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Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams (From October 25, 2017)

2021-11-10 | 🔗

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith: Manifest the Life of Your DreamsThe Best of Oprah's Super Soul | This Episode Was Originally Published on October 25th, 2017. 

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, spiritual pioneer and founder of the renowned Agape International Spiritual Center, offers several practices for manifesting the kind of life you want. He explains that letting go, shifting your vibration and living with intention are all keys to unlocking the blessings that the universe has in store for you. Michael also discusses the four stages of unfolding, an intensive process of spiritual alignment with your life’s purpose. Michael says, “Your potential is always bigger than whatever problem you’re going through.”

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home loans as an equal housing, Lindore Animal S, one zero to eight seven, I'm over Winfrey, welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us, starkness right now, Michael Bernard back with founded the southern California based gotta international spiritual, sinner nineteen. Eighty six blending both eastern and western spiritual principles, the nine thousand member a copy community, focuses on a core message of peace, unconditional love and our unique oneness with God he
is the division we set for our lives begins a secret process of unfolding that unlocks everything that is unique, mighty and magnificent inside each of us. I'm excited. I got an hour of you to myself, not in a pulpit on a stage just to probe your mind about how we all can create a life vision for ourselves, but I think about people who have circumstances that aren't as good as mine or yours. Is it possible to life vision when you're at the bottom? Not only is it possible? That's probably the best time to do it.
when circumstances and situations are pressing in upon us? The only way we can overcome them is to go within to actually begin to ask a very empowering questions with the awareness that this universal presents and it's law will answer any question that you asked. So, if you're, in a situation that that is pressing on you and you ask which kind of emerging my life, what is my gift to share? What is my purpose? Why am I here on the planet? Not just how can I pay my rent? Not just how can I stay pain, which are bad question and not even not just even what should I do not even what should I do not? What should I do, but the universal questions you ask, empowering questions. The universe will answer these questions. in a language and in a way that you can understand. They'll be inner, prompting there'll be intuitive, hits nudges signs, symbols, dreams, it'll, come
language of their own individual soul and heart. The difficulty is that when people are in tough situations, they ask disempowering questions, will they say what's wrong? who is to blame yeah? Why me ass? Those are the disempowering questions. The universe will answer those two it'll pull on the database of human experience and say you were born in there try, it signed the tracks. Are you were born on the right side? The tracks are you this happened or that happen I'll. Give you a bevy of excuses. But if you ask empowering question, you get an answer to rise above the mark, so it's all about the question, the sincerity of the question and then the ability and willingness to to really listen to really be available, that that's where the juices and that is available to every when being whether and individuals in prison where their individuals in prison by circumstance.
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because you ve seen everybody's there right old, young black white straight gay Christians, Muslims, jewish people, everybody's their worshipping, the one God and in the field of love and the gospel that you preach is based on the gospel of the teachings. Jesus. Yes, absolutely. We believe in the teachings of Jesus. We also embrace all of the other great teaches on the planet which and send religiosity and when you deep enough into those teachings. There, no contradictions. You know it's interesting as raising the church Baptist Church, where every first Sunday they passed around the grape juice you take. The communion of this is my body and I never actually felt a sense of communion when I was a God pay. As I looked around what I fell
was this is what communion is yes, this is what it means to come you and into come together. Like my like spirit, and the words people speak to each other and the way you are embrace at his. What communion feels like an hot? What does that impact of communion have on our souls? Do you think first of all, you can only be in communion with something that your similar to water and gasoline can't communed, because their difference, instances, so we can communicate God, because our life is is the essence of God, so we can commune with God, so I'm communing with God and you come here
with guy? We can compete with each other. We can deal with the deepest part of each other, very intimate and personal relationship in prayer and in meditation. So the essence of communion is one this and so ass. We go forth from their place in a deep sense of communion. Then, when you go out into the world, we have the privilege, in that capacity, to see that same beauty and other end jewels, the same love the same potential. We greet each other differently. That is the only way they were gonna actually build a kind and just global society from that sense of communion with the presence. Absolute that's never absence. So I know one of your life. Tenants that you speak about in life visiting is teaching people to participate in what you call the unfolding death the unfolding, and you talk a little bit about this in super so sessions. You tell people there's something unique mighty and magnificent within each of us, and it is our job to let that unfold from with in us. How does that Journey b
got. It goes back to asking the question, but it also goes back to understanding that presents, God has never made a mistake, doesn't do do overs and doesn't repeat itself. Therefore, each of us are unique expressions of the infinite. Therefore, the way the infinite gets to express its infinite nature is through its uniqueness. Therefore, I have a men, to discover myself find out who and what I am, what my purposes and to express it. So in that, and that idea within is infinite. and is always unfolding so as not to one in done? It's not. I've arrived kids, I'm always on our journey of unfolding, and so does that help answer that question to cause. You know I talk a lot about. Purpose and people are really. I don't know what my purpose is, and I always feel your purpose is wherever you are unfolding in the moment. Is it not? You grow where you're planted,
Were you plan to end and then you ask which trying to emerge which trying to unfold and you'll start to get hints. You start to take baby steps walking in that direction. and you take baby steps. Inertia becomes momentum and then possibilities start to reveal himself. Potential starts to be activated in and you find yourself as you look back while I'm changed, I'm different winded then happen yeah. I was just saying this to a friend reach. Lee who is stuck in her alive fan feeling leg. I've done all the things to manifest properly and it is happening and euro and I said well, you have to look at what you're pushing against The point is that you have to be an alignment with it
You been alignment with it. You have to have a level of practice. You have to give up your resistance to the circumstance. In other words, here it's not arguing and resisting the circumspect circumstance. I notice for this that I prayed. I did that Let me answer me: this is the deal yard is always answering yes, but are we receiving? Are we listening? Are we available? Yes, so prayer, meditation life envisioning in a tunes us to become an alignment with the vibration, so we actually can hear it. We can actually feel it and then move in that direction. Many people, if their prayers would be answered, they could even receive it. They're, not gonna vibrational, ready so how do we get? This is absolutely this fascinates me. This conversation, cuz there's been times I've known everybody else's experiences where you think about something or you think about a person, and that person calls you to write. Then there other times
that doesn't happen, I remember one day a manifested too made a soup. I was on my farm and comes my neighbour with I couldn't even believe it sounds like. How did I do that? How do they do that? I want to be able to do that again, but it's it's it's it's a space where I wanted it, but if it didn't come, I would also be ok. That's it s called the let go yet That's what it is. You know how people do wishing wells, they throw coin in they forget about it. Yet in the thing shows up, because they had an intention, then they let it go. Don't you think but at any rate, and when she release your grasp, then you give up your resistance. In that, which is how you add some aha moment, because you wanted wanted, wanted wanted wanted, wanted. It doesn't show up. Yet if your message to the universe, that moment is, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it which is translating into I do
I don't have it, I don't have it. I don't have it so you can't receive it. So you can't. We see that so you end up blocking your own blessing totally in that way. We didn't you come to know this When did your level of connection spirituality and alignment reach the space that went beyond religion? I had left religion at a young age and so was pretty much agnostic going through college and with more college and I transferred to USC, and so, and you see I had a spiritual awakening, I woke up. I had a lucid dream in which I was killed. I could see tremendous, be you everywhere, in the love of God, penetrating my being and. Had to go on a search to discover what had happened to me.
and so that a lucid dream, a lucid dream. I was awake in the dream. Three men came after me and this dream had been going on a year and a shortening. The story here culminated with two other men holding me down when men dad me in the heart the pain was physically and emotionally in tents, Scruciating does your drink. This is my dream, but I can feel it in my physical body I screamed out. I woke up the beauty everywhere I mean animate, inanimate objects, brilliant shining, the light. Every The love I was feeling from God, just penetrating my entire being. I was like in the dream. I woke up now now numb awake you I'm awake and I knew something had happened. So
can't do my research now to discover what had happened to me and that's. When I buy back into the teachings of Jesus and all the other great teachers who talked about this luminosity. That light that lights up every man and woman that come into the world, the true light that was that was his went again. Yes, it was totally shifted mine. hope, reception and I was considered weird- I was considered Enow Michael's off, rocker visas, free what happened to him, because the guys they went to bed at night without the same person awoke and my life is banana, an unfolding arc of falling more and more and more love with his presence and being more more of service, and you know we don't wanna hypothesize theorize philosophize. We went to realise this, and thus, with these teachings, do we help you realize what many people a philosopher
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dot com slash super saw. So let's talk about that unfolding, you save that journey comes in for stages of spiritual growth. The first stage is something you call victim consciousness. Can explain that yes, victim consciousness is where many People live yeah. Somebody did it to me. The reason why I'm not happy is because you just make you know my ex boyfriend, my laws, the world is unfair world, isn't fair they're doing it to me. The reason why I am not happy is somebody else's fault. God did it to me. The devil did to me. My astrological signed it to be there the new numbers did my mother and I karma yeah. Ok, that's the victim stage. Every victim has of
TIM Storey. You ask somebody a victim. What's going on, though, give you a list of complaints about what's wrong, who did it Fannie Lou Hamer's once said, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired of my favorite quotes. So when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, something happens and you start to open up, a possibility that maybe maybe I'm on my way, maybe there's something more than they would meets the eye. And would you say that if you are stuck- and you are sick and tired of being an entire, if you're in that space, where there's no movement, and you ve tried everything that it means. You need Virgil momentum well, you need an awakening. Yes, innate you're gonna need something
That is not within your little mind in your little perception and that's where prayer comes in, that were meditation comes in this where life vision incomes in so if you just said, help I'm open I'm available to something new now you're, on your way, help is a prayer. Help. Help is I say when I use the word: help hello, eternal, loving presence, that's what help means to me, hello, eternal love, loving, presents violets Goodwin recently, I had to say that we do. and, and then things start to come to you. I can remember walking into back in the day when the body tree existed in a book fell off. The shelf just walked in the book just slammed on the floor Office and it was exactly what I needed to read at that time in seoul- I learned about manifestation. I learned about the second stage, which is how to manifest which is stable
intention, beginning to see visually the kind of life you want to live beginning to happen. perception about that kind of life. I tell people you have to talk about it. Wasn't you talk about your problems because at the end of the day, if you complaining more than you do Talking about your vision, then you're inertia. So this is a shift that takes place. We actually talking about the possibilities for the new talking about your issues. Here you don't deny the issues that things have happened to people, we not denying that those things have happened, but it's the energy that you give to it. There is a definite true fact. If you start talking about somebody or you engage in conversation with your gas me before long. You just use your spire. Your spiralling down energy goes into those lower frequency, yet doubt worry, fear,
all in now. You in your in that sediment you're in that dynamic. But if you start talking about possibility you, even if you don't know how to get there in your energy stars to go up in what? If you ask me what if question, would it what if all my needs were met? What would I be doing in my life? What, if everything is really working together. For my good, what? If all the bad things that have happened in my life are leading me to activating some great potential. In my my experience, what, if God really is on my side yeah, you know you ask what if question and you start to notice little tiny miracles happening in your life thinks are to manifest. You don't know how they got their yeah. What about this dark? Neither the sole isn't about everybody's Kurd that phrase: a dark night of the soul. There are people who have that dark night
kind of abide in that spaces. They have a really get past it, but the dark night of the soul is therefore what the dark guy the soul is is is a couple of stages to it deprives Our guy, the soul, is when you're losing your identification with your previous identity, which you don't yet have an identification with. What's new emerging you're in let's go too dark No you if you knew this is who used to be but you're, not that anymore, but who you're becoming you're, not that either. So it's dark. It's really, and sometimes it's excruciating. Sometimes it's a lot of fear a lot of disconnect, and I I tell people that, when you're going through that tell them to ask this question if this experience, which last forever what quality would have to emerge for me to have peace of mind. So if you ask that question and he's oh, if I am, I
This is it this particular experience was my last for ever I wouldn't need. I witnessed some strength. I would need some some peace. I would need a little bit. More name would have equality and what happens is when your attention starts, focusing on that quality rather than existing the dark night. Then the process is speeded up. and you identification through it, none of it through a faster than they are You're, not you're, not like hungering in on the suffering of right, and they also say pain, pushes until a large revision or falls right, as one of my favorite statements is pain pushes until the vision pulls so life is progressive, you're, good good that we are trying to make the universe is progressive yeah.
pushing you yeah until you get pulled by larger vision. So when you have a vision that you can articulate, ok so paint pushes you, so it get it's hard. It's harder, its harder its harder and it's trying to force you into having of Asia vision. Yes, that's bigger than than than paying and that's a principle. Potential is always bigger than the problem. Potential is always bigger than the problem. Your potential is infinite and has always bigger than whatever problem you're going through. So when you begin to have a vision of this is good. I'm a shout and men You begin to have a vision about the possibility who you start to be pulled by it and then once you really sincerely embrace it in your life begins to be ok. When I wake up this morning and we walk in the direction of my purpose, I'm gonna walk in the direction of my vision,
good work is wretched. That possibility and the potential yes, instead of allowing myself to go, woe is me, or I can't believe, I'm gonna walk in the right. This is this. A good decision today do not push to increase it disapprove of went away to Asian Frigidis, so you walk in the direction of the potential in the possibility. Instead of being stuck here, I was pushed us much. The cosmic to buy for does need to hit you as much for this year being pulled more by joy, and it's like I mean pulled by some something now it doesn't mean. I could have challenges, of course, that we were not praying delivered challenge. Free life were praying that the challenges it come activate late and potential So this is how you learn to manifest, which is the stage too, is my understanding that principle of the push in the pool understand the pain pushes until vision pause. Ask what if quest
yes begin to see visualize. The kind of like you want to live begin to talk about. It began to write it down began to drink. About it, and then I would I teach, is you talk about? It doesn't mean you talk to everybody, because everyone is not trustworthiness, trade. You talk to selected friends about it about it, you talk to it actually talk to division, talk to deposit. we talked in love. You talked a piece. You talk to prosperity, I see you everywhere. I see you prosperity and the line. I see you London summit in the grain of sand. I see you everywhere, you talk to it and then, after a while you're talking from Let'S- about my wishing. You use it a lot in your teaching and I noticed like everybody to God It is on a on a same vibrational, frequent
using that language and I dont know what it was. I first got it that there is a energy and frequency to everything and that you are all role in gaol in life is to line up with. Whatever is the frequency that allow you to move in the flow of your your own life, well. How did you discover this aspect in the eighties? I started using their terminology because. Became aware that we are vibrational beings, you know we're not just flesh and blood. You know If you put anything under a microscope, intense microscope, you can Emily see that everything is vibration in and ask the scientists to night telling us there's information there, but it's not solid, always moving, so we're vibrational beings so, as you would just saying, when we lift our vibration to what we want to experience, it happens first on a vibratory
level, and then it shows up and manifest in our life. So people who were holding onto rancor animosity, slowing down their vibration, just had an ah there you're. Actually, when you recognize your vibrational frequency you drawing in to yourself all the time, literally the vibration that is most like what you're putting out right, correct right. You cannot another way of saying, as you cannot have, which are not willing to become vibrational ie if you do get it you lose it. This is why people that win the lottery and they lose everything but finally get the person they think they want to be with can't keep that can't keep the relationship or go get a modicum of success, but can't hold on to it, because
side they weren't vibrational aligned, they really hadn't, become it. So you can temporarily manipulate and get things, but to have it completely. You have to lift her vibration and become that in vibration of that so good. You need to repeat it says so good, isn't that right however, that is so you're not really attracting things to you. You're really radiating it's really a radiation cry right now. I think I felt that so strongly. That is that's gonna arrest, with a lot of people you radiating from within out it's like of. I become the vibrational frequency of love, harmony
peace, am radiating. That's the key skills sharpened, my like that city. That's the word you're, not attracting it. You have to be it in radiated and then, if it comes, it is drawn to you write them, you too, so that the work then becomes about you workin on yourself. Yes, you have to like yourself when you buy yourself, you have to like yourself Emmy when you, when you're by yourself, you have to look at those thoughts, the beautiful thoughts to create thoughts embrace yourself, you have to forgive you serve, you have to love yourself and when you can fall in love with yourself in like yourself, when you buy yourself now, you can be with others
No like yourself, when you buy yourself, then you're pulling on others to make you happy correct. You see, you also talk about wealth in the way that you know I'd I'd. The idea of manifestation can be confusing to people, because a lot of people think you know, I'm manifested my wealth or I manifested my husband, my possessions, but you say that you limit your true spiritual Joe if you get attached to those things right. Those are wonderful signpost along the way, the round of blessings, but at the bottom line, to unfold our sole bottom line. Line. We hit this so much within. That is that the purpose of human experience and purpose of human experience is it worth stage of evolution weaken where we can think about what we think about. We can actually think independent of a circumstance and choose
We can choose and let our sole unfold- and this is very important, because either people are in reaction or their in choice. choice comes when you expand. Your awareness reaction is, if you have limited with awareness, so in other words, we both know this. You think you take of some they like his holiness the Dalai Lama Doktor King, yet how to love in the face of hate, where many people would react in the face of hate, through prayer and meditation, their spanned, their awareness, and they could choose here in this human dimension, we learned to have learned to choose, regardless of conditions now
we're participating our own unfolded. I can actually choose to be better, so you teach the power of life visionary. What is the difference between visionary and visualization? great question this visualization that stage to that's manifested level that I actually see the life tat I want to live. I see visually, I feel it emotional bond with it until it manifest vision, is different version. It says the something within me that I at sea. Beyond my imagination, I want that to come forward its life force. Yes, if it's the life force, it's my unique pattern. Ok, it's beyond societal fantasy is on parental fantasy and the word your mother may have had a dream about you and wanted you to be a doctor. Yet
eighty wants you to act a certain way with this. Something that's been placed there by God, you go into the vision in process. You actually opening yourself up to that which is unique to you to express so you're, not a physical vision. Visualization like visualization is, like I imagine myself to be in Hawaii. Imagine yourself to have this house. There are no! It can include that when it transcends that you actually You actually becoming in tune with your purpose that it it's a higher level is highlights the next level of unfolding in their level of overlooking that's what it is that it is an excellent. So it's it's like channeling, which is the next level unfolding being a channel, is the third age is I realise that I am a place through which the infinite expresses. This is good. You see, I'm a veil.
So we use words like surrender wielding, allowing letting opening opening I'm available. I'm surrendered now what happens? We come into frequent encounters with a zone where flow in the ways of getting the flow, and you didn't plan something in it. It's not a part of what you tried to do something. Take you over that states that you in a flow. Now it's like what happened. What did I say, How did they turn out so well, because beyond your imagination, Sutton took you over and and and some is God certain tokenism. You allow yourself to be the channels through which the infinite right close to say to you, cut our teeth on stage two new visualize. You say what you want you do. You affirmations use two intentions. You have to do that and, as you become a master at that level, then
to find yourself in a moment. You think not well something happen in a moment. You think not become available to become a channel for for such beauty and greatness in love and giving creativity and then, by stage for you, they were like Lou over dollar. I got very honest. It's for you feel when you had one would god you know it and it doesn't take away from God matter fact to limit the presence of God is the last being the present you see, so you uses feel connected. It's a connection in that's stage. Four. Is my life
is the life of God, because there's no other life outside of God is infinite. Who can live in that all the time I love it? I have had a moment longer. Glimpses I've had moments. I've had you know like little. but they can feel it, but just to be there all the time. Of being there all the time is a part of this claim. Is it I think that you just get to higher levels of it? I would agree with that. It is in the end. You find yourself today at a higher frequency band, where ten years ago absolutely and had we not then you're right or not evolving right
ten years from now and will be at a higher frequency than you are now. Thank you thanks for letting us with your words and your presence here, I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pied cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple, podcast, unsubscribe rate and review. This pledge guess join me next week for another super so conversation. Thank you for listening. Zero homes makes refinancing your home fast and easy How can you say with competitive rates consume save an average of four hundred and twenty three dollars a month or Five thousand. Seventy six dollars per year see how much you David, zero home loans that come Satan. It is based on Zella home loans. Customers will achieve monthly savings by refinancing to reduce their interest rate or payment from April through July. Twenty twenty one savings guaranteed
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