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Eckhart Tolle: How to Find a New Spiritual Awakening During the Pandemic

2020-05-13 | 🔗

World renowned spiritual teacher and New York Times bestselling author, Eckhart Tolle, discusses how COVID-19 reminds us of the two polarities of life: order versus disorder. Eckhart explains how the current global pandemic, which is a time of chaos and disruption, is an invitation to accept the present moment for what it is. Eckhart shares how he believes we can suffer less during the pandemic and how Covid-19 might lead us all to a new spiritual awakening. He also shares the importance of stillness, how our consciousness extends beyond physicality and why he believes love is to recognize another as yourself.

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when he made with the hashtag call me that he cracker, I'm Oprah Winfrey, welcome to supersede conversations the pod cast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us start right now, so a cartel ay. I am so happy to see you even remotely, I'm so happy to see you do have to see you too well you're in British Columbia right now. Yes, that's right, and it's raining a little bitch. Will you and I go back for such a long way, I'm so happy that you could join us for super. So conversations. Thank you for being with me. I'm excited because I remember a couple of years ago having
over for dinner. You and Father David at by. Dining room table and we were talking about the world and how their there was something? Something big me Did you happen to get the world's attention so that we could United ourselves in one voice in one cause, and we also hope it doesn't have to be catastrophic- and you said, but probably will be yes yes, and now it has happened, yes here. Is I see an opportunity for us to reset ourselves? What do you think of all of this that's happening to us now, where research is a good word, it's an opportunity for you
said, and it was absolutely necessary, important thing to understand. Why was it necessary? Why was it necessary because We need an evolution of collective consciousness. Collective consciousness is still, to a large extent trapped in eagle. You can see it when you watch the new, was, and so on is reflected everywhere in the world, an enormous amount of conflict. Ultimately unnecessary conflict, that's generated by the egoism consciousness in humans and the big the what's happening now, of course, understandably, is perceived by most people and experienced initially by most people as something bad. It's not a good thing. Nobody would say always great that this is happening,
if we immediately say its greater, this is happening that perhaps we will not be understood by the people, because that is not how to many people are suffering to many people are suffering. Yes, some suffering, of course, comes from an act. Situation they find themselves in and then another significant percentage of suffering, of course, is generated by the human mind by Korea. King unnecessary scenarios that generate fear and anxiety that sir, very common and people don't realize it's important. One part of waking up is to become aware The countries of the contribution of your own mind to the suffering of the unhappiness that you are experiencing well everything. You ve taught me over the years about present moment living down to when you're, washing your hands, which were doing far more of now than ever before,
really be in the moment of washing your hand and filling this open your hands. I practice this all the time walking down the stairs actually being with each stare so that I know when I get to the platform of the that's the thirteenth, why now you got twelve more to go. I mean fully present in every thing. Is the thing is what has saved me in this moment of the pandemic in crisis, because what I for I find and being my age. Having had pneumonia last year, pre existing condition, I can watch the news and get myself overwhelmed with you know the death toll. How many people in your city, your county, and only by coming back to the present moment and reminding myself that in this parliament I am breathing, I'm fine, I'm ok,
And, of course, when you experiencing some form of adversity and your life, then it becomes even more important to being the present moment, because if you're, not you suffer, a lot, so it's an invitation of becoming and then you realize it when your attention moves into the present moment. The situation is not in most cases, not unbearable. It's actually. Let's say it's. Ok, you got it at this moment as it is, and then perhaps you can go deeper and actually Eliza even now, there's a lot to be grateful for in this moment, for the light comes through the windows, nature that you might not have nature where you live, but you look outside. Your breathing? The alliances within Europe is a lot still to be grateful, for I think that is very important.
To understand the is for people so that they can come to accept this video There is a law of polarities in this world and the low light is you have the one and you have what we could call order, means. When order is in your life, you are able to think positively you're able to create. There's a structure to your life Things are going relatively well and you you are contributing your creating more order, you won't. We all want to live in an ordered universe where, Things are going well, everything is fine. Everything is working as it should. There is movement of growth and and so on. But what we tend to forget is that there is a law polarities, There is not just order in this world. This also parry.
Equally, the other polarity wish. We could call this order of chaos or disruption, and no matter how careful. You are in your life and you should be. You should always will order in your life, but no matter how calf or you are how come. If you are how much positive thinking you practice at some point, you will expand. Hence, the other polarity of life was something gets disrupted. They knew a person alive lot, braved a relationship loss of a job loss of income illness somebody close to your dies or suffers. You lose your home, all kinds of things can into your life, even people were very good good at creating and doing they will experience at some point. The other polarity you live long enough. You can experience the other polarity yes
need to know the other pulled out is actually necessary. Real growth, which is spiritual, awakening spirit. Deepening usually does not happen when things are going well, although its great, when things are going well, we should strive for things going well, but the deepening here, when suddenly disruption happens in your life. I often say it's very unlikely that you will experience the original awakening when you are in your comfort zone, all these wonderful to media coverage. That nets knew not where it happens and saw the the other
Lara T, that's where you get intellectualize. It is what I found that's when reading the book and words a grade and its resonating like yeah, but when you're out of your comfort zone is when it gets put to the test. Is that you that's like reading resolutely books on how to cook, but now you actually have to copy and saw the disruption of the chaos of this and often are usually manifest in your person alive, but periodically this period of disruption happens it collectively when it affects millions of people at the same time, and this is what's happening now in the western world. This is something that we have experienced for a long time where
Millions of people's lives are disrupted pails erupt into their lives on a collective level. This hasn't really happened in the western world since the Second World war. So what should we be doing now to handle it? I mean I know what I personally am doing that both the now in the message that comes from a new earth in everything that you have spoken of and tried to teach your whole life is more valuable to be now than ever before. Why for people who haven't, read those books or need a reminder. Should we be doing now to deal with the quarantine, the sense of isolation
thus fear in our minds. All of them. Can you speaker that was the most important thing is to realise the importance of your state of consciousness. We tend to give an excessive importance to external things, completely disregarding our own state of consciousness. So what is the state of consciousness with which I made this situation? so become aware of, but your mind is doing, is the unhappiness. Let's say you are experiencing unhappiness. Is it actually produced by this situation? in in this moment, which may not be the most pleasant situation or is the greater part of the unhappiness I am experiencing for used by a narrative in my mind. Yes, yes, yes, Eckart, Lily, interrupt here, because one of the good
his lessons. I learned- and I think I learned this in a new earth- is that stress is wanting the present moment to be something that it's not and all suffering comes from that, and so the ability to do what the five stages of grief call for- and I know a lot of people are going through real grief with the loss of loved ones and Other people are just grieving, not having the life that they are accustomed to and want to get back to normal and in either instance. Whether it's really grieving some one who was close to you. And not. Having had the opportunity to even have a burial or funeral that so many people through the sooner you get to acceptance better. Your suffering will be correct. Yes, that's it!
lesson to learn when things are not going well in conventional terminology that do you come to accept the present moment as it is. You don't need to accept the two? reality of the situation like saying, ok, sometimes people do don't don't understand what real acceptance is. They think. Ok, I need to accept that my life is completely fallen apart. Now that I there's nothing, there's nothing I can do and much all being completely useless, echoed says. I need to accept it. No that's that's all you need to accept. Is this this moment as it is, I think a lot of people six weeks after having trouble with that they like wanna, be out, except that we need for this Beaumont to continue to keep ourselves safer at home and that by going out to early, we not only endanger our own families. You endanger other people's families
until the sooner we can accept that then and stop resisting the fact that you want to be somewhere that you're, not things get better, yes, and also with the acceptance of the acceptance, is very significant when you completely accept this moment as it is with, doesn't mean that you cannot take action, you can still take action on the basis of this moment is as it is, but this is what I'm going to do this finding more intelligent action around this out of acceptance of this present moment, then out of rejection of the present moment, because I, like so many people's anxiety, is based upon what their creating there in their minds of what could happen. What? If what? If what? If and what you have emphasised over the years, is that the only moment you actually have is now and when you get to that moment, where the, if could happen, that did the now, yes, there's always a now. It's always anything at the moment of you.
Comes it's no longer the future? It's too now there is nothing else, but the, to fully understand that is an awakening not just intellectually understand it, but very annually understand what that means, that your life The now actually inseparable your life is always now and then you can ask this man is that so terrible and mostly No, no it's this moment is just is as it is, even if you, in the midst of having lost your job, even if they are in the midst of having lost a loved one, you can still come back to this moment right now. Yes, this moment be when that's hard not to worry and you haven't, you ever tell us what you believe worry to be. What worries of glossy are creating a narrow. If, in your mind, about a few Jesse,
cohesion that is not good or worse than than this. What you have now something is. You're losing something The emotion that you experience it reflects the. Narrative, that your mind is creating, but it's not the reality of. What's going on now, it's a mental creation, We need to mention here something important at the present time, especially for millions of people, and that is the factor of uncertainty a huge amount of uncertainty has come into people's lives, which means you do not know. What's going to happen before you, You knew what was going to happen, but ultimately that was an illusion to, but at least you thought things were relatively ordered saw to, that is a very important spiritual practice,
observe this thing in your life that we could call uncertainty and instead of rejecting uncertainty coming to terms with uncertainty and accept the uncertainty of so called future because, ultimately, to realise fully that the next moment is totally uncertain is actually a deep realisation that because in any situation, will all one heart beat away from the death of the body joints without my mind or a cart? Yes, it's true you, one heart it away in this city eyes, never guaranteed. It's never been guarantee. No That's why it's all important, even here too big. Aware of this, not as a negative thing, but to become aware of mortality, not just as soon as an intellectual idea. Yes, I'm going to die
these all around us normally with that we're not really aware of it, I mean a year thirty to fifty thousand people, dial flew in the United States alone every year one million two hundred thousand people globally die in traffic accidents, one million two hundred thousand many of them young. So this the the uncertain she's always everywhere around us. So we to experience the deeper dimension of, who we are in order to understand this and go beyond the fear of death. May I just briefly point out of it It's the realisation what you can do, what you can perceive
your senses about yourself, you have a body and that the body is what many people are damned if I were those who they are, but essentially almost all of what you are is invisible. If let's say you I'd Lizzy I die at this moment and a surgeon comes and cuts opened. My brain and looks flow me he's not going to find me he's not we're going to find a single memory. That is, in my mind that people say I can remember this millions of memories, but they're all the same. Memories exists in the realm of the invisible No certain could find a single memory by opening up your brain. Think You were ten years old. You can suddenly Member of the house. You lived in when you or your room, twenty eight, and where was it, is my task in a moment,
Does this memory ever physicality to it, or is that already something that exists in these invisible Rome of consciousness? So all these nobody can find thank you in the realm of physicality you? So that means most of what you are is invisible, not only the thoughts but even more deeply. The consciousness that you are is totally beyond the realm of physicality. If you can become aware of that, invisible you at this moment become aware of yourself ass, a conscious presence that is deeper than the person at this moment. The thing that is beyond doubt is that you are conscious at this moment, sometimes
Lawson was ask. Is there anything else? You cannot doubt Descartes. The french philosopher said well. The only thing I can no doubt is that I'm thinking and suicide. I think, therefore I am the famous statement, but he hasn't got deep enough because below thinking there is the realm of the unconditional consciousness, justly weaker contrast. Awareness is beyond any doubt that is at this moment. You are aware yet it's the thoughts we ve had this conversation so many times that you're, not your thoughts. You are. Awareness of the plan. Not if that is the invisible you I would. I suggest that that is what Jean it's called eternal life were Buddhists call the day. Louis, the deathless Rome that is the dead list of the time life in view, that is, who you are beyond the form of you
and when you realise that you begin to lose your fear of death. You don't really need to believe what is the council doing to have the belief that that you are going to after death? You are going to steal your soul, and these are your loved ones, its competent to have the believe, but it is much more important you have certain realisation of who you are beyond form before you die now you are the awareness, I am the awareness and just senseless experience equally, who, who am I essentially without any memory of my past. Without thinking of the future, who am I at this moment, I don't remember my pass and don't think about my future. What is left of me if I remove all these thoughts structures? What is left of me is the sense of presence or being this
I am all you know is I am unhappy and get you through this time. Also one of the things I think they can help in this time. Is: I remember, sitting our table having this conversation a couple years ago, obviously before Copenhagen, and you were saying civilization Does it not always moved in a straight line of consciousness that often times we move forward, and then we take stock. Back. Then you end in a dark age. Pier. It or you ended in a period. Non enlightenment and then something happens, and then people take three steps. Forward and then in a hundred years, so I remember, believing in saying well if we take steps backward and you end up in the dark ages. It'll only last a couple a hundred years- and I went a couple a hundred years, but it was born
we have an opportunity to take a step forward as a collective consciousness that benefits from what we ve learned. What do you think that would look like if we could do that? Well, it all starts to the collective is starts with the individual. So it starts with you, the shift in consciousness, daddy, you willing to see about yourself in this moment. Yes, so We have a collective until everybody is willing to do it for themselves. Yes, if enough people able to experience this. What we could call a shift in consciousness, then then the collective trained and then what we call the world changes, because the man made you made world is a product of the collective consciousness. Do you think that this moment, where we have literally been stilled, you gave us the book. Stillness speaks movie
obviously been put behind our own closed doors to get still with ourselves. Is this not a moment where we can have an opportunity to unite in how we now see the world differently. Yes, yes, it's like some I intend to John said said, but you need now is to go to your room and be still there was a famous french philosopher. I gotta Random Wade was maybe Pascal, who said all the evils of the world are due to people inability to sit quietly in the room, All the evils of the world are due to the inability of humans to sit quietly in a room of pleasant installations, are quite deep because by saying to sit, idly in a room you saying more than that he's pointing through state of consciousness?
alignment with the present moment and have enough stillness, rather than just not move in their stillness. Yes, something important that you left me with a couple of years ago, like changing for me as a changed the way I listen to news. Read news received news. You said everybody gets caught up in the partisanship and in one political organization or another, and that the meat It is equally as hysterical, let us, and if you watch it now, you can see that the media plays its like a reactive role and it just is a cycle that continues over and over again, and I think if you feed yourself a consistent diet of that you will be crazy. You will be fearful, you will be filled with anxiety, you will be confused, yes saw its impact control in a practical level will be able to just spend a limited amount of.
I'm just you know, what's happening every day. Do not spend more time than necessary, linking it to the collective madness hysteria? Yes, so protect yourself from that just taken what you need do you need to know the facts or what's going on, but not beyond that? earlier. The order. It's answer. When disorder comes Chaos comes in north disruption comes in. That is the opportunity for deepening, because if you don't, you suffer more and more so Buncoed interpret the christian grass is that is the the horizontal dimension of live where this past and future doing this. Ethical dimension of life was only the present moment and being so this an invitation being your room and experience the b. Of you. Rather,
get lost continuously in the doing on the horizontal dimension you go within and your experience your own being as the presence. Let's leave, that's the awakening spirit awakening and then, when you go back into the world the reset has actually worked for you started by mentioning the word reset. Then the reason as work, because then perhaps you will be able to continue to make effective in this World, which is a horizontal dimension, without losing your interconnectedness with a bullet not being so, you can do and be at the same time, there's always Well, some stillness within you, some piece in the background, and yet you deal with things you create thing, You do things your human life is fulfilled when you are able to balance the b do it emerges and doing Lasher Juilliard, you started developing a loop,
Graham about staying conscious during difficult times, and of course, you had no way of knowing at that time or maybe you did e t that the pandemic would be the most challenging time that many of us have ever lived through. Your team is now offering five episodes for free to help people navigate these uncharted waters, so people watching enlisting can find the corset eckart totally dotcom. That's all one word, a cart, Toby. One word: what are some of the key topics that you want to address in this course, because I mean we can talk all day about this. So that's why I wanted to do of course right. It's all all the things that we ve been
talking about is what we are addressing in this costly, how to awaken in this moment. How do you use this moment to allow ourselves to move forward? How did not feel the fear but how to stay in the moment and let the fear be what it is and accept your being miss above everything else, you know, might my favor Bible verse through this whole time, and when I get your I've, seen too much news or read too many stories, I just repeat, as my mantra in God, I move and breathe and have my being, yes, I have my being that's a beautiful beautiful sentence and then one of my favorite parables is in the new testament that Jesus talks there's a man who builds his home on the sand and when the than the wind comes
the floods come the house's swept away? Then there's a man who digs deep until he finds the rock and then he builds his house the rock and then the winds come the floods come in. That house is not swept away, so what we need to do is dig deep, that's actually what he says, dig deep and finally, the rock, which means the phone. The being of yourselves. Oddity are rooted in the being and then when the winds come as they are coming now, the floods come winds B. Against the House and the house stance, which means it doesnt devastate you, you're not devastated anymore, and to some extent, your state of
consciousness is no longer dependent on the outside world. You have plenty, I found the rock, which is the beating if you have a foundation built on rock and if not, this is a time to be thinking about. How do you get yourself out of the sand? Something that you speak so pointedly about in a new earth struck me the other day. Actually, when I was gone, He didn't do an interview, and I was going to my closet and I was thinking. What is all this really mean now all these these things mean nothing really, all the things that we use to show our status in the world, is a look who I am look what I can have are? They really means nothing. That's right! Yes, yes! So this is a good moment for that I am hoping that we all come out a bit more united in seeing each other as a part of the whole
and looking at ourselves, yes and see enter I always say we need more love in this world, but in real sense, is love is to recognise the other as ultimately yourself, because being of the other is the being off you also is it is the one consciousness a beer in the disguise of many many forms, as another person to person will thank you for being disguised as a cartel. To talk to you Thanks
until the next time? I can't wait to have you at the table again will have one of those for our conversations. Ridge, yes, thank you, but I am over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review this pipe gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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