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Joel Osteen: Dream Big

2020-04-29 | 🔗

In front of a live audience in Houston, Pastor Joel Osteen discusses how to dream big and pray bold. Oprah and Pastor Osteen ask, “What is the dream you hold for yourself?” Pastor Osteen explains why it’s important to focus on how far you’ve come and not on how much further you need to go to achieve your dream. He also shares why he believes gratitude plays a key role in dreaming big.

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Roper Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now. I have to go all soon as backwards. Excited excited. We're challenging all of you to take the limits of what you think is possible and dream big. That means discovering the dream that God has.
For you now for me, dreaming Bay has never been about money or pain. I just happen to get it along the way it's about the process of continually seeking to be better and my prayer from the time I was a little girl. Was God use me, God use me, God use me, and it just so happens that God chose to use me in the world on a platform that caused me to have money and fame. I see that very clearly in my life it so important what a great job you ve done, but that's The way gaudy is his dream, for our life is big many times we limit him because we think will abroad or have the education rather have the money. I don't know the right people, but no, what God never tells you that figure everything now he says if you believe all things are possible, and so I think that's a big part
but it has taken the limits off again, so I would have to say we talked about this when I came to you your house, in an interview in Victoria that from a little girl I was looking at what did I really believed. I believed I would sit on the on the second pew from the front on the right. Every Sunday that was my spot, I was baptized when I was eight years old and I really did believe when I look back in my life. I believed I was God child and I believe that, because I was godchild being born in Mississippi being born in segregated softly. I really did believe that anything was possible for me and that's what is carried me to this space and that what we want to offer you all
You become what you believe and to believe that you are created by the power that greater than yourself and that to live in that space means anything is possible and what you want in your life. What you really want is not your little piggly dreams for yourself as I had some pebbly dreams. What you want to do is to be into able to live in the space. You know that beautiful Bible verse and acts and says in God I move and breathe and have my being you want to be able to live in that space of God's dream for you. So the question, I think, is what is God's dream for you? We want to talk about what is the difference between dreaming and wishing for something? I think most people spend their life. They wish for things. They want things. I want a new car. I wanna be that different than talking about what is
Big dream for yourself: I think the big dream for yourself is its Todd onto your purpose. It's it's bigger than just! U meaning did your dream should be connected to help and other people as well when it's like he said, and it is gonna want a lot of money. I want to do this, but its very different, when you say What got out I want to fulfil my purpose. What can be a blessing to others as well course you gonna take care of your family, but it's it's about. You know fulfilling your purpose, which is, I believe, gobs dream is always types in some way to helping us
People go some way to making the world whenever we have we're here as a part of the human family to offer to ourselves and to the rest of the human family all right. So how would you say if I love prison Miller's just said on Facebook? I've never really known how to have a dream. I just existed hoping for the best, but now I know dreams are important. I'm working towards realising my dreams in obtaining them. Doesn't God meet you where we're? Where were you are with the dream? He meets you and expands it? I think he does. I liked to say God, oh supersize, you know, like the fast food restaurant, your dream, guardsmen supersize, anything you drink, then I like getting I tweet, Tweet God was supersize. Your dream has emphasised me geez.
Bulgaria bags that this appeal serve reserves. Medusa too, you can look at it and I'll meet you at the level of your expectations. If you don't expect much, if you poor little
you believe little you're gonna received little, but you know what, when you take, the limits are gods. I gotta believe big imo, pray, bold and I don't see how it can happen in the natural you now you can go back. What I had to finance is, I don't know the people but gotta. Believe you put this in my heart. That's all got ask you to do to believe big, and you know tat are obviously honour here. I'm not believe big frayed ball. Ok, I'm then I do not think of some new stuff to pray. For you know you have to wait for gods timing, because there are times of testing improving, but a terms. We want things to happen overnight that I believe it. You know you gotta trust, gods, timing and be faithful where you are. I think this is where many people get discouraged, but if you're not happy where you are you're, probably won't get to where you want to be so, you got it.
This job I met its below may possibly is not where I want to be, but I'm all give it. My best will be faithful where I am now you related to the description you gotta be faithful in the wilderness. If you want to get to the promised land and some some people, my dead started the church with ninety people, he had a dream, he called it Lakewood. International outreach sinner. Ninety people, it was not an international operates in everyday people for mobile neighbourhood, but from the beginning
He knew he would touch the world what, for thirteen years, Lakewood still had less than two hundred people Dingle overnight, but my dad he would breach the those ninety people like he was preaching to ninety thousand. Never Mr Service, he was faithful. Scripture says when you're, faithful in the little God will trust you with more and dont despise the day a small beginning. Sometimes we think war and I've been believin for five years. I've been doing. I am for five years nothing's happening, I believe someone haven't sooner but anyway, but I think that I think you have to be faithful and say: ok, I'm in atomic testing, improving
and at the right time, God will open up the white doors. This one touch of God's favour can put you fifty years down the road, so you don't have to worry about, didn't, think it so important open to be grateful for what you have today today. You know look at what's right in, and you know I say thank God for what's right, instead of complaining about what's wrong, steady, focusing on what you don't have, thank God for which you do have, I think another import. When is this, instead of always looking at how far you have go sometimes. You need to look back and thank God for how far he's already bought. You just need to take their infant little hairs on my head rose, because when you think about everybody, just right now think about what you been through and how far you calm and how you still standing here, you're, that is, that is in exultant, test
the moaning is it not and if so much it's so much is yes. Europe Carolyn may said that people suffer. I love this when she said this people suffer when they pursue a life or chase a dream, but and belong to them. How do you know? What is your get that that everybody has lain? There is a place for you, so how do you know when the dream is for you and it's not somebody else's particular in our culture? That says, if I'm, not an american idol, if I'm not on America's got talent, if I don't have a reality show with my family, you now that we're fame base culture. I think it's it's so important. Oprah. I think one thing is your dream: it never leaves you burned on the inside. It's a passion that, with
I think one thing that kind of throws people off many times. Your dream may be familiar to you. You know it may be something natural to you, but you, you know our culture a lot of times. Human nature is one that I want to do what they're doing cuz it seems more exciting, but I think you have to stay in your sweat,
bought timber Liese is here and our audience with the question: capacitor drove hi hi, I'm an ear physician and I've studied and I've trains and become a doctor for many many years, and it was my understanding, at least for my mother, that I would focus on my career first and then, after that a family would come husband and in a baby and now at thirty four. My heart is very, very anxious at the thought of possibly not achieving their dream so and I'm not sure if it's because men are intimidated by my career or if it's because I'm being too picky. But what can I work on within myself to help me achieve that dream of one day becoming a wife and mother? You know, I think it's important to know that, God,
the right people to bring across your path- and you know those voices, ok, you're too old and is never going to happen, but you gotta you gotta fight. Those negative voices are column. The never lies you gotta turn those around every morning and just say God. I want to thank you for bringing the right people into my life. You caused me to be at the right place at the right time and when you have that attitude of faith, it's not just been positive, but your faith is what allows goddamn to bring to write. Peace will ask God to work in your life, so the opposite is what a lot of people do. Is they get negative? They get bitter, they get discouraged and they don't realize it. But is it stops gods power from work, and so I would just encouraging, even though its hard and you may not,
In our thinking you old man that is going to happen, you gotta come back to that place of faith in God. I know you ve already land the white people and at the exact right moment, I'll meet the person that they'll come into my life, and so it's just that place if they believe to trust that God has a plan got it. I think what you are saying is true: people spend their lives wanting to be something that they can't be. When, when I loved what Joseph Campbell said, the privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are. I love how you safe passage, all that we should use our energy to believe and not worry,
believe and not worry yeah. I think so important. You know it takes the same energy to believe that it does to worry. So you get up a new more than you think. All man, I'm never get the right breaks and I gotta go to work, and I don't like this job. It's it's the same energy to turn it around. So Lord, thank you for the gift this day. Thank you that meet the right people. Thank you that I have the talent think it create just turn it around its the same energy just use it in the right direction burst. The wrong directors is wrong. Direction in a people were raised, many people were raised negative and it is natural to them to have this recording plane. You know that negative according plain in their minds, so I do think you have to take it. You know you have to start today, often a positive frame of mind. You have to choose to be grateful. I think it's important when the negative thoughts come in they will they come to. All of us is not enough to just not dwell on that. You shouldn't dwell on which it
replace it with a positive thought. I learn open. I think, is important for people to realise that you have to come to your closed doors before you get to you open doors and sometimes well. We just sometimes you go too fast. Course, we need to take that. Are we need a moment just to take that in you have to come to your closed doors before you get to your open door? and so say what, if you knew all about hidden nerve, didn't people, here's a bright thought. What if you knew you had to go through thirty, two closed door before you got you opened or whether you can the closed door, you just have to accept the fact. Ok, there's a closed door. There there's something that didn't work out, but there's not a person here in this audience or watching that hasn't fail before so you have to shake it off. You closed doors, keep moving for your learning from them and you one to hundred
love that didn't mind Colorado and your question for the pastoral steam will rule scene best continual looming sense of failure. I was trying to follow my dream up on being a golfer when I got injured and I was unable to accomplish that dream, but because of that, I cannot shake that burden of the fear of failure. What is your recommendations for meat? Just released myself from this burden? Randal, it's good to talk to you. I think that you just have to accept the fact. Ok, there's a closed door. There there's something that didn't work out, but there's not a person here in this audience are watching that hasn't failed before so you have to shake it off and decide. You're gonna get up and move forward and again it goes back to those negative voices they gonna play in your mind. Every day you failed, you didn't make it or whatever it may be that you gonna change that channel. I say it like this,
Just like you have the remote control you flippin around you flip through different channels. When those thoughts come say, I'm a failure and blown there's, nothing good in my future. Get the remote control and change the channel in your man switch overdo. It too. You know to one of those channels. That said, you know what I've got a bright future and I am talented and I am creative and there are good things up in front of me, so they so much of it is. It is in our own thought lie, but I know you can do it. You're sharp here you ve got gods, got great things in front of you. Thank you once you are new dream for yourself, do you have another dream, will have three young daughters and I just want to be the best father I possibly can for them. Carrying. You hear hardly centre right. I want to do that in the best has been just real, just reach my potential Does this this should be or New York. Your new montier upward today believe bag
pray Ball, Randal believe pray ball of. Do bad Oprah. Thank you so much you so much for skyping in here's a great. If you will embrace change. I love that went to embrace change the winds that you lot would defeat. You will actually push. To your divine destiny. That did not get a nerve with you. I'm gonna, choked up you're over that's good, that's good, choked up as a good thing. In that case
the storm that come into our lives. We seem to be in bad, no man. I can't believe this. I lost my job. I got this health issue, but you gotta, remember: God controls the winds of the store. You know that this, the winds that try to stop us when you stay in faith, it's nothin forgot to shift those winds instead of going backwards, they can blow you forward. I look at so many times in my life and even when my dad dad, that was the biggest thing I've ever been through my my dead now we're best plans had worked with him for seventeen years and I thought what they'll never be bright and never be as good as it yeah. But you know what those same wines that tried to blow me backwards with the winds that blew me into the position that I mean now, instead a blow me down, they blew me into this position of leadership that I have so
at some point, you gotta say: ok, gotta, more, take the sales down and are more let the storm blow me to where you want me to go. If God will never before my sermons, God will never take you somewhere where he can't sustain. So you call it surrender. I say when you relinquish control and say: ok got him in this storm, but I cant find it anymore. I can steer the ship the waves or two
big. The winds are too strong. This is where I am gotta believe that when the winds quit blowin, your have me exactly where I'm supposed to be so. Instead of going back, they can blow you forward but expected that trust. I love somebody centres to me when I was going through a difficult time. Sue down in Dallas, sent me that you sent me a script and cause me to cry, because you know you know at the moment when you're going through a lot- and somebody just says hello, how are you you go about five? So she sent me the scripture on a day. I was going through a lot and its it said. The will of God will not take you were the grace of God will not protect you. I just love that I was just thinking as you were, sharing your story about your father. Passing in your stepping up into that moment, you could just as easily been the kind of person that continue to say, but I am but I belong behind the scenes. Like a person, I'm not the person gets out in front of people into sermons and you would have missed the entire opportunity because of your vision of what
were instead of what gods vision was voyage. Every voice told me George you're, not qualified, you ve not been the seminary. You ve, not all these, not some! You know before I get up and speak on Sunday morning. I would be so nervous. I would be you know practically nauseated during the week. Sometimes when I first started, but you know I do what I tell people to do. I get further that mere and said Joe. You are strong. You are well able your call to do this. So if you don't talk to yourself self, we'll talk to you. I mean those thoughts will naturally no, but I think what you said that it was right. I said that that was a moment in destiny, and the thing is over. I didn't know if I'd be any good at this,
I was, I thought you know what I can always do. I'm gonna want to take this step of faith and tried and if it didn't work out uncle back to tv production, because I was good it there, but it. But you know what you have to have, that attitude will know. Maybe I'm not? Maybe it's not going to be the final thing, but how am I gonna know less are trying? So if your faith is about taken, you know taken some rich. Sometimes a lot of people give up their dreams because of fear. You say we are closest to victory.
When we face the bravest opposition, we're close the greatest, but that sometimes it so hard ya know what I'm saying right. You haven't. You push the boulder up the hill and you know what's funny Oprah is you know? Sometimes God loves us, so much did he sends us an obstacle that may sound phony, but you know what made David key. It wasn't all the people, it was a Goliath. The enemy made him the king. So you know I say this: the bigger your obstacles, the bigger your future, because God will send you. I say God will send you. God will allow difficulties, because you know
But there's a big future in front of you. I love the cistern, oranges turn and look. I know what you think in almost got a big future. I wasn't it when you just thought you just the bigger my future. The bigger mobs lag out a ride, Susan skyping in from Wall worth New York. What's your question Susan, I opera hide natural thing. I have a great rear success, sales position, but it's not my passion. It's not my dream. You really want to be in real estate and I am glad to be able to find the courage to move forward to leave the stability of that job into the world.
No, and I am not sure what lies ahead. I think, Susan, that you ve gotta be confident that God would not have given you that desire. He would have not giving you that dream unless he is already equipped you, you may feel fear, but you have to do it afraid. So you just have to take that step of faith and then mean that everything's going fall into place rather rabbit the start, but you'll see God begin to open up the white doors, but I think that the shame would be to come to the end of your life and say you know what what if I would have taken a step of faith and that's what we know. None of us want to do to come to the end and have regret so applaud you for not allowing yourself to be so comfortable to follow your passion, because a lot of people won't do that, but no, I believe, you're one of the exception, and may I say this is in your all, ready more than halfway there. You have just said to millions of people. I do not like
happy and job I dream of being a real daughter, but I'm afraid to do that. You just have stepped at you just did the big step. This was it This is it now, though, we are real, so I interviewed Academy Award winning Actress, Jennifer Hudson and her fiance, David or tongue. The turns out David is a huge lifeless span and a perfect example of somebody who was living. Someone else's dreams is, and he was living somebody else's dream like you're talking about now going you job, and you really want to be a real too. So David is actually a Harvard law graduate who gave up his career to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler and David escaping from Chicago David Byrne a day, and I will
play this. You know, I think you just saw Susan the moment ago, who wants to be a real turned in and doesn't want. It is afraid of giving up a high powered job. I think what people are afraid of is what everybody's going to say, because what I will have to admit. I was one of those people when I heard that you were, you know Harvard law which is very intimidating and that you would graduated law school. That and that you wanted to be a wrestler. I was among those people at first going. Why what's it doing that so I'm sure you heard a bunch a bunch of what's in your life, did you not? I heard it's mine? Are you? People were leg? Is this guy crazy? Here he is working at its heart blossom in Chicago over. This is the same firm. That Obama word everything to dream job, but it wasn't my dream and I always wanted to be an action star Russia. So I knew that I could do it, but it was just about taking a leap of faith.
They got to the point where I was like you know. What, if I just do this battle carry me through, so I went in and I made the biggest my life, everybody thought I was crazy, but I gave up that dream job at the law. Firm and people were shot. What did you want? Your parents say you, you know what this is interesting. My mom was so proud of me. I ever are so proud of get this job all of your friend conversation with her. They gave me the courage to doing I told her. You know what I wanted to do. She said David, you know what I've always told you your special child. You can be whatever you want. You know you're so focused, but you just need to go in there and do it take that faith, and God will lead you to it. So you do that, for my old man was so out of his job or me I didn't do it. I was ok, weren't you,
new content at the at the lawyer job when you were at the big law firm and you had the Harvard, will you still have the harbor degree, but who are you content there or was there? Could you share with our audience? What that thing felt like that? You needed to go that you needed to sure. Ok what it was. It was obviously hoping he was more money than I can spend. I had no worries super procedures. Everybody wanted his job, but it didn't just tell me, you know like I've got, like I can be more. I wanna affect people in all. I wanna inspire people, can it be a role model? A motivator like, I feel I can do more and I better served God he's me better outside of it. While I hear you ve been taking notes, what's gadflies, what's resonated, we you tonight, I've already read all Joel,
looks sources regal. It always have the stuff, but I believe, big and rebel. You know, that's that's what it thinks my dreams were huge. I want to be an action movie, star arrest at pretty bold, but you know what I mean: the Toby Toby my cabin the belts behind me- and I just read my first movie with how we thank you so much
I didn't say I did Jennifer and Little data Junior, ok, passage all final thoughts. Will my thought would be dream. Big pray, bold. What we talked about and also now get up each morning expecting gobs paper in a lot of people are not expecting good things in their life and you know what what do you expect to draw in units amazing how we get a clown expecting to hopefully make it through this year and this year we loved ones were expecting bad breaks, but you don't you gotta, get up, say God this day is a gift you ve given me, I'm expecting your favour, because I'm your child and I'm expecting to meet the white people, the right opportunities, the right doors and then doors to open.
Then, in the meantime, the patient, the faithful where you are God, sees every day you go to work and get their own time again. You do the right thing when the wrong things happening. When you do that, you are passing the test, you will one day closer to God, getting you too, where he wants you to be well, I can't say enough good things about the I declare you say that our words have created power, which is really what we ve been talking about here, to understand that whenever we speak something either good or bad, we give life to what we are saying and that too many people saying negative things about themselves, their families, their futures and that the differences to be able to turn that around. When you first start hearing yourself doing it and to declare something different is so important year the words we speak or setting the tone for our life, and so again I think you have to get up in the morning and speak those words of faith not just over you but speak mobile. Your children, we heard some while ago that somebody was told that they can amount to much, but right about that. In a worse,
your people, remember things that were set fifty years ago, their set in the tower. So I don't go to speak of your life and of your family. I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple, podcast, unsubscribe rate and reviews. This pledge gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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