If the balance between male and female energies are found so fascinating had not been destroyed on our planet, you say the Eagles growth would have been greatly curtail with many people becoming more conscious. The ego is losing its hold on the human mind, because the ego was never is deeply rooted in women is losing its hold on women more quickly than on men.
You know what reading this as a female living in the world today able to make choices and be my own person and express myself. I had forgotten about the years and years of torture and suppression and killing of women or the most natural things, because you like animals, because you were midway because you are a woman who wanted to have a voice. Your heart, you killed hundreds of millions of women and it's the. What I'm saying is is the rising ego, and that happened because of the eagle the male? Yes, yes, so it's not the mail as such, it was the the girl rising ego in the mail that had to that saw the famine in principle in the feminine energy as a strange, because it could not fully establish itself in that. You believe me when I had a new earth a lot sooner. If there had been not the suppression of the.
female yes, probably about the shift, is happening now in the interesting thing is that there are more women changing going through the shifting consciousness. Then men, all the men, are going through also about there for example, Elizabeth less I mentioned at her the Omega Institute about seventy. Seventy five percent of the people come therefore in our work, consciousness, transformation and so on. Women saw women are more open now to the change in consciousness. That is happening than men. I'm not saying it's not happening to men.
but now they have the great honour their. We love your health First Cooper University Healthcare. That's our aim. Our doors are open, in fact they never closed. Yes, the world has changed. When you visited Cooper Office, some things may be a little different new safeguards in place, but our medical experts, commitment to putting your health first remains unchanged. Your health is important to us, so dont delay your health care. Our offices are safe because we put your health First Cooper University Healthcare, Adrian we'll California. Whenever email says I have twenty pounds to lose as a child. My father and brother call me big girl, a big fat cow. Could this that's not good? Could this be what. Audrey that's good at all. Could this be? Why have such difficulty losing the way I've been hearing these words in my head for years and years, and I can't let the word to go now. So, of course, these words have become
lodged in your mind and they have taken. residents in your mind, and now you can't get rid of them, so they are again thoughts, energy formations and thoughts that get launched in your mind. Sometimes they start in childhood. When parents tell you something negative, for example, some parents tell their children you're stupid, it's a stupid thing to say stupid thing? That's your kid! You stupid yeah and if told that repeatedly, this thought becomes launched in their minds. If you're, not, if you don't bring presents to it now, you won't be able to adjust large age. So the first thing is to realise that what has happened to you
is that something that you were told years ago repeatedly is now has now become the thought that refuses to leave its an energy? It's your possessed so to speak, temper temporarily, hopefully by the thought so realise. The questioner here need to realise that this is an old old and realize it's no more than a thought. It is not the truth. It's an old records that has been playing self only were also in your head. It is that cow, big Falco, big fat cats. More than just old, no more than a tape. So when it,
when you hear it again when you hear that in your mind, arrest, there's the old type again, that's right. It loses its power because it's no more than that right. There's an old take for the past in the past has no power of the present moment. No right. I love also when you say that thinking is no more than a tiny aspect of the totality of consciousness, the totality of who you are. Yes, I had an awakening moment with that thought. Because we all think that we are up until reading this book. I think so many of us, I was one of those people, thinking that we were our thoughts and then to read that the thinking would not only are we not our thoughts. We are the awareness of our thoughts, but that thinking is only no more than a tiny aspect of the totality of consciousness, the totality of who you are, and the awareness of course compared to thinking the awareness is vast, limitless and has
infinite potential for anything creative to come into alive. They were all your creativity come as not through thinking. Thinking can become a secondary tool in manifesting something, but but not with the creative inside, creative realisation that creative idea does not come through the movement of thinking. Well, think about that everybody that, when you have created an inspired, inspiration, does not come from your thoughts, no comes through your being yes, and so the space of awareness, space of away
Now, to the extent to which you are creative in in the alive depends on how much access you have in yourself through that space of awareness of reasons, and it sometimes enough for brief moments to have access to that and for some people, that's enough to lead a creative life right. But of course we want to be more than that. Not just half breed brief access by two to make it to the very foundation of your line. It cycling, Quincy Jones was doing now that we are the world take any brought together all of those artists and he left the door open for us. They had assign outside the door. It's a check, your egos at the door, and then they left the door open. He said we wanted to leave room for guide, to walk in the room ever leave enough space for guidance,
Can the room? Yes, your sinhala NATO's leaving display sleeping despite leaving the space inside yourself yes saw. Also, if you want change in your lifetime, people dont know whether there will be other chapters and we'll talk about life purpose and so on, but that the real the creation of what it is, for example, what it is a deal, then to do any alive also comes from that inner space. Are you able to allow the space within become still and then whatever it is, that you need to know will rise from them through that, yes, we can, then it makes it may come as a thought, but then it'll be an inspired thought right. Without the space, without the stillness without accessing thy dimension, thinking cannot be inspired. There is no inspired thinking. The inspiration comes from the Rome that is deeper than full. I got that, and you never know
think your way to a purpose. No and you're not going to worry on your way out of a problem, you're, not gonna worry away out of what is possible, because war remains to manufacture more probable. The same thing you just get continually the same thought over and over is ass. You need a different kind of consciousness. Einstein that said that dominated yes, I don't remember what it was. I don't know young, but the is he said. The problem cannot be solved on the same level of consciousness. That gave rise they're all needed. It is, we have an email from Julian Colombia, South Carolina. Could you talk a bit about alcohol and drug abuse in the pain body? Is this an attempt at escape from the pain body, alcohol and drug abuse is often it is, and I mention that in the book, its scope of not wanting to feel the pain anymore. If the sum in some people, the pain body is active,
almost all the time, and that is dreadful way to live and those people in home the pain body is active. Almost all the time. Often they will seek some kind of escape from it because they can't live with that pain. Anymore, the pain body loves it, but it makes your life boy, more miserable so, but there is also a good. Johnson. Maybe that brings us to the what connectors the what I said in the book. If, if people who have a heavy pain body, their chance of awakening is also quite right, it's right cause when life becomes unbearable because you are creating so much pain continuously for yourself, you're dead they are to awaken to finally get out of this misery is much greater than a normal persons desire to awaken, in other words, he could say,
when you're having a relatively pleasant dream, you don't mind so much dreaming on, but when Your dream turns into a nightmare than you really want to a vague awaken from that when you can't stand it, and that was the case with me, I had a very, very heavy pain body that drove me almost cripple very close to sue died until the realisation came. I cannot live with myself any longer and that that thought was the breakthrough where the separation happened from. Planchet was it I am, and the Eagle eyed the pain body that I had been identified was as the unhappy little me. Were you really actually going to kill yourself? You did you have a plan to kill yourself? Yes, My first plans to kill myself already at the age of nine and ten. So I had worked at all
out, but some old didn't quite have the courage to do it, because the pain body- so having all it already, then it was quite heavy. They need subsided a little bit and then it came again very strongly in my twenties. How and what was it? What was it that caused you to feel you felt depressed, you felt unworthy fell
what it was partly living in almost continuous conflict in the home environment between my parents were always fighting. There was very little piece at home. I was very sensitive, so it was very hard for me to even be there at home. As you say, in the book for children who watched their parents fight, it's almost unbearable, yes, and that of course, contribute to their tasks. Growing pain bodies or my pay more grew very quickly, and but if, if I, if this had not been the case, I would never have awakened allies it. I would have been in a relatively pleasant dream. That's right! If you had a nice happy childhood, you might not be sitting your teaching with us,
I certainly not no no sort of rich respectively. One is grateful for one suffering because eventually suffering will wake you up. You said when I read earlier on page one, forty one about any negative emotion that does not fully faced and seen for what it is in the moment it arises does not completely dissolve. It leaves behind a remedy pain. So when we are faced with negative emotions on a daily basis, we should embrace them. We should go into them rather than resist yes accept whatever emotion, leaped it accept, because it's part of accepting the present moment, because if a certain negative emotion is part of what is happening in the present moment, what can you do? It's already happening so like it take it major and all that is. I can feel that anger. I can feel the sadness I can feel it would be the space voyage so accepted it. Is there the acceptance
the present moment, no matter what form it takes externally or internally, whatever form it takes external means, whatever situation arises right now, it always is as it is at this moment. I might as well say yes to it. Internally means. Whatever emotion arises at this moment, it is as it is, you might as well say yes to it Y know. Next week we're gonna be talking about breaking free of the pain body, but just for now, if every time you can see it show itself in good guys it for what it is there it is, is what they embody again there's easily get that the awareness of it begins to dissolve at caress. Yes, Ok. Somebody asked earlier if there was an email, we're somebody wanted to know whether or not that pain body allows artists and writers and creative people to be more creative. The paint
We're all especially in modern art and modern writing. There are some artists who expressed the pain body in a work. So when you, when you reach their word or when you see it,
visual arts and can see wall, there's a lot of pain in man, and perhaps that is how they free themselves to some extent of the pain body, because they externalize it and make it into an object that suffering and turn it into something else. Now whether this will be whether this is really helpful to many humans, I dont know to see so much pain on a canvas age. I'm sure it was helpful for the artists right to externalize that so I believe that the deepest art goes deeper than that than just saw the pain, the yeoman pain right. It goes the each might. It may also include the yeoman pain, but like the great works of literature, not just expressions of human suffering. They also saw a dimension that beyond suffering right while another question for Marian Birmingham, Michigan politics in the pain,
Is she right? Is it the pain body that leads us to be fascinated with others? Downfall is that our pain body them that loves to hear bad things about other people? The tabloids is here even watching the news things in archers levels, loving bird news. Yes, the bad news is also of the pain body and soul. There are some publications actually thrive on Emotional negativity they actually, they sell a negative emotion. Some newspapers, do it in the headlines, a big and because I have realize. The more negative headlines are the more papers Mysel diagnosing the british press, sailor average limit. Yes, and we do to now in our country more and more tabloid newspapers, tabloid magazines following the lives of famous people, people love to see famous people fail. Yes, all and is that's our paying body just slip it whatever? Whenever
You see that negative, eighty, the enjoyment of negativity in whatever form. although the enjoyment of negative events, the enjoyment of negative things happening to people, The employment of your own negative thinking more that is, is the pain body. It love Spain. It lives on it and loves drama it. She drama is part of that pain. Yes, yes, yes, yes, so that's! What we're going to talk about next week is how you can begin to free the pain body or any energy that Europe
varying from the past just and you can free it instantly, you free edge instantly, but although not the whole of it necessarily instantly, but in the moment some of it can become transmute it and the example I give is like it's like putting a log into the fire. The fire is the fire of consciousness or presence and saw the pay and body can actually began. Transmute aged and big and becomes presents we'll talk about that next. Next, we have what we say. Goodbye, though, that some are what we ve covered in this class today, when you want people to know about the pain body. The most vital thing is for people to be there when it happens now, when it happens, means if either happening to somebody. That was to you at home, your partner or family member, or Importantly, when the paid body happens, three who now it's easier
To realize that the pain bodies there, when you see it arise Somebody else is always easier. You require more presence to see it in your self, but that's the vital thing is to be there and real as it that's the pain, but on the way you know. What's in yourself is when you start to tell yourself the story. The woman who was the big fat cow family had called her big fat power like when you start to replace the tapes in your head over and over again my story, my story, my story identifying with that anything identify with? Is you go yes right, tell you know it's the pain body, yes or the sub. emotional arises something your PA. made a remark said something and an enormous
the right that is out of proportion to the extent of trigger, and that could be the beginning of the arising pain body. So then there's the pain body. Then he already you're, not you're, not at the mercy of the So let me ask you this on the day that you but the breakthrough, where you said I cannot live with myself and longer. Did you lose your pain body to yes,. that is one happy day. That's quite rare. He was well after years of dreadful suffering. So that's the one more thing to say about the pain bodies. When you see it in somebody else, you have to be very careful, yeah. The pay bodies don't like to hear that they are paying body. So when you are talking to
somebody like your partner. You have to be very careful because once apartment already been taken over by the pain body. At that stage you say: there's your pain body, do your partner The hearing you anymore, the plane body, will be hearing you and the pain body will say something back and mother vitalizing genuine can place you can't argue with the pain body. No way you can you can't. You can never win an argument with the pain body. You always win. The pay money will win, it'll go on and on and on and on find another can ever argument by the pain is justified and right- and so it's like I first color from silver sprang was talking about our sister, but we must learn to do is be compassionate, yes, stand still, yes standstill, as I said, with the point, stand still and allow
It to be whatever it is yes and then a man, you dont freed it: u dont feed it, don't allow yourself to be drawn into the tooth pulled into the drama of it all, and if the pain bodies not fed, then it it wants, sustain itself that long it'll have to seek some other place, wage we'll get fat or it will subside. So that's the beauty when it when you are in a relationship. If both partners are conscious in if you can have an agreement that says if I observe the brain body beginning in you or you, observe the pain body beginning in me. Please, let me know pointed out we have two pointed out at the beginning before it takes over completely because one is taken over completely. The person won't be hearing you anymore, but had to begin a you can still say. Could that be your pain body? Even that is dangerous, but
try again, we thank you. Thank you. We think you you're a man without a pain body class time. Thank you. I'm over Winfrey and you ve been the sting to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple pod, CAS unsubscribe rate and review. This pod cast join me next week for another superstar conversation. Thank you for listening.
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