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Ainslie MacLeod: Living the Life Your Soul Intended

2018-08-15 | 🔗

Author and psychic Ainslie MacLeod says your soul may hold the secrets to your path in life. Ainslie came to this conclusion more than a decade ago after a great epiphany took him from successful illustrator to renowned psychic and investigator of the soul. He believes that each person's soul holds a life plan that was created before that person was born. In his book, "The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended," Ainslie explains how you can decode your soul to help understand your own personal destiny.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now today, I would like to who introduce you to a fellow spiritual secret. Was it without also absolutely who has created an inn direction guide that is literally called the instruction giving the life your soul, intended it's a guide to help. You translate your own souls code, Aisy Macleod, as used his talents as a psychic, a psychic, yes to explore the soul and its effects on human beliefs and behaviors, and his new book
called again the instruction living the life your soul intended suggests that there are metaphor, doors to which we all must pass in order to decode our soul and ultimately achieve our enlightenment. So a psychic. How do you get to be one oji? Well, I wasn't psychic from the beginning from birth, but I just didn't recognize it. In fact, I covered it up: very long time when he first now watch a first? Well, you know I I I really need
sure about ten years ago, and that was really when I started my path but looking back then I could see things that happened when I was younger later. Oh, I saw it goes to no sixteen in the public library and what don't look like they look like Humphrey Bogart, but with a hat down over his face and his face was just cannot lie hidden shimmering and he asked me for a light and I leaned into my jacket looking for matches and the next thing is gone
and then I never thought of a psychic experience. I just thought dying. I was weird, you know how she was it like in the form of a person or in the form of a mystical, knew just looked looked like a real person, but with a very sore fuzzy face, and it was just all over so quickly and it was only years later when I started working as a psychic and figuring out how to use my ability that they are you spirit guides. On the other side, the work with me- and they said remember that time and you're sixteen in the library- and you saw that ghost and he seemed pretty insignificant back then I could barely remember it, but it just was one of those one many experiences that I find this disturbing unsettling like well, they had at that time he found a disturbing yeah. We're talking aims. In the cloud author instruction living the life, your soul intended. Who just told me ass though he were talking about, I wanted to store. I bought some oranges in the Bin
we are not quite as ripe and there was a girl standing right there, and I asked me for light and angrily thanks. Italian airlines are everyday normal. Now I saw a ghost and the ghost offer I needed a light. I wouldn't be able to see Greek for another. I dont know if I'd known, then it was a ghost. I feel differently. Ok, I'm wondering is it had cultural thing? Or is it a gender thing as I know, a lot of women who would went screaming from the room. I know a lot of people who would have say I'm gettin, I'm never going to die library again what it didn't it didn't seem frightening and it's not something. I'm not. I'm not bothered that's how did you know? It was a ghost because I found I through working spirit guides remember the of the event. Ok time they're. Just for those of you who are listening for those of you who are listening to us. I'm gonna do what you
there was a normal when I saw the goes because we have a lot of ground to cover today. So you, a lot of ground to cover today, so you saw the ghost sixteen you weren't sure it was was. It goes to the time when I did you even call it a ghost to meet. Wasn't a big deal to sister, a strange thing: an apparition I because he disappeared. I thought maybe I just Blanco for sex imagined it even when I wasn't is more than that. Certainly a person had been there and the reason, in fact that in the library entity yeah the regional entity approached me was that he knew that I would be able to see him, but I never. I never used the word psychic. Nobody ever used it to me. I mean I never thought I would know things like sometimes almost coming on the radio first thing in the morning when they read you along, came on a rope. I would, I would know what
He was about to say some one time. I picked up a newspaper and I knew the story of the scene it before the week before I got. My first reaction was, if reprinted the same story, we passed and again when I realized it wasn't? It was just very. Very disturbing is kind of like like having deja vu expire, she's, but very much much stronger and then what kind of scary anyway, you're Those of you who are nothing you ve had data videos. Experiences is always weird when it happens. You're, like a cat at the skills like this happen before, but he couldn't have happened before, but I know it feels like it happened: maize, always gonna. What imagine with total certainty, but you you know you ve experienced Perforce Canada, I would say: reading a newspaper article that you'd already wed and then the only way you can explain To yourself: is they their reprint? They repented the same story: yeah yeah as parliament niner
and when they were. This is Groundhog state. You heard that movie occurs, that kind of expertise, and and then really and when I got into my adulthood, I just can't if I covered up the sensitivity which is part of what you do need to communicate better with the other side, the covered up the sensitivity year, it requires a certain degree sensitivity be able to pick up on these things and so alarming. He saw no baron normal kind of Well, it's qualify for communicating spirit guides like I do only requires a certain kind of sensitivity year around and I was very, very uncomfortable when I was growing up with that. So I gonna covered that up and started live a life completely shut myself off from from that spiritual sight of me, and I declare that I was in eight years than I was very cynical and sceptical as you didn't want to be the same
skeptical, does you didn't want to be the since it I didn't want it to be fat, Boris, vulnerable persons, ghastly andor, and yet all through that period I would run into psychics. Never tell me: oh psychic really- and I heard that over over again was one When I used to go and see in London, he went to go, see her. She was a psycho yeah, ok and she would look look at my palm and she would say to me your psychic. You know- and I would say what you know. If I sank a guy, I wouldn't be paying you I'd, be doing it myself. I heard you say a when you were going to the psychics. Why were you going? I was the first time ever went was somebody told me about this woman and I just went to pretty much prove what what o clock it was. So I came out absolutely stunned by what happened, but this person you about my life, knew it seem too
so much about about my life that you couldn't possibly of guest and I cant open my eyes, but not really enough, and it was years For I really I had a couple of Epiphanes that really open me up to the fact. That I really was psychic and that it was supposed to be doing something with in fact, I really resisted that for a very long time, so when you're leading this very loud life in creating a lot of drama in your life- and I don't even believe in God and you're doing that, because you trying to avoid what your souls calling really totally. Yes, why would go against yourselves calling, and I didn't even know how to solve a cat. She had. No, I didn't know it worked like that again and if I'd had the slightest inkling, I will probably lead to very different life, and it wasn't until I really had the opportunity to have some peace and quiet in my life and Russia sick, a kind of a penny and that it just
my eyes, so I started reading your book. The instruction I was really you know I read a lot of this kind of material spiritual. Cereal from various authors, so I've read a lot immaterial over the past twenty twenty five years. I've never read: why that really sort of claim to be an instruction to living the life that your soul intended talker. I was fascinated by this idea of being able to label for yourself your souls, a Your souls type. How long you know how how long your soul has been around missions with while you're here is, why you're here and I couldn't help but think it was very happy to have. This is a guide, but I couldn't help us think you know who died and left you the expert. I couldn't help, but think who are you to know this right is I'm reading and I'm thinking, ok make sense, but
How do I know that they did you know road and that sir, you know the question. I ask you to ask, and I read a book like that too I mean a sceptic in me. I still had and what what happened with with who died and left you, the export at that. You would say to me what my sincere like a guy's, exactly died and left you, the export yeah, so I started working with spare guides. I ran into my deceased uncle and a bookstore in Hawaii, and that was one of the major fifties and he he wanted start working with me, a camera That's normal to you said you say that like us, as you know, I like identity B, I started working with producer review. Do I've
pretend that normal that UK, you ran into your deceased uncle yeah, where in a bookstore in on the island of Hawaii hand, he just heap, he popped up right beside me momentarily just. It was therefore a second and very clear, and there was a message you wasn't exactly verbal ASEAN like cast, perform the aviation more solid a more solid and do they come in different forms. I believe they do so it was. Your uncle was addressed to have closer yeah yeah yeah he's got a firm as he'd been maybe twenty years before and just very lifelike big smile on his face. And standing there in the flesh, not exactly flash. Nowhere. Just like an like essay was maybe a second cannot even out of every fast, how do you know you weren't hallucinating? Well, it was nevertheless lifted. As far as I know, I don't know
what what made of his lady when you hallucinated, allow your lucid aiding. It was what I did. What I do know is that I was in a kind of altered state that I actually had a session with her with a psychic and hidden on through with a message about me doing this work and then a gaunt. Store. Just there was you dear uncle. There was my uncle John again. Don't act like that. Normally, let's move on. What would you say he introduced me? He wanted work work with me and introduce me to guides spirit guides. On the other side, your uncle John, did I hear to MRS Beer guide. But let me just say this: when this happens to you, you walk into a bookstore you're, an adult measure dead Uncle John describe. It will not be a little frightening. It was just more exhilarating. Oh and wasn't it wasn't a toll scary- and I am, I haven't- had any experience like rabbits phone frightening brightening of only confusing or in the world
ten years more like exhilarating. Okay, so Uncle John says anxiously where you been near. Not even that much is said. Let's get to work, I mean he just really was. He was insisting that we started work, that I started talking to him, and that was really how I began working psychic, but he helped me to connect and then through more elevated spirit guides their different levels, as everybody have spirit guides every single person. Even once you dimension, don't, but everybody's got them not. Everyone is aware that you can write access them or use them, then everybody access them. Everybody can do to a greater or lesser degree. I do you have more or less depending on what your souls year purposes as it were more more to do with your souls type, it's easier and also your talents. If you have certain talents that you have a talent for intuition, we'll help will help it to connect.
I'm talking to easily Macleod whose author of the instruction living the life, your soul, intended where he goes into specifics, how you all of you for listening to me right now can go through this book ended. Ermine your souls, so you're saying you are saying that There are many different soul levels here actually say there. Ten third there's ten of everything in the instruction piano. I saw tat it everything which that's what I question endless wiser. Only ten it's for convenience would, I think, if there was any more you can, you can presumably breakdown any element into further sanctions, but they will get more more confusing. That makes feel better than cause. I'm thinking why they're only ten levels of everything, I'm not I mean I would think that therewith with as many you know, it's six billion people on the planet
that there'd be multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple level. Intellectually, if you look at anyone on the planet, you can figure out who they are by looking at their sole rage, the sole type, the influences of two and two other soul types known them their missions. Once you start putting together, you gotta very clear picture of who that person is all right? So I'm going to just keep this basic because those of your listing you have to get the book to go through it yourself and figure it out for yourself and I actually went through it and I figure it out mine. I think I pretty much figured out actually did give me a lot of clarity about it really sort of Rio Burma what I knew or solidly. And I understand that you're gonna, give me a reading today, etc. So you're gonna, you consulted with your spirit guides right who are going to tell me. What so age I am, and what my protest rise and all that, but
think I already know. I think you already know two yeah. So if you tell me something, I disagree with its ok, but I don't have that we agree to disagree with basic. Secondly, ok, so, let's just you, you you for the purposes of convenient for the boy had broken down into ten different types. So, what's the difference between a souls, this is in so so so levels right by the way. I didn't break it down my spirit guides. You spirit, got time totally disorganized when it comes to that's. Ok, so you you sort of a consult with your spirit guides. You say in your spirit guides, actually wrote this book or helped you I try to get him to write it, but it wouldn't that involve about one, but you use them to write the book. I certainly use them to explain instruction. Ok were absolutely so. Let's go to the chapter on the souls ages word about so
into the world looking for experience as your source purpose, if you like, and yourselves kind of looking for a masters degree, not her, not an evening class, so to really learn about what it is to be on fiscal plain, it has to come from time and time again, which goes back to that saying of weird. Where when it has to come back time and time again, which goes back to that saying of word: we're we're human beings having a spiritual experience right, not to be honest, spiritual beings having a human experience. We are not human beings. Haven't you spiritual, it's been so we're spiritual being or sold from having a human experience, because that's an important thing for four to do have to learn to end and to grow. Ok now, according to you, in the instruction, how do the Spirit guides communicate with you I'd like to know today they d come through a voice in your hand
Is it a feeling? Do they appear? How many you have a hoax well one at a time, how do they communicate the they communicated to me in different ways, and I started doing this for a while. I was clairvoyant and seeing seeing things they would communicate in metaphors. Give me images that suggested something and after a while, we pretty must decided that, because I so hopeless it interpreting metaphors, we moved on to something else and for a little while it was like getting a ticker tape somewhere just between my eyes and that then changed into a form that I find it really hard to explain. They call it clear audience spirits, which would be your hearing, something clear what clear audience lay audience audiences, it's like hearing it, but it's it's different like getting home.
Sentences. So, if you were having session with me, sometimes I have to stop and break off, and actually we talked my guides and hear what it is there that giving me, but it's not really audible exactly do they initiate the communications or do you I do generally, at least now, like you ask us to but the end of each chapter. Do you go into a sort of a meditative state and say spirit guides? Please common! I do exactly what's in the book, so I bring them and work with them and then send them away again when I'm done and I think if you're gonna be open to it. I think people who want to open themselves up to this. You have to be open to, however, they choose to communicate, because it's not just
You know you were here. I come in different ways. You know people will say to me. I am not hearing my spirit guides and and directly yelling at them, but they're they're, coming in at them in different ways, and a lot of it can be, which is giving clarity just giving you that sense, that you're you're on the right path or you're getting the right answer. Will you just chewed if we know something's right, yeah, but isn't life speaking to us all the time? aren't isn't aren't, aren't our spirit guides working with us for us around us, even if we're not asking for them to be called in it technically they're, really like the emergency rescue team, you can call them and you can kind of use them. Your soul is certainly communicating with you all the time. Your soul is the. What is the one that knows your life plan and it's kind of urging use what you got to say.
Something being right or wrong. Doubt does a soul choose its guide or do the guides chooses the guides and your soul in your guides will choose each other soul and the guide which uzis other are the guides all dead people are there, people who knew you- and I are at least they almost always. Sometimes you will be a part of you- is on the Astral plane and will be guiding our helping someone it's like rare, but it apparently does happen. The general you can seem that these are there two levels and one one level Astro level. These are these. Our souls, like yourself, going in and out of life on the physical plain, whether over their whereas the actual play according to you. Well, it's the nearest nonphysical world to us. Ok,
neither different planes. Yes, there are that and the the Spirit guys that I work with most of the time there was called the causal plane, which is one step removed from that once step, we move from Astral, yes of unease or source, we're not gonna, come back they're, not in between lies. They ve completed all their lies, on that level, simply to act as guides. So do you, the information that you say you received from your spirit, guides they caused you to write this, but the end Action living the life, your soul, intended believe that there are there our continuous reincarnation of the soul, is
Your beloved reincarnation is an essential part of this that it SAM it's, because you can come back time and time again that your soul grows and that's really what explains such huge differences between human beings. Yet I why do people can see the world so very differently? Who is really down to the age of the soul and the and the experience that that another source of that year, you said at the beginning of the Balkan yeah. Ok, it's did differently, levels in ages of the soul, and so if your soul has been here many times. Is that mean your necessarily smarter than other people are not now it has nothing to do with intelligence. It doesn't. What does it have something to do with? It has to do with a greater awareness that we're all connected the biggest sign of an older saw, an awareness that there's really not much door, not any difference between people of different belief,
sore skin color whatever and saw. Let's start with a level one saw what would be some of the characteristics of a level one so well level, one source or just their cannon mute the world there just getting used to being here so biscuit. There still is a little bit of anxiety and fear about the place. It's like walking into a party were everybody knows everyone else, and they all got there before you, so you can if you're feeling not quite certain how to behave and then as the sole ages and gets into the into two and three to certain lessons become appropriate for source of that experience. Ok, so you say the level one saw in their first few lives well, one cells deliberately avoid having to deal with the modern world. They fill apprehensive about being on a planet where everyone seems another.
But then they usually choose to live in small communities where they can avoid complexity in simple cultures. These novice souls learned to take the first steps, often through learning trades or skills support them the level. One sole me. Indeed, simplicity is what you say: I'm slogans. The fourteenth turned downtown Manhattan unexpected. You know how to safely Crossest call from a remote farm in Idaho place it on the corner of 14th and third in downtown Manhattan expected to know how to safely cross the street. That's what you say, nor can you transport a level one. So level, one souls create rules and rituals and give them a sense of security at all or part of learning, learning what it is to be, Can't you get, does it make absolutely what good cause you wrote it with? I think you're, the only one that had been so just because you're a level. What how many lifetimes does it take a soul to climb to the next level,
so just because you're no level what how many lifetimes does it take a soul to climb to the next level could be five or ten someone. You know You could be level one for a long time. A few lifetimes and the reason you should remain a level ones cause you to learn what you're supposed to learn. No, no, no, it's not about being stopped coming to just. There are just lessons that are appropriate for souls at different stages. Ok and level too Again the same thing as already the world where they were in the first few lifetime. Still they prefer not to take any chances. They protect themselves with things like a cave, forty seven four coney and laws and vengeful guides the right they see the world in terms of black and white them and us and good and evil fundamentalism and obedience to authority helps them avoid facing what my be uncomfortable questions being relatively new to the world makes these Experience souls easily taken
and a job in the past carpet beggars, would pray then these days they end up being suckered by politicians who ship their jobs overseas a promising to keep them safe from terrorism. Immigrant, gaze and other distractions and scapegoats. That's what you write in reconstruction. I deliberately disconnecting themselves from the mainstream level too. Else can get used to being on the physical plain without fear of running into the kind of opposing views that might threaten their. Get beliefs so levels. Whose and level ones are pretty rigid year in their think. At that level. One two three there's a lot of rigidity and then start to become a little more flexible You know I don't like seeing things in black and white and older souls tend to see things in shades of gray, aware of the complexity of life, just two, sperience. That's why I was so shocked that mother Teresa was the level the level three I believe level. Three mother Teresa, who we think of his mother Teresa,
altruistic you sacrificing herself, giving up everything for Nobody else we would think. I would think of that. Had I not read this book as being what a level ten would be right. Why did you lie? I did you what he was doing for for certain risks, why do you say she's Lando, three, that you want to go where level three is level three, belong well. It was a very sad if you think of the very strong, religious aspect too to her that part of it in on you made. That point is, I think, a mention before that it to show. Younger souls is not there's, not a good and bad between old and young souls. It's like you can you can change the world. Do wonderful things. You say level three solve tend to act emotionally, rather than rationally they'll by a truck because they, leaving the heartbeat of America. Doesn't matter, that's actually made in Canada, Mexico. These holes on a belong which is there. And whether it is part of the family or the nation. They create strong families which they glued together
with firm religious beliefs and strict moral code right yeah. There You'll need to fit into their community and as they do this thing off and slip into the risk, which is conformity. Ok, the interesting Ok, I'll help. You understand why your white people active certain bays and why even all parts of the world order and countries are other way they are its thicker, sir. Certain saw ages were, were congregate together for comfort for lands. They're gonna learn guys who like to carry a forty seventh want to be around other guys there. You go a forty seven key. You changed your souls, level while you're here suppose you this rigid, restrict dead, conformist who has an awakening your absolute
Can you give me you're making progress all the time, but the actual shift from one level to another happens once you get the astral plane around, like you have to review and completely taken what happened to you in that life? And then like kitchen- and he goes- I don't get too rarely graduate until you, you got yet you graduate once you leave this plain to wish when this growth all the way up, what's all the way out throughout your life and how you know this. My spur guides tell me spur guides. So in the book the instruction living the life you sold intended, as I have been saying- everybody has the opportunity to go through and figure out what so level you are, what soul type. You are what mission yourselves your souls on. You can look at challenges, issues from this life. Ok, past life fears. Ok, each Would you spurred guides yeah yeah, so your soul age, So age, you're a level nine level, nine! Ok, you gotta!
that's exactly what I got a good, ok, you're. Actually, the interesting thing is that you're on your very last life as a level nines you, have your graduating life it was always a wire. I thought I was. I mean you know what have you my friends right now? They would tell you that I always said I'm here to get my wings this last one level, nine Europe you're onto level ten and use like complete shift in it. This is like an extra. Response on. If you like, for what I know you're doing also meetings, I hate your life level. Nice guy had a little way that will. Let me get to what tell everybody what level nine as here, then I want to read from what level nine is spirituality, helping others, that's a big part of. Shall I read you what the level nine solely these you please level. Nine sold advantage of being here on this plane is self improvement. And their risk is being preoccupied, react
level mine, the time to work. On personal issues confronting phobias overcome. Addictions allow my thighs and correct in flaws. What am I every day, whether they know it or not? These senior citizens souls are only tunnel in mind, being called a senior citizens, and I don't like being call middle age, but I'll take it in this, level seriously, consols souls are all working on issues from past lives with so much if an heartache behind them, I, like the word behind Me- will spend a lifetime in therapy or finding ways to understand their emotional side, the opera. Free show hello, you ok, all the allusion loses its grip virtuality gains immense importance. Now they are nearing levelled ten and with it there last year,
five times on the physical plain level, mind souls develop a greater than ever consciousness that we're all connected to each other. Yes, don't I know that they seek out faith in which they feel comfortable. Rather than the church. They grew up in her letter Buddhism and contemplated practices, meditation allow them to connect to the universe in a profound way, then their spirit. Exploration and all that I agree with that of you. That's me. That's me and then what did you think was my soul result. I myself type your cell type, yours or spiritualist type spiritualist and did not guide get that look ahead and you have the primary influence of a performer. Really, I body their secondary influence of a thinker who told you this you're smart guy s? Ok, they said what I
level now? I agree worthy spirituous. Now what the spiritual type is about helping others, that's very, very big part of it. Ok, a belief that there is a world beyond this. Ok, that's it! That's a big marker. If you like. Ok, I did not get that what else? Ok, the performer influence is it, helps to push you out into the world now its spiritual wants to inspire others and help others to become complete and the performer will help you to do that in up anymore. Demonstrative way. It also give you a comfort with the spotlight. Y know and then look at that again who I should enjoy d the attention? I do not think that you know what I thought.
If I might disagree with the I'm talking with the self professed reluctant psychic version angels Macleod about his book, the instruction in these telling me what his Spirit Guide say was my calling here really and purpose I then I'm level nine, what thought I was, though, was educator a cater, your leader, ok, educator leader would, leader being the second one, an educator being the far right I did not spiritual performer, you have a talent for for education, yes, and that's where the desire to impart knowledge comes from not a lot of spirits lets you would. They would make sense that I would be spiritualist, because the focus is improvement here and there were the rage or compassion, is bridge reality that would make sense and also perform, the focus is communication. Yeah. I can understand why. This year, a guy will not argue with the Spirit guides about their right
my god I was No I'm not a leader, never mind you, wouldn't The same spiritual interested your leader you'd be much more feet firmly planted on the ground new tender more, but a bigger barrier to really connecting with the other side, because one of your talents, we will have to really important talents as well as an old one. Forward a little bit ahead, but as well as be having a talent for education, you have a talent for intuition which Massey Psychic and you have a town for empathy. Yes, which gives you the ability to pick up on nonverbal emotional signals. That is true, I'm still stuck on, I'm not an educator. So I'm not sure I tell you the different, not who educator leader. No, if you were an educator leader, you would look so different because one of the things about educators is that they tend not have the same forward momentum we
with you, because you got thinker influence secondary thinker influence. You have the desire to move forward to continually learn and an advance and educators. Don't innovators can be happier just teaching same syllabus every year. That kind of thing where they really yeah the worse. You would never have that now. Everything about use is about forward movement and growth and learning correct, so you're learning in your imparting knowledge as you go along and ass, coming from the town. Ok, so tell me again, I am level nine, let alone spiritualist and they go hand in hand. As far as you know, at least see ya level. My spirits was all the time because the two very simple, about a level night. Spiritualist spiritual do so with it secondary former primary performer influence, which gives you never make sense the communiques skills, the autonomic talent for communication and a little bit ethics. The thinker influence which gives you the rational part of you. The sceptical part
and also gives you love a reading. Can you read a lot of books of tat, kind of your candidate and so oh, is: how can I be so off about myself then well? Did you the exercise with your spirit guides. No, I didn't, I didn't do it. Part. As I just went again, you know what I didn't do that part. I didn't ass. Must bird guides to help me, but I was, I said: I'm gonna stay thinker and myself figure this out myself. I can read the thinker, and you said she I got only by guides for this year, but it's kind of different. If you actually get you, nobody You are open to their influence, your highly. If you got the psychic thing going on, not the empathy which really enhances that, and also most people I see who are psychic, who are highly intuitive our spiritual types, with an influence like a performer creator, something that will help to a combination that
very kind of other worldly if you like now? How does this mean or first of all, I thought I was an educator now not But how does this? Knowing? How but what yourselves age is what you're purpose in calling. Supposed to be well, which are type is what remission is How does that help you in in in your life? But the most important thing is that it she self acceptance of healthy to really understand who you are because you brought since the world. This is all choice you're so chosen to be this person with IE the missions that that you're on I mean it's not even to isolate the starlight age, but each what you saw type in your influences and you choose, So much else about who you are. You also chose the town to be available to you by all talents come from past lives because you will you had nobility.
Past life. You can access in this, it's like reaching in and pulling it out, communiques It would be a talent, your gift is it's a talent you ve had some communication ability, in the past are most so. If your eye, you said this, and they show the lash out that this initial there so ages attract the same soul ages. So. Most likely are not going to be. If you are Apple, nine, soul, age. You can't live very with assault without somebody who's level one. But I find you not, I'm I'm somebody who's that level, nine or ten and they ve got a level four or five spouse. And what I find is that day. You know that can get on fine, but there's there tend not to be the same opportunity for intimacy. If you will, let me just level. Ten, where I would be going in the next lifetime, then I guess I gotta come back. Do ten, you have to do ten,
Well, you hurt you have to complete the experience yet skip. I cannot escape second grade. Maybe I could get level tankers. Actually, looking levelled ten and felt a little boring to me at times. This isn't a level ten fellow boring tenders always ready for retirement conventional ideas of success become meaningless. Materialism becomes less important than ever that meet you gotta up your shoes, ok known you mean I gotta give up all my shoes, maybe the shoes. What seems quite so simply. I know I'm only making a job. I do that, but I love is I who cares about making money if you ve gotta, be part of the rat race to do it? That were the level tens? Are you there slightly lower level of self absorption of absorption. Now that the intense healing level nine is behind them, mostly quiet I'm doing work they love in the hope it will contribute to society. Why New
I wasn't a level ten, because I do not level quiet life, certainly don't ya. They can be highly talented but lacking in DR or ambition. I knew I didn't fit into that category those around the may feel that they never quite reach their potential, the risk it level is passivity. These DE going knew that couldn't be me going souls of many, times of achievement behind them and often develop a sense of been therein done it all before yeah see that seemed a little boy, the main level ten, but why? to combat it's kind of like your kind of route doing things new began working on some comic issues with people aren't you Willing to come back and live that basic nicely, so after Voltaire. What happened? Well, then, you head out of you. The last time round honour to come back going into the types because
it too, not only figure out what level you are, but you also get to figure out what type in looking at the spiritual type, I'm gonna review after the show spiritualist are some of the most compassionate people. You can meet, they tend to have an air of other worldliness about them. I don't think I have bad my creator types. They found themselves with, One foot in this world and one in the sole world to fill that sometimes. Ok is younger souls are drawn to the priesthood that wouldn't be me once they get to be altered. They become less religious and more spiritual, right, yeah. So level. Ten. Where do I go? You would then head after the Austro Plain and return. Is that where the angels are this whisper guides are call them angels, but they don't use the term. They just asked me to use the term Spirit Guide. So that's what I use and then do you become somebody Spirit guide. You actually works a spurt guide and then move on to other levels were still
work is guide. Our spirit guides sometimes called angels. Do they know their called invoices? Whatever word you want to use it, but they don't call themselves angels. This they chose shows that term. Yet with you when you ve been move up to angel status, do you to choose who you want to be angel. Do The choice is made between that spirit. Died in that person, soul and sometimes you'll get like I did. A relative on the other side in a lot of my clients have relatives who were done other grandmother grandfather who are looking after them keeping an eye out, and Some people have more than others. Yes, example you. How many have do you know? I do know, never actually checked once that I can bring in. If I do, you know if I got a tricky session about something I don't know about, I can bring. I can bring in Spirit guides who have expert knowledge so pretty flight
well over their link, I in fact I let them so over there on the outside, Let them sort out what I need over. Air, but it's over there. Also right here. You know it's. Here and there is very hard to describe Does it seem all we're to you? I mean that you know how crazy the sounds right: yeah yeah, Just so you know we were sounding crazy to people right now. You know I said to him. I'm new to this summit. I've I've- I really got into this about ten years ago, and I came from talking to invisible entities on other of, is really bizarre and nobody put God hand up. I said just me, then, Those people I mean, I'm still gonna, do you know I'm new to this summit. I've I've a you know. I really got into this ten years ago, and I came from a place of a total sceptic
in order to leave or even god- and none of us in Europe can only a total hundred eighty degree flip? Do you now believe in God, I believe in and higher consciousness Samina throughout the book? I dont use the term God just because it's very loaded and semi space. Those it means for so many people and my spirit guys. Don't use that, but certainly the talk about higher levels of justness! Are you living the life now you're sold intended yeah yeah totally what my source was urged me to do my spirit, guys we're getting me to do what it's all age or EU level, ten or so, of course, So whatever I like. I say, of course, you because you're level and in what I believe are not used to not tell people, because I didn't want to yoke. Of course it sounds like I can't tell them anything, but I'm a creator type,
primary thinker influence and the secondary spiritualist influence. Ok, it's way where you get the credit and what makes you a ten what characteristics you think. Well? The lack of drives has been part of it might be right here. I can keep them keep it up. For a while. You know get enthusiastic than you know, get that feeling I've been there done it all, and yet then that wears off so unease fortunate. Doing something that I am really passionate about, because that does help me to get up in the morning financially the life your soul intended was what the like myself and it was not just what I'm doing now, but it was actually what I was doing before is to be an illustrator, and that was part of the experience, although I held onto it for a little too long and then now, I'm here we didn't talk about missions, gonna talk about Europe, yes, please, your german omniscient! My end We share a mission and that is
of change the do spot that one yes did get that yes here and you're here to change the world. You you're here to make it. A better place and that something about a level nice virtuous that you want the world to be a better place use, the floor. Is you see what's wrong and you want you want to go out and do something about it? Ok, So once you know what your souls mission is, or you can more clearly defined, from the instruction it's there to help become more. On course. Absolutely I leave you understand. You know a few questions you know I I on the right path is right: job from east of the right person from me. The more you understand, who you are and why you're here and where you going, then you know the vizier become, becomes get off track Do you personally, but I get from what you're the life, your soul intended not so much?
Let me in my life was totally off track. When I was younger, when I was in my twenties and thirty's, I was like a pinball bunting from one disaster to the next, and I was just everything was off track. And it was actually through doing this work and understanding. Why was making mistakes and who we know where I'm going, it does not actually walked the talk of really use this stuff too. To enhance my life So you know right now, I'm I'm pretty much on trying. You know we all have destiny's. We all have things we we have to achieve by talk about setting setting goals and figuring out, where you're going in a book and Once you ve, got a clear idea of where you going ahead, then you can you can figure out which steps look at what if you're not living the life, you sole intended. Is that why you saw has to keep coming back? Is united what the sole intended where you gonna get through it all a lot faster. If you, if you and every lifetime, you are clear about where you go
You know the biggest secret all this is really having some equality in your life. So you can actually here the direction. We talk a lot of a Spirit guys, but really need. You saw misty source direction, you do you have some some peace and quiet in your life, and you know we have. We live lives that are no noises What do you do? You believe, or your spirit guides believed that our lives are preordained. There's a rough, like we have life plan and these elements that we talk about in the instruction stuff it we ve been talking about. These are all part of parts of your lifetime. So you have like a rough blueprint. But within that there's a lot of flexibility mean you have a lot of Troy, meaning you have free will. Yet you have very well, but if your actions, as a free will- and you are also listening to your souls- guidance than you're gonna be following the
What did you say? Something? Something- and you said, is very disturbing that when, if your listing you get through it a lot sooner of your paying attention to what you're? So why does? Theoretically? But since most people are not fully doing that, you still, pick up the experience that I'm just saying so say those of us who are paying attention you're, trying to pay attention to what you saw want that means or through with through it sooner than those who doubt if you're more hard headed to stay longer net with theoretically would, but it still all about experience, so yeah I'd probably helps to get the Your speed things up, maybe a little. If here paying attention attention if you really know we're going, but it takes a long time a lot of experience to be able to really do that. I mixed experience and sense of being here her time and time again it becomes. Dear for older souls, but especially level nine,
What are you Spirit Guide say about this whole human experience, because why I mean I'm thinkin? Why not just hang out on the Astro Playin the causal playing? Why come here at all because there's no growth, its there's. No, it's like gum. Let's say you wanted, learn everything MR know about ceramics, and you read every book and watch the video and you watched master potter's at work. It would still be no substitute for actually throwing but growing up our sleeves and getting a hands dirty, and that's why you're so has to come here to do it. It can only observe from other planes. I should go to come here and and find out what it's like to be human being the fiscal plain and that's hope, that's how it grows and that's it. Ambition. We, like you, yourselves souls d to your spirit guides say that there are other cells, other places, other planets of all. They do they do it. My way,
we're not alone in the universe, I'll catch. You wanna talk about your missions yet mission. Will your first mission is change? Will essentially, is it's yours in one definition of connection, which is very broad mission, and we cannot put data died and then look for another primary mission, which is a change but connection since that you're you're not meant to be alone you're its yourselves desire intimacy with other souls then need they changed. We talked about. This is the real desire to make the world a better place. Right and in the work that I do. I I've really only come across one or two people with a mission of change like that, it's it's sees. People unusual willing to everybody says they want to change the world not to this extent, will not really not to extend wherever that becomes your major purpose. It I see hidden in doktor, says reading about Doktor Paul farmer who
travel. The world went to and went to Haiti and place like that work with with people with TB and I just thought what there was somebody who wanted to change. The world became a total total focus again. Level nine specialised, as far as I can see, you have. Ok, you're. Second, remission of examination examination is about really figuring out the world. I mean about learning about yourself. It's something that you can do woman on chair you don't you can watch a tv program. You read a book. In fact, you in a set of you read a lot. That's very common. Some people have a needs to go and experience things for them, everything they do enough. The get interested in mountain climbing they have to climb amount. You, you might be satisfied just with watching a movie about it or reading a book
actually went to the Grand Canyon I with my friend Gale went and sat gee. I could I could it looked at a book about it. In the same spirit, I really good. At the end of the day. I thought long high dusty, I don't know why I needed to do this because I literally could open a book and and and be the I feel it inexperienced it feel just to satisfy right as anything to recognise that, because people around you ll be pushed You would sing all you know really gotta go there do Alison and yeah. I don't know the name, no, but ass. We go, we wait, you have challenges yeah and these are from this lifetime. Yet the primary one is insecurity, I have insecurity, has done it. You gotta dislike to out of ten just a little bit of an element. Relish is still there and he's not surprising from the little I know about you and the only person in America does much tv. So, if not actually seen your tv show off right to say, but there's things that I picked up on, you know about your travel
go trials heard yet and things that you have and having the emotional rug pulled out from underneath you can create this insecurity in adulthood. You also have the challenge of restlessness. Absolutely the difficulty being in the moment, you know you can't looking on the next corner when you next and that I see in people. Who are above average intelligence and I'm not saying that to flatter you, but often when you, when you're younger and you have to sit sit in a class the teachers are running on it at the pace of slower kids, you develop this boredom and that comes out as restlessness. Yet in later life to a you, have Desires which our experiences that your soul and you're conscious I want to want to experience over your growth and your soul will try to keep you just keep it balanced. You want to learn about status. You got the opportunity to have great status so use.
And your conscious mind are going yeah? What's let's go for it, you sourcing, experiences on the other side on you know any astral plain be here to do it as part of the physical experience, and he said it's really about its about achieving respect, but it also by giving respect. One of these things are the other there to intercept again and you have a desire for him. Quality and what that means. It gives you the desire to do something in your life that will go beyond this. That will will in a word with you, so you still be changing the world when I am no longer here that you want to make a mark in Ireland of have things carry on when you're gone does not make sense for sure, ok, right or sure you got some past my fears, I do you do. What are they all right? You want to know, yeah
Ok, you have an issue from the past life you ve got. A couple of past lies not recently, but can away back where you didn't complete your life life plan and what happens like if you, if you die when you're six, ten and you're gonna do great things are, even if not you gotta, just gonna do pretty mediocre. Your soul, can have a sense of fear that you're not gonna complete this lifetime. Absolutely will make sense here, that will actually, when you have the restlessness, that will impact that is well yeah That's gonna tat life. Yes, like it gives you. To urgency about making sure you do it all yeah. You have a fear of there's not a very big one, but a fear of loss. Justice, fear of lost comes when you ve got a past life where you have lost everything, be a whole new family surmounted in a war whatever it is, and it will give you
a little under life here that this might not. Last a club go like like that. Can you relate. To that. Yeah maybe did here I mean like say it's: not it's not a huge stronger. Talk a little about you you're two most important task switch. Our intuition yeah, I'm back Six year old died in a lifetime, because I do have that since I had said this year, you obviously didn't see me I'll, marry king well, yet Neil parish. I didn't expect you. So sorry, that's ok and we're excuse you for that, because listen, not everybody has to watch the opera show, but I I was unlocked king and I said- and he was asking us about this when we were preparing open friends and I said, he was saying. Do you have any fear? Germany fears I said yeah My greatest fear is not fulfilling the potential. This lifetime baby sphere is
taking what I know been given and being able to maximize that to the greatest greatest potential greater visibility in Algeria because I dont see there You know? Everybody else looks at the show. As you know, this wonderful you vehicle and ops, Absolute Did they see the glamour side of it right? He I see it as a platform for change, I see it in and you know I just I just made an that's what I'm gonna go my own network and the net. This is really about creating change in people's lives, and so to be able to take to get them to move from the show to be an inch and for change and open people's minds to now. But to do that, twenty four seven on a television network is being able to take a platform in doing doing with it. What I think was what that platform was created. The precise for years, I have known that the
Rochelle as popular as it has been the number one show in the United States actually seen. It appears Right where things ok, but I have It lays down that it wasn't about popularity that the real for it wasn't to make me a television star that the reason for it was to use it as a foundation creating something that was greater bigger last beyond my life tat. If you look at your your soul type, yes, Birch was the desire to get in order to help others yet to inspire, and you look at the missions that we talk mission of change. Yet you want to change the world making a better placed this. You know your Europe you're on the path right. There was an observation that my spirit guides gave me about about you. Yeah? And it said that you are who are the kind of war embodiment of old soul values. What does that mean?
means is that you you. I shall just through it through your beings, who you are yours, pressing a lot of of what are. Also values that you you value such things as proof amendments. Something came up truth. Is they talk about walking the path of truth, means everything this is huge to you here and that people are people who aspire to be like you, your motivating people, to be you, don't you like being a real great role model, so you can take people of any the wage and you can take anybody and you're really showing on the importance of truth, because it such a hugely important thing. Do you. They also talked about walking a bath of freedom. Freedom is such a big thing you know. If you have the awareness I read about what you're doing and south africa- and you know you you're, actually bye, bye, help to get people opportunities like that you're, giving them freedom.
People dont have a whole lot of freedom when their when their dirt poor wrangles, wanna things it goes this is also something you want experiencing yourself. You want I'm afraid of yourself near where your, where the importance that well, you know. Well, so they say the thing that I thought was a very nice little How many of those holes spirit guy got to talk to you? They all come out to have this discussion scale. There's we're sitting around this morning. I noticed having coffee in a Chad and they said that where your, where you're going not everyone will follow, and I didn't to begin with them? What they said is that ass. You really started to express more, of these older soul, values You can lose some people there not to be ready for some stop that you're getting out there and there is an encouragement to really follow your heart in these matters. There
what they said. I wish they were gonna, say everybody's going to be so excited. They are a minute say that as well. I'm sure that it does nothing to do with how excited people are what the point of making is that you can get criticism, as you start expressing more more if he also a summit like, like you, a little nine spiritualist and with experience your soul. Had you know that way of war, for example, that mean intuitively just in there that you know that war is obscene, slang right, unnecessary. You start talking more about that in a loose people right in all those people who even old souls who are just in all their under the influence of. Well, we'll be levelled, I'm so the message from the media. Whatever it might. You know all those level two's whatever you know it's like like something there are some people who could be ready for you for it and his thick economists.
Is really to follow your heart on these things, your highly intuitive. As we talk about you know, you use your psychic and you you have the empathy thing as well, which is a terrific combinations. Well, it really helps to connect you with the other side and give you because of this truth thing being so important that you have an inbuilt vs detector, yeah you you, don't you you, you must see through people very very quickly, and I really while I'm here, I don't know listen to pay attention to it, but I do see oil the truth of what I mean like her actually listening to paying attention actually doing what you're being guided to do this, ass. The two different things? Yes, but I do get it. I do here yeah. I do get the message very clearly like somebody's a jerk. Are you should stay away from that person or yeah? you're the only data you know and it takes it, takes a bit of faith and experience. You know you have to
the sovereign over to really learn you know. So how did you, when you brought the Spirit guides, enter question them about me? How did they have that process? Actually work? Ok, one this case I was just sitting down my as I take it. They don't watch the opera show either the Spirit guy Well, they would do it. They know everything about you like picture them sitting around and you know enjoying that in afternoon, but know everything about you guys know. Everybody is there's some kind of vibration thing, where all I can get information on on anybody, not I can go invading some his privacy. It's the Google of the Spirit and always in it could be accepted. I had to get your permission to be able to do to go in, this kind of debt. When you went to ask to consult with the Spirit guys you say all spirit guides. Please come to be. Well, I'd number with free- and you tell me about her- we're out of that work. Will I don't use the funny voice
feel a need for ok. So, but what I do I? What I do is I ask for protection. Call the man I'm italian from if any negative entities good ones and bad went well. You know I, use the example and a book I said the you know you're drunk, harry is is on the other side, just to say that There are people who are on the other side who who were jerks and in an optically, enlightened, not everyone whose spirit is spiritual, and sometimes, if you will people using a wager board and then they get negative stuff when the girl, frightened and torture gonna die, and somebody like you, uncle Harry having fun. Besides, you know, like you, didn't pick up the phone And dial numbers at random and hope to get really good advice you, your opening up when you do this stuff, You can call anything so be career here, so I may should unprotected and really covered when I do that and then
then I make sure triple check that I'm My spirit, how do you know they have your best interest because in the information that I get has just time and time again I found that it's it's been able to validate it. I found that is right and I find that is in my eyes, interest at all so the message is that they pass on to two people there there loving their useful, There are several practical side to all this in on people. Think of spirituality, your kind of what you know airy fairy, This stuff is really by helping people to take the next step. What we need to do in relationship and I'm kind of thing get information that will help them in fact call my guides due to help people make their choices rather than its choices. The tell him what to do that. It is like Robin Run, Then give somebody a fish, not teach them to fish. We want to give people tools,
talk your guides because, though, if you were talking about, they would know exactly what I need right now. I am in need of specific help, displaying. So they would know what that is. So will I go into any details, but I find it oh yeah sure I know, and they know something today move that along for me to thank for that you know you can you can do that yourself? Are you aunt yeah? Really, you can work on communicating with the guide anything you ve got like that, put it out in the report I will ideally in meditation, I know you're busy and you have restlessness, which makes station very very hard yesterday s sitting and ass. I drew out his craziness. That's why I make my to do this during meditation. I guess I'd start out. Betty getting started meditating, I'm good. I'm really sit there, good and I'm really gardener last for about six breath and then I'm like make sure you and I- then I'll write that down there.
Robert. I write that down. That's ok now, got all that out away that go back. Let's meditate, then it I get some really spired thoughts. I suppose it meditation Europe not just about shop, no, not about shopping, but this, like things, I myself with the right people or whatever, The lesson learned have two still the mind to to get that clarity. It's like you know. Chieftain, brainwaves or something and your spirit guides come in their work with you and give you that clarity. Ok, figure out what you need to tell them put it out there. If you don't know the need, they'll give you the cardinal. I know what I mean. No in the UK, keep putting either twice a day twice a day would have helped to write it down here. Ok,. Actually we have your thinker influence. She want to make she wanted the right these things down verbal eyes and say it out loud You don't say I really want to surround myself with the right people or whatever it is always yet, whenever make sure you and they know and keep it on the front burner by
Saying that don't I already know what they're only air, to see, like I said before, like the emergency rescue team is like only when you really put out, but a cloud came and I'm gonna do it help? Do you go here me You didn't hear the bit about specific questions. I will do that thank you anxiously. Thank you, ok living if your soul intended the instruction angrily Macleod, I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review of this plant gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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