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Beto O’Rourke: A Hopeful Voice

2019-02-27 | 🔗

Oprah sits down with political hopeful Beto O’Rourke, who many say has emerged as a fresh voice for Americans who feel detached, divided and disillusioned in today’s political climate. Beto, who’s known for his successful grassroots political campaigns, became one of the youngest city council members to ever serve in El Paso, Texas. In 2012, he pulled off a political upset that landed him three terms in Congress. Then, Beto created big buzz on social media, galvanizing support across the country during his 2018 bid to unseat Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Although Beto narrowly lost that race, enthusiasm for him to run for President continues to swell. Beto says he’s weighing that decision with his wife, Amy, and their three children. “If we come to that same decision about this opportunity to serve and to run, then it will be on that we do together,” he says.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now, no, sir, I'm so glad you said yes, I'm so glad you said. Yes, there's been a lot talk about your being here today, everybody is asking me. Why did I want to have you here? I want to know what all the fuss was about what's her by talking about, and I had so many friends who,
gone to your rallies people. I know we're sending me videos from the rallies the rallies in disguise. The real deal disguise the real deal, so thank you for it the to sit down and see that if you are the the real deal, building. I feel some pressure now put it that way. But how could I say no to you a huge honour for me to be here, so thank you will think about it. I snapped ok, so our voice in politics and rose above the negativity and also redefined what a typical political campaign could be in our interest, and I'm interested in, why that's that happened. So that's why I wanted to also have you here, but I have to say I didn't oh you were. I first noticed you around MID June and you talking about immigration issue. It was one of the few times that
since I've left the Oprah show that are really miss having a daily platform, because I just wanted to be able to speak to the people about what will happen the borders, and I saw an interview with you down on the borders as was feeling so helpless, so I call my friend gale, and I call the women the Doktor Colleen craft. A thinker name was who is ahead of the pediatrics for children to who is talking about what we were, two children separating them from their their parents, to kill you gonna go down there. You gotta find this guy he's a tall Guy he's looked sort of like Robert Kennedy One of those Kennedy guys you gotta, find that guy, but I was doing because I felt so helpless- and I saw you in the midst of it. Did you
while inform your candidacy and did you feel helpless to you know I did initial cure. You had this great country taking little kids and babies from their parents after they survive they two thousand mile journey, much of it on foot. Much of it on foot there were lucky on top of not inside of a train called the beast or la bestia. Coming to this cause. Three of asylum seekers and immigrants and refugees from the world over going generations back and at their most vulnerable, desperate moment that baby, for whom they risk everything is literally taken torn from their arms. What do we do in the face of that. We found out about it and along with ronicky Escobar, whose now the represented for all pass when sissy bird, another great leaders in our community issued a call to action to the world come down to a passport to torn Neil, where we are in prison in these kids, something it that is tantamount to torture, what we are doing to them and bear witness,
and unless testified to everyone that this is happening in your name in this country, do not blame this on Donald Trump. Do not blame this on a political party. Do not blame this on someone else. If we're democracy, then the people are government, the government of the people's on every single one of us is that he's gone. When I first heard you say it because it's like do I blame this on anybody, because this is happening in your name. That's right! This is America, and if you call yourself an American than you bearing witness to this and allowing this to happen and people from across the country in less than twenty four hours aimed at twenty or not the easiest place in the world. To get to your folks, like Joe Kennedy, with whom I served in Congress flying from Massachusetts on a red eye to get there in time, he had folks dry from Corpus, Christie or Denver Colorado all coming there converging and doing something so powerful. I've got to tell you that it was their presence, the pressure that they help to produce
that cause the change that we needed to see the administration step back from that policy, stop taking babies from their parents saw the power of people in action and it wasn't up to an election or candidate or or repair. Then they reminded me that in this country, it's all of us and has real power in that so on the night that we lost the elections. Yet by almost three points I said. Is hopeful optimistic as I've ever been? It's because, even in the face of that loss, I saw the power or a people. Not only did we almost when in a state that has been described as the most lively red in the country. I just saw so many people from somebody differently, some life from every county in Texas, come together to try to achieve the impossible. And to me, that is the story of our country ambitious when we think big, bold thoughts when we dream we do everything in our power to achieve that, not the small stuff that is divine so much the national conversations are. You lie
as a late. You lost by about two hundred thousand votes to close the Senate race in Texas in forty years. Fifty point nine percent. I think forty eight point three but whose count, but whose you recounting counting. So I got that why, Do you think you lost? What do you really think about the four eleven percent of that? Why do you think you lost. I dont know the way. No, certainly I could have done so. Many different things during that campaign could have said something better could have shown but another time and given community he thinks I I I I. I don't believe that the agency to achieve our dreams is outside of us are really think that we ve got it within us. I know I know the one that race- and I know not because- of me or anything I or my team came up with the tens of thousands of Texans Republicans.
MC rats, folks who had never voted before our state was fifty in the country for voter turnout, not by accident one hundred percent by design twenty seventeen, the court's found for separate times the Texas had successfully drawn people out of a congressional district out of a reason to vote. Yet I would say out of their democracy because of the color of their skin, their ethnicity. There can free of origin. That's on purpose, repression at its finest at its worst, and I don't know that I had anything to do with the people of Texas decided that they were going and send that overcome that and they did young voters turned out at five hundred percent greater levels and they had in twenty fourteen, the last may, term election society you raised over seventy billion dollars in most small donor monies in Criss crossed the Texas visiting two hundred and fifty four, counties around you do that at Senate race, and you have small staff with no
AIDS speech, writer, forlorn or pollsters. You knocked on doors and you you, you, you carried in people, groceries? I've even supply is by these the overwhelming response, and then we're doing. All of that something happen. Something happened. What happened? The music, That really turned me on as a young man when I discovered he didn't, have to just listen to what was on the radio was punk rock kids, my own age, writing their own songs, telling them. Story starting their own labels book in their own tours. By their rules and in no one else has. By not having a poster, never reading a pole during the campaign not having any consultants, not focus group testing, the message but just
saying what I really felt admitting when I did not know listening peat to people to get the answers in their communities from their experiences and not presuming that I knew better than they did was powerful. For me, I learned a hell of a lot during that campaign and I think at a time that our politics is so heavily and tested and safe. There was something that was new and maybe even dangerous or different about the way that we ran his camp going to every single county in Texas or two hundred and fifty four not just the reliably blue places where you'd expect to find a Democrat going to King County that voted for Donald Trump. Ninety six percent in the last election, because the people and got three the county seat are every bit as deserve. My attention of being listened to being heard of being fought for being served, even if they dont vote for me when you walk into a place, it's ninety six percent against you and you know it are yellow scarred yeah little, like all Leslie
voice. Sundown is a little bit of that year me intimidating our. I remember a mother's day, town hall, on a Sunday morning in predicted Texas, on the county court house steps. We brought roses for all the moms who had shown up all three and another seven men, and- and there was a little group that was protesting our appearance, because my position on guns and it was a little intimidating folks do could maybe they don't want me to be here. Maybe maybe we should stay so long that we should move on to the next town, but We invited them into the conversation. We said you can ask a question: you can Share with me why you think I'm wrong and not do it privately, do it in front of everyone here. Maybe we will all learn something. I don't pretend to know everything about this issue. I want to hear about your experience and
It was really amazing. They they came into the commonly literally physically, moved into where we were entered the conversation we're critical of mean, which is perfectly fine, but but I left- better about things that now I don't know that I earned their boats and I would assume that I didn't, but, but I that we can have really civil conversations treat one another with respect and dignity. Even when we disagree, passionately about the thing we care much about. Is that what you said? Even you lost the election that it taught you so much. What's the main thing had taught you you came out of it, yelling wet that you didn't. Will you in India people are so good the division that we see in our country, the animosity, the conflict, the vilification, almost determination of people for the views that they hold or the country from which they came or any other difference that really should not define us. I didn't find that when I met people across the state of Texas, I had books, it came up and said
I will be voting for TED crews, but I really appreciate the fact that you came to Abilene. No one ever comes to abolition. You showed up. My parents came out. Listen if you answer my dad's question, thank you for doing that. People were so nice and civil and in dignified with with one another when you're lookin somebody eyeball to eyeball when you're in the same room with them. It is so hard to say the things that are so easy on Twitter on social media. Your on cable tv when you're talking about a whole group or class or party of people. So the basic decency, in goodness of people was reinforced, and and the challenges that we have before us people dying of the flu who, in diabetes in the wealthiest and most powerful, the most medically advanced country in the world, climate change, a degree and a half celsius? or and we lose so many places we call home forever. So many people will suffer so many people will die immigration laws
match our values, our interests, who we know ourselves to be met a couple from the Callin one of these border communities, not unsafe does, it need to be walled off nothing to be afraid of. In fact, when the state, the cities in United States America we're up to all these challenges, we just need a politics and representation. The reflects our values are, goodness are kindness, our ambition. The big stuff that we want to do and in the way that we ran this campaign, not only no poles but no pacts, no corporations no, the distance between the candidate, the people that we want to represent. That's the way to do this, and so so I came up that more optimistic than I went in our democracy still works. People still want to be, It happened almost understand that none of us has the luxury of sitting any of this out. It's on all of us not just to stop the bad things, but to define the future as we would have it for ourselves and for our kids in
for all of us. So those are some things that I have learned that made me a much better person deepen my belief in in this country in our democracy. And in one another we still got to sell. You say you give this beautiful concession speech beautiful. We all watch. Did you didn't you can now google it? I thought it beautiful and I thought you handle it well when you go home and you wake up the next morning and its down there and you didn't win, is there a party that goes to the sunken place. Yes, you know felt a profound desire women in myself. There have let so many people down folks who into us He's town hall meetings, member young. And twenty seven years old in the rate of Texas said: hey better, we're talking about guaranteed high quality, universal health care that hits home for me, because I dont have insurance
I have a doctor the one time I did see a doctor. He said you know. Not only do you have diabetes and glaucoma, but unless you get health care and take care of yourself, you will be dead before the age of four and this young man said I am counting on you better. You ve got to win this war, the least insured state in the country. We are counting on you right now, parents of medically fragile. So you thought about that kid. That's why I've thought about that kid. I thought about the fact that, on issues of criminal justice, we have a school to prison pipeline in Texas that almost criminalizing kids, based on the color of their skin forty five times more likely to be suspended or expelled or disciplined, not in high school, but in kindergarten we imprison more people than any other country on the face of the planet. Disproportionately brown and black folks are counting on Canada to win those races to change those
but but here's the silver lining. This is how you come out here. Funk is, at least in my case. You stop looking at yourself and start looking out at others. Seventeen african american women, one judges positions and Harris Criminal Justice, far more than I ever put in. So something really good came out of that. If a lot of really great things came out of that effort, so alone, were you in the second place we counted not in days or weeks, but know it it. It took a little you want a solar road trip. Did you go on that road trip because of it? I understood there you embarked on this. You posted been stuck lately in and out a fog, my last if their work was January second bright and has been more than twenty years since I was last not working and maybe, if I get on the road meet some people learn about. What's going on to you, when I wrote you ok weather, each of us, so I had to be moving. I had to be meeting people, it's just how I think in and how I find the next step
and I just truly emerged out of this by being with us only by yourself by myself, driving my truck through too can carry into Mexico goodwill Oklahoma ended up in a bar in Ulysses. Kansas. Afraid to go in much like. I was on the courthouse steps and produce a Texas you're, not gonna like me, they want me coming into their place this. This is their place, not mine and was so warmly welcomed, to feel at home. So curious about me also curious, them and how long before they recognize who you were in a pretty soon within the first five or ten minutes and the guys that next me says. Dang, therefore demo that's an illicit kansas? None of them were here. I wish they love to meet you. So did you buy you a drink when you didn't, I did
an end. A couple of beers were bought for me and that the great thing is is I met this guy Robert. My Tokyo shares the same. First name- and I mean this amazing History- museum, illicit canst when the best in the country that I have seen bar none and I'm looking at this exhibit- and I hear this booming voice that says: hey Battle, look up and see who it is Tokyo and turn around, and your comes Robert. He works for the, carpet cleaning service, its cleaning. The carpets met me in the bar last night says I'm having lunch with my daughter and her family come out with us, and I was one of the Democrats or we was needed and I didn't ask denounce what what One important to me. I just wanted to find out How we came here came here it, as many families did to elicit as many families did your teamwork as an immigrant working in fields and farms and factories, the generation before his until they arrived at Ulysses, his son in law, the same story
in their own personal stories and lives. The story of this country, the story of immigration. Everything about what we don't have to fear, but we should be celebrating seeing more of building upon that makes this country great in in the first place and so that journey in meeting robber and his family totally took me out not just of a funk but out of myself and into what we are all connected to, which is this amazing place an idea, America and so going forward. All I know, after that trip and after thinking after talking to my wife Amy, who is here with me, is that we want promise to the potential that we all know her to have, and so are you in an eminent right now trying to figure out what to do? potential that we all know her to her, I'm sorry, you in on a middle right now trying to figure out what to do. I have been thinking about running for
Let's see what he was about is unknown and what's the conclusions are you running? So that this question about whether I can be that person yet to play that role, guess not just to help bring the can we together at a moment that it is as divided as I can remember my forty six years those older than me say said the same thing in their lifetimes, but but can we can? We together ring its country together around the big things that we know you
to tell you, and you can tell on until excited at the prospect of being able to play that role, I want to make sure that amy- and I you listen Molly and henry- are three kiddos were twelve tenet. That way, being able to play that role. I want to make sure that Amy and I you list these Molly and Henry are three kiddos or one thousand two hundred and ten and eight that we're all good with this we're on the same So we go and eyes wide open about what this would mean. Yes, I mean that seriously what you're going to take me. I understand the process of your saying: am I that guy, because originally it when you finish the disintegration that I'm not going to do it, then obviously you talk to some people and to people's argue. Because originally at when you finish, the Senate ratios that I'm not going to do it, then? Obviously, you talk to some people. People argue and now you're leaning towards it. What's it going to take for you to say which
think is a monumental decision right to say yes, I believe I am the guy to take that on you, you don't army. If it will it will it will, it will really be family We weren't Amy Amy when you want to do so, will be family when we sometimes you hear a politician, a candidate for office say you know, I asked my husband. I asked my way If, if it would be, ok, yes, and only they got behind me- and they supported me when we decided to run percentage, They mean this. We decided to get It came to the same conclusion that this was the best say something earlier that stuck with me about ensuring that that you are able to express your highest and best purpose in life, and we knew
that at a time that we were considering, building two thousand mile wall with the lowest levels of northbound apprehensions in our lifetime were considering banning all people of one faith from the shores of this country. When we were referring to the press as the many of the people that it was on us to respond at what could we do and aiming at both said we're gonna run for Senate, wouldn't be part of the solution so if we come to that same decision about this opportunity to serve in Tehran, that will be one that we do together? If we don't do this. Then we're gonna do our best in some other capacity, to make sure that this country lives up to its Patel case less that the challenge of the fact that you haven't said yes, there's something that scares you about it or causes you to pause. What is the pause? So here's part of it? I ran for Congress in two thousand
While was sworn in two thousand and thirteen. So for the last seven years my family hasn't. Me. I've been there for them. I haven't helped Amy in raising these amazing kids in any significant consistent way, now I've been home for three months, the law, this period in the last seven years in and I see stand what Amy does for these kids, the amazing leader that she is in our home on top of everything else that she does in our community of L past. We have also got to connect with my kids that the good thing for those who want us to run is that our oldest you since there was most desperate that we never run for opposite Because of how long I have been gone, Isabel ready for me to leave the house, he saw the other night. I was. How does he is toilet
all that was given him some advice and he's like dad. I think I've got it, and at this point so you know, I think I think reconnecting with. Another remembering who we are? Why we do what we do, making sure that whatever we do next, we do in the strongest possible position as a family. Is most important thing that we can do much more important than anything else. Aiming I've talked about. What are we going to be thinking about on our death? That's when we look back on our life Will I be thinking about whether or not I ran for president when I had the opportunity or will the first thought be my kids, and and whether we were there for them and help them to become Human beings on on this planet, that's the far more important responsibility. I am sure you had conversations with. I know we all know you had a conversation with Barack Obama. You can tell us I'll, see you and I'm sure he
actually ended up spending more time with his kids after he took office because that is office right. There royal dinner every night for the first time. Maybe he was a dinner every guy you're, just a rose garden away from supper, so ok, so that the question is: when you make decision and come to two terms with what would be the reason that our intention as we talk about for this, your intention behind your motivation. If you were to seek the highest office in the land, can I be part of bringing people together in a deeply divided country around things that we agree on common. Can we a common conception of what it is to be american, to serve to sacrifice to seek to achieve something.
Far greater than any one of us or far great what we will see over the course of our lifetimes thing about climate change that the single greatest threat and opportunity that we face as a people. I want- and I want to make sure that we do everything we can in and not just graded and judged on but on achievement to meet that challenge. I want to make sure we talk about criminal justice or everyone being able to be well enough to live to their full potential, to learn that classroom to work that job to start that business that we're doing this together. So I think doubt our politics, the way that we run campaigns away, that we connect with one another single month in El Paso, as a congressmen held a town hall. All comers welcome no bar. You could ask me anything criticise me about anything, and I feared you going into that. I feared you when I cast every single vote. I will have to explain why
a constant reminder of how it is that I servant to whom I am accountable. I want that level of service and accountability in our government. Again, I want to take out the corporations intermediaries. The more direct democracy can be the more each of us feel and expresses that risk stability by running for office or voting or helping others who been barred or prevented or suppressed voting the stronger we're going to be as a country hr. One is in the house representatives right now. Not only does it address money in politics and connecting each one of us or directly with those who seek to represent us. It would address voting rights issues in places like Texas in the former confederacy, where people have literally been drawn out. We want every single person to bring their unique genius and talent and gifts to what we do as a country to what we
trying to achieve together. So if I can play some role in helping the country to do that by God, I'm gonna do attack by God. When are you gonna know the answer? Can we get an? U Ulysses end? family together. When are you gonna another? Have you giving yourself a deadline, and I'm serious, but have you given herself in the serious answer is really is is, is really seen before the end of this month. Somebody in four right now, but this is before the end of the month, but that there are many other days after this I understand this and I think it's a sacred, you gonna feel the call you and you ve got to Oh, that you are the person who can actually honour the call. It is no plaything
and I respect your decision making process and I respect you, including family and going to that space inside yourself. I know that you raise Catholic Practice Catholic. Do you use your? faith, do you use What do you use coming to this process? I can't, how many times I have asked God to tell me what to do. Give me some sign or indication of I can best. Sir, I was asking I do and I did not say nothing to me. I understand I understand it's funny, yes, that you say that, because many of the questions that you have been asking me, I'm sure many people here would like to know the answer. From you, is this something you would consider a reason I respect your process is because I do I believe it's something you ve got
to feel inside of yourself and you ve got to come to a knowing inside yourself. You gotta hear that in feed that for years now, what everybody else says that I believe that I can answer. This call at this particular moment in time and in our and our culture, the throat and our society. That's right! That's right! So so! Yes, I do. I do do try to find that since or that signal or or that saw you doing it? Are you like physically praying do you and they re together? We don't play pray together. You know like when I pray other people do this. I pray in my kids room if, if I'm at home, after their asleep just thinking about them, it's it's the clearest manifestation of my fortune In light of these amazing kids, our marriage, the fact that we made it this far- and so I prayer begins with my gratitude for this.
And my desire to see my kids do well in their lives and indeed be good people which, which I think is the challenge in our lives and in an then I ask for guidance and help in what doing. The decision that I'm making, but I gotta tell you even in in the weeks and months since that election on the sixth of November, I have learned so much changed so much as a person and and become so inspired on that little road trip on the folks. We met just in this way, in York on. I'm increasingly excited about doing something again to the best of my ability fulfilling my purpose, yeah, the truest eyes reservation yourself, doesn't even being that's exactly right. Yes, arms out sets out what what did you mean Barack Obama talk about you
so I called Amy afterwards, and Iceland is a meat and by the way was it was. It was in his office we're refreshments served her there. There was. There was I really want to know too powerful men say what's hours. Serve sandwiches and ginger ale. I just went out there so refreshments, yes, and I hope it's ok with him, but I am sharing this with you you said it's ok, so somebody who worked for him serve me a cup of coffee. Yet in in a porcelain cup in a saucer hee hee walking down the hall and he's got a paper cup of coffee and said o that those here so you get, but the nice China breaking out of her. So put me at ease because he had to have known. How nervous I was too to be seeing him Had met him, but only glancing Lee
as a member of Congress when he was the present United States and we sit down in his office. He sitting in a chair like this I'm sitting at the edge of a couch and at about minute six or seven. I realized I am so tense and tight, and I'm sure I just have the weirdest look on it as it does not even breathing I'm not. British loop is going through my head. I am listening to their noble, I'm sitting with President Obama, and so I kind of mine controlled. My body and my expressions and kind of tried to look relax and then and then actually we proceeded to have a really wonderful conversation and again. I hope you don't mind me sure, and this week we are talking about the Texas Senate campaign. And I said I've got to admit there were so many times during those too earth out on the road I wanted to give up where I really felt tested where I just to know. If I
take it anymore. I wanted to go back home and see Amy and become by her and in view with our kids. Did you ever feel like that ever in any said every day- and it made him he's is somewhat superhuman to me and I think, to a lot of in it, and it made him so much more human to know that he had doubts I encourage you to run for president. What did you say about? No heed he did. He did you or did not talk about you running for president. No, that would not be. This was leading up to that decision. Ok, what it was like for his family. He he knows that. I am thinking about what this will do to illicit and Molly and Henry and an end to our relationship, and he said, look just be very clear that this is one of the most intense
what this will do to Ulysses and Molly and Henry and an end to our relationship, and he said, look just be very clear that this is one of the most intense, I don't know. If you use a word right, but it like. I took this from one the most brutal things you can go through and in so no that going into this, though you ran for Senate in a very large state and you gave it you're all. This is many factors more intense than that, and I just want you to know that he stays up at night. Thinking about the same things that we do, he wants to make sure that he's doing. Everything, though, isn't reality that we all have to make sure that we get this country going back on the right track in, and that was gratifying to note as well that he stays up at thinking about the same things that we do, he wants to make sure that he's doing
there is no longer president within his power to make sure that his girls, his daughters, his family, can expect a brighter future. Then we would, if we stayed on this current trajectory so that that was just so powerful fought for me and even saying these words it's hard can seize it, keep him up at night. What keeps you up at night? What are the top three urgencies that our country faces right now that keeps you awake at night about where we are so I mention climate change. It is, it is not now it is yesterday urgencies that our country faces right. Now that key! you're awake at night, about where we are so. I mention climate change. It is, it is not now it is yesterday. But we need to have acted. What do you know pursue about immigration? I know for sure that this is a country of immigrants
that, there are millions of people working the hardest jobs tribute to their maximum capacity, despite the fact that they don't have citizenship. Don't even have status in this country, whom we must legalised big, with dreamers more than a million young people who, if I could, I would make you s- since today, not only because it would be good for them would be fantastic for this country, they would be able to count reviewed even more than they already I would legalised their parents. The original dreamers need the guy awful decision who thinks. Leave their home their comfort, their country, their family, there, sure their language to start again at zero for less than zero a new place, not knowing the language not having any friends. Things have really bad. You have to really love that kid. To do that, I want to legalise. Then I want
increase the Pisa quotas that we have right now, so the folks who want to come to this country to be with family, to work, jobs to start businesses to make art just to make this a better place, are able to do that, and I don't want to do that at the price of a wall or military, rising the border or deporting people who pose no harm to any of us or to this country in fact represent the future of the United States. Will you send it to compose border wall? I hear you say this is based on what you called a racist. We action. You explain that in his maiden speech as a candidate for the presidency, Donald Trump referred to mexican immigrants as rapists and as criminals, people that we are supposed to be afraid of in his first full state of the union. He conflated dreamers and asylum seekers, young people fleeing the deadliest countries on the planet.
In the northern triangle, Central America with Gang members from Emma's thirteen who will kill your daughter who will take from you I will destroy this country, the wall, his policy to meet that challenge, that false threats that he says that we face is is a racist response, literally in concrete or steel or whatever form it takes to a problem that we do not have at the beginning of the George W Bush administration. There are one point: six million apprehensions along our border with Mexico last year, little over three hundred thousand El Paso Texas, one of, if not the state, the cities in United States of America, not in spite of, but because of the fact that we are city of immigrants and were connected with similar bodies and with Mexico and with the rest of the world and those who we are apprehending are not fleeing,
from border patrol ages, they're turning themselves in their moms with kiddos doing what any human being would do what any would do if it were the only choice left to her to save the life of her kids. That's a racist response to a problem that we don't have. It seeks emotionally to connect with with voters to Stoke anxiety and paranoia to wind power, on over the other over the other, on the basis of lies that vilify people meeting a third great girl. Lyndon Johnson Elementary in El Paso Mexican American, who asks me. Why does the president not like me what that does to her head, her conception of who she is? Who should can become what she supposed to
the United States. I told that storing he's on the campaign trail and a family pulled me aside afterwards, and they said that really hit home for us were Muslims. Our daughter third grade came home from school and asked if we should be in this country anymore, we dont fully comprehend the dam we're doing to children, not just those children torn from the arms of their parents, children. Were born in this country are came to this country after their birth, who may not feel fully american. We ve got to go that back and we ve got to acknowledge where this stuff is coming from ok, so you live in the largest porter state there. What are you think his answer, I think we re are our immigration laws based on our experiences, a mention in passing when the safest cities the world based on our values, based on our needs based on our family, as I mentioned earlier, we legalise millions of people who are already here
so many them on a path to citizenship immediately, so they can give to their highest and best potential. We addressed legitimate security concerns at our border, bringing illegal drugs into this country, bringing people in bondage modern day slavery through the boy to this country where vigilant against any so your energy. That is at issue, but it is not an issue to disagree that we are being told there have been a total of zero terrorists. Terrorist acts terrorist. What's connected to the? U S, Mexico Border, that harm, or sought to harm? U S, citizens doesn't mean it. We shouldn't be vigilant against it. I worked with my republican colleague in the Senate John Corning, on legislation that would meet the legitimate security concerns we have where they are at at at their greatest level and etc.
Eventually, the vast majority of everyone and everything that comes into this country crosses through one of those ports of interest. We have more see VP officers, we have greater technology if we invest in the infrastructure of those ports, not only do we facilitate legitimate trade and travel that is fundamental to jobs and economic growth in this country we also are able to better understand who and what coming into this country the monster bleach, making us safer in the process, so there's a way to do it. In fact, there is a bipartisan way to do it. We've demonstrated that to meet the challenges and not make one happen at the expense of the other. We can rewrite those immigration laws while securing country at the same time. So there are over three hundred mass shootings in twenty eighteen, its a bad now, but if you only if only three, people get shot. You don't even get to be the head of the news anymore. It's like back of the news. How can we,
What are we gonna do? What would you do about preventing gun violence last Spring Henry comes home from its first grade class Now? Amy asked him what he did at school that day and he describes and active shooter draw that great teacher hurting Henry and his classmates into a closet, teaching them how to resist the impulse to open that door when a man beings on it, impersonating a shooter and demands that those kids open the door? And I thought that teacher has such a tough job already. Chances are in the state of Texas which woefully under pays. Our teacher she's working a second or third job just to make ends meet its dual language: schools that she's teaching everything in english and spanish there, our kids and that public who show up in the same pair of genes the same t shirt Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday she's, the one out of her own pocket who buys and new clothes on Thursday? So they
hold their head a little bit higher, be treated with dignity by their fellow students, and now she has to envision an active shooter coming to that classroom just to teach those kids what to do and just to think about putting herself between that shooter and those kids like it. Why in the world? That's, crazy. Why couldn't we adopt universal background checks to ensure that every single person wants to purchase a firearm goes through those background checks? The states that have adopted them have seen in your fifty percent reduction in serious gun, violence and another question a little bit more controversial in Texas. Why do we continue to sell weapons made for the express this, of killing people as effectively as efficiently and its great a number of positive weapons are more people. Who time and again use them against one another. This is one of those issues where you can come to a different conclusion. It makes you know less american
you can own and our fifteen own responsibly and ask why shouldn't I be able to continue to buy it, but you can also ask, as does Rhonda Heart, a mother I met, who lost her daughter in the Santa Fe Highschool shooting in Santa Fe Texas. Why can't we make common sense? legislation and policy that would save more life, isn't my daughter's life for that. Isn't the life of your daughter, your child, the other kids in this country? Aren't they worth us being able to do something sacrifice the next election? If you must, you may not get re elected, but do the right thing, while you can, I think that's what the people of this country asking about right now. What makes you optimists dick people make me out domestic every single time. I spoke, really listens to a class it'll pass. The community college last week And you'll win and probably a little nervous. Little intimidated, talkin to two young people came out just pumped
do you think we're going to get through this divisive They didn't do you think it's gonna get worse before it gets better. I think the worst brings out the best in us You see people rising to the moment that those young people so firmly focused on the future. The rest of their life is In front of them, and they want to make sure that we get it right and they don't want to be patronised as the leaders of tomorrow, recognize that the leaders of today the reason we're talking about gun violence is not because the members of Congress such as myself, it's because of young people who took too treats and demanded that may do how civil rights, thank God that Linen Baines Johnson was able to shepherd Rights ACT and the Civil Rights ACT through Congress at that time, but he doesn't deserve the credit. It's the people who literally paid with their lives,
risked their lives to John Louis's of the world, the March of Proxy, every head of Greece, whose secured that change who made it possible who formed the political will that makes progress in this country. So that's. What makes me optimistic is. Is the people have guided and an end, so we just need to make sure that that's reflected in our representation in our politics. The way that we
campaign and the way that we serve. You seem like again waited a raw data data they didn't get. Anything now is good with its hard to tie your os complaint like yours. Yes, thank you. Thank you all very much. Ruined free and you ve, been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple, podcast, unsubscribe rate and reviews. This pledge gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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