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2018-07-23 | 🔗

New York Times best-selling author Eckhart Tolle returns for his second SuperSoul Conversation. Eckhart gives guidance on how to live in the present moment and shares tips for improving your own spiritual practices. Oprah and Eckhart discuss their groundbreaking “A New Earth” webcast, and Eckhart’s remarkable journey to true consciousness. Eckhart also explains how to avoid becoming a victim in your own mind and how to break free from stress.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper the round us start right now. The weekly webcast Eckart told me, and I together. Back in two thousand eight, I describe as my first like class teaching one of my favorite books of all time, a new earth chapter by chapter. Millions of people got to know eckart during those ten weeks, but not everyone knows his remarkable spiritual journey. At twenty nine. This german born author had become a research are in comparative literature at the University of Cambridge in England, despite his academic success, it wasn't enough
how bout of anxiety and depression so severe that at one time he can. Bitter, ending his life in his door is our Eckart says he experienced and awakening that transformed his life will hear more about that later on. Chose to walk away from his promising career to explore, his newly discovered inner peace at cards. Profound, yet simple, spiritual genes are the bases for his best selling books, the power. Of now and a new earth too much? time passed since a carton I sat down together, so I invited him back to Chicago to catch up to reflect. And to have a super soul conversation how fantastic assess so much has changed since we did a new earth webcast, as it was just four years. Oh two thousand eight that was considered for me and our industry ground breaking when we were brought
casting live around the world, and our first webcast remember that first night and people were typing in we're like Brazil, yes, that first webcast was one of the really. I think it was a seminal day for me, because it said that our ability took for me doing this kind of work using your voice to let people come closer to the to the one that is their own, that that was transmittable in a way around the world in a way that we have never done before, but not only transmittable, but could actually be both physically Emotionally and spiritually received. Yes, do you think technology is accelerating our consciousness or the opposite? I think both
happening at the moment. I can see the negative effects of technology that it has can have and has on many especially young people who get addicted to their devices led computer and the smartphone and so on our mind can get totally filled up with useless facts and Oh, that can prevent us from actually being able pay attention to what is in the present moment, the most important ability a human being can have is to direct his or her full attention to the present moment. Absolutely outside There are obviously wonderful thing with the fact that we can communicate now hello world. Everybody throughout the world who is seeking this information? It that's a good thing and obviously there are dangers, particularly for people raising children in this environment. One of the things
you did. After the north seminars, you wrote a book called oneness with all life, a companion to a new earth which says many of the things that are in new earth, but it's not it's not like, summarised version of it, and this is where I loved from oneness with all life is also right. Next to my bed, my signed copy from You say through the present moment, you have access to the power of life itself, the power of life itself that which has traditionally been called God, which I thought was such a beautiful definition of God power of life itself as soon as you turn away from it got. It ceases to be a reality in your life, and all you are left With- is the mental concept of God, the mental kind, which is what a lot of people talk about the mental concept God their belief in god- and what you go on to say is which some people, but
We then, and others deny even believe in god- is only a poor substitute for the living room at Liberty of God manifesting every moment of your life. I think that is such a beautiful, offering yes gets its tapping from believe. Which is fine going to the deeper level where belief becomes an actual realisation or knowing, and that can start with a simple thing like
Nobody can verify that in their own experiences. When you take your attention into the present moment, which implies, of course a certain largeness arises. Yes, yes, which is different from thinking thinking compared to that is almost like. A kind of dreamlike stadia appear north, not present here, so a certain alertness arises. You become more conscious of what around soon, but also strangely, it's hard to talk about it, but I will often and underline a sense of presence that is both within and without yes, a presence. We could call that it's a divine presence. Yes, there is something, and that present when everybody needs now, is that the presence that you feel when you are able to silence,
My silence your mind and be aware of the silence. That's in your mind, you are that awareness yes disguised as a person, yes, and when you become conscious of the gap between two thoughts, for example, or even now, sometimes recommend to people that lay they hold their hands like this and they create this past. Is their future. There you let them gone now. You bring your attention to just the present little reminder to help you'll be behold that sense of pride then to recognising the multinationals here in the future. Is here The only moment that matters is Now the only thing you ever have is now the only thing that matters is now Yes, I mean I learned so much from that experience with you the ten weeks it was like it
the original life class it is from which all the other life classes it stemmed and One of the most important things that I learned is that we all have the ability to waken awaken correct. Yes, yes, and that, if we don't awaken as a species that the species will eventually, yes, as I see it is the next step in. Evolution ass? A species is to embrace state of consciousness that we call awakening, and if we don't, then the problems that the under wakened mind has created on the planet, will only increase and multiply one of the things. Today, is that stress is wanting something to be the way that it isn't. So how do you know the difference between
thing isn't the way that I wanted to be, and I need to accept it because you say what you resist persists. How do you know whether you're supposed to accept it were try to bring about change for whatever it is that you want to change fast. You accept If change is possible and you may need to focus our attention on the situation to two real, as what kind of steps you can take to change and situation, but in the meantime, the basis for effective action is. To come into an inner alignment with the business of this moment. This is how it is. Let's say I gave an example in the path now I'm stuck in the mud. Yes as an example, this this is the situation right now, pissed off I'm stuck in them. Damn it I get this all. Yes or you become a victim. In your own mind, why did there's always what is happening to me always do, and so on
my identity complaining. Yet what is the mud in your life? So you just saying you see that as a metaphor, yes and so on, but just look at this regulation without labeling it? This is where I am right now, and you accept that this is how it is business of life is now. I only then think about how to change and you can become actually a greater intelligence arises because you become present with what is so if you're stuck in the mud and you're angry about this being stuck in the mud and you're trying to resolve being stuck in the mud. From that point of anger, He will always remain stuck in the man s you ve gotta run, move yourself from the mud. That's right, I got that you ok one of the things that you right in the very beginning of the book, is that if you come across passages in this book that you feel are powerful, I want you to realize that's what you're feeling is your own spiritual power that is to say who you are in your essence. Only spirit can recognize spear
that's what an aha moment is. Isn't it? Yes, yes, recommendation, the real truth of life entirely new to you or to anybody, because there is a level aped on with You were you already know all the things all those original draws that you read or here and then reckon nice them say recognised because you, is not new. Ultimately, it's not new information. Your you're, very subtle resignation. Yes, it's a rest. Nation is a resonating with what is somehow buried or suppressed. Yes, that's what an hour high is. So when you do here something like from what we're talking about the reason resonate with you? The reason it is a ha because that is spirit, recognising spirit your consciences, recognising the consciousness of whatever that messages? Yes, that's great! That's an awakening!
That's an wakening, and it also it of it, awakens that faculty in you, when you were there's a glimpse of there's a glimpse of recognition than that that knowing in you awakens and then it grows it comes to the south, is more and some of the more growth and more open. You are hearing spiritual truce and then you begin to leave it in your life. Absolutely, I think, is the most important if there is only one message, because don't wanna. You know in the short time that we have this morning to to go over. You think, it's impossible that we learn from new earth, but if the essence of it that if you wanted people to understand what the reason why you said sat down and wrote that book or that book wrote you
said that book was burning inside you re. The reason why you wanted to do it is because you wanted to cause an awakenings at it. Yes, All one could say that it was kind of coming through me, yes or like I'm just became the kind of almost the channel for it yes there was something in me that needed to write that book, and I feel I e the essence: of the other new US and of their power now is the rising of the state of presence, and now, for the first time it is possible on a more watch widespread level for humans to undergo, the shift in consciousness where there are no longer totally dominated by the continuous compulsive thinking in their heads, the voice, that they must
talking there, no wrong it totally in the grip of that, because that's the old conditioned consciousness. Something new arises, an inner spaciousness presence and That present transcends who you are, the parson, that's right and it's what you call in the books going beyond thought. Yes, I'll write you, SAM page, thirteen see if you can catch, that is to say notice, the voice in the head whenever you notice that voice. You will also realise that you are not the voice, but the one who is aware of it. It's what you say and stillness speaks. You are that awareness Disguised as a person- yes, yes, well, that's big, I think, is that what you say is that I know it's hard to measure your own words in your own work, but would you say
that is in terms of awakening? the realisation of your personal power that that's really one of the most important things that is the most important thing feeling it for yourself. Silence I need to know, saw them You become aware that you have certain kinds of thoughts in your head there's already, that awareness arising there. Still many people in this world was so I don T fight with every thought de rises in their head. This, not the slightest space of wine. Is there and they may not. They made be ready to hear what we are saying. You don't intelligently meaningless to them. Yes, so you have to be ready to. That's why you were saying why why I was saying earlier, according from the book that if you hear something that connects to you, it means you're already awakening enough to be able to hear it, because it's only spirit that recognises spirit. Yes, truth recognises truth. Yes, there you are. This is the deep sense of bees
in this, and I sometimes ask people: can you be aware of your own presence? Not thinking not the thoughts at your having not the motion that you're having, but the very presence of your very being you become aware of your own presence by sensing, the entire energy field in your body? That is alive? Yes, and that is the totality of your presently says. You know no matter what's going on. All the trials and difficulties and challenges, and whatever that all of us have from time to time in our life if you live passed by the result that there is a space that you can go to, that really is that the ultimate connection to all there is or guide yes, yes, that's where you
and God March, so the noose recognise your oneness with a source of life of source of light. Yes, what I find is, if you can go to that space. That's where your strength, that's what your true strength lie. Yes, that's where your true creativity, your power, your ability to be authentically yourself. Yes, everything comes from that space and want to be able to bring that space to everything that you do. Yes, yes, yes and bring that space forward to to inhabit to you are Yes to be conscious of that. Yes, I got that so block one of our facebook flowers wanted to know how to calm the voice in She writes. I feel, like my mind, is racing at enormous speed and at night it's even
worse? How can I stop the constant stream of consciousness? In my mind, questionings many people will be thankful for that question. Yes, so First of all, the question implies that you know that your mind. What won't stop if you are totally immersed. You saw gentrified with your mind. Even the thought that your mind won't. Stop doesn't even occur to you, because you become your mind, you don't know that it is your mind. It won't stop. Yes, so large, that's a big! That's your head of the ok! That's a law or knows that are my won't. Stop. Is a good start. So when you hear the sword, why can't I Double I mind: don't believe it because you can't stop your mind, how you can choose to take your attention away from thinking and the first thing you do as you lie there in bed, deserve. Can I feel the energy inside my hands? In other words, can I feel that,
my hands. Are there without touching anything? Can I feel that these there's an inside my hands and after a little while most people can this. Tingling alive knows that you can feel when I energy goals goes in there. That's, an enormous step that you have already taken, because immediately thinking- will slow down because it nor has your whole attention got it and then see? Can you incorporate the whole body? Chinese sense, your legs, and so why does that work? And not just Laura saying to herself? Let me think about something else. There's no anchor, then full presence and the mind as such momentum that you won't be able to stop it got it You need an anchor for guidance and the a body as I call is, is a wonderful anchor for this data presents our hope. You got that too. That's why you can't say: ok, I'm going to think about something else.
Yes and then the wonderful actively choose shoes not about something else, just go into the body and then thinking she knows it might even stop completely for awhile and the man. Thing, is what before was an unpleasant dreadful sleepless night within a few minutes can actually be transformed into various hasn't experience, feeling the inherent and liveliness in the union. Or body of July there, because then you recognize, oh, I have slowed down slow down and the mind will do very little when you are really in the body there's not much thinking anymore, so other facebook. I wanted to know this is cool related, so what Laura said. How does one clear once mind a bad memory can you clear your mind, a bad memories? Well, not as such, but you can read. Dont lies that bad memories. Author what's that arising in your mind and when you
recognized at these thoughts arrived In your mind, you dont need to identify with the thoughts any longer so Greece, for example, of something bad happened to you. Yes, it's not happening. Here and now it's already happened. Yes done yes, so memories thoughts that arise there not react. It is only when you believe that they are real than they have the power over you. But when you realize it's just another thought arising about the past, then you can use just space spacious relationship with thought, so thought no longer. Has you in its grip. I call it sometimes. I hope the people really get that that would be a gift for young lady whose tortured by the past yes of another, aspect of that, of course is guilt which has to do with something one did to someone or something that they face. To do, but should have done and so
arises, but of course you were then. No human being can act beyond their level of consciousness. At that time, you acted like the awareness was not there to act differently. Now the awareness is there and the awareness is who you truly are what I think out of the recent anytime I've ever felt guilty is because I kind of you better. I knew better and didn't do it when there's. Nothing worse, I think then being upset with yourself and your upset with yourself not when you make a mistake for me, I'm upset with myself when I make a mistake that I could have prevented. Yes, yes, but you didn't, but Gives you didn't sign language. It guilt is a strong way off the for the eagle
to strengthen itself, because when you feel guilty about something you identify again with certain thoughts in your mind, which is ego right and thought say, age should have number two. I didn't do it I and every I thought that that judges you, your identity I was eight. It becomes part of the Eagle loves Guild, it lives. Not, they blaming others. Let strengthened its do if that doesn't work You can blame yourself but of course every human being has done things ass. They lay now regret. Let's I've done things that I regret that was silly and stupid and saw the real using the the essence of what you are is does not lie in the past are met. Matters is what you are willing to do now and you are the presence you are you as a presence. Not
no thought is so you yeah, this is one of my favorite quotes from paid sixty four. You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness it is already within you and allowing that goodness to emerge again we're talking about going to presents the divine within you and bringing that forth to whatever it is you do yes, because Dr Gruber Gorge is often to do to improve oneself image right. You have, let's ego, driven, ultimately its ego, you saw you dry and some people each, for example, have been trying for censure It's true, love their neighbor s themselves right, but I've been finding it most of them every finding it very difficult because love your neighbor s yourself really means. First of all, you need to be in touch with yourself, the south, you are beyond the farm Yazzi the conscious and then you
it can love your neighbor s. Yourself, because you recognize your wonders with your neighbour What you are saying is that so beautiful I get it lots of being being our house here. You're not what love your neighbour as yourself as your interpreting. It is not as yourself the personnel No, not, as yourself was out there more in the law and not as yourselves, it doesn't mean if you go to the theatre, give your neighbor tickets to the theatre, whether it means the deeper always in herself us high. South. Yes, so love, I call lovely recognising yourself in the other and yours The essential self is consciousness that it then My begin when I then meet people and interact with people. I see them on
Let's see, I've seen him on two levels or feel them onto levels on one level they other form, yes, which is the body and the psychological makeup correct on another level. They they are the com business that I also am because underlying the body and the mind is the consciousness out of which the body of the mind have come and that you still there that pure ass. She sat in every person that you encounter yes and that that makes it much easier to interact with people in much more pleasant. Because sometimes the personality that psychological make up here is not that wonderful, yes, no one is able to let that be big
you can send said beyond that. There is in essence to that human. That's what I mean when I am going into interviews, particularly that I think might be you know challenging. I will consciously meditate on the thought of the presence in me speak to the hasn't units. Wonderful, yes, cassettes when I'm really looking for. Yes, that underline thing yes, and that we all have that oneness, that we all have a right which, as you know, that's when you get the best conversation. Yes, yes, what your own personal, spiritual practice. You have won, I dont have a practice as such sir, you meditate not in formal sense, but I sometimes I said and just be, without doing anything and when everybody, you know that you can just do that. Yes, that there was a wonderful line in the book. I can't remember what you said That stillness, I think it is
stillness is the vote of God or stillness is how God speaks to us today by knowing quotas, one forty stillness is language. God speaks everything else is a bad translation. Oh that's right! You out the, but why let me say it again, stillness is the language got speaks. Everything else is bad translation of costly in stillness you get closer to the source of life, which is God and which is essentially, which is the one the one I love calling guide the one now the one. I know you tell my producers that it's wonderful to meet it, you have meditated. Sometimes you do now to take, but meditate cheat meditation. Isn't the indoor be all because a lot of people who go in and meditate and there's too
minutes of, let me connect to present them. Get up from their twenty minutes, and they, our unconscious of the rest of the twenty three What are you? Yes? Yes, so their daily life is not interspersed with presence and space. That's why often that's like people who go to church on Sunday and then leave church and come home? Yes keep the dog? Yes, yes, that's why I often say if you in meditation is, of course wonderful. It is not for everybody. Yes, but for many by labelling for many people will be very helpful, but even more important than meditation, and especially those people who don't I don't want to meditate. Bring in those spaces of aware presence into everyday life. Choose a few things that you use as vehicles for bringing in presence.
For example, when you get into your car, you close the door. Why not spent thirty seconds just pack, for example, being away of your breathing, which is another beautiful way of bringing that in a space that presents India alive. Thirty seconds is not that much. Even the busiest fastened couldn't do that. Yes, if they be eve their minds, which the mind much I have no time for this now, but you don't have to believe everything comes just a thought. Yes tell that thought begun with you, you have no power. You, don't have to believe every sort that comes into your head. They don't. I thought that's right for many people, no sense of spaciousness presents insight. All this like living as room. That's crammed full of furniture, and I think I'm people who leave their whole lives and hopefully this opportunity,
to join us on superstars Sunday starts to give a little crack of the space for PS. That's my whole heart desires to do that for people. Yes, what is the sole The soul is one of the words one can use to talk about your innermost being the presence that you are beyond farm, that which underlies the personality and the mind the essence of what you are have you always consider yourself, a spiritual percentages. You haven't aha moment when you recognize your connection to something bigger than yourself. I had a big moment. Where I decided defied from my mind and is identified from the unhappy self let I was living societal. Yes, So there was a mind creation unhappiness,
so self and somehow I meet separated fromage. It happened just happened and realised that it is not who I am was that an was that one, we'll call a nervous breakdown. No narcotics, it was a stage of acute anxiety which could have become a novice break. Job or could have become suicide, so was moving in. That direction was moving in that direction where you literally separated and Tell the story one more time. Thought I was in bed at night, again gate where money a lot of the mental suffering France for many people at mind, couldn't sleep engine plagued by dreadful thoughts and and thought arose. I can't live with myself any longer. I can't live with myself any longer and then, they must have come some awareness, although I didn't know what it was at the time
when I looked at the thought and said what I mean I kindly with myself is the other two. Who is the eye, and who is the self that I cannot live with that question came up. The answer didn't come on the level of words. There was just the answer came as a duration suddenly of the south. But I couldn't live with the eye and the I was consciousness the awareness and this was created by on Sunday motions. Yes, although Stockton, guide and soap as that, I record: must myself as consciousness and saw the self began to dissolve the false sense of self? The unhappy me the unhappy sense of self kind of crumbled and all I knew suddenly. The next day I woke up, everything is. Peaceful! It took me here. You understand what that actually was that
at this identified from the unhappy self- and I was simply there s a perceiving presence, which is a deeply peaceful way of being so I was I was in London, England, so I walked around the streets going always you're, so beautiful, and there was there was just perceiving and peace and sends think you're nuts, some judge. My mother did, I say when I then later walked out of normal life, so failed. Thought at court has lost his mind. Yes and you were right, they all right. You did, how do you define spirituality verses religion? What's it for You can ever religion with spiritual ology you can I have religion without spirituality, some people
so closely identified with their belief structure that really completely trapped in thinking and so there's no spaciousness What we are doing here can actually be part of. Any religion, religion absolutely as long as enhance the religion that you currently deepen. It deepened, yes for examining geology and a Christian who wants to go deeper into their own religion? It does not want to abandon their religion. There is enormous steps in christian teaching in the words of Christ,. Absolutely heavyhanded. Christ came to teach is speech, is spirituality. That's right! That's what it is. Yes, rice came to make manifest spirituality lacked on earth. Yes put his prayer being to you. Do you pray Vizir saying that goes
you talk to God. You pray if God talks to you you're insane, so it's very unlikely that God will speak to you in words, but because God speaks through stillness. Yes, yes, that's where you find guide. Yes, the Bible says be still and know that I am guide yes yeah. I think prayer to me could be called
often in a state of listening, which really is an aspect of presence when you just you're a sector. That is your prayer. Yes, like, like that, I could be like it's a wonderful just just in joining the the that the present such as their when you're, not thinking and just being just like this, and then, when you become present, you become aware of a presents a divine presence both within and without yes, in all things, and that's why this is, I call it also prayer. So what do you do for fun? the fund is every moment I dont look for. Where can I find some fun? Sometimes people ask me that, and I cannot answer that question because I enjoy the present moment wherever I am and let's find enough for me,
one right now this is but you're too. I could see, as I know, That's what I told you all the time? Ok, it's really good. Where do you most homeward peace, I am in the stillness that is wherever I go, the stillness is there that's my home, I actually you'll, that being rooted in that as my home, so are you always happy occurred? I dont pointed happy big of old. I have used happy occasionally in the book, but it's more ate it. State of peace were alive nurse. I love that. Have you lost your eager? Yes, you have completely.
Well, let's see well, who knows tomorrow my sudden reappear again, you let me know if it does, because I wouldn't annoyed. If it's really, the ego really cause people if you're in acting in the EU, you don't even know it's really in the eagle. You dont know it, but how is it? How can that be so win? What you teach us in a new earth is: but to be aware of it and the more you are aware that you can say I because I've been able to see it. Ok, there's my ego, theirs, there. It is showing up again. I see it. I see it. I see it so there
awareness yes, because mind still alive, but that's already. The shift is already happening. Yea awareness is there you're not totally in the grip of it, because valiantly awareness arises also, but there are many others who are still totally in the grip. So if you're totally in the grip of that, you can't be aware that it is shown up finish this sentence. The world needs spiritual awakening waken. I believe in Nothing in particular drugs at his elbow ehler. Ok, love is love, is
the recognition of yourself, the essence of yourself in the other, the recognition of the essence of who you are in the other in the other, in the other, you recognize yourself in the other. Ass, the other, the one, the one, this of all like the recognition of oneness. While that is love definition, I'm grateful for I'm grateful for always this moment the now, no matter what for me, thanks? That's great his great. This was wow, I believe in thing in particular for the time being everybody, I believe- and I think in particular of great I move ruined free
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