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Dr. Dean and Anne Ornish: How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases

2019-09-25 | 🔗

Oprah Winfrey invites medical pioneer Dr. Dean Ornish and his wife Anne to her vegetable garden in Maui. They talk about their new book, “Undo It!: How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases.” The book highlights four lifestyle changes they claim can reverse both chronic disease and the aging process.

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I'm Oprah Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast, I've, one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time. Taking time to be more fully present you a journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper. the round us starts right now today. Super cell Sunday Dean Cornish is a world renowned. Doctor best selling author researcher and professor his patient list includes President Bill Clinton, Senator Corey, Booker and country Legit, Garth Brooks For more than forty years, Doktor Dean Cornish has conducted rebel. who should airy research, proving that Sir poor diet and lifestyle changes, Kendra Matter, really improve our health. Diener she's been married, for thirteen years down to an orange and is the vice president, a programme development. the preventive Medicine Research Institute, it's a non profit
renovation dedicated to preventing and reversing most chronic diseases now their groundbreaking best selling book undo it. The Cornish is introduce a new radical theory. The couple believe that, by focusing on four components, you can reverse the progression of most common chronic diseases, slow down the aging process and lead a happier more fulfilled life, So here we are in my organic garden in Maui no better place, I thought to discuss. doing it. I'm doing it. It's beautiful here how simple lifestyle changes can reverse most chronic diseases. You've been talking about this for a long time, and now you and your wife and her talking about it together will be joined by a little bit but I think that the very idea that then you can change and reverse chronic diseases is what you're saying
Do it by changing your habits, changing the way you love in changing the way you eat it. Well, move more stress, less love or both and the more diseases. We study in them, underlying mechanisms. We look at the more evidence we have. A few simple changes can make such a powerful difference to people's lives in ways we can actually measure. How did you know that to be true. Well, I think our unique contribution has been to use these very high tech, expensive state of the art scientific measures, to prove how powerful this very simple lifestyle changes can be in the lifestyle. Medicines, as you mentioned, is this field of using myself. I just know I'd help prevent disease, which we all know but actually to reversing, sometimes income. Issued Johnson's virgin, sometimes different than that an interesting that when I was a well, I guess I'm lookin at me. Nonsense of despairing depression, when I was nineteen Yeahs and collating college and was refreshment, the rice universe in Houston,
It came about as close to committing suicide. Is you can without actually doing, and I mean you wrote- This suicidal Irene share in you actually had you actually plan how to do it. I had a plan. I was down to the detail, but what save me it was that I got so run down and what the reason I got so depressed was allows. I ask what what was causing JAG where life? It was two things one is I felt like. I was a fraud. I was an impostor than I. Had managed to get into a school with a bunch of really smart people. My college reminded the times when a perfect score necessities, and so on, and now that I was sure the bunch really work. It was just a matter of time before they figured out what a big mistake they met in letting me on But more than that, I had the spiritual vision which you no kind of a bona fide spiritual vision that nothing can bring lasting happiness and accommodate a feeling that nothing that I was never gonna mount anything, and even if I did it would matters like woke when I just go myself and be done with a dead people. Look like therapies. Where were you around like nineteen twenty? When does nineteen at the time tat? This happens a lot with, I think, at that age
well. Actually. Suicide is now the leading cause of death in kids that old, more than anything yeah, so What save me is that I was so run down. I stand up for a week straight. I was so agitated. I couldn't even you know, sit down long enough to tell if, if you show me a headline a newspaper, I can tell you a minute later what it said and so run down, and I got this harmful case of infectious modern nuclear sources that I literally could get out a bad. My parents When that I was not well with their older Sunday, they saw what a record they took me home to Dallas dollars. My plan is crazies. That sounds was, yet strong enough to kill myself. Meanwhile, older sister had been a child of the sixties. Her had been helped by the ecumenical spiritual teacher so there's an old saying that when the scene is the soon is really the teacher here comes here, and that is certainly true for me. So in walks away, my parents decided have a cocktail party for the Swami and to thank him for helping my elder sister and he walks out any starts to give a lecture, sought song and are living room, and it starts off by saying nothing can bring lasting happiness, which I already
bout except. I was ready to do myself in and he was glowing I. What am I missing her and went on to say, would probably like a new age cliche, but it I turned my life around, which is that nothing can bring you last happiness, but it's our nature to be happy will you haven't already and had not been mine? but that we end up running after all these things, if only I had more money, more power, more beauty, more sacks, more accomplishment, or a name or fame whatever. If I had blank, then I'd be happy there, people would love me, then I wouldn't feel so bad than I could when feel so lonely and depressing, and everything will be fine, if only, if only and what he taught me was that once you set up that view of the world. However, it turns out you you loose with us, you will never be happy and what the Swami said is that, in one of the ultimate ironies is We have that already. It's our needs to be happy and peaceful, a loving and not being
they are that we run after those things in the process of running after them. We end up disturbing what we could have already if we just stop doing that, and he said that when you quiet down your mind and body the ancient swamis and rabbis and priests and monks and nuns, all spiritual teachings of the world. Tell us this same thing that they don't bring me when you meditated doesn't make you doesn't bringing peace. What it does is it helps to stop disturbing, was already there and that may sound like Justice Samantha by those in the Bible, its be still that's right now and and- and I am yeah and now that I am, I said- ok well, let me of mutually myself down a plan b and nice. Try this weird stuff! You know fate may be out of the sky. Have you said if you are, you know basically I base diet. Meditate. Do yoga exercise, love more, you know, you'll he'll, cipher lemme, give it a try. cunningly I was so agitated. I could even still long enough to meditate side meditate while walking around began to get little glimpses of what TAT meant and it turned my life round and then
back to school. I graduated first in my class I get the baccalaureate I mean. I said they're not to brag, but it's a I've experienced both ends of that spectrum and, while I'm totally feel totally worthless and stupid and the other get out of highly successful, but it was because what change was my intention behind it, and that was, I didn't need now to get do well in school and getting to medical school and be a doctrine, and some people like him. It didn't shift it and it didn't shift that night. At night you decided I'm gonna, listen to what this guy saying bright. What was a period of I'm it took to shift, maybe over a couple three months and the desire to kill yourself the ideas in the thought about that changed in that period of time. That's right. The debt and I've seen, darkness of the dark in a way that time I'll just a total despair amidst the worst feeling in the world and being able to come out of that, really transform Why, then, you have talked about this so many times, but you do. That would know medication not seeing wish a shrink
well no, I saw a shrinking. They put me on these horrible psychotic, any psychotic drug. You know and then offer other medication, and I knew that but my life's s anyway, there's a little voice that I and the Swami taught me to listen to that little voice and what he said is that the power of meditation and is a quiet, her mind and body down. So first of all, you begin to focus better when you can focus energy gain more power, enlightened laser, just focus light. As you can birth, we steal you begin to whatever you do in school and music and sports Youtube you d better, but the more one thing is it you rediscover and I began to rise. Cover inner sources of peace and joy, and well being and realise that that's our natural state right and, more importantly than that even is began to so when I began to feel Strasser, anxious to question shifted from how can how can I get what I need to? happy to. What am I doing this.
during that I already have, and how can I stop doing that something I can do something about its recognising that that sense of stillness grounded in is the centre is always always there. That's all is there yet we all have this inner swami, this inner guru, this still small voice within the God, within the guru than whatever name you give to that. Even to give it a name is the limit? What's essentially an ineffable, possessed building is connected to every other thing. That's in and everyone in everything exactly and it's a voice that makes me up, The morning says: hey DE listen up, pay attention, you not doing something, as in your best interests, and I learned to trust, said what everybody has the voice. Everyone has a voice and soon I think you were successful in direct proportion to how you listen to the voice or don't exactly and so what the voice, what what I'm going to do is to say at the end of a meditation when that, when you can access that voice more because it's the one. This bill speaks very clearly very quietly gets drowned by the chattering? By meditation you mean getting still enough to tutor, to hear tat right here.
and, as I think, people get really intimidated by this idea of meditation. I understood, even though more and more people are talking about everything. Well, I tried to do that. I did that for ten minutes, nothing happened. Somebody said to me what I do not pretend that it is not an app it well what I ve learned to do as the end of a meditation to ask them to say hello to them, voice a little say hello back. So what am I not paying attention to the need to pay attention to and just listen and it's amazing and its also? I would just like to say that two folks who hearing this is that it is sometimes not even a voice. It's like a feeling and awareness, baroness yes gap and I learned to trust them- was everything I've done. Since then, people thought was impossible. The time and I ve learned to trust a little more send and took on a reverse engineer like this is gonna work. You know you can reverse heart disease. You can reverse diabetes. You can reverse all these different chronic conditions which will later showed that the awareness came first and then they can like. Ok, how
design, a study to see if that's true, and so you are able to do that, you're saying Doktor Dean orders that you were able to achieve those Seemingly unachievable a goals by listening to that voice, that's right- and I am- I decided that I got a worse, it can happen. I learned something and there's nothing wrong with failures. Long was, I learned something and I asked We realise that by making them commitment and an inviolable commitment that kind of the EU first begins to respond, and you have things happen that are hard to explain better just you have talked about it many times, a very powerful. You say, I'm page. Sixteen. You write like most physician, I was trained to view heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, other chronic illnesses as being fundamentally different from each other different diagnoses. Different. Jesus different treatment, but they're really not is different, as they seem because they share many common origins in pathways
I think a lot of people would struggle to understand this, because you know the doctor tells you take pill biggest problem. Do you take another pill for that problem? A lot of people aren't like two different medications. So how are diseases more alike than different? That's what I hear you say, until exactly I was train, like most doctors to view heart disease and diabetes and proceed in breast cancer in all these different conditions is being fundamentally different. Different diseases differ, diagnoses, indifferent treatments, but over the forty years of doing this work, where we use these very high tech expenses, state of the art scientific measures to prove the power, these very low tech and low costs, and often ancient interventions- I realise that there really the same disease masquerading manifesting, indifferent forms, that's the kind of the radical unifying theory of this book that there really the same condition, because you know all this, prison, personalized medicine, we found it was the same lifestyle changes e well move more stress. Last love bore in all.
Studies we don't over the last four decades could reverse all these different conditions. It wasn't like. There was one set of die lifestyle foundations for Versing Heart disease- it if it weren't for prostate cancer so- and it was this- for all of them and that's why you often see many people have these several these conditions at the same time they have heart disease and high blood pressure, Andy Overweight and have diabetes and so on, because it's really all the same or whole countries like China fifty or sixty years ago. They had almost none of these chronic diseases and in his heart he like US like us and die like us, you know, even though they have the same genetic diversity. So we found first that these same left changes can reverse heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, when people get put on medication. That's why nomadic? What's bothering you? If you go, you doktor, they are you exercise more. That's right goes not like Yahoo answers in exercising its right to exercise. Just really is a panacea for so many things, and so meditation and so is a plant based died and so loving were there for all of these. We found, if you say
sell changes could reverse aging it aside the level we did. A study without rules of the black pointed out the Nobel Prize for discovering our museums of our chromosomes control, how long we love and as you get older polymers get shorter, and if you tell me the shorter your lives get shorter and the risk of premature death for printing If everything goes up correspondingly we found for the first time she did so where she found with a list of apple, that stress and improper diet and loneliness and depression can shorten your tell him years, to the study of women who were chronic caregivers of of kids with autism and parents of Alzheimer's and found more stress? They were the shorter, Tell em ears were ended, Launching a low and high stress women was a ninth seventeen year, shortening of their lifespan, but it wasn't an objective measure. Trust it was a women's perception of you could have to women and very similar life situations. One was eating. Well with heading so on they could buffer that we found for the first time we can actually length and tell him can we published in the Lancet tellin me there's a gene there? Are there the ends of your chromosomes you're, like the plastic?
on the other. The shoelaces keeps issue lies from unravelling the keepers genes from Arabia DNA from and rapidly, and we found that we can actually length when the Lancet Adders senator it's really say when we published our Sunday, they called it reversing aging. At a social level, we published a study with Craig Venter who discovered Thea. Human genome, we found that we could change over five hundred. In just three months before he was just got badges. What can I do to make new a lot not to blame, but to empower again if we're just a victim with anyone bill cleanse, bypasses clogged up, cardiologists held a press conference that I was always genes as lifestyle and nothing to do with it. I haven't worker them for many. kids. I knew how to everything to do with it an called him up and said: look you know it's not all your genes if it were you'd, be a victim united victim emails, powerful guys on the planet, and so that's when he will be in following this road. over ten years ago, in his doing well, and so when people learn that by changing your life sullenly three months, you can change over five hundred genes. Turning on the genes and keep us healthy. Turning off the genes are causes to get sick that many
people who are being told they have to take medications to lower their cholesterol or their blood pressure. Other blood sugar. This daughter. How long do I have to take these? What does it actually say forever rights? I am psych mopping up the floor. I think it's overflowing nobody's, turning off the faucet alone after mob before, like forever like. Well, why don't we treat the cause and not just Let us therefore eagerly bypass We we live in a world where I mean I was just saying people you get a pill for everything. You there's a pill. There's a pill, obviously p my mother was a insulin taking shooting, Diabetic Magda pricker finger every day. She had coronary heart disease. She had high blood pressure. You down, there is a bit like, but before she died, there were thirty thousand pills release twenty one different medications, you that's what I mean. and what we found is that, I'm again, if people listen, is under your doktor supervision. If you follow this programme, most people can reduce or get off his medications. At a fraction of the cost and the other side effects are good ones and is very
going to be really get off. His medications cathedral have side effects and we found that in our view let's have a remarkable capacity to begin Healy and much more quickly than we had was real, because he's underline biological mechanisms are the same. That's why you know oxygenated stress chronic information, changes in your tell em ears in your Jean expression, in your Micro biome hundred trillion organisms in your God and so on, there are responsive to what we eat. However, I want to stress how much exercise we get it, how much love and support we have and how quick it can happen within hours not just weeks for years, but now is how you can get better quickly. You can get worse quickly depend and what you do don't go anywhere more to come after this short break too, this episode is supported by american heritage. Chocolate. Have you ever been anything that required graded chocolate. It can be a little messy and time consuming American. heritage, chocolate, Mars, Wrigley Brand has the answer fine. My graded baking chocolate. Easy to use and easy to melt all you
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Find out more about their historic recipe and shop online at him. Eric inherited chocolate, dot com, that's a Eric inherited chocolate dog come let's bring in your way and your call writer on the book excellent idea and come in my true love, the true love Andrew love come in show. How did you decide to do this together? What why was this together project? We worked together for over twenty years yeah and she as brilliant ass. She is beautiful and she is just awesome. we're way, but I, rather when you offer spent it was the sole connection, the slaughterhouse yeah. I think that you know it was this idiot feeling of being seen being heard and understood, its heard been a lot of relationships that had great components to it, but I didn't feel completely met.
And so it was initially just through work and feeling like that perspective on life. We, sure I dharuma sense of service and shared values, and I know You have extraordinary talent in training in yoga met. hey shared and you were trained by the unmindfulness by John Cabman, then who's the master was ever wonderful friend, so were you in her meditation class or something happens? Is now, what we actually it when he got a contract with web M D, had a lifestyle channel on web M d and what is needed a web producer. I was working for someone he knew at the time he called her firm and said You have someone who you think would be good for this job and she may the recommend if amendments eight years later, we were married well well, as a matter of fact, you say in the introduction that this is a science based, love based programme. That's why it works so well with it. We hope to
Thyssen power you to experience even greater happiness and pleasure healing and meaning, and you call actually, the science in this book is based on a love offering how important for our spiritual, well being we, love is important for us verge wellbeing, but how does love actually contribute to our physical health? Really, your question this is our conspiracy of love is what we call it because first of all, study after study has shown that people who are lonely and depressed- which I think is the real epidemic and our culture. Our three had three to ten times more, like it'll, get sick and die prematurely yeah when compared to those who have a sense of love in connection with community, and I think it's cause reaction is everything connection is everything intimacies everything? Then you can only be intimately really you feel safe, and so, when you are Many to someone, as we are totally committed. The hard opens more and more Europe. experience more of a greater sense of intimacy and the more handsome,
It is the more pleasurable the more products were joyfully becomes, the more healing it becomes. Even the word feeling, as you know, come so we were to make hall yoga from the sanskrit to Yoke to unite union. These are really old ideas that were rediscover care and concern to ask me in a wider. You wanna live longer, it's not to be taken for in it for granted that We all want to live longer because of this suicide and depression rates, as they are. It's really about self love about asking ourselves. Why do I want to live longer, and it's a very pretty the question that only each of us can identify and when we do, it can be this superpower that we can report recruits to empower ourselves in the face of it. Patient. If we can remember what is when I reflect on the people and the moments that inspire me. My sense of purpose in this life inspire
it'll be alive to thrive presently and in the future. Those are acts of self love that I love myself well enough to fulfil my greatest purpose. My sense of my truism, herself, then it becomes so much bigger and usually that encompasses the will that we love, so we can connect the dots between what we do and how it makes us feel. Then we can intentionally true more or what we love with those we love, and then it becomes self fulfilling than a virtuous cycle is like the hard won, sometimes intellectual sector, which Does your heart public purse and build on legal longs, your brains can actually pumps blood to itself first, so that it can then pump under the rest of the body is itself has run self as well
its both it's the way. We should be running our lives exact year, giving to yourself first so that you have more to give it to others. So, let's go through the four eat. Well, you well by eating. Well, you mean plant based diet and I think that's interesting. You don't a vegetarian or vague in music eat more plant stay at. What does that mean? Fruits, vegetables, whole grain legumes, as they come in nature, It is basically a vague and die of invasion is one of those words that kind of pushes people's buttons. You know it's a plant based, I think that's the easiest way to describe it is low and fat and loan sure, ok and move more move. If you like it you'll, do to try to find an exercise that combination of about constructs training in some scratching. Walking is the best thing. I've got all these kills me it out and out there I mean it's just the best thing. A walkie half an hour days. All we have to ask people to do and that would actually make a change that can reverse most chronic diseases in combination with these other things, I often think that
my mother and other relatives, I mean it particularly the african american community there's a whole group of people who just stop moving after a certain age. Yes, yes recited I recommend that everyone talking the book that citizen who smoke it. You know that there is using this simple things you can do if you can incorporated into your daily life, just get a portable phone, for example, one ground when you're talking on the phone. I take the stairs a flight or two. I used to get frustrated when I couldn't find a parking space near the gym. I thought this ridiculous. I just deliver the park farther away just so I can get a little extra. I do not feel Sierra stuff, so I know swell moving more is most important, and you talked so much about in the book, and you write about questions. You can ask yourself her mindful eating. What are some of those questions, anxious tuning an essay? Why do I eat so's. There's a reflex that so many of you. I e just to check in how your Lane at my really hungry, or am I just stressed
or am I tired? Maybe it's better just get up and walk for fifteen minutes, and maybe that's going to give me the feeling that I'm needing instead of reflexively grabbing the the bag of chips then it's where do I eat. So are you eating on the go from the computer, while standing up in the kitchen. All of those things have been shown to that eat more up to forty percent more but enjoy less. So that's just you know, that's very unfortunate is food is to be enjoyed which is about how we eat so to the extent that we can be fully present with what were eating we're going to enhance how much pleasure working out of it so to recruit each of the senses, so we go in the future, which I am sure you ve experienced this- that it's the first bite. We can really tasted the honest approach seconded by increasing after that, after that we go out o pilot and so
A couple of tracks is too wonders to check in with how you're feeling am I really feeling hungry there's a hunger fullness scales on one side, it's like I'm hangry, yeah yeah, yeah, whatever it is, and on the other side, is feeling totally stuffed into so uncomfortable and have to digest so we're trying to check in so that we can eat when we're hungry. It sounds obvious, but by just Stop when your full and stop went. Unto me unconscious enough, mindful enough to know what, That is so little other trick is to put your fork down between bites so that it's not about the next bite coming. and it's about enjoying the one that's in your mouth and all of the sensations. you're smelling it, how it taste on the other palette of your tongue, how it feels it goes down in coats here inside of your body and nourishes you really a feeling that the nourishment not just the taste, so it's eat well, move more stress, alas, love more yes, it was
it so easy to say stress less. I mean I think, most of the world lives in this sort of anxieties, state, anxious state it serve. That's why xanax is so popular, were it's true and actually Alex causes dimension where we now know, but bottom The studies I had the chance to say no, I didn't know that, does it does actually, although benzodiazepines cause damage really a k, success what one of the things that in in this these studies, we got to spend a lot of time. The same group of people and I learned that it wasn't enough to give people information if it were nobody would smoke is all I can say help. Regional smoking is bad for you know. I didn't know that awkward. Today's, like everybody, knows these things we live in them. her whereby it s nose annex can cause gestures. That's that's hasn't been studies or did show that, yes, they have their habit and then there are other scary again. If you can, attaining settings annexes better free than we ve realized wow. But the thing is that when I
ass. She was it. Why do you smoke or over eat or drink too much for work to harder abuse opium? deserve a video games. Whatever these behaviors him, some maladaptive to me, they look at me. They go then Malaga there are very adaptive. They help us deal with our loneliness. Our stress, they'll say things like twenty friends and his pack of cigarettes and they're always there for me, and nobody else is tat. You know, or I've got our food feels that void or fat coats, my nerves and numbs the pain or video games and the pain or alcohol or open oils or other drugs them the paid or working all the time. So we ve learned that is just focusing on the information of the behavior to say: what's really going on here and when we work at that level, we find that people are much more likely to make maintain. Lifestyle choices that her life enhancing once it or self destruct. So you have done studies on people who have actually, I know over the years who have reversed chronic heart disease with and that even of your heart disease can we reverse type two diabetes high blood, sure I guess role which it are the first randomize trial showing with Doktor Peter Carroll who
The chair of your ology use yourself in the late bill, fair when he was the chair and some covering that even early stage process. The cancer may be slowed, stopped and even reversed. The through for prostate cancer there's a good chance, it'll be true for rescue We can reverse aging and changing expression and we're not doing first randomize trial to see whether these same lifestyle changes may be able to the progression of early stage Alzheimer's disease, my mom died of, residents in our family, so And their nogood drugs either for treating it all for preventing and I think, we're to place with Alzheimer's. Much likely wherewith heart disease forty years ago that same mechanisms that cause it listened attentively, pensions by slow, the rate of progression. We think we hope to show. We don't know, of course, that we hope to show that we made at a more intensive intervention, may actually reverse it, but I also want talk a little bit about what you said about how people are so's stressed out these days, and I think that so much suffering comes by seeing p was being separate and always suffer yet and so much
bring you know where you see people as different and only different, the other. I want you to find him the other than you can do bad things for them. You know those mexican rape as though muslin terrors, those whatever those whatever unable you ve given the other, the other than the, and I think that anything that brings us together is really healing and that they the philosophy that you find in all spiritual path of love and compassion and forgiveness and altruism, where they come from that direct. experience that on one level we are separate. You are you. Are you- and I mean we can enjoy having this conversation, that another level or part of something larger that connects us, whatever name you give to that? Even to give it a name is we talked about? Is the limit which essentially of ineffable limitless experience, and that to me as part of the value of meditation is, if it makes it happy manage stress, had makes refuse longer. You can accomplish more with less stress. It can help you, you access Europe
in her voice as we talked about. But if you take an even deeper it gives you the direct experience of transcendence the cool thing about it is. That is what got me interested in an odyssey. Yoga was my doorway into the this lifestyle, and you know as a parent. My practice is one of economically so I dont get triggered by especially in having a teenager its constantly this stance that we're doing with them and so that we can respond in the most loving ways. Instead of getting triggered in going to onto their levels, are trying to trigger us. That's what you're trying to figure out what their boundaries are and it's the same As you know, one were at work. We can assist, they train. That's a natural part of what being a teenager is absolute yea, so we weren't matter something we remind ourselves. several times today that we forget the universe reminds us. He can't always chain
the stressors in our life than the job that we have the relationships, the commute, but what we can. Let's just a little bit of relaxing and relieving straight several moments in our day by just doing my one minute, breathing meditation, just gonna get back to drop that anger inside ourselves and we have this buffer. So I call this Baker pause so noticing a trigger coming in real time and then having a usually start my day with a affirmation. That's there too, to reinvent the intention for the day and with the breathing I can drop that anchor so that I'm choosing. How do I want to proceed in this moment instead of just feeling reacting to everything around me, which feels very disempowering things are happening on the outside. To me is that I keep that anger inside so that I am at the helm, and my heart is really at the helm so that I can make it
passionate and intentional choices. As best I can write into practice. I think we're all doing that in our own way. I try to do that in like every time you see that egos show up every time that shows up. You are able to quiet that you know in the commission that that is your ego actually quiet that That's right that allows you to move from a space of greater consciously and an awareness which is an awareness practice, it really awareness is the first step to at all. It's true and they want to build on what you said earlier about meaning, because when I was in nineteen, I could take all the meaning out of everything. Who cares? Why bother nothing matters so why? You know that total nihilism, but later I realized that we can add meaning to our lives and one way to do that is by choosing not to do certain things. What I do know is that just the act of choosing not to eat something in booze that with me in it or being in a can log was relationship, just the act to say, I'm just gonna have sex of one person, it is at the ball and chain well
but it can also be you know you can only be intimate to the degree that you can. You feel safe, and you can only do that to the degree you feel if you're totally committed come on, then you say: ok, I'm selling they will get views intimacy with less didn't. Passion does right, which is a completely different thing, but all the way, and so what's lacking in summer, people's lives, even though their having sex there is a lack of true intimacy, that's right and the more it becomes. The the secret that we learned is the more erotica becomes dislike there. A hundred years ago in an indian saints, and you can do a lot of shallow wells and ever reach water. You can do one deep under reach the Wells Ray and so the It's like their own layers of an onion, then our hearts, you know even after being lovers now, for we have had many years, it's been fifteen sixteen years, we still find that we can trust. More trust is everything you can. I trust to the degree. you feel safe. You can't do that to me. There's a commitment, and so the paradoxes
the commission, rather than being confining ashes liberated, because instead of having the same kind of erotic experience with different people, we have these intensely variable. Maybe you should talk about so, as I was saying the intimacy that, when we First of all, it's so nice to have fifteen years I've been in relationship with one another because we recognise those triggers and those patterns arrive here comes, one again, and we can say I don't want to go that used to take us an hour to process through that, or I will now we're like that's this. While we know this tape really well, we ve ground ourselves back and are we fully committed? Let's measure at a real spiritual partnership would Gary's you call causa between equals for the people, spiritual growth, its absolute your. Yet when you actually in relationship- and you know that the reason why we're here is for to be mirrors, resolve There is for each other and you're going to grow and I'm gonna grow and I She well in that, and you wish me well in that that matter,
Wait a minute, I'm the only question that we ask each others. Are we fully committed? Sometimes you know you you just Erin a reaction, or zone, as I call it it's like I'm out of here, I'm gonna go go on a vacation or whatever s leave the house for until ice simmer down here, but just asking the question: are we fully committed it just realise those s right back into the heart space, so are like. Let's just task force of bend time. In space and going to the end of this fight that we'd know we now really well, in other words, a way if we know that we're votes really took place when we just gotta that place- and you know and father died a few weeks ago, seeing how he struggled hypnotic hands for the forty have years just to have a few more days. Thought. Well, what have we just knew where we had a few more days. Would we be having this argument? You know? Is there a way that we can? Just Ok, we will know we're gonna get a good place eventually one we just go there right now. You know
then we could be having so much can you do that? Like a view in the middle of an argument or a conversation, we have a code word that we, the stage you don't have to. We can never remember the code words with one we said one which is used coworkers homework every my reminds us that it is, I feel, like my dad's, passing and really having those for bonus years with pancreatic cancer scene and witnessing life with somebody who doesn't know if this is their last day at any moment could end. So here not waste a minute with anything petty. It was such a healing time for our family. He had been remarried Mama had past twelve years earlier- and there was in- some difficulty and in welcoming are minute my stepmom, but She ends up, is now one of my very best friends and that it just fast forwards to what is
attention. Where do we want to end up with this, and we want to be in a loving place? We just confessed foregoing there, because every moment is so precious you bid at the bedside of a lot of patients who didn't make it. What does watching people die? Teach you about life But I can so close. The death when I almost kill myself is not an overstatement to say that I came about as close to doing that is you can without doing of a death. Is, is real presence for me and a clarifying presents because its it is ultimately can do, rob someone of all their meaning or can bring someone other meaning and so being with people who are dying that transition space they almost get translucent away there. neither neither whether in their transition by ok. Can I just happier second, as people who are hearing us right now are watching us right now. There is no doubt that somebody who is listening wherever they are in the world, is thinking about killing themselves. And what is moment
Let me tell you some healing availing themselves of March, and can you imagine at nineteen look of Judah mists. It's like that. great movie I it's a wonderful life, yet why what your life would have been? Yet you know and I think about a lot, and I think that if there is a hell, it would have been see what my life could have been not being able to do it made me want to cry really think about it and not meaning at not having our kids and so on its having my cry with Opel moment. Here. Go ahead now, but can you now? Yes, when I look at that? Look at what, since nineteen everything you ve accomplished everything you ve offered to the world the number of books, the science, the love brings that you have been able to give that now. That would have happened that will change the way medicine saw itself. Think now that would have happened. Well, it's true and I also
silence with active, knowing that people should know a thing of killing themselves that it looks like it when I was taken when, as ninety like dead people, like that, peaceful, I want to be peaceful. Let me I want to be like that, but I learned through his virtual prices and having direct experience, is that the physical bodies is one body that we have a layers of bodies. You know, including astral, only then when you kill yourself, your body dies, but yours all lives is on. it lives on in a way: that's not so different than what it is of use or have a body anymore, and you then you see where you live, could have been an you. You know you don't really have that sense of fees you get her death doesn't give you peace only way is through yet and We have created this world, for that reason is to teach us that and to have those experience so back to the question of what you what the revelation has come from watching people at under under deathbed people always want to say how is what kind of life did? I lose What what did I learn? What do I regret? What what could I have done better? I think you know,
Unfortunately, so often when people die in to carry on and honour ventilator. You know with tubes only eventually they miss that moment and as doctors were not trained to sit and be with you, We often view death is as a failure as opposed to a net. old transition in law, and so part of why I love doing this work is that instead of a timid in office visit or a short visit, you know making rounds in hospital. We get to spin seventy two hours with people, and so we really get to show them rediscover their sense of meaning, our inner sources of peace and join wellbeing, well, being risk opening their hearts and having themselves and loving other people and that their deathbeds, it's very clarifying. It comes down to sometimes the people that are the most. Unhappy when they die are the most famous and successful because they ve come to the end of that methods, like I could say, Kosovo, just if you as a billion dollars, because if I just has more money, I'd be happy or third known, you know Oliver, world, if I'm just a little more famous, then I'd be happy and come to the end of that path. When you're dying for many people, they can be
very traumatic than in others. It can be incredibly liberating because it shows what really matters and one dozen, and sometimes even people who thought they were gonna die doubt and come back. Each transforms their lives and it began to do things that they never would have dreamed of doing So the ultimate reason, or one of the ultimate reasons that you did undo it is that you want people to have the most vital, vibrant best life possible exact. Why for here exactly it's all about living your best life, your most joyful, pleasurable, peaceful transformative life and its. Are you saying, no matter how sick you are because a lot of people listening hearing watching us and you ve been given a diagnosis and you thinking? That's it that's in nothing, worse, all the time Everyone then remain deaf. Death is a hundred percent, but for the most com, chronic diseases that we spend it on.
Six per cent of the three point: six trillion dollars we spend on healthcare last year are for the most common chronic disease, heart disease, diabetes, prostate breast cancer hype. the pressure high cholesterol, probably a lot of the auto immune diseases. We hope Alzheimer's. We have a lot more control than we think again, not to blame, but to empower and what we ve been able, to show is using these very high tech, expensive stated: there are scientific measures how Dinah these underlying biological mechanisms are, how quickly they can respond. When you make these changes it, how much better you can feel. Thank you. I'm doing it thanks both banks would join me and thank you for being part of this conspiracy and I beg you. I move ruined free and you ve been staying to supersede conversations podcast, you can find
Super saw on Instagram, twitter and Facebook if you haven't get good apple, podcast, unsubscribe, weight and review. This punk cast join me next week for another superbowl conversation. Thank you for listening.
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