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India.Arie, Part 2: Refresh Your Spiritual Roots

2017-08-16 | 🔗

In Part 2 of Oprah’s conversation with India.Arie, a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100, the Grammy winner reveals how she returned to her spiritual roots, regained her energy and rediscovered her true identity. Oprah says, “India’s honesty and openness moves me deeply.”

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I'm over winfrey- welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present, your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper the round us starts right now time. India are re, explained her surprising in difficult decision to retire from the music business back in two thousand nine overwhelm by the demands of her career and the constant pressure from the people around her India felt her identity slipping away, she needed time to clear, head and figure out what path she wanted to take. Today, He's back to tell us how she made that change and start living a life that was truly her own, We had to continue this conversation because when you left us last time talking about that tower,
that you ve outside of yourself and now you're all better? I was thinking the same thing, I know all of your thinking what how what was a process for getting better what was I thinking we can't even get to the good part. We didn't even get illegal. Aren't you glad, yes, that we're now that, as you said, in the years after the Grammy's. Well, you know over seven Grammy's and at the end of the night It had not one one of them. You had ups and downs and by the fall of two thousand nine really you were ailing, physically ailing, spiritually ailing what happened physically I had was having digestive issues issues with my throat it was a showing up in everything You know I I sing and speak for living, so I would talk we just coming hurt was burning inside and my throat. What is it felt like? I couldn't, if, like there's nothing
I could do where wasn't affecting everything it felt like it like it was sitting up everything and I thought you needed to take a break. Did you stop doing? does your soul was sick. Really, my soul was sick really here and everything else decline. Yeah. I was on the eye data almost about forty eight, steady tour. That I didn't want to do at all so that every day of packing and unpacking in doing the show and packing and packing and doing the show at four you know almost every day unto itself is just exhausted, exhausted and I didn't want to be there, and I will be stage is almost impassable. The only reason why I did it is because I prayed about it. In in my meditation, I heard do it and why watch everyone around you, really know what was going on. I just trusted him cuz I needed to I needed to be able to trust them to navigate my life cuz. I didn't feel I could, and I saw a lot that I didn't know, that's why I ended up letting go of a lot of my team.
That's why I realise that I had to change my life, and so it was really the best thing I ever had ever done. So you know that what model you allowed yourself to awaken in the process. I e mail from its whereby once and I said hard. Basically, this is hard- and I know what I'm doing here and it's insulting zest we what happened, everything that I was scared of happening. Losing money being son stage being sick. Stage having moments where I did not like it wasn't. My favorite thing anymore out, like my passion, was gone out. Those are I was trying to avoid all those years and they all happened in that one I felt like I take was empty. Couldn't go any further. I couldn't but an well now that people still keep going near tankers empty yeah, but it's hard keep going, and those of you who are mothers watching we're recognizes it is hard hard hard it now, because
the struggle, when your tankers empty, but you're expected to give from the tank to other people, and that's when I I was just be, it went from being tired all the time to not being able to not be tired. I was just Limp literally, let literally literally asked it all began. You have given all your power way, and that was the thing I was so many people could there taking my power, and I realize I just gave it away you wrote me a letter was that when you wrote me a letter- and I did a column in I list of one that letter that yes ritual around my birthday- and I say what a wonderful worth it further. In the latter. India describe losing her way in the music industry, her quest for success as clouding the vision she had for herself in her music for struggled reclaim power by living more authentically became the space for my what
for sure, complement or magazine that was back in two thousand ten. I was just in those beginning stages of gaining it back and the more. I would take my power Why my I, with begin to stabilize still come stills balancing things out in, but I feel good every day the ok. So we want to know how you got from exam. Gin literally, giving all your power away hard to get up hard to be on stage thinking that you're gonna leave the industry and you just gonna sing for family friends collect guitar whenever to literally risk during your emotional, spiritual and therefore mental health. How that actually happen? How did you trends yourself. One of the things I prayed about when I, when you invited me to be her, was that I would be able suggests
tell the truth is clear as I could and it's gonna take me a second to work out the words for for what I want to say, because I, Still have that thing in me that wants to give the right answer me, diplomatic and be on tv and other stuff you're supposed to be doing, there's always at other part where's. This was true. I I'm happy really first time going be able to say something like this on television, which is why I love this show. I M really for me the The foundation of my life is my spiritual life, and so what I do and what I did too again to find the answers of what I needed to do to restore my life was pray and meditate. I I said the prayer to God to let me be, A hundred percent guided by my soul and when I set it, it scared me because I If I asked for it? I would get it here and I know how I know now how that feels, because, sometimes alike, will I cannot do it well.
Say that I know that your prayer was nobody here, usually inside my lawyer voice and then let me and let me have the courage to do after tat allowing in please allow me one hundred percent guided by my soul. Now, not my my personality. Ah, my fears might well my soul want any. So this is the question: how were you able to discern because discernment is in it unto itself a gift? How were you able to discern the voice? your soul, which is the same as the voice of guide. This the voice of divine guidance from your cheater chatter talk, talk external internal self. When I said I really started praying with that purpose of. Saying what I really wanted to say: a prayer declare it declaring it.
That's one of the things I asked where give me the disarmament to know to know your voice. You know your voice from my own yeah, but but there's also that part of trust when you know that you, for something and trust that it happens now just kind like a muscle. I just know the difference. I dont know how to explain. I just know the difference, well, you can only do it when you get quiet enough to do it because, as I have said many times I know this because I've done it many times made the mistake of letting voice says of the world, including my own voice, drown out the voice of guide it is a muscle. I think that so powerful. What saying because just like you get, you can You can go from lifting two pounds easily to five pounds ten pounds developing the discernment to hear the voice of God, to hear the divine is, is developing a spiritual muscle,
you can't do it unless you practices and most people only practice it when they get real trouble and is like help. Can you lifted that empowers? You haven't yeah yeah, yeah yeah, that's that's the deal. That's the deal worthy sing about it. You have songs about it. You sing about it. You have. On the back for years about the loving was of loving myself, loving myself, and we talked about how, in many cases that was after me for you because something inside you knew that you were supposed to, but you were reaching for it and have now evolve to that space. The difference between wanting to love yourself and truly loving yourself. What does that fill feel like? I want to tell you what my turning point was top of two thousand twelve came in I started having other health is is that were showing up on my skin and it was started like a little bit of rational.
This here and there, and by March two thousand twelve, it was every inch Her face was covered in rash, is rash, is big she's an then bombs all over it was. Like I like to. Have you see a visual wasn't wrinkles I get back. The visual aging was like I aged fifty years. One day I woke up and was broken out, and then it just kept breaking up, and I was moving forward the album and trying to finish it in forcing our forcing it Where you going to skin dockers, where people trying to hide a going to skin doctors and then the stuff would hurt worse than it helped and then it would make a stuff go away, but it will all come back in two weeks and I was trying breathing and then I went, got allergy tested and I realized All your stuff is coming out. Almost nine is coming out of my skin. I mean I realize now the people go too much worse, things, and I know that I know it at the time, but I thought maybe I could have a serious illness. I flew to my favorite place in the world, which is why in was there
for two or three weeks or whatever, and I ended up going to this. Someone wanted to take me to see a volcano And I was standing, there were looking at the volcano and is has wise magnificent. Beautiful, seeing the water and volcano of smoke and everything come out in those taking it high in and what understood, and that moment was when I I had read about in what I understood, intellectually, but. All things are interconnected and then it was like. Yes, everything is interconnected and you too, we think is always in divine order and even your skin, even the stuff you're going through its it. If I as this sounds really simple, but it was like everything's always gonna be ok, that's how it felt so I EL, the volcano, and I felt this thing in, but we got down to the
to our car than down to like little bathroom stop and I went and I look in the mirror and my skin was the worst. It was the worst It had ever been and I started to get mad After all this that I've been trying and I've been out, we even eat anything that I like to eat, and you know, and then I felt this call we would like a had better words. I felt the sense of calm. It was in this that moment that I understood that there is what I felt like. I was planted with a seed of trust. Like about I'm gonna, believe in God, and I trust that life is gonna unfold, but it was different news like this place of trust that nothing can harm or shake like and that it had before getting things. Would move me to the point that I would be sad about something about. That's what you think, as I thought you gonna say. I came down from the mountain and I went and I look in the mirror, and my skin was clear. No now the worst that having been worse than ever, but bad and react emotionally. It was just like
we're catching without delay. I feel ok, What does that mean? I don't want it, but it's not making me feel my why, God, like I want to shout guy, just maybe physical, so we have accepted it. I accepted it. You accepted surrendered to accepted and surrendered up at the moment I went home that same day. I got off the plane and it was clear how in I just I feel like that surrender will and the reason I said that the reason I asked a question about acceptance and surrender is because that one of the biggest lessons I've ever learned in life- the moment you say whatever thy will, as you see it- god I'm with you- I'll. Do that will be done? Not my work. That's a moment. Things move things. Things move the moment things move, you unblock it. You unblock lessons learned here. Isn't that amazing, because you think that you're doing the right thing by trying to
yeah but you're. Doing the right thing is pushing against it, pushing against pushing against it yeah well that Ireland that I worked on that's funded and I spent three years on, and that was putting everything into from that. From that experience on the mountain, in having that news that new understanding guy shelved it in today. I am finishing my new albums conversation, new songs, new new, it's not like. I had also, as I said, let's put these together, it was new, saw writing, saws and learning I'd go, let it go and cleared the way and consider them away and through, but did it in six months. Well, let's talk about, then how you started to define success for yourself, clarity of intention.
I understand what success is in the music industry. I know where did I know where the guy the billboard charts and help selling in the minion? I get all that that was never my definition of success, and so I decided to write down my definition of success, which is clarity of my intention and reaching that attention, while being true to myself enjoy. What's the point of having all of, if you don't feel good, what's the point, but I learned that you know. I know what it's like to have millions of dollars and have an ulcer and you can't get out of bed drink water. What good is that, one of the things I love that you share with the producers and also talked about in your blogs, is that in this What's so many women, don't Gatt so hopefully, today you're here it differently is that you can stop at any time I still. You know what I knew I was coming here. I tried to find work. Read that- and I still don't know.
Dear somewhere, in that some arouse on that long toward the head it want to be on. I read it somewhere in it just struck me you can stop acting to say no. Stop. Don't call me anymore, like Hulu, where right and one where I can just say- no no course, like again, I knew it intellectually, but it didn't live in me in live in me, But now I know what, with that the outlets not coming out or but then, when I shall the one you let go, it was again. I can just say: stop And in doing so understanding that you really are worthy again, that of asking for ever. You want to ask for exactly what you want and, if you're not getting that to be able to say this, isn't what stop stop You hear that in charge, yes, that I've never really new other. How do you do that? was another one of your lessons. Do you? You know you hear that in charge. Yes,
but I never really new other. How do you do that? Did I never knew what that men? Who, after might the experience it at the volcano I understood what it meant to have things, life goes on in there's, always gonna be a challenging, but it doesn't have to shake you to your core every time something happens like for me, I call it the way I understand it. Now is a sacred space of peace. That live inside of you you're still you lost happens in it, hurt sometimes with what first and now is like that's human and I'm not attached to things being easier, not having issue, because it's not what we're here for we're here to go through things and Therefore the assassin is I'm not attached to things period. I can't samite attaching anything of course. Yes, a lot of things. I was attached to them just not anymore, but had to go through all this link to get there, but I.
Yeah. I guess that does make sense. What you just said like in general, not being tat work This whole area, if you know what I was saying for it to be the worst it had ever been in that saying a lot, look in the mirror and not just be shaken. That to me is what it means to be in the world, but not of it like to just know that yours have sacred space of peace. I know that The real that that the who we really are is our soul and. Our souls coming into earth to have this human experience that we have are guys are family, our folks in Spirit and what I feel it was happening at volcano was. I was being spoken to buy the energies that
goods must be our guide, and this those you know how native Americans say, there's more things unseen and unknown and seen in no yeah them we're talking to me. And they do when I write music and when I for clarity, and I hear that they are Now this is so interesting. You know this to it. Therefore, to have those mountaintop experiences, it's wonderful. Have these meditative experiences, it's wonderful too. You know to know inside yourself this it's hard to stay on course, all the time it's hard Sometimes the whirlpools you in- and you know you lose your sense of your connected, miss alignment so how you do that? How do you packed staying on course. I won. I dont know because since
I've been calling the transformation, the I'm still trying to figure out the best work, but I spent a lot of time. Isolated, just blew my close in a circle can I was going through so much healing and physical stuff too, and so I was going through so much here. They want to be with people. I trusted you so now I'm back out in the world I'm seeing people again in and with that stronger sense of perception and clarity, things and about people taken aback a lot like. Oh, that's what the cocoa butter thing was for me was illuminating outside we're here. Cocoa, butter, meaning the lights, my skin darts and hesitated the lack of compassion- and I think I didn't leave my skin. I would you be so mean to me about it yeah. But you didn't believe your skin still remained. Do you about it with these? Are the publicity photo for her single cocoa butter? India array faced an unexpected controversy. Fans is the singer of lightning her skin. They called her a hypocrite and much much worse.
The moment in the public eye that truly put her spirit to the test that test. I got that test of that space of peace when I set it didn't touch me didn't make me feel like undone. I went to bed for three weeks before oh yeah. This transfer of all my good. Yes, that's the thing about The universe God man? I have to say God when you think you ve got it when you thank you. There you always get a test. You always get a test and the truth is. You really are there, you passed the test and it passes. I was listening to Joseph Campbell yeah this last week and he said your As you know, you go on as heroes Journey and things are happening here. Life and you come out of the words with the holy GRAIL. Then something else happen. You're in that state of becoming again yes the real test is to do is to know exactly what you said earlier: you're always always going to be all right and no
always no matter where it is you're going through in your letter. How I feel that no other person has ever felt that you're always always going to be all right. Let me out this? How has did the mountain top transformative experience? change the way you allowed compassion for yourself and for other things, oh, I just had an epiphany. I love it I love and ah ha right in the middle of a Sunday morning. I just had a great when I but when I asked how you would explain how you would help me explain it great spiritual shift to people who don't possibly probably dont, understand that year, when I was afraid
was being judged, of course, but I realized TAT this funding now thing. I just didn't see it. I realized now that I have always been so judgmental into me. It's just like an opinion. But I really like, I realize I got really hard within other, like they don't need to be an umbrella judgment. They actually about things. I feel make my life harder, yeah like for me as I do, what I do as a musician and working. So are to lead it. To make this to make my spiritual, be commercially viable working so hard for that. When I see someone who's just like who appeals made music in there. Just being you, no commercial, Marcella, collect selling themselves for and being naked or whatever the things I don't like. I judge it so hard to judge so hard and that's what I got? I got just I was one of those people that I judge so hard. They thought I was leaving my skin to be one of those people that I judge. So hard. Why didn't need
it was a family, but no you asked me now. Just that took me, I was asking you about how I have this allowed you to have more compassion for yourself and in the asking of that question the thinking The answer you realized that the judgment than other people, we are placing on you as a result of that, judgment that you had placed on other people why we believe that is the truth. It makes my eyes water, deep man. Let's do girl boy I've got guide. Is I had such a hard time with just all the stuff theirs we are always lots more like than you can tell anybody in the conversation and because I went through many of those hard things now I look at people. I think you never know what they're going through. You never know yet you ever know. There's nobody like it's. How things are
This is going to sound kind of crazy. But again, why loves to preserve Sunday? I what I learned after, experience at volcano, it made everything before and after it makes sense. So for me, and we talked about a moment ago, that off physical elements, starting, and I realize now just went through prayer, realize now is what was happening with my skin. Was my audio, shifting the same way that my soul with shifting- and I realize now just from. Do premeditation and asking to be shown what all this is about. I realized that my body to was shifting as much as my sole cause it's all connected, shifting should accelerate erupting as big as the volcano tackling yeah the volcano, who? What I know is what people are saying. That picture is not just the physical presence but the new illuminated spiritual presence there.
More view or of me in your skin, more of meat I'm glad more of me, there's more me in my songwriting there's more me in my dancing. There's more of me me me in its that there's that part of photographs that capture persons s- it's not like that. Some people are seeing that's why and there are people who, like you, that's what I love about this platform of Super cell Sunday. It's where, like minded people gather to have the conversations that really matter that right
did it did with like minded people. Gotta have a conversation is a matter that really matter. What is your definition of God? The totality of all that is including me, including you. What is the soul, the real you you do not have a soul, you are so you have a body. What is prayer? Maintaining it means that there is always a place. Tat can go to where I know will be heard. Do you have a personal power to fill my life's missions into make music in art that elevates and liberates consciousness? Where do you feel most at home or at peace inside of my house.
And in Hawaii Atwater mountains and the waterfalls. And what do you do to get com? You know? How am I heard you talk to other people s I serve me to find time to. Meditate is heartening to find time to get still to be quiet. I dont have trouble sitting still are being Why meditating or meditating in writing for hours on end? I can just a nice pan and like a nice, waited pin and my journal, I can just think and right and pray imitate four hours by just sit in a chair and brie and ask for asked for com. It always comes well. If you could ask God one question: what would it be? You have any questions for God,
How do I get asked God one does not present like I've got one question, I guess it's the question. I always ask judges show me. What to do that you're will is done through me, I would say, where's my husband, really only worthy Really, really, I think I would cheerfully what's best piece of advice you ever got,
chance to have a conversation with Doktor Angela, and we talk about a lot of stuff. As you know, she just teaches with intention. She just was talking in teaching and at the end of our conversation, I said: there's one thing that you just want me to know: what would it be in she she pause. She looked for a second and she said. I have risked everything to just tell the truth. India just tell the truth
That's when it starts really resonate like is not telling. The truth is not just what you say. Tell you how you show up it's, how you show up it's, how you'd is making audits decisions? Being your truth, being your true finish, this sentence the world needs. The world needs to know that healing the world starts with you. I believe in I believe in God and in Spirit, and I believe they are always guiding me, and I believe that, if I tune in that the truth is their love is the most powerful energy in the universe. Music is love. Music is love the thing that matters most
the thing that matters most to me, is fulfilling my mission on earth matters. Most to the point that I keep asking the show me what to do. I just want to do what was put her to do. It scares me to think it now, because it is about something out about myself. It still scares me think that I would let anything take me off my destiny. I remember having this not really early, though like being eighteen and nineteen and thinking I want to fulfil my destiny. You know not knowing how or what it was anything but knowing that I had one does, what do you think happens if you dont fulfil it? Do you think you come back, I mean, have you come back and he tried, but I think in the
lifetime the there's something I meant to do in this lifetime. Yeah I've, no, I believe, will keep coming back eating chances to continue to grow, for the evolution of our solemn, he kind of act or the evolution of our soul. I also believe that there are things that were meant to do in his lifetime, but I also feel like because I'm so driven to complete my missions in this lifetime there, I think, there's a reason for that is how I built this time. Round for some reason. I want to get it done this time in right, not that I feel like I won't come back. I don't know I don't presumed to know or anything like that. There's a drive this their needs for some, now. I think everybody has to have that I got to get out of here. By has to have that, but I do so do I I get you. Thank you. Thank you. I move Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the cast you can follow,
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