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Jonas Elrod: Wake Up

2018-10-22 | 🔗

Is there more to life than we can see? Writer, director and film producer Jonas Elrod discusses his documentary “Wake Up.” At work one day, Jonas suddenly started seeing angels, auras and ghosts. Perplexed by his new ability to experience the supernatural, he set out on a soul-seeking journey, looking for a deeper meaning to his life. In the film, Jonas documents his spiritual exploration to find larger truths about the universe, inviting us all to accept that there is more to this life than meets the eye. Jonas’ then-girlfriend, Mara Evans, joins the conversation to discuss her initial skepticism of his supernatural powers. Jonas and Mara are now happily married.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast I've leave that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present, your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deep world around us start right now goes angels spirits. Are they real or a figment of our imagination? What would you do if you started seeing things easier more to life than we can see. My fascinating conversation with the director and star of the documentary. Wake up. Jonas L ride. Jonas L rod is joining us today. Let me tell you about Jonas, he was for all intents and purposes. An average born in a small god, fearing town in the south in his mid thirties. He was.
An ordinary life in New York City with his girlfriend Marah until one day out of nowhere. Something very strange happened to him. Welcome Jonas L rod sure I'm so glad you're. Here I just wanna prefaces by saying I understand that your intention in doing the documentary your tension in coming forward with this story, is not to convince people to believe you or to not to believe you, but it is what right is I'm not trying to convince people? Ok, I was documentary familiar for this happen. Eliza Mayo tried interpretive dance or something, but there was a very trying process, a document so Nazar a filmmaker,
before right, so you just an ordinary guy whatever that means yeah, but I mean I was a normal in a working stuff at any York. Try to make our way and filmmaking who's. Gonna landed in my lab and k what happened? I was finishing work on my first document every and it was last night the shoot. Ok and it's like eleven o clock in San Francisco, I'm labeling taves in charge of batteries in the room got really cold. There was a light that appeared in the corner of the room and what kind of light I may just allied this popped in the core of the room and lights start porn in and in job, to restore calm in the walls and Spirit star
What do you mean? Geometry is really hard explained. Some things would be squares, triangles different thing, stacked up on one another. It was. I don't understand that to this day the lights have color with his deeds was a bright light after a couple hours. Color sorry come in, but this process lasted about. Eleven hours suggests all these spirits coming and let it it was beautiful and actually terrifying. So your inner room are you alone, I'm alone the farmer work. I can't turn the tv I walked down the halls ago pace in the parking lot. They follow me so
was it a hotel or was that I'm sorry it was a hotel, Zora, romanian and San Francisco spirits kept coming in some things, look angelic to me some things like demonic and they kept showing me things, which I didn't understand. Why that or you do ok. So the first thing, the first thing I would say is: did you think you were crazy? Did you think you were hallucinating? Did you think you were dreaming? Did you think had you been up? Had you first had you done drugs? So all the right questions asked and if any of those things will happen, I would have felt better about it. No, I was now doing drugs. I had not been up. I didn't smash my head against the Wall fifteen times who, in I was on a job working so very professional and is getting my job. And this happened out of nowhere and I'm thinking, would you the room. Would you, or some of it looked very beautiful to me in really move me in a positive way?
It didn't seem scary when my rash or brain is like what the hell's going on is terrifying, but you just said eleven hours. It lasted, I'm not a full on thing, but You know I'm doing everything. I think that you do so. I get the Bible, I'm reading the Bible on trying to get out of the room and then after time it would becomes comical. I mean it doesn't sound call, but they kept showing me these different things and envisions and they bear it. I don't really know how to explain at each. I know what they teach you calling it spirits now, but did you know that that's what it was decided is that what you said when you first saw the light in the gene, I'm a tree in the colours in the stuff. Did you say all these are spirits? Well, some of them like some of them like what he said. They like silhouettes, some of it like masses of energy. It would just kind of come in the room, come to the wall, some of it look like people and it was just kind of a mishmash of a bunch of things that showed up. That is no one in this man in the beginning, it wishes star very overwhelming
so for a couple of days, its intense and you're feeling it and seeing it. And what do you think? What do you say to yourself? I was never afraid. I never thought I was lose my mind. I never thought I'd gone crazy. You never get. My fear was. How do I stop this? Now? Is my big fear wanted to stop it? Well, I didn't really more or less or light show around twenty four seven like I have to go to work. I had to do this. I can't have all this around. That was my big see lights coming out of people, people com I would see like I'm looking at you and I see like a small outline around you. And I think a lot of people see this at times. In your you know, I would see that people sell their talk and they kind of move real, quick. I would see him a second air printer where they were, or are just lights and time, color start to come into that. I guess it worked.
I don't know any of this at the time, but I do know that organs or any other stuff I hadda research and gal. I teachers and wake up that really can explain the stuff to me, so it was moving, but it was a beautiful but was also for fun. You know we had a guy on soul series once one of my favorite stories on so series was a gentleman who was involved in a horrible plane crash and the plane caught on fire. Most the people were killed. Him is, he was exiting it's one of my favorite stories actually on the upper show, and here, as he was exiting, this was a person was not a religious person is at all and he said he turn to look back at the food supplies and everybody was buckled in their seat belts and all on fire cause. He happened to be in first class, but he saw the hours rising from their bodies the light rising from the but the burning bodies and
what he realized was some were brighter than others. He said, and he said I'm not a religious man, but I made a decision after I got out, then I want to live so that my are burnt brightly, ass, beautiful yeah, so there's something to that are a thing there is, I mean, Sir, from my point of view. Certain people give out a certain energy in women marriage. She can really feel it so where there ever, you know, dark entities. Yes, I saw things I can sir angelic higher vibrational.
It is an idea. I saw a lower level stuff, what were the bad spirits or the bad energy the lower vibrational frequencies? You were saying I mean it. I my talk about this a little bit about what happens as people get kind of ages and fearful deafening. I want to bring about out, but in I saw different things like walking. Shadows are things like black flying trash bags is really strange and these energies put out something, and so you feel it feels wrong sewers shake hands you would fill in. The gray where I was those right that goes wrong. These energies felt bad in that's. When I brought the bible- and I was in outdoor verses and I learned more light were come in and it was really mind. Boggling sale is where you religious. Before this happened. I always
What the sunny score warrant ago is pushed army haste to go the neighbors cause. I was always very curious about God and then ass time went on. I had issues with the things I was taught, but I've always been a cigarette. Suppose three, four years before this happened, I just wanna gave up. Would you consider yourself before this happened? A Christian a certain type of Christian? I mean the following: the works of Christ. Yes, absolutely I think it's. What is so fascinating to me about your story is that you are quote an ordinary guy. Is people you know it's not you. It's not you. I think it's really exciting that you weren't on this path that you weren't somebody who's been saying forever or seeking forever or one, to know or were quote new way don't go anywhere order come after this short break is episode the supported by hallmark cards. We say I love you too. The people we care about all the time. So
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better depression, nor I lost a job or one the lottery. If something extreme it happened. I can trace it back as they may be, this a ripple effect, but it just happened spontaneously. Who was the first person you told after it all started the first and really only person, I told, was my friend robberies and he was agnostic, and I still had my christian belief system and I still have some of that. But I sleep, you know, God vary from the south if you're not downward Jesus well in autism, your problem. So let's just talk about. First of all, your agnostic friend Rob had been your friend for how long fifteen years, fifteen year, some around there he was your best body. He was, he was your gale. You dont have a best practice, my girl, he was your gale all right. So did he judge you, or did you just say, hey man, you're crazy or what know he was very curious and we would have greatly discussions and philosophical.
Physical and mean live discussions and he would share his beliefs, and I will share my share my experiences and my beliefs not aggressive way, but just I understand where coming from for me, I'm more heart centred. So if it feels right moment to it for him, he was in his head with it, and so I share these experiences will for three months and then
one night I came. I flew from New York to Georgia to do a music video. We man, we had a conversation. I told some more experiences in this light open up in his chest and rushed at me, and I told him what had happened is that will that's strange and I've seen so much stop issues? Ok, another thing: I have no idea what it means the next morning he was coming to maybe it said, and he got he was right. I d Cati motorcycle, a car hit home and promote a hospital and then a few months later he died. What did you feel at the moment when you're sitting with your friends and the light from his body from his chest? said, Russia came rushing at you, images overwhelming, and you know I'd. Nor may not tell someone every time I see something. I told him right away any cycle in a weird and we're both light. What do I do? That
the next morning, like I said he got in the rack and so him out there shoot no music video way. I'm am waiting on home and then it dawned on me he's not gonna make it, and so I went through a lot of mixed emotions and definitely scientists and anger and confusion on it might take, as I saw that before it happened, so tell us how you met marrow. I met mare, dog, immigrant overhead, I'm a merit rubs funeral. It's ok, mccrone, awake! It's! Ok! I knew when I saw TAT. I was connected to her that there were something about her in it, scared me and I let her tongue her side of it and error Funeral Foma whether site you fell.
In love with mirror the out your best friend funeral right and that's how that connection started so's. I beg him every day it was quite a gift. What he brought to me, pretty amazing yandah by filling the luckiest man, the planet, I'm sure you fill somewhere her but robs death happy in the way it happen. He did two things for me. He connected to my soul, mate and he proved so our shadow of a doubt that this is real, that this is happening because of the cause and effect now what s interesting is that we have seen the entities you'd been having conversations with rob about it and it's only after his death, and meeting mirror and knowing for sure side yourself that his death hooked you up with her that its confirmed Were you in a way that you cannot deny? You know what is interesting. I we say this about my life.
Everybody else's is that the universe tries Universe I use universe in God. Interchangeably tries and tries, tries to get us to see the best of ourselves in every way in every experience in everything that is happening every day to every body. Every experience, that your drawing into yourself is. Is there for that purpose and when you don't, it gets stronger. And stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger until you finally pay attention, and so for you, it is your your best friends, death and meeting mirror. Yeah? Oh, I would agree Mina. Now I subscribe to that that making beyond the shoulder whispered, you're, getting a wake up like it or not in the head and Europe it yeah. Why do you think you were chosen to have this incredible experience and are there other people who are having the same experiences? Who see things? I see dead people
of course, every two years waiting to be that Guy J, Mr Icy dead people, it's so much better, but do other people have this absolutely, I think a lot of people are these experiences in each Marin always talk women's intuition. Issues is the thing you say in the south, but it's a real thing. You just don't think about where the words are so we happen to wish you all the time I have as the visual I may question. I searched in chase an answer for many years and my answers I dont know. Why am I answer now, as I don't care I dont care. Why me does it's been given to you deceive me thing here now. You know I didn't think you'd s view that, but I do it, but it is different. You know what I hereby sego sore at us since I think Scooby do it doesn't work that way domain when I see or masses of energy in TAT way, you see right now coming I dont know,
as I see formations and things of energy back behind that camera? And I see your aura pop up here and there- but I'm not looking at you and you have your yellow sweater with this aura. I see it occasionally who. And here is a good or its great. Your energy is violet and whole Roy G big thing: that's when I started learning that this really is something can reflect where someone is who, by economic link, it also be having a terrible day and a cat like a certain way. So what people or Brien have bright energy August, shake their hand, talked on hang I'll, get coffee a beer if its splintered and dark and all matched up Mina
God bless him and who cinema underway, but I I was a similar event that you're in years ago it was slightly at a cruise near cell brightness, life's work, and I saw you come out and in saying to you by really saw your energy, then it was his huge and violet and fans were coming on one their pictures taken, and he knows about thirty seconds change and as it, because not projecting, but while the work she has done and who you are- and it has always been a projection on you, I want to believe that you are a great person and when I saw you know just this wall of beautiful energy capacity, oh great Nice yeah. I never ever thought behind this conversation. This is why am I like? These are real. Why didn't you think? I would ask you because it's obvious question to ask: do you see anything now because I think run and people are like what do you see? What can you tell me it was
like that. I just want to know if I would know- and I still see it, but I do, and I think people were more curious now than ever, because the systems we have are falling apart. People are suffering, people are looking so enough for me, documentaries or a way to get out information, and it was a hard process, but I could not feel more blessed to do this. Call wake up. This is it this is just the beginning and the reason why Jonas did this is so that everybody not necessarily believes what he said. Casino care at this point believe it or not. I want I don't yes what what what what what he's here for is to get you to start exploring your own path. Thank you. This has been a blast. Thanks Now my conversation with Mara, Evans, coaster, girlfriend and resident sceptic from the film wake up
joined by Mr Evans featured prominently in the documentary wake up, she's talking about her partner life, mate Jonas L, ROD, who started having experiences that were abnormal to most of us. He started seeing things he started seeing light in hours in people in situations and walking down the street bombarded by images, geometric figures. Other entities and Jonas his girlfriend Marah Evans play a pivotal role in this film. She was the sceptic like I'm sure. Many of you would be. She loved her boyfriend. She supported him, but she is like what is going on. She was questioning these experiences. Welcome era unclear when he first told you about it. What did you think. It took me a second indefinitely took me a second and I remember, sitting in his kitchen in Brooklyn in an him revealing
they could tell his nervous about do? You know he's been building up like okay, it's tonight, I'm going to tell her tonight and I was ready for him to come out with it be like what what is this, so you can tell me anything: did you think it was another woman or something sure- and I wasn't sure, but I was preparing my hard fur, for whatever it was that I'm gonna be ready There's no, no matter where nine work through at an end, when its home now will you join together by we had been together for peace only a couple of months. A couple a mind, sir: he wanted to go ahead and come out and tell it he revealed in our conversation. He had met you at his best friends funeral. Yes, yes and adults at the best friend would die aid had put you all in each other's path. We absolutely fell
that way, and it both hit us that rock gave us a gift and it was like his say: hey guys, I love you and be together I was just so in love with him from the moment I saw him die. They would have matter what he told me it did floor what did he tell you do remember it something along the lines of Simply I see things I think, is how only sitting at your kitchen table it we're we're seeing his kitchen table her at the time, and he said I see things, I'm like what you mean. You see things and to accept and to be. I see geometric patterns. I see squares triangle circles in the sky, icy colors. I see to tease coming in and out of walls. I see things and then started a you know.
Catching my eye and waiting for the reaction waiting for? Are you crazy or Y yeah waiting for about a year? Oh yeah and ok fella ice? What about you now mind what we look? It was a little too good to be true. I needed a second I needed a second, but since eating Jonas for the first time in having that full body experience that I talk about in the film of knowing this individual ass, soon ass. He walked in two that funeral. Knowing it like, I just had lightning going through me in a cave. This type of miracle can happen, then what else is out there so keep having to keep the mind open, keep the might if it got hard at times. For me, because I didn't understand where I fit in with this journey in I couldn't tell anybody we kept today a great for a long time, I can talk to me
only about it. We there was no no guidebook for this at all. Why didn't you talk your family He had asked me not to for awhile and Sarah respected that, of course, I needed talk to somebody ass. I know when you're carrying something like this. You need to start with some body, yeah leashes, one other person. For me. That's always gale just one, other person knows you feel a ok I've. Let go of some of that burden. I just one other person your eyes and break in, and I can understand from watching the film that you would feel. Where is my place? of this absolutely, whereas my place and in our kind of from my own ego, place a little bad of what this is all great for you what about may now and then then. I don't think that don't think dad. This isn't experiences having in and then some days, I do, What do the laundry
I don't want to have to deal with. You know for it to tease moving through the living room, or could you see or feel them Now I never. I can feel things when I need to leave a store. I can feel things like. This is the wrong. Neighbor had on driving you now. I think most of us can hardly sensations. I've definitely worked on it. I've I've for it I prayed for it at times going through the journey with him like okay. If he can see it, why can't I see it? Let me have an experience to because I want to join him and so yeah. I struggle down. Around trying to find wall. Is it ok, then I'm skeptical sometimes. Is it ok that I get frustrated with this? As I was sceptical because I was, I think, scepticism is really appropriate here. As I learned yes, scepticism is really appropriate. That's why you were there
Are you still a sceptic? Are you now? I can't even decide. I question if my deodorant his right eye, I question everything I can't help but doing in and now I find that Mitchum clear and rise really ray. I will try I now. I know that it's that's me and that's ok, to be me and to have that gifts given to me that's cool now and here I thought this whole time. You know the film come out and I'm gonna look like em. I got here now add person? I thought I thought everybody would not like me because I'm the one that's not
Oh really, along for the ride, I think a lot of people tend to. I think it makes a far more credible actually because if you had been the kind of person who or girlfriend supporter whose, like only God, this is so great, This is wonderful, then everybody would be even more suspicious. I think that you pay the role of the sceptical viewer. Or the discerning viewer or anybody would be you know. Most people are not so are not on the same. I've always frequency that type seeing things so certainly, of course we would question, and so you present that voice for us, the all like there that banned or they play that video game without person without question. That's ok, but it when you start losing pieces of yourselves, that's what's so great about it. You held onto yourself here you held onto yourself. So what now without questioning that's, ok, but when you start losing pieces
of yourself, that's what's so great about it. You held onto yourself here he held on to yourself. So what now? Have you your friend to how they reacted? What have they said? What has been the response? I tell you you're a pre movie friend or a post Harvey friend, so I have these relationships with people and on, and then they see the film and all the sudden sitting down come with me and locking eyes with my new friend. I call them. They opened their hearts more to me. They opened their experiences more to me. They have they share with me their past experience like his head in, Here's in their eyes have seen time and have also seen people to say what school that's cool, though my right with that to you know, but I
I definitely feel a difference in my relationships with pre movie and post movie. Being a part of this experience done for you as a human being, it's taught me that your wake up, experience doesn't have to look like anyone else has doesn't have to look like Jonas's. It doesn't have to look like mine. It doesn't have to look like oppress, it can look like you are awake experience and and if you're open to it, you know it's. There and it's the air for everybody. It always comes back. I think, to Glinda the good which you always had. The power always had always arab and it's right here for everybody absolutely delightful to see you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm overweight. And you ve been listening to supersede conversations the you can find
A superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, if you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review of this progress join me next week for another super, so conversation. Thank you for listening.
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