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Devon Franklin: Produced by Faith

2019-01-30 | 🔗

Award-winning film and TV producer, New York Times best-selling author and spiritual success coach DeVon Franklin explains how he believes you can find your life's purpose. Devon describes how he climbed the corporate ladder, starting out as an intern for Will Smith to later becoming Senior Vice President at Columbia Pictures. Today, Devon is CEO of his own production company, Franklin Entertainment. Devon also discusses his book "Produced By Faith," which uses the filmmaking process as a metaphor for finding direction, meaning and purpose. Devon believes we can all look at life as a movie, with God as our director.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starkness right now, in just fifteen years. Divine Franklin is climb. The latter from internet Will Smith's production company to vice president at Columbia. Pictures he's resonated glued hits like the karate kid, the pursuit of happiness and jumping the broom. That's when I dunno actress, Megan Good, a little better they are engaged in about two jumped the broom themselves. Van, is always put his faith front and centre found solace in the church after his father died. Suddenly we was just nine. He discovered that's where he felt most at home and he started preacher
giving his first sermon at fifteen using the film the process. As a metaphor for finding. Ruction, meaning and purpose in our lives device calls his new book a road map for success, but a treaty was to sit down with this dynamo and talk about what did like to be produced by faith. This is exciting. I think this was such an interesting. I have read every book self help book. I have. Since nineteen forever and if it is right- and I have not come across one such as this reduced by faith where you're. Looking at the purpose the intention of your life through like like building the arc of a play or movie. Yes, I realized in reading your book that that that's exactly how I've lived my life, I am produced by faith. I didn't, I never thought of it. That way.
Which is the classic. Ah, I had an amendment reading a book that I too am produced. By allowing the vision, that God holds for your life to be the premier direction that you follow because what I began to realize that God is our director, Remove the movie business. People have a hard time understanding how movies are made. I mean you know, I work for a studio, and I tell you my mom can't even tell you exactly what I do you know, and so I wanted to help people understand how films are made and use the parallel to understand that you are the star of your own move. So one of this was it you say that really struck me. Is that if we look life as a movie, and God, as the director of our movie. Then we use our faith to help propel us forward interesting in the director erect. Yes, absolutely
as what I realise is that sometimes we in the most difficult times in our story, we begin to loose. They listen to listen to what yes, it ok, love? This part. The trouble is, is that when you are characterised story when you are immersed in it, you can't see how things will progress in the future that you lack perspire If it's let me put on my glasses, it's tough to lose the job. You love, shrug and say: oh well, God is obviously putting me in a position for something better to happen in a few weeks That's normally not what we do. We got Lord, it's all over all over. Why did this happen? To me? Ok, it becomes very easy to assume that things will always be the way they are today. I was just talking to a bun brought it and she wrote this incredible book called simple abundance. I had on the show she saw. Five million got five million five million dollars.
And as a result of that success, she thought she said to me. She always thought it would be that way. I set off cuts, for God that nominal nobody cells. Father, do you imagine you're happy as and when they happens to you. You have to accept that as nominal. Absolutely God thing that happened. You can't expect that the next book you right is going to do the same thing you can What does it mean? It's as if that's what you're saying so when I read this, I thought of that when things are Well, we sometimes lose perspective and start to think we're in control of things. But all it takes is one wrong turn and we quickly remember that's just not true. Here's what I love page, twelve, the truth is you and I are in control of only two things: how we prepared get this everybody
swaying you right this down. Tweet tweet we're in control of only two things how we prepare for what might happen and how we respond to what just happened. The moment, when things actually do happen, belongs to God, brilliant, a brilliant man, True is true, because what happens is the moment when things happen in our life we don't control. In a moment, life can change for the better or what in the moment may seem for the worse yet, so our job is to prepare to read for two things: that's right prepare for what might had a threat and then how, Respond. That's! It has happened because so many times what keeps us in the Valley of depression that keeps in the valley of frustration is our response to a moment and not recognising that is exactly that. It's a moment. You know in the context of the book. It's one scene of your movie what makes a great movie our seas that are put together of great conflict, ok, continuing introduced by fate,
The key is remembering your story, the spiritual We are Germany, parallels the steps involved in bringing a movie from the initial idea to the Africa release, which is what you do. You start with the colonel that a process known as development and production, don't we know development can take five or ever forever, literally led through every somebody's I've worked on for over ten years. In this process you are God's writing partner. I love this. God is the director and each step is crucial. No idea becomes a movie. This is key, without passing through these stages, and even though some of these stages can be difficult, tedious, even painful each leads to the next, and hopefully too. Says here so we're all. Aren't we always in our development stage in some way shape or form? I would argue that not some of us are actually you know in production. I would say: ok My view is currently working on the sequel. You know, so you have
on through the phases of development production, you ass. It then into the next chapter. I could have called it working on the sequel, yeah yeah yeah Opera, the sequel there, let's guy, doesn't have any right now. Ok, now and so some of us are most the time in development and development, as you said, is super hard because we don't ever think we're gonna go to the next level of our life and also actually what you say in the book is that development begins. When you have the first vision of what you can be radically, you can't right a movie unless you know what the movie supposed to be about. That's what development? Sometimes we get though frustrating our lives, but we have to go back and say: wait a minute. Do I What with the big idea of my life is supposed to be, my life was a story. Then I have to know the point of my story and sometimes what happens when we start developing a movie that produces may have, one vision of what the movie supposed to be and studio, has another version and in the movie becomes nothing there's not clarity of idea. So with our life, we have to have clarity of what we're supposed to do. What are we build,
were called to do in this life and in that way gives our whole development process more say. I am getting goosebumps right now. You know why, because I know that the way landed with me in the way I heard it that anybody whose hearing you also can hear that can field. The colonel love if you are not in control of the development of your life, or aware that your life needs developing and are just waking up every morning going the job going too? motions getting your paycheck. Then you are really I always say it's sort of like being the walking dead that you're not in control you're, not helping to create your life with the ultimate creator. It so true, because sometimes you know you're going from seeing this ain't scene with no idea what your intention is in development. Not only do you call right the script guy, but you are the star of your store in there
nothing worse than we used to our onset and you see an actor in a scene who doesn't know the intention Yeahs, because then the saying goes all over the place. They wait a minute in our little. That's why actors will often say tell me: what's my motive exceptionally exam motivation, exactly so what's important in life to know what our motivation is, so we give You ve seen that were in what purpose and otherwise would I find it sad that so I mean I see this. Obviously in the work that I do and you see in the work that you do that most people are not in recognition of the In fact it is it's why I do what I do is why one right the book it's? Why preach, why I make movies to help people get more purpose in more awareness, sometimes people, no perspective, so your inner situation going Data Day, Montezuma a yearning year with say, wait a minute. What am I doing with my life? So if you could just get people to away if, in a moment you have to have a,
Little bit of perspective in those moments of inspiration is when changing we're, not get through every single chapter, but I just want people to get a sense of when you write in produced by faith that it's actually a step by step plan for how you can begin to look at your own life as your own personal movie. Development scrip and putting that into action and get it green lit by the powers that be right by the powers. That are but my favorite one of my favorite things to talk about these days is that we're in a culture that you say first line of chapter two we in a whirl obsessed with instant success, obsessed with what has happened to us than we think You know that by the time you're thirty, I know you're supposed to be the present in Colombia.
I know you don't we first want thankful that God did not give me everything that I wanted. You know when I was praying for it. When I was going to college is eight years. What I want to do it I'm on third, you, those my five year plan by you I'll get you home. I had everything laid out. You know it just got to an extension to the deletion of a vision. That's right, that's right, but I think what has happened is that in this pop culture you know through there It shows you know various music and what not, yet there has been an over obsession on you can make it overnight. Yes, he's don't wake one day when american Idol. I argue that also when american Idol. Basically that's a pay off for years of some, We need to travel that no one ever see it's. What Malcolm Gladwell talks about an outliers as a ten thousand, our absolutely true, but really get something you gotta flew out. It's a dynamic ten thousand hours like the Beatles before we saw them on its relevant. Had, ready put in the tens rousing our that's right. So what happened to them in a world was just exactly that, already they had already put in the time in the world, which is more Eliza. Things had already done, but what I see
I think. As you know, I talk about the book, which are its unfortunate. Is that what is facing people aspire to feign, with any means to an end, unlike what okay, so you're famous. Now what what do you think's for when you're trying to aspire? what to do in the world. I argued: don't put Faye measuring guy, you know what is your purpose if you become fame That's because you are rarefied and what you do and you operate the seat of your purpose. In this no one else in the world? Does it and because of that fame is a part of a fantastic fantastic? I argue that if you shoot for plain without any understanding of what you're supposed to do when you're their ill be disruptive, it will be destructive, we destroy. There's no question, then eventually does it not just physic, law says that it has been asked to work don't go anywhere or to come after this short break Today's episode is supported by hallmark cards. We say
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His promo code super soul to get twenty percent off your card purchase. So how do you define success? You have to define success, one I defy the set as peace. Do you like meat? You am. I gonna guy, says there's nothing without that. No ok go alleged Finnish, who you, who look back at you in the mirror. Do you like that person? Are you at peace, argue that peace with that person? Are you content? That is the foundation of success being the most famous person in the world yeah and not have peace, and I wouldn't let you haven't heard what we do. We do and I would argue, you're you're not successful. You know we not allow external forces to tell us. We are I'm so sorry, I would add one or other things that I would say us into peace. A contentment,
not fool: Fulfilment fulfil yes for metal, yet you are fulfilled by what you do yeah you feel when you get up in the morning, There are so many times with the morning when the press were down were angry frustrate or you could wake up, saying, I'm glad to be alive. There is purposes this day to mean that its success. And I would argue that once you have that internal success, then extra we just a manifestation what happens internally in the best possible one of my favorite. Thought leaders, spirit for teachers, Gary's, cough who's, been on a superficial several times and his definition of authentic power he says, is when you allow the personality. To serve the energy of the soul or the spirit when the and an end? I interpret that to mean that when you use your personality to serve the higher energy
of your spirit, so you just letting their personality work for the Spirit in you in that This is why I like to talk about in call that is embracing your true self yeah, because sometimes I wish that we all have different language gang wishing for, but we're saying the same thing and we don't believe people that people don't believe that their yeah, they don't believe they have what it takes, but when you, embrace who you want in now worry about living in anybody's. Via will you do if they don't believe they have what it takes? I think a lot of people believe they have when it takes causer. Compare themselves yet everybody else, instead of looking at in themselves, Mysel people stay in Euro movie. We're over here, but on the other people's movie. Yet you have no idea, you look at someone else's movie and in one scene it looks like there on the top but you have no idea what really happened annexing yet so you stay in your movie. You focus on your see, you become the best you can be and you'll be surprised at how regulatory work continue.
Refine develop your own script, absolutely and an annual I'm gonna start using in your own movie. That's right! This way out of my way out of mine, the otter yours, so the book is called for, just by faith in you know, I I highly recommended to anybody who is looking for a way to fulfil their purpose in life, which is an everybody, is in everybody s them. So what does faith mean to you? What is it being defined? That faith primarily universal form of me believe in God you know in a trusting guy. And I have faith in his will. I have faith in his love for me when you say, as will, what does that mean means? The reason why we create it means that there was an understanding of what he wanted me to do in the world. So do you believe that for every single human being on the planet, seven billion of us that the fulfil?
went of that person's manifestation as a human being means that the creator God had a plan for each of those. You do absolutely believer. Then. I believe that we have to faith. They got worse, not also think faith in yourself, you no faith in believing that you have in you all that you need to be successful so many times we look to other people say if I was just Oh, if I had their opportunities, not realising its only right in what you go through brings what already any out. Ok. So what path or religion are you in your pursuit of perfection. We went away where, where I was raised and live in, what does that mean some their ministers of christian denominations and one of the things that we believe is observing the sap so from a young child, bring brought up I was always brought up with Sabbath observance so far, Can I send out satellite sundown, as mentioned in the ten commandments? Remember the seven
to keep it wholly Jesus observe Sabbath is well yeah, so it's one day where I don't take my emails, I don't respond Where calls I'll read from Friday night a knife sundown down to see Day night Sunday yeah no work. You dont check your emails. No, that's IRA! There's a fighting, that's like against the command! but of Hollywood. That thou shall carry that. You are very at all times, but you know what he's getting we you sent boundary yeah, yeah affront up front, cares my commitment is so we all agree. I love you, have taken a job or go down the road, here's a commitment, and we all agree that is ok. So then all I have to do is make sure I keep. Yeah, because the moment I break it, yes is the moment. They realize how will he was necessary, but for me, SAM The time recharge it's time to rest time spent. I with my family I'm too spiritually reconnect yeah, it's incredible
What is interesting is that you allow your face. Your belief in God to be at the forefront of who you are in a place most of us in you even saying the book. I remember when I said to my father. I was like thirteen fourteen I'm gonna, be an actress, no mine is gonna, be gone out to Saddam Gomorrah worth Saddam in government or less Ottoman Gamacho Gomorrah right, so you living in worked a lot of. Certainly traditional christian people see Hollywood as the land of everything, but following the path of of your faith, have How do you make it up? Will you make it by being true to yourself am I literally for your for your first job me sergeant runs very averse job working as an turned, we will Psmith, yet you say them. Look. I have have the Sabbath off, which may I just
confess that I learned in my first meeting with divine all these years, I've got the Sabbath was Sunday I've been going to church, we say, worship on the Sabbath worth worship on the Sabbath in the Baptist Church and you corrected means had no Sunday is the first. Of the wheat Sabbath is Friday Sundown to Saturday Sunday threat that is incorrect So you got here first job will spare yes and say: look excited to be here, but I have to have Friday, a announced, Aramis and off, and what happened was What you're scared to say that I was scared! You didn't it wasn't like you. You wasn't intention was an intentional, but are there in the interview? Yes, and God starts to literally pilecki speaking to me- you know because she everything great, I feel like. Ok, I got this in the bag. You now you just go into every land, but at the end of the interview it was like. I was saying, tell her about the salmon and I'm like no I'll tell her
I get the entire directive as you get. What I want to tell you that I said no be obedient, incisive and I well here's the thing. I can't take this internship if I have to work Friday night, Sundown Saturday night, because I observed the Sabbath and she was quiet and then after a moment she said, don't worry, work around them and I said Hallelujah and what I did was a gave me confidence that if I embrace why why it will open doors not shut them. Also, that's really big. All that a moment pause, tweet tweet. I had no wounded adores right yeah. If your face would fit in the door that opens yeah, then I argue, do not work through that door, the door they gonna open every moment will fit your fate so what you say on page fifty, eight, your calabria, with God, on the script of your life justice
green writers through multiple dress, to perfect his characters. God is working to help. You perfect your character, your ability. This is. I love like a good tears when I think of this. Your ability to manage people create relationship, help others based of integrity and so on. To achieve this. This is a moment he will always steer you into conflict. Hallelujah Lillooet. I now it because There is no story without conflict is no story without conflict, and that is the hardest lesson for us to realise and except yes, that conflict is not always punitive, and it's not because he's angry with us is because he loves us so much. He knows that we will not grow. If we don't have conflict is the key to everything and drama, whether its film Life theatre, fiction or television. So without our own conflict in life, you really wouldn't be building the key.
Character and integrity required to finish the story. Absolutely and also manage which aspire to achieve conflict helps prepare us So let's say you want to be president of the company, the complex you face along the way lessons that when you are president, you have the to manage because you go back and you remember all the situations you ve been through. So when things are brought to you, you refer to that conflict. The way to understand how to manage whatever's come into well. Let's, let's get, let's get down to be Ex now sure ass, you say, God is the director of your life. So if you're a person who is seeking to be connected to that, which is the creator, that is the source of all things,
what are you begin to surrender yourself to that energy? I think you began with one remembering that when you look at the context of film director wants the best out of your performance. The movie is most successful when your performance is at its best level. So we think about God, is our direct, get to remember that God loves you and he wants the best out of you. The idea and those tapes are put into your head. The God is a punitive god he's a negative god. He is he's an angry got, get rid of the God, but you have to then begin to accept as a loving guy who was trying to direct you into success. Who wants the very best out of your story so winded you finally get that? Did you have to go through a lot of conflict to get too? Oh you that relationship with God? Yes, you know as a child. When I was nine years old, my father died of a heart attack at thirty sexy
studies it and that experience was traumatic. We couldn't understand why your father, who just trying to reconstruct, is less. Why now that he's trying to do better? Did this happen? Absolutely, have you ever been able to resolve that question? For yourself, you know it's, it's only resolve in the context of you know. My life is a story, and I understand that vat conflict that our face has made me stronger, has informed the man that I've become. Do I fully yet exactly why it happened? When it did, I do not. I can't wait to find out. You know who I mean Jesus their Lord, what happened and why? But that conflict with so difficult it was so traumatic because, as a young man, you know being a middle child of three boys always felt alone. I never felt like. I was a part of the crown in them. So how'd you get to know God so well,
a jacket to hang back, and it is that when my father pass away, it was the same here that my uncle started our church in Oakland, and that year is when I really threw myself in the church- and you know, instead of rebelling in getting angry, I got angry, but just I'm gonna make something up. Myself became a reverse rebel, that's right and a rebel rebel and reverse yes, actually and through their process of you, know, sweeping floors vacuum in the church showing ushering deepening in directing the choir. All of these things that laid the foundation for my relationship with God, but I really didn't come to Noble God was until college. When I was there,
freshman year, you not easily for college and you ve never been out in the world before you, ok, hey exactly exactly body over here. The way I did the plenary that in through a process freshman year, is when I began to question every single thing that I believe to that point B into question. Who was got? What does he want? Why do I serve him? What is this all about in that process? You know that freshman year of College is what really gave me the foundation and for me to have the personal relationship with God where I began to feel and since ok, yeah he really is for me. I do live for him because I believe in him I believe in his work. So when you're making decisions about what to do or not do or the path to take or not take, do you think what would Jesus do all the time all the time and in sometimes them a shame, because the decisions I make I'm right just one of them. I gotta get it right and when you get yourself in trouble, isn't it always will you have left
The centre of black rice consciousness all the time yeah, because that ambition and then drive and their determination sometimes gets the best. Ok, ok, this is what was interesting because you could see, through reading, produced by faith, that there certainly is a great level of ambition in you, sometimes when you are describing that in speak of it, I thought that feels like ego to me, oh yeah, So sometimes your ego gets in the way my best, but best actually definition of Vigo was wing dire. Who was also to propose any who said. He's definition of ego is edging God out That's good, that's true is true, because he s got out, you move, got out of the directors share and then use and then you say I know best and what will we do that we are setting ourselves up our biggest failure and we have to remember that we do have gods grace that we do have his love
And in those valleys in those scenes that are really difficult, we don't know how we're gonna to get out of those are the moment when in high, I will see his grace was the strongest like when I talk about pursuit of happiness in the book. In the moment where we know wills in the bathroom with the sun gets out, which is in the bathroom moment. Oh yeah, oh yeah, by bathrooms. Users of you saw pursuit of happiness. Member when well, Smith is in the bathroom home. Sport is on the door, so people can come through unease in the bathroom when his son that, where he has transforming yes and when I realise, and my bath a moment for so you don't mean job abroad, is clear. By today S abandoned but I was you know I was working as an assistant Wilson S company and I was an assistant for his producing partner manager. Things change. You know things in the industry, things that accompany began to change, and I realise that my promotion probably wasn't coming and so once I understood that it wasn't coming months, I will go into the office depressed
and one day I turn on my computer, my cubicle, and I said I can do this anymore and I went bathroom. I shot the stall door and I had an outward guy. I said Lord, I believe in your work. You say anything I asked when the name of Jesus but do so Lord. I need you to move on this job today. I don't care what you do anchor, how you do it, but I can come in here depressed anymore. You have to open a door. Today I go out of the bathroom. I go back to my cubicle later on that night. Something happening never happened before my boss brings me into his office. He says me down, he says divine willing. I we love you you're fantastic. We know you have a big career, but we also know you hit a wall here. Wish we could promote you, but we can't so we want to help you find new job, so I walk out of the office. Thinking, ok, wait a minute! God you heard me, but am I wait a minute? I gotta find you heard me, but I wait. I'm tired. That's like that. I'm gonna change lab. Where does he did exactly what I prayed for.
Now, you know the Bible speaks about faith without works, as did so had the favor now to put some works behind, I go out on interview after interview. I met my wits in what I do. Just so happens. I wish I d known you carry it just so happens that I've always been vanity Jake's and always been Evanna, Bishop Jake's zones, and he was preaching in LOS Angeles around this time. Of course, he was of course, of course, right in so I go he's praetor the only the Lakers used to play, and I get there so late, I'm in the rafters and he's like a dog on the states when he preaches this sermon that it was directed to write me. I really know how I know. Yes, yes, Zactly. As so this message he preached was called turn the page. At the end of do around me. Moses has died, theatre, lights are mourning his day when you turn the page to the next chapter, God tells Joshua git up it's time for you to go into the promised land. Your morning, time is up and I realized I was crying over a job that was dead. It's time
to turn the page. So I go in on Monday that on Friday night yeah and I put in my two week notice- I quit That'S- stepping out on faith man. Will you gonna quit the job? But when I realized, though was my intention was wrong. Initially but was it has all I wanted was a job got. Is I'm sending you through this war job? I got jobs, I have money, I have those things. Do you think I would sing you too. This just give you a job which the temporary think right now I want a better relationship with you. I want to walk close with you. I want you to. Let me die. Your life and when I realized. That is why this whole thing was happening. I changed my prayer. I leave that day they throw me going away party, but I leave that day with my box is unemployed and I say wow. So this is what this is all about. Well unlike I'm, flying out of the play, openness, openness, pairs, who's, gonna work, because that's how you get a closer walk with the house Yet a closer walk with the is to walk right through it and in infant. Absolute, that's right
actually doesn't come on you're on the top of the mountain cause you on the top of the mountain waving, a low, wonderful up right yet Riah, some Monday roles around my first ale unemployment. My mom calls the autocratic tell him what was going on. Oh boy, they tell I'm no longer working there. He calls me frank. What are you doing? As my don't worry, everything's gonna be ok and I got the phone started watching tv that afternoon at five o clock. I got a call from an interview I had done about a month prior, he said a divine we would like. To offer you, you know an executive position. Do you still want it? I said how low yeah Jesus, how it looks like it and as a yes I'll, take the job. Yes, negotiate the salary and I got off the phone and I nearly fell to my knees, and I said thank you Jesus, because what he wanted me to understand was that success in my life would not going to be because
the biggest movie star in the world. It wasn't going to be because I didn't do the biggest producers in the world or the biggest agents, but if I would just keep my relationship with the God of the universe first and I would seek him and everything I do, he will work everything else out, and that has been the key to my success from that day to this, putting him first trusting in him and having the faith to let him go Even when I couldn't see what he was doing. What is the sole? What is the soul? The soul is the Spirit. It is the connecting lie, two guy. I believe the soul is where the Holy Spirit reside. I believe it is literally. You know when you pick up the phone and there you have your. You know you're forging network, the soul is the forging network to write it. To me, while what is your definition of my definition of god-
God is not only the alpha and the omega, but he's a friend he's a confidant he's a buddy he's a lover of my soul. That's! My definitions. Have you always consider yourself, a spiritual person, or did you have aha moment, when you recognize your connection to something bigger than yourself, God probably when I was ready for my father's death is when I really began to experience. Who got really was you know before they and I felt like it, I'm just going to church, but when that literally was just happened in that trauma, happen is when I really began to understand that there was a force larger than myself. That was consoling me. That was here with me. That was helping me navigate.
A period of time that I don't think I could have got through without a I love that you called because that's what I call it a force of force. Is there a difference in your mind or life between spirituality and religion? Yes, I think that religion sometimes is the the structure for spirituality. I think the spiritual anti can exist even outside of village, but I do believe the most religions came to be. They wanted to help people understand how to navigate this life from a spiritual stamp. Can you be spiritual in not religious absolute? Can you be religious and not spare? absolutely La unfortunately, yes, so what ISP? Ok, this is you're. Gonna love this. What does prayer mean to you? Prayer is a lifeline prayer. Is it means everything, because there are moments when I have to express, was on my heart?
and so many times you know when we can express- and we hold all this stuff in it- begins to come out and other way. So for me, prayer is therapeutic. It's an opportunity, communicate and they are times you know. Like I talked about earlier, I got I dont understand what you're doing and it lets me feel the communication and the power Our relationship and it allows me the opportunity to not only express but also listen for answer. Where do you feel most at home or at peace? I've. A couple answers I feel very much at home on set a very much. You know like ok, this. This is good watching what the shot to go up and all that I feel very homeowner pulpit. You know I feel very home preaching. You know.
Being able to instruct people being honest state feels very very, like ok, isn't what I was created to do. What do you know for sure? What I note, your God is real and faith looks ok finish these sentences, the world needs. The world needs more love in a lot more peace. I believe in, I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I believe in them Love is love, is the most powerful force in the universe. The person I most want to be proud of me is my fault, I'm ready to forgive myself. I want my legacy to be one of an incredible demonstration of the divine our fate and cast. That's it really.
I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple pod, CAS unsubscribe rate and review. This pledge guess join me next week for another super, so conversation. Thank you for listening.
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