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Bonus: Know My Name audio book excerpt by Chanel Miller

2019-10-02 | 🔗

Chanel Miller, the Stanford rape survivor previously known as “Emily Doe,” powerfully narrates her own story in the audiobook format of Know My Name, published by Penguin Random House Audio. Chanel’s statement to Brock Turner during his sentencing gave voice to millions of survivors, and now you can hear her voice here, telling her own story. You can purchase the audiobook wherever digital audiobooks are sold.

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Introduction the fact that I spelled subpoena as U H, p e e n a may suggest I'm not qualified to tell this story, but all court transcripts are the world's disposal all news articles on mine. This is not the ultimate truth, but it is mine, told you the best of my ability, if you wanna through my eyes and hears you know what I felt like inside my chest, what it's like to hide the bathroom during trial? This is what I provide I give, but I can you take what you need. In January twenty fifteen I was twenty to live.
In working in my home town of Palo Alto, California, I attended a party at Stanford. I was sexually assaulted outside on the ground to bystanders sigh stopped him saved me, my old lifeless. Me and a new one began. I was given a new name to protect my identity. I became Emily dough in this story. I will be calling the defence attorney the defence, the judge, the judge they are here to demonstrate their roles they played. This is not a personal indictment
not a clap back a blacklist rehashing. I believe we are all multi dimensional beings in court if out harmful, being flattened characterized Miss labelled in vilified. So I will not do the same to them. I will use Brock's name, but the truth is, he could be Brad or Brody or Benson, and it doesn't matter. The point is not their individual significance, but their commonality, all the people enabling a broken system. This is an attempt to transform the hurt inside myself to confront a past and find a way to live with and incorporate these memories. I want to leave them behind, so I can move forward in not naming them Finally, name myself.
My name is sir. Now I am a victim. I have no qualms with this work. Only with the idea that it is all that I am. However, I am not Brok Turner's victim. I am not his anything. I don't belong to him. I am also half Chinese. My chinese name is John shall share, which translates to little summer. I was named summer because I was born in June. Jha is also China's first dynasty. I am the first child Shaw sounds like Shaw: Chanel, the FBI defines rape as any kind of
Penetration, but in California, rape is narrowly defined as the act of sexual intercourse. For a long time, I refrained from calling him a rapist afraid of being corrected. Legal definitions are important, so is mine, he felt a cavity in my body with his hands. I believe he is not absolved of the title simply because he ran out of time the saddest things about these cases beyond the crimes themselves of the degrading things the victim begins to believe about her being my hope to undo these beliefs. I say her, but whether you are a man, transgender gender, non conforming. However, you choose,
and if I in exist in this world, if your life has been touched by sexual violence, I seek to protect you into the ones who lifted me day by day out of darkness. I hoped to say thank you.
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