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Dr. Maya Angelou, Part 2: Best Advice She Ever Received

2018-01-24 | 🔗

Oprah’s heart-to-heart conversation with the late Dr. Maya Angelou continues. Dr. Angelou shares some of her greatest life lessons on aging brilliantly and living with gratitude. She is moved to tears as she recalls the revelation that changed her life forever, and reveals the best piece of advice she ever received.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us start right now. Last time I enjoy low- and I remain is about some of the most meaningful moment of her extraordinary journey. She also spoke candidly and lovingly about her mother, Vivian Baxter, a charismatic fears, dynamo of a woman, their deep spiritual connection is the catalyst for my as latest book called mom and me and mom at eighty five. My Angelo is now a great grandmother and is still taking the world by storm, in addition to her writing and full schedule,
speaking engagement, she remained ever relevant hip and up to date, with her active and enlightening presence on Twitter, I'm one of legions of readers of looked at my Angelo for comforting words for courage. We soak up her wisdom. We marvel at her stamina and basque in the pure, contagious joy she takes in living now, as we said, hair. Eighty five yes MA am yet As we are eighty five? What can you say about the eighties Magellan? I'd? Do it? If you can do it. If you have a choice, choose the eighty. Oh my goodness I mean it. If you ve been carrying for yourself Amanda moderation in Albanian, yes, and even moderation in moderation, don't get too much moderation abbot, bed there dilatory, though
you can get too much bought a re evaluation and monitoring yes, but when you get into a these and your family dude Do you look in camp right in and people since they had when there were do you think glad. I got this far yet tell me what you ve learned yourself about the agent, but you know because I think I learned this from you and what a wonderful meant or you have been for me for aging, with race, in appreciation and heart and just embrace. And I see so many women around me who even is early as her fortys and some even in their 30s there, trying to
You know Botox themselves, do not change themselves and fighting it, just fighting it biting at all the way- and I always look at it is just as you were saying my guide, whatever age, I think about the people who didn't make it. As I said, I do not think about all the people didn't make it denied, and so were you ever anxious about it? Were you ever, I can't believe of during forty? I can't believe I'm fifty, I can remember ever being just about it. Even when I was very young and we met always when eighty to reach at other age who, as far as I can remember, I thought that if I could live to be twenty yes, you know it's gonna, be really wonderful, then twenty five and then thirty wolf.
Good move ever gets going over. There MCA fail every every age. I've I've been grateful. I talk to you about this years ago. Yes is being grateful, yes, grateful just constantly get up in the morning. Thank you lower. Yes, thank you for this day. Thank you for the light coming through that window. Thank you. Thank you that I'm breathing. Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for the phone call. They told me, I have the job. Thank you even for the phone call. They told me that one may then the umbrella. Thank you because I know you have something better from me. Lined us yeah one of my life seminal moment. I was had had the farm,
in the end, a Europe with a visa do, and I was in the bathroom because our people in the house and I closed the door, and I was sitting on the toilet seat and on the bathroom phone calling you- and I was crying hysterically about something I don't remember was, and you said you know I was calling for your open, empathetic, loving embracing you said. So but I say: stop it right now. I want you to say thank you and I was there when viewed in the air, remember what I said, and you said no. I won't say it. I want to hear you say it I would wager whereby they read your war, and you said because you know, God is put a rainbow. The clouds said yeah, that's it. I would like changing for me is to hand in yes done. So one whatever it is hits. Thank you. Thank you because No something bad is on the road for me. So you bad make good on you.
Very good on me, because what I'm going to get darlin You long far darling darling. So where did you get that? Where did you know that? from a long way from a grand. Other members who raised me and from Vivian Baxter Money describes her mother Vivian as a dynamic woman, a spit fire with a larger than life presents, but she was someone my it didn't really get to know until her teens unable to raise two young children on her own Vivian Baxter. It sent Maya and her brother Bailey to live with their grandmother in rural Arkansas. When my attorney thirteen she rejoined her mother in San Francisco and while it took some time for them to get to know each other, it was obvious. There was a lot of love between Maya and the woman. She called.
Baby Vivian Baxter J. She loved me. Yes, M M encouraged me to to develop courage in Stockton, California, where she lived them die. Yes there. The park. I saw a name for her, yes because she was that time to everybody. Whites, blacks, spam is speaking made of America, Asia, but she was I've time, and so the lot newest part in staff in California is called me. Baxter I live that enter. That's on one in the town, S, library on the other hand, the time is my antelope- is an amazing because the library was named to me because of Vivian Baxter, your mother paid
at what she pay that talking about last and every time I dare to do a good thing, I'm doing it. In the name of my mother, you say that this book has been written to examine some of the ways that love heels and helps a person to climb to impossible heights and rise from immeasurable deaths. Yes, it's true love does their love as love, liberates and love from apparent, and I mean for my mother Father loved that sentiment They met mush, but true love, love. It gives you enough courage. Did you can t hesitate to somebody? Don't do that
and the person I know you're not preaching yet eating. Yes, my Angelo developed an even deeper connection to her mother when she became pregnant at sixteen. She calls the birth of her only child, her son guy, the greatest blessing of her life. When my until Vivian Baxter, she was gonna, have a baby. Her mother didn't get angry. Instead, she welcomed the baby boy into their lives, even guiding the young mother as she struck out on her own Guy was only two months. All you moved out of the house, and I love the story about where you mother said to use you relieving here. He says all right, you go but remember this when you cross my doorstep, you have already been raised this What you learn from your grandmother in Arkansas on what you learn from me. You know the difference between right and wrong
do right and don't let anybody raise you from the way you ve been raise? No, you always have to make adjustments in love, relationships and friends in society and work. But don't let anybody change your mind and then remembered this. You can always come home. She do. Ah, she did anti whenever I go home the world with gloomy flat. On my face with this little baby. I'm trying to raise in work and sing, songs and dance and have a go home to Vivian Baxter. She would act as if it the best thing that ever happened. She called her friend girl. You can't bit. You can't believe the baby is how I'm going to close this for her. She loves spanish item. We may could better, listen, don't try to come over. I'm gonna have a domestic, For at least three or four out, then you can term. Oh, she never ever made me feel that I had done the wrong. I know I'm even at sixteen. When you became pregnant yeah, she didn't
shame you gonna have this beautiful babies ratios. May choose to do you know who the Father is active? Yes, I only had sex with one time, but but then he's the only one. She all right. Do you love him ass? It now she said- Ask me: does he love USA? She's been I'm gonna ruin three lives, we're gonna have a beautiful baby. Yes, you bid and she loved Messer. Yes, she was a match, our baby, I'm back. She was a knockout. Tell me this. You ve been, my greatest teacher who's, been your greatest teacher, probably my grandmother very moment really your greatest teacher, my greatest teachers, I've, I've watched them of himself and I'm not like Vivian Baxter, Vivian Baxter. With this incredible anger whenever anybody it tried to do her down this same moment was so I
I'm never in my life. She was very pretty. She never laughed at anybody ever. I like that in her, because she had everything shared mummy, share, beauty and hill and she never laughed at him, and you didn't think of yourself. As a pretty girl- oh no, I wasn't pretty good. They were pretty girls who had long hair, fair skin and yet- and I was so all I was six foot fifteen. So how did you learn to love yourself at that time? barely loved me, my grandmother loved me and my mother, because another book that you wrote that supports nobody makes it alone. Nobody, but nobody mingled out years. Nobody makes it alone. Everybody needs somebody embarrass her love heels. Then love.
The family, the love of one person came he'll. So if heels, the scars left a wound left by larger society, a massive powerful society, you say words things and that their so powerful. So what words it turned to for comfort, love em again see I don't mean, I think I think love is acting fishermen, the human spirit so profound that it allows us to three yoo hoo hoo I made it may be the energy which keeps the stars in the firmament. Yes, I'm not sure it may be the energy which keeps the blood running smoothly through our veins, I'm not sure, but it's something beyond.
The explanation it can be used for anything. You can explain any good thing. You can explain absolutely in Ukraine. Where do you go for solace, for comfort, Are there books that you read or when my Angelo needs comforting here when we do you? I am student of unity and there's a book terminating church unity to actors, of course, and unity about two years ago on line not to become a member minister, but just to understand more deeply. There's a book called lessons in true well and in the both there's, a line which is God loves me and when,
I came to read it to my then mentor, Frederick Wilkerson at the late, Frederick, listen, I read, God loves me, and these had read it again. Method. God loves me, he's really began to read it again and finally, I said God loves me, It still ambles me that this force, which made leaves and fleas in and stars and rivers in an you That's me, Miami love. It's amazing! I can do anything and do it well, any good thing. I can do it.
That is why I am who I am yes, because God loves me and I'm amazed at it in grateful boy. Do you feel carried by the ancestors, as I do do you feel carried by absolutely when you said when we talk last week about your crown has been paid for put it on your head and yet, where? Yes do you feel you do? You feel absolutely your grandmother? her mother gave her a great great grandmother to Yahoo. Boy mislaid even I do feel that your carried absolutely and I'm responsible to them. So wherever I am, I stand on the state of infinite. Ten thousand people migrate them other stanza with me.
That's the line in the poem grandmothers, a genuine one of my favorite. I come as one and I stand in thousands. Oh my gosh have I use that line for myself internally on many occasions, because that's who you are a recital that myself many times I come is one but I stand is ten thousand met the young girl that force of that it is, as you know, that none of us are alone no ample cause. You ve been paid for already, Lord in two thousand, when you were seventy to eighty view you for the magazine I ask you if you consider yourself wise and that the time you answer well, I'm in route extra, and how would you answer that now I mean route, you still river long but are empty I'm still in rule, I dont Oh women, Milly Math I know I know a lot and I'm rape of the bad.
What I know. That's a lot, that's a lot, but I still don't have it all? What do you think that you might Angelo everybody? Who quote you and I quote, What do you think that you, my angel, everybody? Who quote you and I quote you and then they quote me? Do you and all? What do you think is the best piece of advice you ve given were well, I'm thinking that the best advice I've ever given? I hope that which I gave to my son and he was growing. He said I dont. Have we mean trends how can I get some friends and love is very young. I told him to things turn him in order to get a friend. You have to be a friend, be ready to be a friend and also I told him, there's a place in you that you must keep inviolate. You must keep it
Christine clean so that nobody has a right to curse. You treat you badly, no bad enough. The father, no wife no has been those nobody, because that may be the place you go to when you meet God, you have to have a page with. Did you say, stop it better, not must not know. No, absolutely and there's one. I told you twenty five years ago. Yes, say no, when it's no Tito back it up, because that peace has to remain. And clear, and that has to be a place within you guess manner. That is the best advice I know everybody was watching is gonna say when people show you they are relieved. That's all very good, very good, now yeah, but nothing tops having the place inside you're so that no
body else? Nobody has rightly windy melt, yes and women. When the person comes with rude language. To you are invasive language to you, you have to be able to stay back up. Not me you down, I'm don't you know, I'm a child of God. What is the best piece of advice you ve ever got Some him a good thing. I admit I am, I guess the greatest advice is to forgive I dont and ninety with anything I just forgive it, but don't we Give I've tried to let people know on the show, as you have taught me over the years that when you forgive somebody doesn't mean you,
sit down and invite them to your tail. No, no! No! No indeed non. Who are just me. Man finish with you bet you done go away! Yes, yes, you go away now, don't say, go away and harm somebody else, but I do have to protect myself Alice liking, lack of. If, if have somebody else to protect me and I'm not willing to protect myself, yeah, that's one of the great lesson tat you ve taught me to you got to be willing to take care of this first and then you have enough to give. What is your definition of God? Oh, if I was ass, say it in your definition of God. In one word, it would be all a l l. I love that there is no peace, a God is Mount no place in the prison,
in the choir laughed on my knees, guided right. There is a whole Are there many ways to get tone? I think so too many really ways. There are absolutely like the way that the highway the goat around, but all roads lead the guy? Yes, what do you believe happens when you die? I go back to our. You go back to all I'm an old right now I just go back to go back to yet another turn imps just another way of being in yes in it. So interesting as you're the first person That said to me, in a way, I really got that there are as many levels you said their everybody thinks is. There is just one way: that's not just one gate, there's many gates is there a people there, gates are a people and then Doktor Ebon Alexander's book anew, yet hoof of Heaven. He talks about all of the different more
last saturday I love that Burbank way why and then to find and see him on super, so there's not mess that amazing. What do you call the soul, but is it? What is the soul? The soul is spirit which norms for all and that Spirit then uses it serve to create the blues and gas from me. And pop music and hip hop is that Spirit that loans? That says, let me say something which will help me leave me to all weather. The poetry is the poetry of Nikki, Giovanni Sonia Sanchez.
I will have Shakespeare my Angelo Eugene Madman, the poetry I read it, so I can get closer to get me. Tell so much truth now facts because facts can obscured the true detail, so mainly affect the places where the people who we and the reasons why blah blah blah never getting to the true or who. So I want to tell the truth in my work, right, and it will help me led me closer to our and is do you see, I remember, rainbows and was unsupervised Sunday, and he said that art is another form of prayer. Of course. Yet you see that exactly. Yes, that's why you tell your best to say the right thing: the trooping, the good thing
because you- and I have sent you you're using died itself help you to get to die. Oh, yes, how do you define spirituality versus religion? No religion. Is that a map you know each time it can help you to see how to get where you want to go. All it does is show you, to get. There is a mere man, yeah and spirituality, for you mean so surrender surrender to what his prayer mean to you. I know you are prey and woman, I'm a brain when you are prey Well, yeah it where you say to me: there have been times you said to me: I'm praying for him. And I'm praying Willie. I know I'm gonna be all right. If I know I know the changes and you're connected. Yes, I am, and I think that for them I know that when I play somewhere
The full happens not just to the person or persons that oh man praying, but also suddenly landfill happens to me. I am grateful that I'm heard because you know all he is at all. Where do you feel most at home or at peace with yourself with myself in myself, always when I'm in myself, that is to say I'm at peace with you, I'm at peace. With forty thousand cameras looming around monsieur, I made peace in my birth. I made peace standing in front of an audience, as I did a couple of weeks ago.
For ten thousand people, I'm peace. What I know em centered in God, I live and move and have my be yes, I'm all right. I m all right Now, when I lose it as you do lose it from time to time it is human. I think it's unfortunate, but there we are so faith trembles and skids away. Until for that, moment, I am and dangerous, and I'm in danger, yes, but as soon as I can the statement. In God I live and move and have my being I'm fine. I thank you and I who's that very. I use that to call myself. That is my living mantra for myself and for all,
because he is a man in Vienna and also good ones. I believe in God and move because when you use it in good times the owl is peace good. It knows it, you know better than terms because of it. Yes, yes, I use a faint. Thank you thank you, and what do you know for sure? My Angelo? I know for sure that love saves me, and maybe it is here to save us. I know it's it's it's a since its more closely. Ass, an air more loud to us, then hearing or who I know it. I know that we can sit in it. Yes, love I mean
and you know about that. I don't mean much or any other. Don't me romance or send him a note. I do not know him, I mean something is so it can raise the dead and raise the It can make a mountain move. I know it, I haven't done it, but I know it has surely them sitting. Well, that's what you ve given to me. Thank you, my darling level. I mean I'm over wintry and you ve been listening to supersede conversations pod cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple, pod, callous and subscribe rate and review of this planet,
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