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From 2013: Oprah sits down with global superstar, multi-platinum artist and 21-time Grammy Award-winner Beyoncé about the making of her documentary, "Beyoncé: Life Is But A Dream." Beyoncé talks to Oprah about her daughter, Blue Ivy, and what Jay-Z is like as a father and as a husband. Beyoncé also discusses letting go of her father, music executive Matthew Knowles, as her manager, her heart-breaking miscarriage and what is next for her career and her life.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starkness right now tonight I next chapter I met. The glamorous London hotel in New York City with Women g Q recently crown the mistress of the universe beyond say just our before she debuted the deeply personal documentary she says, killed her in so many ways and now How are you look so beautiful So much are you kidding have of your over there.
You actually really nervous about today. Are you yeah? I'm excited welcome, because in just a matter of lake work, less than two hours, though your whole life is gonna, be laid out before the world in a way that we ve never seen before. Absolutely I welcome this morning and I like what are you Doin went on. You know this was going to happen. You know I feel sworder like I was thinking about this today feel sort of like when somebody has a book and they put it out into the world right and wanted to gone. It's like he released it yeah, but I imagine that with you up into the very last second, you could still be editing right tweaking we get where you doing that and tell myself let her go, go, relax and it is what it is you raise is great. Thank you, but ok, here's the truth,
you haven't seen you literally since the Super ball and the world sort of shifted, and I have to ask you: did you cause that power surge midnight? I can believe that happened. It was solved surreal because all of its energy- I have bottled up inside of me and I didn't know how it will fail when I was actually performing because we were her so much and I was prepared by you just never know we're like is the jacket gonna come off in time is the way it is my foot gonna get stuck in. For you know, all these things can go wrong and it was just really magical. Enough fell all this energy inside and when I got off the stage it felt like, I won the Superbowl because they felt like relief like it was a time and then my husband said, and the powers out and unlike the ripest there's plenty in these, like now with the tv felt the power literally went out.
I thought you had something to do with it. It was so it was. It was what magic really is. I mean I was. I was tweeting with people at the time and I didn't know anything to say except just all caps and what was so amazing to me about it. I later treated this that here was this big moment. It was a big moment. We all knew that it was big moment, particularly coming off of the past two weeks. Jude had we are the inauguration stuff. I bet that was even more savage fell great. I really do and I've never worked so hard for twelve minutes in my life. Really you know what it was. You met the moment.
You met the moment. It was this absolutely you know gargantuan. He was thus Superdome and Super bowl and people are watching from all over and you walk right up to it. Actually, you such a fearsome right up to an you met that moment, and I you know and when it was it it made us all feel like if you could do that. We could do that too. May not knows boots. So did you know from the moment you hit the stage I got this or was throughout the whole performance. You were thinking. Ok, I got it now. When did you feel like I got this? The second I was on the left and I felt their fire Louis. Oh had in it just like made me feel like superwoman, and I knew I had it. I have it, I felt the magic I was lost. I didn't actually can't really remember too much why just like and before you know it.
The end of halo yeah during HALO I did have because I had interaction with the fans. Always it's you, you connect. When you have. I contact- and I remember that I remember thinking I have to remember every second of this moment. That was a great moment colleague Michel, my god. It was so good. I couldn't wait for them to pop. Upon us, toasters, hundreds lightweight the worker of come ITALY. I was so great in Kelly. Was there with me for two weeks in New Orleans when she she didn't have to be there? She just was there to support me in. It was so beautiful dismay that time with her Michel miss them so much
do you find? I dont know what it is a moment where you enter the zone way and then how do you described that what takes over feel home? I feel I feel like I know exactly what I'm doing, I feel like everything is in control. I dont know how as to describe in it. There is a warm there is like a fire you now inside. You know what I thought it was watching you there. I thought that is where art meets, God. Why? Where the subway happen. Were something takes over and you enter that zone of. That's really a sacred John. Really were all artists do their thing, that's why you want to live for. That's what I like form, because it doesn't happen every performance you know. So when it does happen, No, I don't want it to happen and that money
at the Superbowl. Well now so did you sleep good? That night did you celebrate? I did had some pride alligator
had turtle would never have before very interesting. I don't know about humanity we ate so well. I had a drink with my mother. For the first time we ll have a dozen drink and ass. They mounted night after others work. She did a hundred customs without fear of affair. We're gonna have a toast, so I had a drink with her and we went to a party and dance with the day to frank you barely amaze. All night, I had a great celebration. So let's talk about life is but a dream. I saw it and I understood so much about you. It felt familiar and it felt unfamiliar it felt exciting. It felt exhilarating. I fought founded to be riveting and personal and intimate and empowering I watched it with nine of my girls were going to college now from South Africa over here and when we finish watching it, they said Mama, oh she's, just like us yeah. You opened yourself up in a way that nobody can imagine. You would do you ve been so so fiercely private and when you did that, were you worried about over exposing yourself? Yes, I a battle with the edit and in the end I just jumped- and I said I am no different than than any woman and I feel like in all the things that matter. Yes, so I want you got better shoes, closet and you got more square footage, but other things a matter that matter absolutely and I felt like the story. It just connect the dots in my life and it was time for me to share my story into hopefully connect with people, even people that are not necessarily fans of my music, but it's just, I think, an inspiring story. I do too, and I felt like it's time. You said this is about trusting myself. Learning trust myself about growth. Have you got into the boy now when you can? You think trust yourself think so in the end, I'd still battle with, am I making the right decision, but I always know- and I am beginning to trust myself- a lot faster. I still have people that I trust and I think I'll always have my support system and people there.
Oh two for advice, but in the end are always know. What am I supposed to do so I'm getting their faster. So tell me when you get to the point where you can say on camera, I'm gonna go make lived, my husband and now I think I think you may be there right, yeah, yeah, yeah Louis, so right out the box on and life is but a dream. You talk so openly about letting your father go as your manager. How hard was it to come to that decision? One of the hardest thing that ever done, definitely you know someone you love, someone is giving you life, someone has done such a fantastic job. You know it's it's hard, but it's a part of life and is part of growth, and I had to tell myself at some point: you have to be the adult that your father has raised new too
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is it go on the Oprah show there was a parenting expert that says something I never forgot, and it's really come in handy as I'm now mothering. My you know: college age, daughters. He said most parents forget that there is a time and their child's life when they are the manager when their children are young and then in every child's life, usually around sixteen. Seventeen you're no longer the manager, you become the consultant and parents, don't know how to make the shift from manager to consultant and there's always problems when they put the parents. Don't They get that and I thought of you when I saw the dark, because I thought g, that in every parent situation. But if
parity earlier matches your manager how'd. How does that even happened, because it doesn't happen all at once? You had to start thinking about it and then, oh, my god, I'm gonna do it, and when are we going to do it so she was out of a car and we both know. It was time, maybe a few years before, but I love my father so much and he has taught me so many things, so it was something that was hard. You know, I don't know what else to say, but I can say that this dock really helped me for one just editing and really saying our dynamics.
And killing our relationship as father and daughter. This documentary build me from so many things. You know it s, scary, as it is to know that the world is going to see some of my private thoughts. I feel so much stronger and I feel brave and I feel like I've been able to talk about he's been like their appeal of healed, so much in terms of stronger person emotionally
because of it because of this movie. Yes, ok! So we see the cameras in the car and the cameras in the bed, the cameras in the plane, the cameras where their cameras everywhere, all the time. You know there's a time and place the cameras and all of my videos that were in the bed in in the bathrooms. In all these crazy place, it s just the camera in my computer, ok, that camera Emma Computer has been my friend when I'm away in numb alone, and I need to talk- and I need to hear myself because you know you hold so many thousand your mind so that your diary, my diary guy, it has become my diary actual ever really done it off that them much since I've become a mother. I don't have time to time for two years before then by the past. Maybe three years that's been my diary. While so you don't ride you just Todd's is top there's a moment when
say? You're looking into the camera, which I now know your computer and you say. I have so much going on in your voice kind of chokes, who I felt free, because I've been that moment and
I wonder how does the weight and demand of the expectations? How do you? How do you balance and process? All of that it's hard and I have to shut down, said everything often just go into my home. How may phones do you have to to only two? I am surprised and very good. Ok s home, yet when it when it gets to that crazy place, I have to get away in just be she's gonna forget about everything that corner, but usually I don't have that option because I'm up against a deadline in and I just have to fight through it and eventually I don't know why I do no wise blessed, unfortunately,
but it always works out. You know, and I know that I always know that in the end, the stress all of the crazy, whatever I'm going through, it always works out on January. Seventh, two thousand twill beyond, say and J C welcome their first child, but daughter they named blue ivy. What is it like? Real to be you right now I mean when we think of you, I think of you as the rule, the world you are the pre eminent mistress of the universe. So what is that like to be right now to be thirty one years all and to be beyond say? Well, I have to say I feel so good that I'm a mother, it's one of the most proud and it just made. Everything makes sense to me, and I could imagine
my life, if I did not have my daughter, would you have done life is but a dream and put it out now. Was blue ivy, a part of that? Well, I started on it years before I knew I was pregnant or having a baby, but I did not put it out because my story did not be complete in it's been maybe three year right cause you, you ve had the tape yes you're, the executive producer could have put it out any time, but it was incomplete. The story was income and I didn't know why. But once I became pregnant and even went after, I was pregnant, still didn't know why and after gave birth in every I've. Looked at my diaries- and I say: oh my god, everything makes sense. Now I said life is but a dream. Three years before you know it is so many connections in the film that what is my life that didn't understand until I gave birth, even the british
Our song, I will quote it for my album was because I needed to to get out all of these failings in is this everything just completely connected, and I said it's ready now I am who I am now. I have my story to tell now. I am beyond say I wasn't complete my thought and you yet you then you share the world, didn't know that you'd had a miscarriage. You share that in life sputtering, so he made a conscious choice to share that. Well, I felt like there are so many couples that go through that, and it was a big part of my story. Is it was one of the hardest things I've been through and how did you I'll keep that a secret? Well, it's one of the reasons out by did not share. I was pregnant, the second time because you know you just you dont know what's gonna happen, and that was hard because all among my family, my friends, knew what we celebrate in. It was hard and I'm not the only parts,
and also that so many people go through it and in the end I have my daughter- and there is hope- and I feel so fortunate did you live in fear, though every month I did for the second pregnancy. Did you live in fear? I did. And when you dancing on stage in you're doing all the less yeah. Well, you afraid I was afraid, but my doctor told me that I was completely healthy and don't be crazy and paranoid and answer live my life, you and that's what I do I had not seen anybody who was happier or more a sense of contentment with recognising that you were pregnant.
To ask? How did a change you? She introduced me to myself Madonna, introduce me to myself and I have my best friend in it connection with my husband, you know my mother and I are so close and I always pray that I would have that type of relationship with my daughter and she's still a baby. But the connection I had with her when I was giving birth was something that I've never felt before. You tell me about that. Well, she just we had a communication and I am busy.
Her and I've vision, the birth and I envisage are pushing through the wall. Yes, sir and honestly, I said you know, I know I can't control everything, but I do believe that we have their power and I wanted to enjoy that experience. So up really studied and had an incredible bar and the say, we're talking to her. She was coming to absolutely right. Like yes at London speak. Yes, I mean all of my energy on her. And that's sick, and they would have online awful already so she's thirteen months and we now in life is but a dream. We finally get to see her. And you all made a conscious effort not to sell photos and not to do that. I'm sure there, Much discussion about how to handle it. Yes, it was hard because as something that. You don't know the right answer you know and
in the end. It just didn't make any sense, and we felt like that. So many people have filled like their part of your life and so many people that want to be happy for you and wanted to give you their blessings, and we thought it was just the best thing to do, because at some point of course, someone's gonna be hounding and it is not safe. So we would put pictures out. We shared our joy and we ve been really protective and she has been a year and we ve been able to go someplace where she can run around tell us about or is she funny she shall Larry as she is ire she's fire. She is fire. I didn't bacteria we fire the law down when I have real time in theatre are already very smart. She loves books, he loved the books. You
I have you send her. The blue ivy monkey has worked closely out. She she is doing last cards and cheese, flashcards is guaranteed events our age, he likes it, she likes a house, Jason is dad and credit will. We know he wrote glory about her, but that was you know when she was born. How is he he's a different human being, I was going to say, had absolutely and is really beautiful, to see such a great father so lucky, how big is the Carter
family going to expand to would just say. No, I definitely want another child, but it was also important for me to do with what I love and I love to perform. I love to make music, so I wanted to have my daughter and then see if I was still as passionate and perform and maybe after his next or maybe have another baby, maybe maybe yeah, but your daughter did not take away the passion for performing now. I feel, like an ideal, showed three months after I gave birth, which was really crazy. I had clearly never given birth, it didn't know our game, sixty pounds and other things out what you came here, fifty seven pounds, but I really wanted to know- and I feel so fortunate to do my job.
I love my job. I love singing. I love the way. He feels that just you know it's nothing that where you fill the most yourself. Yes, absolutely man would do I've now, of course, and now I can share that with her and I feel like when I'm touring unable to perform, which is what I love for two hours a day, travel and know that I don't have to do anything else during the day. So I can go to museums. I can go to great restaurants. Acting, have a life and share those. Travels with my daughter in and get to? Let her see the world you get into through her eyes. She gets to see it through your eyes, wow. What I think you get a great sense of is your relationship with Jesse, you balance being the fears
independent woman with obviously a woman who also adores and loves her man. Evidently, and I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to their me, how is he helped you on so many we were friends first for a year and a half before we went on any date on the final vote, four and a half, and that foundation is so important in a relationship just to have someone that you, just like you know, is so simple someone, that is honest, do you know I remember for showing you only Oprah show, and I told you don't go around telling people who you're dating. I think you took that all the way out, I didn't say you don't tell me we didn't, would you can't kill people who you're married you? Ok, I took it.
Don't move out of the way you were gonna. Listen when opened. How did you I'll keep that a secret? I think now people have a of respect for our relationship and it's one of the reasons why? Because they know that we wanted to have our lives when it's time to to perform on this day door this time, but when it's time to go on a data be who we are people, our respect for there. Are you better woman because of him? Absolutely? Is he a better man? Because he absolutely
We will have done for each other, I think, is the most important thing in a relationship, so Amy Wallace in G Q rights. This about you. I thought this was an interesting description. She said she's hot no doubt but her eminence independence and her ambition makes some label her cool to the touch her allure lies in the crux of that tension thought that was, I thought that was really interesting that you're alive.
Were lies in the crux of the tension between hot and cool. So how do you balance at first of all you aware of that that you're, hot you're also cool? I don't know, I guess I'm aware of it. I'm attracted to things that are opposite all the time you know, so I guess that would make sense is just part of who I am, and I love things that are really tasteful, but that kind of push the envelope. Yet you do balance here. You jubilant you know years ago, when we were in open, show you telling me about Such a fierce being the sort of all too ego of yours and she is hot right and sometimes she's she's, like mad she's, fear some air and you you use a in the movie life is but a dream. You say that you sometimes before going on stage, want somebody to make you man too. You can The energy a my world manager does that sometime.
If I don't, you are now working anymore, because I'm not its commitment, I'm like no, that's not going to work, but it's interesting that now I don't really need Sasha fierce. I don't really have the alter ego, that's so different, and I don't know what one you help me with that. I remembered being on your showing you, because I get really nervous when I have to speak, and you were like just He had to use that is when you speak in I'm like yeah that makes complete in them, but a home I write such are the biggest act, but now I feel, like I'm sure, more of myself and my music a more connected to my art, because I feel, like such affairs lives within me all the time. Why so you ve integrated- and here I have to ask you this- how on earth- and I would add a camera Justin Bieber not too long ago, and I was saying to him: look I'm really concerned because how
figure out who you are when you're in this prism of fame, I mean yeah. I feel I probably because of my mother and my foundation. It's one of the things that always been connected to. I always knew who I was and I never felt the need to follow anyone or to do what anyone else is doing. Even when I was a teenager, but you do not have the disease please as a girl I did, but it was more compact. A more I want to make everyone happy. Did you have that one euro buddy the like you and not wanting to? Yes? If, when I dance after the area definite, are you still there a bit about probably still too Yeah I'm getting what me you say you say the HBO life is but a dream. You say I learned the difference in business and polite, don't match, and I say,
amen to that says, is true. Yeah people just push you as far as you allow them. You know, I'm learning that you can be kind and be strong, but, like I said in the dark, I have to be fair to myself. You know one of the things that you talk, I think you know I could talk to you for hours about. I thought was so smart for you to bring up at this time about trying to balance trying to stay current being relevant being on the cutting edge. All of the things that are important if you're going to be In that culture and then how much of yourself to give away did you think that life is but a dream is your way of saying all right here? I am in a sense, yes, and I feel like after.
So many years for sixteen years, I've only shared who I am through my music, and I feel like that mistake is very important in there are things that are still just don't feel comfortable talking about our tweeting about exactly where? Should I tweet a lot? But you don't have time your mom? I don't have time and I think for me it's so much fun to tell my stories, though photography. So that's what I'd chose to do, because you don't want people in your life and all your business all, but is the time and a place for ok, you say so profoundly that life About connecting the dots and that there is a threat that runs through all of our lives and when you can figure out with that thread, is that connect the dots? That's what you're purposes really in life? Are you in the process of connecting the dot? Yes and I am starting to live and pay attention, because.
Everywhere, as life is speaking to you all the time and once you are aware of it, and why sure editing and you see all these things like. Oh my god, it's always always always there and show now that we ve seen the superbowl experience. We ve seen such affairs integrated with beyond, say what's next well, I'm in the studio I'm going on tour. One thing I'm trying to learn is time. Management is the hardest thing for me and taken my time and doing things at a slower pace, because I've
kind of raised to work so hard that it doesn't even feel comfortable for me when I'm not. I don't know, I know what that's like so I'm trying to to just take it easy to do things when when I am inspired and it's hard because I have to plan, but I'm working it out, I'm trying to get there. I hope you can take it in because the problem is when you're working and moving at a pace like this. I know for the twenty five years of the Oprah show. I have to look back at eight, sometimes to even see what happened. Even are you you stop feeling? What's really happened, and I don't want that to happen to you know, and only the it won't. It won't happen I feel, like your daughter, slanted ETA has been my balance. I wanted just close by saying this I always had a lot of admiration and respect for you. You know I like dancing
the music I like playing it when I'm working out, but after watching life is but a dream. I have to tell you that I come away. Being reminded of that line and my Angelo poem that says you make me proud, dispel my name w. Oh, I M not just really. I think that that that life is but a dream is so great that you not just going to be. You know, mistress of the universe. You are now beloved mistress of the universe. Thank you so much. Thank you for your time.
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